Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 18, 1900 · Page 9
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1900
Page 9
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British Under General Warren Accomplish the Feat. THEV OfC'Ul'V A STKOXG POSITION. Atnn ef " { llrl "* 1 ' Tr ""l>» *» the Hellof f t»dy»inltli Ili'llnvpd to Have Ootn- ni-pd—MHIIiif.V Moil In l.rtnilon 111- tided In Opl"l (l " »» tn O«ri«r«l Hiillftr'a Wher«Bb«iiti-<f<"i"rol French Plr.iiU a lj.p«uniliT »» '• Mountain Top. Cape Town. Jan, H>,—A dispatch to The Argus, dated Friday last, Jan. 12, gays:- "The authorities have received news tlmt Oi'iieral Wai-win -lias .crossed the Tuge'ta »ud occupied a strong position nortli of the river." London. Jim- !«.—A .telegram from' Newport, Wales, says Rutherford Harris, formerly resident director In south Africa of the British South Africa company, lias received.n cablegram to thf effect thai (Jenerni Bnller has suf- niiotlier reverse, U'ELKGBAPH, THUB8DAY 18, 1900. Lon'don. Jan. I(i.-rt r p to the present the reported crossing of the Tngela flyer by General Warren's division remains liiit rumor. Nevertheless the whole tenor of such news as has dribbled iii from South Africa during the last forty-eight hours indicates that n combined forward movement of a eotniirelipusive character Is proceeding. ! It Is not necessary to believe the unconfirmed stories of the Boers being In full ret rent from Colenso because It , ban been learned that n column is proceeding via AVeenen to Heipmaak- | at to cut off Ihoir retreat. Ailvli«» fi-tim K'l<'l.>rinarlt/,Hl>iirK. . But nt (lie snine time credible In- fornmlioi) from many -sources itidlsput- J ablj" points to momentous changes In I the disposition of the republican forces'. I Advices 1 from Pltcrnniritxbiirg dated I Saturday. Jan. in, say that sim.-e their I defeat on Jan. il.the Boers have been Iremoi'lnsr tlielr'guns from the positions 1 south of Ladysmlth. The same ells[patch coQlirins the report that the I Thirteenth liuzgurs reached (Jroblers-' I kloof without meeting the Boers. As Jthe trenches' at. Uroblerskloof were •perhaps the strongest position held by Itheburirliers. their vacation has eon'- Islderably astonished the Britis.h. Mer• chants nt I'ieternmrltzburg have re- Itelved messages from Lady-smith .sayling: "Brlup up jam," etc., indicating •that their Lndysmlth agents nnticipat- ~1 an Immediate opening of coininunl- itioii, whilo Ltidysmlth also hello- graphed the belief prevalent there Jan. "1 that the Boers were moving and mitrntlng their forces elsewhere. Advance May line Com'menvetl. As corroborative of the British activity-ID the direction of the relief of -adpmiltli, a dispatch has been revived in London from General Buller to the effect that he expected all the 3l«po8itions for n synchronous movement of the various columns against it besiegers would be completed Mon» morning. Under these clrcuui- lances It is considered quite probable iat the advance on die beleaguered wn lias commenced and that fighting |8 progressing. Optimists go so far as f that it Is expected that Lady- will lie relieved very soon If [goes well. The military men are ID n 0|)inlou ns to whether Gen- I miller IH at Springfield or person|Dy directing the flank movement from """«•; T'"' officials are Inclined to alt the report that the British have ,ft i, f T UKI!ln rlrer iu thnt dlrec- », although thero Is no confirmation '«report, und.,altogether, there Is re liopeful feeling iu official cir- K8CAPE8 BEING Bl'RIKI) AMVE. Movnment of nn Kyi'11,1 Holm,** n Worn, nn from nn I'mlurtnknr'ft Cnro. Knst St. Louis, ills,, .