The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on August 15, 1891 · Page 1
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1891
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%U f if tviUe gtnn VUBIiTSHBD BTBRT SATURDAY —BT-W. N. BURDLCK. TBBMS: $1.60 Per Year, Btrlotly Advance The Rent Advirtiiing Medium to reach the four ttorth-tattern countiti. Office 8.) iihirpRt Corner Lawler and Tllilcn fi» fSkt 9MMU Kcvim. ADVERTISING RATT9S: W. N. BURDICK, Editor and Proprietor. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CREED; THE GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL GUIDE. TBRMX: $1.50, IF Pkio IN ADVANNCE. VOLUME XIX. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, 1891. NUMBER 22. TtUR 1 In. Sin. 4 In. M col I col. 1 wwk ... tl OA |l BO t* l»< |« 00 fl Oil tlO At t weeks ... 1 SO I » 1 TS s r» S TO in og 3 week* ... B 00 a no 1 OA 1 M 10 Oil IS OS 1 month .. 3 r>0 s n « at t 98 19 on 10 0* 8 m"nt t 00 4 !» g on 11 7(1 tr On » 0* SttV'titlis . 4 01) « * ll » 16 00 S 00 *> 00 4 months.. 5 M> S on in on 20 06 13 Oil W 00 1 year 10 00 IS 00 18 O' 80 00 WOO 80 00 MiiffliKRs rdpils not exoroltuff Are linen. fyy Jul HdreitiH -mrntu At l^nl mtM AdvertlM* inents hif-ertftl wltli no NixxHflc ttme will b« tm^Uhe \ mil I onl-nri* I oul nnf -hft' Re d for »»- corrHrvly. Ail bill* p iyahl quaicerlf TJIK STORY OF HUTU. Tho Consolation Wo Can Draw from Its Lessons. II Blum* Unit I ho Darkest I'ntln Often End In the llrlghtrat IM wis—How diameter In Duvelopod hy Trouhle filtering Friendship. -Viii ("A 9U i • i I »•% Rev. T. DoYVitt Tulmnttc preached at Green Moniiliiin Falls, Col., from the following text: And she went iind oaine and nicam-d In the Hold after the rcupura; nnd her hap wits to Unlit on ii pin I nf thai fluid liclonultii,' unto Hunt, wlin WHS of tho klnilrod uf lillinoluoh. —Until II., :>. Within it f«w weeks I hnve been in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Camilla, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and they are one great harvest-Held, and no season can be more enchanting in any country than tho season of harvest. The lime that Ruth and Naomi arrive at. Itothleliem is harvest-lime. It was the custom when a sheaf fell ft'om n load in the harvest-Held for tho reapers to refuse to gather It up; that was to be left for Hie poor who might happen to come that way. If there wero handfuls of grain scattered across tho field after the main harvest had been reaped, instead of raking it, as farmers do now, it was, by the custom of tho land, left in its plnco, so that tho poor, coming along that way, might glean it and get their bread. Hut, you say; "What is the use of all these harvest-fields to Itutliund Noami? Naomi Is too old and feeblo to go out and toll in the sun; and can you expect that Ruth, tho young and the beautiful, should tan her checks and blister her hands in the harvest-field." Uouz owns a large farm, and he goes out to sec the reapers gather in tho grain. Coming there, right behind tho swarthy, siinbrowned reapers, ho beholds a beautiful woman gleaning—a woman more lit to bend to a harp or sit upon a throne than to stoop among the sheaves. All, that was an eventful day I It was love at first sight. -Boaz forms an attiielim nt for the womanly gleaner—un attachment full of undying interest to the church of God in all ages; while Ruth, with an cphah, or uoavly a bushel of barley, goes homo to Naomi to tell her tho successes and adventures of the day. That Ruth, who loft her native land of Moub in darkness, and journeyed through an undying affection for her mother-in- law, is in the harvest-field of lloaz, is affiuueed to one of the best families in Judah, and becomes in after-time tho ancestress of Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory! Out of so dark a night did there even dawn so liright a morning? 1 learn, in the first place, from this subject how trouble develops character. It was bereavement, poverty and exilo that developed, illustrated and announced to all ages tho sublimity of Ruth's character. That IR a very unfortunate man who has no trouble. It was sorrow that niado John Hunynn the better dreamer, and Dr. Young the better poot, and O'Connoll the bettor orator, and Hishop IIall the hotter preacher, anil llaveloek tho bettor soldier, nnd Kitto the better en­ cyclopedist, and Ruth tho better daughter-in-law. I oneo asked an aged man in regard to his pastor, who was a very brilliant man: "Why is it that your pastor, so very brilliant, seems to have so little tenderness in his sermons?" "Well," he replied, "the reason is, our pastor has never had any trouble. When misfortune comes upon him, his style will bo dllteront." After awhile tho Lord took a child out of that pastor's house; and though tho. preacher was just as brilliant as he was before, oh, the warmth, the tenderness of his discourses! Tile fact is that trouble Is a groat educator. You see sometimes a musician sit down at an instrument, and his execution is cold and formal and unfeeling. The reason is that all his life ho has been prospered. But let misfortune or bereavement come to that man, and ho sits down at the Instrument, and you dlsoovor the pathos in the first sweep of tho keys. Misfortune and trials are groat educators. A young doctor comes into a sick room where there is a dying child. Porhaps lie Is very, rough in his proscription, and very rough in Ids manner, and rough in the feeling of the pulse, and rough in his answer to the anxious mother's question; bnt the years roll on, and there has boon one dead in his own house; and now he comes into the sick room, and with tearful eye ho looks at tho dying child, mid ho says: "Oh how this reminds mo of my Charlie!" Trouble the great educator! Sorrow— I seo its touch in the grandest painting; 1 hour its tremor in the sweetest song; r ,(.J feel : Its power in the mightiest argument. Grecian mythology said that the fountain of llippocrono wits struck out by the foot of the winged horse, Pegasus. I have often noticed in life that the ' brightest and most beautiful fountains of Christian comfort and spiritual lifo buve boon struck out by the Iron-shod hoof of disaster and calamity. I see Daniel's courage best by tho flnsh of • Nebuchadnezzar's furnace. I see Paul's prowess best when I find him on the ' ' foundering ship undor the glare of the ''' HgKtnlng in the breakers of Molita. , God crowns His children umld'tho howling of wild beasts and the chopping of blood-splashed guillotine and the crack? ling fives of martyrdom. It took the juPflrsooutlonB of Marcus Arcllus to