Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 18, 1900 · Page 10
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1900
Page 10
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•ft; ALTON WEEKLY TELEGKAPH, THUKSDAY, JAN. 18, 1900. ffllff fllNJAS Tl Admiral Took Part in the Battle of July 3. SO THE ATTORNEY UKNF.ll.VL SAYS. Xellli-mnnt of tlio Snmiwim-Nrtili'jr 1'on- trovniny Involved in 11 l.llxtl Kllcil b.v t1u> Sailor., of tin- I'nllcil Stnli'i. I'lci-t Wlilcll I>i'Mrii,veil tlif Spun Ml Vi'«»el«~- (•'lii|f*hlp'« I'tirtlriiHitloii Miikr* Ilio Ainurlcuii Kli'i't Superior t« Survi'i-uV, \Viishlrigton, .Inn. Hi. : —Attorney («en- cnil (trie's 'uis just Illccl ill tin- su- jircnic court of Coliiniliiii 1111 fiiiHwcr to tin' lllicl filed l).v Ili'iir Admiral Snini)- son In Ills own behalf and iilno in bc- luilf of the officers itiid ciilistwl force of tin? North Atlantic station who took imi-t In the Santiago uavnl miKiifc'oincnt nonius), tin.' liifiiiitn .Mnrlu Tertwi mid miscellaneous stores nnd supplies oipt- tireil upon lier and other Spanish war vessels. Following Is an Important extract from the answer: "And the attorney general avers that nil the lierell) nhove-nnined vessels of tin 1 king of Spain were sunk or destroyed on or about July 8, 1808, by the' llbelhint (Kear Admiral \V. T. Sampson) and the vessels under his comirmitd." • shown ttie Department'* Purport?. It t'oreeiists the purpose of the de- li.'irtment of Justice to support tlie contention that the armored cruiser New York actually participated In the battle with ('en-era's Heel and that, her addition to the force made It superior to the Spanish squadron. Should It be decided by the court of claims that the American force at San- llnpo was the equal or superior to that under the command of Admiral Cervera the American officers and men will be entitled to bounty amounting to .'jil00 for each officer and man on, board the Spanish licet. If the American force was Inferior to the Spanish squadron then a bounty of $200 for each olHcer and man on the destroyed vessels will be allowed. Larger Prize for Inferior Foive. 1'uder the terms'of the law regarding prize money "the net proceeds of all property condemned as prize shall, when the prize was of superior or equal force to the vessel or vessels making the capture be decreed to the captors and when of inferior force, one-half shall be decreed to the United States 'and the other half to the captors." It. is expected that the court of claims and the district supreme court will determine the question of whether the New York took part in the battle and by its decision an end will be put to the controversy which has been n Hi taring the navy and the country since tlu" bat tie occurred. Ac-fording to the -brief submitted by the attorneys for the libelunts, Admiral Sampson "Is informed and believes that the said naval force of the king of gpuln, supported as aforesaid (liy the Spanish laud batteries), was of force equal or superior to that of the said vessels of the United States navy." The libel- hints' brief further asserts that this New York was Included In the fleet. D-jnlvn Knmny'B (inferiority. While the attorney general In Ills reply makes no statement relative to the American force actually engaged In the buttle with Ccrvera's fleet, ho denies that "the said naval forces of the king'of Spain., supported by any laud 'butteries., to the lire .of which the said vessels of the United States navy were exposed during the said engagement, was of force equal or superior to that of the'Kiild vessels of the United States navy." The attorney general further asserts that all the Spanish vessels were sunk or destroyed, "so that neither of the said vessels of the said king of Spain nor any naval stores, supplies or other properly upon the same could become the subject of condemnation In prize to the libelhint and the officers and crews of the vessels under his command." A»k» th« I Ilii'l IM»ml»nml. After the destruction of the Spanish vessels the United States, at Its own expense, raised the Infanta Maria Teresa and the property taken from other vessels. The properly or the proceeds from Its sale; he leclares. Is now in the possession nl' the government and for that reaon no part of it has been or can be sent in for adjudication to any court. He therefore prays that the libel be dismissed. I'RITI.UIt I'Vllt OK IWOIHEKS. MiililKiiii Men Htivt- Nut N|nikVii to Kuril Other >'<»r IVui'M. Mich., .Ian. 10.