Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 5, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 5, 1898
Page 4
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, f IW'f'WT*'" ?w»?j?p)>wr T » '^^•1 ,4, T Y^.- Hear* 0f**a*e Year*. BT FOLLOWS 1 HE S'JP. KHH-K.-NOT THF EVE.. ?-"OV. 5. IICHET f K IT s:rr ».*'*«. r „ . , DANGEROUS SURGERY. Or. T. L. F«wM«l*n for DM Mo;n*i. ?« lairt evening. UFATH Mr*. <;. A. King b*< reiarnirt borne | ur - „„. after a vit:t *t O4«***. Mo. A J. HoweiltD* J. w. Beail wen*. f to Medora. today, for • banting trip, j R«T. J. M. Oai»«r lsctcre« M?r«J«jr ! night at Irving, Ml., on "Good Citi- of pvbUc ls*tr*« Tntrew, i r. ',. F J v fl am porithre I wouU not iforine today bwt wonderful remedy, L H«*rt Core. I twd heart **- eate four ye*r* and ««*«« f ai3*4 to hdp m*. When I began taking thit remedy I wa* onfit for anything birt for «'x fcive felt 017. Heart Cure tor Ci«rtr. mj- . Of. MfW Medical Cornea"/. Elkhirt, Ind. Bookseller. 43 Van Baren St., CWcage, HL Hew Bo^*, SUwUrtf Seta. EdttlMS De t.»«t, I/mi; 8»li»bory, in an addren* *t » banquet ghea Oen. Kitchener Friday evenlDKin Ixjndon, *aid that Fraoc« had agreed to withdraw Marchaod's expedition from Fmboda, and that no cl»fm« would be made by tbe French K, u. Nile valley. The Premier *Ute<i that no doubt other matters In connection with the Bflair would t>e dis- cawMj^ by the twojrov*rnmentii. W'B know oTa bnelneM man down in tbe e««t «nd who ha« a couple of hundred dollar* to place on Jake Kalin. Any Hotz man, who hai faith in the running gear of hiu favorite, can be accommodated. Tbe owner of tbe money to a man with tbe name that make* you think of winter—U give* you the »bhrer« a condition that aJI Hotz men will b« in by mid- nlgbt Tuesday. AT the conference of the Peace OommiwrioneT* in ParU Friday, tbe Spanish member* rejected the de- Ma« McCormick, of Coillo*- vilie, i« vi«tiDg Mn. O. H. Line for a f«w day*. Mr. O*o. M. Ixsvti ret«rn«l bom* an ewrt«rn f;u»ine»» trip foMr morcing. Ml** Lillian fcocb ha* returned bom« from St. f.ooi« after baring a very f/l*a*anl visit. Mr«, Jameu Maiey ba« returned to her home at Mattoon aft*r a »bort vl*it wita Mr«. John Teriff. Miu* Minnie O'Haver and mother are eip««ted to arrive home from California Monday. Mi«« O'Haver i» very »«riotji!ly 111. __ Dit*r*ll;»tiM •* r*rti>aei-i. Today WM naturalization day in tbe City Court and It w»* a bn*y »e»»ion today. Four foreigner appeared in court and took oath to renounce and oljjnre all allegisnce and fidelity to KV«ry foreign power, prince, 8t*t« and »overeignty, having completed tbe five year* of retidence required by tbe Con»titution. Oa*p»r Crivello a subject of King Humbert : Gottfri»c Meili a native of Switzerland ; Auguat Do«rrroann and Leopold Wabl *ub- j*ct« of Eroperor Wlil am all forswore their allegiance to their native land* and became full citizeno of the Uoitei State*. The four new citizen* wil ca«t their finit vote* at tbe election o next Tuetday. i'JHQEOM'S COURSE HEi.r- IT Ml GAILBORDEN EAGLE BRAND CONDENSED MILK. TWO STORES. *MPHUT "«n t o"BAB»cs;s«ouio MflUifHOlD SlHT 0« Af>»>UC*T.ON. Mtw von* C6»!«»sto Itt Liberal CUnics. Hlrtory. Btlki Utter*. Ftetfe*. Dranu. Tke Art*. Llbertl Work*. TA« Hunt Library Edition', Well pr)o!*l m*nd» of the Uoit45d 8Ut«« a« to re- toiniog tbe whole of tbe Philippine Ii- laada. Tu« American Commi»*ioner» Mked for an adjournment until Tuesday. It I* not thought tnat there will be a rapture. Indeed th»re will not bo ante** Spain can prevail open «ome other government to interfere. Tbe French newspaper* are aeverely critical of Americana for demanding tbe whole of the Philippine*. A lectwre illustrated by blackboar^ drawing on the subject of '-The End of the Age, the Coming of the Kin? the Resurrections, and tbe Milleni am" will be given by J. M. Oaiser putorC. P. church, tomorrow night. Tbe subject will be of onu*n»l interest to all who can attend. Tbe evening service at tbe Evan- gilical church will be oocducted in the Eogilcb langatge. Alt Evangelical Lutheran* who cannot underntacd German, are especially Invited to the*e English service* which will be held every second Sunday evening. Morning service l« in German. on good paper; l>«d- 12 too: Kilt top. < (Dararln). CDarwto). D*UOf Ettilbs, pnoe. Other Worlds &»» O '*. <? X*mraJ I>w m «*« Bplrllual World, iDrttfBrtWfl^ • Kona The, Or AJkofftn of y.abornet. •'Ttus Bl»l*of tn« B*»t." •« Life ot Jen at, f Kenan,; Wills mAKyraluaW* Illoatratlocn. ptae*, crown* TO. cPrtta, ifllt By nail .......................... HO Lincoln, Hit Lite and Time*: T<MH>in*r with W» SUt« papers, ioclud tax tit «p««tli«», «<Mr««a<!», m«t»»««<Nt, Wtter and %r&<jlam»tlon. By Henry nd %r& I Raymond. Ifiitx**. By rnali . >: cl</lb;BV«. . »'••«" Wlltlard. Life of ; A memorial voloroo. By Anna A. f»or ton.tor 21 years n*r private Secretary^ tt TO; clutb. Hjrman SHEET MUSIC. Popular Mute, per copy, by mail Ail Hut latest Songs and Music, by mall Catalogue on Application. »i.oo • T MONTHLY SUFPERINQ. 