de- veiodPolybarp and Justin Martyr. It • took the pope's bull and tho cardinal's i ourso, and the world's anathema to develop Martin Luther. It took all the hostilities against the Scotch Covenan­ ters and the f my of Lord Claverhouse • to develop J amen Ken wick, and Andrew Melville, and Hugh MoKail, the glorious murtys of Scotch history, It ,topk.tUo stqrijiy sua, and the'December V 'SAnafc' fiYiil flm rlnnnlntn New Encrland will make all men free. And so it is Individually, nnd in the family, and In the church, and in the world, that through darkness nnd Btorm and troublo men, women, churches, nations arc developed. Again, I see in my text the beauty of unfaltering friendship. I suppose there were plenty of friends for Naomi Vfhllo she was in prosperity; but of all her acquaintances, how many wero willing to trudge off with her toward Judca, when sho had to mnko that lonely journey? One—tho heroine of my text. One—absolutoly one. I sup* pose when Nnoini'shusband was living, and they had plenty of money, and all things went well, they had a great many callers; but I supposo that after her husband died, and her property went, nnd she got old ami poor, sho was not troubled very much with cull- eis. All tho blrdB that sang in the bower while the sun shone have gone to their nests, now tho night has fallen. Oh, these beautiful sunflowers that sprend out their color in the morning hour! but ney are alwuys asleep when the sun Is going downl Job had : plenty of friends when be was the rlch: est man in Uz; but when his property went and the trials came, then there wero none so much that pestered as I Eliphaz the Temanite, and liildud tho jSliuhite, nnd Zophartho Naainathite. Lifo often seems to be a mere game, where the successful player pulls down | oil the other men Into his own lap. Let auspicious arise about a man's character, and ho becomes like a bank in a panic, and all the imputations rush on him nnd break down In a dny that character which in duo time would havo had strength to defend himself. There are reputations that have been half a century in building which go down under some moral exposure, as a vast temple is consumed by the touch of a sulphurous match. A hog can uproot a century plant. In this world, so full of benrUessncss and hypocrisy, how thrill Ing it is to find some friend as faithful In days of adversity as In days of prosperity! David had such a friend in llusluii; the Jews had such a friend in Mordccai, who never forgot tlielrcause; Paul had such a friend in Onesiphorus, who visited him in jail; Christ had such In the Marys, who adhered to Him on the cross; Noaml had such n ono In Ruth, who cried out; "Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee, for wither thou gocst, will go, and whero thou lodgest, I will lodge; thy people shall be my people, and thy (iod my God; whero thou diest will 1 die, and there will I be buried; Uio Lord do so to me, and more also, if aught but death part thee and me." Again, I learn from this subject that paths which open in hardship and darkness often come out in places of joy. When Ruth started from Moab toward Jorusalem, to go along with her moth cr -ln-law, I suppose tho pcoplo said "Oh, what a foolish creature to go away from her father's house, to go oil with a poor old woman toward the land of blaat, and the desolate New England coast, and tho war-whoop of savages t)o show fqrtli tho prowess of the I'll '•|r4m' s ftt v thei'a— 'lyke 'n am HI Hiu storms they swig, JV xi .w'tV-jtl'*) |li« SUM hoard, and Hiu sea; ^"iliKi tuiWbowi of Hie free. ™"Vtt took all our post) national d)n- >4 ;tr «jHtes, and it takes all our present gilmHrtiiWfmwA to }Wt up our nation o» ' ^' telWWetNj, where U, will niarcjt Wtel^efor«lgRd8S»9ttsinsthftt ! Judca. They won't live to get across | the desert. They will be drowned in | the sea, or the jackals of the wilderness I will destroy them," It was a very dark ! morning when Ruth started oil with | Naomi; but behold liar in my text in j thp harvcst-t'iehl of Hon?., to bo affianced to one of the lords of tho land, and be come ono of the grandmothers of Jesu Christ, the Lord of Glory. And so it often is that a path which starts very darkly ends very brightly. When you started out for Heaven, oh. how dark was tho hour of convic tlon—how Sinai thundered, and devil tormented, and tho darkness thickened! All tho sins of your lifo pounced upo you, and it was tho darkest hour you ever saw when you first found out your sins. After iiwhllu yon went into th harvest field of God's raorcy; you began to glean in tho fields of Divine promise, and you had more sheaves l/han you could carry, as tho voice of God a& dressed you, saying: "Ulossod is tho man whoso transgressions are forgiven and whoso sins are covered." A ver dark starting in conviction, a very bright ending in the pardon and tho hope and the triumph of the Gospel! 8o, very often in our worldly business or in our spiritual career, wo start off on a very dark path. Wo must go. Tho flesh may shrink back, but there is a voice within, or a volco from above, saying, "You must go," and wo havo to drink tho gall, and we havo to carry the cross, and wo have to traverse the desert, and we are pounded and Hailed of misrepresentation and abuse, and wo have to urge our way through ton thousand obstacles that have to be slain by our own right arm. Wo havo to ford the river, wo havo to climb the mountain, we have to storm tho castle, but, blessed be God, tho day of vest and reward will come. On the tip-top of tho captured battlements we will shout tho victory; if not in this world, then in that world whore there Is no gall to drink, no burden to carry, po battle to fight. How do I know it? Know it? I know it because God says so: "They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more, neither shall the sun light on them, nor any h«at,. for tho Lamb which Is in tho midst of the throne shall lead thorn to living fountains of water, and God shall wipe all tears from thoir eyes." It was hard for Noah to endure the scoffing of the people in his day, whtlo ho was trying to build the ark, and was quizzed every morning about his old boat that would never be of any practical use; but when the deluge oame and tops of the mountains disappeared like the backs of sea raoiiBters, aud the elements, lashed up in .fury, clapped thoir hands over a drowned world, then Noah In the ark rejoiood in his own safety and in tho safety of his family, and looked out on the wreck of a ruined world. Christ, hounded of persecutors, denied a pillow, worse maltreated than the thieves on either