Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 25, 1900 · Page 4
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, January 25, 1900
Page 4
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ALTON WEEKLY TELEGRAPH. TIIURSPAY. JAN. 25. 1900. XSSttSSS^^ STOMBSFROMTBDEFROSTi! HoliUcr*' Letters Which Throw the Mature of the Fighting I» South AfrtcA. Vivid Slilr tAg*1» <>« BY LIEUTENANT H. R. CAHAN. ^:^^.:^^r*^::^:^:^t **•••#•••#•< Some of the most vivid stories of the eghtlng In South Africa have been written not by the trained newspaper correspondents, but by Tommy Atkins himself. These stories have been parts of letters which he has penned during lulls in the campaign and which he has sent across the ocean to "the folks nt home." The latter, proud of their soldier boy, have scut these letters to the newspapers, whose editors, unable to communicate with their censor bound correspondents, hnve been glad to get them. Homely pictures most of these letter writing soldiers have painted, but in spite of'their crudeuess they give tl clearer idea of the kind of trouble _^.****.#*#*.*'«- X •»#•«•*••'*•»•' ,i.#i.#*.#»#»#»*.*'# i »'*' t -# > * >| j' l SCIENCE FOR FARMERS' WIVES An»0flittlon For Spreading Hie KvnnKet nt 1'rnitrenn to < lie FnrmliouiU'K lichen, i ; DY MABY E. LEONARD. the up cities, Ladysmlth, Kimberley and Mafeklng. But a few anecdotes have already found their way through the lines and across the big waters. It appears that during the long siege of Ladysmitli the besieged, soldiers and civilians alike, have become veritable cnvo dwellers. "Some people," writes a private who managed to gel his letter through the lines, "have spent weeks lu digging burrows for themselves and yet prefer to take their chances above ground because of the intense monotony of living In a hole In the earth.. Others pass whole days with wives nud families or in solitnry misery, where there is not light enough to read or work, scarcely showing a bend outside from sunrise to sunset They may be seen trooping awny from fragile tin roofed houses half nn hour before dnybrcnk, carrying children In their arms or a cat or monkey or mongoose or n cage of pet birds, and they come back similarly laden when the night gets too dim for gunners to go on shooting. "There would be a touch of humor in nil this if it were not so deeply pathetic In Its close associations with possible tragedies. Ouo never knows where or what hour a stray shot or splinter will fall, and it is pitiful sometimes to hear cries for dolly from a prattling mite who may herself bo fatherless or motherless tomorrow. We think ns little as possible of such things, putting them from us with the light comment that they happen daily elsewhere than In besieged towns and making the best we-can of a melancholy situation. • "The Imperial Light horse have amused themselves at Ladysmith by con structing tunnels to the river bank HHHITINO KOI! SIlKI-THIl. the Britisli nre experiencing at the bauds of the Boors than anything 'g^ra^Sr" Su;, w ,,,. ^.1«-^oave. in which whole ten by a private In (Jem-mi \\hltes force In Ladysmith: "We were a few miles out of Ladysmith collecting the wounded who had tumbled at the Nicholson's nek Alight _ Here is another story from Ladysmith. Its humor is quite refreshing: "Tho Boors have found a rather unique use for the shell- and one that Isn't without its cleverness. A lot of the trek oxen belonging to us had been feeding on the veldt outside and wandered farther than their discretion The scientific housekeeper; she who Is up In kitchen chemistry, sanitation nnd nil sorts of hygienic frills, tuny now be found In mnuy towns nnd villages ns well ns In large cities. Very soon you will find her ou the fnrm too. A movement which Is now spreading rapidly through the agricultural dls tricts of Illinois and which Is bound to be carried to other states very soon Is one whose aim Is to teach domestic science to the farmer's wife. The Illinois Association of Domestic Science, although organized a little over a y.enr. already hns branches in GO counties nnd Is u strong nnd vigorous body. Its members are, farmers' wives, a'ud It Is run in the Interest of farmers' wives. They nre going to learn how to reach the hearts of their men folks by the same old route, but by new, scientific methods. They are exploring the mysteries of drainage, ventilation and water filtering. They are conning nutrition tables, getting