The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 3, 1966 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1966
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ALONG ABOUT THE SECOND week in November comes National Education week when parents go to school to confer with the teachers, and everybody thinks a bit more about how important schools are. It suddenly dawned on me that this year I will have my last chance at a parent-teacher conference since our youngest, Jeanie is in her last year of high school. * * * I DON'T EXACTLY KNOW where all those years went. It seems Just a couple of years ago we bought BUI his resting rug and fat crayons and sent him off to Mrs. Laird's kindergarten. But it was eighteen years ago and now we have not only long since sent his two sisters to kindergarten, they've all become adults with plans for their own little kindergartners, (I strongly suspect our grandson, Billy will be ready for school next year, even though he won't be old enough). *** AFTER THINKING ABOUT it for a while, I came to the conclusion that if this is to be my last year for parent-teacher conferences, it will also be the last year 1 can logically drag out my Ten Commandments for Teachers. I promise that this will be its swan song: *** 1. - THOU SHALT SEEK OUT THE worthwile qualities in each of thy pupils. Though there be 30 of them, all squirmy wiggly, coming down with colds or forming spitballs, thou shall remember that genius often lurks under unlikely surfaces. It may be thy privilege to awaken a future Edison, a Lady Bird Johnson, or an astronaut. Or thou may at least have the satisfaction, years hence, of saying none of thy pupils landed in Jail for more than ten year terms. + * * 2. - THOU SHALT KEEP A HAPPY FACE. Though thy new shoes be killing thee, though thy rent is due and thy purse is empty, thou shalt not take it out on the kids. Thou shalt stand UD before the little monsters, and smile I * * * 3. - THOU SHALT HAVE "THY ears open to receive the confidences of thy pupils and thy mouth closed lest those fascinating tidbits revealed in Show and Tell time slip out. Though the tale of how Mamma is mad at Daddy, what Papa is going to tell his boss when he gets the chance or how Mamma thinks she might be expecting would make devastating conversation at thy next tea party, thou shalt forget thou ever heard them. \ * * * 4. ~ THOU SHALT DEVELOP A DISCERNING eye worthy of a physician. Thou must be able to spot rashes on tummies and dispatch students to the school nurse with speed enough to keep the rest of the class from an epidemic of measles. Thou must inspect for dirty ears, varied vermin of the scalp, extreme fatigue caused by watching the late TV show, impetigo and hoof and mouth disease. Thou must distribute band-aids for cut fingers, sympathy for bruised shins and referee service for fights. • O 1 5. — THOU SHALT LEARN THE fine art of double-talk for parent conferences. Though it be true that a kid is plain stupid it is not seeming to tell his mother this. Thou can always fall back on such terms as lack of reading- readiness, nonconformity to his peer group (bites the other kids), resentment of authority (bites the teacher), or failure to plan his time schedule efficiently (frequently fails to make it to the bathroom). * * * 6. - THOU SHALT TAKE A FIRM STAND on the matter of homework. Verily, homework is fraught with tribulations. Though thy assignments be meager, there shall always be the complaint from the pupils, "Our teacher is tough — too much homework". Though they assignments be mountainous, thy supervisor shall say, "Assign more homework". And thou hast homework, also — correcting all those papers from thv pupils' homework. * * * * 7. - THOU SHALT GIVE THOUGHT TO thy raiment. Thou shalt dress prettily enough to appeal to thy students' sense of the lovely. Thou shalt dress plain enough so that the fathers of thy pupils do not consider thee whistle-bait and brine down the wrath of thy pupils' mothers upon thee. Thou shalt dress demurely enough so the most conservative member of the school board shall consider thy contract renewable next lime * * * J ' 8. - THOU SHALT KEEP ONE STEP ahead of thy punils Truly, in this day of television, the public library, and the encouraging of the inquiring mind, this is a problem. Thou must use up thy riches, stored during the winter to attend school in the summer. Thou must get thy degree. * * * 