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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, August 8, 1891
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Li Ihe f ••triUe Review. ?UBLTM» VmiT SATURDAY —BT— . W. N. BURDIOK. TBRMS: •1.60 Per Year, Btrlotly Advance The K»M AHiltrfilinf 'Medium to reach thi f«wr norih-etutern COUIXHM- Officii 8n uhwret Corner Lawler and Tllden fit* CHRISTIAN WORK. W. N. BUADICK, Editor and Proprietor. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CREED; THE GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL OUIDE. TESMS: $1.60, Ir PAID IN ADTAN VOLUME XIX. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, AUGUST 8, 1891. NUMBER 21. ADVURTI8INO RATB8: Tm« H>. lla. 4ln. McolUodM not lWMk.... I weeka ... 8 Week* ... 1 rnoeth .. 8 roonUif. S months.. 4 months.. 1 year.... »1 (• 1 M I N » M I OS 4 00 B 10 to 00 4 18 * M 11 S3 in 18 00) *3» • n T M 9 » 11 71 1* " M N| M *« 11 0» 111 urn: u i ir i =3 Builnei* cards not exotodlasT Ore Unee, ft. Left! advertisement* at Ingel rassm. lilleHew ments Iner rtert with no apecMe Ma* wll to mihlhhed until ordered out an< ?harfed far •»• oorrilnKlr. All bills payable quarter!/. Dlacourso to Ghau.tauqun.ns in Win- consln by Dr. Talmage. . I. Tfi* Dutlo mill n>»|inn*lh1!ltlr» which God £xpi>ctt« Chrlfltlah Men null Women to Annuitm—No Tlmo for filling or Frivolity. Tho subjoined discourse WUH delivered by Ilev. T. UoWill Ttilmnge before an Immense congregation present at the Chautauqua assembly mi the banks ol Monona lake, near Madison, Wis. Ills text wns: Who kni'Wi'th whether tlmu art come to thokliiK'liJiu for such n tlmn 111 this?—Katber IT .. 14. . Esther the bountiful wns the wife of Ahasuerus the abominable. The time had come for her to present n petition to her Infiimnrm husband In behalf of tho Israeli-fish nation, to' which site had once belonged. She was nfniid to un- dortnlti' llii 1 tviirlf lest she should lose her own life: hut. her uncle. Mordccai, who had brought her up, encouraged her with Hie suggestion tlint probably she hud been raised up of <iod for that peculiar mission. "Who knowoth whether thou art come to the Kingdom for such a time us this!" Esther had her Uoil-appoiiited work: you and I kavo our». It is my business to tell you what style of people we might to bo in order that mc may meet the demand of tho ape In which Cod litis cast our lot. If you have come expecting to hear abstractions discussed, or dry technicalities of religion glorified, you have come to Die wrong place; but If you really would lil;o to know what this age has a right to expect of you as Christian men and women, then 1 ain ready in tho Lord's name to look you in the face. When two armies have rushed into battle the officers of either army do not want a philosophical discussion about the chemical pro|x>rt!os of human blood or the nature of gunpowder; tlioy want some one to man the battoriea and swab out the guns. An now, when all tho forces of light and darkness, of Heaven anil hell, have plunged into the fight, it is no time to give ourselves to the definitions and formulas and technicalities ami conventionalities of religion. What we want is practical, earnest, com nitrated, enthuslastio and triumphant help. What we need in the oast you in Wisconsin need. In the Urst place, in order to meet the special demand of this age, you need to be an unmistakably aggressive Christian. Of half-uud-hulf Christians wo do not wuntnnv more. The church of Jesus Christ will ho better without teu thousand of t!:.m. They are the chief obstacle to tho church's advancement. 1 am speaking of another kind of Christiun. All the appliances for your becoming an earnest Christian are at your hand, and there Is a straight path for you into the broad daylight of Cod's forgiveness. You may huvo come hero to-day the bondsmen of tho world, and yet lie fore you go out of theso doors you uiuy become tho prinucs of the Lord Uod Almighty. You know what excitement tho re is In this country when a< foreign prince comes to our shores. Why? Because it is expected that some day he will sit upon a throne, But what is all that honor compared with tho honor to which Uod calls you —to bo sons and daughters of the Lord Almighty; yoa, to lie queens and kings unto God? "They shall rolgn with Him forever and forevor," But, my friends, you need to be aggressive Christians, and not liko those persons who spend their lives in hugging their Christian graces and wondering '•' why : thoy do not make any progress. How much robustness of health would a man huvo if he hid himself in a dork elosot? A great deal of piety of the ' day is too exclusive. It hides itself. It needs more fresh ulr, more outdoor exercise. There tire many Christians who are giving their entire life to self-ex- amlnntlon. They are feeling their pulses to see what 1B the condition of splrltal health. II o w long would a man have robust physical healthy if he kept all tho days arid weeks and months and years of his life _ feeling his pulse instead of going out into active, earnest, evory-day work. I was once amid the wonderful, bewitching cnotus growth of North Carolina. I never was more bewildered with the beauty of flowers, and yet whon I would take up one of these cactuses and pull the leaves apart, the ' beauty was all gone. You could hardly tell that it had ever boon a flower. And there are a groat many Christian people in this day just pulling apart their Christian experiences to see what there is in them, and thoro is nothing attraoolvo loft. This stylo of solf-ex- aminatlon is u damage instead of an advantage, to their .Christian charaoter, I remember whon I was a boy, I used to have a small piece in the garden , . that I, called my own, and i. .planted ' " corn there, und every few days I'would pull it up to see how fast it was grow*•»'' tag. Now, there arc a great many • • Christian people in this day whose self- examination merely amounts to the pulling up of that whloh they only yes- terduy or tho day bofore planted. O my friends, If you want to have a stalwart Christian character, plant It right out of doors in the great Held ol Christian usefulness, and though storms may come upon it, and though ; the hot sun of trial may try to consume iti' it will thrive until' it becomes a • 'great tree, in which the fowls of heaven may have their habitation; I have no patience with these flower-pot Christians. Thoy keep themselves shelter, and all their Christian eWenoe hi a small," exclusive' circle, When thoy!.ought to plant it in the , . K r 3 a >V*J N V'f 011 °' tho^Lord, sp that the '' 'whole atmosphere could be aromatic '"'•wtth'their Ohristinn Hi^efulness. What •^Ww^fcHri-tWOhiroh' of-God is more ,brawn of pletyj 1 -' >' '• <»• •'• 1 '•: -« .gjhe ^ntury plant is wonderfully sug* (restive and wonderfully'beautiful, but I'never look at jt without thinking of lU piiftWro&ny,' Hit lets* whole genera- W J'<J,* litiffljajft before it puts forth one bios&Sp , mil i»'-"J have' .