Bide of the cross, human hato smacking its lips in satisfaction after it had been draining His last drop of blood, the sheeted dead bursting from the sepulokers at His oruol» flxlon, Tell mo, O Gethseinano and Golgotha! wore there ever darker time than those? Like the booming of the midnight sea against the rook, the surges of Christ's anguish beat against the gftt«s pf eternity, >to be eohbed back by all the thrones of Heaven and all the dungeons of hell. But the day of reward comes for Christ; all tho pomp and dominion of tills world are to lieliungpn .Hit throne, uncrowned hoadaaro to bow before Hint on whoso Wad arp many crowns, ond all tlm co^osHa.! wprV •hip is to oonio up at Tils foot, like the kumiolnK of the forest, like the rushing of tUe waved, like tlie thunderlnjr 9|t)iV»HM, white ftU Heaven, rising <M» their thrones, boat time with their scepters: "Hallelujah! hallelujah, the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord Jesus Christ!" That SIH'I! .,r tuvi*: nuw loiv ;tml far, Krc IOIIK "hnil swell Irotn slur to Htur; That llKlit, tho hrniikliiK ilnv which tips The *;o!'|i.|i-"p!rL'il ApoenWpio. It seemed In be of noiinportanco that •Tubnl Invented rude instruments in mule, calling them harp nnd organ, but they were Uio Introduction of all tho world's minstrelsy; aud as you heartho vibration of a si ringed instrument, oven after the fingers have been taken uway from it, so all music now of lute oud rum and cornet is only tho long-continued strains of Jubal's harp and Jubal's organ. It seemed to bo a matter of very little Importance that Tubal Cain learned the uses of copper and iron, but that rude foundry of ancient ays has its echo in the rattle of Illr- mingham machinery, and Hie roar and bang of factories on the Merrlmao. Again, I see in my subject an illustration of the beauty of female industry. Heboid Ruth toiling in the harvest field andcr the hot sun, or at noon taking plain bread with the reapers, or eating the parched corn which Hoaz banded to her. The customs of society, of course, have changed, and without the liard- ihips and exposure to which Ruth was Itlbjected, every intelligent woman will find something to do. I know there is a sickly sentimentality on this subject, in some families there are persons of no practical service to the household Dr community, and although there ire so many woes all nroiind about them in the world, they spend their time languishing over a new pattern, Dr bursting into tears at midnight over the story of some lover who shot himself! They would not deign to look at Ruth carrying back tho barley on her way home to her mother-in-law, Nn- omi. All this fastidiousness may seem to do very well while they ure under the shelter of their father's house; but when the sharp winter of misfortune comes, what of these butterflies? Persons under indulgent parentage may get upon themselves habits of indulgence; but when tlmy come out into practical lifo their soul will recoil with disgust and chagrin. They will feel in their hearts what the poet so severely satirized when he said: ''otlt* are HO iiwlnviinl, thing** no Impolite, They're elegantly pulnm! from morn till IllKllt. Mine, d ; Stael did a world of work in her time; and ono day, while idle was seated amid instruments of music, all of which she had mastered, and amid manuscript hooks which she had written, some one said to her: "How 1 do you find time to attend to all these things?' "Oh," site replied, "these are not the things I am proud of. My chief boast is in the fact that I have seventeen trades, by any of which I could make a livelihood if necessary." And if In secular spheres there is so much to bo done in spiritual work, bow vast the field! How many dying all around about us without one word of comfort! We want more Abigails, more Hannahs, more Rebeccas, uiire Marys, more He bn'-uhs consceral.ed—boily, mind, soul— to the Lord who bought them. Once more 1 le.iin from my subject the value ot gleaning. Ruth going into that harvest field might have said: "There is a straw, aud there is a straw; but what is a straw'.' I can't get any barley for myself or my mother-in-law out of those separate straws." Not so said beautiful Ruth. She gathered two straws, and she pu*. them together, and more straws, until she got enough to make, a sheaf. Putting that down, she went and gathered more straws, until sho had another sheaf, and another aud another and another, and then she brought them all together, and sho threshed them out, and she had an opium of barley, nigh a bushel. Oh, that wo might all be gleaners. Elihu Hnrritt learned many things while toiling in a blacksmith's shop. Abercromble, the world-renowed philosopher, was a physician in .Scotland, and lie got his philosophy, or tho chief part of it, whilo, us a physician, ho was waiting for the door of tlio sick room to open. Yet how many there are in this day who say they are so busy they havo no timofor mental or spiritual improvement; tho groat duties of life cross the field like strong reapers, and carry off all the hours, and there is only hero and there a fragment left, that is not worth gleaning. Ah, my friends, you could go into the busiest day of tho busiest week of your lifo uud find golden opportunities, which, gathered, might at last make a whole sheaf for the Lord's garner. It is tho stray opportunities and tho stray privileges which, taken up and bound together and beaten out, will at last fill yon with much joy. Thoro are a few moments left worth tho gleaning. Now, Ruth, to the Hold! May each ono havo a moasuro full und running over! Oh, yon gleaners, to the field! And if there be in your household au aged one or u sick relative that is not strong enough to eoiuo forth and toll in this field, then let KutU take home to feeblo Naomi this sheaf of glouning. "Ho that gooth forth and woepeth, boarlng precious sood, shall doubtless jome again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him." May the Lord God of Ruth and Naomi be our portion forever! THE LATEST^ NEWS. GENERAL NOTES. J. 1). MATKS has been elected chief of lie Clierokeec. KOUTV ilioumiid velcrnns piinulcd utlbe National (!. A. Ii. encampment in Detroit. (.'AMVOIIMA'H wheatCI op tliiw joar wih • each .'SU ,0 <J(J ,000 contain. A nrm.ii light lia» been begun between lie MWHT trust und Chum Sprecklea. Tin-; receipts of live cattle at New Yorli iiuve b-an Hti -iiililv increasing lately and now average 15,000 head a week. CiiANciu.i.on VON CAI'IIIVI has givei- in audience to tho World's tuir couiniia -ionei-p. I)n. WoitcKsTKK has form-illy accented •he