— o'Hrien. brothers, It-lund. have lived for sixteen years, table, sleeping in Harbor Springs, t'ieorge and John residing at Hcnvi'r In tin 1 same house eutliig.ut the samt the same bed, Killing In the same pew at church, working at the same bench in a little cooper-shop, yet during all UIOBI* years they have not spoken a word to each other. To show the Intensity of the feeling between these men It Is stated that the brothers, accompanied by a friend, once started from St. .lames on the ice for Sandy Hay to chop wood When Nome distance from the shore John O'Hrleu broke through the. let and called—lint not on (jeorge—foi help. George lunii'd to the imituu friend and said: • "You go and hel] him, Jim. lie wouldn't take liiy haiu if I reached It out to him." And It was the mutual friend who pulled John from the Icy lake and saved his life. The drowning man would have Hcorneu to owe Ills life to his brother When the men were boys they qunr reled over some trivial thing and end vowed never again to speak to the oth er. This vow has been sacredly kept Hitting ut the table they never pass food to each other, In the cooper shop, Avlum one wants u toul he simply waits until the other has laid It d When they go to the woods to saw they sit the entire day thr«iiu r li, c;iri working stoically at his eiul of ih< cross-cut saw with never u glauee ut each other, Jvuluuny anil lirln<>. 'liozcmau. Mont., Juu. ir. grade, twelve miles west KriuiU Itogers, a merchant, killed his landlady, Mrs. Kiln huvls, uiid then turned his weapon on himself With ftttul accuracy. Jealousy and drink dinned the deed. OF TRADE. Outlook for Business Throughout the Country. WEEKLY REVIEW OF H. 0.1)tl>' & CO. Tim Ncn Ycnr Ntnrt* Out Wi-11. AllliotiRh There tn SOIIH- Ill'ftltutlmi NoUcralil™ — Nothing, llowi'vi'r, to Iitdlt'nt' 1 An.v L>o- vrcuin In Cnn>tUiiiliiK DlHponltlon <>r 1'tir- vlmnliiK I'nwi'r —Miinvlary Citnilltlonii Iljiv*. Oroun Kn*tl(>r. New York. .Inn, l.'i.—H. (',. IHin & I.'O.'H weekly review of trade says: The btifllnosM of tin* new year begins well, though there IH still much of the usintl hesitation, in hranchcH whore last year's business was extraordinary and prices have risen greatly some paum; Is natural, though nothing Indicates a decrease of consuming disposition or pin-chasing power, and there Is a continuing rise In.wages to promote Increase. .Monetary conditions have grown easier with the return of $-1.000,000 from the Interior during the week, and further deposit* by the treasury and more liquidation in some speculative stocks have also helped. Hmiks report an Increase In their per cent, of :'ommovelal loans, and rates were gen-, I'l-ally more ciisy after the decline announced by European batiks. The fin'- naeo.s In blast on .Inn. 1 were producing weekly 2!)4,18<i tons of pig-iron, against 200,050 on Dee. J, but as nev- •ral otlier.s had started the output now s probably larger than at either date. it exceeds consumption at last, as The Iron Age shows an liic.rease of 0,250 OKS in unsold stocks, but the manufacture apparently consumed during the year 13,831 ,(>2<( tons, less small tier xports In December. Little Change In Prices. The Increase since 1802 IB about 4,225,000 tons, or 40.5 per cent. Prices change scarcely nay. nor is new business significant. The minor metals are strong in tone, but as yet. without much change in prices. Textile manufactures are niore fully employed iharj for a long time, tbough scarcity :>f water has troubled some cotton mills. Trade Is cinbhrrassed by uncer- ainty about prices. Wool is not active, 101' are speculators or manufacturers n haste to buy nt current prices, hough the goods market shows some advances for the next season with excellent trade thus far. The effect upon :he season's sale cannot yet be Judged. L'otton goods have been quiet and no longer advance in prices, as the market for the material is uncertain in tone. The boot and shoe manufacture lias a similar difficulty, for while shipments are heavier than ever before at this season, in two weeks 170,370 cases, against 148,174 last year, nnd 171,751 In 1808, as the rapid distribution to consumers causes most urgent calls for goods previously ordered, yet dealers are slow to order more in the fear that prices will not hold. Manufacturers insist that still further advances are needed to cover the cost of leather. The Chicago market for hides is weaker, with a lower average than at any time since Xov. 1. Short Crop of Cotton, Cotton moves so slowly 'that belief in a short crop Is constantly strengthened, but foreign demands