Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 11, 1963 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1963
Page 15
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PAGE SIXTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH of Grain* Futures Shew Firm CHICAGO i.\P>—Th" erain fu- I'.l!<< ';-.;trki • <•:.** o. iv iVilK firm mnct of thr time tnrhy \i-jtl- PI \v crop roni a I'd on! 1 - ^howinu i lit- tlr v . ;i knrs* it times on the BoHrti «f Trndo. Speculative buying on Hie '_'>v- eni"v''s new crop report N>»«t- ed soy trails well ahead despite' profit en shine. Tn the early after-: notvi. some deliveries held ad- 1 van>vs of around three cent?. ; C.i'!'">' receipt^ today were estimated at: wheat S cars, coin 99. i oatv ;;. yje none, barley 4. soybeans 3. ' CHICAGO i APi — No wheat or ; so>!».an salr*. Corn No 1 yellow; 1.33: No '2 yellow 1 .35; No -I yellow 1.32'.»: sample grade yellowy ] 29. Oats No 1 extra heavy I mixed ~n i 4. Soybean oil Sn. Prev. High Low Close dose Wheat Sep Dee Mar May Jul 1.91 s s 1.93U 1.88 1.91 7 l.S6 T 1.91 1.90Vi 1.93 1.92 l.ST'j 1.87 1.58»- 2 1.5SU Sep Com Sep Dec Mar May Jul Oats Sep Dec Mar May Rye Sep Dec Mai- May Jul 1.25 T 1.13'i 1.16'a 1.12' i l-13 5 s 1.13»s 1.16-% US-Is l.l~ a + 1.18 a i 1.18'i 1.20 .K5 3 ., .68 .70 1.20'4 .65'., .68 .70 .70 1.3-1':. 1.33% 1.34*2 1.337 S 1.39M 1.38 1.38% 1.38', 1.41 1.39% 1.39% 1.39?.i 1.40 1 ;! 1.38% 1.38% 1.38«4 1.33',i 1.32 1 :- 1.33 1.33'6 TR1MPE CHEERLEADERS These four girls will lead cheers for Wilbur Trimpe Junior High School in Bethalto this season. From bottom to top are Deanna Slitter, Elsie Bollinger, Linda Downing, and Cheryl Taynor. Not pictured is Connie Hammons. Soybeai s Sep 2.59 2.56% 2.58 S 4 2.55 a i Nov 2.58 2.55% 2.57 7 s 2.54'i Jan 2.61-"4 2.59 1 s 2.61 5 s 2.58' 2 Mar 2.64'; s 2.62 1 ;; 2.64 js 2.61 34 May 2.67 1 - 2.64's 2.67?i 2.64 Jul 2.68% 2.65Ts 2.68U 2.65', s | Aug 2.65 3 4 2.64 2.65^ 2.63!i News of Stocks Motors and Steels Gain Whites Protest Open Occupancy Legislation Kennedy Faces 3 Crises By -I.4MKS MARIXTO' ] Associated Press News AnaljM WASHINGTON (AP) — The problems which have suddenly : piled up on President Kennedv have been accumulating, seeking solutions, for the greater part of a decade. They just happened to land in his lap all in a bunch althouuh they seemed invisible to him ear lier ; n the year. There are three tbe limited nuclear test ban tm ty. the civil rights bill and Viet Nam. Just a little over 10 years ago the Russians exploded their fn st | hydrogen bomb. Since then this country and Russia have set oil many atomic e\ plosions, talked of ways to end them, did stop them voluntaiilv for three years, resumed, and finally this summer decided to agree to stop them except underground. I'ni'ertainty . At this moment, despite all the j j talking the United States has done j to the world about wanting a sus- > pension of tests. Kennedy cannot i be absolutely positive the Senate! will approve, although it probably' will. It was only nine years ago that j the Supreme Court set in motion'; a whole series of unpredictable . events by declaring public school segregation unconstitutional. It has taken nine years to break down opposition to compliance i with the court in ever}' state, even to only a token