Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 4, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1898
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SIXTY*TH1KD YBAR. (BotttlflbM JMtttf U, IM«.)» ALTON, FRIDAY, '1898. TEN CENTS PER WEttK BEFORE jlntflBj'tbliJf,« h ltc hingpo8t or it house,» bnrii door J fctftrlot floor, see tunl you b*v0 the right paint tor that r rtlculaT purpote, No paint luui ever boon made equally ' .tot painting9v«fytlilng—lrnggles anil housesnndfurnl- _^ „ rjttgf«»t«vtrlumph of modern palntmaklng Is the mWt-^" ' 'tat of • different paint that looks bett and ws«r» bent for eaoh olmii of Minting. It h»« taken years to find outjimt what IngredleuU ana what proportion! are needed for eaoh. Each rnunt bo around and mixed by upeolal machinery with the turnout skill and accuracy. ' If you go 67 tho label* on the pans of THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS i you Me lor* of getting tbe belt that can be made for your < \ porpoie. They have n reputation of 80 yoarn' BUCOCM, I •no every can U rally guaranteed. Our little book on palntlug Will help you-H t« <V«e. """tnanuii THESHERWIN-WILL1AMS CO., Paint and Color Makers. 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WILL BK NO Satisfactory Arrangement Be* tween France and England i'ASHOJM. <{t'E»mO>. rrnmv linn* Not l)p»lr<' War— In Hi* Flr*t I'lnre fr'NAliodn In Not IViirlli It and In HIP Second I'rnc* the Country I* Not ' rrepnrcil for War— On-lit Hiltnln Continued Ilnr NHVH! l»ri»|»nrallotm— llnyn Ainrrlciili Conl Tor Wf«l tuition. New York. Nov. 4.— The London correspondent of The Kvenlng Post cables that a general and satisfactory arrangement has been reached between Clieat Lirltnln and France on the Fash- oilu iiuestlon. Pails. Nov. 4.— France Is KiiK-lnnrl wilh /ui.vI'Ml.s eyes. Mvery- thir.g IndlcalcK the warlike spirit prevailing across the channel. All the journal* record the British naval preparations with neMslmlstlc comment. Nobody here desires war. In the first place. FashoUa Is not worth It. In the second place. France is not ready. If force IH resorted to It wilt lie England that insists upon It. AdVlwfN f'cacefiil 4<i!iiffrin* The Temps advocates the avoidance of a struggle at any cost. "France," It orgues, ought to consider her Interests and those of civilization, both of which forbid an appeal to arms. She oughl to preserve her dignity by 1m- pnrllns u new character to her relations with the united kingdom. Some victories, either diplomatic or otherwise. are dearly purchased. By abusing a momentary advantage the risk IB run of determining the general dl- recMon of international politics In a sense quite opposite to the real Interest of the country which seems to triumph." This means presumably thai England IB in a strong position, but that if she pushes France too hard she risks bringing about a European coalition against her everywhere abroad. In. another column the same journal, commenting on the n'iivs of the day on the Fashoda question, says: Oiif'ntlon or KiM'iilliiij; Mai-chuml* "As the Knelish government does not seem to be actuated by a conciliatory spirit, it may lie as well that France examine the question of recalling Ma rebuild." The I.iberte attributes the recrudescence of the warlike attitude in England to the return of Mr. Chamberlain, who may have thought that as France accepts the principle of the evacuation of Fashoda. u few more. threats would. procure further concessions from her. "This is by no means certain," the argument runs. "If (treat Britain seems invulnerable, are many points in her empire where she rnay be attacked. Her name is not exactly venerated in Ireland, where a revolution might break out the moment war was declared, besides which, it seems fairly certain that a strong Abyssinian force is rapidly drawing- near Fashoda." ItltlTlSlI SHU'S ItliADV. Kxtrminliiiury Activity hi Wnr Circles nt Hong Kolljf* Hong HOUR, Nov. 4.