Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 7, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 7, 1898
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•* ^ ,- - J i —, ' • -. - ••• •.-...•:., ALTON EVfeNING TELEGRAPH. 31XTY-THIRD YEAR, (BitibthbM JmMry 14, IM*.)t ALTON,. ILL., MON DAY, NOV. 7, 1898. TEN CENTS PER WEEK Give the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph. PaytL. _ — 'Painter tfntf *oflcr«H f«t» Imniltt tcnrlf. Fnfr WARCI for don't blame tho pnlntor If the paint does not wenrwell. HoUnotocliemlKt and cannot be sureof tho<]»allly of material* lie buys. He Is not n machine nnd cannot mix paint on accu- - rntttly an our (team mill Blind high-grade machinery. ' ralnt-niHliIno required scloiUinclinowiedBonndftcosIly plant. Itroaches porreetlonlntlioworlfSrvberewemakc THE SHERWIN-WlLLIAMS PAINTS —tho best thnt can posMlbly be made. TM your pointer lo UK them. In order i I to protect the purchaser everywhere they are Bold liicnim ready to put ; I rlgbtpn, and made so thoy can bo put on right. A booklet on painting free, I THE SHBKWIN-WII.UAMS Co.. ' PAINT AND OOLOft MAKERS, 9639 Stewart Ave,, Chicago; also Cleveland, New York and Montreal. 'H. W. CHAMBERLAIN, Agent. I have been taking 1 Piso's Cure for Consumption since 1888, for Coughs and Colds. I had an attack of LaGrippo in 1890. nnd have had others since. In tho Winter of 1890-7, I had a spell of Bronchitis, lasting all winter, and leavinir a troublesome cough, until I again tried 1 iso « Curu, which relieved mo.-Mrs. M. B. SMALLEY, Colorado Sprinffs, Colo,, August 19, 1808. Tho PUo OompnBy, WwroB, We Have an Elegant. Line of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. 203 West Third Street. DON'T MISS THEM©DELS Sacrifice Sale bor. 3d and Piasa sts. Henry Watson, [KEY'S 1' Kaiser and Sultan Form an Armed Alliance. tin: VISIT TOTTHKKT. Other PiiMrur* Snld lo llnve No! I lied tbe Rnllkn Thai lie Will Nut Ito IVrniltUd to O<1i> l.iind m (leminn.v — I'mnno HH» Deeldiil in U'llliilian llor I'Vin'on from FiMllliilil—Tnrktilll Trril.ll* Illl-Hril Out of C'rrli* -- olhnr I'oro'ttn NIMVN, Berlin, Nov. 7.—Tbe li'r.inUfm't Heit- ung says II lonrna from a well Informed Bourne tlint Emperor Wllllam'ii visit to Turkey led to an agreement by which Germany undertakes to support tho Integrity of the sultan's ABiatlc possessions, for which Oermany will receive commercial and Industrial privileges. The paper adds that It in believed this agreement Is tantamount lo an armed alliance between the two countries. A number nt rumors as to tbe real objects of F.mperor William's visit to Constantinople nnd the holy land have been in circulation ever since the In- tei't.lon of ills majesty to visit the orient was announced about a year ago. These alleged purposes included important railroad concessions to Oermany. the reding of territory In Syria to Germany for ciilonlzliiB put poses, the ceding of the port of Mafia in Palestine, the reding of the Island of Rhodes to Germany and the granting to Germany of the right to plant a large German colony along tbe whole frontier at Tripoli. Agnbi>>l French I-',iu-ri>aolin<eiitM. Tills last agreement, It was added, was in'.cndid to protect the sultan ngiiinst French eiicrcnchments across the Tripoli-Tunis frontier, and would als-n amid granting Oermany a cor- cession in Asia Minor, which, it Is add- td, would induce Russia to demand conir.ensHtimi. On the other hand, it has been announced that some of the powers have notified Turkey that she will mil be permitled to cede any ttr- rltr.ry to Germany, and KussSa, it was announced from Uerlln last Saturday, was arriving at an understanding with Austria and France to provide against tin; [iceomi'Iishment of certain German- plans In the oKent. I-'KANCK CilVKS t'l'. Ueclib'K in M'llliilritiv Hrr l-'orcea from Rayel make* the food pure, wholetomo unit dlUclou* POWDER Absolutely PUM» ROML IWKINO POWDER ct, dfiw I*OAK. McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Always on hund. AliO Dealer la jment, Lime, Sand and Plaster Parb Side Tracki Running Into tbe Quart-foil. Telephone No. 31. ALTON. ILL' gfcsldence 628 Alby it /\l-« 1 W*f \^^ [•^-•••^B"^ VHBN You will flnd all the BEST REMEDIES London, Xov. 7.