degree. Mississippi, for instance, has had one uni-; versity desegregated but no gram ! mar school. \ Airliner Crashes' In India Killing All 18 Aboard NEW DELHI <AP>—An Indian Airlines Viscount carrying 13 passengers and a crew of 5 crashed and burned today 33 miles south of Agra, the. government owned airline reported. There were no survivors, an airline spokesman said. The site is about 150 miles south of New Delhi. The plane was en route from Nagpur to New Delhi. There were no Americans aboard. The airline said three Japanese, eight Indians and two Ceyloncse were passengers. All were men. There was one woman in the crew. MANILA — Philippine housemaids are asking higher wages. ANNOUNCEMENTS WEDNKSU AY, SKPI 'L ANNOUNCEMENTS ,„ _ •" Il""nioivi Pekingese dog. nr old. nn ; w«rj to name Susie. rcwntd. 25 -fl17.Z. !'f-«r Ki-VS — On motal key ring ^ .£lift.r,n. r .r. ..«*«* Ph. 'i™. i» HOY 1OCK nox IN LOVING MEMORY — II CAR BASHES TREE Charles Lane, 410 Vine St., drove his car down a steep slope at the corner of Vine and 4th St., tearing out a wire fence and breaking down a cherry tree in the yard of Ross Compagno, 320 Vine, and winding up'against an apple tree after ripping up some tomato plants. He had minor injuries. Fraundorf Witness in Tavern Injunction Case 3 CHARLES NAEVE-We would like to take this means of thanklns all our friends, relatives and nemn- bore who were so kind during our recent bereavement. Especially Burke's Funeral Home, pallbearers, those who sent cards, flowers, food, helped or assisted In any and nvnry way. ,,,,, ! Daughter June. -Son WII-- liam and family. | '|N~MEMORY OF—Robert H. Dlllingj who died Sep!. 12. 1962. Sadly missed by. Mother. Father. Sisters! and Brother. J'os-r— Blm-iTAnRiis yeiirllTiR heifer. 4<HM351. __ t"os" - Toy"Manchester, black and white 3 yrs. old. Answers to name of "Bltsy." 4BZ-9543. __ LOST 4 — $BOO in vicinity between Acord Music Store and Wood River Savings and Loan or possibly in the curb parking jrea of East Alton Bank. About 5 p.m. Friday, September 6. Will finder please call CL 4-7641 New phone number starting Sunday 254-1258. Reward! LOST IN MOVING — Large box of tnhlc rlotM* ft aprons. Reward. 40: 0550. __ !u-:WARD— Fnr return of handbas containing prescription bifocals. Left In taxi cnb. 2. r >4-41<.1. II II - NOTICES on Wed. — * * u " ••*•"• . * Are Your Color Films and Movies Being Processed by Eastman Kodak? ir sou brlnB them to Foster's you know thov arc' Fastcsf film pro- cesslnp In this area. Mown direct to Kodak every morning at 9:10 a m 1-nslrr'i Drug Slorc. Alton's Photo Hea'J'iunrlers — 230 ^. Uroadwav. HO 5-2585. Open 'til 10 ovrrv nlKlit t, MONUMENTS — CEM. LOIS 6 — 11 - — WILL SACRIFICE :i grave Inquire at Vnlhalla Price lots Vton. Write Box 754. Qulncy. III. i t FOR WATKINS September bargains on vitamins, cosmetic creams and liousecleanlnR specials, call 4fifi-18M or 4li. r i-f.7B3. FRATERNAL ORDF.K OF EAGLES NO 277:1—Starting teen-age night September Ifi. I ma. Teen-age danre 7 to in. Music by Pete Carroll's (ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS — Help Hand ; ^ pr H°r^,r i:crs - Me " a " d ^ET YOUR CAMERA~NOW 7 _ 10. I — "LICENSED DETECTIVE — Le«al photography. W. H Burl. 200(1 i Washington Ave.. Alton. 