Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 5, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 5, 1898
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SIXTY-THIRD YEAR. (BHatllrtrfJBBMMT !4, ALTON, ILL., SATURDAY, NOV. f, 1898. TEN CENTS PER WEEK Put Your 66 Ads The Cause of Disease WHY A URGE MAJORITY OF WOMEN ARE UNHEALTHY. ^suits—that M ©sums in Carelessness and mumuiu,.-- ». --•-, ^-- n Undermining the Health of Many Women this may be Overcome. m now From the GrapM Careleiinm and indifference to daily habits >nd duties have maile many women weak ami uulieallliy. A Urge majority lire iMigiiiu peevish, sallow, no appetite, full of aeboi, and mins and generally out of »orU. All of these illmeuts if not attended to promptly, lend to serious •parkle in her eyei, which, with her pliii--. form all nrove that » h« Is i» g«.H>d health. A yea "ago Ml«iI Snider did not look this way. dhe was vcty^ thin, lier cheeks were pale, her%y«s sunken and dull. Hhe way tr««bleJ with nervousness ami peneral deb, llv. I had been sick some ihinac my life," *" f . m j'i "but not any more than the average girl, and was considered strong and healthy. . "I had prepared In tench w.hool, but became £ rfm 'down tlml 1 did not fed like teachinit and gave up my school before the em opened. I disliked to do this, but my raoU-er and physletan urned that tliiii was the proper tung to do, especially if I wantec o av P eTa spell Sf sick.,™. I beinui to grow pale weak, lost several pounds of flesh, wit stupid, and had no ambition. "My appetite began failing. N ."T (1 "" 1 dainty• dishes were prepared for me, but Dies did not tempt me. Muny times I was hungry .ml would try to eat because 1 knew I WK Sfmolt sUJvitlg, butthe food refuse J to remai on my stomach. ,tMllt,Jnd. My blood was In a bad condition, hating ecome thin and watery. After several loiilbs' treatment from the family physician eeaw be could not do me any good. "We then tried some proprietary medicines, think I tried admen difl'erent kinds, recom- iiendeil for micli troubles, but none did me any good. 1 wns discouraged and did not tnow whut to do. . . "One day 1 read an item in a paper of the wonderful curative <i«allties of Dr. Williams' •Ink i'ills for I'ale People. Shortly after hat a neighbor came in am] told roe about ier experience with these pills and how they " I linallv Iriwl the medicine, and when nearly through with the second box noticed » change tor the better in my condition, ana after I had laken eight boicn I was cureil. nnd have had no occasion to take any kind of medicine since, i fee that I owe considerable („ Or. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, probably my life, and I advise any one sutler. ItiE with troubles similar to mine, to take these pills " Miss HA/EI, SNIDKB. Suliwrl'lied and sworn lo before me this third day of January, 1808. SMITH WILLIAMS, JVoforw PuMie. Forall forms of weakness, aapeeific is found in these pills. The blood is vitalized and becomes pregnant with the elements ot life. The nervous system is reorganized, all irreju. larities are corrected, strength returns and dine»«« disappears. So remarkable have beeu the cures performed by these little pills that wherever you gu you will find the most important article in every drug store to be l)r. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. . DON'T MISS THE MODELS Sacrifice Sale eor. 3d and Piasa sts. 7. W> BURGESS, Spices, Fine Teas and Coffees, etc. Free Delivery to any Part of the City. Telephone 69. TERMS ARE REFUSED, Spaniards Decline to Give Up the Philippines. KKUOTIATIOJi.H NOT IHWKKX OFF. Joint <;iimiiil«Mnn AilJ •«» Until Twes- ,|i, y _Tlm VnllFil Slnt<j» <l«Teriim«nl I'leimrc.l for Any Turn III* Negotiations Miiy TuU»—Nnvy »"<' Army Heftcly for Iimtnnl Artlnn—B|innl«li «•''«« '"»» l>np " lu Hli'ii—t'liliuii I'lilltlrnl rrlmiimrs. J'arlK. Nov. (".—Tlio Joint HPsnl'pii of the |ifi«-<; i.'imunlBKlonot'H liisluil two linui-s. The HimiilnnlK refused tin- pi'o»<itUH(ii\ iniuV- by tlio Amr-rU-iinn or. Monday Innt, lull tin 1 ni'Boliatlons woiv not lii-ulu'ii off. Wlillt! It I* liclk-vpd tluit no rnriiiiil cnuntfr propo»ltiun wn« nmrtr, tin-re wrip n dlsrurnlrm or th.- I'lilllpiiino qui'sllDii oiitHldc the lines of the Ami'Hi'Uii inopositioiis. The cnni- mlssl'ins tli"ii uiljoui'ii'''!] ni' 111 Tursrtay next. * Washington, Nov. S.