Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 4, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1898
Page 2
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H&art Diseamo Y&ars. BV TUB TBLBOBAPH PRINTING COftPANV, FRIDAY EVE., NOV. f. NOTICE TO ADVERT 1SRR3. for lie rear i»9 «« thill charge the follow- Ing rtt«t for truultnt notice) ID oar local col- »* UHI. StefU Insertion ............ .......... locenu. Three to Ore Insertions ............... 7 censa. 812 to lw»lTilnwnioo» ................ S cent*. TftAMtlfifT.— Moenteper tnob flrtt loaertlon, tad II omta per Inch (or e«ch •atxequent Inser- Uoa tt per Inch flrtt month, ft. CO per lech etch month thereafter. UOAL ADTtKTKIKO tl Mr Inoh forth. Brit Inaortlon, anaMceou per mot for won anbteqaent Insertion. positive I would not be Irvine today but for your wonderful remedy, Dr. Miles' Heart Cure. I had heart disease four yean and doctors failed to help me. When I began taking this remedy I was unfit for anything-, but for six months I have felt perfectly welL "" DR. MILES' „ Heart Cure U> »old by all druggists on guarantee flrat bottle benefit* or money back. Book on heart and nerveo cent free, Or, Mllei Medical Company, Elkhart, Ind. REPUBLICAN TICKET STATK.1 SUM Treasurer F. K. WIHTTP.HOFIR Bopt. of Pobltoln«trurtlon.... ALraF.nBATi.ift8 < AI.ICK A. ABBOTT, Onlrertlty Tnuteu, (Pnnr. NIOHTIN'JALF, IF. I.. HATCH. CONOHEB9—18TII DISTRICT. For Control HKI". F- JOHNSTON, of Fayette County. LIOiaLATURE—4TTH DISTRICT. Far Senator JOB* J. BuBNiirn.!. W«. MCKITTRICK, J. K. CADWAI.LADER. For Representative*. TWO STORES. During the pant year* wo have been so crowded In our nt.ore on Third street that we havo been compellnd to spread ont. For the accommodation of our patrons nml to dhow our large stock of goods we have opened A New Store At 317 Belle st. All our Toya ami Fancy Goods will be found there and oar China, Glass, Granito and Tinware, Lamps and HODBB Furnishing Goods will be found at our Third street store. Our ambition la to have the prettiest and completeat store in .Southern Illinois and wo think we now have it. Come and see us in our and our new home. SOW HEART DISEASE. TACTS HOARDING THt RAPID CRMSf 01 HEART OlSMSf.i old COL'NTT. For Judge WH. I'. EARI.T. For Clark..•• Himtr HIHIKKK. For Treatnrar JOHN TKTIIKRIMOION. For Sheriff JACOB KI:HN. For Bupt. of Sonoola M. HENSON. Bookseller, 43 Van Buren St., Chicago, III. CHAMP Clark writes to a friend urging him to greater activity In behalf of the Democratic State ticket of Mia souri. Champ utters a wall in these worda: "The Democratic State ^Missouri) ticket ia In great danger." And then Champ adds: "See to it that the lick, halt, inarm and aged get to the polls." Evidently Champ is badly scared. HOPP[. New Booki. Editions De Luxe. Standard Sett. Scarce. English Publications. Antique. The Liberal daisies. Curious. History. Science. Philosophy. Belles Letters. Rellzloui. Poetry. Fiction. Drams. The Arts. Liberal Works. The Hunt Library Edition: Well printed on good paper; hand- fJK Homely bound ID aloth; 12 mo; gilt top. By mall, each 4« Origin at Species, (Darwin). De*cent ot Man, (Darwin). Data of EthlcH, (Spencer). Other Worlda than O TB. (Proctor). Katural Law In the Spiritual World, (Drummond). Koran The, Or Alkoran of Mahomet. "The Bible or the Kaat." 4» Life of Jesus, (Renan.) With many valuable Illustrations. 4110 pages, crown 8 TO, cloth, 1 gilt top. By mall... 7SC Lincoln, His Lite and Times: Together with his State papcn, Inolud Ing nil npeoohoB, addrnssci, messages, letter and proclamation. By Henry J. Raymond. 3 volumes i cloth; 8 ro. loa box. By mall (1.40 Frsncla Wllllard. Lite of: A memorial volume. Br Anna A. Gordon,for 81 years her private Secretary: 8vo;oloth. Bymafi fi.oo SHEET MUSIC. Popular Music, per copy, by mall ?c All the latest Songs and Muslo, by mail >«c Catalogue on Application. MONTHLY SUFFERING. TPhousanda of women are troubled at monthly Inter- rala with pains in the bead, back, breasts, suonlders.sldes Ups and limbs. But they seed not suffer. These pains are symptoms of dangerous derangements that can be corrected. The menstrual function should operate painlessly. makes menstruation painless, and regular. It puts the