(„,). lri ._. The movement of an eyelid saved Mrs. Christina Hlrth from a horrible <leath b.v embalming fluid, or that worse fate of burial alive. In the morning she passed from n three months' Illness Into a coma which so closely counter- felted death that die country physician was deceived. He felt the woman s pulse, listened for heart beats and could perceive no respiration. After the^'Tflia other tests he pronounced the woman dead and the county undertaker was summoned He brought with him the usual embalming Instruments, among them n. cooling board, upon which the .woman was laid ,, tle t!, l ! acl room of the county hospital. I lie body had been cleansed weights were laid upon the eyes and the bleaching process was almost completed when the weight on the woman s right eye fell to the floor. The undertaker had bis back turned nt the time and says that the noise startled him, as he was entirely alone with the corpse. He closed the lid of the eye which had opened and replaced the weight. Again It fell to the floor. This time the undertaker thought he noticed a twitching of the eyelid. He felt the woman's hand It was still warm, but no heart beat or breath could be detected. Then the most powerful test known to undertakers was applied, with the result that the woman gave unmistakable signs of life. Assistance was summoned and the supposed corpse was returned to her bed, where restoratives were applied. She regained the use of her body, but was unable to talk and tell of her experiences while In the trance and be-' 1 Jug prepared for burial. 'Mrs.' Hfrth missed death by. embalming by only five, tpinutcs. as die undertaker was oil the point of injecting die poisonous fluid when the weight fell from her eye. - lowans Congratula'e Him Upon His Ranomination. I'KTTJUI.'K.W'N HKSOHJT10X IN UP. Iln Di'i-lliir. tti* UequeM to Mnl>»'tltiit0 llonr'n lli'm.lnllim ,,11 tin Nnnip Nubjnt-t— Ili-piM-l ,il tll<- liiti.rntnle Ci illation — Want UK? l.uu- -Mail.. .»l,,rn KfTectlve— (ion-nil oils Inform* Hi,. War Ilcpnrt- IIIIMH of A Ilii11", In the Philippine*. Washington. Jan. 10.—Senator Gear Was warmly congratulated by lownns upon his unanimous renominatiou for die senate. The congratulations were accompanied by a large basket of American beauty roses, which was placed on Senator,'Gear's desk In the pruvalllng. Jt |rf denied that die coti- lerencos sottgbt to secure agreements to maintain rnte», their only purpose being Io secure good fnldi Iu observance of published tariffs. Fifteen cases are pending In federal courts to enforce orders of die commission ami criminal canes are awaiting trial In Louisiana, Texas and Ooorgla. During the year IMMi die,re were Km mn- ployes killed and 4.:j?M> .Injured upon 8!) roads, agnliiHt 2011 killed and 5.484 Injured iu.lSI»8, a result attributed to the more general equipment of the roads with safety appliances. A review Is made of Judicial decisions on Interstate commerce affairs during the year. Concerning die refusal of thV circuit court for northern HllnofH to declare unreasonable die terminal charge of $2 per car made on live stock brought, Into Chicago, the report says: "The 'court seems to have overlooked what It believes to be the dominant consideration in the case, namely, that if the through rate tb Chicago was a reasonable rate before Jan. 1, 18M. It became an unreasonable rate when the $'2 terminal charge was added on that date. To make a reasonable through-rate represent less service than formerly and ndd on another charge for (he part of the service formerly covered bv the through rate plainly may make the total charge unreasonable, and dm*, the coinmlssion^snys, was this case." AVPAIKS IN THK SHOES, SLIPPERS, RUBBERS, AT CONTEST IX KENTUCKY; Huurilvin DM; H.ilil u Snssion— Many Wltnemuii. • — ••• «'«f«««ti*i Tofti [There Is,. Uf . ws or importance elsewher*. Geneiwl Krench'a ,,H" V ! Sl !'' < ' ( ''' <lwl '" dragging n l " 1 "i to tln> summit of thp steep °" kop. I .dim feet above the i - ' - - - lly i-ou i erl n Boer cnwp ou , lie «»«• miles n wn y f,- om storm- am ." lm>sti »K '»«•!" of news . i ' |im '> >t| n».' « Party ™ lv< " s '"' l ' l> « s f»lly garnered «»PH wlihin tw( , afttm of the f "?' e » ni .l' «' "ii'ds rlvwr, the Bi'it- * 1 to ° wwlk to Inferftre. fo ' n p "**1« «n.V8 the "?"