are'.much reduced also. On .Tan. 5 only 0.000,031 bales had come Into sight, against 8.001,1)10 last year, but exports had decreased l,72r>,0<)0 bales, and European stocks were far below last year's. For the present foreigners are using up old stocks Instead of buying more, and the price hesitates. Wheat has been slow to move also, Atlantic exports in two weeks having been only 4.370,514 bushels. Hour Included, against 0.452,10« last year, and Pacific, 1,312.003. against 1,524.051 last year. The prices close a fraction higher. O'orn receipts have also fallen below last year's, though the exports In two weeks have been 7,331,088 bushels, against 7,100,013 last year, and prices have advanced about half a cent. Failures for the week have been 274 In the United States, against 318 last year, and twenty-live in Canada, against twenty-four last year. JKuMell 8«Re Crl!l«'l»eil. New York. .Tan. 15.—None of the directors of the Standard Gas Light company, all of whom attended the regular monthly meeting of the board, was willing to toll what had taken place. It Is reported, however, that there was a lively time, the directors having taken turns In vigorously criticising the course of Itussoll Sage In selling most of his Standard (Jan Light stock without having iirst. old them that he contemplated doing so. It was learned that Mr. Srtge was still president of the, company, but It could not be learned whether he had been asked to resign Ills ottice, St. I.ouU Broker Arrvtted. St. Louis, Jan. 15.—John M'. Huker, of the firm of Baker & Co., grain aud provision brokers, In the (Jay building, was arrested on a charge of using the United States malls to defraud. II IB alleged that he operated a system of "puts and calls." The poKtolttce Inspector exhibits a letter said to have boon sent by linker to Snider & Little, Xcnlii. (). He IH wild to have guaranteed dividends they claim they did not receive. Maker's bond of $.'.000 was furnished by ox-(.(»vonior Johnson. The hearing is not for next Friday. liurtifr ItulliiK In i>l*»ut<-. llentou Harbor, Mich., .Ian. !,*>.- l<'ivd 8. Was», a barber of thin cii>. commenced miiudannin proceed Ings in the supreme court against Hie Mali' barber's commission, which refuses tn grant him a license. Ho has been In the stale eleven months, hut the attui noy Kcin'ralV ruling requires Hint « barber mum live In Michigan M years before hi* can obtain a license. The application <>f 000 harbors a wall the derision of the supreme court .YilmU*jl«Mi l''"i' ut n UttiiKl»K> El I'aso, Tux., Jan. 15.-—A criminal IH to !»• executed In the Jail at .luiuv/.. Mex., within the next few days. Tin I11I1U Will ill- sliOl lll.sllll' lilt' U Jill* of the prison. An admittance- fee of 2r> conts will be charged nil persons do- Blriiig to witness the execution and tho money derived will go to the wld ow at tlu* '.'I'jHlemiic'I man. FH1HT AT RF.N«BffRG. ItrltlHh (Inln 1'oMtlon ami Fort'* the Hoern to Ketlri-. Jlensburg, f'npe Colony, Jan. 15. — A strong force of British troops advanced under cover of a brisk artillery fire and encamped at Sliiigcrsfontpln, on the Boer's' eastern think. The Boer patrols retired, but subserviently a body of Boers 'tried to seize the position, threatening communication between the British I'liciimpment and Uensbnrg. The New /ealuudcrs, with 11 brilliant dash, frustrated the attempt. They raced and seized the position tirst and tired volleys at the enemy, who retired in the dlrevtlon of Cob'sbiirg. London. Jan. 15.— It now leaks out that Lord Kitchener Is really chief in south Africa nt the head of the British troops and that Lord Koberts is merely a figurehead. The London Sun reports that on the reassembling of parliament. Jan. 30, the government will Immediately ask for u further war credit of £20,000,000. lee .In in KiidiingiT's Property. Pittsburg, Jan. J5. — Thousands of dollars' worth of property Is in danger of being carried away in the Monongahela harbor by an Ice jam. The worst condjtlon exists ut the point inthis city. The Allegheny river Is on n rampage and Is putting out much Ice. There are perhaps thirty coal boats and several steamboats tied up nt the point. The fleets endangered are those in the Pacific coal landing and the lni)dlug of Gray's Iron line. The ice In the Mo- nongnhela is moving at a snail's pace, and the river men are fearlKil that the channel may close. All of the boats In the' harbor have up steam. Injured In a Gag Kxuloslon. Brazil, lud., Jan, ,15.