'T'lumaanda of women aro troubled at monthly interval* with pain* in too bead, back, brensU, •boulder*, side* hip* and limbs. But tbejr Deed not tatter. _ These pain* are ijnnptom* ol daageroo* derangement* that can be corrected. The menstrual function should operate rate menstrual organs in condition to do their work properly. And that stops all this pain. Why will any woman suffer mouth after mouth when Wine of Cardui will relievo her? It coats |(.oo at tho drug store, Why don't you get a bottle to-day? • For advice, in caaes requiring special directions, address, giving symptoms, "Tlio ladles' Advisory Department," Tbe Chattanooga Medicine Co,, Chattanooga, Tcun. ••••••••••" Mrs, MZENA LEWIS, ol Oinivlllt, Tsiai, MM! " I ••* Iroublid at monihl) Intsriiil •life turlbls sdnaln «y hiad and back, fcsl hats bat* snllrsl; <tlls»M b| WIM TUK roorback campaign canard pre- clpllated In the Hmlinf.l-ix-mf^ml teems to have no foundation whalev- ar.H U ba»d on a remark • aid to have been made by Mr. J. Bible and Mr. D. Bowe that they bad ca«bed Benjamin F. Johnston'* check*, while building tbe Bloff Line, and that be bad paid hi* men only 80 cent* a day. Mr. JobDfrton promptly cballeDRed the tratbfainri* of tbe statement. He denounced it a* fal?e and produced affidavit* to »bow it* incorrectness Today Mr. John Bible stated to a representative of this paper that the assertion In the fientinel'IienuicTal was unauthorized; that be doe* not know what wage* Mr. Johnston pa'd here. Mr, Elble also stated that Mr, D. Basse, in tbe presence of Mr. Wdlton Batledge, tbl* morning,made a (similar statement. It thus appear* that an error bo* beenlmade. Tbe truth of tbe matter msy yet appear, that Initead of cashing checks of Johnson Bros. & Faugbt, that the gentlemen cashed checks of tbe Bluff Line railway, abd probably gave So cent* on the dollar. We remember very dl*1lnclly that Mr. Busse bad a large amount ol auch check*, and that they were finally paid by tbe Receiver. But as both Messrs. Elble and Bnsse deny tbe correctness of tbe fientinel-Democrat'* story, it falls to tbe ground. The foreign labor said to have been hired by Mr. Jubn- stoo, is equally without foundation, and was no doubt i rape fled on tbe H.-O. by some designing person. Mr. Busse, who Is quite ill, appeared ranch dl*tressed because of the statements In the H-I). In tbe presence of Mr. Walton Hutledge, be said be found Mr. Johnston an honorable and upright man, one of the fined men be ever know. Mr. Busae (Utly denied the story Imputed to him In tbe H.-l>. p'aUtlcaT"Cau." Tom Kinder has found a new term for voter*, and so far as cao be learned bo invented It as well as bin WO day year. He met a Democrat from Alton some day* ago on a train and balled him with the remark, "Well, my friend, bow many cats have you in your country?" His friend did not know that Tom was Interotttd In cata •o much as voters and suspecting an implied insult be deuiundvd what tbe Hon. Tom meant. "Why, how many aoratcbcr* have you, bow many are going to scratch me," w»s tbe explanation. "Well, there is on i ut loait," tbe gentleman informed Totn, "and that 1* me. I do not allow any man lo Insult mo In such a manner." I'otn bis lost Interest in cats since Uion. fABTBU'B BALE. 0t Illinois, City or Alton, BH. rt of Alton, September lorui, A. II. Uoal* va. Michael H. llartletl, irtlett, Ada Arololn, Thomas. Pistiili- " itobor, Carolina I'ielclmr, Kale K. T, wdllsm K. Pleloher, Mary II. Pistole nle Hlggs, M»mlo Hallou and Charles 1(son of Hamuol Barilott dsousned.) In y, JU»l to forsefeae mortgage. bOtlOtt is hsrobyitlvvn., tUat, In mirmi- . ^deoroe madssndoutered by said court above entitle!oau»s on U»s f lib day ot imwry of' said 6lly Court o'f Alton', will on THIS BIXTJSBNTH PAY OF NOVKMUBIl, A. D..UW, •viir of 10 o'clock In tlie forenopu, at U»e root door of th» Cilv Hall buiw og.ln w* Alton,(ooun'.y of Mad son and BUM of • - '• 'life auction, to IheWghssi r oub, all *nd singular, the omlsos and ruaj Mtata In , _—„„, situated In theoily at ty of ifudisoa «od Hlalo ot Illinois, wf as "ball tm swfflolent to s»t- i lo-wft; s»fso,J7),and_ *!