dell- catemenstrnal organs in condition to do their work properly. And that stops all this pain. Why will any woman suffer month after month when Wine of Cardui will relieve her? It cost* fi.oo at th« drug store. Why don't you get a bottle For advice, in eases requiring special directions, address, Riving symptoms, "The Indies' Advisory Department," The Chattanooga Medicine- Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. •••••••••IX Mrs. ROZEM LEWIS. TOM Bailey-Jett IA frightened, and he la badly frightened too. Like many a bad little child, he has his bogy man, arid Tommie's bogy man ia aerelentlenaas the one in the story books who puiflues bad little boya and catches them if he can. His bogey man is rtal, and therein lies good reason for bis fright. H ia no imaginary thing that has been invented to frighten him and make him lose all hope ID his contest, but It is a real bard palpable fact and he keeps Tommy Bailey-Jett on the jump so that he no longer has time to take the usual care of bia long handsome curly look") In which be takes such pride. Tommy's bogey man is bis congressional war record that hannta him wherever be goes. Wherever he haa made a speech this fall he has been called upon to explain away the charges of lack of patriotism or a lack of real moral character, that should dominate a man who represents the old 18th district In congress. He can not explain it, however, for when he does he makes such a balk of It he makea himself appear even more childish and leas fitted to succeed himself. The people of the Eighteenth district are intensely patriotic and never would have knowingly pent a man to Congress to hinder the President in prosecuting the war. Tommy never was uuapected with having any great ability and ho took the nomination simply because no one else wanted it. He went in on ft tidal wave In a Democratic district, and be might have stayed there but be did not have the moral courage to have an opinion of his own. In the district that Is ordinarily Democratic by 3,000 votes, Jett will not be able to secure enough votes to elect blmself. Ben Johnson Is stirring up inch a commotion in the other end of the district, in the Democratic strongholds, that It is almost certain he will carry bia own county and reduce the majorities elsewhere HO that Madison and Bond will elect him. The Democratic press is dlaoouraged where well ID formed,and now admits there Is •o much apathy among the folio wore of Jett that his election is very uncertain, and some say Improbable. Jett himself Is reported to have urged an Alton man not to bet on his election but use bia money In securing votes for the Congressional candidate. When the oandldtiteblmaelf will make such a statement what wonder Is It there is apathy iu the rank and tile. Tommy Jett's war record is the killing froat that has blighted his Con- greaaional chances and he has himself to blame. Tho choir will render an excelient musical program oach evening. These lectures will no doubt be of much value and interest and draw large audiences. The public ia cordially invited. DEMOCRATIC c"4NARD~ fXPOSft). Benj F.Johnston by Affidavits Shows up a Democratic Scheme to Traduce His Character. De Not be Alarmed. (KM look for the Cause. Heart trounle?, at least among Americans, are certainly increasing and while this may be largely due to the excitement and worry of American bnelneaa life, it is more often the rnsult of weak fitoinnchs of poor digestion. Real, organic heart diaeaae ie incurable; but not one case in.a hundred of heart trouble la organic. The cloae relation between heart (rouble and poor digestion ia because both organs nre controlled by branch- SB of the same great nerves, tho sympathetic and pneumogaatric. In another way, also the heart ia affected by that form of poor digestion, which causes gas and fermentation from half digested food; there is a feeling of oppression and heaviness in the cheat caused l>y pressure of the distended stomach on the heart and lungs. Interfering with their action; hence arises palpitation and short breath. Poor digestion also poisons the blood, makea it thin and watery, which irritates nnd weakens the heart. The most sensible treatment for heart trouble is to improve