— Extraordinary activity has prevailed in naval and military circles here during the last few days, but no information on the subject is attainable. The British llrst- class cruiser Powerful has just taken on board over 2,000 tons, of coal, and all the other British warships here are taking on board stores and ammunition. It is reported that they have been ordered to be ready for sea immediately. The British second -claps cruiser Bon- avenlure has been recalled from Manila and has arrived here. She Is now coaling with nil possible haste. It Is reported that the British gunboats have been ordered to rendezvous here. At the navy j'ard here the ordnance department Is most active, and is engaged In mounting siege guns. Ungluml IluyK American Cnnl. Philadelphia. Nov. 4.— A morning pa- publishes the folowing: The probability of a war Del ween England and France received fresh impetus here by the action of Kngland, who purchased a large amount of American coal for Immediate delivery at her West India naval s'a'.loiiB. In response to hurried cablegrams from London ship-brokers engaged In the West India trade spent the greater party of the day searching for tonnage suitable to transport the coal from Philadelphia and Newport News to points where It will he most convenient for English war craft to flll their bunkers'. Miurlinml Arrive* at Cnllii. Cairo, Nov. 4.— Major Marchand, the commander of the French expedition at Fashoda, has arrived here. He was met at the railroad station by the French olllclals and residents. The explorer looked thin and worried. Directly the major appeared at the door of the train the spectators rushed forward, waving lints, sticks and handkerchiefs and crying: "Vive Marchand!" The latter, who was much pleased and touched at the reception accorded him drew off to the French diplomatic agency amid more cheering. ClilcnKo Hunk lo Oull. Chicago, .Nov. 4.— The Bunk of Commerce. a slate bank with $500,000 capital and $1.000,000 deposits, has voted to go Into voluntary liquidation. IU deposits and an equal amount of Itn bills receivable will bo taken over by the Union National bunk. The affairs ot the Dark i.f Commerce will he wound up by Its directors and the proceeds paid to its stockholders, _ TrltMlloMiu-dvr Hl» Wife. Wichita, Kan., Nov. 4.— J. K. Hardy of Kansas City and SI. Louis attempted to shoot his wife In u wine room, but was prevented by u waiter and Detective Sutton. Hi; Is In Jiill. held on the charge of usxuuli with Intent to kill. The wife lives ul ArknimaB City and I lie hiiHbnml'B grievance Is Hint she refused to live wilh him. Will Auk fur I''cmillo Jiii'.v. Louisville, Ky., Nov. 4. —The defense In th<> case of Hullle HogerH, colored, charged with murder, will ask for a colored female jury when Ihe cus« U called Saturday^ _____ • Armcr, Tie best oalve to thn world (or oatt, bralaea, sorou. oloere, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, ohupped hudi, ohll- blftluB, oornu, and all akin eruptions, and positively cured piles, or no pay required. It la guaranteed to give perfect- satisfaction, or money refunded. Prloe 88 oento per box. For tale H. Uftnb. Alton and Dpper Alton Dr. Bell's Pme-T»r-Honey acts B8 a balm to the lungi, cutting toe mucus, allaying the Inflammation, healing ana BtrenKtbenlDg, U will pure a oougb or a cold 10 one night and exbJJerate* tbe lung* agalott loe Inception of disease. 28o at good drug tores. No ouresjno pay. Roytl Mice* tfa* totd pun, wholtiotue and dcllcloo*. l BAKINQ POWDtft G^,, rttW f<3HK. tiliOrM) (iUSS WAS r'KI». terrnnt (llrl TcntHlm Ai£»ln«l Mrx. Snmlrr- non al Ilnltlr < ii-ch, ailcli. Battle Creek. Mich.. Nnv. 4.