Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 25, 1900 · Page 5
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1900
Page 5
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WEEKLY fv"'r', ' " THtmSBAT JAH. 25, 1900. U 1H ^B^ •^^ r «— -» — Lungs When your throat and lungs are perfectly healthy you needn't worry about the tferms of consumption. They don't attack Wealthy people. It's the weak, debilitated, Inflamed membranes that are first affected. Hard coughs and colds weaken your throat and lungs and make consumption more easy. If your lungs are weak scon's Emulsion is (he best remedy you can take. It soothes and heals and gives tone and strength to these delicate membranes. in this way you can prevent consumption.; And you can cure it also if you haven't had it too long. Keep taking it until your lungs are strong and your weight restored. British Gain a Small Victory at Acton Homes, Timu)i;nsi,osi: TIIIKIV.SIX ME.V I.ui-d Diniiliiiiiilil mill III* Miiiiiilcil Tron|>-i Occupy J-U-i'i-nil Kopjca Al'lcr l>u* Fight and .Still Hold TlM-iii —llni-i- Trrilc1i«"i IN-i-Hlnti'iilly Klti'll. <1 by tin- Nuvnl (XIIIIM— Nllmilimi Hi-ifiti-ili-il at I mi l.iiiiilnii M'nr Ollln; \vlth Knllrr ('i.nlliU-ni'i T . OTHER tmt'O* 8KKT TO tUllNET. ill dniB BOV ,j. and $1.00. ••mists, New York. Qeo Ho Sm INSURANCE, Real Estate and Loan A^ent. Representing 20 first-class Companies. Oor. Third and St.nte atreete over National Bank. FOR SALE. A farm of 21 acres adjoinln* Upper Alton. 4 room dwelling, good barn .and 7 acernln Crult. Price $8000. tiraillfarm, of about 21 acres, with 6-room bouee (nearly new). Orchard, with fine small fruit: Price $2,000. 8 miles from Alton. 6-room dwellire; good lot. with flne shade rees. Two blocks from oar line. Price $800. \ C-room dwelling In Mlddletown. Lot 120s l2 U 6 o1o 0 r^s% $ ±r loth and Easton sts .-Jew 4-room dwelling on Main st. Price S1000 uoine fine lots In Atkinson pla e on Main st. Lot with building; on goof business •treet. Pl A C tw $ o story frame dwelling wltu nix roomb Davis on State st'eet,"wiih~8 room's and bath. Heated with furnace. Paveo. atreet. Connection with bewer.. The Dr. Hardy prop6rty cor. 6th and Alby bte. Lot lv!0xl20 feet with two dwellings. The residence of Geo Kirsch on Belle street; 8 rojms and bath room; in good repair. The 10-rojm residence of S-. H Nichols on Langdon st. Lot 70x120 .feet. Fine location. T Aflne e 8-roomdwelling (nearlynewjwlthbath room; heated by furnace; in Mlddletown. . The fine lot of David Doyle on Bluff street with l-room brlok dwelling. ..... • Some flne lots on Bluff B&eet with brlcl: paving and sewers no grading, in T. L Fouldg add A flne 8-room brlok Celling, heated With Bte»m. Lot 120x120 feet sine fruit: half block Tdeslrab'le residence on Prospect street with four rooms. Heated wlvh turoaoe. Lot 08 on A f?ne property on the north sl4e of Second street west of Langdon street.' An 8-room dwelling with lot 121x120 feet: flne fruit. One i,t the finest location in Middle Alton A 9 room dwelling wUh about IVi acres of ground. Fine fruit and shade trees. 2 blocks from cor line in Up per Alton. -. Several flne lots on Behe street between 16th aD TVe% h ne t double dwelling rt Mr. B. darstang heated by steam witd modern improvements. A ver» desirable 8-room brlok dwelling, 012 Belle at', with all modern Improvements Alton Novelty Mfg. Co. property on 2d street lgbland Park. eaol. uo ft. A good 8-room dwelling on Second st. Fifie double brlok dwelling cor. Third and Alby sts., oneol H» s *Hfl8t location IftAlton. A goods-room dwelling; |o'od lot and flne r NeVlo'room dwelling in Upper Alton, good location. _ Good lot 00x120 feet on Easton st. Good bi.ok dwelling with m lots In Middletown. Convenient to oar line, rlne location, Thu tJnTesfdenoe Qf lb« t Wsde on Belle street, wlttOO rooms and IJnlshed attlo, batU and wash roomit. Good sellnr. . Gas a d wa er Sttble and onrrlage house. Lot *b feet front. 