the digestion and to insure the prompt assimilation of food. This can best be done by the regular oeo atter meals, of some safe, pleasant and effective digestive preparation, like Stuart'e Uyspepaia Tablets, which may be found at most drug stores and which contain valuable, harmless digestive elements in a pleasant, convenient form. It is safe to say that the regular, persistent use of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets at meal time will cure any form of stomach trouble except cancer of the stomach. Full sized paokHgos of the tablets sold l>y druggists at 60 cents. Little book on stomach troubles mailed free. Address Stuart Co., Marshall, Mich. tltta in an r.lrratnr ftltuff. o, Nov. 4.— flt*ph«!n fitnrr. n clerk In thf employ of M»nl- Knmery Wnrrt * Co.. atlemptrrt to fviarrt a movlns rlnvntor and lout nls life In rrjn«OT|ui>nrr>. Hr- mls< nloulotert th* spcct] of thr plcvntnr, h'ni pvpr, and In «(<>n<l of anlnliiR a fnnthAM hr- wont pluit^lnc h aillnm: In tin- bottom of tli,. Hhnft. (hlrly-livf- fcci liHnw. H- l.indfl '>rt III' Ivnrt ;m<! his skull un? ftar 1ii-( O. si n. if i, i« righi Hi Lunging. Nov. 1.- -Shortly nflrr noon pevntnl linmhetl stiid^ntK png»g'-'l In ;i PlRht. (!»• pophomorps lylrj? In wall for thfi f|pf*hrnpn, who wore holding a r'ln*w mpctinE. The fluht wagi-fl (Iprci-ly foi n«nr!y «n hour, and whpn It \VRP OVPT thro* 1 p|u r l''iit.« wftf SMI! to th' 1 hospital. ollf' lipltlK Illtrnnar Ions. All will recover. N'pnHy PVPT.V |»arti< ipnnt v.ii?.- hruis'-fl inor' 1 or IP«W. Twn Wmnpn Klllfd l*,v ft Tn«hi. \Va«h!neton. Nov. 4. — MIR. Kloi,n"> tjpoisf nnd .Miss Kale .Mi AlP», lioth of th!« city iv oi" klll«d l>y n I'.jiltlnioic and Ohio railroad trnln ut l.miRtlitn, Md., si, out four inili-s nut of town. They hn<l IWPII ali"ii(lliiK n patty .mil «•«!•<• noting thp tinrkx to tnkc n trnln for Washington v h»n I hoy wen- clrui-k by nn PXtirHX* luiln and Instnnlly kill"d. >nll Ov.'r ltf.vf.niip siHnt|>.. JpflVrwn City. Mo., Nov. l.-o. 11. TJppn ha* insLilutPd propprdlnK? in lh n su|ironi" touit for j--pv"i;il \\ hoU-stilc houses of K.'int=HH City agahiHt the f'n- clllc Kx|)i-'.s.« conipiiny to i;ompH that c'oinpnny to pay for the war rpvemio stamps used on hill." of liidlni*. An al- ternatlvp writ was i.*stn'd rcturnalilr on Nov. ••{. In n HrrelTPr'* IlnniU. IS'PW York. Nov. 4. ..... A iprcivt.'r has been uppnlnli'd In .lersi-y City for the Penny Maga/ilm 1 on thp application ol Chaunrcy M. Di'prn. a stockholder, and Thi'inmp CJulnn. prrsidenl of the nin:iiiy. The aesete and lliibtllilep arc LISTEN TO NATURE. Backaches, Headaches and Nervousness i are Messages fo' Von. To most people a I'lckru-he se^ms a very slm- plo thing, to be got rid c/f by "working It off." Sometime.* the. p»!n does "work off-sometime* It ion not. Whotht-r It doca or not thoughtful people should come to understand that a baokachc is a Yarning thit Is not n be neglected without danger of contrai-Inn a disease th»t will limit life to fi few months, or mny ho year* of s (Taring. K'dney troables have boon hotter understood of latfl years, and kidney troubles In relation to rheumatism nnd neuralgia Is only beginning lo bo fully ooirprehend'd. Tho kidneys are fillers through which the blood passes, and If thoy get out of order, the blood remains Impure anil every part of the body suffers. First the nerves tell the tale. A backache gives warning. Time has fully proven that thousinds who otherwise vould surely have died, have been restored t" health by Morrow's Km-no olds. Themanner In which this medicines acts Is Illustrated by the case of Mrs. Peter llellrung, 702 Race St., Alton, 111.. iyho»ay8! "Iwas troubled with rheumatism for some time: my suffering wns terrible, at times It was almost Impossible for me to bear It. I had n sovoro pain In my back; nt times the pnln hi ciy back rvafl A i severe that I could hardly get up or down. I could not sleep at night or rest any time. ! was told of Morrow's Kld-ne-olds and what benefit they hod been to others who had suffered as I did, but I could scarcely bollevn It because I hnd irled everything under the sun that was recommended to me to euro kidney trouble 'nd rheumatism, and they did me 1,0 good. But 1 thought I would try Kld-nc-nlds and I got a box at 8. H. Wysa 1 drug store. 