*« «{•<,//» co with all tb« wrma of sale oval of mob aa|« by th* court, i *1ir«n tbs pur- roni (Ait Muter s Mulrstlpn of smpiloo DO not YA0BR, iurt of Alton, Teacheri' Initliute. Tbe Teachers' Institute was livid in the College Ubapul today. There aro about a hundred visit!' g tuttuhers present, the iitnubor being some •mailer than expected, probably owing to tbe threatening wimtlicr thin morning. Tbu morning session opened at iu o'clock with Uounty Superintendent Bishop iu tbe obalr. After music by the college 3bolr and tbe Invouatlou by 1'rof, Wbytt), elocution teacher at Shurlleff, tbe following numbers were presented: Address of woloomo; "The Mission ot the (Jhrlnllan Ool legc*," t>r. A K. de Ulols, "TbeHlgbts of Oblldren," Mrs, 8. K. Hicbardsou, Maulsou; "Automatons," It. A. llalgut, Alton; Music; "Primary Un- guage Work," Mrs. K. Kuhnou, Highland. Tbe papers were all full of Interest- Ing Information and practical suggestions such as oould be given only by experienced teachers, and some of tbeui wore followed by spirited dls- OUMlons. Tbe touchers adjourned about one o'clock to * "taud U P tow " where the ladlM Of tbe M. K, pburcb served an Ma^arhiet. With it<f November number SI. Xichola* begins a new volume and celebrates it« 25tb birthday, in honor of this anniversary tbe magazine dons a special cover, bearing a birtbday cake decorated with twenty-flve candles. A new Henty serial Is begun In a tale of American bistory. U is call ed "Tbe Sole Survivor," and it deals with tbe struggles ofanearlv Virginia colony with tbe lodUns. E. H. House is to contribute a series of papers on "Bright Sides of History." Mrs Cbas. U. Sigsbee, wife of tbe captain of tbe battleship Maine, writes about "Pets in tbeJUvy." A tale of the capture of Hmiuago is "(Jbnggins. tbe young- es'. Hero in the Army," 1 y H. Irving Hancock. "Margaret Clyue's Extra" by Isabel Gordon Curtis, Is tbe story 01 a quick wilted girl who gave tbe first news of Admiral Uewey to the people of bur town, and scored a beal on her newspaper rivals. Kicbarci Stillman Powell, in "Tbe Arrival of Jlmpson," t«Ks a rattling foot ball story of a contest Del ween Yule and Harvard. Frederick W. Wendt de scribes "A Visit to BismarcS." "Princess Madrigal s Wish" is an old fash ioned fairy tale by Florence Simmons, and "How Mr. Drake went to Oonit," by Emma M. Backus, Is a darky mammy's bed-time story, deleft Burgess, In quaint pictures and amusing rhymes tsllHOfthe "Ooop Bibies," who are likely to prove worthy snccesjor.) to tbe famous Brownies. All of these contributions are fully and attractively illustrated. In timeliness, variety and positive- ness of quality and interest tbe No vember number of .WcC'fure'a must be pronounced a rare magazine. A char acter sketch of Col. Theodore B?ose velt presents, in its full picturesque ness, tbe personality of one of tbe most Independent, original and forceful of living Americans "Tbe Inner History of Admiral Sampson's Cam palgn/' gives tbe full and true story of tbe finding and securing of Oer vera's fleet. "A True Story of tbe Fra Patrol," and Mr. E A. FilzQer- ald's account of bin own experience In leading a party for iho flr-t time in buman record to the tops of tbe tv o highest mountain peaks In tbe West ern Hemisphere, exhibit human powei and endurance Iu their strongest, mo» heroic mitnifesiatlon. And Mr. H. J W. Darn's por'rayal of "Tbe Mystery of Vesuvius," as It was exhibited u him in bis own recent explorations o the volcano, gives a sense of the pro fluidity and mightiness of the grea earth-dragon not to be bad from any other writing on tbe subject. L I r 1 — .•*• Pain After Eating Pi',t People %» along lor jeart ecffering rlth pilM Then try in;*, and that n<3 toe <jtb»r thinif: from carrying a trackeye to getting treatment from a hy*ic!sn. They o!»sin temporary ellef, maybe, f>ot they are never quite cored. A Iitl5e strain in liftjng, fMive fttsgoe, a H'.ti* canrtipaS'o 11 or a little diarrbc-ea and tbe pile* come twck. They don't *e<?m to amount to anoco, hot Sb«y bsni»b si«p arid ipp*til«. '»o petition is comfortable. There l« nU-n*e local pain and that dreadful eeliog of weight in tbe p«rineom. Majbe in the early stages «>me of :be many ealves on »ale will afford temporary relief. If tbe case is of long standing tnere i« on! r one speedy and sore remedy. It is Pyramid Pile Care. Even Jo light cases it Is tbe safest thing to twe. Olber applications msy core and may not. Pyramid Core is always certain, always reliable, tlways brings comfort at once. Ii* prompt n?e taves months of severe eoBerioK- In extreme case* it will save toreical operations and their attendant dangers and discomfort*. It is better ib»o a knife. Will cure eaaier, quicker and sifer. Tnonsands have need it. Tnoouands have been cored by it. Tbe cost is trifling compared with what it does. Toe price is 50 cents. Mo*t anybody would gladly pay ten dollars to be lid of piles. Druggists s«. ! l Pyramid Pile cure. Send to Pyramid Drug Co., Slarsttall Mtcb., lor book on caui.e and core of piles. Tbe CenJury begins its new year with a brilliant cov»r in color by tbe j well kcown Parisian poster artist, OraMet. Tbe magazine's new historical serial on Alexander written by Prof. Benjunio Ide Wbeeler, will be one ot tbe leading features of tbe year, apt. Charles D. Sigsbee begins bis 'Personal Narrative of tbe M*lne.' Is the contribotion of the com manderof tbe bittlesbip to Thr Onory 1 * New War Series. Capt. Siga- bee in thia paper glva» for tbe flrit time tbe story of tbe ordering of the Haine to