-In the examination of Mrs. Hodolphus Hander- Bon, accused of the murder of her octogenarian husband. Marie Robertson, the servant girl, whose disclosures brought ahout the arrest, \vns again on the stand, being cross-examined hy lawyer Cropliy. The. witness said that Mrs. Sanderson did not secrete the pulvarlzed glass which she had prepared to put In the porridge, but left it HO that her husband eould have found it If he had tried. She Bald the glass was ground downstairs In a dark cellar and was brought up In the condition In which It was fed to Mr. Sanderson and placed on a wiupdlsh in the coal range, where It remained all day. She said she saw the glans put In the natmeul next morn- Ing. The examination was adjourned until Nov. 10, when' Miss Robertson's testimony will he completed anu Dr. Prescott of the University of Michigan will testify as to whether glass was found In the stomach of Mr. Sanderson at the chemical analysis. Plot' to Wreck a Train. (Toledo, O., Nov. 4.—A plot to wreck and rob a Clover Leaf train was unearthed hy W. C. Merrill, a Chicago detective. Merrill met the two men who i.ut up the job in Delphos and was takuii In aa a partner. The train was lo be wrecked at the curve north or Delphi's hy removing a rail, after which they were to rob the dead and injured. It was planned that detectives should am;*l the men at the point of rifles as they were ahout to carry out their plot, hut a fear that some one mieht be killed led to the officers confrontins the men with the details of their proposed crime uml ordering them out of tin? county. They went. Itk'li liuul liy H Itnguii l.i>ll«>r,(. Berlin. Nov. 4.—The Prussian authorities have discovered that a Russian merchant named Llpschuetz, residing al Mluva, In Russian Poland, has started a bogus lottery closely imitating in Its tickets nnd advertising matter the Saxon lottery. The fellow sold 220,0(KI tickets to Prussian subjects alone, his re.-e'pts aggregating 1,440,000 marks (J400.000). The Herlln printer who manufactured the tickets has been arrested, hut Jjlnsehuetz has escaped. After his disappearance It was found that his lottery had not awarded a single prize. TVnmitu'N Hoard of i-'orelK" Mi»*loiiH. Springfield, Mass., Nov. 4.—The second and last day's session of the Woman's Board of Foreign iniw»linis opened with un address by Mrs. 10. K. Strong, who gave a survey of foreign work in central and eastern -Turkey and Mar- utht mission. "A suffering people," was the theme of Mrs. Richard Wlnsor of Slnur, India. She told of the work which had been done for the faniine- siricken people of India. Mrs. Martha J. Oleason of Constantinople, Turkey, told of the condition of the Armenians. Sleumer I'arilli- Hiiniinl. Ci.lllngwood. Out., Nov. 4.—The passenger fiteamer Pacific, owned by the Croat Northern Transit company, was bin'led at the Grand Trunk wharves here. The railway freight sheds, filled with Canadian and American goods, also were destroyed. At 10 o'clock the tire was under control. Tile Pacillc was valued at J65.000 and was Insured for $25,0011. The lofs from the burning of the freight sheds will he heavy. The Rtenmer rai: between Oolllngwood am: Rault f-lr. Marie, stopping at way ports. Meeting 1 of llimlwmiil l>oiilem. Cincinnati, Nov. 4.—The National As- nociatlon of Hardwood Dealers convened here with uhotit 200 delegates present. W. A. llennett of Cincinnati is president, F. H. Smith of St. I-,oul.=, Vice president; W. A. Vlnnldge of Chicago, secretary, and W. ('. Unlley of Minneapolis, treasurer. The principal proposition pending is one to establish n system of uniform Inspection and uniform grades—grades that will be recog- i.lzed in European as well as all American markets. Fvinnlo llurglarft ArrrNtod. Kokomo, Ind.. Nov. 4.