1 was greatly surprised when In a day or two tho pain began to leave me aslf by magic, and after a time T felt pirfe-tly well and have continued to feel so over since.'' Kld-ne-olda ore Yellow Tablets (notpil s)nnd cure kidney ailments, nervous ess, etc. I.Ivor- lax are small red pellets snd euro constipation. KId-no-olds 50 els; I.lverlax 2"> cts at druggists or mailed by John Morrow d- (,'o., Chemists, Springfield, O. o- NORTH ALTON, ' R»tafto0peolfled points in Alabama, !§M, Kentucky. Michigan (lower pan- ipper), Mfiwlulppl, (JUU, Tennooee. Virginia, West liponitn, via life Four. For In- tlokeUcallon O. H. Hamilton, ri, Kanaai round Doo.atb and 80th, data of tale. An menoekeri.toui'lsti amaelvei the great ir further Informs* P. *T. A, KB «. vary low rate* W It point* In Alabama, Idaoo, Indian Ter- Oeo. Mot/ Backi Down. George Hot/., tbe capitalist, who is running for the office of sheriff of Madison county, has not enough confidence In bis chancea of election to wager money on it. Hotz furulahed amusement yesterday afternoon for an interested crowd In George Hau- vage's cigar store. For several days a standing offer has been bulletined there on a black board, to bet 8100 or 41,000 on Kuhn for sheriff. Hot/, was In town yesterday, and while walking down tbe street, he noticed the conspicuous sign. Be stepped Into tbe cigar store and demanded with a tone of self • confidence, -'Who is it that has so much money to bet?" Ilotz evidently thought that he was calling a bluff in a poker game but he found ont differently before ho left the place. Ho was asked if bo oared to take tbe offer aud replied be would take all of it. Ilotz was told to put up |10 as forfeit and tbe remainder would be staked this moruiug when the bank opened. Then Hotz's bluff was called. He turned white, and then remembered that be bad to see a inuu up the street. He left saying he would be back IB a few minutes, but he has noi sbowad up since. Tbe offer to bet Is •till untsken. Mr. Johnston today obtained the following affidavits which effectually refute the libellous statement of the Sentinel-Democrat. In addition to this we have Mr. Johnson's word for it that he will institute a suit for damages against the .V. D. unless an Immediate retraction is made. State of Illinois, Fayette County, 8. 8.—And now on this day comes B F. Johnson, who first being sworn on oath that he has said In form thai mi article appeared in the Sentinel Democrat, an Alton paper, Nov. 3rd, 1898 which article said that while this affiant was constructing the Bluff Line railroad, that he only paid 80 cents a day for >abor and employed the cheapest foreign labor, and that men that wonld employ such labor at such wages are no friends of the laboring man etc. Thin affiant says that this article is wholy untrue save and except that our firm did construct tbe Bluff Line railroad and did employ laboring men from St. Louis, East St. Louis and Alton and other points in Illinois, in the work for said coustruction of said railroad,for which labor we paid 01.60 to 81 75 a day for said labor, which could be verified by tbe pay rolls and further tbe affiant soitb not. BHNJ. F. JOHNWON. Subscribed to and aworn before mo this -1th day of November. ['8nAi,:'| W. L. STCCKKK, Notary Public, And now on Ibis day comes George V. Smith, a citizen of St. Elmo, aged 52 years, who being dniy sworn on bis oath says that he was in the employ of Johnston, Bros. & Fraught, of which llrm B. F. Johnston, Republican candidate for Congress ol the 18th district of Illluolp, wits, and still is n member, while said flrm was constructing tbe Bluff Line railroad from Newbern to Alton, and remained with them during its entire construction. Affiant says be was sub contractor of grades, ties and piling and used American labor entirely from Kane, Jerseyville and Alton, and points ulorg the Immediate vicinity of the line, and employed no foreign labor, for which labor, affiant sajs, he paid 91.5(ffl day.That after finishing the subcontract he became one of the superintendents of the track laying force of Johnson Bros. & Faught and remained in their employ until the entire track was laid nnd that said firm bad