• !' ( - >l ' () » )rt '""^J bombard- "f a ; Iurln * the Uloruju * r«rr«,,', Sj ( ,,, uu Re ,, ortThllt< j tn> " u «» BBBII Ueierted. 0 : '"'"• '«— A dl 8 p*teh; dated rloH Warron marched with '" 111 "'"" 1 troul ^'ere' l>y ,-,-uen. Ills scouts found M<»..i"", " U1| ' (> UI ' L> rumors that F,'» -> iiiv |,r,.| HU . ( ,ig to leave Na"!'•;'««•" hy i|,H,r tulluru to re- ;; . MK K l. would Frankfort, Ky.i Jan. 1(5.—The contest boards In the contest for governor and .lieutenant governor were due to meet a't !) o'clock but at thnt hour only ft -few members of the •committees and none of (he lawyers had arrived. '• -Tlie,' "trains from the. east brought Several hundred 'witnesses, •most of whom were, from Lexington. The members of the committee, stenographers and attorneys dropped In one at a time, took seats at desks as- sighed them and a part' of the witnesses crowded into the hall and were seated in the south end. . It was exactly 10 o'clock when Chairman Hickman of the Goebel- Tnylor t'ommlttee rapped for order Every member of both boards answered present. Alonzo Walker and John P. CaSsldy- were sworn as stenographers. Chairman Hickman announced th,e boui'jS of meetings, which will be from 2 to 5 in the afternoon and from 7 to 9 In the evening. The attorneys occupy Ing seats on the Taylor-Marshall side are Ex-Governor Bradley. Judge W. H. Yost. T. L. Bdel- man and Colonel W. C. P. Breckln- ridge. Those on the Gocbel Side are Louis MeQuown. Hack Phelps, Aaron Kahn and .Tames Andrew Scott. United Minn Worker*. Indianapolis, Jan. 10.—A close np proximate of the credentials committee showed that at least eighteen states were represented In the national, convention of the United Mine Workers of America when that body met In Masonic hull just befora Boon. The wag« question will be the para- m*unt one. Some of the districts have already framed their demands. West Virginia wants 16 cents extra a ton: Ohio wants 20 cents more a ton. and several «thw districts are In line for the same demands. In Kansas tber want a large Increase. Itllioia Teacher* to Vl»l( I'arln. Chicago, .Ian. l«.~Il|iuols school teacher*) t» the number of 4.0()0 are planning to w^eiid the •'Paris exposition durm$ ttife'coming; summer. Half of that, number 'ar« expected to leave from Chicago, Jb« ethers coming from various sections of the state. The trip will cost the junketers the sum of $200 each and will consume forty days. The oxeurslon will bo run lit eereral aeetion/s and will include brief stops in London wnd oilier Bngllsn cities. The excursion will bo run under the direction of the,National Kdu- cationnl association. , , Boaflli Mu.r Not Krrnvur. Denver, Jan. JO.-—Fears are entertained, that Frederick G. Bonflls. one of-the proprietors pf the Denver Mven- Ing Poqt, who. together with Harry FI. Tnnunen. was shot by Lawyer W.. W. Anderson, may not recover from his wound. Sunday afternoon he had a hemorrhage of the lungs. Anderson bus been released on a habeas corpus and has boon set at. liberty under bonds of $10,000 by Judge O.'p. Untie r. SK,NATOU (!KAI{. OF IOWA. fpnnto nl (he.opening of the session. I'etllgrew presented a petition from the Woman's Suffrage association of South Dal«ota asking- for a sixteenth aincmlincn' "o the constitution affording womei a .he right to vote and providing that the women of "Puerto Kico, Hawaii and ihe Philippines also be allowed !o vote. lii-Holiilinn l)v JVrkliiN. A resolution wan ottered by Perkins calling upon ihe secretary of'the navy io inform ibe senate how many naval vessels are now undiv construction: when those vessels will be completed; how .many o dicers will be required to man those vessels wlieft placed in commission: and how'many men and officers ,-irc now on each vessel In the naval service. -The resolution was adopted. At ihe conclusion of the routine business the rwolutlon of Pettigrew calling on the secretary of war for certain information regarding the Philippine insurrection was laid before the senate. Pettigre.w