-really move heartfelt \>rttii»n^tt&ft,-wh«n the dewy tears f*'^^v^a^b}u^C'eyas, ot the TlplaUi for W eight years. Krom those eight years you must take all the days and weeks and months—all tho length of time that is passed in childhood and sickness, leaving you about one year in which to work for (lod. Oh, my soul, wako upl How darcst thou sleep in harvest time, and witli so few hours in which to reap? So that I state it as a simple fact that all tho time that tho vast majority of you will have for the exclusive service of God will bo less than onoyearl "Hut," says somo man, "I liberally support the Gospel, and the church is open aud the Gospel preached; all the spiritual advantages arc spread before men, and If they want to bo saved lot them come to bo saved; I hove discharged my responsibility." Ahl is that tho Master's Spirit? Is there not an old book somewhere that commands us to go out into the highways and the hedges and compel tho people to eomo in? What would huvo become of you and mo if Christ had not coma down off tho hills of Heaven, and if Ho had not come through the door of Bethlehem caravansary, and If Ho had not with tho crushed hand of tho crucifixion knocked ut the iron gate of the sepulcher of our spiritual death, saying: "Lazarus, corns forth?" Oh, my Christian friends, this is no tlmo for inertia, when all tho forces of darkness seem to bo in full blast; whon steam presses are publishing infidel tracts: when express railroad trains are carrying passengers of sin; when fast clippers aro laden with opium and rum; when tho night air of our cities is polutcd with tho laughter that breaks up from tho ten thousand saloons of dissipation and abandonment; when the fires of tho second death already are kindled in tho cheeks of some who, only a little while ago, wore incorrupt. Never since tho curse fell upon the earth has there been a tlmo when it was such an unwise, sucli an awful tiling for tho church to sleep! The great audiences aro not gathered in the Christian churches, tho great audiences are gathered in temples of sin —tears of unuttorablo woe their baptism, the blood of crushed hearts tho awful wino of their sacrament, blasphemies their litany, and the groans of the lost world tho organ dirge of tholr worship. Again, if you want to bo qualified to meet tho duties which this ago demands of you, you must on tho ono hnnd avoid reckless iconoolusra, nnd on the other hand not stick too much to tilings because thoy aro old. The air is too full of new plans, now projects, theories of government, new theologies, and I am amazed to see how so many Christians want only novelty in order to recommend a thing to their confidence; and so vacillate and swing to and fro and they are useless, and they aro unhappy. Now plans—secular, ethical, philosophical, religious, cisatlantic, transatlantic. Ah, my brother, do not adopt a thing merely because it is new. Try it by tho realities of a Judgment Day. Hut, on the other hand, do not adhere to anything merely because It is old. There is not a single enterprise of tho Church or the world but has sometimes been scoffed at. There was a time when mon derided oven Bible societies; and when afowyoung men met near a haystack in Massachusetts and organized the lirst missionary society over organized in tills country, there went laughter and ridicule all around the Christian church. They said the undertaking was preposterous. And so, also, the work of Jesus Christ was assailed. People cried out: "Whoever heard of such theories and ethics and government? Who ever noticed such a stylo of preaching as Jesus has?" Ezokiol had talked of mysterious wings and wheels. Here came a man from Capernaum and Geu- nesaret, and lie drew nis illustrations from the lakes, from tho sand, from the ravine, from tho lilies, from the cornstalks. How the Pharisees scoffed! How Herod doridedt How Calaphas hissed! And this Jesus thoy plucked by the beard, and thoy spat in His face, and they called Him "this follow!" All the great enterprises in and out of the church have at times been scoffed at, and there have been a great multitude who have thought that the chariot of God's truth would fall to piocos if it once got out of the old rut. And so there aro those who have no patience with anything liko improvement in church architecture, or with anything like good, hearty, earnest ehuroh singing, and they deride any form of religious discussion whioh goes down wulking among overy-doy men rather than that which makes an excursion on rhetorical stilts. Oh, that the Church of God would wake up to an adaptability of workl We must admit the simple fact that the churches of Jesus Christ in tWs day do not roach the great masses. There are fifty thousand people in Edlnburg who never hear the Gospel. There are onew^Uon people in London who neve; hoar the Gospel. There are A least three hundred souls in tho city of Brooklyn who come not under the immediate ministrations of Christ's church; and the Church of God in this day, instead of being a jdaee )g|^ ojl. Jiving epistles, read .and) > known, or all men, is more llke-I •'dea^-letfe^Sj^stlofflA. going to He converted; jrou mwrtjbe pa* r tie»t; the 4 lcingao.m*of!tWis vjc ,.Vfoori£'ilve' "• ' V unhjsl the ; ! coovJBVWn»T''flw Q^rot.' H B W PU * lat fortress. :How shall b«f|aken? 