— While David Reynolds, his son, John Reynolds, nnd Tlllman Howard were preparing for a magic lantern performance at Stanu- ton the gas generator exploded, injuring John Reynolds so badly that, he died later nnd breaking David Reynolds' leg and otherwise injuring him that It Is thought he will probably die. Howard escaped with several severe body bruises. Frenchman Killed by on American. Paris, Jan. 15. — Paul Jaujou, the famous brewer, whose name Is a household word In France and Is also well kpown among Americans frequenting Paris nnd the Riviera, wns killed by William Marfins, nn American boy scarcely 20 years old. Martins is believed to be insane. He seems -to have lots of money. The American embassy Is examining the case. Shnrp Fight In Cebu. Manila. Jan. 15. — Advices from Cebu report a sharp tight on Jan. 8 between a battalion of the Nineteenth infantry and a body of insurgents occupying a sttong position in the Sudleon mountains. The enemy wns routed, the Americans capturing a smooth-bore cannon, some rifles and destroying the fortifications. Four Americans were wounded. ___ ___ ' Co u 111 Not Open the Safe. Buffnlo, N. Y., .Tnn. 15. — A special to The News says five men attempted to rob the Bank of Rushford at Rushford, Alleghnny county. Dynamite wns usAl, but only the outer door of the safe was opened. Currency to the amount of .$1((5 nnd ( $7 dollars In silver were in this npnrtmeut. In their hurry the thieves overlooked the currency, but took the silver. Huyii u Urewery. ^ Marshall, Mich., Jail. 15. — The brewery owned and operated by Joseph (iramer of this city since 1888, has been bought by Louis A, Reuhl of Chicago, wiio wilt move to this city nnd run the brewery, which has Wen' in existence forty years. The price paid was $1(1,000, which includes some real estate. _ Mrs ttt lown City, la. lown City, In., ".Inn. 15. — Fire destroyed one of the principal business blocks, entailing u loss estimated at $150,000." The firms burned out are Price, Kieth &• Co., Jewelry; Mrs. J. W. S. Home, dry goods; (Jeorge W. Leuers. grocer. The second and third floors were occupied with office rooms. Wife Murder ami Sntrdle. Knoxville. Tenu.. Jan. 15.— Jacob Shudin. a Swede, murdered his wife and then killed himself at their home, six miles from this place. The tragedy is supposed to be the culmination of domestic troubles. Joe Shudin, n son, has been arrested, it being believed he is n party to the murder of his mother. Two N'exvHpnper MUII Shot, Denver, Jan. 15.— H. H. Tnmmen nnd Frederick Boufield, proprietors of tin* Denver Post, was shot several times In the ottlce of that newspaper at nooii by W. W. Anderson, an attorney. The cause for the shooting bus not been lenrued. Both uieii are badly wounded. ilcotoh Franknenn. In a Perthshire village recently a gentleman got out bis violin. to entertain some friends, says the Dundee Journal. After he bad played a couple of tunes he paused for a moment and said: "I hope you like tbe music, for I diniia pretend to be a tiddler, you know, and I never will be. I always remember what a man told me when I first bej^au to learn the flddle. When I started. I thought 1 wns getting on splendidly, but one evening as I was practicing as usual he said to me: 'Yea. that's it, Is't? Wecl, If a' the good tid- dlers In Scotland were to' be ta'cn an drooued I' the noo there's ne'er n hair In your bend would ever get weet,' " Hindoo Confectionery. Like the American girls, Hindoo girls tiro passionately fond of swe^t things. Olio of their candles—sad u—Is very much like our plnln sugar candy. It Is nuulc of sugar mill milk nnd flavored with attar of rosex. Itiiddhlkabal, or hair of I'.uilillm, is one of their most popular sweetments It is so called be- CHUM' ii is in liiic long strings like ver- inli'i'lli 'I'hi-. Is i^tiUc of sugar iiml cream fi'nm liiilialn'w milk. \»lilch In ex- ci'i•>!.: V 1 ; I M-!'. '['In- uin-cn pass most nl '. . ' .: :•• c."