5 room dwelling wltn two good lots on Fifth st, east of Ridge st. Price $1,0)0. Good 8 room briok dwellwu with 2 lots on Main st. . Uood 7-room dwelling with flne river view, heat oyhot water. FOR RENT. • Topping homestead, cor. 1Kb and Eastoh sts. heated by turnao-, bath room, low rent. A new store room on Second Street, near Cherry. Pi-Ice $12, ; A good brio* Store room on College Avenue, Upper Alton. London, .Inn. '.!l>.—(Jelieral Huller hn« Iclegnipiieil UK' war utliue I'rom .Spearman's uaiiiM, uiukT dale of Tmii'.sua.v I'veuliiK, as follows: "J.or<l Dmulonald with a body of mounted troops rimio lulu nclioa this iil'leinooii \viili a force of liners west of Acton Homes. After a ll^ht he occupied several kopjes which he Is still holding. Field Coriiut Ileilbrun and iwenty Boers were killed and wounded anil lifteeli pr'.soiiers taken. Two BHttsn soldiers were hilled auid uvu WOllllllL'll." Nnuil Cliiim Klic 11 liorrTrench •». A dispatch, dated Spearman's camp. Nntal, 'I'lmi'Kday, 1 Jan. Iti, 8:^5 p. in., i.ays: "The l?oer trejichts have been per slstently shelled by the naval gnus ail day long. Siball parties of Boers were seen tit Intervals, niul if large force troin the (lirection of Ladyismith. was seen trekking, towards the north westward British position. A balloon did good serViee in observing that I,y I tie- ton's force made a demonstration In the direction of the Brakefontein kopjes, four miles north 01' the British position under cover of a heavy artillery lire, to which the Boers did not respond. On the left (iencral Warren's troops remained in.possession 'ol two pr.oniineut kopjes, behind Spiqu- kop. There was some Boer sniping, but It \va.s ineffective. The Graaf- rienet Boers evacuated 1'rieska Juu. 15 and returned northward across the river." Conl!<l«n<'« nt ttie Wnr OH|p<% Messages from the front appear to couh'rm the i?(;neral impression that events in Natal will now move quickly, though -hardly as rapidly as the tongues and pens of the rumor monger.;. There is nothing up to the present to support the story that the relief of I.adysnillh Is an accomplished fact, but it is believed on excellent authority that the situation is now regarded at the war office with entire confidence i:nil that the beleaguered town is con- siilered practically relieved, although there is no attempt to underrate the danger and ditlictilty of General Boiler's task. Sciurcd Important IVallliui. • As suggested in these dispatches. General Warren was actually in the viciiidy of Acton Homes Wednesday and a portion of his force, under Lord Dundouald, secured an important position westward of that place during the evening of Jan. 17 on the Boers' right Hank, threatening the Free Staters' cor.jmunicatlon ^th their own country by way of Van Keeman's pass. The British camp outside of Ladysmith ought !o be visible from there, as ""• intervening country is open. . Sir Kills Ashraead Bartlett. M. 1'.. who has arrived at ttensbn'g. Cape Colony, expresses satisfaction with General French's disposition of his troops. Effectlvn SlivlUiig. He visited Coles kop while the shell- Ing of the Hours'-camp was proceeding with such success that It is announced on good authority that sixteen Boers and thirty-slx-horses \verekllled, Advices from Cape Town say Webster Davis, assistant secretary of state for the interior at Washington, sailed from Port Klizabeth .Monday for Delagoa bay. If Is understood that the imperial yeomanry will be leavened before that force goes to the front with considerable detachments of experienced colqnlals acquainted with Boer tactics. Mi'tlim-n In Gond Hi'nltb, vA dispnfch dated Mod:ler River. Cape Colony, Thursday. .Inn. 18. sa-yst "General Methuen Is in robust health. 