—At th« banquet given Major General Lord Kitchener Lord Salisbury announced that he had received informnUon from Baron de Courcol, tho French ambassador, that "the French government had come to the conclusion that the occupation of Fashoda was of no sort of value to the French republic, and thought, under the circumstances. Hint to persist in occupation, which only cost money and did them harm, merely because some people thought it might he - disagreeable and unwelcome, would not show the wisdom by which the republic had uniformly been guided." "Accordingly, they have done what I think every government would have done If in the same position," he said; "they have resolved that the occupation must cease. Information to this effect had been conveyed to the French authorities at Cairo. This gratifying result was largely due to the chivalrous diplomacy of the sirdar at Fashoda. I must not lie understood as saying, however, thnt all causes of controversy with France have been removed. It is probably not so, I dare say we shall have many discussions In the future, but n cause of controversy of an acute and dangerous character has been removed. We cannot but congratulate ourselves upon this fact." MiufliniHl.TlriMl of Watting. Cairo, Nov. 7.—Captain Baratier, bearing- confidential Instructions from the French government to Major Marchand, has arrived here in company with that officer, who went to meet him at Ismailla, on the Suez canal. H is said in French circles that Major Man-hand, when he dispatched Captain Baratier from Fashoda, ex- j.eeted him to BO to Khartoum, telegraph his mnrc.haml's) report to Paris and return immediately to Fashoda. On hearing no news for a week. Major Marc-hisnd decided to go to Cairo himself and acquaint the French government with the situation. Now it is un- dersicod he will return to Fashoda and conduct his expedition to Jlbutil on the Gulf of Aden. No 1'unlli.liiieiM Alxiiil Admiral Jiiiel. Cnndia, Island of Crete, Nov. 7.—Rear Admiral Gerard Henry Noel, British commtuuU-r In these waters, ordered the Turkish troops whose embarkation was (ielayt-d \>y an order from Constantinople, to embark on a British transport. The soldiers proceeded to obey but the Turkish ollleer In command stopped the embarkation, whereupon the British admiral cause the barracks to bo surrounded and declared the Turks prlsonern. He also threatened to use force to compel them to embark. The Turkish commanding ofllcer then ollowcd the eiiiljarkatlon to proceed. May ll» Coming to America, London, Nov. ".—Efforts to locate Princess Louise of Coburg and Lieutenant MaUaehieh-KcgHvtsch, the young Hungarian onicer who was correspondent In the recent divorce suit, so far proved fruitless, and the belief Is gaining ground that they have taken passage for America under os- Bumi'd names. Early this week the princess mysteriously disappeared from the residence which her father, the King of tlle Belgians, gave her, and eur)i.usly enough the yountv lieutenant deserted and disappeared, from Iris regl- merit ut the mime time. KM[»IT I.ruvi'H <l«rilhult'lii. Jerusalem, Nov. 7,—Tho emperor and empress of Germany embarked on board a train for Jaffa, midst firing of Mtlutca fri-m the guns of the fortress nnd the rherliiK of large crowds of people. Their majesties declared that tiny wei-e greatly pleased with their visit and slio"l< 'hands with ilia principal civil and military aullioi-llles. AlKllill'l- S|llllll»ll IH'Hlll Nlll|l. Malaga, H.paln, -Nov. 7.