on bowing terms with parliamentary usage nnd experiencing the delights of organized debate. Not only arc they acquiring much useful information, but they are breaking the monotony of farm life by ntteudlng club meetings and conventions. The Illinois Association of Domestic Science lias grown out of a suggestion made about.two years ago at the annual meeting of the Illinois farmers' institute, held nt Champaign. Ills. The suggestion wns received with enthusiasm nud a preliminary gathering bold, nt which wore elected the following- officers: President.. Mrs. Joseph Carter of Champaign: vice president at large. Mrs. B. M. Coffman of Meclianlcsburg: secretary. Mrs. Emma J. Davenport, of Urlmna. , • Following this meet ing letters' were sent out. over the state stating the objects of the proposed organization, and WOMEN AT THE FRONT. Loj-m Eimllah Wlr«-« Wlio Hnve Followed Their lltiNbaniU Into Danger. Many English women nre now In South'Africa. Some of them havo huslinmis who are either wounded or ill, some hnve wins whom they wish to bo near, and some have both. Not n few of these women are among the besieged In Ladysmith or Kimberley. They hnve risked ninny dangers nud are'enduring ninny privations and much suffering In order to be near those they love best. Among those loyal British wives are the Hon. Mrs. Goldman mid the Hon. Mrs. Itochfort Mnguirc, daughters of Lord Peel. Mrs. Goldman was going A CITY ALL OF • STUDENTS. New rnlvcMHy ol California to Uo an lilenl li»n«Uu» tlon For Education. ; BTf JOHN F. WILLOXTOHBY. ,, when we came ncross two of our boys, one shot In the neck and the other, n Gloucester lad whom I knew. In the leg. As soon us he saw me he said: 'Never mind my h'g- Let that look after itself. Be a good pal and give us a pipe of your tolwcco. I'm dying for a smoke.' Our sergeant said. 'You shnll have It when wo hnve -propped you up comfortably In the vim.' Tills ital here re'glments might be hidden. Knowl edge of mining is sometimes useful though there lie no precious metal to be dug out. In these caves the mei find cooling relief from the burnin Nothing In the way of an educational Institution hns ever been planned ou such au elaborate scale as hns the new University of California, the building jf which Mrs. Phcbe A. Hearst, America's foremost woman philanthropist, has devoted the larger part of her Immense fortune. According .to the plans of M. Bernard, the distinguished French architect whose, design took first prize in the $100,000 competition, the new university Is to be not merely a group of buildings, but a scolnstlc city, complete in every detail and as beautiful as a dream. The present buildings of the university nre situated on the Berkeley hills, and tho wounds include several fine groves of trees. On one side Is San Francisco buy. The ; buildings now standing nre to be pulled down and the entire character of the grounds chang- Uver-Work Weakens Your Kidneys. unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood, All the blood In your body passes through vour kidneys once ovary three minutes. . JFW * Tna kidneys are your blood purifiers, they (liter out the wtste or Impurities In the blood. If they are sick or out of order, they fall to do their work. Pains, aches andrheu- matlsm come from excess of urlo acid in the . blood, due to neglected kidney .trouble. Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady heart beats, and makes one feel as though they had-heart trouble, because the''heart is over-working in pumping thick, kidney- poisoned blood through veins and arteries. It used to be considered that only urinary troubles were to be traced to the kidneys, but now modern science proves that nearly all constitutional diseases have their beginning In kidney trouble. If you are sick you can make no mistake by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy Is soon realized. It stands the highest for Its wonderful cures of the most distressing cases and Is sold on Its merits by all druggists In fifty-. cent and one-dollar slz-| es. You may have a ^ sample bottle by mall Home ot swamp-Root. THE HON. MRS. GOLDMAN. to the front with 'her husband when M.r. Goldman wns disabled by au accident. He was taken back to Pieter- mnrttzburg. whore he has since been, carefully nursed by his wife. She has also devoted some of her attention to the streams of wounded British soldiers constantly coming from.