—Two women have been arrested here as the leaders in recent wholesale burglaries, and -j great 'ieal of stolen property hns been f und In their houses. They are Mrs. Mary ft.iher and Mrs. Mollie Krllss. When the homes of the women were searched plunder worth several hundred dollars was found. It consisted mostly of clothing, robes, harness and grain, and umoiig the mass were sacks of live turkeys, chickens and duck?. 'Hie t'lipiirj Aiiii'H I'lillrd Oil'. Sund Itiiuch, Mich., Nov. 4.—After jettisoning tu'veral thousand bushel." of h'jr carKi' the tugs Thompson and Mar(In pulled t IK- Cheney Ames off the bench. The cargo IB about ruined. The he,Hum ol Ihe Ames is damaged. Inii to whai ex!, nt Is not known, as one wyphon Uei ps- her free of water. She will he luken lo dry dock for repalrx. Sheltered here arc the Thompson, Martin, Ames, -lenks, Si'iuilillus. Larson nnd Cliildo. Wind west, fresh. >lumi||i'i' Itm'kwnnd lli'iul. New York. Nov. 4. 11. Itocltwood- Huwlll. widely known In theatrical circles all over the country UM II. Rockwood, Charles Kiohman'H general business manager, died from (ippendlcllln at the San Iteinn. Mr. Rockwood's start III the theatrical buHlnon wan mude more thun twelve yearn ago as n manager of road companies, to wiic ccmnected in this capacity wilh "Mwier- nlda," "Young MIH. Wlnlhorp," and "Held hy the Kneniy," lll.'W Olll III* lll«lll>, Uloomlntiloti, Ills., Nov. 4.- --Arthur Ilemuth, aged -.'7 yeat's, cominltti'd suicide hy hlowlns out his hrulim, Jle WHK deupondent. Dr.Biill's HMMVM many » il«'^j»ii«w|* Illy euro Croup »nd wUU|^l I »ud n««."MothMi e»n «4- 8 V f U D • w«yii»lyOP It. Children T./ P W " Uki It, Own M« tmtll, Ptltt 25 ««nU. OCCIATON OF CUBA. General Orders Issued by the War Department, TIIOOI'STll HTAHT AIMUT XOV. 22. Hfyi'iillv Appointed foloinl <MH«'«!i'H Ordered lo llf|i»rl Kl Suntl«K"~TrniiKpurt I'Mimtim, «Hh *lrk So!<ll«r* Alinrtrd, Titiit-lii'i nt llnviinn-—l-'rNr* tliul lti>pn KxprcMRnil f«i- lit*- Vn»«rl'H NnfH.v—1'ity- mft*trrM Nf JlmtUfflf/*, At*. Washington. Nnv, 4. -'l'h<> war department tins lomied n general order for (In- movement nt lrooi>n to Culm. The 1 flrsl irnniis will leave on or iihcnit Nov. 'J;; mid will romnrlse a hrlRnde under lirlpmller ilenerul Cutpmter. The lirlR'ide will lie luheti from Hie Seventh army dinis < one (if the i-e.Blmontu to go will In- tin- Third Gem-glu. The hrlgitfle will lie Kent to Xeubltns, Port" Principe. Ofllror* ()r<l(.r<Ml In Siinllnuti. Following officers recently appointed have been onli red to Kanliago and to report to the commanding ofllcor, Ninth reslinent. U. S. V. infantry, lor assignment lo duty. Flint Lieutenants Alexander IllehnrclHon, Kdwnrcl Williams, William WilkH; Second lieutenants Hobert ("!. Woods, Jacob Hnilth, and John W. Brown. They are nil colored ami were forjnerly attnehed to the Twenty-fourth 'infantry, or Ninth and Tenth cavalry They were promoted on account of distinguished personal gallantry In the Meld at San Juan and El Caney. TIIAXSPOKT PANAMA 8AFK. VenKBl llepnrloil Lost Arrive* SufKljr at Uavoim. Havana, Nov. <.—The transport Panama from Santlaso, fears for whose safety had been entertained, arrived here Thursday morning. The Panama reached thla port at 9 a. m. and landed seven American passengers, including nc-me military ofllcers. She left Havana at 10 a. m., her destination apparently being New York. It la reported the Panama has about 400 Blck men on board. Among the passengers are Representative John Dalzell and Ex-Congress- man-at-I-nrge Huff, of Pennsylvania, who. with a party of seven Pennsylvania railroad men. had spent several clays in .S'anUaeo Investigating plans for constructlng a railroad to connect Santiago wlih Havana, with which they had been favorably Impressed. There arc several ollicers of regiments, now stationed in Santiago, who are on their way home, having been granted leaves of absence on account of Illness. Most of the passengers, however, are from Porto Klro. To Tuk<> .SpiinUh Troop* Home. Washington. Nov. 4.