—The BnunlKh transport r-U-niuiT Grini AnllHii, Cup- tain 1'uyonn, from Havana on Oct. 13, via I'orto nici', with repatriated l«h tniuim on In Hi i-U IIIIR arrlvf-il lipre and rnporlii thnt then' \rcrn 100 death* onions tin- «old;<M'H durlni; the viyagi- arrosH 'hf Atlnntii-. 1''|IIIIM'I|1 Of (IlllIlM <fnlllNt')ltlllllf. JU'|-H)i, Nov. 7.--Tin 1 fun'Tiil ncrvlooB over tlio remain!! "f JullUK (loliisclnnlili. th(? Inlc United Stnti-s rnnmii general hero, \\-lio dli'd DII Nov. ^, took i>la(-o here. Many American consul? from various ]I|UCPH In C!eriTinn> wcro present. SOUTH ciliiol'iN'TwiirrKs .uois. niniM, nuvolven and Ainiiintiltluti I'nr- clinHcil In IjiifK" 'JiiiiiiUlU'd. Rlolimimd. VH., Nov. 7.— WlnPhesti.-r repeatliiB rlllcH are in firi'iit demand In Pastern North Carolina, where It is feared there is going to be some rioting of the rnosl emphatic type liefnrc election day clones Tuesday. Law number* of rifles and revolvers und many double-barreled shotguns liuve been shipped from here to eastern and central North Carolina, the seat of tin; race troubles. Ammunition In large quantities has also been sent from Richmond to the same localities recently. l v he orders come from political clubs and white citizens In all the walks <if life. A visit to the gun stores and hardware firms disclosed the fact that all the available Winchester rifles and revolvers in the city have been shipped to Wilmington, Wilson and ^adjacent towns In North Carolina. One firm has shipped 200 Vv'inehestetfl and ,100 revolvers In the last two days, and has unfilled orders aggregating fully as much more. One gun store in the same time shipped 100 Winchesters, another seventy-five, and all establishments reported selling- a proportional number of pistols and shotguns, with an average of 10 rounds of ammunition. One of the largest hardware concerns In Richmond has received an order for two cases of double-barrel shotguns to be shipped to central North Carolina. This order was to be accompanied by many rounds of ammunition. A considerable amount of dynamite has also gone forward to the same points. The number of Winchesters sent from hero I will aggregate 500. The orders were accompanied in many Instances by letters stating that the writers confidently expected to use them election day. A few orders were supposed to be from ne- groes, but they were mostly from well- known and prominent citizens. FOURTH OHIO -At:i's Drug Store. You might Hbe to try our Snuff (or oold In tbe bead, or Ponder for an all over you oold. AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED," TRY SAPOLIO. oueuien > rtinic' aawt, boat aalve lo the world tor oats, oru toa, aoreu, uloorn, salt rboum, fever Bored, tetitor oliapped hftiida, uhll- blaine, oornu, und alt skin eruptlona, anil poulUvuly ouree pllea, or no pay roqulrod. It la guaranteed to give portoot utitlB/aotlon, or monoy reloaded Prleo 36 oentu per box. For sale B. Maruli- Alton and Oppnr Alton Quit uoughlng Is eaay eiioaga, it you take Dr. Boll'* Plue-Tar-llpimy. It outa tbe muoua aitd aliuys tno lullaminatlou go (bat there U no inoliuatlon to oougb. It lootbea tbe broiioblal*, aud ia atreiigtb- enlog to tbe tbroat and lungs. Ml gooddrngglaU »oll It. President MoKliiley Shakes Hitnils with Kuch Member of the Keglmunt. Washington, Nov. 7.