-the front. Her sister, Mrs. Mngulre, is shut up In'.'crley with her husband. She has already experienced long weeks of the siege.'but. has busied herself in ed. The architects were Instructed to treat the site as If it were so much blank space, taking note only of the natural features. A population of 5.000 students of both sexes Is anticipated. Besides these a large number of professors, In- nnd the necessary number of working .men and women-to minister the physical wants of those who nnd tench was tho basis on which -. free, also pamphlet telling you how to find ut if you have kidney or bladder trouble, entton this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer Co., Blnghamton, N.-Y. Approaching the university from the bay side M. Bernard's plans show immediately within the entrance'what he hns. called the "Fine Arts -square." lings are shown on the left —a' school of fine arts, a university, and nn academy of music. GILLMORE'S RESCUER. i" hospital here should hnve permitted. The Boers same chum is now minus his left leg." A borderer, writing from Durban, speaks,of the coolness of the women at Ladysmitli during the battle of Far-, quhar's Farm. "Some of the more courageous," ho. says, "had ventured on the hill beside us to see the battle and wore standing conspicuously dressed in white. On their being asked to sit down and keep out of sight, as they made a splendid target for the enemy's guns, one woman calmly replied Mint she was not going to soil her dress by sluing on the dirty ground." Here arc l!i" «wir:i-nts of another soldier. They throw n vivid side light on tin- character of the righting. He is writing of tin- buttle of Klnndslaagte "AH the Gordons advanced up the stouv kopjes toward tin- enemy It would appear that ilu- men were not suiliclently extended to enable each man to take full advantage of the cover afforded by the rocks. Two of tho men Indeed had n scullle for the shelter "f a stone that could not snlHcc for one. and the men almost forgot the whirling of the enemy's bullets In their own set to. "The Boors of course had (lie pull ' there, nnd where I lie natural displacement "f tin- whliiHiono rocks on the koph's did not exactly suit llieir Ideas nf defense they hnd placed one stone ou top of another or had laid one .stone Uni across the other two. placed perpendicularly, tho space between serving as n loophole. "Behind these little fortresses would always be found piles of empty Man sei- carlrldKo cases. Behind one o them was the dead body of nn elderly lightening I he'burden of others nnd*is I museum buildiugs- probnbly tbnnkful for the opportunity I On the i Wit .ut uiu of being useful. | n ai t J! nn ";f"between them undisturbed will be the grove of flue onks whicl now contribute so much to the beauty of the university site. Proceeding up University avenue, on je left Js the university library, witl a civil engineering buildiug in the rear, and on the right the domed ad ministration building, with a colleg of mines bt-lilnd it. Then still fartho Gallant Offlrfr Who Kencued Prisoner* From Filipino*. o One of the most interesting stories coming from thePhilippines in many days is that which BHKLTKU FROM BUN AND B1IKLL. (A icoiw in Ijiilysmilli. 1 • aw ami coveted them. Accordingly icy began to throw shells between le'oxen and our camp, nnd the formci /ilunilly took to their heels, running ownrd the enemy. The Boors con limed firing, gradually shortening tli uugi- until the oxen got convonleutlj ,eiir. whoif they sallied out and gob iled them." Apparently the shell Is an odd CUB omer, a thing of whims and eccei ricltlos. You never can toll Just wha ie Is going to do next. It Is said Ihn few of the Boer shells explode. In merely fall on the plain, send I lit iso'clouds of diiBt or burrowing Into the fiirth. Some cniorprlsing folk dug one up at Liidysmitli. opened It delicately and fnuhd Inside nothing on earlh but a chunk of s:ind. Another plunged through the roof of the Hoyal hotel, glanced off the wall, passed'conventionally out by the front door and displaced n paving stone without bursting. A hotel In Mafeklng has a similar sK/ry to tell. A shell from a 1)1 pounder struck the building, and live newspaper men who were handling cues In the billiard room made Involuntary cnrroins against the wall. Kvery possible consideration was indicated In the conduct of another shell, which sliced the, entire roof off a Himil) house without harming five persons who calmly wore taking breakfast inside. One of the most notable features in connection with tho siege of Kimberley is the callous way In which tho inhabitants have trailed the Boer bombardment, oven finding time to celebrate three weddings during tho progress of hostilities. MRS. EMMA .1. DAVENPOKT. 