465-7SnO. JS KUMMAUK * 18 — 13 PASTHY SALES EDWARDSVILLE — Sheriff; outskirts of Madison, and Jordan': RUMMAGE SALE—Jivood Barney Fraundorf was the first J Rapoff, licensee of Orchid Lounge j ^mber ft. Verson BuimimJformer- witness at a Circuit Court hear in the southern section of th°' ly Pope's Shop. From 9 to 8—11 tionaJ, that gave Negroes unincorporated heart i nave accused him But it was that school decision, J in S toda - v in an ««J™ction s u 11: county. i Rt ^^J e ? E s iz !^o E TV 0 c h o e u S ch ln rock S which said in effect segregation' brou ^ ht b - v five tavern operator,.; Attorney James Massa of Col , £_'"« and -, nds -j-hursda'y ant i bv its verv nature is unconstitu-l in unincorporated areas w h O | insville. counsel for plaintiffs in Friday 8:30^»/ 0 ^« halt ? 0 S° use 1 ' of hai-rass- : t he injunction action, also h a s! ron _ s ' 1a1 " Ka Lane ' °" KOUle '" : AND PAY LATER AT FOSTER'S DRUG STORE, 230 E. Br'oadway, Alton II _ [4_ . NOTICE From this clay forward I will no longer hi- responsible for any debts rontract.'d by anyone other than myself. O.itoil this llth day of September 19H3. DONALD E. McGAUGHEY 212 Bethalto Blvd. Bethalto. III. — 10/15 owners' Prices on 16 Mutual Funds Following is a list of 16 mutual NE\V YORK (APi—Steels paced a rise late one of the 1 of the vear. and! and intimidation in connec-:represented a tavern to all forms of segregation '•• tion witn constant checks by his'group which Tuesday failed to The result has been demonstra- • officp for closin 8 hour violations have a resolution brought on the tions riots and some progress. '. ;ind interference with their busi-floor of the county board of supervisors granting an hour's ex- or unin- By WILLIAM J. CONWAY i guard inside and outside the block | CHICAGO (AP) — Hundreds of! sqU are Citv Hall-Cook Counts-' . M'tv rm'nm-c i-iTicroH rit,.- " i tions, riots, ana some =* . ... -" g ^.:r'^ building in the heart of the down-| Tuesday's feeble effort at defying' "«* district. .school desegregation in Alabama Plaintiffs in the injunction suit;tension Inside the building, the Cityjbv Gov. George C. Wallace, until are Mrs. Hester Yates. operatoricorporated area RUMMAGE SALE — Clothes, fants to ladles size 50. TV, couch, rocker odds and ends. Wednesday and Thursday. 8:30 til 2 p.m. 1st white house on Stanka Lane off Route 100. 8 — 10-12- i n JOLD FASHION HAYRIDES — C«ll Holiday Hills Ranch. 466-1838. EDUCATIONAL rauld ban discrimination in real uouia odn aisc-nminduon Iedl RUMMAGE SALE — 1714 Washington. Monday thru. Saturday and] Friday night til 9. | S — 11 I2A 12A INSTRUCTIONS TF Mnn. thru Fri. IBM KEY PUNCH — Burroughs, Volume for the day w : as esti-j estate deals, mated at 6.5 million shares com-i Council was ready to act on a | Kennedy federalized his National of Flame Club on Rle. 159 just' After interrogating Sheriff. R ™M££j- JJALE '''s^^bJr'^^iN-C.R. Bookkeeping Machines Qjgi proposed ordinance that would! Guard, was just an annoyance. northwest of Edwardsville; O t J s j Fraundorf as to his duties andj is""^ 9 -m g'p.'m. Clothes. fur-| ST. LOUIS SCHOOL OF ---- -. — ---------- .... ns ,_,..q.,. 