—Secretary Alger has been informed by the .Spanish Trnns-Atlnntic compargj, which has th« contract for tr.insportihg the Spanish forces from Cuba, that forty ships were about to leave Spain for Cuba. These ships are understood to be of good capacity ami will he capable of transporting the Spanish soldiers to Spain very rapidly. This message is taken as an Indication that Spain does not Intend to pursue .i dilatory course In '.vith- drawing her troop.s from Cuba. lIlhuilK Nilval Hi-MiTvei Orderi'd lluiue. Washington, Nov. 4.-The 100 or more members of the Illinois naval reserves have been ordered to proceed to the training chip Vermont at Brooklyn- From there they will be *em to Chicago In a special train and mustered out. The men are scattered. are doing duty on the Vulcan, which accompanies the Maria Teresa up the coast, while others are on the Newark. Commander Hawloy will manage the details of the trip and will probably accompany the tars lo Chlcagiv. riiynmitern lit IluiitMvill**. Huntsville. Ala.. Nov. 4.—Majors Tullie and Marsh, paymasters, are here and will distribute about $30(1,000. The Sixty-ninth N'ew York »•))! vote Salur- duy in the New York election. Sergeant Mcfinlvln has been promoted to be lieutenant. Major rsenoral A. K. Chaffee has announced" Major Karl Thomas, inspector general, and Lieutenant Charles Farnsworth of the Seventh infantry, aide. Private James Carrlgan, Troop K, Sixth cavalry, died during the nighiL New York doing on I.OIIK A <iJ'"S'- New York. Nov. 4.—The cruiser New York, flagship of the north Atlantic squadron, has completed coaling at Tompklnsvllle, S. !.. and i.s taking aboard Ftores for a lung voyage. H was reported that Commodore Philip was expecting sailing orders from Washington to proceed to a southern port. The exact destination Is not known. SnliltiT Maviicd mi n Sick llrd. Ivcxington, Ks*.. Nov. 4.— While on a Kick bed lit the hospital In the city Captain M. I- Johnson of the Second Missouri was wed-.ied to Miss Lucy Hatchi.'lor. Hoth are from Butler, Mo. The captain lias been sick eight weeks, but Is now improving:. TUB HXCELENCE OF SYHUP OF FIGS is due not only to the originality and simplicity of tho combination, but also to the care and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known to tho CALIKOIINIA Fiu Svitur Co. only, and wo wish to impress upon all tho importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is umuufaulurcd by the CALIFORNIA FJQ Svnu/- d>. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured b.v other puv- tlee. The high standing of the CAM- FOBNIA Fio Hvitup Co. with the medical profession, and the sutisfuotion which tho genuine Syrup of Fig* has given to inlllions of families, makes tho name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It ih far lu advance of all other laxatives, as It acts on the kidneys, liver uml bowels without IrrltutitiK or weakening them, and it <!oes not gripe nor nauseate. In order to gut its beneficial effects, please remember the iimne of the Company -~ CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. •AN rHANOIlOe, G»l z*i'unu,c, KI. **w VOUK, jr. T. i i;i :OM:H nv K D.I • (in.t.-* |IU Mini Out of <lnr- ffttiM- l'iti!;rff> 4 ttmim. liftruli. Nnv. 4. 