9. - THOU MUST LEARN TO SUBORDINATE thy taste for luxuries to the size of thy paycheck. Verily, I say unto you such riches as a decent winter coat, fine carriages, braces on thy own offsprings' molars and steak every third Wednesday apnear as a molehill to a mountain compared to the privilege of training young minds. If the way seems rough consider that there are truly harder ways of making a living. But wouldst thou really like selling refrigerators to the Eskimoes in Alaska? * * * 10. -THOU MUST REALIZE THAT THOUGH thy problems be legion, the parents of thy students have perplexities of their own. The path they tread is not so different from thy own. Their paths are shadowed also by bank overdrafts, lengthening hours of labor, inability to see real signs of progress and criticism of boss or customer. But at the end of the way beams the same bright goal *•- more teachers and 1 parents, doctors and housewives, plumbers and scientists, statesmen and stenographers all living together decently in the best world we can make ill DURING THE WEEK OF OCT. 30 through November 5, people nav ng birthdays include Carolyn Bickert, Lee Schenck Randy Nielsen, Tom Straub, Charles Harmon, Mrs. F. E, Kent, Tom Geelan, Ken Parrish, Dick Balluff, Don Sherman, Marcia Olsen, Timothy Hagg, Gordon Hall, Barbara Harris, Chalmer Read BUI Kuhn, Bill Sigsbee, Vicky Hanson, Dr. LeRoy StrohmS Beecher Lane, Tomrnie Miller, Kay Agena, Bill Conn, Don Gant Lori Herbst, WUlifln Larry Dau, m, and Richard Palmer. Wedding anniversaries include Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kent, Sr.. Mr and Mrs. Dick Poit, and Rev. and Mrs. Frank Harcey. *** v •^ THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR Pumpkin Chiffon Pie. 2 envelopes unflavored gelatine 1/g cup cold milk . 1/2 cup milk, heated to boiling 3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar thurtday, Nov. 3, 1966 JWome* HTAIIISHID li«S Entered at second class matter at the Doitofflce at AlRona, Town <60911). Nov. 1, 1832, under Act of Congreil of March 3. 1879. SECOND SECTION 2 cups canned pumpkin 1/2 tsp. salt 1 tsp. cinnamon 3/4 tsp. nutmeg 1/4 tsp. ginger 1 cup heavy cream 1 cup ice cubes or cushed ice 9 Inch pastry shell or graham cracker crust. Sprinkle gelatine over cold milk and let stand while assembling other ngredients. Add boiling milk and beat until gelatine dissolves (or mix at low speed in blender). Add brown sugar, pumpkin, salt, spices and cream, mix at high speed. Add ice cubes one at a time. Stir until mixture is smooth and ice melted. Chill about 5 minutes and turn into prepared crust. Chill until firm. GRACE Kossuth Has Enrollment Of 135 I.S.U. Students Ames, Iowa -w Kossuth County has 135 students among the record 15,128 enrolled at Iowa State University this fall. The enrollment is an 8 percent increase over the previous high of 14,014 set in the fall of 1965. This is the sixth consecutive year in which enrollment surpassed all preceding years. Enrollment by colleges is: Agriculture 2,311 ; Engineering 3,399; Home Economics 2,352; Sciences and Humanities 4,393; Veterinary Medicine 286; Graduate College 2,305; and Agricultural Engineering (jointly conducted by the colleges of agriculture and engineering) 137. Men outnumber women 11,239 to 3,944 in the student body. ALGONA- Douglas Earl Barr; Virgean R. Bierstedt; Russell James Bode; Robert E. Bradford; Jean M. Christiansen; Neil 0. Colwell; Patricia Ann Conn; Jo Ann Cox; Erma Lea Deim; Philip Doine Egel; William S. Farnham; Roger K. Ferris; Dorene Carol Funk; Jerald W. Helmers; Dennis Ray Helmke; Alan Craig Holt; Pamela Sue Hopkins; Lois Jean Hunt; Roger Ivan Long; Joel Arthur McNeill; Michael John McNeill; Dennis Ronald Miller; Ron Michael Nelson; David A. Martin; Maureen Rao Obrien; Jean Anne Owens; Linda Marie Percival; James R. Peterson Jr. William Paul Rahm; John Lease Reid; Sandy Sontag Schenck; Richard Lee Slobe; Vicki Marie Steil; Judith W. Switzer; Philip Rex Taylor; John Fredrick Will; Sharon Kay Willrett; Daniel Neil Zaugg; Matthew Randall Clark; Dwight M. Frideres; Michael Lee Gilbert and Lance John Johnson. BANCROFT - Eugene Ralph Bormann; Melvin J. DeGeeter; Eugene F. Dumstorff; Edmund R. McGuire; Glen Joseph Menke; Donald S. Smith; Thomas Dean Smith; Joan Marie Geesman; and Donald Elmer Hanlsch. BUFFALO CENTER - Dale Allan Risius and Gary Paul Rl- sius. BURT - Linda Joan Fairbanks DuWayne F. Gebken; Richard John