'fay cornea and' oi'ta arojm4J»bout ttf^te-'bff* tKe" : '4uppHe|imd ? lays; «?^^^^M^3»* tt from exhaui have W ^\flT «i| months, and perhaps a year, pass along, tho word that will jar the foundation of Heaven with the Bhout of a great victory. Oil, that to-day this whole audience might feol that the Lord Almighty is putting upon thorn tho hands of ordination. Everyone, go forth and prcacli this Gospel. "You have as much right to preach as I have, or as anyone lias. Only find out the pulpit where Ood will have you proach and there preach. Hcdloy Vicars was a wicked man in the English army. Tho grace of God came to him. Ho became an earnest and eminent Christian. Thoy Bcoffed at him and said: "You are a hypocrite; you are as bad as ever you wore." Still ho kept his faith In Christ, and after awhile, finding that thoy could not turn him aside by calling him a hypocrite, "they said to him: "Oh, you are nothing but a fanatic." That did not disturb him. He went on performing his Christian duty until lie had formed all his troop into a Hi bio class, and the whole encampment was shaken with the pres enco of God. So Uavcloclc went into tho heathen temple in India while the English army was there, and put a candle into tho hand of each of tho heathen gods that stood around in tho heathen temple, aud by the light of thoso candles held up by tho idles Gen. Uavclock preached righteousness, torn perance and judgment to come. And who will suy, on earth or in Heaven, that Havelock had not tho right to preach? In tho minister's house whero I prepared for college there was a man who worked, by tho name of Pctor Croy. Ho could neither rend nor write, but ho was a man of God. Often theologians would stop in tho house—grave theologians—and at family prayers Poter Croy would bo culled upon to load; and all those wlso men sat around, wonder-struck at his religlouB efficiency. When ho prayed ho reached up and seemed to take hold of tho very throne of tho Almighty, and he talked with God until tho very heavens wero bowed down into the sitting-room. Oh, if I wero dying I would rather have plain Peter Croy kneel by my bedside and command ray immortal spirit to God than somo heartless ecclesiastto arrayed in costly canonicals. Go preach this Gospel. You say you aro not licensed. In tho namo of the Lord Almighty, this morning, I llecnso you. Go preach tills Gospol—preach it in Habbuth-scliools, in tho prayor-incot- ings, in the highways, in tho hedges. Woo bo unto you if you preach it not. I remark, again, that in order to be qualified to meet your duty in this particular age you want unbounded faith in tho triumph of tho trutli and tho overthrow of wickedness. How dare the Christian church ever get discouraged? Have we not tho Lord Almighty on our side? How long did it take God to slay thu hosts of Sennacherib or burn Sodom or shake down Jericho? How long will It take God, when Ho once arises in His strongth, to overthrow till the forces of iniquity? lietween this time and Unit there may bo long seasons of darkness— the chariot-wheels of God's gospel may seem to drag heavily; but there is tho promise, aud yonder is tho throne; and when Omniscience lias lost its eyesight, nnd Omnipotence falls buck impotent, and Jehovah is driven from Ills throne, then tho church of Jesus Christ eun afford to bo do- spondont, but never until then. Despots may plan and armies may march, and tho congresses of tho nations may seem to think thoy aro adjusting all the affairs of tho world, but tho mighty men of the earth are only the dust of the charlot-whoolB of God's providence. I think that bofore the sun of this century shall set tho last tyranny may fall, nnd with a splondor of demonstration that shall be tho astonishment of the universe God will set forth the brightness and pomp and glory and perpetuity of His eternal government. Out of tho starry flags nnd tho emblazoned insignia of this world God will make a path for Ills own triumph and, returning from universal conquest, Ho will sit down, the grandest, strongest, highest throne of earth His footstool. Thou shall nil nations' >ont usound ToThoe, nur Killer, Father, Friend, Till llouvim'a high arch resounds ngiiln With «*rouce on curt li.iiood will to men." I proach tills sermon because I want to encourage till Christian workers in every possible department Hosts of tho living Uod, march onl march onl His spirit will bless'you. His shield will defend you. His sword will strike for you. March onl March on! The last despotism will fail, and paganism will burn its IdolB, and Mohammedanism will giro up its false prophet, and the great walls of superstition will come down and wreck at tho long, loud blast of the Gospol trumpet. March on! march on! Tho besiegement will soon be ended. Only a few more steps on tho long way; only a few more sturdy blows; only a fow more battle-cries, then God will put the laurel vyppn your brow, and from the THE LATEST NEWS. GENERAL NOTES. heroically A CITY railway inspector saves a innn 's life in St. Paul. TWIN CITY Scandinavians hold a temperance mass meeting in tho interest of law nnd order. SAMUKI. HANO, a real entato operator at Allstou, Mass , has failed for $500,000. IT is proposed to start a new steamship inc from Terminnl City to Liverpool. Tnr. ntorm at Lansing, Pa., Tuesday night almost totally ruined tho tobacco crop. 1 IIK crons in twenty counties in Ohio along the Indiana lino arc being devoured by grasshoppers. JoKb B. EUIIAIIT tans resigned the col- lectorship of the port of New York. Ho gives noreiiBOn for his action. JKSUIT priests have outlined 190 feet of ground in Milwaukee on which they pro pnsr. to erect a church to cost 8250,000. hailstorm. THF. llerkely hind company, of Denver, has made an iiFsigr.ment, with liabilities of 8-100,000. iwo WALKEHSVILLK (Mont.) children died from the effects of driuking a denii jotan of whiskey. Tun French Minister of Commerce and Industries has made application to the world's fair commissioners for 50,000 square yards of space. CHINESE merchants' certificates, entitling