'inycrtHir I'lnfiree Uncs«c'? n fitiMitiii- si'"n** ;»l nitlllary ndqiini'lorH ivln'ii liufttK Johnson was IH(VM I him urt n n-fiulMilion fur »"xtrrtfll- llon finni Ihe iintliMrltU'K of Illinois, icn DPtflfllvi- l.nlly. « M" liml flmr(f<» of .Jol'j.son. \\as nboiit to lake hla 1'tlxoiK'- nwny an iilijoi lion wns ralsoO thnt In- hail no win-ruin iitnl tliut the prn)i"r oM'K'i'r to h»vi> thi' iiriHonni 4 was tin- slinflfr. I.Mlly prruliifpil 11 wurriitH taktn out In t'hionKo. lint <!fn-crnor rjliiwrrp ili-cldi'rt It «•«» no Ronil. U' 1 fn-.'p lie hail J"ol(l"i1 \vhnl ho would do in Hi" rnnllcr l.nlly wlni-d Jnhnsun, II ft CM I him l.odlly from the rlialr and t-nrrlrtl him fo«nrd the <l"t>r. i 1". AtklliHiin, .tidiiisnii's at- toriwy. mid I). Augustus HUnk'-r inad'< a rush lor th* 1 prlKon' j r, and, It . drew a revolver on Atklrpon. n reKlftled, hut ^vjis piiHh^d and d out of Ihe |ircK<--nrc> of tin- BOV- Pinor li> t^-illy nnd Olllc.-r Dullleld of Chlei'tto. Afti'f had tnkfii his |»rifon'i' a\\';ty Supei Intendt-iH John Ctrant of the ("illzpnp' company and VVilllnm K. Atkliic'in BO( into a quarrel, III \vhleh Atkinson is cald to have c-nlled Grunt a liar. Mrant made 1 for him and Atkinson's Hon jumped heUveen them. A flplit wasuvrted by rrl'-nds. Attorney General Maynard will lie consulted l)y tjf.vernt^r Plnsree and it \vi.l then be decided whether Johnson s\'|Jl he ex- tirtdlled. t'uffrd To llf a Cuiidlilfilr. La ''ro-sBe. \VSs., Nov. I.--J. IClrehies, major o( the Third Wisconsin volunteers, uml a life-Ions Kepuhllcan. has heen compelled l>y an order of the clr- tull court to accept tilt Domin.-ra.llo nomlnathin for sheriff of La Crosse county. While he was In Porto Riro thd Democrats numlnated him for sheriff, and when he returned on Monday \vlth hi* regiment on a plxty-dny furlough H vriic too late to (lie his declaration. He refused to run. and the county clerk, who Is a Kppuhlica.ii, refused to put his name on the hallot. The Demo' rats then drought an action to compel Ihe clerk to put Klrchles' name on the Lnlint and won. It IK thought tlvj major will be elected, hut he says he will decline to serve. coughing of nothing belter to tear the lining of your throat and lungs. It is better than wet feet to cause bronchitis and pneumonia. Only keep it up long enough and you will succeed in reducing your weight, losing your appetite, bringing on a slow fever and making everything exactly right for the germs of consumption. Stop coughing and you will get well. Ayer's Cherry pectoral cures coughs of every kind. An ordinary cough disappears in a single night. The racking coughs of bronchitis are soon completely mastered. And, if not too far along, the coughs of consumption are completely cured. Ask your druggist for one of Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral , Plaster. It will aid the action of the Cherry Pectoral. (»Dr. Williams' Indian 1'llt JlGmtnieiatvill euro Hlhi.l **BlueilliiB and I'<••!! i w-' Piles, li ubsiirliNtlictuniors lys tbe Hohlniiuumi'i'.aru ik ixmlili'O, jjlvi'S liiNiaiil re . \Yiliiiiius'Indian Pile Dint proparnl lor Pllr'inml Itni •Ivulu purls Kvrry linx i: «„!••...»--... llY <J«W8'l l J''W '"',',',!'"' ", MlPt Of price. 50 cent» and If I. Oil. WIU|«W! MANUFACTURIKB r n Prniw.. Cleveland. Ohio Oatrb*. nrs. O. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SUKQEONS. OFK1UE in M'Plke Building, Cor. and and Easton sis. Pbones 138 and 171. [^ P. SCHUSSLBR,M.D. HOMEOPATHIST aod SURQOON OrriCBUKD RBS'DENCB, HOTEL UAPIS01> Teleubone 100 [)R. L, B. ROHLAND, DENTIST, onotHoun: l«.m, 10 1I« m. nd I lo p.i>, II W. THIRD RHKT [)rs. B. C. & H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURS! 7 to t i.mi U to J,«to 8 p.m. TELEPHONE 87. DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCY In Short Time. Yager & Yager, Attorneys 306 Hello Btreel, Paine's Celery Compound Makes