0 counties responded immediately. So lie first nnunal convention was held ast February, when the farmers' institute' met at Princeton. This year Ue farmers' wives will Mount Vornou. Not only do these domestic science women take part lu state and county meetings of the farmers' Institute, but so Interested are they that lu many parts township meetings are held regularly. These township gatherings are lu the nature of a study club for women. Frequently they are called the Neighborhood club. They occur fortnightly or monthly and Include discussion or demonstration—sometimes both —on cookery, sanitation, home sur-1 rotmdings. architecture of the home, bouse furnishing and even family finances. Courses of »tudy are furnished for this purpose. One of the most Interesting township clubs meets with Mrs. Dunlnp In her kitchen In Savoy. Kvery two weeks tho U5 members, mostly from the farm, come together. Two young girls regularly come six miles to the meeting. These women roll up their sleeves nnd with the materials furnished by Mrs. Dunlap proceed to make some gastronomic delicacy. - There Is au educational phase to tills domestic science movement that is most desirable. These women not only tells of the rescue of Lieutenant Gillmore nnd seven sailors from the gunboat Yorktown. Tho lieutenant and his boat's crow were captured by the Filipinos last April while making a landing near Baler, on the east const of Luzon. For mouths they were dragged about the island by the Filipinos, kept in various prisons nud handed from one commander to the other. Mnuy times they were oil the point of being rescued by the American troops, but always the Filipinos succeeded in hustling them out of the way Just in time. About n month ngo nn expedition headed by Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Howze nud 100 picked men was sent to the rescue of Lieutenant Gillmore. BROKEN LOTS OF — 5 UIT5. Two and Three of a Kind Plenty to fit \oii. $4,56 8,10121415 $5 to $ The prisoners hnd been heart! from in the northwestern part of Luzon, -and Colonel Howze struck out ncross the island In that direction, determined to find the men and effect their rescue. After a remarkable series of forced marches and many minor encounters with wandering bands of Filipinos and savages the forlorn little party of pris- PANTS. $1,1.25, 1.50, 2, 2.50, 3, 4, 5. former Prices $1.50 to $6. Si&s 30 to 50, PLAN FOB NEW UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. up the avenue the buildings are divided by that broad, tree lined boulevard into two groups. . All those on the left are devoted to general education; all those on the right to rest and recreation. The dormitory buildings facing one nnother look down on a flower bordered campus, and on a lower level to the couth Is a gmrid recreation ground, with a KOIl A SMOKE." Boer, of tho regular 'bljwoouer' type, shot twice through tho head. Tho pile of empty vartrUlgo cases beside tho body would easily have filled au ordl- unry Imtbox." lu due time there will come to us nrnuy Interesting utorlcu concerning ISvlU of SmoklnK. - . "The average llfo of nn engine only 30 yearnV" ttuhl uu nstonishod passenger. "Why. such n tough looking thing ought to live longer than that." •Well," said tho engineer, "perhaps It would If It didn't smoke so much." propose to perfect, themselves, but to Introduce cooklns wherever possible in the rural schools. As an example of wlmt has nlrondy been accomplished Is the work of Mm. A. Noble Jting. who Jvcs near Bloomlogtou. Though a busy farmer's wife she lluds time to give n little domestic science Instruction In n country school ue-ir by. She also conducts every two M eokn a study club for her women neighbors. The president of the state association, Mrs. Carter. Is a clubwoman In the conventional sense as well ns n <lo- niestlc science enthusiast. AH president of the Champaign Woman's club Hho Is prominently connected with public work In her city. But her hobby In undeniably domestic science. Tho vice president nt large, Mrs. Coffman. Is equally Interested in things domestic. Sho him already organized tho Snngninou County I'muiCMtlc Hcl- once