no foreign labor employed and that snld flrm paid from (11.50 to 81.76 a day, and that during the entire construction of said road Mr. B. F. Johnston did not, as an individual, employ any labor whatever, other than that which was employed by the llrm. And further affiant salth not. (Signed) GKO. F. SMITH HubHcrlbed to and sworn before roe this 3rd day of November, 1888. . | SKAI,: | W. L. STOCKBH, Notary Public. State of Illinois, Fayette County, SB. —And now this day comes S. A. KnauB, a citizen of St. Kl- mo, who being ilrst duly sworn Bays that during the construct Ion tlon of the Bluff Line railroad from Nowbern to Alton, be wus employed as laborer by the firm of Johnson Bros, and taught of which B. J Johnson, Republican candidate for Congress iu tho 18th district of Illinois was and still Is a member. That dur- Ing the term of said railroad I worked us H laborer for said llrm aud was paid 11.50 a day and that was the regular wages paid and they did pay from *1.60 to $1.76 a day aud that be knows there was no foreign labor em ployed on said work and further affi- ant salth not. 8. A. KNAUM, Subscribed to and sworn before me this 3rd day of Nov.. A I)., 18; 8. W. L. 8TOCKKU, Notary PuMlc. If you have catarrh don't d illy with local remedies, but purify and enrich your blood with Hood's Sarsnparilla. Hard and Soil Coal. Delivered to any part of tbe city. Telepuoneais. WM, FIUKS. for Rent. The three room dwelling, No, 420 East Fourteenth street. Apply to Wm. Sonntag. Mrs. J. M. Qiberaon, who several weeks ago sustained severe injuries by a fall, ia improving very slowly. The Injured scapula ia causing much inconvenience. Mrs. C. E. Mather is visiting her daughter in Hlllaboro. Mr. Edward Youngck left last evening for Indianapolis where he awaits assignment to a permanent position as mall clerk. Mrs. I. G. Rain and Mrs George Rain are spending tho day iu St. Louis in tbe Interest of the fall trade. Mr Peter O'Hare is spending a few days in Edwardsville. The Woodmen last evening taught three more candidates tbe art of Woodcraft. Woodmen in this berg are golfing as "thick at) turkt.y tracks in Texas." Mre. Catherine Jones, of Sbipmar, has returned after a pleasant visit with Miss Davis. Trees and Plants for Sule. Fruit trees, evergreens, ornamentals and small fruit plants; strawberry plants a specialty. For sale by WM. jACKsoN,Godfrey, III. $100 Reward »too. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure in all its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive oure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Oure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and.mucous surfaces of the system, thjreby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers that they offer $100 reward for any coae that it fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists, Try Oraln-01 Try Oraln-OI Ask your grocer to show you a package of GRAIN O, the new food drink that takea tbe place of coffee. The children may drink it without injury as well as the adult. All who try it like it. GRAIN-O.haa that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it ia make from pure grains, and tbe moat delicate stomach receives it without distress. One-half the price of coffee. 15c and 25c per package. Sold by all druggists. J "The worst cold I ever had in my life was cured by Chamberlain's Cough Kemedy," saya W. H Norton, of Butter Creek, Cal. "This cold left me with a cough and I waa expector- atlgg all the time. The remedy cured me, and I want all my frienda when troubled with a cough or cold to uao it, for it will do them good." Sold by K. Marah and S. H. Wyaa. SPECIAL SALE Friday and Saturday, Style 4:2 Ladies' Grey Corset, real value 69', special sale 49 (? . Style J. B. White Corset, real value $i, special sale 82? Si. Kabo White, Grey and black, sizes from 25; to $o, special sale 8$?. $i.7r; J, B. French Corset.white, pink and $1.25 Children's Tarns, (school hats) regular 2$? hat, at 20? " 65? " Ajf " " " " 8;/ " 60? Ladies' black Kid Gloves (Foster Hook) $i value, at 69? 