Gebken; Monte Craig Hammond; Ellen Joyce Henry; Ver-' lyn Ray Larsen; Kenneth R. Richter; David Richard Walker; and Ann Marie Wilson. ELMORE - Dale Eugene Coy. FENTON - Sharon Lee Freiermuth. John Waldemar Laage; Linneas William Laage; John Herman Luedtke; Loren Kay Menz and Timothy J. Struecker. ffiVINGTON - Norman Alvin Klein. LAKOTA - Elizabeth L. Buckels; Wayne Gordon Cordes; El- kels; Wayne Gordon Cordes; Craig M. Ellsworth; Linda Kay Hoeppner; . David Allen Sleper; Virgil E. Wallentine and Brian LeRoy Ellsworth. LEDYARD - Thomas J. Anderson; Jon Gilbert Deboer; Roger Allan Green; Lyle Edward Haag; Merlyn Anthony Haag; Dwayne Paul Klocke; Monica Gaye Munyer; Dianne Kay Waterhouse and Ann C. Carpenter. LIVERMORE -Ronald K. Kohlhaas. LONE ROCK - Lynn Hay Bierstedt and Roger J. Hutchinson. LUVERNE - Raeann Brink; Douglas M. Holmes; Daryl Otto Jagels; David James Mueller; Sheri Lyn Ramus; Elaine K. Mixable Knits of Antron by Devon Shown: Bonded Boy Jacket . Bonded A-Line Skirt Zip Sleeveless Shell ., Clover Print Sweater Bonded Tailored Pant Not shown: Cardigan Sweater Bonded Slim Skirt Back Zip Shell ... Shape-holding, washable knits of Antron(R) nylon by DuPont. Lettuce green, spring camel, blue glaze . . . timeless colors, subtle prints. Sweaters 36-40, bottoms 10-18. Karels-Hertzke Wed at Lakota LAKOTA - Linda Lee Karels and Lynn Maynard Herteke were married at 2|30 p.m. Oct. 16 at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Lakota, The Rev. Paul Ofstedal performed the double ring ceremony. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Otto Karels and Mr. nnd Mrs. Maynard Htrtcke, all of Lakota. Susan Karels was her sister's maid of honor and the bridesmaids were Betty Meyer of Lincoln, Neb. and Nyla Hert- ke, cousin of the groom. Flower girl and ring bearer were Delyce St. John of Algona, cousin of the bride, and Randy Bockelman, cousin of the groom. Harlan Hertzke attended his brother as best man. Groomsmen were Gary Gellenfeldt and Gary Garrett, both of Lakota. Candle lighters were Kathy Hammond, and Colleen Karels. Schnakenberg and John Charles Wlckett, SWEA CITY - Judith Lee Davidson; David Gene Harner; John Allen Langerman; Leroy Morris Larsen, Philip Joseph Menke; Howard Lee Person; Rodney James Smith ; Charles W. Stewart; Gerlad Lee Thompson; Robert Wayne Thompson; Paul Cecil Thoreson and Petrea Ann Thoreson. TITONKA - Dale Robert Bartelt; Mark Edward Boyken; Linda Lee Budlong; Bill James Carroll; Brenda Sue Eden; Kathleen Ann Eden; Diane Melalne Gartner; Richard T. Kardows; Janice Arlene Larsen; James Henry Stecker and Edward Lee WESLEY - Lorraine E. Funnemark; Christian A. Nygaard; 'Vivian Ruth Pommer; Daniel Lee Skow; Helen Marie Skow and Reuben Joseph Skow. WEST BEND - Wayne Lee Banwart; Michael P. Dahlhauser; Timothy L. Dahlhauser. WHITTEMORE - Milton Ray Butzke; David Lee Frink; Dennis Duane Frink; Daniel Thomas Gilmore; Leonard Gale Kenne; Earl Henry Maahs; Everett Dean Maahs; Donald Lee Meyer, Cletus W. Mosbach; Stephen J. Schuller and John Robert Zohbon. Ushers were David Boeckelman and Robert Schuler of Wesley, Iowa, After a honeymoon to Illinois and Wisconsin, Mr. and Mrs. Herteke will be at home In Spirit Lake. Both Mr, and Mrs, Hertzke are graduates of Lakota High School. She also attended Mankato Commercial College and now Is employ«d as bookkeeper at First National Bank at , Spirit Lake", Hi "ii employed by Golden Sun Inc. at Esther- vllle, VOTE FOR CHARLES PLATHE DEMOCRAT CANDIDATE FOR SUPERVISOR 1st DISTRICT - KOSSUTH COUNTY Whittemore—Cresco—Garfield—LuVerne Riverdale—lrvington—Sherman Townships • GENERAL ELECTION, TUESDAY, NOV. 8, 1966 Your vote and support will be appreciated. (84*) «>• tton whun your rfoffir will do III* most PECIAL OF THE WEEK PLATFORM ROCKER Solid Oak Frame. 5 Inches of Foam in Seat and Back *5 DEPOSIT HOLDS UNTIL CHRISTMAS COAST TO COAST STORES ED WOLF OWNER ALGONA, IOWA (••••••••••I Talk trucks to those square shootin' good guys! first! THE DODGE BOYS HAVE TOUGH TRUCKS AT GENTLE PRICES! When it's time to talk trucks, talk to the Dodge Boys first! From the famous Sweptline Pickup shown here to the hugest diesel, the Dodge Boys have a truck to fit your needs. And, best of all, they have the terms and prices to fit your budget best! PERCIVAL MOTORS, INC. 800 SO. PHILLIPS ST., ALGONA, IOWA (You can tell they're good guys they all wear A\ white hats)

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