vacant chair ol Dr. Hri B, gK at the Uaioii -culinary. Miss LAVJIIA NEWI.AND, of llloominir ilitlc, Imi., won the lleinorest medal ioi oratory lit Salem, hid..; THE next annual emiiinpnient of tin Gnnid Army ot tbe Republic will bo held it Wiediinut ;n. in; Cincinnati lee Machine conipunj lniH t.iili.d; li.ibililiert l?82J,0J0. amets, <?Gll'.,<J0). TUB National Forg" uud Iron ounpam f Chicago, with liabilities of W50,000, 1ms uade au alignment. IT is rumored (hut Hie pipe is uneasj otieerning his health und that ever) pre- mil ion lias been taken in of un emergency. M. KiKKia,, the nrchi'.ict of tic great owcr a', the flench exiKfUioii, has tele graphed to the hoard of inniiiigers of the Columbian exposition for peruiifsion to erect a tower on (be fair grouudx. WATKIN JASIKS, of HomO'-lead, Pu.. •lni^.H to be Kxplorcr Stanley's utepfatlier. I he hitter's ri;;ht name is naid to be Heurj Ituwliiiidx, and lie is declared to have bten urn in Wales. Tnv. New York banks now hold $17, 20,S(JO in excees ol 2o per cent, ol CRIME. STUIKIW) iron workers at Pittuburg have become very violent. CINCINNATI Fridiiy night L-wii Levi <hot and niortully wounded Mi-K Ida Kipp Jealousy was the cause. Lewis was arrested. THE Rev. H. Frank, pnstor of the ('lirisluin church at Tulare, committed suicide became his wife applied for a divorce. Wn.MAM J. KLI.IOIT, convicted ol murder in the second degree at Oolunibti-. Ohio, was Saturday sentenced (o the peni- teuiiuty tor life. JOHN GRAYSON, who died at Lagrange, A k.. a few ilnys ago, c ailcssed n nuving lnuidered three men during his il'e. CAI.VIN PKKI.KII, a farmer of John -on county, was shot from ambush near Anna, HI., and mortally wounded. Two children were killed and twenty •{ itlu r .s injured in a train wreck near Cham plain, Vt. Six men killed nnd four wounded, wan (he psult of a light which took place near L ike Chariot, La. DKAK FWYM.N, of Hutneslon. lown, shot mil instantly killed his brother -in -law. Liberty Snooks, at Keokuk, who had called fwynn 's mother a liar. SKVKNTKKN inmates of the ubile insam- iMJiini at Auburn, N. Y., overpowered h"ir keeper Thursday morning am! >-Hcii]'.ed. Twelve of tlitm are utill ui large. A noniiKit entered Hie bunk at Coin m bus Llrovc, Ohio, S.ilurday morning, •hot i lie cashier and e -cai .cd willi ?1 500. Mr. Van Debark, who went to the bmik abou 1 the same lime, was killed, and unolliei man met on (he street was wounded. Tin robber wits afterward orertaken und shut. The two wounded men will lecovcr. THE WORLD ABROAD. The SnmitHiiita Kiver a Stream on wliieh One Loses His Way. S'liffiilur Easily A Party of Etplorors Line the Main Stream and Become Untangled in n Swamp. their liabilities, although they nave losi 81,CCo,IJ00 in reterv .jB during tho pas) year. PKF.SIDKKT UAI.MACKDA, of Chili, tried lo buy the cruiser llaltnnnre, of lliis Government. otVi-ring $4,000,000 for it. The proposition was not considered. OIIITUAKY: At Greenville. 111., ex Major N. Ii. Harris.— At Durlinglon. Iowa, Clan let. W'inyer, nged forty-six.—Ai Wcstcln «!er. N. Y., Lane Van Wert, grand• on ot one of the captors of Maj. Andre, iigeil seventy one. TIIK White Star line steuiner Majestic reached New York Wednesday, maluii|. (lie trip across I ho Atlantic in live days, eighteen hour" and ei_'ht minutes. This ti'ne lowci* the record fifty-seven minutes. Ali.MlitAl, MCL'ANN, of the United State- navy, who bus just returned trom ('i)ili, suysihe intensity of feeling between tin two factions in that country ineeds iiuy- thingheever imagined. He thinks the Haliniic.'ila party will put down the insurgents if tl ey can procure warships. THE Uniti d States commissioner of pensions says that tho delay in acting on claims for pen-dons is unavoidable, owinn to the great number on file, He i-suid 15(>,4S'2 certificates last year, which is ltior,! than twico us ninny us were ever issued in one year befoie, but ie there are still 929 480 claims ou file, it will take u long lime to dispote of them ill. AN IOAVA I'lll/.K KIlillT i;n After Many Iliinlships tliry Return, Leaving the Secrets of Sumatra Kiver Unsolved. A few FKI.IJC I,. OSWALD. ew years ago the Mexican government undertook u survey of the border re gioM which divides S mthern Mexico from the Republic of Central America, und several hundred miles ot the frontier line wre mapped out in a few months. The whole *oik was to be completed in the course ol I year, but the plan had to be relinquished FOniOJGN. CAN'T WAIT. Kitnsus Farmers' Allhimin WiinU an Extra session to Adopt 1'lniii. Toi'KKA, Kus,, Aug. 20.—The farmers' alliance in Klk comity has adopted a lengthy set of resolutions setting forth the grievances of fanners and asking the president of the state union, to immed' lately oall a convention of the peoplo for the purpoeo of petitioning the president of the United States to ca! un extra session of congress to pass a lttw whereby tho United States cm issue legal tender treasury notes in the amount needed and loan to t\io people at a low rate nf interest, the loan to bo secured hy land, thus relieving the fanners from the grasp nf money nionoplists. They also want a law making everything that oiroulates as money ivuu all interest bearing bonds taxable, to that many uf luxury uu'l wealih way bear un equal burden with tho fanner, further, that any iian holding interest in any railroad or riding on passes be ineligible to legislative, executive or judicial office. PAIII.IAMEST b»iB been prorogued. SMAI.U'OX is epidemic at Acapulco. Mexico. VKUA Ciiuz lins been partially Hooded by rain. HKNHY IHVINO has hud his throat oper- uted on by f*ir Mortll Mackenzie. FIVE thousand five hundred Italinns immigrants sailed from Genoa lor this country lust week. ST PAUL got tho senior single at Win nepeg, but the Winnepcg crews took the liber races. THE dominion government surrendered the seven American lishing schooners recently seized. THE three baronesses Horvath, sister were drowned Fridny, while bathing in the river at Muduruu, Hungary. A WATEltsroUT on one of the Azores is- luuds killed six persons und cuutoa great destruction of property. THE Bank of Vuiidieniunsliind, at llo- harl Town, Tasmania, has suspended. 