7 I Hpmnn^tntnrs -iri-ix-pH frnm thpir" Jar "'»< stock quotationsjPare^^ bar discrimination by real The real drama shifts now to Scholebo of the Diamond Inn, provided to tlie Telegraph by) The list seemed definitely head- Newhard. Cook Co. through its Jed toward another record high as Alton office, selected on These stocks are!the ticker tape ran late and pric-i neighborhoods. They around City Hall two to abreast. Police estimated - m lhc sa]e _ rental lease of property. or i Congress and a fight over the civil rights bill which Kennedy of Maryville Road; Pearl Stabile, licensee of Horseshoe Lounge on the basis of their [es rose on expectations of tax re- I throng at about 4,000. the 1 The Property Owners Coordinat-j fered only late in this session, and Coilinsville Road; Joseph Lesko, . ,ing Committee, an alliance of 471 then only after he had been opeator of Lesko's Tavern on the 13. 1963. 9 'til 9 p.m. Clothes. fur-| his of-! niture. books and jewelry. ! the established policy of fice in keeping surveillance on;-SOCIETIES and LODGES taverns for closing hour and other;9 — 11 violation, Massa called to thej sales and ownership in the area,; duction and recognition of higher j They turned out to express op. ne ghborhaod o^aUons, spon- The quotations are yesterday's retail sales, price increases and!P° slll °" ° a proposed ordinance! so.ed the demonstiaUon. other bullish factors. j that u ' ouJd forbld raciaj ° r rel! f : Gains of most key stock ranged! ous discrimination in the sale,; Hypnotist Gives Up , . , ,11 -i rental or ipase nf nronertv. I * * * 9.19 i from fractions to about a point,; closing. Issue. Bid. Affil. Fund 8.50 Broad St 14.67 Bullock 14.04 Capit Shrs 12.16 Divid Shrs 3.58 15.86 jbut Du Pont made u 15.39 ! jump. General Motors, up a point,: . , _ kj ^ | some in slacks. One woman car- , , , , re "^ or lease <O f property. Most of t he p ickets were women dressed In afternoon *"*** *»* 9.44 16.98 15.77 10.29 5.46 4.44 15.56 Mass. Grth 8.66 Nation W. Sec. .. 22.40 Nat. Inves 16.12 Tevev. El 7.78 Fid. Cap Fid. Fund ... Fid. Tr Fund Inv. ... Keystone K-2 Keystone S-4 Mass. Tr. 13.32 3.93 10.26 18.32 17.14 11.28 5.97 4.85 17.01 946 24.24 17.43 8.43 ; touched another historic Ford, up a point, and Chrysler, i ahead more than that, also touched highs for the year. First hour volume on the New :York Stock Exchange, originally ;' reported as the highest in 30 ! years by the exchange, actually ; was the highest in 26 years. Trading, though still vigorous, On Curing Hiccups ATLANTA (AP) — A hypnotist says he has given up on curing i ried a baby while a small child toddled at her heels. Another pushed an infant in a baby buggy, jhiccuping for 65 days. The men among the marchers- H e told Mrs. McDonald, were middle aged or older. | nei . The demonstrators carried signs > urging that the question at issue j be submitted to all the voters ini militant rights. It is also nine years since the French, learning nothing after keeping the Vietnamese people in! )een subjection for generations, finally stand the first of the plaintiffs' ' witnesses, Mrs. Stabile, who told AUTOMATION 'As Seen on TV'i Mil Hampton. SOS N. Grand CALL COLLECT PL 1-1197 or OL 2-5454 12A — 11 nj ledb - His , collapsed in their war against the! Buddhists and students, rocked ' Indochinese Communists and left Lucy McDonald, who has been! half the country- to ;hem. I To save the rest of Indoenma. .. ; ;iiow called South Viet Nam. and him. still 1 ' f ' the rest of Southeast Asia from ind HP i . , ,..,... communism, the Lmted states has had to help with men and supplies and money, supporting get tough j of bejns placed under arrest last j ; US ', Pla ::! d :, h I rol ll!? 11 ^ ! ^bruary for an alleged closing VVOOD RIVER LODGE No . 