Havana, her arrival in the harbor, her reception by tbe Spaoisfl officials, and tbe precautions that were aken to guard her safety. Paul Leicester Ford begins a series of pio- fnsely illustrated papers on "Tbe Many-Sided Franklin," the opening article dealing with Franklin's Family Relations. A new romanse by Marion Crawford is begun A characteristic story by Mark Twain is called "From the iMiidon Timre of 1£»01," and is founded upon a recfnt invention in wbicu tbe author is deeply interested. A two-part story bv Frank Stockton, Daring tbe past years we have been so crowded in our store on Third «tre*t that we bare been compelled to spread oat. Fof tb* •ccotnojod*- Uon of oor patrons sod to show onr larg* «tock of goods *« have opened A New Store At 317 Belle st. All onr Toy* Mid Fancy Goods will be found there and oor China, Cila««. OraniU and Tinware. Limps and Hoo»e Furnishing Owxls will be found at oar Third str*et store. Oar ambition it to have tbe pret- •iest and complete** store in Sooth- ern Illinois and we think we now bare it. Come and see n« in oar old and onr new borne. TbB pfOgr»oi for tbe af tornoou was M follow*> Music; busipess meeting 1 "VMiUhw are we Urlltliig," V, 3. Bur, Marine i Address, Prof. Kiudley, PffWideflt of ICffOZ Oolluge, Oalesburg, III, Pood Caused Intense Distress Medicines Failed to Relleve- Hood's Sarsaparllln Cured " For many years I have been a sufferer from very severe stomach trouble. I could not eat without great p«ln In niy atomacn Mont of the time I had no appetite. I took medicines without obtaining relief. One day when 1 had been suffering severe pain la my stomach I road a testimonial In a newspaper which described my feelings exactly. It was a cas« cured by Hood's Haraaparllla. 1 told my husband I be lluved tlili medlclna would help me. He went right away and got me a bottle o.' It and I began taking It, Before I had taken bait a bottle I fell better. 1 took four l>otiles before I slopped and I was cured I say to all sufferers from stomach trouble, take Hood's Haraaparllla. It has relieved me of more su Bering t hail any other medicine." Mus. A. HTIVEIIS, Makanda, III. Ll^^^lfaf*> Saraa- rlOOU S parllla Ii the beit-lu lai'l Ihc One True Blood Purlflcr. MuM hy all druggists. |l i Hi for as. . . - clire n,,,,,,,.^ indigestion, HOOd 8 PillS wilou.nrsi. PAlhHMMiiV DEPART/WEN 1 Tor»» HUM or l»<» under Mi bsadloc i OBI das, II oraui (tart* 4a>«, H cents) on* wesk Monui aldliKisal tin** MB*rats, cash tows ROW SALE F OH UALK.-O14 pap«ra, D «nf nua tti« Tsiaaaai's vfto*. at HlodUnf w< oolof No. <l, -I. Urts. f'Jt HI OAI K— All in ae«l at ' b' fupi)!l«"l hv lule Btii ttoMiT. II psr IO A r*arm four mile* noitAwsat o P )H HA 1. 1 r UtOBOald.W avrss. «U so sojra._ For p*r- iloulars address <fA'.*Brawir. or M. B, Brown BrUbion or T.?). Brown, Alton, IU. ItU Tne Vizier of the Two-Horned Alexander," one of bis most curious conceits is bfgon. Lowell's "Impressions ol Spain" are contained in some of bis hitherto nnprinted official dispatches. Baron Coubertln writes on '-Building ap a. World's fair in Paris," and there are illustrations by CasUlgne. Try Orain-0! Try Orain-0! Ask your grocer to show yon a package of GKA1N O, the new food drink i hat takes the place of coffee. The children may drink it without injury as well aa the adult. All who try it like it. OKAIN-O bas that rich seal brown ol Mocba or Java, but it is make from pure grains, and tbe mosl delicate stomach receives it without distress. One-half tbe price ol coffee 16c and 25c per package. Sold by all druggists. J Mr. N. X. Osburn, well known at Woodstock, Mich., was troubled with a lame back. He was persuaded to use Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It gave him relief in one night. This remedy is alto famoDH for Us cares of rneuma- Him. For sale by K. Marsh and S H Wyss. olItittrclT J,U'tlcc«. VWETARD 8BCOXD BAPTIST CHUBCH—S. S. at 8p.m. All are cordially invited toattond. O O. I^eolngB, Supt. Y. M. 0 A. -"peclal aervKw for men in the Y. M. C. A. room« at 4 p. m., 8und»y. All men ars coidlally invlied. CAUPREM. CHAPF.I. A. M E. CHURCH—J. M Wilkernon.pMior. Pr^acningai and 7:30 p m. by the panlor. 8. S. at2:-'l<>p. m UNIOII BAPTIST f'lli'iiCH—Corner Seventh an< George aU llev. .1. H. Barton Preaching a II a. m.aad 7:30 p. m. 8.S. at :s p. m. PHEUBVTZRIAX CIIUBCH.—Rev. H. K. .Sanborne, pastor. Divine »flrvtc«6 at 10:45 a. m aid at £10 p. m. 8. B. at 8:30 a. m. Y. P. 8 C. B. tneeta at 8:30 p. m. BAPTIBT CiifRCB.—R-;v. M. W. Twlnu, pa« lor. Preaching tomorrow morning and eve n Ing by the pastor. 8. 8. at 8:30 a. rn. Junlon at 4p.m. B. Y. P. U. at6:45 p.m. EVAXOKUCAI.CHI:KOH— Cor. Elghlhand llnnr; its. Rev. Win. Haukinann, pastor. Preiicblnf at 10.W a. m. and 7::>UD. rn. 8. B. al U a. in Teachers' meeting Friday, at 8 p. m. UNITARIAN CHURCH.