1U- capital was $2,500,000. THE illness i.f the Uelgiun queen is not so lerious as at first supposed. Her physicians think she will recover. E.Mi'icnoH WILLIAM, on board the im- pi rial yacht Hobonzullerii, lias arrived at Hergen, Norway, on his way homo from North Cape. GLAIIBTONE, commenting on th6 rocont Wisbech election, says: "Even (he conservatives and UieuuioniBlu recogoizo that their giuno is up." ENOLAKD and France aro negotiating to take joint action tor (ho protection ol their subjects in China if necessary. TUB Russian imperial council bus decided to prohibit tho exportation of corn from that country, owing to tho bud harvest in Itussio, which has caused a scarcity of this cereal. THE shah of Persia, having become much em nged against Abdullah Khun, governor ot Mazondernn, is Baid to have caused the ruler to bo bollod alive. The charge against tlio governoi was that he had embezzled the taxes duo to the shah's treasury, IT is reported that a marriage is im minsnt between Prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria and Stephanie, widow of tlifc late Crown Prince Rudolph ot Austria. Terpln red I'ltU lltivo a Ntne-Itminil counter. HOOKK, Iowa, Amr. 11.—Terpin and Pitts, the two heavy weight pri/." fighters who ln.d a fourroiir.d battle at Doonc two weeks ago, in which Tirniu was successful, had another fi/ht shortly after •hiy'light this morning in a ring about » mile ami a halt from Carroll. Iowa. The fight was for $:!00 ,i side and all gate receipts. It wit bloody from start to finish. There wen several knock-downs for each niun. In the ninth round Terpin got in a blow from which Pitts failed to recover in the requisite ten seconds. Pitts was rather hiullv punished, one eye being entirely closed and lus face otherwise badly- bruised. During the proureis of the fight Torpin's bicker, Prof. Long, got ex cited in id went over to the other man 's coiner waving a roll of bills anil making taunting remaiks about Pit 's Hid his backer. Jones. The lalt"r struck Lirig n blow with his bare li-t, knocking aim down and cutting his check open to ihe bone. The prizi li>di' meanwhile beink' delayed, bystanders interfered and the light which was do.' n on the bills was continued. After Pitts bud been knocked out Jones remarked tint ie could whip Terpin if Ins man could not. Terpin offered to bit $50 that ho could knock him out in lour rounds. Jones at otice began stripping, hut the crowd interfered and peace was declared. Puts is now in Boone, where his injuries aro now being attended to. The knock-out blow was upon his ju«ular and lie lay insensible for several n:mules, causing (oiisiilcrnMd uuoiisiuess among the tpec'iitors, who thought he was dyiinr. S'lOHM IN IOWA. Ttilibrnnclu at a MtMlnidist Cnmp Meeting IiuiiiiiUshi'd. LEON, Iowa, Aug. 8.—About 11:30 o'clocn Sunday morning a severe storm struck Leon and all Decatur county. The storm kitted an Lour and u halt und when citizens venturt d from Iheir cellars and caves they found tho street..' and yards filled with broken trees. Many streets wero entirely blockaded. The opera house and school bouse were unroofed and a two-story house in the southern part of the town was completely demolished. Foiica, outhouses and sidewalks wero carricii away. About half the citizens of (his town were at Davis Cily, ten miles away, attending a Methodist camp-meeting. The storm there was terrible. Fully 8,000 people wero on tho grounds. In an instant it became dark as night. Women and children slue ki d and men paled with terror. Hugo tires cracked and fell. Two lur(((i tries shuck the tabernacle, crushing it to tl e ground and demolishing tho seals uud > . nds. The alarm was (jiven in tiiuo ar.d all o.-caped. HOT I.V IOWA. Th« Ulgh Teiiipoiitttira Will llotifilt (Ironing Corn. WATEIILOO, Iowa, Aug. 11. -Yesterday was the hottest of the reason—101 in the shade at noon. The beat wits almost un bearable, but it is of much benefit to grow ing corn, which throughout Cedar valley is from two to three weeks lute. IOWA «;iioi *Bi, Very Fnvorabln Weather For Harvesting and ThresliliiB. DES MOINES, la., Aug. 11.—This week's bulletin of the Iowa weather mid crop review reports very favorable weather 1o completing the hoivest and threshing and for tho growing crops. Corn has uiudo line progress and tho outlook is do cidedly improved. Tlio reports of the thrashers show un increased yield of oats mid wheat over tho earlier report. Flux potatoes, piulurago and millet are notably good. IOWA OATTLK DYING. ADMITTED TO UAIIi. Des Malnos' Notorious ex-Coi stable Ke- leused ou $40,000 Ilomjs. DKB MOINKS, Aug, 11,—Judge Ballitot of the district court decided today that Frank Pierce, the notonuunMwiislavlo who is in jail ona oharga of niuiderio the first degree, for Killing E. H. Wjshiirt a nionthaKQ, is entitled to hail unci fixed tbaaraQuntBVWOjpOO, wbioh it ii said Fierce wiUgftour^r|^ba i«^ajed, FIRES AND CASUALTIES. JOHN DOLAND, a Custer (0,1 lad, placed a silver dollar in his mouth una accidentally swallowed it. NEAR Seneca, Kan., Friday night, a curriuge full ot people was struck by a train. Two were killed uud four seriously injured. WM. S. AFFMCOT, of Crystal City, a furmer, was diowued, Saturday, while orosBing Crystal creek. S'IIIB destroyed the Helwig obair factory of Indianapolis, causing a loss of $100,000, upi n which there was an insurance of $41,600, TIIE Cooper House, of Cooperstown, N. Y., was burned, Saturday morning. The hotel was crowded with guests, but ne one was injured. GEN. JOHN W. FOSTER, who negotiated the reciprocity treaty with Spain, said iu an iutorviow yesterday .that the administration was net in favor of the annexation of-Cuba,.............. •{••..,,..• w • WEDNESDAY '» wreck * on i the Grand Rapids & Indiana road, near- Kalamazoo, is bbjieved.tQ have been the work of vill* >an«, Nearly every pajwager on the train was hurt, iuoludioKtnwie0bieagQan .il Dr, The I'eciillur Disease In 1'alo Alto County . CoilllllUBS 1U KfttVUKOS. MASON CITY, la., Aug. 11.—Tbe cat- tlla disease which hue beon raging in Palo Alto county continues with increased violence. State Veterinarian Stalka has been investigating the disease and notwithstanding his report that tho disease was not contagious, cattle continue to die from it at the rate of ten or fifteen j or day, They take the disease, suffer intense pain two or three days and die They neither eat nor drink. DEFILED THE CEMETERY. Church DJifc-ruoeluI Charlie Agnlust Meililier In Iowa. FOUT DODQU, Iowa, Aug. 11.