The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on August 8, 1891 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1891
Page 3
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JTfr'iftfi'rilTgiV'li'lJr Tbe NstTillc Weekly Review. PWUSHBD EVERY SATURDAY BY W, N.BUROICK. Tift MB: fi .bOAYEARIN ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. —Peaches 60 cts. Ti.otna'a. per basket, nt John -We have had a little corn weather this week. —The throttling machine* will begin to hunt soon. —The only greatest show on earth (?) at Monona to-day. —Charley Korr has addition to his barn. built a largo —There seems to be real estate this week. a little lull in —A now building is south Lawler street. going up on —Harvest is practically over and stacking Is progressing. —Tho Sioux fe'lty corn palace will bo opcu from Oct. 1st to 17th. fall. -Mr. Hoy will bnild a residence this —Carpentors will have all the work they can do until snow thus. —H. O. Green is up from Toledo to spend Sunday with hit parents. —The Allamakee Co. Teachers' Institute opens a week from Monday. Tor Balel Carriages of all descriptions for sale. W. 8. WEBSTBR. —WJI . Gordon got a severe hurt a few days ago by being thrown from a buggy. Miss Anna. JBaston Instructor on tho piano and organ, Postville, Iowa. Miss Nellie H. Abbott, Teacher of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Postville, Iowa. Vor Sale! Tho house and two lots formerly owned by Dr. Brown will be sold cheap Apply to K. S. Burling. 6tf —Fresh Frnlts cheap, at 19wl JOHN THOMA'S.' —This has been an extremely bad asason at tho lake resorts out west on acoount of the extreme cold woather. The nights have been too cold for tenting. A good house and a good fire have beon far more comfortablo much of the time. —M. F. McGaheran, the Poland China swlno brooder, of Ciermont, mode us a ploasant call on Saturday. He says that there is such a demand for his pigs that It is all that he can do to save enough for exhibition At the Fayette Co. Fair. —It will be but a little oyer a month beTote school will open again. —A carload of tine Missouri watermelons cheap at John Tlioma'B. —Tho "Handy on any carriage. Top" is the best put W- S. WKDSTBII. —Mr. Sunday friends. and Mrs. J. It. Hart spent last in Waukon, the guckt of —Nearly evtrybndy have cither gone visiting or have company, "weuns" excepted. --E. Hughes hns taken hi* horse to Independence to work him on the Williams track. - Mixs Nellie Abbott will start for New York next Monday for a livo week's vacatiou. House and Lots For Sale. I offer my honso and three lots on north sido of track for sale. S. W. IIOTNTON. —A. F.. Stile* says iu a note to us that, tho farmers there are just finishing Ihn best harvest over produced In that part of the state. Small grain is*] good almost everywhere. —Nelson McGhco, of Hardin, had a bad runaway in town yesterday, seriously demoralising his carriage and harness. Elmer Marsh's little boy was In the carriage at the time and was thrown out, but miraculously escaped any serions Injury. —Fred Far'kcs' anti-prohibition Inter Ocean article is being circulated as a democratic campaign document by all tho democratic papors of the slate. And still tho Cedar Rapids Gazette is quoted by all these papers as a simon pure republican shoot. — Iho first coat of plaster has been put on the bank building and the beginning of tho end is now apparent. We want to sco this block completed, ns it will bo nn ornnmont to the town. For the Next 00 Days. I have reduced the rates of horse­ shoeing, and will reset shoes for one shilling apiece and put on new shoes for twenty-live cents apiece. TllOM. SlIOllTKKKD. —Tho Priors erected a tino monument to the memory of Jus. McKinley, at Cloimont, last week. - .'ohn Lciii presents the census with a seven