12 #? hemmed or fringed Huck Linen towels at8/. to/ Drap De Tunis (fleece lined) at jtf? a yard. $1.2? White Ctochet Quilt, hemmed, 89?. $4.56 Dress Pattern consisting of 7 yards new novelties, any style, and lining, for $3.97. $j.6i Dress Pattern consisting of 7 yards 6j/ new novel ties, any style, and linings, for $4.75. Linings included in above dress patterns— 6 y's best Cambric, 30?: 2 yds good Silesia, ^tf^ t K yds good Wig - gan, i$/; 4 yds Velveteen Facing, 16'; i spool Thread, tf\ card patent Hooks and Eyes, $?; best Twin Dress Stay. . — $1.06. by A Case of Kidney Disease Given Up Kour Doctors. Beaver Dam, O.—My daughter, after being treated by four doctors and given up for lost, a neighbor recommended Foley'a Kidney Cure. Today she is able to walk several miles withoutjfatigue. I feeljwe would bare lost her if it was not for your medicine. Respectfully, Mrs. J. M. Bailey. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyea. Irwin Blackma.'i Handle died at the family home this morning at 9:15 o'clock, after an illness of four days. By his death Upper Alton loses one of the oldest and most respected of its native citizens. Mr Handle was born here Oct. 18th 1834 and spent his entire life as a resident of ttils place. He waa married Feb. lut, 185!) to Susan Warnack, who survives bim. Beside his widow, he leaves four children, Mrs. J. L. Drum of South Dakota, Mrs. Edward Smart, Harry Handle and Isaac Handle of Upper Alton, two sisters, Mrs. John N. Drummond and Mrs. James W. Kerr of Alton, and two brothers Charles H. Kindle, of Chicago, and Fielding Handle of California. During bia life time Mr. Randle served his village faithfully and well. For twelve consecutive years he held the office of Township Assessor waa Deputy Sheriff two terms, Town Councilman, and up to the late election was for years a member of the Cemetery Board. The funeral will take place Sunday afternoon at two o'clock from the house. Hev. G. W. Waggoner, officiating. The School Hoard held its regular meeting last night wila three out of the five members present. In the absence of the President. Prof. Ray took tbe chair. Routine buRinesa occupied most of the time. A resolution waa passed to introduce a new text book, Reed's speller, into school room 6 to 0 inclusive. Prof. Lowery was authorized to change the time of meeting of tbe High School Literary society from evening to afternoon. The three-year-old boy of J. A. Johnson^ of Lynn Center, 111., ia subject to attacks of croup. Mr. Johnson says he is satisfied that the timely use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, during a severe attack, saved his little boy's life. He is In the drug business, a member of the firm of Johnson Bros. <.f that place; and they handle n great many patent lur-dioinea for throat and iung diseases. He had all these to chose from, and skilled physicians ready to respond to hi* call, but selected this remedy for use iii his own family at a time when bis child's life was in danger, because be knew it to be superior to any other, and famous the country over for its cures of croup. Mr. Johnson says this is the best selling cough medicine they ban die, and that it gives splendid satisfaction in all cases. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. ' A Queer f?) Mealcme. There is a medicine whose proprietors do not claim to have discovered some hitherto unknown ingredient, or that it is a cure-all. This honest medicine only claims to cure certain dieeases, and that its ingredients are recognized by the most skilled physicians as being the beat for K'dney and Bladder diseases. It is Foley'd Kidney Oure. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyes. C3A.& Btarithe Signature «f How to Cure Bilious Colic. I Buffered for weeks with colic and pains in my stomach caused by biliousness and bad to take medicine all the while until I used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, which cured me. 1 have since recommended it to a good many people,—Mrs. F. Butler, Fairbaven, Conn. Persons who are subject to bilious colic can ward of the attack by taking this remedy as aoon as the first symptom n appear. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyaa. Mr. N. N. Osburn, well known at Woodstock, Mich., was troubled with a lame back. He was persuaded to use Chamberlain's Pain Balm. Itgave him relief in one night. This remedy is aleo famous for its cures of rheumatism. For sale by K. Marsh and S H. Wyss. MASTER'S SALE. State of Illinois, City of Alton, 88. City Court of Alton, September term, A. D., 1898. Manuel H. Boals vs. Michael S. Bartlett, Charles Bartlett, Ada Arnleln, Thomas Fletcher, Amos Fletcher, Caroline Fletcher, Kate E. Fletcher, William F. Fletcher. MaryH. Fletcher, Maggie Biggs, Mamie Ballou and Charles Bartlett (son of Samuel Barllett deceased . ) In Chancery. Hill to foreclose mortgage. Public notice Is horoby given, that, In pursu- and ente p red by said court in tho above entitled cause on the 2Uh day of ance of a decree made an in tho above en October, \. D., 1898, I, Lcvl D. Ya Tha KM You Have always Bmigfr October, \. D., 1898, I, Lcvl D. Yager, master In chancery of said City Court of Alton, will on WEDNESDAY, THE SIXTEENTH DAY OF NOVEMBER, A. D., 1898, at the hour of 10 o'clock In tho forenoon, at the north front door of the City Hall building, in the city of Alton, county of Madison and State of Illinois, bell at public auction, to the highest and best bidder, for cash, all and singular, the following described premises and real estate In said decree mentioned, situated In the city of Alton county of Madison and State of Illinois, or so much thereof as shall be sufficient to satisfy said decree, to-wit: Lots numbered seven (7) and eight (8), In block number ttfty-six (.50), In Ood/rey and Gilman's addition, to Alton: situated In said city of Alton, county of Madison and Stale of Illinois. Upon compliance with all the terms of sale and upon the approval of such sale by the court, a certificate of purchase will be given tho purchaser entitling him to c. deed from the Master In Chancery of said court at tho expiration of fifteen months, provided redemption be not made prior to that time. Dated, Oct. 21th, A. D., 1893. LEVI D. YAGER. Master In Chancery of the City Court of Alton, Illinois. LEVI OAVIS, Comp'ts Solloltor. Admiral Sampson's Portrait Is used to call S'our attention to Our fall Announcement with feelings of deep gratitude to our friends for their liberal patronage during the past season. We open the Fall Season with the choicest stock of Furnishings Head-gear and Shoes ever brought into this city. We shall continue to furnish our costumera with the best results of the tailoring art, while our hats and furnishings are the product of the best makers. We now extend to you, reader, a hearty invitation and B warm welcome to our stock, and by your verdict we stand or fall. Our goods merit the highest praise, while our prices remain within easy reach. If you have money to ;spend for clothing this Fall, we want It and will make a stiff bid to get it, if you can be influenced by style, workmanship or price. We are ready— completely ready for investigation. We accord to each and every coatumer the same corteons treatment and the same low price, Our Invitation Is: "Come in and look." Our clothing and prices will talk for themselves when you get acquainted with them. When you want a Fall Suit, an Overcoat, a pair of Tronsew, a Hat, a Shirt, a pair of Shoes, or anything to wear, and want the latest thing ont at the lowest price. Don', fail to remember. Yours very truly, The Outfitter. East Second Street Will THE PRIMARY ELECTION LAW Be Voted On at the Election November 8th. tor Rent. My 7-room house in Mlddletown, Steam beat.-U. S. Nixon. $100, Dr. E. Uelchon's Anti-Diuretic May be worth lo you more than 8100 If you have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water during sleep. Cures old and young alike. It arrosts tbe trouble at once. 81. Sold byS. H, W>BS, Druggist, 652 Second at/eet, Alton, III. Delays are Dangerous. Many of your friends, or people whom you know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fatal diseases by ueiileot of a simple cold or cough. Foley's Honf y and Tar, a safe sure and pleasant cough medicine, would have saved them. H IH guaranteed. Sold by R, Marsh and S. H. Below Is the form of ballot tnat voters of Alton township will have presented to them for their suffrage at the election on Nov. 8th: Kor iidnption of the nc-t for primary di-ctionw of political parties in Alton Townnhip. YES. NO. X GOING OUT SHOE BUSINESS Now is the Time to g-t Your