—The ailministra- tlon is [nvaitlrs i-eKUlts from the peure conimlfHlnn with i-qunnlmlty, in the re- iiliMtion lluit till! Roveninient Is perfectly well prepared for nny turn the negotiations may take. The nnyy especially is In 11 Ktntf <>t preparedness, should It c-ome to a resumption of hos- tiltlies, far In advance of Us condition at the outbreak of the war. One by one all Die splendid flKhUns machines of the north Atlantlr squadron which had been brought north at the earliest moment were docked, ('leaned and thoroughly refitted at the New York and Norfolk navy yards. Ilcml.v (or limlnnl .Service. Their ammunition supplies were replenished and they are now with possibly one or two exceptions, ready for instant service In almost any quarter of the globe. Admiral'Dewey has taken ccnslderulile precautions in the eases of his own vessels, bavins despatched them one by one Ui the big British docks at Hong- Rons, where they have been placed in as good condition as possible outside ipf our home ports. Secretary I.OMS has prudently declined to part with the numerous fleet of auxiliary vessels acquired hy the government Just prior to and during the war. These were all inspected by a technical board which found that a number of them were not particularly adapted to navy uses but the secretary concludes that these vessels are still sufficiently serviceable for pMiiergency uses and accordingly kept them In condition to be commissioned at short notice. Tlie United Nliittm Army. As far as the army is concerned, while the original force of nearly a quarter of a million nn-n called Into service by the president has been largely diminished by the mustering out ot many regiments and organizations, it is the opinion of expert military officers that the army as a whole is really a more formidable weapon now than It was at any period during the war. This apparently paradoxical statement Is explained by the fact tha. such of the troops as are now In the service have had the discipline of several months' hard training;. The start corps have cured many of the evils from which they suffered during the war, and are prepared to move troops with rapidity, with due care for their health, and for their adequate rationing during any campaign that might be expected. In fact all branches of the military and naval service protited by the experience of the war and arc now, as previously stated, in better shape than ever before. Sl'AMSH FLAfi AT WASHINGTON. Royal makes the food pure, wholefoue «nd dttlclou*. The Sirdar Receives a Great Ovation in London. is riiKSi:NTi;i> WITH A swoiui. POWDER Absolutely Pure (WML P3APXINQ POWDFR C1.. .<GW ,OHK. s. Admiral Dewey will have a fot- nililublc Meet, probably second In offensive power to only one Kuropi-an rm- llon. namely England. In eastern wn- U r«. It Is nut believed, however, that he will have need of all this force, and be doubtless will be alile to spare some of the vessels which may be 111 need of repair to return to Mare Island. Filipinos SHU Levying Tribute. Pan Francisco. Nov. 5.—A special from Manila says: The Insurgents are «tlll collecting tribute from residents of Manila and it seems almost Impossible to check them. Almost at the doors of the headquarters of the First Colorado R rebel recruiting station and court yp/ere discovered. Four young natives drafted into the rebel army refused to RO and they were placed under arrest and an effort made to take them by force. The entire staff at the rebtl headquarters was arrested for abduction, and it was then learned tha.t some preposterous fines had been levied on two Chinese by the court. The rebel officers are on trial before Colonel Charles Jewell in the provost court and will be severely dealt with. General Wlieelur at Huulivllle. Mobile, Ala., Nov. 6.—General Joseph Wheeler and start, consisting of Captain J. K. Thompson, aide; Major K. S. Turrell. surgeon, and Major Charles C. Penny, chief quartermaster, arrived from Himtsville, and were met by a committee. The party joined the Mobile and Ohio officials, mayor and local military officers on a private car to Citroneile, where General Wheeler will inspect the proposed site of the army sanitarium. The progress of the general through the streets was a continuous ovation. From the car he made a short address. Here is one of those who are either so prejudiced against all advertised remedies, or have become discouraged at the failure of other medicines to help them, and who will succumb to the grim destroyer without knowing of the wonderful value of Foley s Honey and Tar for all Throat and Lung troubles. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. You will find all tbe BEST REMEDIES" -At— Marsh's Drug Store. You might Uka to try our Snuff for cold la tha head, or Powder lor an »11 over you cold. Licensed J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Undertaken tod Embalmers. feeond Street. Oppult* City Mall. l AUon - m It Wn» tlio First One Iluiilnd Down by Our Boya in Porto Hlco, Washington, Nov. 6.—A torn and \veutlier-stalned Spanish ling was received at the navy department bearing thi} following Inscription: "The first Spanish flag hauled down in Porto Rico by United States forces. On July 25, 18H8, the Gloucester, lieutenant Commander Walnwriglit, IT. S. N., commanding, steumed Into Guanuea liai'lmr and landed a force of twenty scum»n under the command of Lieutenant Hurry P. Muse. U. N. N. ThlH Hug was hauled down and the United States ensign holstc-d In its place. After n sharp skirmish in which tour of the enemy were killed, the village was captured urn! held by the seamen force until relieved nil hour Inter by the landing of army regulars." For TrHii»|ml'H"K Troiipli lo Cuba. Washington. Nov. 5.—The quartermaster's department of the army has begun making arrangements for the shipment of General Carpenter's brigade to the province of Puerto Prin- cll.e. The ports along the north coast of Cuba, where troops must be landeJ for this province, are none the best. Jt In probable that NtievllnH will be selected IIH the place of landing, but the transport)! will not be able lo «et within ten miles of the port and the troops and supplies must be all landed with lighters. The troops are to be In Puerto Principe on the 2:'d, and It will !w necessary to have the transports ready some days In advance of that dute. It [« Intended to have the troops embark at Savannah. CiilmilPt from Ceiila I'rUon. New York, Nov. f>.—Seventeen Cubans from the Spanish military prison of CVuta In Africa, havu arrived from Gibraltar on the steamship Kaiser Wll- helin II They hud been sentenced to terms vurylng from thirty years to life imprisonment for taking part In the Cuban Insurrection. They wore released by Iho Spanish just ufter the signing of the protocol. Their expenses to this port were paid by the United States. Ail but one of them will be sent to Culm He Is Fernandez Sierra, an American clllxei'. More than 400 other Cuban political prisoners ut Ceuta will ln> released and returned to Cuba at the expense of the United Stales. Win- Vfunoli <>»' I" 1 ' Mniilln. Washington, Nov. 0.--Admiral Hunce U-!e;rraphcd the navy department that the crluser HutTalo, Commander Hemphill hud unlled ut noon for the Philippines via Biicz. The gunboiU Helena also sailed for the same destination. With these lucesHloiiH coming Immediately upon the heels of Captain Marker's miuudron of battleships and col- To Urine Home the Dead. Washington, Nov. r,.—The work o.£ removing the liodlen "f all government soldiers burled In Culm, Porto Rico and Manila will begin In a few weeks. The expense of the task will be borne entirely by the government. It appears that notwithstanding strict orders and the extraordinary precautions taken, many bodies occupy unknown graves before Santiago. In cases where the names of Ihe dead are unknown the bodies will be buried in national cemeteries, unless the states which the dead represents in the service demand them. Tlilnl IlHinils Starts Home. Ponce, Porto nico, Nov. B.-The United States transport Roumanian with the Third Illinois regiment on board has sailed from_thla port for New York. ARRESTED AT Till SOX DOOH. DUclmrgfiil Mail Will -Now »e I'rosemili'tl by Illii Siii'ftlen. Kansas City, Nov. 5.—A special from Jefferson City, Mo., says: James H. Aldrich, who was sent to the penitentiary here in 1897, to serve a two years' sentence for stealing $27,000 from the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis railway, whose paymaster and cashier he was for years, was released. Ills term having expired under the good behavior rule. He was Immediately veal-routed on u warrant sworn out by the American Surety company, who had gone nn his bond and v^re compelled to make good his short ai,». Aldrich's sentence just served was pronounced on but oi.e nf Ihe three indictments found against him ou the same count. The mii-eiy company will push the case asulnst him on the other two Indictments. Aldrich took bis arrest coolly. On bis nrrivul In Kansas City it Is said that bull will lie furnished by wealthy friends, who will also im-nlnh money tn light bis caso. Aldrich, who is tt years nf uge. was well and favorably known f»r years both in club and business circles in Kansas City, where he has a wife nnd child. Tent «.'n»« HeliiB Heard. Ottawa, Ilia.. Nov. Hlam-h- ard has Inken under advisemenl the $30000 insurance ruse of the U. II. Ile'i'iian company iitfaiiiKl the Niagara Fin- Insurance rmiipuny nf New Vnrk et ill in the circuit court. The i ase I? made a test case Inv.ilving the question whether or not the fixtures of a store are real estate nr personal property in Illinois. In tills case the D. 11. Heenan company contends that they were a part of I lie building ami therefore real estate. The other companies will abide by the decision of Hie courl of last resort. Klllxd Ipy a Hwlln- Kx|itn»loil. Oil City, Pa., Nnv. 5.