—A seusa- tlon has been created iu the village of St, Joe by the arrest of. Henry Schroder, i wealthy and prominent mombor of the Catholic, church. Some time ago the cimrch bad trouble concerning the removal of* its cemetery. The pastor 1 refused ' to sanction the move- raeut, and the' reaiilt was that' the fence surrounding the cemetery wag one night torn-down and split into kindling wood,, t|ie gtayegtonfi werede flledund other acts of, vandalism were per potrated, Sohvoedcr was one of tho men who was so warmly in favor of removal. He was arrested by a Ilea Moines deteo» tive who hut 'been ^t work on'the case several week*, Other • arre»u will he. when the surveyors entered the swamp wilderness of 'he Sum isinta river. After hiring all the help tln't could be of sny pos-ible ti-e lo them, and risking theii iives and the loss of all Iheir m.ipi and in- -trumcnt-s the exploring partv to •haiiK heaven tor In ingable to effect their retreat, and the survi yor-in-chief gave in •ubstauce the foil ;wing account of theii adventures: They touched the Sum:iBinta at a point known as L<» Ca-cadus. or "The Rapids'," where the water is shallow enough to be forded in the dry season. The overland road to Guatemala here crosses the rive r , and fishermen iu their light canoes venture a few miles down slroam; but the general belief of the neighboring settiers was that the exploration of the lower stream could not be utlempted without ureal risk. There were bindings und fer- rieB far down, and even river side set- ileiniiits, bui they could bo reached only by roundabout Und roads. Travelers trying a short cut by floating down tho river, hud generally lost their way, ami re' limed alter days ol peril und hardships. Other- hud never bei n heard from again—the wilderness hail swulloweii them. There were other rapids below Cascadus, and tlio r.vir is lull of alligators; but such rdles would not have scared the Mexicm boat man. Wiultl.ey numbir of places where thu stream, as it were li-i-uiues shoreless, and outers I lie primeval forest on both sides, leaving the navigator to find an outlet from the labyrinth of water and tanglewood. A current, seeming to indicate the, course of ihe main stream, may lose itself in a cano- break; another channel my In; lead miles lo the left or right, und then dispair in n blockade of drill wood—snugs as long us a ship',, must wcitted together and mingled wiih filiating brauibl s, vines and reeds The mainstream miy have an op-'n chili ncl, bat how to distinguish it. from the Hums oi,ls of branches, aud how retrace one's way in c:iso ol a mistake? Still, the govi ruinenf surveyors resolved lo Iry. 'I hey had ubuniliu'ce of provision and camping outfit, and In I he worst case could rely on their instruments to retrace their way, or get near enough b.ioii to their starting point to be sure I hut some of the hcillci's would hear their signal-shot of distress. "You may Iry it, and lake my best pilot along," au old trader nt the ferry told them; "but till you get buck I (111111 listen for signals every morning and every sunset, (or j am much afraid you will lose your way below Arenas''—a point some fourteen miles from the lord. Four miles eusi of Arenas the river divided into throe branches, and their pilot decided lo Iry the noitliniost. one, on account of the numerous manatees or river Reals, eporting ubout in tbs current, which teemed to have nseepded from tho gulf shore. 'Jheso creatures, which often attain a weight of several hundred, raise their young iu the deep, sedgy lagoons near the sen const, an,i visit rl.o u ,.[i »r river valleys only during the rainy season, when sliiull streams rxputid into broad lakes. For a distance of about fourteen Ennlish dies the northern channel was open nougli for a t-U-uiiiboiit lo pieu without he assistance of boat hooks; but furlhor own island after island rose Irom tho waters till at last the progress of tho voyagers win obstructed by u large forest, of lucho trees, that seuuied to extend from hure to shoro, and only hero and there opened a wider gato between the slimy trunks, that appeared to flourish under twelve feet of n:ud wider and vegetable sediment. Niyht was coining on and thinking it too risky to enter the swaiupby ton blight, thoir pilot nilvised thein to moor iheir boat in a little b-'v, where theeddifs hail formed a perfect hill of drittw md, that would prove itself lor cooking purpose*. On both ides of Iheir little island tho river current gurgled around di-epsiinken snags; still, dry land could not ba far off, (or about three hours after sunset they heard the loud screams nf a peccari, or wild ho;', hat teemed to have come to grief at its drinking place. A crashing through the thicket followed, accompanied by the au- gry grunts of tho pecturi's companion, winch seemed to huddle together to defend themtelves against the ultack of some prowling murderer—a jaguar, perhaps, hut had ambushed the herd ut thu water's cdyo. Alligators too could bo heard Bplashing from time to time, und once (he boat shook us if tome large beast hud tried to upset it by a push from below. Fish leaped out of the water in all diree.tiois. und thrt-o of Ihe Indian boatmen trimmed their torches and paddled out on a little raft in the hepo of spearing a pampano or two, but. the surveyors were too tired to join in that sport. At the first glimpBe of daylight they got under way nguin, and once more their pilot tried his utmost to steer his craft through, the tangle of the swamp fomt, but aftr six hours of desperate work tho attempt hud to be given up as hopeless and a council of their severul guides de cided to return to the neighborhood of Point Arniitts, and try tho south channel which, after all, might prove to be the main stream, though tho absence of man* tees had seemed a bad sign There used to be a six-ucro island over yonder," said their pilot, when they had floated down the new channel for about four miles; "and one night, a couple of years ugo, the stream bore it off and car, ried it clean uway, trees, brushwood, and all. A settler who shoula try to inuku his home on one of those river islands might «ot a free ride to the coast somo tine day i 1 have known this river lo rise six feet in two hours without any worn ing." "How do you, account for those sudden floods?" asked one of the surveyors, > ''The are many good-sized lakes in the upper river, valley." said-the. pilot, "and in the rainy season the banks of those lake* often get washed out, and (he water comts down like a cloudburst into tbe channel, but by the skill of a pilot the boa .vus steered safely through all its winding •or three days, ttmtiks also ton consilium I'le rise, there having been u week of hinv> tains in the bill country of the upper riv> i valley. Five or six times during that sixty hours' voyage the explorers (Uttered th'-m -elvei with the hope of having gained tie broad waters of the main stream, butevtr t:me thai h pe was buffi -d by tbe discover! 