lb. girl, the lirst arrival in his family. Congratulations. • W. C. Davis anil sister, of Chicago, nephew nod niece of Jas. McKweu, are visiting the luttci anil family. —Co. I starts next Monday for camp nt Waterloo. They will go to Postville by team in time to catch the afternoon train on the Burlington. --Jouronl. —MuMnster reports a big time at his "outing," and says tho crops down on the riilgo between Monona and North McGregor are better this year than they were when the county was lirst settled. —Mrs. Henry Nvwell and Miss Jessie Douglass, of Sibley, cousins of Miss Kmma hatighlin, are here visiting. —A go< (I many apples are being delivered In this market. Wo believe the price paid is 10 ets. per bushel. —It is a good thing for the farmers to get 10 cts. per dozen for eggs when the merchants have to sell tho same eggs for 12 cents, but it is not qnito so good for tho merchants or us "poor critters" who havo to buy the eggs at. 4 cts. abovo their market value. -Lime. Cement, Stucco and Plastering Hair, alwiiyK on hand and for sale. Htf P. J. ItKtrciiKii, Drayman. - Howard County Fair, at Creseo, Iowa, Sept. 1, 2, 8 mid 4. *7,600 iu premiums and purses. Gre.tter than evert —There will be a Pie social held at tho residence of W. A. Owen, Friday evening, Aug. 14, for the uenctit of Rev. Schcli, to which nil are cordially invited. Kach lady is requested to bring a pie. — lli.ving recently purchased a monument from Prior, of Postyille, I take pleasure in rccotumoudiiig them to all who need anything In their line. J. II. IlUS.U'KElt. Postville, lo., July 2<J, 18<)l. —The lightning rod li-inds .ire abroad in the land, and several farmers In '.Ills vicinity have been taken in and done for. Will the people never learn to have nothing to do with these traveling swindlers? Short-Born Bulla For Bale. Four pedigreed sliotl-horn bulls for sale cheap. One is eighteen months old, the others youngor. Three miles southeast of Postville. 13ni0 P. COIICOUAS*. —An instructive feature at the coming Fair, at Crcsco, Iowa, will bo tho Oil Well as exhibited by the Standard Oil Co. Tho display will be a fac simile of what is to bo seen in tho oil regions of Pennsylvania. This unparalleled offer has never been given except at the Stato Fair last year, whero It is to be exhibited again by special request. Go and t>cc it. List of Letters remaining uncalled for in the pnstolTice at Postvtfl.1. lown, July 31, 181)1. Parties calling for any of them will please say "Advertised:" Edwin Govler, Sarah Henderson, II. Koutz, Otto Klesaw, Annie Llnderbaum, Viuco Luke. Fred Miller, Gertie McClinlock, I,llv Mathis, I. C. Morrill, Dr. J. A. Nel'll, F. A. Pond. Dr. Itain- shaw, Fred Shcllhamor, M. N. Webster, Rosa Waters. POSTALS :—Clara Limbeck 2. JAS . Punnr, P. M. —News arrived horo last Saturday of the death in California, of C. A. Loitli- old, former sheriff of Allamakee county. Wo had lost truck of him, the last news from him placing him at Winn* peg. We believe consumption was the cause of his death. Whatevor may have been his faults (and wo all have them) he is at rest now, and the mantle of charily should be gently folded over his slumbering dust. — L. D. Alward came up on Tuesday and will remain a few days. - He attended the Courson family reunion at Clarion. ' — Shorlff Mincrt was over from the •hub" on Monday. Likewise Deputy Clerk Fisher. Wo are indebted for shcrt calls. - A hoy by the name of Hopporstad was killed by lightning near Kidgoway whHo sitting on a harvester, during tho storm Saturday. • -Headquarters for Axle Grease, (iaso'.lne. Lard. Caitor, Ulack and all ot the leading hranits of Machine Oils, at Waters oYNluolny'a. —Mrs. Hanks ottered J. M. Harris *;1,00(» for his residence and grounds, we understand, but he refused it. It is a good price but it is a lino