—The Fourth Ohio Infantry, which passed through the city en route JVom Porto Rico to Columbus, was paid the unusual compliment of a reception at the White House. The train bearing tbe regiment arrived at tbe New York avenue station from New York a little after JO o'clock in the morning, and at 10:4ii the regiment had completed Us formation and was swinging up the avenue toward the executive mansion, where it arrived less than an hour later. Headed by Colonel Colt and staff dismounted and their band the regiment first passed in review, marching in columns of fours. With the president stood Secretary Alger and a number of regular army and volunteer officers. The large crowd which had gathered about the front of the- White House and tho driveway from the street kept up a constant handclapplng as tbe column viassed by. After leaving the White House arms were stacked in a nearby streets and the soldiers again returned and, filing through the main doors, moved to the left and entered the east room. The president stood near the west middle doors leading into tbo private hall. Marching in single file the soldiers passed by the president, who cordially shook haiidH with each one. After leaving the oust room the line passed through the glass screen at the rear of the main entrance hall, leaving Hie mansion by tbe same door at which they hud entered. At 12:;!0 the regiment left for the west over the Baltimore and Ohio railroad._ SAX FKAXCISCO IM1UKS CKH'PLEl*. I'IWMHIIICII nnil SloriMilypora IViinl More I'uy fol'Tliflr Wurk. San Francisco, Nov. 7.—Al a hue hour at night most of the stcreotypers on the morning papers of this city struck. Tills has further crippled the newspapers so thai they will have to stop composition earlier than usual In order that the stereolypers who have struck may be enabled to cant the plates. The wage controversy between Hit: newspapers and their employes resulted In a strike curly In tho day of the Webb Pressmen's union. As a result there were no evening papers until after 5 o'clock. Theie were enough pressmen In The Ifullclln's pressroom to enable that paper In get out a late edition, lint The Report bad to avail itself of The Kxumlncr's presses and Tim Post managed to get out one edition. Tho Publishers' association, composed ot the pvoprti-loi-H "f wll Uie. dally papers here, has an agroi-mi'in whereby the members .will stand by each other, and n.ine of the papers will publish un- Uss all can do so. The wages now paid to Hie pressmen are an follows: Foremen $10 to H"' a week "U morning papeis and »:!U t" »3!> <>n afternoon papers; i.rtslsliint foremen, ISO; pressmen, »1S; and helpers, from $1:' In flS a week. The pressmen demand n new schedule of wanes, nuking SI u day for pressmen and $'i.'.T. a day for helpers. The recently vacated Sni-reii Heart church In Calumet, Mich., was burned by an incendiary. Private Frank M. Green, Cumpany D, One Hundred and Blxty-llrsl Indiana, died In I ho Third division lioHpliul, Jacksonville, Kin. Dr.Bull's The Legijlallve Ticket. John J. Brenholt, of Alton, in bead of tbe Legislative ticket. We can do no better than to quote Senator Oal- lom's esUmnle of Col. Brenholt, in bin address at Alton, on Saturday nlgbt, Oct. 20th, in;wbich he eaid: "I desire to say that 1 have known Ool. Brenholt since 1877, when I appointed bim on my staff, and where be served during my terra of six yeara as Governor. I have known bim as u earnest Republican, as an able lawyer, as a good citizen, and one who Will represent the district with dignity. I urge upon the citizena of Alton and Madl- aon county to see to it that the Colonel is elected to tbe State Senate." As Mr. Oullom mentioned Ool. Brenholt's name, a wave of applause went over tbe audience showing In a marked degree Mr. Brenholt's popularity. The words of praise from Senator Cullom were a deserved compliment and were strongly seconded by tbe audience, Hbowing its approval of them. It is rarely that a man of Col. Breubolt's ability and business success is willing to accept the ofllce of Senator, in which there is little pay and a vast amount of labor. Madison County will have to.furnish majority uufficient to overcome tbe Democratic majority ia Jorneyand Oalhoun. Al! evidences now point to a sweeping victory for Ool. Bronholtand tbe election of the Republican Legislative ticket. Tbe two candidates