'hat the supposed river was merely u dee; auoon hemmed in by mud bunks til around, except at a point where the curren round a narrow outlet into tho unknown wilderness of the swamp forests furthui east. One of tho-e lagoons, however, appeared to have no outlet ut all, and un hour be Fore the sunset of a (oilsotno day tb» ex hirer could no longer resist a inisgivini/ ihiit they lial got into another trap, and would have to retrace their way the best they could. They cimpel on dry land that night, and by the advice of their In Jiun boatmen built a largo tiro to scire off tho panthers that had left their tracks n tin- sand at the water's edge. Wild beasts ut some sort or other certainly seemed ti prowl about tho camp, for again and .main their dog started up growling and with all his hair bristling. Stealthy -teps could be Heard in the thicket, and on« of the surveyors banged off his rill*; at random, but that only made matters worse, for the echo of the shot was answer";'! by the deafening screams of a monkey troop in the treotop* of the eighboring forest. The unlucky rill-! wa- pul out of sight, and they all spiki in a whisp> r for the next ten minutes, bin those monkeys refused to be quieted, and kept up their screams till sleep seemed out ot the question. A- a last remedy the travelers tried the plan uf letting iheir tire L*O out, but an hour after thiy bad to litrht it again, lor during the interval of darkness the mosquito plague had b.'come absolutely intolerable. "Gnats of all sizes and shapes | conic down like a shower of hot lubes," says tlio report of the duet surveyor, "and •y seemed to find their way through every opening left lor breathing purposes, and "the night was so warm that a person would havo been suffocated in trying to sleep under a blanket. Ordinary mosquito screens are of no use at all in those river swamps, uiuny variety of night gnats being so small that they would uo through like rats through a rail fence." The incessant screams of the monkeys hud awakened a sw nil of water fowls in the fens of the lagoons, and when the moon rose thousands of cranes and swamp gee-e took wings, screa'iiiiirf till tho noise spoiled the chance of sleep, even for the natives, whosa ideas hail h -tcaim uvi -qUu proof. Lugi) lire Hies hovereil abont the biisln's; lire beetles whcelel around in weird circles and altogether it wis the strangest night tho travelers had ever p.isssl in the woods. Auoihers hour's exploration confirmed their sti-pioion tne next, morning; the lug, on hud no outlet that could possibly be passed by a boat, uud only a day's hunt work enabled tbe explorers to regain a point where limy could at least use their sail. They hud taken the precaution to fasten their baggage on a separate raft, or (hey would have lost all their instruments, for the cao-ized twiciand was right- el only by I he skill of the Indian swimmers. On the following day a lung- desired east wind spring up, but. when they at last got. hack to La* Cisciidas their weary boatmen refused food to indulge in t':e in >re needed luxury of a good, iong sleep, stud the surveyors were so coinplet- I.-exhausted that they could hardly git tip the steps at the huidiug-placa; and they all now agree with tho storekeeper that I he score s of the Liwer Siiiii.Hiuta river will remain unsolved for mauy year, to come. BOLD BASK ROBBER. lie KstahlUhcs a Short. Kelscii of Terror in An Ohio Town. I'he Cashier and Two lly-tatitlcrs Shot Due II in Cold IllllOll. ntffitnvw, bringing! down torn-up enough to curry everything before it, and change the looks of the lagoous in a way that you would nor, know your old landing- place the next day,'' , . The south branch of the' Sumtwinta I piotfd t« b* nuoh nwnwer than th ««ort» Iluusvhuld UluU. Never put. salt on a stouk until after it is evoked. A large fire and quick boiling are great enemies, of good soup, Ulacli pepper nnx*il with cream and sugar, will destroy Hies. Red ants will not como where tar is, (he odor is enough for them. Peiinroyui or sago leu is efficacious it unloving ants from closets, pantries, etc Shallow pans of water set about the house after painting will absorb the smell of paint. water which is used either for ririing or cooking Bhould not come in contact with lead. Bits ot camphor laid about closets which mice are wont to frequent will draw their isits lo a close. Neatly all cobred fabrics stain tho suds used to cleun them, and that without los ng their own brightness. Quassiu infused iu boiling water nnd sweetened with tugar is a poison for flies, but innocent for Uuiuun boings. Semi-porcelain may be relied upon, when used in milking dishes to resist a greater degree of beat than uny other vu- etV'. A little vinegar mixed with jour stovn polish will mnko the stovo polish more (nightly und quickly than the polish alono. Hub cold tallow from a candle onto an ink spot; allow it to remain twenty-four 'tours and wash us usuul. Properly done, this method is sure. What to do with cold veal; Chop two cupfuls of cold boiled macaroni Rue. Mix with it a beaten egg, uud line a i uttered mould—a plain one—with the macaroni, aside this place tho remains of cold void, chopped small, well seasoned und moistened with gr«vy. Spread the macaroni Recover tho mould tightly, plunge it in a pot of boiling water and boil it an hour and a half. Turn out in a platter und pour gravy or drawn butter over it. Ilop-iriil nautili*;. Greuu'« fruit drawer, leurd recent lyo'un old gentleman who planted an urchurd and was laughed at for his "foolishness" in planting at his age with a view of gathering uny of the fruit, But he has harvested six crops fioui this orchard and is hnln and healthy ut present, bidding fair to baivest six to fifteen or twenty more crops before he dies. It is surprising how rapidly trees grow when they get a foot bold in tho soil. They grow while we aro sleeping, while we are traveling; if we are sick or disabled, the trees keep pushing on. The first year 1 moved to our larm I plauled rows of maples both sides of theroud; I planted nn orchiid; I planted ornamental and fruit trees about thu home grounds. I am of en surprised as i look book upon tho baste of moving and getting settled the first year, that so much planting should have been done. I but was only a few years ago, us it looks to mo, and still these rows of maples along the roadside are things of beauty, pushing their branches higher in the air making a noutiiig-placfl for birds and shade for the traveler. Tbe orchards mid vineyards are bearing ugo. Each year I am surprised by the growth thty are making. Let no one be deterred from planting for tbe reason that he is old, piunt and save hope, for the future. It is selfishness to dread that,you may not get full benefit of the planting^ " Should you nasi away, the benefitwili accrue to others; 1 but the chancei, ore many in favor of your enjoying the harvest yourself, Hon, 0 »u, ft; Haskvll Drluc : RooBvonp, 111., Aug. 7 ,—Hpn. Geo. Jl. Uueked, the state woito'n fair committee and ex-president of the itat board of agrioulture, i» raplaly •infcing, tyut the doewirt wy^ti «*M U,m*imi', \ LIMA, O., Aug. 10.