—Cor. Third and Alby st« Kev. Oeo. K. Gebauer, pan tor. 8. S. at 8:1 a. m. Cnun'h iervU-^ at 10:1.", a TI,, subj' l ct "The Course of Indlft>renti*m." and at 7:3o • Tin: E lilcs of War " Heats frr:«. WASHINOTOXST. M.E. pifRCii— Josiah Abel pistor. HunJar—8:30 a. rn.. Junior League. Borrlceii at 10:30 a.m.. and 7:.'»l p. m. 2'*) |, m.,8. S. 8:30 ?. m, Kpworih league. Thura day—7:3(ip. m., Prayor 'jioeting, GEKHANM. E. CHCRCH.— Rev. Chan.Holdel C astor. Preaching at IO:3U a. m. and 7:30 p in y the pastor. 8. S. »ttt:.TO a. m Young peo Sle'a meeting at 7 [i in prayer meeting Thura ayat7:»ep m Teachers' meeting Friday a l-.yi f. m. ' COHaBEOATiONALCnunc.'f — Corner Hlilh an< llonry »treel«. Kev. J. II. J. Klce, pastor 8. 8. at 8:30 ». m. Preaching Horvlces at I0:4i a. m. and 7:90 p. rn. Christian Endeavor 0:3(1 p. m. Junior ivnd^avor at 3 p. m. Prayer meeting at 7:1.', Thursday evening. W. C. T. U.—The Woman's Christian Tom perance Union meetings, are ho'd Ihe nr«t am third Tueadaya of the month at 3:.'»J oVlook Id tho Y. M. (!. A. Chapel. All meailngsare open to visitors and frlo-.d* of Immunity are ally Invited uatUMid. TWKLPTS HTRKET Ct'MuetiLANb Pnp.itiiriKHiAd CHUKCH.—Cor.Twelfth and Henry str«ot» Key J. M. Oalser, pastor. Preaching at 10:15 a. m. and 7 3u p. in. Y. P. C. H. K. at »:* 8 8. al»:30a. in.. T. II. PMrln.Supi. Teach era meeting, Monday night. Midweek servloe Thursday night all* o'oiotk. M. K. CHURCH-Cor. Market and Slx'h it« H«v. M. N. Powers, I) U., pastor. S. H at U:!») a. in. Pr«acblng at lo-i-'i M. n ij. in. Junior League at "I w'<:l Kpworth league devotional at n ai n. mrellog at 7:30 Thursday "vening.u. noral <iii»» mnellng llrst Thursday evening in f»ch month ii<'»Ti.,«70w.v HAITISI MlMHiox-AI Cherry Street C'hapol, cor. Fifth and Cherry sU . Kev M. Jameson, pastor. I'rea' hlng at IU:4J a. in. anil 7.:»J p. m. 8. 8. with Home Duparimen atU-.aua. m. Mission 8. 8. 2:30 p in.,11. Ulbson, Supt. Young People'! meeting al«:-'« o'clock. Kri-nlngkUliJect: '-Thi' Ex< "lleiu-y o HIM Knowlnd|j'< o( Clirl'.t JI-.UB 8r. PAUL'" EPISCOPAL Onuses.— II. M. Chit tenden, rector. Twentieth-second Sunday aftei Trinity Nov.(I, Holy Communion Trinity Chapel ut U a. in. 8. H. at U:16 a. in. l.ltnay. sermon and Holy Communion al W:.!0m in. M. 8. Ii Trlnlly Chapel at 3 p, m. Eranlng prayer an< sermon In Trinity Cmipel at 3 u. m., ohnruh a Evening prayer and litany In Trinity — ' uwUysnt 7:30. Krlda; ays In Chauol, Wedm— Guild room, morning prayer and litany at I o'clock, evening prayer at 7:3". Ul'PKIt ALTON. I'RBiiiiTmiiANCiit.'RCii.-Hov. W. II. Bradley pastor. H. H. at V:30 n. ui , J. O. Koynolds hu.n. c)ervlo»,i at I0.-ida.ui. story iJuiu(»y.iin( al 7:30 p. m., alienist" Sundays. J E. society at2:3up m. 8. E. ate.80 p. m. Prayer meet Ing, WodiH'itday, 7.16 p. m. MaruooisT ECISCOPAI. CHUBCH.—North Main slroet, Kev J. A.Large, pastor. H. H. stli:3t a. in. Preaching allU:« a. m and 7:30 p, m. Juuljr league at 3 p. m Kpwnrth league I'D votlonal incut ug at u :tu p,m. Prayer meeting Wednesday al 7:80 p. HI. followed by 8. H^ U<aclior'i merling. HAKTKTCHURCH. -Coinor of College tvenui and Seminary streul. Prukulilng aarviou at 10:14 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Hunday School al U:30 a in., Dr. R. (illwoa.Hupl. II Y P. U. meeting HID p.m. Toaohor'n mtieUug Monday, S u n. business meeting Mondsy after first Bun day, Up m. Pravor meeting 8 p^ in. The best way to avoid slokness la to keep yourself Uoaltby by Hood's Harsaparllla, tbe great blood purlllfi. , - for to saich o: :S- « of iu srf>7n or oreir i for i« tD t* c-: e raiiros-J •• - \ b'rJc. »ors or bvagre U. Thai tbe « tf&r. sisll , tt-1 ^ , tilwlil be rtty -pl: F. Porter, ff .s-.n'v^rs MW*»»' ' , *>*?' *°J£.* J ", 'toa tarr..e«» bvagre , tlwlil be rtty i oa .. from asy aod ail darawe* wt? . J> -may tapve- to per»M or pr- j-?ry by r»»*oa of tt- , ;w 'J- r J, . " tso or tae ctveratk-3 :f be «!i raU'O»--3: b.t n-.ti:.-«h r«a w;nt»Jri»d =•!:«'.; •>'?t^i'-' r •Ae said Jowph f. Porter. h> fc«sr«. »ieOT o adn'.n itrawri re*»r,»it'>forai fBtaaa »ee* which m T S ppen, <J" anw. a!^r •.ran»ferof Mch rtlfway fj hJ ttK«s».rs Ti t for aod AN ORDINANCE ENTITLED An Ordinance (Irafltlog Uoto J«s«ph F. PorUr Certain Prlvliet* 8 » nd Franchises." , AI.TOS, Iu. , October 1), IK*. To Eii? Mayor and tie Ctty Coancil of the City :— Your p«Utlon«r, th« under, aM respectfully «k yooi 1 tonoraMe bjdr to otw an ordlmwoe Kblco is h»reto at- tsched.fntltled "An Ordtnanc« granting unto J/-« -06 F. Porwr osrtaJn priTil'.