the holder to entry into tho United States, are being sold in Shanghi for $300 ench. THE royul trust company, withaeupital stock of 8500,000, has been authorized to a hanking business in Chicago. Albert L. Doe is the Pre-iideiit of the now institution. ONE hundred and fourteen thousand entries for public lands were made in the United States during the year ending June 30. PitKMiEH MEBCIEK will call tho Quebec legislature together in September, and introduce a resolution in Bupport of Canadian independence, as opposed to iuipcraiul federation. THE French Ministor of Commerce Thursday ussurod the Columbian fair com mirisioncrs that ho was most desirous of enlisting the co operation of Franco in the Chicago Exposition. Dn. HKNIIY T. HKLMUOI.U, tho famous buchu man, is again insuno. This is tho fourth time within twenty years Unit ho has been sent to an asylum EDWIN LEE UUOWN'B will was probated Tuesday in Chicago. lie made but one public bequcht—8500 to tho humane BO ciety. Coi,. 8. ('. REYNOLDS, the millionaire grain merchant of Toledo, has just returned from England whero he organized a company with a capital of 82,500,000 to operate a line of steamers direct from Toledo and other Lako Erie ports to Liverpool. of Siegel, Cooper & Co.. at the southeast corner of State and Adama slrOrfts Chicago was destroyed by fire Monday morning. The loss on building and "tack is estimated at I5A0.0C0, 8500,000 of which is covered by insurance. FRANK MclnDEit of 4674 Ashland avenue, Chicago, wns arcending a ladder at the stock-yards Tbnrstlny morning, carrying his ten month old boy on his shoulder, when he lot his hold and loll to thu ground, killing the child. - IN Chicago a fire in tho Armory of the Second Regiment dnui 'god tho building and conteii's to 'he nuiount of 835,000. Fortunately the flames did not reach the unimunation stored in the basement. BISHOP UUDB, of the Evangelical church, hardy escaped a horrible death in Chicago Friday. Ho imidvertontly stepped from a cable in front of one coming from the opposite direction. The bishop caught hold of Ihe advancing car and was dragged some distance. He was somewhat bruised, but. not seriously injured. UNCLE SAM'S BIG GUN Tost With n Small Amount of Powder a Heavy Projectile Attains Extraordinary Velocity. GRIME. FOREIGN. MORE mission buildings are reported to have been attacked by mobs in China, Ciiors in England have been badly dam nged by recent storms FouoEitiES amounting to 8295,000 on the Deutsche bank of Berlin havo been discovered EIOUT sailors of the Norweigaa schooner Djrma were drowned off Dover by the sinking of the vessel. •.THE peisecutton of the Jews in Russia has been somewhat relaxed. SANTIAGO advices state that Claudio Vicuni has been elected president of Chili, his term commencing Sept. 18. Two Italians und a German were ur- rested at Como, Italy, for making plans of the fortification at that place No QUATITKH iB given or asked by oither side in the Chilian war. Tho insurgents havo decidedly tho best of it. REV. CIIAIU,ES H. SPUHQEON IB belter than at any timo since his attack began, and his physicians are very hopeful. THE American harck Curncoa has been seized by the Dutch authorities at the island of Willomsiad for trying to land arms und ammunition. It is bolievod the contraband articles wore to be smuggled into Hayti. THE Official Gazette of Madrid, publish ed a decree promulgating tho new treaty between the United States and Spain in regards to trade between the United States and Cuba and Porto Rico FIFTEKN inches of rain fell in the LEE HUOHES, a convicted wife murderer, escaped from jail at Houston, Tex. ANDY KAHKEM.. a saloonkeeper, shot and killed Chris Harris, a "Big Four" freight conductor in Springfield, Ohio. Foun prominent labor leaders have been arrested at Butte. Mont., charged with tho murder of Editor W. .1. Penrose on June 10. GKIITIIUDE WIIITIS, nged thirteen, was fatally stabbed with a carpenter's chisel in Johnston, It. I., Wednesday, by an unknown man. URKD, an inmate of the northern Indiana Hospital for the Insane, was so badly beaten by another patient that ho died Weduesdtiy. SYI.VKSTEII YOUNQ, a cashier for the Chesapeake & Ohio road at Louisville, is missing, together with 850,000 of the corporation's money. AN unknown tramp threw hiniNclf in front of a train at Beauroup, III., and was cut to pieces. A hag of silver coins was found on his body. AT a dunce in ColomJo a tough kills cowboy, and a boy shoots at the tough anc 5 kills a woman. Buiioi .Aiis entered the boot and shoe store of Holt Bros., in Dubuque, Iowa, blew open the safe and Becured 8200. No arrests. CIIAHI.ES E. GOODWIN, of Goodwin's Official Turf Guide, was mortally wounded by Bertram C. Wob«ter, of Now York Sunday night. Jealousy was tho rncse THE homes of T. J. Bryant, Churlo Townc, and Grandiiiuu Hradley at De cntur, 111., were i>r .;ken into and a comiil erable amount of tiKuioy and jewelry tolen. Woni> has been received that Ihe safe in M. II. Wells' store at HuhtBville Wusli., was blown open Friday night and money and accounts to the amount of 818, 000 taken. The siicrilf and posse are looking for tho safe crackers. A UEi'oiiT is current that 875.000 was taken from the express office at Kountize, Tex., a big saw mill center. Ofllcjals ure making an investigation, but are very re ticenl. JOHN CANDKKTII, II well-known farmer wing about two lailos south of Piitoku Ind., committed suicide by blowing tho top of his head off with a shotgun, A Mon broke into (he jail at Dixon, Ky and took out Jim King und Bill Woods wife-heaters, with the intention of lynch ingthem, but the men escaped and hav not yet been found. Mns. MOI.I.I K CAVE, of St. Louis, who was shot by her husband lost Saturday because she refused to longer live with him, has died of her wounds. Tho husband died ut the city hospital Monday from a E istol shot wound Belf -inflictcd after shoot- is wife. THF, Twenty-sixth Ward bank of Baltimore, Md„ has lately had hard luck. Last Octohor it was robbed, and now its cashier, Benjamin R. Spellmun, Jr., has disappeared, leaving a shortage of 82,800. Spellnian will probably