- One of the boldest Sank robberies and murders ever per|>o irated in this section of the country occurred this morning at. Columbus Grove, i town of about two thousand people, i welve miles n >i tb of here. Cashier Muple hail ju-t opened the Exchange bank and laid out $.1,000 near tho cashier's nindow. About X;i0 o'clock a man appeared in the door with a revolver in ench hand. He inn icdiately began shooting. Cashier Mnpl> was struck twico, oiicii iu the arm uud onco in the right side. As he fell to tho floor an old farmer, i\ in. V.uiilermnrk, aged 60, entered the door, having come to get the money for omo hogs he had juit sold. I'he robl er turned and shot him down. I'he third man sut in the lobby of the bank, panilvzed with feur. He was not nolested. 'Cue desperado then grabbed 81 5 0 in Krcenb.icks, shoved them into the pockets of his coat and darted out of ihe door, shouting, "I'm the second .lesse James!" Quite a crowd had been attracted by the shooting, but there was a scattering when the wild eyed murderer uppeureJ on the street having a gun iueach hand and shooting indiscriminately. Ono of the by- t.iudets, Henry Brick, was struck down by a bullet from u revolver. Tho fellow then ran to the ou skirts of the town and lisappi arcd. The desperado is described as short and heavy set willi full face and small bluck nustache. He uppeured to bo about 30 to 35 years old. A posse was quickly orgiiiiiz-'d and started in pursuit. Another posse started from West Cairo. Tlie shinff and chief of police also organized au armed band to assist in the March. Win. Vundirinnrk, tho farmer whom the desperado shut, cannot recover, it is feared; cashier Maple will recover. Tim robber hud been in Columbus Gnve a dny r two before the robbery, claiming to be a silk hat mender. Cashier Maple says: "The robber, who is a boyish looking f"l- low, walked straig'it up to he wicket, demanding money. 1 thought it was a town b iy trying to have sport wiih me because the man h'ld a revolver iu each hand. I made u remark in lino with that thought, whereupon he fired. Ihe first two shots struck me, the third missed. 1 then grabbed my revolver, which only hud one load in it, und fired. I nii-icl him. He started out, met Mr. Vandermurk, shot him and then turned buck and 1, standing in the cellar way held him at bay with a dr twn volver till ho saw I could not shoot when he commenced firing ut mo again, 1 dodged into tua cellar way for protection und saw liiin through the partly open door, reach behind the screen and luko all tho money he could reach, deliberately put it in his pocket und walk oul." Mr. Vaiiderinark says he was entering the bank when the fellow came Inwards him flourishing two revolvers, Hu shot once, and then he turned back into the bank. Mr. Vandermark was assisted to the doctor's otlice by his son, and while there saw the robber tear his way through the street by means of drawn revolvers and disappear tu. the railroad srossiu ti some d.stance down tho street. I.ulfi-Sllll ut l.nrun, LIMA, Ohio, Aug. 8.—At 10 o'clock to night the C lutubus Gruvo bunk robber is still ut large and tlio chase has been abandoned until daylight. The desperado is known to be alono and on foot. Nearly the whole population of the norlhorn part of tlie county is assisting in the hunt for him, and it is not thought hy will be able to escape. I'UIIK WATlilt KDIt ANIMALS. I<'nct» 1 jroylnK IU Necrunity for Llv« Ntook. Bulletin 13 of the Iowa Experiment Station in an article on puro water for slock, gives two or three examples in which tl.e wider lieiiiu contaminated hy manure w.ohiiigs, dead animal and vegetable matte.-, etc., nil animals, both cattle, horses, sheep and hogs which drank it wote attacked by disease and died, wbilo othurs in jvery way similarly Heated, except that ihey received pure water, were unaffected though in daily contact with the sick ones. In other cubes animals huviuir died of disease were hauled out into swales, sloughs, etc. These afterward fill id with water, from ruins, of which tho stock drunk and contracted tho disease. If thu farmers could but realize tho IOBS wb.cb such careless, negligent management occasions, they wt uld save themselves much exponse. All dead animals, reuardless of tho cause of death, should be buried deeply that their bodies may not oul I not contaminate (ho turrounding air and ivater, but, mar fertilize tho soil. And since water is ktown to be a good medium for the traiismi-sion of disease germs, a puro supply should bo provided for ull douieitic animals, and they should bo carefully kept from any that is impure, ".in ounce of prevention is worth a pound of euro/! TO HEOl'EN MINES. Copper Soon to be DUB In Crawford County, PUAIIUE DU CIIIKN, Wis., Aug. 10.-The copper mines in the towns of Utica and Seneca, this county, which were developed many years ago, but work suspended for lack of funds, have interested some wealthy capitalists of Superior and work will be resumed on the shafts north of the iron ledge on the Black river road between Seneca und Ht. Sterling. Tho developments years ago ensured a vast supply of copper and other ores of value. There is no doubt but that the reoponing of these mines will enrich tbe capitalists who have taken bold of it. Saw's Tour Liver? A very aanecesiary ftjuttUou to uk a mm •hose skbi lud eyeballs ire taSroa-lluted. Ol eoenw Us tongue, too, Is furred, bowels conill- pete*, Infttl bothered with sobes, rlgut rib refton plat lied wllk oonatsat eneuy eenwlioni, These yea nay take lot granted, eltlMBfb be may »o» BSrtlculirUe them, because tbey are at-aoag the la-/triable aoeonpaalmeaU of liver treuble. An they (kronlct It so, yt« may. be esre be not, as be •wbt ta'ao, lake UoewUer's laobee, t »s«»iiatlQ». tMuaea, dyiufMla, and tbe yellow hM of lie *>'• •»•»*• Hy Sefiatrt w|i»b this reliable corrective ieMtiW to. Malaria,.rheumatism »ti4 l«grippe arealM An old pointer watched a little, fellow amuse himiolf making,drawing* of bis pot and brushes, eawl andstpol, and aoldi '.'Tliiil. hno will .hank ma nnarlnv.'* ga hg VTji*t boy will, be^meii^layj djd^:(^ *sfA i>

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