place, and will probably bring more money by dividing it up. —Thoro will be an Ico Cream Festival at the residence, of A. D. Cook, in Bethel, on Tuesday evening, Aug. 11th A cordial invitation is extended to all, aud arrangements arc being made for a general gooc' time. —At the Howard County Fair, Mad am McDonald will drive Eight Blooded Horses, harnessed to Roman Chariots, nt full speed. This Is one of the most wonderful attractions ever exhibited on a raco track. Don't full lo see it. Excursions. For tho annual oncampmcnt of Vet era ns of the U. S., to bo held in Mimic npolis, Aug 24 to 29. excursion tickets will bo sold at one fare for tho round trip. Will sell Aug. 23 and 24, good to return Aug. 2!) and 30 only. For Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias, held at Sioux City, Aug. 11 to 16. Will sell tickets at ooo fare for round trip. Sell Aug. 10 to 12, good to return until Aug. 16. M. E. TALCOTT, - -Wo are glad to be informed that Mrs. E. T. Henderson is Improving in health in her sninmor resort up in tho ' peninsula of Michigan. —Tho season of county and stato fairs will soon bo upon us. It is time lo be deciding where you will go and what you will take to exhibit. —Farmers' Running Race, at tho Howard County Fair. Purse of #150.00 offered. For particulars address, Robt. Thompson, Sec'y, Crcsco, Iowa. —Mrs. Wu. Moll went to Charles City on Wednesday as a dele}"*** -to some missionary, meeting. Sno will visit at Garner before her return. - I wish to announce to my class and the public that I shall bo absent on a vacatlun until Sept. U'lli, aftet which I shall bo prepared to continue Instruction in vocal aud instrumental music. NKI,LIE H. ABBOTT. Headquarter* for Machine Oils. The brick drug sloro as usual is headquartors for machine oils' of all kinds. We guarantee the quality to be the best and prices the lowest. Dou't buy a gallon of oil until you come iu aud examine our oils. 15tf R. N. DOUGLASS. —Burglaries are not confined to tho small towns. Last Sunday morning a store on Main St., Dubuque, was bur­ glarised aud the safe blowu open. —The big saw mill at Prairlo du Chieu. owned by Staucr & Dsnbonbor. get has shut down permanently and the plant Is sifferod tor sale at •60,600. - 4-Wi regret to aunounoe tho doath of Mrs. Seldon Candee, of Luana, which* occurred last Sunday, after long Illness, She was burled onTucs day. —T. J}. Etwton was down Monday making only a brieteall on his many irltwds. He reports business good and Q«rw>»wlng, Small grain I* good ||»j(»t •verywbero >v-(Tonn Crosby hat now got oueof stores in JtMtJipodoQ. TJie WpMrs are all com. New Dental Booms. Dr. Will Cole has opened a dental office over the harness store in the brick blook, where he may be found on Tuosday and Wednesday of each week, where he invites the public to call when wanting Jirst-class work done In his line, Beunion ol the 27th. Next Tuesday commences tho reun Ion of the 27th regiment at Monona II will be a rig time for our neighboring town ana they will doubtless have the largest crowd they have evor had. A good many of our people as woll as our old soldiers will go down and rejoice with thorn ard with the old ve nrans. We havo no doubt but Monona will do hersolf proud In tho ontertain ment of her guests. -E. T. Honderson has threshed his barley and It shelled out 44 bushels to tho aoro of a good quality except that It was colored a little, as it noaily always is here. The price of barley has not boon Axed as yot, as tho market is not opened, but it will not bo less than 60 cents. There is no 67 cents an nuro loss on this crop. Thousands of dollars will roll into the poekets of tho farmers around Postville for this crop In a few days, a* there Is a very large acreage here this yoar. -Since the publication ot our last list, two weeks