-ges and fr»n- 'hi%e»;" U>e object of «*id ortl acc« being to convey a nto your petitioner the riufit to lay, construct and operate a »;re»t railway or«r aod np>n certain atreeu In the city of A'to°- «• Bianlfle ai Market (treat on tb« City Hall square and eitendir.g orer Sixth ttreel, H»nry Mreet, l 'nion «re«; and crtter stre»u to a ooan«ctlon •lib the line* of the Alton Rallw«yand Ulum n- atin« wrapany a* oo»- laid in Second "reet: »trt your [letltloner ihowi nnto yon' honorable body thai, in compliance with tae State law, be haa g-'T^r th* ten days' notice of bis ureotion to apply for tnisZraoch'so. pnbl shed In a newspaper paWltbed and printed in toe Ci'.y of Alton, and be al»o pre»ent» Herewith a petition »t*ned by lb« ownera of tbe land r>v resenting mor- than c/ne-balf of the frontage of theatre's over and along and o»on whKb it 1* proposed w build »ald street railway, wherefore your petitioner praya tail tlila f raneJilse m»y t» franted un-o hm:. and he will erer prar, etc. JOSKPH F. P'.RTK. AN ORDINANCE " •>.-, oHMNtv r. OB.v.vnsn rvi<> TKR ,-E«n:v [T.IVI.'.KOE.^ .1KI> HHS'HI-K>." lie i: ordained by the City Council of th» '' 'ity of Alton: SBTTKix 1. Tnat .Io*frph F. Porter, nf :fce City of Alton, Osuntyof Madlwn anJ B:»I* '•: Illlnoia, his Ueir«, eiecniori. a-lminis'.rators, succenaora and aaslgns, be, and he »n<l taey ?ru berebv authorized and empowered to IjJl.'J. coastfact ami operate, for the purpose of carrying pas&eogers, maiie, «i,f>s* ar.4 ligoi frelsfct, a single track etreet rail»»y, f.-selntr with ah n«-ces»ary lurnouts, curves, and switches in, along, upon and over tbe following st,-eeU in the city of Alton, to-wit: B*- gitning at or near the we»llia«of Market sireflt ' where the present track of tb« Stale atrwi <-x- tension of tne Alton Railway and lilaminatlng company intersect* said Market street; thenc- tonn on Market street over and upon the <-i- istlng line or fack of aaid Alton Railway and Illuminating company to tbe intersection or AJby atreet; thence continuing la an ea>t«riy direction in and along Sixth street in the centre of said street, or as near tne centre a« may t.* practicable, to the centre line of Henry .street: thence in a northerly direction In tbe centre hns of Henry street to a connection with tn-j present or existing lines of the said Alton Railway and I lluminulng company at or about the lnter»e<:t'on of tbe centre line ot Henry street with the centre line of Twelfth street. And also beginning at a point In Henry street about opposite tie centre line of Union atreet, tnence from mid point In an easterly direction on Uaion street to 'he nortnwonierly line of the VandaUa road; thence aoutheaaterly across the Vandalla road lo Shields atreet; thence on tiblelda ttreet to Pear atreet; inence aouth along Pear atreet to Third street; thence euterly on Tnlrd atreet to a connection with the existing llnca ol the Altoa Railway and [nominating company SB now laid In «ald Second atreet or Milton road, it being hereby understood and agreed tnat tbla franchise Is granted unto lale Joseph F. IMrter with the stipulation that any track or track" which may be laid hereonder »b»ll In no ca»e ;*.*-. H. 1 C i iVf «-fcu uu-.-j*; - f*^ 1 ^ 3 *-, (2V) years from in3 »"»r -O3! f '. donor the r Uway b«rei prjT'.iM.oT, t-,*ra rf far« 01 aald railroad, froa >=/ p>-"' tser f' to anyotb»r ro:a: thiTws, r/r irjm any I*-"., ontaid railway !o acr j>c.:t; os tb» pre*-- t Li^e* of the Aitos R»ii«rav ai'i u am.ri-Jn« company, r fr TE aay po;tt c'c be rt*etii •ines ot Ihe Aitoc Rai^iy and llla-ici..3 < ytoioypoios n tie >;!,•* n»r«ja ,,ro- r, nhallbe.ud !i *aai« !s=?rsby ?.x«d, at nit TEXTS »->- Pr&rldcH!. to»-<-rt-r. ttit •ochfi ta tra 1 •tics ne<x-fiairy role« aca rejr- :i..>Ba!4 Joseph F. PorV;r, h'« sac<.'S»3r« IM assigns; as-i :t Is ftnh?r pr-;vide-l tsss. a. tB» expfl-ition of ea!d nr^cty <»! years, tb« City Council of the ' :IT of Alw.i «ha 1 f.x tie ra</eo. fare to be chareed by aid ras'-way. prarxied. however, «i»t *a'h rsf? 'A tire tlmi and must b? reascnairle. Ss:--. 'a Tat', isy fif-tngtr irr - ir.c a: 1'c'o'iO HeTirj' street* Iron: the ea*t or. t. luor. street. Smrlag paid his fare, rta. 1 t« <=- ti led to a tracsfer for to* reit r^rJtar rar ol th'Aitcn Railway asd U;c3iiEat;n» company going north on Henry street; or any pisseoger arriving at Seooad and Marx=?t streets tn the ca'5 of 'be line nader tits'&e, saving paid Ms tare, shall be .entitled to a transfer u> tbe next regrilar car o? the Alton Railway acd TJna Jmsir.g <x>;r.p»r>y going nortn <M Market, east oa -econl • r w«s'. on St«t* street, u be may elect; hut no passenger eaa 1 be entitled to ride on bis transfer unless he lakee Use C4r;wlthin the Ilicl'a prescribed by the rules of the peracti or company urider thU ordioanc*, n*r efeall any transfer De zood for any person except the passenger for whom the original fire was paid, acd no person thall be entitled to a transtvr at more than one transfer point for a single fare. It is further agreed thit th? person or «m- piny operating under this franchise shall Honor the transfers ot tLe Alton Railway and tllumln- a'lagcompany, a» b t forth In ordinance Nil granting tbe said Alton Railway and I:- luoDintting:company certain franchises ana ex- e'slons The transfers fto bon red shall be a* aet forth In the above mentioned ordinance and under the rules of the company operating this ordinance. 