Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 3, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1898
Page 4
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The Telegraph's Circulation is by Far the Largest in the Altons-Over 400 New Subscribers in one Week. Tbe srtl« who Is in <e»rch of attitudes descriptive of torture, find poses depicting suffering, ticed not (fo to the Llirintian tnartyn of Old/ If be could only ttt through the wall« tnto tens of thousand) of homes nil over til) land, he would nee women undergoing torture* In silence liout complaining, before which the brief ordeals of the tnartyn pule Into eotblngpcss. No one but a woman can tell the story of the Bufferfoif. the dejpnlr, nnd the despondency (radnred by women v/ho carry a dolly burden* of ill-health and pain t because of disorders and derangement of ( the delicate and Important organs that ore distinctly feminine. One of the worst ( effect* of troubles of this kind is upon the nervous system. The tortures BO bravely endured completely «t)d effectually shatter the nerves. Dr. Pltrce'n Favorite Prc Bcrlptlon is <m unfailing cure for all weakness end disease of the feminine organism. It makes It •strong' and healthy. It nllays Inflammation, heals nlccration and eootbes pain. It checks exhausting drato-i and tones and bntld» up the nerves It fits for tvifehood and motherhood. Good medicine dealers ieH it, and have nothing "just as good." " Since my lost cWM was born, thirteen yearn •go, J have suffered (jom uterine, trouble," vrrlte* Mr«. Paul Dtwaine, of Jelllco. Campbell Co.. Tenn. "I consumed several doctors luuil tooK much medicine, but fbnnd * 9 relief. I Imd verv bad health for twdvc years. hTcry month 1 was in bed a week txfore the monthly perlwl find n week aflcr. 1 was obliged to keep In beil for four rncmtns Istt GumincT. I win Jutt like B corpse. I lost twenty-sir pounds in fi.ui months. I wan coughing so ninth I wiia considered in consumption. 1 suflercd severely fram p«ina in my bick. bparlnjr down pains in the wtfab, chills ond cold s,w<u)U.. AfU-r tafctuft four bottles of Dr. Picrce's Gulden Medical Bin covery my couching sloprxxl, »nd nffsr sli Taotttes of Dr. Pierce'fi l ? nvonte I'rcsciiption my periods btcirae regular and were paeted without pain. Now 1 am flesliy, rnorc w> Uian crer before. Ivf y neiglitiorg me eurpi i$ed to see me in Mich good health ofter having seen roe so low." Constipation causes nufl agKravatos many serious diseases. It is speedily cured bj I>r. Pitta'* Pleasant Pellets. Tells of the Indian Battle Leach Lake. at ACCIDENTAL FIHI.NG OF \ RfrLK CftUHfHl lh*i Indian* to Open n .\limlflroui Fir* on Hie Trunpl \Vlill* the IMtrt Were Stacking Artiu Inlillfft 7>m- pordTlly (onfiHcd liv HIP Demoniac Veiling nf the Rwl« -Ilisllnvm Ilin *Si-«nU i,r Ihe riftlil Piniditeil CprHlnij. \VFI<*|I|IM/|KII, N'nv -'! ~ fii'M'-rnl Union, win- I'l.mimiiiul 1 ''! Hn 1 Ctilti'.l Hind 1 * turn'.' in (hi 1 iv'";il Inilliiii liiitilo .it I.ppeli Uik, 1 , .Minn.. lm» ii'Tit n di-tut'.i'-l i-ppni t nf I In. 1 n 1 Hun I" .\itjutiiiil Ucri- i-iiil Ojililn. Tin 1 Inti-rnMliuf porllun of tin"- H'fiiirl i-' Itiul In n'giiril t" tin 1 bnl- ll(-. of wlili.'li (li.