ago, we have received cash on subscription, either from tho parties namod below or their friends, who. send them the paper. Many thanks: H. French, H. A. Garms, Ed. Prior, D. A. Murphy, J. W. Harris, Hi Taylor, J. E. Sheeny, Jas, Btray Straws. MK. EDITOR:-AS I am lying la bed and l.ave beon most of the lime for three weeks and am likely to be here two"or three weeks more, I will write a , few stray straws from Bethel and vicinity. Thoro is good pasture for stock. AH kinds"of frnlt look very lino and lots of It. jjolin Haniuicl, Jr. and your humble servant have built hay sheds. . The harvester is heard on every hand. Oats are a very heavy crop and good quality. Mrs. Laura Hays, of Mnnkato. Minn., Is _ hero keeping houso for her father, Mr. J. Mottlthrop. A. B. Cook has built a now barn and rcshingled his house and did some other repairing on the same insldo. Mrs. F. A. Nowvlllc, wife of Rev. F. ( A. Kewville, of Colesburg, is hore visiting her brother-in-law, J. A. Newvllle and family. Esq. Swenson hnd about 350 bushels of barley, 100 bushels of wheat and 200 or 300 bu.hols of rye threshed last week of good quality. Early planted corn is looking very line. One of my neighbors says his corn has from live to seven ears set on evory sulk, or nearly so. Our S. S. is iu a living condition with a very good attendance of the older people and a largo attendnnco of children for a country church. Mrs. E. Llttlo and two children, of Janesville, Wis., are visiting at father and grandfather P. M. TorriU's, nod other friends and relatives. There has boon about $£0 worth of papering doue on the inside of the church, which makes it look very tine. Mr. While, of Volga City, did the work. Remember the sociable at A. B. Cook's not 'J'uosday evening, for the purpose of raising the balance of tho money to pay for repapering of the church. Bees did very little until basswood bloom, which lasted about two weeks. Some of our best swarms made fifty lbs. of section honey in that time. They havo been doing very well slnco thai on white clover. The preaching sorvlco, which occurs every two weeks, is very well attended' and what mutt bo encotiragiug to tho pastor. Rev. C. F. Schell, we koop him payod up on salary through the untiring effort of our stewards, Mr. George Waters and Miss Olive Smith. Mrs. Lizzie Riddle, of Nob., and Mrs. M. J. Patterson, of Dcs Moines, have been visiting rolatives and friends hereabout for ilwce weeks ir nioro. They intended having a lamily reunion, but on account of their brother, Roy. R. Laughliu. of Cedar Rapids, being sick there was one vacant chair. A gang of RatcliftVs bridge builders, led by Tim Layolle, hayo just completed a bridge on the site of the black bridge, across Yellow river, near Charley Doering's, and are now at work building one across Williams Run, near my place, at n ciossing known as the diy ford, on section 14. If I rcmomber right tho black bridge montloned above lias been built only 11 or 12 years. Is this the average length of time such bridges last? If so would It not bo far better for the county to build iron brldgos to commence withP Wishing you and your readers long life and prosperity, 1 remain, your* as OUR • WHOLESALE • PRICES! DRY GOODS. Best Standard Dress Calico, all the n ew styles. 