8r.c. W That the said Joseph F. Port«r, his gn-i-essor* or axslsr/s, shall and must accept the te ma of this ordinance within .twenty (2H days »ft«r i s approval. and he or they «hal! «Uo within the said twenty days present to the wraptroller of tie city a certified check pay- ibis to tb>»;order of said c..ty cor, ptrollfr, said ' h«k to be drawn on pilher the Alton National bank or Ajtou Sivings bant in the sum of one thrasaod (»I,CW) dollars, and It Is agreed that in case said Joseph F. Porwr, bis successors slid assigns, should fail to complete and flnlsa t»<> construction of the railroad herein pro- SPECIAL SALE Friday and Saturday. Style 42 Ladies' Grey Corset, real value 69', special Sa ' e Style J. B. White Corset, real value Si,special sale 82' Si. Kabo White, Grey and black, sizes from 25 to jo. "$ a i.7 S c J 6 B. French Corset.white, pink and $1.2? Children's Tarns, (school hats) regular 25? hac, at 2of ,. .. » •• " 40^ jo* nr»Uel the tracks of the Alton R»IIw»y »nd II- ig comoiny, bat thit ill cars u»M on the line tSit may be balH under thU fraochUe G the line tnat may oe Dam unaer tnu irauc- •hill go and be propelled over and al >ng and upon the track or tracka of tbe Alton itailway and Illuminating company In all said etreeti where aald Alton Railway and Iltuml eating company may now have tracka, and In all other streets the said tracks snail be laid, If laid at all, with the permission and consent of the oaid Alton Railway and lilumlnat ng company, and subject to luch right u the Alton Railway and Illuminating company may hare; and It la further understood and agreed that the car* on the railway herein grant*j and provided for stall be propelled by eleotiicliy, or any other Improved motive power, exotpt steam; and It la understood and agreed thai In case aald cars are propelled by electricity that the feed wlrea carrying tbe electric current In and along Henry atreet, from Sixth atreet to Twelfth atreet, snail be placed or nung on supports or arms extended from Iron poles or masts, wt along the line of the track of said portion of said street and distant from aald track at leaat four (4) SEC. 2. That the aald Joseph F, P'.rter, b's heirs, executors, administrators, successors and asslgiu, aball have too right to mantain and operate the aald railroad over and along and upon tbe aald atreet* and exercise the aald privileges and tranchls« hereby granted for the full term of flftr (Ml yean from the going Into effect ot this ordinance. SEC. B. That the aald Joseph P. Porter, or his heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, be, and they are hereby authorized and empowered to construct and maintain all poles, wires, pipe*, towers, masta, cables, and all other suoh apparatus and appll- •nces requisite and convenient for propelling orsby electricity or any oiber motive power, except steam; provided, however, that all suoh polea, wires, cables, etc., shall b) put In and placed under tbe direction of the City Council nf the City of Alton, or such officer of the City at may be designated by tbe City Council. BEC. 4. That the said Joseph P. Porter, his heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, sball construct, maintain and op- crate bis and tbelr said railway tracks In tbe centre of the atreet mentioned and set forth In Section I of tola Ordinance, or as near the cen- tre as may bo possible, taking Into consideration dun regard for public convenience and travel thereon, and also with referen « to the building and construction of tbe necessary curves (or turnouts which may be required along said routes provided, however, that this sballnot apply to that pan of the line from tbe place of beginning to nix b atreet along tbe west side of Market street, It being understood ihsl the said line shall be on tbe west side of said street over and along the exls'lng lino or lhe>»d Alton Railway and Illuminating roo>- pany, or In place of aald track. SEC, 6. f hat the said Joseph F. Porter, his heirs, oxeoutors, administrators, successors and aaalgns, shall so construct his said railroad track or track! as to permit the free use of said streets on oach side of the said tracks, and the crossing ot vehicles over tbe same with tbe leaat possible obstruction, and In such manner as not to disturb the tree flow of water In the side and cross gutters, and sball keep In good repair the anaoe between islla and for o- e (I) foot along IDS rail* on the outside. It Is further understood and stipulated that tbe aald Joseph p. Porter In the construction ot said track shall causa tho road or street o»er ana along which the said track may be laid to be macadamized for the spaos between the rails and also tor one (I) toot on theouUld* ot said rails, and that tbe •aid macadamUIng must be done to the satisfaction ot the City Engineer and In such a manna r «v