not be pi'OBecuted, wealthy relatives haviug made up the deficit. High living led to his downfall. of First Twelve-Inch Hrcech- loudlng Itiile Ever Built in America. Experts Very Eiitliiislii8tic,niiil Declare Themselves More Than Satisfied With the Result. muzzle penetrntion in iron will bp four feet and its maximum range about fifteen uiiles. Owing to the limitations of weight and availnble space nlmiird ship the heavy guns will not excefd 13 inches in diameter of bore. Tlii» objection, howev,r, does not apply to the land defense, and it is wise to possess guns not only equal in power to any the attack can bring for- wnrd, hut superior. Each of these large guns before the typo isncccpted will be given a thorough tenting for range, penetrability and durability liofore others of a similar kind are built. All of these will come under the fortification act of March 3, 1883, in which congress provided for tho establishment of a mixed Ixjard of army and nnvnl officers und civilians with the secretary of warns president. WISCONSIN NEWS. LABOR LEADERS JOIN Michigan General Assembly of the Knights of Labor in Session. Resolutions Favor the Consolidation ot All Industrial People at the Ballot Box. Ni'\v York Herald. The grout breech loading steel rifle, the first 12-inch high power gun built in this country, was offered for the first time at tho Sandy Hook Proving Grounds Friday July 24th. A bonrd of expert, army ofheers witnessed the test from the pani pot of the fort and were enthusiastic over this new pieco of modern ordnance, which is destined to play an important part in tho future defiance of the sea coast. With a reduced charge of 250 pounds of German prismatic powder and a projectile weighing 1,000 pounds an initial velocity of 1,473 foot per second was attained with a pressuro of 20,000 pounds to tho square inch. The rungo of the now gun under these conditions was five miles, so that it is fair to prosmno that tho ordinary service charge of 440 pounds a range of twelve miles or more will be reached. Among the army officers who were present was Captain L. L. Biuff, who is known as tho father of the 12-inch gun, and who superintended every detail of its construction from start to finish. I am more than satisfied with tho re suit," said Baptain Bruff to me, as soon as thf intoiior of tho powder chamber had beon examined. "It show thnt our system of making built up guns, is beyond peradventure, u success, and that wo cau now compete with the heat of European manufacturer. A Krupp gun of tho sumo call bre fires a servico churge of only 357 pounds, whiicours can stand 440." "Wero the other 12-inch guns that were tried a few years ago considered a success as compared to the present gun?" I asked. We have built only a fow other guns of this calibre," lie replied, "but they were all <.t only medium power, with about one-half tho muzzle enortry of th present gun. This is really the lirst high power piece of ordnance of this calibre that has ever been bailt, in this country, and consider that to-day it has settled tho question whether or not we can make a heavy gun. It is true, the lube, jacket eund two parts of the forgings were procured in France from Schneider & Co. hut the borings wer« inudo and tho jacket was shrunk on at Watervliet; hence I con sider the weapon an Anieiican one. When we undertook its construction thoro was no plant in this country then to furnish tho large stool forging, so that wo wore compelled lo go abroad. Since that time, however, tho works tho Bethlehem Iron Company have been enlarged under ox- Licuteniint William H. Jitqiics, nnd car to day supply all that wo need." Lieutenant W. W. GibRon, of tho ordnance corps, superintended tho loading and firing of the gun during ti'fts, with Sergeant Joseph W. Warwick as gunner. Tho experiments for determining tho initial velocity by ineuna of tho Boulnnger chrono graph wero conducted by Lieutenant Wheeler. Captain Frank Heath, who is in charge of tho station, was present, and formed ono of tho board of expertB, which also included Captain L. L. Bruff, Charles S. Smith and B. Birine, Jr., all of. tho oriln ance corps. During the morning Lieu tounnt Lissak fired a charge from the now 8-inch steel rifle to ascertain its velocity of recoil with a new sinokeloss powder. When the lurge forgings for tho 12-inch gun wore sent to tho Watervlile tfoundry at WASHINGTON. THE Chinese miniBtor at Washington has been obliged to invoke the aid of tho police to protect his babe from curious people. Troy they wero in a rough and unfiniah ed state. Tliero they wero bored for tho desired calibre and tho jacket shrunk on tho tube. After the hoops were completed the gun was rilled. It will bo principally with guns of this calibre that the sea const will bo defended. Tho Lake Shore railway company has completed its grading us far as tho Big E .iu Plain river, fourteen miles from Marshfield, where work will be delayed until the immense bridge over this river U completed. The bridge will be 2,000 feet long, and in some plnces 60 feet high. "he second Tower Hill summer assembly and fifth annual Sunday school institute will be held at Unity Chapel, a beautiful spot near Spring Green, August 2 to lf>. Uniel Norton, aged 72 years, committed suicide by hanging at his home in Al bany, N. Y., July 15. He was well known in Jnnesville. ljoretta L. Williams and her husband wnnt 87,000 from the city of Slovens Point for damages for injuries from a defective sidewalk Fanners about Avon are searching for a strange animal that is roaring about tho woods About one hudered will go out armed. Eleven sites for the Sheboygan post- olli'o ranging in value from 84,900 to 817,000, havo beon offered the govern mint. The Bale of 8300,000 worth of Suporior city bonds was arranged by Mayor Pattison in the eastern financial mar.s. The Lake View hotel at Lake Beulah, owned and managed by John Porter, has been sold to John E. Ennis, of the Missouri Pacific railroad. Stane & Dannenbcrger's saw mill at Prairie dn Chien, shut down for good, throwing 200 hands ojt of employment. The Rev. J. W. Mores, pastor of the