declined Hoar's request to substitute for his resolution on the same subject, ihe one presented by Hoar. Berry had'read the resolution offered by Bacon and also that of Beverldge. Re*poriftll>le for I.OMI of l,lf<-. Those who desired to discuss the Philippine question,..lie said, \^pre met by the objection that they were aiding those who were In arms against the United States and were responsible for the loss of life among our soldiers. He regarded this posit ion as absolutely nn wo runted nml declared that no mail who was a man would be deterred from speaking by charges that we're absolutely unfounded by facts. Berry believed thai • the tw'o resolutions which be had read from the desk fnir- ly represented the views of tile two great parties In this country. He was certain (hat the resolution of Beverldge reflected the sentiment and feelings of the administration, because- it had been favorably commented nporf by the nd- mnllstratlon speakers and newspapers thoughout the country. The resolution had been Indorsed, he said, by the administration leaders, yet It conferred an minority nnd power upou this country as absolute as was possessed by the c?.«r of Russia. CrltliiUedliy IVttlgrrw. Senator Pettigrew followed Berry nnd criticised, the Philippine policr of the administration. At 2 o'clock' the lluancial bill was temporarily laid aside In «rder to flllow Pettlgi-cw to Ilnish his speech and to afford Wnl- i»tt an opportunity to sulmili some re- innrk'N on the resolutions. DlMrli-l DB.V In the Boinr. June W. Uayle of Kentucky, who was elected to succeed (be Intc ftepre- {tentative Settle, appeared at ih» bur of the house and was worn In. Cannon, from the committee on appropriation's, reported the-urgent dlflclen- cy appropriation bill and gave notice thaf he would cull it up for consideration Tuesday, t'pon motion of Clark of New Hampshire n resolution was adopted calling upon tlio secretary of sttiie for Information relative to'the status of the agreement between Great Britain nnd the riiited States which prerenled (be 1 United Slates from building, arming or maintaining more than one war vessel upon the Great Lukes. Babcock. chairman of the com mlttee on District of Columbia, then claimed the day for Ihe consideration of District of Columbia business «eiif_rnl oil* Keep, tl>« War Department ut WuMilMKton ]>u»ted. Wushingion, Jan. K!.—The war department lias received the following report from General Otis: "Mnnilu, Jan. l.l.—Bolomeu and armed insurgents, robbers from /earn-' beles mountains, attacked two companies, Tweuty-tlfth -Infantry, O'Neil commanding, at Iba, Jan. (i, driven ami pursued with loss to them of liftv men no casualties; SchwaiTs troop's east nnd south Santo Tomas. Batnnzns; yesterday Chenthnm's battalion. Thirty-seventh; .struck enemv cast Santo i'omas ou San Pablo road, enemy left five dead on Held, cavalry sooii appearing pursued' force eastward: 'no- report of result. Cheatham's casualties, one wounded;,Anderson, Thirty- eighth, en route to Llpe yesterday, struck insurgents few miles south Santo Tomas, drove.them through Llpa to Uosa-rio: enemy's loss twenty dead and wounded, sixty Spanish " prisoners. $20,000; Schwan has liberated about 200 Spanish prisoners, now en route to Manila. .Anderson's casualties yesterday one man killed, two wounded; Wheaton's force actively operating iu western Cavite and Batung.-i provinces all important towns held and constant patrolling; -great, many Filipinos returning to homes believed to be insurgent deserters. OTIS." tliullclHl UlntrlotH for Alaska. Washington, Jan. l(i.