Fill prrmh viihlolM to was over and across said rails. AnJ U ID also stipulated »n-> provided that the said Joseph F. Porter, shall plank, wllbgoodandsutnalsnplank, tbe out- uda of tbe rails at whatever polnta or places 8r.c. 6. That all railway" tracks _. this frannbbM sbaE be so laid as to conform _ Ihe established grade of. th« respective s'riwla named herein, and that the Mid Joseph F. Porter, by bis aoo»ptapes of tUs Ordinance, for hlmsiTt, his hiirs, ox»cutors, Tided for within the time hereinafter mentioned and limited for the completion of tne same, that the said sum of One Thousand Dol;,in sball be forfeited to the s»ld Cit? ol Alton In case said railway IB completed within the time, then said check Is to be returned to the saidJoeephP Porter I Srx:. 17. That tho said Joseph F. Porter, hli sacceatora and assigns, shall maintain anc ' Derate the cars on said railway during each day fromfio'clock a. m. until 11 o'clock p m. from the Brat day ot May to the first day of October In each and ever}- year, and during the rest and remain erof the year said cars 6hall be operated from 8 o'clock a.m. until 10 30 o'clock p. m. Provided, however, that a failure to comply with such requirement on account of unavoidable accident to cars or ma cblnery, or a strike of his or their '.employes,, or euch other cause over which he or they have no control shall not have the effect of voiding this franchise. SEC. IS. That the said Joeeph F. Portor, his successors and asslgns.sha'.l build the said railway herein provided for withlnoneCDyear from the date of the passage of th'.s ordinance,otherwise thlsordlnanee shall be and become mil and void and all rlghu granted under It sball he forfeited to the city; Provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall prevent tbe C ty Council from extending said time of completion SEC. la. Thatfromand a'ter the accepianc* lo writing of the provisions of this ordinance, the same shall be and become a valid and bind Ing contract by and betwe*s the said City c Alton and tbe said Joseph F. Porter, his heirs executors, administrators, successors or as signs. Passed IB the City Council this day o Approved this .. dayof A. D. IBM. ATTEST: Mayor. City Clerk. side of tbe rails at w* .. . may b* upeolAeabT ">• City at any tlmt during the ixmllnuanoe of tala franonlan. . i. ...;r « roe.f tratoi administrators, •uoosasors and assigns, thi and they will, In cat* tha trade ot any si ovor and up in and along which his said road track may be oonatruoWd, shall p* b road L after cibaogi due nolle*, to tu accordant!* w. 8KC. 7. Thatw e«s»i y to more or t ,re«t rail- Tbe three -year- old boy of J. A Johnson, of Lynn Center, 111., is sub iect to attacks of croup. Mr. Johnson says be is satisfied that the timely use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, dur ing a severe attack, saved his littli boy's life. He Is in the drug business a member of tbe firm of Johnsoi Bros, of that place; and they handle a great many patent medicines to throat and lung diseases. He bad al these to chose from, and skilled pby siclans ready to respond to bis call bat selected this remedy for use in hi own family at a time when his child' life was In danger, because he knew i to be superior to any other, and fam ons the country over for ita cures o croup. Mr. Johnson says this is the best selling cough medicine tbev ban die, and that It gives splendid satis faction in all cases. Bold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. ____ A Queer f?) Mealcme. There is a medicine whose proprle tore do not claim to have discovered some hitherto unknown ingredient or that it is a cure-all. This bones medicine only claims to cure certain diseases, and that its Ingredients sr recognized by the most skilled pby sicians as being tbe best for K'due and Bladder diseases. It is Foley'a Kidney Cure. Sold by E. Marsh an 8. H. Wysa. ___ Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar- Honey acts as a balm to the lungs, cutting tb mucus, allaying tbe inflammation healing and strengthening, it wll cure a cough or a cold in one nlgb and exhilarates tbe lunga against tb Inception of disease. 26c at good drug tores. No curos|no pay_. CASTOR I A For Infants and Children. Tbe Kind You Have Always Bough Blfutaro of S. F. CONNOR Reel Estate, Insurance and Collectlof Agent. vat: Loan ; Association tirnw ill HOTEL MADISON, 4. L. DANlBUt, Pnprtotot. ••oaM w< lam* MI. AltM, 1U 47> 5 o< 6 5 / " Qffff * ( Ladies' black Kid Gloves (Foster Hook) Si value at 69' 2 X e hemmed or fringed Huck Linen Towels at»'. .of Drap De Tunis ("fleece lined) at ~,W a yard. ii.2? White Ciochet Quilt, hemmed. 89*". . $4 r6 Dress Pattern consisting of 7 yards new novelties, any style, and lining, for $$.97. $5.61 Dress Pattein consisting of 7 yards r>-/ new novel ties, any style, and linings, for 84.7? 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