42c EKAH. IN XEMOBIAM. Mrs. Carolina Nelson, wifo of Halvor Nelson, died on Friday, July 24th, at their old home in Clayton Co., aged 63 years. Slio was marrlod In 1855. Ever since her marriage she has been a resident of Clayton Co. P. (I. Nelson, of Canton S. D. ; Hotcr and Henry H. Nelson, of Nora Springs, lo.; and Mrs. Johnson, of Forest City, lo., were present to comfort tho last earthly moments of a dear mother and sister. Mrs. Nelson was loved and respected by the people of this community for her charity and christian hospitality, and her remains were followed to their linal resting plaoe by a largo concourse of sorrowing friends. ,*, COFFEE KILLS OERMS. per yard. Apron Ceeck G-ingham, good quality, 5c per yd. LL Brown Muslin, best quality, yd -wide, by bolt, 5c per yard. PepperalR Sheeting, yd wide, by bolt, 6io per yard. Best Standard Heavy Muslin made, yd wide, by bolt, 6iQ per yd. Lonsdale Bleaohed Muslin, yd wide, by bolt, 7?c per yard. Fruit of the Loom, yd wide, by bolt, 73c per yard. Amoskeag A. C- A. Tick, best quality, 14c yd. Heavy 8 oz Twilled Blue or Brown Denim, best qualiiy, 13 Jo yd. We : have a large line of Black Grenadine, all fast color.^from 10 to 25c yd. A-speoial bargain in fine figured Dre'ss Chambray at lOo yd, worth 15 to 20c. WHITE GOODS. It is by our Low Prices that we hope to get your trade. White Corded Pique, great bargain at 4o yd. White Checked Pique, 4i, 8,10,124,15 and 20c. White India Linen, 74,10,124,15, 20 and 224c. Black India Linen, color warranted fast, 15, 20 and 25c. White Embroidery Flouncing, in India linen, .beautifully hemstitched, at striking bargains, 324, 40, 50, 65, 70, 76 to 974c, and great values in black, warranted fast oolors, 50, 75c and up. EMBROIDERIES. We bought a large quantity of Embroidery, at a^ large discount, direct from an importer who is going^ out of business and give the benefit to our customer's.' Nioe narrow Embroidery at 1, 2, 24, 3, 4, 4 l -2o' Good width Embroidery at 5, 6, 7, 7 1-2, 8c. .. Extra wide and great values and worth 50 per cent.' more money at 10,, 12 3 -2, 15, 18, 20, 25 and 30c' LACES:—Wo have line Black Silk Laco, good wide nal'.eins, 10, 1.1, 20, 2'ic and up, and line hand made (iitlmpmc all Silk Lace, only '-'5c. White Laces in an endless variety from 1c yard up. HOSIERY: Tho great values thai we have for the money will surprise yon. Children's, Misses', Women's anil Men's Hose, at flc a pair. (Sreal bargains in Black and Colors nt 8 and lOe. . Women's Heavy Black Ribbed Hose, only 8 am) 10e. n pair, worth double lln> ( money. A full linn of Seamless lloso. in solid black, all fast color, at only 15*i a pair Men's Uoekford Socks, heavy weight, 8 and 10c * pair. CURTAIN LACE. Scrim Curtain, full width onlv !!{c yd. Fine Curtain Lace, full scallop, odge and both edges bound, at oulj' 12Jc yd. Wo bought a lot of Lace Curtains by, the pair at a closing out sale at a largo discount from manufacturers' prices aiil ( will give our customors the benelit. So hero they go:—Nice Laco Curtains at r.Oc a pair, worth 75c. Nico Laco Curtains at 75c a pair, worth 1.00 to 1.25. (ircat Bargains at 1.00 and 1.25. worth 1.60 lo 2.50. MISCELLANEOUS. Men's Dornot Flannel Shirts. 25, 30, 46, 50, 05 and 76c, up,to 1.50. Men's Wool Hals, 85c. Boys' Straw Hats, 3c caih. Womon's, MISSOB ', and |Chil», dren's Gauze Underwear at 10c each. Men's Gauzo Undershirts at 20c. Heavy Drill Drawers 25c each. Our store isiftall of Bargains and we are doing our very best to benefit our customers by selling the best' goods for the least possible money. « T H T3 T> A Brick Store-South Side Town. J - W- WAttU « WW. Remodeling Sale! Katie B. Corcoran, John Tboma, Dr. J. E. Green, A. E. S'iles, 8. A. Harris, Hart McLean, R. Reiser, L. Fleming. ' 'at VoatYilU aUMaXUl. The, undersigned having purchased the Postville Steam Mills formerly own- ad and operated by Hiram Dresser, prepared to do Sawing, Planing, Grinding Feed, Scroll 8awing ana Turning, at reasonable rates. Planing and grinding, Monday of each week. Your patron ago solicited. E. D. STILES. A Oood Farm Vor Bale. Containing 112 acres, (nil good farming land) living water, convenient to sohool, good roads, iu a good neighbor hood, three mllos south'from Castalla. For full particulars Inquire of B. J>. Heoker, Postville; A. \T. Krauar, Cas- talin; or the undersigned on the premises. 