—The senate committee ou territories considered a hill creating three judicial districts for Alaska and for a revision of the laws of the United States applying to the territory. A number of Alaska men were present with the committee and made suggestions which they desired to be Incorporated in the law. They were asked If there was any sei\tlmen't In favor of dividing the territory'' at Mount St. Elias. making the southeastern portion the territory of Seword. The reply was that the people believed such a division would be necessary at some future time. The judicial bill was referred to a sub- commMteo. VIORRISSEYBROS Retailers of HIGH GRADE Footwear. Store open every night. Telephone 2671. January Clearing Sale 1900 Many good things are here, but thev must go, so her • is the chance for the shrewd buyer to make an investment which 'wil* surely prove a paying one. Yours is the gain, ours shall be the loss, .as long as wp'll ; 'have clean tables when this January sale is over. Look carefully over this list: . MEN'S SUITS. $15 kinds .now .. .. . 10 :»« "... .§1190 .. 6.40 .. 590 .. 390 .. 340 : MEN'S OVERCOATS. 915 kinds now 12 " " $12.00 8.50 7.60 YOUTH'S SUITS.* 68-00 kinds now .. 36 40 7.00 " " 450 6.00 •' " 3.90 6.00 " •' 3 40 • 400 ," " 2.90 BOYS' KNEE PANTS SUIT8. 84.50 kinds now.... $2.98 4.00 " •• 2,50 2.50 " « 1.90 200 " " 1.40 1.75 " «! •. .. 1.25 Uothing and THE HUB, Shoe store H. 4 WUTZIER, Prop 632 East Second street. Prepare to Answer Unbutton*. Washlrfgton. Jan. 10.—Director »f the Census Men-lam suggests to the agriculturalists of the country that they use some of their spare I fine between now and June next in thoroughly preparing- themselves to answer promptly ond accurately the questions relative to In* acreage, quantity and vain* of crops: the quantity and value of all farm products, animal and vegetable; the cost of fertilisers and farm labor, and in fact all the.Items of farm operations for th* calendar year 18!K), which the ceiiHun enumerators are bv law compelled to ascertain. This, be says, will result In a full and iii'ciirnte census. UlsmUned by IStiprt-iin- Conrt. Washington. Jim. le.—Thf United States supreme conn ban dlsmUsed the suit of the'stale of Louisiana vs. the made of Texas and its health ottl- cer. Involving the right of the latter slat* io quarantine so rlgoronslv against th* former as Was done during the recent prevalence of yellow fe- rer iij Xew Orleans. JuNtlcv Fuller banded down th« opinion of th« court, holding ihat no direct Issue between the stale* Is presented In the contra- CUT PRICE SALE. t Giving to a change in our firm on or before May IST, we will until that time cut and slash prices on \Vatche-, Jewlery, Silverware and * ancy. Goods. CHINA AT COST, and some less. WATCHES AT COST. Other goods at prices never before offered in OIK citv. Com? early for the pick of the E. H. GOULDING'S SONS. Alton's Old Reliable JeweleryHouse. COM-MKKCK (OMM^MON. IV I'l'jyi. • s i">uiieni of The P"H i£n" i iu' I'' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' camp, In u F ill's,-!- i (1|| 'n.'sday, Jan. 10, t. I Udlhhlj. (1, ui«' for the next |.*o',,.<.ii"""' "'"' l "'" evi> »»•. nil. .-JlTlT 1 "!">"'<,'','"< <l.c follow^S'^;?''^ 1 ™'''-* «t .f i , • vlll ! r l«"""wiw north '"•'lysmlth. doubtless with " rl "' ll " r « Kiife llm. of re- to (ion- • xiuv tin ....., " •;• "••«»' numbers, I yi"U,,!vn' m| "f anotm>r ut " h'y'comi.'r l ? a ""'' l! iy they 'wore M- tl,e unrSjU/'J, f lr alllllt - v to tl!,!'",'^,''""' 1fl.~Uenurnl L '»l»hllH|u.,l'u IJOtt'iV Convlrteil Mnn nmtK* Hluueir. Newport News. Va., Jan. 10. — Louis August, the Fort Monroe soldier who was convicted In Hampton Saturday of the murder of Annie Benedict and sentenced to eighteen yearn' Imprisonment, hung himself with a towel In Ills cell during the night. He wax found In the morning iit'lcr he Imd been dead several hours. August siiiil Saturday he would commit xulcidc rather than go to the peiilteiiiinry, but little attention WIIK jiuld to Ills llnvni Mulclili' ol' n .>lii hlynn Miyi-lmnl. Urand ItiipldK, Mich.. Jan. Hi.— Ans- lln K.. VS'lieeli-r, trcuslirer of Lemon «. Whei'ler, the. wholcsjile grocery com- juyiy, of which Ueveiiuo (!o||ci-tor Ham- ucl K. Lemon IH tli:> heail, committed Hiilclde by Hhootlng hlnmolf through the brain with a ,'W-culllier revolver. The act was committed In the basement of the compiiny'K Htorc. Death l.o O rip pi- In lliii-Kuluiiti. Itarci'loiia. .Inn, Hi.