Congregational church nt Durand has tendered his resignation O.thkosh labor and trades unions will celebrate labor day in fine stylo. Peoplo from Sond du Lac, Neenah, Berlin, Mi 'iiasha, Appleton and Kaukuunn will join in the celobration Wntcrtown may bo chosen as tho location for a new knitting company just organized in Chicago, which will employ about 150 hands. John Stewart, of Hustisford, fell from the roof of u mill and received injuries from which he died. Robes Nobes, a pioneer of Racine county, dropped dead ut his home in Yorkvillo Miss Julia Waldo, daughter of u Jnnes­ ville hotel proprietor, died at Bcloit. So many boys go in swimming at Ap pleton that navigation is impeded. That's tho Oshkosh story. A contract has boon awarded for it new Episcopal church at Superior, to cost 89, '00. W. C. Penneston has beon arrested for robbing the Postollice lit Argyle Inst April. licef Slough postollice, in Buffalo county, will not bo discontinued Clifton Miles was drowned at Rhodos Mills, Jefferson county Chippewa Falls has 3.363 children between the ngOB of 4 and 20. A successful summer school is being con ducted ut Grund RupidB St. Luke's hospital, ut Rncine, has bctn lensod by the DaniBb Hospital association Earnest Clifton, an Evausvillo lad, was kicked on the head by a colt and IB suffering from concussion of tho brain, It is thought he will recover. A site nt Prontico Springs and 830,000 besides bine been offered by Fredorick Prentice, of Ashlund, to the proposed Con gregntionai preparatory RCIIOOI. Carolino Kimball and CharloB L. Bowen an Illinois couple, were married nt Clinton list week. Tho groom was over50yeurs old and tho brido about tho same age. Mrs. Louisa Peppercorn wants 85,000 from thu city of Black River Falls for dainugea duo to a defective sidewalk. Several earloadB of machinery for the A Kirst Move for General Co-operation for Purposes of General Reform. LANSING, Mich., Aug. 5.—The general statu assembly of tho Knights of Labor is in session this nfternoon and evening. Ono point of importance was the action on tho recent greoting sent by the genoral secretary nnd treasurer of the order at Philadelphia by which the assembly was earnestly requested to take independent political uctinn. There has been an effort to induce the assembly to endorse the people's party platform, bnt adverse influences have prevented this. The assembly finully adopted a resolution endorsing the action of all industrial councils or conventions that have inaugurated work looking to the consolidation of all industrial peoplo in the ballot box, trusting this prent movoment of industrial consolidation may culminate in tho full emancipation of the masses from indtislriul slavery. Following this a greeting is extended to the farmers' alliance, patrons of husbandry, patrons of industry, citizens alliance und national citizens industrial alliance promising support in all well directed efforts for tho advancement of the cause of industrial reform. Master Workman' Allen said the circular sent by the general secretary and treasurer of the order was the first move toward the grand co-operation of all labor loaders throughout the country for tho advance of industrial reform. ITOIJINISSS ritKACIIEU KLOPES. Huns Awuy Willi un Iowa Denfilmt Dumb Olrl. DF.S MOINKS, Iowa, Aug. 5.—Baitlett, Mills county, has a sonsntioD. Jeromo MeCroary is a preacher for the holines hand, which hai been conducting meot ings at Glcnwnod and various other points Ho maile tho acquaintance of a daughter of Win. Rodinnn, a well known farmer. Tho girl is deaf and dumb, but is very handsome. Thursday night sho left homo and was met by McCreury, and tho two started for Thurinun where they wero last seen. Tho father of the girl gavo chaso nnd threatens to kill MtCrenry if he comes up with him. Up to Inst evening nothing had been heard of the runaways. DKATII OF A MISElt. Ills I'roporty, Thought to he Cooslderabla, llus Not Ynt lloeu Found. DES MOINES, Iowa, Aug. 5. — John Plozek, nged about 05, wns found dead in bed at his homo nt lat and ChOBtnut streets this morning. It is thoutrht he hud considerable money, but it has not been found, llo had only ono intimate friend aud to him said little about his affairs. He lived ulono in his littlo two room house und was much against allowing any ono to jnter his home. His rooms were miserably furnishod und were very filthy und dirty. He had relatives in Germany, hut refused to communicate with them, fearing tli&y wero after liia property. VALUABLE MINKltAL 81'KINGS. J ' In fact, tho plans of the fortification board & froTMont^ allow only forty : four of tho 10-ineh guns, W™f «™™ ^ ° n °Xgus a'pedestrian. hirty -six of which arc includod ,„ tho do- wU i U ndurtuke, »t. Superior, the difficult fencee of New York, Boston and San I ran- tttsk Qf ih ^ and ni({htft with . °' .,. . ., out sleep, commencing tonight, n the different European navies there Tho Vornon county agricultural Bociety Iiidopfinilence, lows, to llecoine n If*»lth Itesort. INDEPENDENCE, Ia„ Aug. 5.—A. 0. E. Luurer has just discovered valuable mineral springs on his far in, one and a half miles south ot this city, tho wuter from which is pronounced by local chemists to be of superior quality. A further teat will be mado, und it developments warrant, the place will bo converted into a health resort. Mr. Lnnrer has reoently fallen heir to. 8500,000 in Germany, una while there will visit the prominent springs to study the best methods for confining the water for sanitary purposes. Children ut thu Table. The mother who compels hor children to wuit for n second table or to eat with the seivunt or seivanls whenever she baB company, simply becnuso those children are 139 heuvy guns of a greater calibre has purchased ^ni"''„,«^7i«'",T"i','..if";;";i= FIFTBKV inches of r ,inf»n i„ th* „,„, do not Know how to behave bofore coin- than tho 12-incli gun, besides thoae in the ? IvfJ. i I « round » ' l .."' l| t ""'e s3S2b!