association nnd serves aw Its president. Kite IK also vice president, of the Butter Makers' association. Through her efforts Illinois women are contributing to tho "Cottage Cookbook." which will soon bo Issued, The secretary, Mrs. Uuvenport, Is the wife nK 1'rofossor Davenport, deun of the agricultural department of the University of Illinois. Sho Is ouo of the most active workers' for domestic wl once. LIEUTENANT COLONEL ItOUEItT L. HOWZK. oners was found near tho headwaters of the Alinlnt river. In the northwest province of Luzon. After eight months' captivity they had been abandoned by the liar* pressed Filipinos In a region infested by savage tribes. When the rescuing party found them, they wore building rafts on which to float down the river. Lieutenant Gillmoro was almost exhausted, cud the men were half starved. Lieutenant Colonel Ilowze. who commanded the rescuing expedition, holds the rank of lieutenant of cnvalry In tho regular army. M<- entered Die military academy from Texas in 1883 ami served lu the Fifth and Sixth cavalry. Before ho went to Manila he %vns instructor lu cnvalry tactics at West Point. Bort'OKllo. The Capitalist—But you haven't the culture unil refinement mjiitml )i modern husbands. The Cowboy—That's u fact. If I married your daughter. I don't think I could bring myself to heat her,—Kun- BUS City Independent. truly magnificent gymnasium on the south side, sheltered from the heat and the winds, and ou the east and west tribunes with rows of seats nnd proud pennants bearing stanchions. Each architect wns required to provide detailed plans of one building, nnd It is this particular structure which M. Bernard hns chosen to depict. Brand driveways lend to the gymnasium from the south and curve around its eastern and western ends. Just across each of these latter roads a light bridge in the form of a graceful arch is thrown, and so connection Is made directly between the gymnasium and two clubhouses. On the north side of the main educational buildiug Is the agricultural college, with ample grounds for experimental work. Higher up conies the group of -natural history buildings, and on the highest point readied by easy terraces is the university observatory. To the south of the hist building, some distance removed, where freslj air can reach it at all times, Is the Infirmary. The whole scheme shows breadth. There Is no crowding and yet no waste, while creeks nnd trees nnd undulating surfaces nre worked Into tho plan undisturbed nnd nre uinde to contribute .heir share to a beautiful entity. Some of the most imposing structures have coloiHiated fronts and are embellished with towers on the corners, relieving the view when caught from above of any monotony of dead level. The whole project Is liner than any similar conception ever contemplate!, by a university, and the honor Dint will accrue to the University of Callfor nla upon Its completion will be re fleeted upon the wonderful woinai who Inspired it. It Is estimated that the total cost o the new university will be about $30, 000,000. Tho trustees expect that a! of this vast sum will bo subscribe and that the now university will u completed within ten years. Mrs Ilearul, who lias met the expense o securing the plans, has agreed to erec Alton Conservator} 123 East Second it., Alton, Ninth Year. Third Term Dec. 1. Mies Adelaide Kalkman. MlM Alioe B- Marsh, Voice Culture and Bight Hinging. Stenography and Special Studies. brary and apparatus. stitu tution. Well equipped with library The Conservatory is an Alton Ins Send £»r Catalogue. R. C. MILLS, Director. NEW SERVICE MnrktMl 1)1*1 Intttlnn. "What's the difference between a plebeian nnd n patrician?" "A plebeian hns to pay cash, but a patrician gets It ohar8ed."-Chlcago Uecord. two of tho buildings. Mayor i'liolnu o Han Francisco will build OIK*, and Mis Jennie Flood will build another. lit sides thin, the HiiliHcrlptlons alrond amount to $7.000.000. M. Hernard now In California busily overseeing tl preliminary work. He expects to sta until the university Is completed. VIA SAN WACO, 8. A. 4. A P. AND SOU. PAC. AND TO AUSTIN. VIA ELGIN AND H. A.T. C. Through Tourist Sleepers -TO- CALIFORNIA, VIA SAN ANTONIO AND SOW. P* c Quickest and Best Line to MEXICO. " KAT Lo— St, Louis, ChicagvRansas City. ALL TRAIN* HAVE FREE RATY CHAIR CARS MO BUFFET SLEEPERS. Jas. Barker.Gen. Pass. Agent at. Louiti MO.

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