for the house are Hon. Wm. McKiltrlck, of Madison, and Mr. J. K. Cadwallader. Mr. McKiltrick has served one term in the House,and has proved himself to be a flue representative of tbo county, and able member of tbe home. Of Mr. J. K. Cadwallader, it is only neceaaary to say that where beet known he is mostpopular. IB that Bourbon Democratic county, Jersey, Mr.Oadwallader succeeded in defeating a Democratic opponent for the office of Sheriff and was elected. He is a man of excellent business ability, and will make a splendid repreeentative in tbe House. For Superintendent of (Jchools, the Eepublicaa nominee, M. Benson, Mayor of Granite City, ia a man of wide and varied experience. He has be en a teacher for fifteen years. He is a successful and capable bnainess man, and is up-to-date on all the best p iota in scholastic training. He will enter upon the discharge of his duties wilb a determination and purpose to raise tbe profession of school teacher to tbe highest point; and to use the best methods for the advancement and thorough education of tbe pupils. Mr. Henson is popular and will get a heavy vote all over tbe county. "Tbe worst cold I ever had in my life was cured by Chamberlain's Couch Kemedy," says W. H Norton, of Hutter Creek, Oal. "This oold left me with a cough and I was expector- atiee all the time. Tbe remedy cured me, and I want all my friends when troubled with a cough or cold to use it, for it will do them good." Sold by E. Maruh aud S. H. Wyss. Delays are Dangerous. Many of your friends, or people whom you know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fatal diseases by neelect of a simple cold or cougb. Foley 'a Honey and Tar, a aafe sure and pleasant oongb medicine, would have saved them. It is guaranteed. Sold by E. Marah and S. H. Wjss. J'l T KI,OOI»IOI'MIS 0> TIMII,. Mlu«»iirl ttinik <>HIHiit» Striving to rnlrh MNprrniitn. Rodalla. Mn,, Nov. 1 — "llounh" and"Tough," the bloodhounds owned by tbe city, were taken to Knobnoster, Johnson county, In the hope " r nppre- hendlng the nilsdcnnts who have been klllitiK and maiming flock and cutting fences on bind owned by the Knobnofl- ter bank, which was recently puv- clmsei.1 under n deed of trust. A nlKht ago a steer WHS killed, while another wan crippled and a law section of fence laid low. Tho dofis Mi-nek a hot Irnil, following It for quite a distance, nnd, i-ropsliiK H stream, but stopped a quarter of a mile from a bouse, where they were called off by their keeper, who was afraid they would be shot. There were no ar- resls, but the bank people arc satisfied the hounds furnished a valuable clew, which will lead to conviction, "f the BUllty. ___ _ . HI fiKen- UrilMlMl .tluther'N .-tppetti. Chicago, Xov. ".• -Mr-. Minnie I,apin- cr, wh"se .':-yi":ir-(>!d sr»u Herald wa" kidnaped from the family lefMenee, Fnrly-elehth pirec-l. and Prnlrl" avenue, live months ace. has Issued nn oppeal for the ret urn uf her sun. After ha vine sea relied in vain fur sum" trace of her elillrl "lie hnw mode a last desperate effort in the following- appeal: "If this should come In the notice of the. persons who have (Ic-nild Lapiner, have mercy on a bioken-hearliHi mother and return him. You \\ 111 r nt be pi ose- ctlted." Trill* In IVMHloli Kx-<'onfederate!*. Dallas. Tex.. Nov. 7.