11 (» personally directed a strong lecon- naissance yesterday. The Highlanders succeeded'in-driving the Boers firm the Brush river bank -by long range volleys. The Boer lire was Ineffective." iiny IntriMliii'cil li> Hliow Hi- KIlocU tn Kill Him. Nuw Voili. .Iti'i. "n. — The Jurors W-M will delermlne .Itoland B. Alolineux's fate iiave beard many times Hull a letter-box was hired In llic nnine of II. <'. liiiruel. ;a«! iliiit' ^ev('rlll patrin- niedli'iiie linns receiver! letters bear- Ill): his signature mid calling for samples or pamphlets. There had been nothing to show until the present tl:nt any of these drugs claimed to have been seiil to Barnet 'actually reached him except the one (hat is alleged to have killed him. Assistant District Attorney ORliornc called TV.iniBt's brother. Kdward II. Barret, to the wit- nes-s K',."::d to testify thai two other !mj:es of inedlcliH' were received by him and were found In his oltlcu desk nfk-r li.'s d:;:!b. O::e Is d< srrilii'il ns liehig fm.l, li; fdldi'. lite other contained a wliite (Miwder. Mr. Osliorne s theory Is i|i!-i Ihe receipt of these drills li ws l.-a nu i.t tempt WHS made to poison Harnct about two months before he actually took the poison. Dr. liiibert' Hali'cock. a buinedpathlc physi.'lnu of folly years' experience, lest ill I'd that small doses of c'yanlde of mercury, often repeated, would produce all the symptoms of diphtheria. Barnet. it will be remembered, was treated for d.phllieri:!. Fatal Mlalnl;i; Made by Kdwuril .Unoro nc HUlnlxiro. III". linisboro. Ills.. ' .Tan. 20.—Kdwavd Moore shot and killed his wife, Kose C". AJooj'o, in liielr home about !) o'clo.ek In the evenlliK, mistaking her for'a burglar, 'i hey had lieen married ten yearn and nave tour small children.. Moore says he and a friend named .I^iunlngan were playing checkers in the sitting room, and thought that Mrs. Moore had' retired. Hearing n noise at the kitchen door, Moore concluded that burglars were trying to enter, and, going to his wife's bedroom, he secured his revolver. The door was ripen in the kitchen and. seeing a form in the semi-darkness, he llrud. sinking his wife in the head. She became unconscious instantly and died in aboift an hour. Moore is almost frantic with grief. He states that he secured the revolver from under a pillow, but did not notice his wife's absence from the bedroom. BANKS Un» nt Hllvor I.ttk« nnd On« nt Kltetnvllle I'ltimloriMl of 1'inli, Silver Lake. Ind., .Tan. 20.—Tli« Commercial bank of lids place wns fobbed at midnight by burglars of .f3,- r>0(). Five, charges of nltro-glycerine were used to open the safe. The robbers shot their way through a posse of citly.eim. n ml went lo Xorlh Manchester on a hand-cilr. William Price, it clerk, was severely wounded while trying to stop the robbers. One of the robbers cried "I'm shot," but all got away with the others, .lust before noon I lie posse was reported tifteen miles behind the gang at Columbia City. The robbers are believed lo lie the name HIM! have been coiinnittln.u many depredations in northern Indiana. Blooinlngtoii. lud.. .Ian. L'o.