People Well. There la one true specific for diseases arising from a debilitated nervous ays tern, and that is Fame's celery compound, BO generally prescribed by physicians. It is tbe most remarkable remedy that tbe scientific research of America bas produced. Prof. Edward E. Pbelps, M. I)., LL. D., of Dartmouth College, flrflt prescribed tnis positive cure for dyspepsia, rheumatism, all nervous diseases and kidney troubles. M. MAHQNEY, NSUKANCE AND REAL ESTATE I"OR SAUB. I0 «*** -room frame dwelling on PonnUla tt. t«-roora brlok dwelling on Belle it. S-room fr»me dwelling on SUte it, j-room frtme dwelling with Dloti UBBOT AJton root « 'SSi J0lt **" " ne M u " n """• Two-'itory t-roorn truae dwelling on BUitt M-»or« tr»ot near BdwardSTllle CroMtaj, 0'orr t-noa brick dwelling, oo» !& ml j . Two-«tory brlok itore, No. til Belle it, Jwo-ttori; «-room frame, il«te roof dwelli ahue * cr *' ° Bontnu for p w o. on .i W-»ore farm three miles north of Uppir Altoi J lots on Kuton atroat, toxin eaoh. 7-room frame dwelling, Highland Park, B-ro am frame dwelling on 1th it,, near H*mr PATHFINDER DEPARTMbNl. Three lluei or leu under thlihnadlng: Oni time, ISocnti; three d»y«,Moenti] onnwMk H oenti i tdaitlonal Hmei uma rats, ouh down. FOR SALE. COR SALE.—Old papori, r tli« THLEOSAPH offloe. n »ny ijuinlty. At F OR BALE—All In need ot kindling wood otn bo supplied by telephoning No. n, Illlnoll Boi factorv. U per load—B. L«Tl«. COR SALE—A Farm four miles northwe«t of, 1 Utohfli3ld,100 acroo. $60 an acre. Forptr- tloulara addroas G. A. Brown, or M. 8. Browa, Brighton or T. C. Brown. Alton, 111. J2tf 5. F. CONNOR Real Estate, logurance and Collecting Agent. fflce: PlasallBulldtne! »n4J Loan I Association, ALTON, t ELECTION NOTICE. Submitting Ihe proposition to tho electors of Alton township, whether such township shall adopt and become entitled to the boneflta of an act providing for primary elections ot delegate! to nominating conventions, and to promote the purity thereof,by regulating the conduct thereof, and to support tbe privileges of tree suffrage thereat uy prohibiting certain act! and practices In relation thereto, and providing for the punishment thereof. A petition haying been presented to me signed by more than one- clghlh ot the legal votera ot Alton Township, praylngtl-at the foregoing proposition be submit ted to a vote of thcleleotorBOf said townBhlp,no- lice Is hereby given that proposition will be submitted to the said electors of Alton townphlp, at Hie election to be held on Tuesday,Nov.8,'08. as to whether said township and tbe electors thereof ahull adopt and becpmo onllflod to the benefits of the foregoing act. WM. P. EARLY, County Judge, Dated, Oct. 25,1898. FURNITURE. When wmntlng Purallure call and tee UBV We ota »urely please you; J. SUTTER & 210 W. Third Street I hare been taking Piso's Cure for Consumption since 1883. for Coughs and Colds. I had au attack of LaGrippo iu 1800, and have had others since. In tho Winter of 189G-7, I had a spell of Bronchitis, lasting all -winter, and leaving a troublesome cough, until 1 again tried Pisa's Cure, which relieved inc.—Mrs. if. B. SMALLEV, Colorado Springs, Colo,, August 10, 1808. We Have an Elegant Line] of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. 203 West Third Street. Henry Watson, Me Ad am, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Door sills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Alwiyi on band. Alto Dealer la Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Parte Side Track* Running Into tho Quarries. Telephone No. 31. A I TOM II I Residence 6a8 Alby »t /\L< I Wi^l» ILJU; 'IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED," TRY SAPOLIO.

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