1062 j^thour violation at her tavern. ; A.F.*A.M._ S F P«... D meeting. j sept. ' Upon cross-examination by) brethren welcome Slate's Attorney Dick H. Mudge,j g _ ,, counsel for Sheriff Fraundorf. i Mrs. Stabile admitted she hadi been treated courteously by dep-i in the fight against 111 will against Diem )iling up in Viet Nam. recent repressions, against ( Howell K. Barnett w.M. wag too & ^ not h notize her .- at the his hold, showed diminishing pub ButT'STei" 5«« "SiTbS; :ulies and ** her objec ' tion to bc ~ ! -°° D RrvER LOD ^ E ™ ^ ^ But the Lmted States still backs finger-printed and photograph- & AM-Bretiiren are requested to is afraid to get tough. j , • 'i • ft HP' assemble at Smitn Funeral Home said this week the j perrn j t ted to contact her attorney | v.m. to perform last rites for Broth- phone, was successful. j HOWELL K. BARNETT, W.M. Kennedy 12 Selected Stocks slackened from the early rate as' the session wore on. Steels were ahead only by frac- . tions. j Early strength by rails began j 'to falter and the list showed a' Following are today's 1:30 p.m.!mixed appearance, quotations of 12 New York Stock; Sterling Drug spurted about 4, Exchange issues research has Electronic Associates 3 or so. Up indicated are widely held in the 2 or better were Polaroid. IBM Alton area, as supplied to the land Xerox. Telegraph by Newhard. Cook & Co.. from its Alton office. (The a referendum. Some of the placards read: "\Ve are opposed to open occupancy and "What freedoms do we have left?" Some of the women joined their soprano voices in a song pointed at Mayor Richard J. Daley. The end line was this: "Dick Daley, won't you please get lost?" "But I can't wait." said the red- haired soda fountain waitress, who has to work 10 hours a day to support three school-age children. Desperate for relief, Mrs. McDonald already had tried surgery, shock therapy, more than 200 home remedies, chiropractic cy of patience in Viet Nam andj j avoid getting tough because that' the government of President Ngo^ might collapse the LONDON — Richard Chalfont,Uo government an insurance broker, has adver-' B ° LUE BILLFOLD — From Laciedc LOST—STRAYED—STOLEN 12 Dinh Diem. He has run it as a dictatorship. and" open all Viet Nam and South-, tised for bids for his funeral. The east Asia to communism. lowest was S90. • WOMEN — MEN SECURE YOUR FUTURE NOW — 17 OR OVER, 8TH GRADE OR BETTER.. US OR EQUIVALENT. WHERE WILL U B IN 3 WKS? NO JOB? NO EXPERIENCE? IIEHE'S HOW OTHERS DID IT LEARN IBM KEY PUNCH: NCR BOOKKEEPING MACHINE: GRO CHECKER-CASHIER-STOCKMAN SUPERMARKET TRAINING SALARIES TO OVER $100 WK I N D I V I DUAL INSTRUCTIONS TRAINING TO PROFICIENCY KREE APTITUDIi TEST. FRKI: QUALIFICATION TEST. FREE DEMONSTRATION X- TRIAL TUITION LOANS ARRANGED INTERVIEW NO OBLIGATION — LOCAL COUNSELOR 254-9658. WORLD WIDE SCHOOL 812 OLIVE ST. LOUIS. MO. PARK FREE Cont. on Paga '4 couidlng. East Alton. A detail of 80 policemen stood' treatment and prayer. New York Exchange closes at 2:30 p.m. (Alton time), so these Prices on the American Stock Exchange