—The Bank of ElletsvlIIe, ten miles north of here, was. robbed between 1 and U o'clock ill the morning. H is reported that ihe sum that was taken was SfL- 5(10. The robbers pried the windows witli crowbars and used nitr,o r glyeer- ine on the safe. The explosion rattled all the windows in the little town. The robbers, it is believed, escaped on a handcar. __ ^ ^ KriM> Trail*- wltli I'IUM t • Kli'H. Washington. .Ian. 20.—Representative Payne of New York, chairman of | the wi.vs ai d means committee.hs in. troduceil a bill in the house to extend th.<« custom laws of the' United States to Puerto ISico anil make It a custom» district. The effect of the enactment of this bill Into law .would be free trade between tne. Trilled'States and Puerto Bico. Mr. Payne said he had Introduced the bill upon his own motion after listening to the hearings in the insular connuittee. He was satis- tied that free trade with the United States would greatly help the Island and would not injure the Industries of this country. Tire nt WiitM'ku. III*. AVatseka. Ills.. .Tan. 20.—Fire which started in {he Masonic temple i!c- stroyed that building. B. Segur's furniture store, and wiped.out the First National bank which was located in the Masonic building. The loss is estimated lit !?2.">.000. The vault of the bank Is considered Intact. The origin of the fire is unknown. Xotoil lldnelmll Player Kilt* Wife, Chll- ilri-ii nnd Self. North HrookMcld, Mass.." .Ian. 20.— Martin Bergen, the catcher of the Boston baseball team of the National l"iigile, kiVed Ills wife and Iwo children and committed suicide at ills home here. .Mi nx was the Impl. nirut used in taking the life of Mi's. Bergen ooo Architect, and Superintendent Plans and Specifications (or Work Accurately Furnished. OFFICE OVER ALTON SAVING BANK .MARTIN BKRGKN. nnd olio of tin- children, while ;i razor WHS employed tit <-ul the llirnai of tlio other child. :i little girl, uud of the iniin himself. It Is thought tli*' :icti<in was «Jv.o to insanity. H lias heen suspected for some time tliat Hoi-gen was a victim of mental derangement. In fact, some of Ills actions in connection witlj his baseball managers last season lid to the supposition at Unit time. The affair was discovered by the neighbors, who found the body of the girl and,,. Hergen lying on Hie kitchen floor. Kur- tlier Investigation showed 11)Ul Mrs. Hergen and the little boy also had been killed. Their bodies lay upon a bed In the chamber. Bergen was 29 years of njre. Hi* wife waH of about the same age. the little girl was S or 0 years old, and the boy a little younger. N. BEEBOLD. (P. SBIBOLD. SEIROLD BROS., Livery, F«;ed and Boarding Stables. Rubber Tired Carnages, Traps and Finest Single Drivers. Warm stable. Open Day and Night. Stable No. 144 west 4th st*. - Alton, HI, £*ADr Williams-Indian Pile I SkOiutment will cure B.lnd, r "aieedlns; and Itching (•.Piles. lv«.bsorbbtne tumors, allays tbe itching at oi.ce, acts • Miug c poultice, Hives instinl re- m tlet. Dr. Wll.lamB iBdlnnPlleOint- • rient is prepared fot- Pile- nnJ Iu-h- Ing ot the private purts Every nm In w!irri.ntert. By druugisth, by mnll. ot_ rt_ irice. 50 cent* and $1.00. In KEI> «ii-i.«i>ld wlihWi»rBibu». Tnl I>nnitmii. Hnh.tltnUon w r»bu*. Tnlfe no other. B«ram ni. «nd »=•"»• ud -Kelle*' for l r« Mall. 1 <I,OIIO T " (n Ullir, b , enl«U. SnWIW CblehMter Cheated C*. Used in Millions of flomes! Accept no substitute! Insist on LION COFFEE, in 1 Ib. pkgs. These articles mailed FREE in exchange for lion heads cut from front of i Ib. LION COFFEE pkgs. Best Coffee for the Money! Try LION COFFEE and you will never use ] any other. It is absolutely pure Coffee and nothing but Coffee. Silk Umbrella»(either Lady's or Gents). Fancy Gold Ring. Ports •mta 2-cent •imp. Genuine Ruby Settlna Gold Rlrig.