•.:':•.: iv.!ii'y and gossip- Did you ever notice the man In the switching-tower? Does it ever occur to you that the lives of every living person on a train frequently depend on the prompt- DCM tad Intelligence with -which he moves the twitch levers under his control? If men could only realize how small a thing may act at the critical instant to switch them from a dangerous track on to one of perfect safety, the yearly deaths from lung diseases would be less oy many thousands. "I had n regular consumptive cough, of which I was afraid, and everybody cautioned and warned me concerning it," says Mr. A. F. Novotny, P. O. Box 1437, New York, in a significant, letter to Dr. R. V. Pierce of buffalo, N. Y. "When I started to take your medicine 1 was losing weight rapidly; I wan very pale nnd had no appetite whatever. I used.three bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery my condition is changed entirely. I'do not cough at all; I have gained eight pounds in weight, have gained my healthy color; and my appetite is enormous. I can and will recommend your medicine to everybody who may be In need of it; as it is a sure cure, and no humbug as BO many other patent medicines are. It is by far the superior of all." One chapter of Dr. Plerce'a great thousand-page illustrated book, The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser tells of nearly one hundred men and women thus promptly switched from the track of deatb by this matchless remedy. This book is Bent free for the bare cost of mailing, 21 one-cent stamps or cloth-bound for 31 • tamps. But only one copy to one family. Alton Conservator) 123 East Second gt., Alton, Ninth Year. Second Term. Sept. Mlsa Adelaide Kalkman, Mian Alice E. Msrsii, Voice Culture and Sight Singing. Jttiss Agnes Gray, Violin. Miss Florence W nipple, Stenography and Typewriting Mlae Agatha Murphy, Special «tudles. Well equipped with library and a jpara Ui. The Conservatory Is al» Alton Instltullou. Bend (orCaialogue. R. C. MILLS, Director. BLUFF CITY DAI^Y CO., Cor. of Second and Henry sts. Dealers in Milk, Butter and Eggs. Orders by telephone promptly attended to. Telephone No. 2683. CARTWRIQHT & HASTINGS. Can now be had fora very small expense. Call on Frances O. Hobsoo, agent, Upper Alton, who has them on hand for sue. Drj Yerk *f 4 Lem» llgotiy recommended an bc«Hbful Canned and Bottled Goods. Heinz'B Baked Bean*, Heintz'a Totoato Soup, Heinz'e India Relink, . Heinz's Preaeyyed 9weefcPiohles Heinz'B Splceff'Qc'erkine, Heinz's Tomato Chutney, Heinz'B Queen Olives. Snide's Oataap, Staffed Olives. - Cream Maple Syrup, falnd DreRBing, Lea & Perkins' Sauce. ^ Sifted Sweet Wrinklo Pe'a»; A* parague; Blueberrlee; Whitf tfeath, Orange Blossom and Standard Peaches, ' String Beans, Oolton Apricot, L'^ erty Bnll and Lilac Corn, Sqnlrrt], Ben Hnr and Greenwood Tomato, if.COlSLEY 6th ami Alby *!•>. Telephone 2 $4. We have fresh, one, iwo and five pound Fruit cakes. Cape Cod cranberries. Apple--—BHIefleuer, Rhode island Greenings,Wine Saps, Jonatr ans. Sawyer & Keisen Madison Bldg,, Phone 185. Joseph V. E. Marsh, ALTON, ILL. Oiike over Citizens Netfqnal Bank. B © W M ' Is Recognized as the ©NLY PLACE To Buy Dry Goods, Notions and Novelties. "Be Sure You are Right Then Go Ahead," Is a goo •< rule for this year. The RIGHT PLACE to buy your Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, Or your EYES Examined and correctly fitted with Spectacle is J. R. LOGAN Jewelers and Opticians, 102 E. 2d st. Repairing done in a prompt and accurate manner. CHASE & THOS G&UDIE nn«>: "•••"phone 85 for New. Vorjt Tris-Weely Tribune ' MONDAY. WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY. Practically A DAILY and the Cbe»pect known. attractive, lUustrated with 1 portraits And in)' tones: contains all the BtriKiDgnewslfefttures ofTbe Dallf Tribune, Bpecun War Dlspatcee, Domestic, ana foreign Correspondents, Short StorleB, Hnmorono illustrations, Industrial Information, FBuhionNqtei., AgricjnlturMl carefully treated And Comprehensive and Reliable < PI- nHncla) and Market Reports. It ia mailed at same hour a« the daily edition, reachea a large proportion of subscribers on .date, at Jsiue, and each edition IH a thoroughly, up-to-date dally family newspaper for busy people. Regular subscription price, $1.50 PER YEAR. , We fnrnith it with tbe TELEGRAPH for 11.75 PER VEAR. Weekly Puhllsbed on , THURSDAYS. For .ov«*r .fifty-eight years a' National Family Paper for* farmers _ - ant? villagere, whose TflhlinO readers have repre- 11 IUUI1V* eented tbe very beat element of our country population. >It jrlve| aty Important 1 news of the Nation and World, tbe most reliable Market Reports. Fascinating Short Stories, an unexcelled Agricultural Department, Scientific and Mechanical Information, Fashion Articles for tbe Women, Humorous Illustrations for old and young. It is "The People 1 ! Paper" for (he entire United Slates. Regular subscription price, 51.00 PER YEAR, We furnish it with tbe TBLBOBAPH for $125 PER YEAR. Send all subscriptions to the TELEGRAPH, Alton, 111. ••The Beat Is,, A>e, the th.apwt." Avoid Imita* tions of fcnd Substitutes for , SAPOLIO.

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