also advanced. j U.S. government bond prices 1 , edged upward. Corporate prices Edwardsville City Laborers Ask Raise are not the closing quotations ): | u ere mixed. AT&T 12514, Gen. Motors 79^. Granite City Steel 29-"s, Olin Mathieson 42*4, Owens-Illinois 83. Shell Oil 48 3 i, Sinclair Oil 47 7 s, Socony 71 a i, Standard Oil find.) 64%, Standard fNJ i 70%. U. S. Steel 56%, Sear Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, lAPi — USDAi — Hogs 8,500; EDWARDSVILLE — Represent atives of Laborers. Local 179 rep resenting .16 city | paid $380 per month each; six I employes of the water depart- ' proposed a two-year contract with , , : ment receive $-135 per month; four employes have jn ^ ^^ depal , ment re . i^ 16 c ' il >' ( -' ullln » fo1 ' a $*> 5 P e r to month increase per man for the At St. Louis Prpduce Prices ; mostly '-'5 higher: barrows and first year. gilts "l-3 190-270 Ib 16.00-65; sowsj 275-600 Ib 13.00-15.25. : Cattle 2,500; calves 250: slow;, steady; good and choice steers! ceive S380 per month; and three in the sewer department get $435 per month. Under a two-year contract, the The contract also requests a; city has offered a $7 per month $50 increase per man the second! increase the first year and $6 a year. i month the second year. The employes of the street, wa-j The present contract expires ST. LOUIS (APi - Egt live poultry: Eggs, consumer! grades, standard 32-33, unclassified farm run 24-26, checks 18-22. Hens. hea\-y 15-16, light over 5 Ibs 8-9, under 5 Ibs e 1 --? 5 -. commercial broilers and fryers 15* *- 16M,. : •« 00-°4.50; good and choice heif-,ter, sewer and garbage depart- j Oct. 1. union business agent Char- and " " - and com-i nients are paid on a monthly has- les Steward said. 22.00-23,75; utility i mercial cows 13.50-16.OC good bulls 16.00-18.50; choice vealcrs 22.00-31. ; utility tons, good andi Thivi employes of the A negotiation session between street the city and the union is schedul 1 department presently paid ed for Sept. 18. STOP WISHING . . START DRIVING! Got a "pocketful ol dreams" about a newer CAT but lack the ready cash to match? Look into a low ooit Auto Loaii from us. Action will be fast! Convenient term*! PHONE 4«2-m4 OB SKE HJENNJflV HUMS MIDSTATES FINANCE CO. •11 fUdge, nour Broadway SALE! BRYANT GAS FURNACE 100,000 BTU BASEMENT OR CLOSET MODEL INSTALLED WITH NEW DUCT WORK, WIRED AND PLUMBED. TAX PAID, 10 YEAR WARRANTY, I YEAR FREE SERVICE. Only $ 495 oo NO UP Centra/ Ait Conditioning At Big Savings S & H HEATING 1279 W. 9th, Alton DIAL 465-7706 BEAUTY SPECIAL MAX FACTOR Invites you to a PAT fTC UUUIA buy a Hi-Fi lipstick get your Nail Satin FREE! Regular $2.00 value NOW t4 25 'i for a limited time! Buy one of Max Factor's brilliant Hi-Fi lipsticks — and a full-size matching Nail Satin is yours, free! All of Fall's exciting fashion colors are here, from sunlit pinks to classic reds. Scoop 'em up! Have a new lip-and- fingertips Wardrobe, at this low celebration price! THRIFTY DRUG STORES WORLD SERIES SALE! AS ADVERTISED ON NBC-TV SPECTACULAR.. ."WORLD SERIES OF GOLF"! SPECIAL PRICES, BIG VALUES, OH ALL Amana SIZES AND MODELS! ALTON HOME IMP. ALTON 462-9246 652 E. BROADWAY BARGAINS GALORE IN BOTH STORES 12 E. FERGUSON WOOD RIVER 254-0601

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