Money's Wo'th Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! We Sell 'Em. Shoes for the short, Shoes for the Tall, Shoes for the big feet, Shoes for the small, Shoes for the banker, Shoes for the Clerk, Shoes for the men who do hard work, Shoes for the broker, Shoes for the broke, . Shoes for the prohibitionist, Shoes for the soak, Shoes tor the young, Shoes for the old. . ™? last but not least, our shoes are worth their weight in gold. t Entire stock of Ladies', Gent's, Misses' and Children s fine and medium grade shoes at a s 'crifice and Saturday. Friday R. R. EXCURSION RATES. Alton" for Colorado. fills Burlington to Omaha. llon"for8t. Paul. ('iPttnimlHIt'i 1 Snmv. Adllllnll Si'lilcy n» n lster«itln« Serlei [of lecture. Rev. Oeo, R. Gebauer will begin n> x Sunday evening at tbe Unitarian ouurob an interesting course of ever Ing lectures lu accordance with tbe folio wU>g program: Nov. 0, "The Bibles of Warfare." Series on'Tbe Family ua a Factor iu Uf«.» Nov. 13, '-The Origin of tbe Family and MwrUge." Nov. M. "The Family aud Marriage among Pte-historic and Savage Races. Nov. 27. "The Mououamlo Family." • "The Family and OnrlsU- U, "The Family lit Modern Hun .limn fi'nin Now All Malms 1 O'lWcrnU't) In the JIIVHOI u hn IH to mmuuliiiil •rlli'VI! nf tlm XllllC'l ivul Mutton, has Ifk KM till* Snllll'C. a til I'd ni I, MUwnukiv, »nn Ith ImiiimliiK rorrmiiMli'ti o 'if inuny KplDi-njiul dl(i- E asy to Take asy to Operate Are fnil»ri"i pccullur to llunil'.i I'llli Hiuull lu «lzo, lusli'U'!,*, I'ftlrk'iit. thnrimuh. As 0110 mall Hood's Midi " YoillH'tTrkiiiin von ^^^ tune taken u pill i ill n is ,,11 K»S i i — oy«r." aw. 0.1. i|ouU & (.'»„ f* 111K Proprietor!, Lowell, «»<«. • • • • %P XUioaljf jilUi totak* wlUi UooU'i Bwi»j>Mlll». •J*IIE Burlington to St. Paul. Thr. Burlington to Colorado, California and 1 to Pn»«t Bound Polnte. Homo«oeker» Excursions.—Nov. Island lath 1 • and Duu. Oth and 20th, via the Burlington. r n to Omaha »ml return Tuesday*and „ , r '«" trldaya, via the C. * A. Beturn limit Ili daya. O EDUCED Rate* lo North- rn and~W««7ern ** reaom now In ettoct via theC. & A. tt. K. and connections The Hjrllnglon Route boot line to all northern • norteern aud woatorn luiumor reeorta. Cheap rates now in offoot. For Information apply toJ. B. Thomaa, A^ent v »B 9 1 ?} 11 * KlA Hoturn.~Tue»day« and _ »O Friday*. Roturn limit it day! from Uloof dale via the Burlington Kouto. Choice ir two route*. Kant tralna and through oar service.-J. U. Thomas, Agt. roe"Uuriiiigton'»Tbrouib Car" Servioe-i'ai; ' uoo SleupeM and Chair Ca» (aeata free) to Kansait City, Bt. Joe, Omaha, Denver, Hilling.. Itook laland, Oubuqut, Cedar Rapid*. Bt. Paul ind Minneapolis TourUtBloeperii to dan Fran- lilaooand Coa Angeli», Ca. Ifornla, Portland, 'la Denver and gait Uke city, every ... «... ..... .- et(J _« f|1 | 0( . >'. For ratm, rouuu, H TboniM, Agent. ,,1" H will be s aeparate ballot. If a majority of tbe votes oast on the prop - osltlon are favorable, the primary election law will be In force In Alton township in the future. Tbe law will put an end to maas primaries held in Oity Hall, wbiob have been tbe cause of no much 111- feeling, and so many disgraceful scenes, and wnere Democrats by tbe hundred have voted at Republican primaries, and Republicans at Democratic primaries. If tho primary election I iw ia adopted no Demoorat can vote at a Republican primary, and no Republican can vote at » Democratic primary. Tbe will of a majority of tbe party holding tbe primary will be quietly, decently and honestly expressed and carried out'. Tbe law abould be adopted and given a fair trial. The above ballot is the proper form of marking if the voter wishes to cast his vote (or tbe proposition. PFEIFFER & BAILEY, 5TAR SHOE STORE Harry Zimmerman, Manager. DON'T MISS THE MODELS Sacrifice Sale 6or. 3d and Piasa sts. Howell's Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the latest things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWJELL, 117 West Third Street. The styles are unusually beautiful and far ahead of anything we bavo ever ahown. For those who prefer *» v °K K> new patterns then Carpets, Ourtalns. Oil Cloths, Linoleum and I

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