£K pWA 'sa ?J!a*xa .t a ^^Aa&Aa opportunity to learn by observation and 'nnd armament should include a few guna convinces her guests if they think about of 15 inch calibre if we wish to cope with the situation at all thnt her children nre 'he ponderous orduuee of foreign govern- behaved. Every-day manner at any ments. Comparrd «ith the navygun of a similar calibre, the samo length, but tho number of grooves will bo sevonty-two ANNJVEUSAKYOF A MUHDKIt. th* THE St. Petersburg police have arested tffenty-eight officers and twenty-six nihilists connected with a conspiracy to kill the czur and forco tho young czarowitz to establish a constitutional monarchy. TUB ohimney of the Providence ODOITIICS. financial article—a hundrec' ill behaved. Every-day manner at any table ought always to be company manners. Let the child be fully instxuoted as the - - - ~ . . . - , proper way to eat and made to-eat that for the land gur, i and wrt-y-e'aht tot that £„„ w hnn ir.« fnmilv is alonj and there of tho navy. Ihe lattor will fire a chargo works at Hautmont, Belgium, fell Sunday, ^^J^J^^Z when of 425 poinds of powder, a projectile crushing and burying eighteen workmen « u assembled about the board. A w ?>B h « B o^9 P?""" 8 ' wlth "i mn ' M -'° vet0 in the ruins. It is believed that very tew, g" en observer once remarked: "I can toll oity of 2,000Jeet_per second, giving an almost exactly what the borne life of u family is if 1 Qan have tho children with me for an afternoon and during, a nieul, if any, of the unfortunate men will BUT vive their injuries, MAIUSBILXJSB, FIIANOB, is having a visit from Jack the Ripper. A. uisn giv- They may try to keep up company man... ing an Italian name twice took rooms, ao- nets, but evidences ot the renl life will Blip living fountain of Heaven will bathe companied by a lady, and in each case the out the beat they can do." off the sweat and tho heat and the dust woman was afterward found murdered, onts aet a good exnmplp every of theconillot. March onl inarch onl having been strangled and then mutl- ' " " •'" luted. TUB troopship Orantes,' conveying a battalion of the Grenadier guards, who had been in exile at Bermuda, an account of its mutinous conduot about a year ago, ^ " ..,..'., - -.::>. i. Dover, where An able dollar bill. Every ono admires a man of push, but nobody wants lo be tho person pushed aside by the man. An Annoying Accident. SanBO: "1 want to buy one of those unbreakable lump chimneys you havo advertised." „„„..... „t' *„ „ ™- - - Clerk— "I'm vory aorry. sir, hut we ao- »„w£ m&^Jfh* T be urm ? J? un cidontly got our wholo slock smaebed this weighs ay tons ia 30 foet long and fires afternoon " a chargo of 440 pounds of powder. An „ . ' . , ,. . , : initial velocity of 1 ,940 feet per tocond &xperionco tenches that ono cook can will be imparted to u 2,000 pound pro- spo" the bioUi quite as well as too many. • ™.*v>«.« A harnoss that looks luminous in ine Teuiperance People Cowwemoritta AmmMlnutlon of Ilev, Uaddook, Sioux CITY, Iowa, Aug. 5.—Tho fifth anniversary of the murder of the Rev. cieorgo C. Haddock by saloon conspirators for las zenl in prosecuting them was observed last night by a cold-water banquet und by a muss-meeting addressed by Congressman Goorgo D. Perkins and ex- Senator Clark, author of the prohibitory law. All the churches held ruomoral meetings lust evening. Mr. Perkins expressed himself in favor of fully sustaining tho prohibition law. ALLOWED TO LEAVE. An Iowa l'reaolier Resigns a* the Result of Charge!. FOIIT DODGE, in., Aug. 5.—The Rev. M. Parsons, pastor of the Baptist Church at Perry, has resigned as the result of a church trial. He was accused of appropriating a portion of the church building fund to his own uses while at Carroll. Tim possibility of a division and sale of) the famous Valley Forge property is causing reuoh concern among those ipwhoin | I table and the children ow that example, 7 i iTu' ,f inetiln trivinu ft mii7zlo enerirv of 26 000 A uurnuss »uub IUOHB luiuiuuiu « .™ fund to his own UB«8 wniie at WUTOI1. do." Let the par- ^'••^"W^^,/ 1 ^^ ttn» "ark has been invented. It is intended to His reaignalion was accepted and charges ' every fay at the ^ rf «^i th }^^{^Sn?ffiwenb^ provent.collisions jit night. agSinst Eim withdrawn after a few stale- Will naturally fol- ^f.^^Z^^^Jt^a "»-». f . 9»ly knew wha the bill mKent8 hud been made. The present owner, Mrs. An'da L. Carter, has instructed her attorney lo dispose of | 190 acres of it. The portion of the property about to go into the market contains I THE collapse of a building at Frankstown, Pa., caused the death of three-work-1 men, , ,, , r THB[forest fires iu/e"rushing up ,the ind I' ' the remnants of the ramparls of Tort StanHlans river in California arid there is ttbMMA? Wr»« # wy „7u ;. 7 •M' •„# no hope of saving the American camp, to^fcmp WMlu nnd Washington, the cold spring'the site of • pjm destroyed i number of business ' lj - •' —' -* *-—'-"-'<•-" • * '" "' Y.,l including the WM to the Conquered, TheKomsm cried "Vat ViMil" "Woe to the conquered l'< their 'triumph*. To-day many of u en bfini conquered—our penile, oar Mat and dailr eppetlt* wrested from us by that invader ol U>e atoraacb, dyapepels, Succor we me for from a twdred eoaroaa. Temporary relief w« WW* Mines obUda. Bat a kearty meal, U>e simplest Indlecretton U diet, and the Protean imp relume with i*da *M«4 vigor to torment as. ApcrtUtcnt mil ut greet enM-dyipepUc 'end regulating loale, Hoeteiier'a Utomaoh BiUere. U bestealdu- Utad to drive, Into permanent ttanUaraent every form ef indlgetllon, temporary o? o»rpulo Ho eight inches at a distance of one mile and twenty inches at two miles. Few renlize what an cxponsivo luxury Undo Snra indulges in each time ono of these steel uionstors opens its mouth. Every fire, including powder charge and projectile cost fioro 8160 to 8200, As the regulations require three hundred or more waB for," sobbed the young wife, "you would b -bo ashamed to scold so about it." What was it for?" demanded John. My birthday presont for you," said the aad little wife, - . Excuso me, sir, but haven't we met bofore? Your face is Btrnnttely familiar." —.,. . ., "Yes, mademe, our host introduced UB ^.^..