—Tbe constitutional amendment voted mi lost Tuesday auihoi Ix.lJiK' tile pensioning of ex- ('onl'edei ale ?n!dk-r.s wascHfriod. though full returns are noi in. It provides that all ex-i'onfeiierales who settled in Tex- ns prior to ISSO are eligible to pensions, but mi one shall receive more than JS (i month and the annual appropriation for pensions shall not exceed MMI.OOO. The KUnboat Helena. Commandi"r K\vinburne. has left the Boston navy yard for the China station by-way of the Sue! canal. The president has Issued n proclamation reserving for the use of the United States navy terlain water front property in Honolulu selected by Captain Tanner recently. Charles Foote of Chicago has purchased for $145,000 the Boston mining property in Humboldt county, Ca!., and will begin operations next year. Information has reached Winnipeg, Man., in a letter from a point about 500 miles north of Edmonton, that Robert Wills of Chicago lost his life by drown- Ing. t Hits the Spot. When suffering from a severe cold and your throat and lungs feel sore, t«w« „ /inon n<~ iFoley's Honey Itbe soreness Ire 1 lev ed, a {feeling and take a dose and Tar, when will be at one* warm, grateful, healing" of tbe parts affected will be experienced and you will say: It feels ao good. It hits the spot." It la guaranteed. Sold by E. Mareh and S. H. Wyss. For Sheriff, tbe Republicans have a man that they are proud of. Jacob Kuhn of Alton, an old experienced and thoroughly reliable police official, will bring to the office of Sheriff a knowledge of tbe ways of criminals, and a courage that will make bim a terror to evil-doera everywhere. All tbe duties of tbe of Sheriff will be promptly, efficiently and carefully attended to. He will make Madison county one of tbe very best officials who baa ever tilled tbe office of Sheriff. Moth«.i This lut remedy wilUave you» chlld'» lite wlwn attacked ft ..... . by Croup or Whoopne- 0V fllPi cougbt It never falls to * "^ cure throat and lung troubles Ptiee ZacU. Colds When the children get their feet wet and take cold give them a hot foot bath, a bowl of hot drink, a dose of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, and put them to bed. The chances are they will be all right in the morning. Continue the Cherry Pectoral a few days, until all cough has disappeared. Old coughs are also cured; we mean the coughs of bronchitis, weak throats and irritable lungs. Even the hard coughs of consumption are always made easy and frequently cured by the continued use of Auer's Cherry pectoral Every doctor knows that wild cherry bark is the best remedy known to medical science for soothing and healing inflamed throats and lungs. Put one of Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Plasters «* over your lungs Tti» 0o*t Mfdlcfl Advloo Proof ' W» now h»Te iomo of the rao«t eml That Tickling aenantion In the throat li Instantly relieved by Dr. Bell 1 * Plnc-Tnr- Iloney — u wonderful remedy for rouglift and Lilt troubles on lined by infliimimttlon of llio tnurotm mcni- hrunesof tho Uirotit nnd renplralory organ*. A purely vepftablo com- Hptlmm, broiichltiH, Horo throat, Lti Orlppe, whooping cough, and croup. DR. BELL'S Pine-Tar-Honey In Hold evi>rywli«n! nt 2-'>c, Me nnd 11.1)0 a bottlo. ur win Iw sent upon receipt of price by The i:. I!. Hutiicrlniid medicine f.'oinimn)-, 1'iiduoah, Kctiiurk). tnui f)rs. O. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE in M'Plke Building. Cor, and »nd Etston sis, PUonet 138 and 171, P. HOMEOPATHIST and SURGEON OmOBUKD RBS'DBNCB, HOTBL MADISON Ttltvhont 100 /)rs. B. C, & H. /?. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURS: 7 to 9 ».m; 11 to 1,8 to 8 p.m. TELEPHONE 87. WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer ID Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster* Prltui to meet competition. Ooo*i 4e- llTered. elephone 16t. Office 107 Weit Second Street H m. The alylea are unusually beautiful and far ahead of anything we have ever shown. For those who prefer money saving to new patterns then still remain some choice selections from our earlier stock. Carpets, Oil Cloths, Linoleum and Curtains. Electric Power. We are prepared to contract for Electric Power at Low Rates. If you know of any manufactrer who s seeking location ask him to correspond with us. Electric Motors can be used for running Elevators; operating all kinds of machinery; pumping water; inj fact my