-Uy the expln- Birii »f " new boiler at the Oil City boiler works shortly before noon two men were killed, two fatally injured und a dozen more slightly hurl. The klllea are ChurleB McCluKkey and John Frawlcy. The Injtired are M. J. <Hd- dess bolh legs broken and Injured In- Urimlly, and IJciinls Mc.Mahoii, Injuivrl Internally. The oihci.s were bruised and cut by MyliiK debris, Iput none were Bcrlnusly hurt. The bnller was of twen- ly.llvu hdise-imwcr, and was hclnp Icylcd when it exploded. I'uvl-rl.v l.rmlH I" I'liUim. Cleveland, Nnv. 5.--1'ovcriy and a dark oullook fur Ihe future i-iiUf-d a Bray-haired »bl man to take his IIIV In u room al the Jeffei-KOii InHel. When the body was examined a not'' «"•>» found Kiiylrts: "Tn Mverybndy: My name IB Smith. H™ss moldcr by trade. I.ive In lloston. out "f wnili. Uavo up the IlKlll. Let Ihe K" IV1 ' dluger do Hie rent." He reulslere.l UK J.plin J"n-s Illld !••••••:• Med llHll I"' \<>' UllnWi"! In »,,'Cp ill ll>e Ilionilim. The old IIUIU gtrreUnr till- C'lly Crnwrtnl "lib J>onl* lo Wllinwn Hie •lenernl'* I'rogreii* Tn- •niird fjnlld Hull, Where Hie C«r«mnnle« Took 1-lHfc—Th« Kliilllln>Tlil-p»tcnlil(f lleply In ii MeMime from SI«Jor M«ri:li- anil—llwIriucri-a'O'oii or Ilin rhlneftr. London, Nov. a..-The streets of the clly were crowilrd all Hie morning, an Immense number of people .seeking 10 witness General Kitchener's triumphal proKi-ecH to the Guild Hall to reeclve Ihe freedom of the city of London and the sword of honor presented to him In recognition of his defeat of the dervishes at Omdiiriniin. The general received a great ovation us. accompanied by three nldes-de-ramp <>nd dresm-d in full general's uniform with the Kgyp- tian snsb. he drove through the Rtreet«. At Ihe Guild Hull there was the quaintest kind of n ceremony, which was witnessed by some :f,'pOO spectators, chiefly city dignitaries and (heir families, though Lord Kosebery and Lord Salisbury, the lord chancellor, and a few- other notabilities were present. sword of Honor Presented. There was a scene of great enthusiasm when General Kitchener took, hla place on the dais by the side of the lord mayor, Mr. Horatio David Davlea. The clerk then read a document setting forth that citizens, one described as a butcher, one as a barber and one as a stationer, had declared the general to be a fit and proper person, In presenting the sword of honor the lord mayor read an address in which he said this honor was only reserved for England's greatest sons. General Kitchener, in replying, expressed his deep and heartfelt thanks and said the success of the campaign was due not only to the oneness of purpose and cheerful spirit of determination, but to the master mind ot Loj-d Cromer (the British agent in F.gypO. under whose able direction, the "sirdar asserted, the Soudan had been re-conquered. RKADV TO KIIX ANOTHKB »1)OC." The Kliullf* Semi* a Significant Iteply to Mart-hand. New Tori?, Nov. 5.—A dispatch from London says: A story of the greatest gravity, circulating among persons in touch with official quarters, alleges that when Mart-hand reached Fashoda he sent two messengers with three French flags to the khalifa and a letter saying If the khalifa hoisted these. Hogs at Omdurman ho would be under the uro- tectlon ot the "great French nation" and the British would not fire on him. The khalifa replied that two British "dogs" had attacked Soudan; one "dog" named Gordon had been killed, while the other "dog" named Kitchener he was about to kill. He would then wipe out the French. Both of these letters and the three Hags are said to have been captured by the sirdar's officers. If this he confirmed, it' is obvious that public opinion here will be Inflamed at the discovery of the fact that a French agent offered protection to the khalifa while the French government congratulated the British government on a victory for the sake of civilization. nt riimpncisMmuH. IKIS nonn nrroslen owing t" III'- publication In lliat pr.