- An epidemic of grip has KciKed the town and the mor- Hilly hiw IncreiiHiMl. Half the popn- latlon Iu In lied and In the stores ami workshops only a <|iuii'lcr of the usual u umber of iMiiplbyoft art* working. Hi-IKirl I rm-» ( iiiltl-t-1.1, |o Mnk« till- Inlor- l.itiv Aluri* Kffpctlv*., in. .Ian. Iti. —The Inter i-ommcri-i' i-diiimlssluii made pub lie Its ilih'iecntli iiiiiiinil repon. The tViiiiii'i' of 'tin' rcpui't IK the Kinm^ jilcji nuiili' linn npluilil die handK of (he i-dinmlssliiii by amciul mi'iits limiting ilu> inirrsiah' comnn'ri-i' law moiv ell'ei'lfve. Tin- n-porl snys thai ihe commission n yc.-ii- ajjn ctilli'.! illlclilUm In Ih.r t'iii'i ihai in vital n> speclM tlii> prcsi'ii'. law has proved ile fi'dlve nml ImiilciiiiMfi' mill ilun until Ini'llicr li'^lKlntiuli is )iriiviili'ii ||ji> lies) cITurlK iu ri'Killtilinii inu.-.i In- fi>i<h|i. nml ilUiipimiuUnu Tin' n-i|iii'Kis nl' tin' rniimilssJDi] I'ur iii'i'ili'nl ,'iiiirinl- mi'iits have been Kiipporii>i| by pi-ll- ami memorials from aKrlt-iil'.nral. .. anil rommiTciiil juii'i'- csis iliroiiKlmui the ciiiuitry. yei. says tin 1 report, iim u lint' ul' ilu- siaiu'ii' bus bi'i'l) I'llilll^ril nml Mime (if Iln> bur (lensume eondliloiiv which call for relief lias been removed or m<i<lllied. Itcfcrcncc Is made in (lie xevenil con- fereiici's hail wiib high railway oil!- clalx early In the year with n view to (.'.•lining from <'.'i<-b iirumlNeM «i maintain tlielr imbllsbeil rales ami to the uiinil efl'i.'i'l of these conferences In ihe rutc licmorullKiUloii then Prcslilvntliil Nninlniitloii*. WiiNhlnglon, Jan. ]'«.—Tiic president hnn sent to (he nena(e the following nominations: Charles H. Sherman of California, to be assayer of the mint at San Prandseo; I'tXer K. Harclav. to be received of public moneys at'Del N'orte, Colo.: 1011 I,. Warner of St. Paul. Minn., to he Kurvvyor gi'iieral of tuin- uesotn. Also n iinmh;-!- .if nominations foi• xippolntiiieiii anil iirmnotinn In the regular and volunteer army.' llntl Ali-ii An- <)ii|. (')evehiiiil. .hill. |il.--OIHclalK of the National Association ,,f Hodiuill Workers claim i hat the rod men are oni at all nf the si-ieiiil mills controlled bv the American Steel and Wire coni]i!in'v in this i-lty While llieiv are only be iwci'ii LMc mid .'{(in men Involved in present, ii is dc.-lareil i hat unless ibe di'inand- ol i lie rodmeli are conceded by Hie company within a very few days, iliat the. I:I|||H will be coiii|iellci| In dose iinwn In lu-Mcilcally all depari- menis Thi< wmild n fleet several tlioiis.uid men In Cleveland. \Vl'll Ivnouii liiiljjlil nl r,v|lilni, Di'jiil. Kansas City. .Inn. H!.—Hubert Km men. well Unown In Knights ( ,l' 1'y thins circles, ),s dead in |I)N liiimc here. Ills death was tine | (1 U n accident live nionllis ago, when he was run down by a lire ileparlmcni wti/L'ou. Ht- wits (in years of age, Kmniett was a veteran of Ihe civil war. Ile had also held high ivink In the Indiana xialc militia The Interment will be nt Indianapolis. Mity Die nf llfi- lii|iu-|f». ilaetin. (in.. .Ian. Hi.--Mrs. !•:. ,|. Cook (if New York, mini of Mrs. Cor nollns Vanderblll. who was Injured in a runaway several weeks ago. under went an operation here. .Mr«. Cool; has not at any time been coiiMclmm Blnee the iiceidi'iit mid her recovery Is doubtful. Diamonds, Emeralds, Opals, Pearls, Rubies. ^'e have a well selected stock, and atjprices that defy competition. Your examinaiion is?solicited. J. H. BOOTH The Leading Jeweler.] IS THE SEASON When good things to eat are in demand, we can sug,* 1 gestsomsof the following: Best graies of canned Peas, Lima Beans, Corn, Stringless Beans, Spinach, Beets, Pumpkin, Tomatoes, Pineapples, Peaches, Pears, Grapes, Apricots, Cherries, Strawberries; andjRaspber- ries, at J. H. BAUMAN'S, No. 400 Belle street. Maone 187 .*? A.

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