< For 28 lion heads and • 2-cent tUmp. _ u uiabc, iia>ins me v*ai.k Bppearance°8nd"qualltieB of BolFd gold, and guaranteed by the makers to lost two years with patterns and very popular. I Id plate, having the exact m, and guaranteed by ordinary usage. New i »"« o c» « t* ii o To Determine the Slie. A veryCne umbrella, madcof union sllU-tnCteta; as-inclitraine with seven ribs; steel rod nnd silver Congo handle. Would cost 92.00 at;the store. < STRENGTH, PURITY AND FLAVOR Cut a strip of thick paper to that the ends will exavtly meet jvhen drawn tightly around eecoud joint of the nngcr. Lr.y one end on this diagram at the 0. uud order the number the other end Indicates. Dress-Pin Set. CLEANSING AND HEALING CURE FOB Catarrh IB , , firs CM BQim Kasyiand pleasant to lake. Contain* no Injurious Jdrug. It Is quickly absorb *d. Give* relief at cleanses the nasal jaiaiaaii • ^ r „ ^-^jj j> *•- COLD^JiEAD fl»mm»tlon Heal* *od *. R«str.-«ithe •onse* tnA until. Large its* «" o»•»*• at drug- iy mall Trial sue ino by m»'l. BROIHGR.M W«r?«i«lwMrt. N V AlUys lDfl»mm»tlon "liei proteotR the memhnn*. R«8tf-eahe •onsei - - - - IJOOK AGENTS WANTED FOB l>" gr.udeit ud luU»H«Ulng book «»tt pubuibid, Pulpit Echoes ,,' ifiyiNi },"''Wnlli W &JSMM8S? I'lii,*^ >iUliu K StorT«i,'lnSr(JiHu,f'iirioM«lK»|Mrl«icc«,tt<!., utold By D. L. Moody ,-nutlllm lujturiift rffv i nun to ii-utoro IP itn V-iutlifii; 9>/ "i i' "-nil k "»" 'ill General lluHfr'* Army. London, .fun. 20.--(U't« % vnl Bnller's forces, engaged In the flnuklug opcrn- lions ucroKw the Tujieht. lire «ome la,000 or 14.000 bayonets, 1,200 horses and forty KHIIS. The disposition of his other 15.000 or 120,000 men IB not known, although the assumption Is that the whole army will he In action when the hour for combined movement arrives. Three weeks ngo General Bullcr had SO.OOO men. Considerable r*lufoiTeui«ntfl- himv since reached 1 him- Riving him probably 85.000 men mid eighty guns all Mid. CiiitRiil. Hay R«iM-h«» t!» i« Town. , Oniie Towii, .Inn. 20.—Adelbert Hay. the new United States consul at Pro torlii, has arrived and will start for his post Immediately. STATE TO FUJHT SMALI-PO*. Indliiiiii UHU-liili Art- Alnriiuil lit tli« Kpri'iiil.ol tlio UlifuKc. Indlamiijolls, .Ian. 20,—The Iixllami suite boaud of health, the governor and attorney j-eueral, held a meeting to consider the smallpox Hltantion In this stale. In Clay county -100 cases have I/ecu reported, unit alarming reports are being n reived from Scott. Washington and .lackson counties. It Is reported that fugitives I'rom Clay City have escaped and are arriving ill Linton. The board siiys the disease becoming m»r»' virulent and sprcn.iiii^ urn- lower Jndlami. One hundred dep utles will In placed In the districts lo prevent the victims I'rom escaping. .(tiriirn I'niilili' I" AKI-I-I-. Dallas, Te.x.. Jan. 20.—The jury in tho case of Mrs. Carrie Holmes, tried at Hrowinvood for the murder of her husband, Walter Holmes, by poisoning him, after having considered Ihe cast- three diivs ; :d nights, was discharged, as It was ev em UiiU ii could not agree ilium a ven •(. The Jurors stood seven for aeiiuliial of Mrs. Holmes on the wound of Insanity and live for murder lit the tlrnt degree, with punishment ii 1110 imprlHO ment. Mrs. Holmes will apply for release mi ball. Hailed tree for 15 lion heads and a 2- cent stamp. Three plus In tlioscMlarger than shown), composed of fine rolled- gold, with handsome ruby-colored settings. Suitable for waist-pins, cufl-plns, neck-pins or as a child's set. Sash-Belt and Buckle. Mention your waUt-measure when Mediae. Malted free for 15 lion head* cut from Uoa Coffee wrapper* and[• J-cent »Uinp. - - ' -i black Swiss grog- stylleh Imitation ; neat, strong and •fashionable. Silver Napkin-Ring. For IS lion heads and a 2*<*nt >tamp. Neat and tubstantial. Made of durable metal, heavily silver- plated. Two dmereiit patterns. Coin-Purse. For 19 lion bead* and , i 2-ccnt stamp. Color, rdark brown.' Made of fine kid leather; chnm- ols llniiiK; nlckeluil frame, with strong i>nup- fusuning. Ladies' Pen-Knife. • Por IS lion head* 'cut from Lion Coffee wrapper* and a 2c. •tamp. Largo size; good material; handles nicely decorated and assorted colon. ••Knickerbocker" Watch. Given for 178 lion head* and a 2-cent stump. Neat appearing und an excellent time-keeper. Solid nickel-silver case, with ornamental back. Nickel movements, escapement fully jeweleq. The famous '•Knickerbocker" watch. Ladies' Watch Chain. A double strand of best silk cord, united at intervals with colored bendjjneat and substantial. For 10 lion bead* and a 2-cent (tamp. Gent's Watch. Hailed free for 90 lion Jteads eriTsU and a Z-cerisUmp. The celebrated <r lnger- soll " watch ; stem- wound and stem- set : durable ulckel- plated case; each watch accompanied by Kuaranteo of the maker. Arc- liable time-keeper. latest simp seal-gralu It with five supa divisions, lucludi... u tuck-pocket with flap to hold visiting cardu secure-. Given for 29 lion heads from Don Colic e wrapper* and a 2c. stamp. Table Cover. ^J Durable, dark- i colored material ttiut will ,811111(1 Pair of Lace Handkerchiefs. Two extra fine cambric handkerchiefs, with beautiful i m ported lace medallion insertions in the corners, Half-inch hem, machine hemstitched; stylish and durable. A pair ol these handker> chief* given lor 18 lion head* cut Irom Lion Coffee wrapper* and a 2c. *tamp. Children's Picture Book. Olven lor 10 lion heads and a 2-cent • tamp. Sixteen large pages of Mother Goose Melodies illustrated and with nicely lithographed cover. We have dllTercnt books, so you can get au assortment. Century Cook-Book. 368 pages of vulu- able cooking receipts, also treatise on the labor of the kitchen, dining- room,laundry, sickroom, and remedies for the more common diseases. (livenfor IS lion heads and arZ-cent •tamp. Boys' Pocket-Knife. The "Easy- OIK-HIT" ; Htrong, tlmrp blink-; red-wood handle. For 12 lion h««di and a 2c. stamp. Art Picture, •• Easter Greeting" Given for 8 lion head* cut from Lion Coffee wrapper* and a 2-cent •tamp. A highly artistic picture, that will grace the finest drawing-room. The background of royal dark-blue furnishes a n appropriate contrast to the little girl and her white Easter lilies. Size, 14x28 inches. For 10 lion heads and 1 oenls wa will send It tinned ready for banging. Flower Picture. For 8 lion heads and a 2c. stamp. American Bcniity Hoses and Lllles-of- thc-Valley. Slxc Hx'Jl inches. Bright and artistic cnlni.I.-. ••TheDancirg Lesson.' The (jreen grass nnd troi-n, the littlw brown kltu-ii nnd the Blrl'n snow-whlto drcts IIIMII u plrutiiiii! ooinblnalloii of col- orn. Slw>. i.'ix'.'l liu-hes. Hailed Ire* for H lion heads rid a 2-cent stamp. THE ABOVE ARE ONLY A PBW OP THE LION COPPED PREMIUMS. Another list will •hortly appear In thU paper I Don't mlw It I Th« grawlwt list ol premium* ever olhred I You alway» know LION COFFE8 by the wrapper. It I* a sealed pack, age. with the lion's head In front. It I* absolutely pure If the package I* unbroken. LION COFFEE I* routed the day It leavo* the factory. IMPORTANT NOTICE. save postaiie by trlmmlnit down the margin. A«k your grocer lor large j Illustrated premium lUt. Address all letter* to the WOOLSON SPIOE GO; Toledo, Ohio,

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