-rlnd- Icttl "f n poem eniltled "In the Holy Land," Ironlially coimraliilntlnR Palestine upon receiving such august visitors ns lh«- cmporor nnd empress of Germany, and saying "Golgotha will he able to lionet ""I only of hen ring the last words from the CI-.PSS but the first of F.mneror William's." _ I'miK-l* .loHi'ph .Mii.v IVi-il. Parls. N:iv. "i.--The report Hint Km- poror FI-IIIK-I!" Joseph mnt»mplatos n second m.'irriiiRe Is ci cat Ing n sensation. The Inforii'iitlon is mid to come direct from Hi" Austrbin court, nnd cnn be ri-lled upon. The An-hdm-IK-SH Mnrle Thcres". daiiehl'.'i- of Don Miguel, is mid to !»• Hie favored one- In his majesty's eyes, ninl stands the beet chance r,f mountluK the AiistrlJin throne. T«, 111' Mnrti- .\iiilm»«inl»r». London. Nov. .">.- The Vienna corre- Kpnndent of The Hlandnrd says that official neRipliallonR are about lo In. opened betwer-n Hie I'nilcd States :ind Turkey to raise their ministers to tin rank of »nil>assailors. To fi,nl nil Islanil "f l'r''l«'. Car.ea. Island of Cn-ie. Nov. S.—The Intcriiullnnnl trnniis ipecuplerl Hie fortress In M. at u ii'clnck In I!" 1 morning. ,|,,l,il TniHIc lo IH»iuilv<>. New York. Nnv. r,.—The board of con- Irol of the Joint Traffic association has decidi-d to dissolve the organization. This action was lakcn because of a decision by the supreme court of the United States that the efforts of the association to control railroad rates were Illeeal. «eil Slilrt I'olHIoH I» KRectlve. Wilmington, N. C., Nov. 5.—The first "red shirt" parade on horseback witnessed In Wilmington was held yesterday. It created enthusiasm among the whites and consternation among the ne- groes. The whole town turned out to see It and hundreds of ladles waved flags and handkerchiefs as the long column of horsemen rode by. While the riders frequently chfered. the parade was otherwise quiet and orderly. Not an insulting word was uttered to a "The Lion's Share" of China may be held down by England, but the Lion's share of the sale of chewing tobacco is held by Trntnpp* Capture a Town. Alexis. O., Nov. fi.—A dozen or more tramps look possession of this town. They seized the telegraph office and set the local authorities at defiance. About fi o'clock In '.lie evening telephone communication was had with Toledo. The sheriff with deputies and detectives started /or Alexis, but the nomads learned of their coming, and, seizing a passing freight train, left the place. They Intimidated the trainmen. The quality of Battle Ax is not questioned.^ you chew tobacco you cannot buy a better, more satisfying and economical chewing tobacco than Battle Ax, You can prove this for yourself if you will buy the large ID-cent piece and try it. There's a wonderful difference in quality as well as in quantity over common kinds. Try it to-day. R emember the name, when you buy again. Freni'll Chamber of l>i'p«tle» Itfiipuncil. Paris, Nov. ii.—The- chamber of deputies reopened with a crowded assembly, after its adjournment on Oct. !ia, the day oC the fall of the cabinet presided over by M. lirlsson. Amid great animation the new premier, M. Uupuy, read the ministerial declaration. He began by declaring the cabinet fully recognized the difficulties and responsibilities of tin? task undertaker* bnd affirmed the supremacy of civil power as the. fundamental principle ot a republican stiUc and expressed confidence in the army which, he added, would faithfully rcrpect ;he laws of the repubUe. CiiliK'xf ICiMrii(,-p-)'««lni.-. Pekln. Nov. ».—In spite of the formal promises of the Chinese foreign office there is every indication of a concerted move of Chinese troops In the nelghhor- hod of the capital. H Is said that KoiiB-YI, the official who was next In rank to the hue 1'rinco Kouitg In the Kioim-Ni-Tschu, or council of stale, has, obtained Brent inlliience over the dowager empress. He Is bitterly anti- foreign, and hopelessly conservative. H Is probable that Kaus-YI was the instigator of the edict re-establishing the bow nnd nmp\v eNeivlse for the Chinese soldier. (irrniiin I'MIIor Merlin, Nov. !>.— Herr Lanucn. editor $100 Reward $ico. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure in all Its stages, ana that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Oure is the only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Oure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surf aces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution ana assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers that they offer «100 reward for any case that it fails to cure. Send for list ot testimonials. Address F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists, 76>. A Case of Kidney IDisense Given Up by Four Doctors. Beaver Dam, O.