^^VP^^^P 0 ^ to eaehXr jus before dinner, and durability can;be ascertained, ,this „»• , ' DQa ! t ; VB r had seen vou little experiment with the new gun will An ' 1 was P° sl » v0 1 naa seeii vou vhero. 1 nevor forget face." DlS 8U rffi?^' to ^ dobit 0f ffl0 ^ B 7ud W gF- 0 "How. cn nie you to enter the house?". nients hud been made. FRIGHTENED TO INSANITY. An Iowa Man Thought lie Would Have Hydrophubla. KEOKUK, Iowa. Aug. 5,—July 11 Hyde ColliiiB was bitten by a dog that was bothering his team. Tho dog was not mad and the wound was not a serious one, but Collins worried over, the matter, and thoughtless friends frightened him so that last night he lost his mind and is now a raving maniac, confined in the county jail for safety. Physicians say there are -was going the. forge, and, of the heiidquartertt. of I houseMtT Utfciy N. 1 and finally the fortress surrender* Washington, Lafayette, and, Knox,,, As telegraph and telephone offlces LEWIS MAKTIN, son of John Martin, of was drowned' in , Pptwr'a profession for your boy?" Winks-»>U ~»hal|~ make -a plumber of him. Jinks—"Has, WVWb 'd' that way ?*' link ....i «,».„,• «. - -v 1 s L : - • ~ , WiDk»-r*'HeVbornforiti Tell him ti ffiavH'.ffi?^^^^ T Bndthediiys tjiat tried men's souls than , l^B ppwwngerrwtoe 'wrlously injured do a< thing, immediately and he won £!?^?nw - ^"'i?"*battlement* vallevForL it was there that the tide by an aooidebt on the Bellaire, Zanisosv Hie tWnkofiUgainforaweek." JW^\tev*-to<f(in^:4imt'<-mlk' • , '.*H 9 }< *<• wiw there tnattnetiae pj^'Oin'otoitt^iiaili 1 --- ' »and;"Iforwardl CbJMrge.t> .-....«.;. 0 £ .. awforlqpe went down to its ipweat Ohio, Friday, Ah, my friends, there is workfor yon the Chicago Tribune says, if will be more than an occasion for regret if this historic Climax, Mioh., was 1 Bpot is allowed to be Bold and it Lake-Monday night. • 1 1 1 1 . IU T U •„ JAMES STKVBNB, »painter, fell from the is thereby lost to the ccuntry, ..It,wll | 6 vee at Pueblo, Colo.* and was'drowned BTmvyuu*-m> uto-uua|ieji;tu nip very 1 l»e a national shame. No spot is more in the Arkansas river. Hobos been paint- wall and wheel the Hying- artillery into | indelibly connected- with the revolution ing the town. Baihfond, near : 13eT(^ei' through that starvation and exhaustion. But, my friends, the fortresses of sin are not to be taken in that way. I| they are taken tor Sod it will be by •torm; you will have to -firing! up the groat guns ot the-Gospelsto the very Another item of expense to the govern- Tr.amp—'But, just think your.honorl ^symptom* of hydrophobia, bU t Collins* raent>was .the, transportation .of.the big Two o'olock at night, no poliMman within p^ent condition is caused by belnrf gun from % factory at/[roy to Sandy a half mikv an open'w ndow oh the first f r i„htened into believing he —' Hook. A large barge brought the pohdef- 8 tory I Why, you would have climbed in' m ad ous mass as far as Brooklyn, where it was yourself I" , _ ,, NL ; MA transferred to a floating derrick. The lat- "Salesman—"Wo have this pattern in JOWA UUMK. ter was towed to the government dock at cortain lengths only. What is the size of Mli .v ltan< . ou , M » t ttr7 »f mtereet from the >t , t^'Jtokinmaiu* month ago; Aa ywtUtod: m ..mBy help you deoWe." *.W ^™;^T «£^r*T M, •.. Jinks—"Have you selected a trade or this antiquated structure.was too1 weak, to, prospective Bride (blushingH We have- " „„, " .„„ R ThA-Ut* vuAUtm • 1 --—'tons.of gaa metal it was n't got our table yet." - Des Moines, Aug. o.—ipesvava auoiwr lated to drive, I form eflndlget lion, tomporary oteeroulo Ho leas effloecloua ia It for malaria, UlMaeneae, con- aUpaUoB. rheumatism,: kidney and Madder all- fiJote. WW «jw »edy of ,eB««l«o nUllly and many uei overcome) them all. Tla» »aleguard, too, acalnit the efleoto of temperature apt stlMkeCUtirlppe." to revive au 'llOUlhp AT CKDAB BAP^PS. JoyiOhuroh:^ •»•"•' . „ • 1 that will be completed by InB&tOUlixfby i full ol coai!\ 4:*Mjfd .Cwun, R APIDS, Iowa,,Aug. 5 .--About year 1802 is ninoBinsh, Ave 10 -inoh and wi,ll' amount to 'I122;000.' 'Be8id«is-this , support fifty-two lashed' to a cradle' 'between' two • scows; These were beached at high water and the gun and cradle were drawn ashore by tho aid of rollers., blooka and tackle. Once oil shore, a captain placed some distance ahead was used to warp the gun from point to point. In addition to., the great 12-inch gun there is also a 124ooh mortar ready for trial at Sandy Hoqk. The number ot g»m that will be completed hj; the v«d Qf the has issued a certificate to the Lamonl State, bunk of Decatur county; capital stock 825,• the 1 drowned ii) ptwohaiew «tp riVXV""" through i d l WeVit'' through 'hU pool Hewing 1175 itf'mo^e'y, some, notes. *igoljl"V*to' AftorTwWJnihtm 'tl m there will be considerable additional 'work' W' doneipn i dt)»*"gun8 ln*varlou8' , st»g v »' > ot ts. don»trnotlori , , ?l • ?• • 1 '.''»>' »• i <"' ad '>i/fhel6.inoh tern! wh»» < obwnlfited."'wt|U m 'd 'ii/l'hel6"inohjrunV when <obmnlfited,-''w ,ey W-brought'to'flandi'fHook and'! tested i^^Jl ^l ^wftiJSS 'A^ MURdi^WwflW and ftvmrpkpiUa tweShj lit llo a slave Why will you keep coring for what the OOoriiobert Vmnii^¥reW%»ireWl D, wbrldsnyB? Try, oh try, to be no. longer Nioholson ofwhler,• - ,- - i • •.•.' , . a slave to HI You etui have but little idea Theteeblfminded institute oiOleOTOod,, of the comfort of freedom it*rit ia blios. in its report for July to the state auditor, All this, loartog for that people will say i«. puts the average number of inmates for from pride, HoUt your flag and abide by. theiwnth at 867. i . • it. In infinitely short Bpace of time all Tl "> M-"-"" «> B niiiiHo.»v h»d iOft secrets will bo divulged. Therefore if you are misjudged, why trouble, to put youir self ri^l You b^ve no ig. were am L" a "lump'I thou art the potter. Mold'the tuvthpu. tn thy w.«dom^H.>»^yer'mind' % b*it, Jiij.t;iM thgu^t.'buti «b diioe during th the Fort Madison penitentiary bad .400 convicts' in durance vile last/ mouth, an- cording to the report ju*l1Uad." L '<i'' Mathlas Wolfe was killed wbUe blast-. uiS^ieg iulddlio/ dunng % the wakfort Wlcvntw from I >ir">» ' .I* 1 »„O,J.*I

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