mechanical application. call on us for T^ g A • Electric Incandescent Lights, Telephone 93. TflE EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is duo not only to the originality and Biraplioity of tho combination, but also to the care and skill with which it is manufactiM'ed by scientific processes known to the CALIFOIINIA Fio Svnur Co. only, and we wish to Impress upon all tbo Importance of purchusiiiK tlio *jue and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Fitf" is imiiuil'iiet urcd by tho CALIKOIINIA Fio SYHUP Co. only, u knowledge of that fact will assist one iu avoiding tho worthless Imitations manufuctured Ji.y other parties. The high standing of the CAM- roiiMU Fio Sviiui' Co. with the medical profession, ami thu »utinfaclion which the genuine Syrup of Figs has given to millions of families, makes the name of tho Company a guaranty of tho excellence of its remedy. It is fur io advance of all oilier laxatives, as it ueta on tho kidneys, liver iincl boweLs without irritating or weakening them, and it <!oon not gripe nor nauseate, Iu order to get its beneficial effects, please remember the name of the Company — CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. •AN FHANOI1UC, Vol. . Kr. ELECTION NOTICE. BuunmUng the proposition to tho electors of Allon townshlo, whether such townehlp shall adopt and become entitled to the benefit,, of an aot providing for primary elections of clelegoteu to nominating conventions, «nd to promote the purity regulating the conduct there of, and to support the pr.vUeges of free nuf- frJgn thcreot by proMblUng certain acts and practices In rt-Utlon thereto, mid providing for (ho punishment thereof. A petition havlni; lieun presented to me signed by more than ono- olghtfiot the legal voteM ot Alton Township, pi^ylngt' at the foregoing proposition be BUI mlt i"d to a vote of thoeliictorsof nald t eu Is hemby given Unit proposition will beBiib- to tlio said elector* of Alton town-hip, atthooloctlon tolin hold on TucBilay.Nov.H.'OB, as to whether said township and U'c oloclor» thereof shall adopt and bee mo cnlltled to tho benefits of the foregoing act. ,..„.., >\ M. 1 • liAIVL.1 , llouoty Judge. Dated. Ort 'ir>, IBD8. FALL and WINTER 1899. The most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, 112 West Third st. F U R N I T U R E . When wanting Furniture call and see us. We can surely please you: J. SUTTER & 210 U'. Third Street Granitoid Paving Co. w. & H. BHISER, Prop's. , h»«r Sixth Street - Alton, III. All Kind* of Oranltold Work: Bldtwdkl, Jteni, Plooriug, elo., done and tbe bait ou»U; tyof material and work guarsnteed. Order. DR. IHIOTPS They ovorcninii \Vcul'ai -.s, t; • n'H'ihirlly uud oinls»loii», b«- creiiMi Vina- urn' "pulMS of uifiiMlruiitluu." lucy urc "Life Severs" Ji'to«lrl»ul wf.manliooU, aldhiK m, Ll . i.p ilevuloimiunt of ork'tnis und body. No known ronivdy tor women ciiuula them, (iiiniiol do harm--Hf« boruinc* » pii'uti- me »l iwr Iw* Iw •««. M^ I*"' 1 " ''> «lm»irlnl». OR. MOTT'S CHEMICAL CO.. Cleieland, Ohio For Bale by 8. H. Wyee. Here is one of those who are either so prejudiced against all advertised remedies, or have become discouraged at tho failure of other medicines to help them, and who will succumb to the grim destroyer without knowing of the wonderful value of Foley's Honey and Tar for all Throat and Lung troubles. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. Licensed ARCHITH T General Superintendent md Alecnanlcal ruTRNTS -To any Denon wlibtng to obtain Letteri Patent on new iDrentloni or luprOT*ffl«oU 1 P "»l|ni, T I 45Tffoou?« dnwlDgi laid .peolfloatloni and mako application, for paf.nt... 101 W. THIRD STREET, Third Moor. J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embalmers.l Second Street. Opposite City Hall. Alton, ill.

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