19iu2 ' DANIRL OAUAIAN. •' 1 I II . II *il I 1 •••• "T -A oheap au«i pleasant excursion it on llie tapis for next Tuesday. A train wjll run, to McGregor In the, nipmlpg and inert the exoMriidniste will »» k « mnA trlpi liioiiMMs itnai^^brJ#| —Hi Taylor writes us that tlmos In Nebraska have been very hard as a rosnlt of last' yaar'a erop failure. He says erops are splendid this year, but it will take them about all to pay up last year's debts. Much of the land, is rented for *aih root and as nothing was raised or paid last year they hare two year's rent and two year's expenses to pay this yw. The granger logisla tion of last year also tended lo cripple the state. We are glad to note that ho Is enthusiastic for Blaine and reciprocity, and republicanism generally. Varm Tor Sale. A farm consisting of 280 aores-340 under-eultlf alloe and 40 aoier of tin ber. Will aell the farm without the timber if detired. Good bouse, barn and outbuildings on the farm. Penned in 80.'.wr* Jots, v Well, watered by a number of large springs. A splendid Jarin t in *ye($ particular, Situated,;*^ wUVi,,(K»«ihV«»t pt CaajMia and southeastOi^an, Ofliy Ifr, Mtygg; aouth of Military roart^jnd good road Th. Bto.llll of Typhoid F«v «r, Cholera, Ait., Sueoamli lo lt» Power. Coffee has disinfectant propertlos. Only recently n certain Dr. LuderlU, has stuf iod in detail the gorm-kllllng action ot ooffee Infusion. Using by no means strong infusions, ho showed that a certain harmless uilorocoocue germ dies in 10 per cent, ooffee,' volu­ tion in from three to five days. The' bacillus ot typhoid fever perished'in from one to throe days under, ooffee influence, and the cholera bacillus In from three to four hours. The germ of anthrax or splonlo fever died In from two to three hours; but the spores of young forms of tho latter germ perished In from two to four weeks only. These latter rosults speak well for tho power ot - ooffee us a gormloldo, for anthrax germs and spores are by no means easy to scotch or kill. Possibly' after these revelations coffee administered internally, may ba utilised as a remedy for germ-produced diseases^ As it U, its virtues ai a reviver and ••plek-me-up" have long been appreciated outsldo the medloal world. NOT one day but EVERY DAY until room is finished. Early buyers receive the best bar gains. Gome before the stock is gone. This is no advertising dodge, but a Genuine Sale to save removing goods. Come in and get our prices and it will prove itself. JOHN CROSBY. LUMBER W. This is to remind you thai Iho best and cheapest line of Uocds in the market to-day is found with us, and wo desire vou to examlno the same which will proyo to you without further remarks the truth of our assertion. OrTS^rS- £Z CO,, THE JEWELERS. LADIES' GOLD WATCHES, GENT'S GOLD WATCHES, BRACELETS, BANGLES, BAR PINS, BEAD NECKS, CROSSES, CHARMS, CHAINS, CHAIN MOUNTINGS, OUPP PINS, CHATELAINE PINS, EARRINGS, GARTERS, GLOVE BUTTONERS, JERSEY PINS, LOCKETS, MOUNT HOPE BUTTONS, NECK CHAINS, SCARP PINS, GOLD SPECTACLES. CALL AND SEE US. <ss oo. Satisfaction Is guaranteed i".,.t.\ every nalb> and those persons who are the . most v difficult to please WO .' feel. » urn will not hesitate to , pronounce this as a . faol that ,^..^ everything la •' of quijtty., .) represented and> will atapd the, teat of wear. S. F. GMTON. A complete and fall stock of Lumber, Lath, Shin gles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling, oak, ash and ^Dxaplft; Flooring. i", VMiiftTti9 .8 ^fendink to do any building the coming frtiogifii^^ interest by obtaining figuj^f|j0^^ to filling bills. SIS* r.- : i llnvitetf you to come and; inspect his' mammbtu^ n«# stools of jSirniture. Bverythi»gf^thb-JMof^GM^-. pets, Curtis,; Oli^ro.43ef

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