—My daughter, after beine treated by four doctors and given up for lost, a neighbor recommended Foley's Kidney Oure. Today ebe is able to walk several miles withouUfatigue. I feellwe would have lost her if it was not for your medicine. Respectfully, Mrs. J. M. Bailey. Bold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyas. ELECTION NOTICE. FALL and WINTER 1899. The most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, 112 West Third st. Submitting the proposition to the oleotors of Alton township, whether such townsjlp shall adopt and become entitled to the benefits of an act providing tor primary elections of delegates to nominating conventions, and to promote tne purity thereof,by regulating tho conduct there- of'and to support ">e privileges of free BUN trace thereat Toy prohibiting certain acts ana Irfl *»™,_"^'._ __,.-ViJr« «h nna ,n and nrnvidlnff for fracfl tuerent oy pruiiiuiuuB -uw»n»»" 75,- —•• practices InWtlon thereto, and providing for the nunlehment thereof. A petition havlnn been presented to me signed by more than one- eighth of the legal voters of Alton Township, praylngtl-at the foregoing proposlt on be submit iedlo a vote of the electors of UoVto h!rW given that rnW'"®?*™**™*- mitted to the said electors of Alton town-nip, at the election to be held on Tuesday.Nov.8, -08, as to whether eald township and the electors thereof shall adopt and entitled to the benefits of the foregoing^. p EARLY> County Judge. Dated, Oct. 26,1696. FURNITURE. When wfotlog Furniture cull and gee m.\ We c*a Manly plemte you} J. SCTTER & 210 W'. Third Street. <T^ S Dr Williams'Indian I'lto Ointmeiil will cure Hjliid, lileediMK and Itching I •Ll'lles. ll ubsorlis the tumors. I illiii-s the itchluf ot oiu-e, acts ••usVpoultice, elves iiiBtunt re- lie? Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Oinl- ntiiprepared for 1 ;<;»"'> «*: We Have an Elegant Line] of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. uuexien • AMICR ouve. The beat wive In t*>e world (or outs, bruUes, Borea, uloew, B(Ut 'beam, fever lore*, tetter chapped hunda, phll- bWn"ooria/wid rJf ikto ernptloM, indpoBltiWy oureB pUes, or no n«,y reaulred. It IB ga«r»nteed »o.«lve perfect B»tlfltaotlon, or raoney refond- ed. Price 35 oentB per box. For Mle B. MMili. Alton And Upper Alton Dr.Bull's COUCH SYRUP Will cure a Cough or Cold at once. It |X) reUuvM »" 'J"™ 1 ^'^ TUB EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is due not only to tho originality ar.d simplicity of tho combination, but also to the cure and skill with which it IK manufactured by scieutilic processes known to the CALIFORNIA 1'ia SVBUP Co. only, anil we wish to impress upon till the importance of purchuhinpf the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figb is manufactured by the CALIFOKNIA fc'io SvitUP Co. only, a knowledge of that fuel will assist one in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other parties. Tho high standing of the CALIFORNIA Fio SvKUl' Co wltli the medical profession, and the, butibfaction which tho genuine Syrup of l-'igu 1ms given to millions of families, makes tho name of the Company u guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is iur in advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on the kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, ami it iloes not gripe nor nauseate, lu order to get its beneficial effects, please remember U>e name of the Company — CALIFORNIA PIG SYRUP CO. SAN FUANlUSOO, Oak LVUlimuc, H,. *«W VOK*, K. t. £)rs. Q. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OKKIuB in M'PiUe Building. Cor. and and Easlon stu. Puonet 138 and 171. Z03 West Third Street. Henry Watson, L. P. SCHUSSLBR,M.D, HOMEOPATH1ST and SURGEON OFWCHAKD RHB'DKNCH, HOTBL MADISON Telephone 100 . C. B. ROHLAND, DENTIST, OfflctHonni M.B. »»>»»• »«> i« »•"' II W. THIRD RBBT /)rs. E. C. & H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURB: 7 (0 »t.mi II to 1,«to « p.n, TELEPHONE 87- DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCY In Short Time. Yager & Yager, Attorneys 306 Belle mreet. McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Alwiyi on bead. AUo . Dealer In Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Parte Side Track* Running Into tho Quarrle*. t ALTON. ILL; "IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED," TRY SAPOLIO. V, .*

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