-ru'ful lluciiti ivrlti'.q; "At II nV!i.]i.'k n. m. Wfi rc.'H'In-i] HIIKUI point, twenty-five mllvs mint of U'ulki. 1 !. tv'd on (i riprii or laiul ur p Parsnip C«mple«lon. II tlocH not roqttlrn «n oxport lo dn- tont the unfferor from Uldney trouble. Th« hollow oheekn, tho Runknn oyen, the dark, puffy circles under the oyeii, the nailow ppriinlp-oolciredooni- plexlon lodioaten It. A physician would ftxk If you hail rliearantlnm, ndull pnln or eeho In tho back or over the hips, ntomach trouble, dngfre to often, or n burning or BcalUIng In pausing It; If after pn»flln« there in mi unHBtmllotl fooling us If it mUBt be 81 onnA ropoatnd, or If tbe urine haw a brick ilinu depimli or Htrong odor ixriiKAsi: (ii niK I»I:BT. iprssiDtlag 10 Flrit-altu UDOr-l »no«Comp»nl«i. FOR BALK. Hsrdy property corner 61& and Alby Bt*. Lot 130x120 feot with 2 , A 4-rooindwolUBgonEastoaalrool b«t. iutti Lot 130x120 f 4-rooindwolUBgonEa »DdJUlists. Ix)t«xl20foot. PiloeSTOCl. Tho reeldenuo of Ooo. KlmoU on 0«lla etr&eti 8 roorai and bath roomi In good rolelr. The 10-room rnalJonoe of B, II. NIohol» on Lanffdoo at. Uft 70x170 foot. A ftna lootUoo. A line 8-room dwelling (nearly n»w) wU&natb room; hsatod by turnaoe; lo ^Ilddletown. Tbe fine lot of David Doylo on BluB *tr«et with 4-rooin brlok dwelling. Tho J. M. Tonsor Uomeatfail oontalnln* »b«ut 42 unreal fine 10 room dwelling itrult of Mlldnd. Somo lino low on Blutt itrset wHu bttok pj»- ing ted seweri no grading, In T. I,. FouldaUd Aflno 8-room brlok dwelling, b«aud wltb steam. Lot jaOilZO feet ; flue trult; bait black "AdeBlralle'rosld'enoeon Proaiioolatrejlwltb 7 rooms. Heath wltli furnaoe. Ut no feet on Prospect atraet. irtyoo thonorlli Hide of Booond fruit. One of tho fineit.-, A V-rooro dwelling with about 1U «nrw of ground. FIDO fruit and ahade treea. S blocks from oar Una In Upper Alton. A Una lot on ita atreet. ... Sereral Boo lota on Bolla itreet liottraon JOtb M A Wo a'tory brlok itore and dwelling and a «rp awry brtok dwelling on aame lot corner of tad and Vine BIB- A good InYeettoonl. • i nne lota on 4th atreet near Ur. Oantanr '^tteflne'doublB dwelling of Mr. n. QariUng, Heated by atwuii with modorn imprpvemsnU. AVery doalrable 8-room brlok dwelling, «tl Bella atJeot, with all modern ImprOTemenft. The Ptaaa Foundry, eferythlng oumpleMi ln- odlOK 1'J lotai switch oooneotlon with C. * A. Alton Novelty Mfg- Co. property on M atreet, n t ! flw??oti'n"Highland Park, eaob W by about fdftt A BIX room dwelling on Bute itreet. Price A good 8-room dwelling ou Second atreet. fwo Bnelouon Alby atroet: Tha double brlokdw«Ulng,.cower Tblra and Alby 0treeta, one ot Ui« fweat lootttoni lo Allot A i'oo* 7-room dwelling t good lot and One A%ewTe'n room dwelling la Upper Alton/goo* 80x100 feot on BtatOD street, ' ".welling with ato lota la Middle- it to motor Fin* location. A „__. oe of Albert Wade onBeUf itreet, With 10 roomi and finished attic, batt and waab roomi. Qood oetlar- 1 0" *?« *»'<"• liable and carriage homo, tot M feet front. (For aaie or tent, other deilrable property not *A?rMmbrUk dwelling OB Wllltwn itreet, P A < » ? room dwelling wltU > good lot« on Ftftt i »et, eaat of Ridge atreet, Pi-Ice. II. WO, A good 8 room brlok dwolllug wltb 1 lateen U Agood?rbomdwelling wltb Dae rlrerTU.w, biated fay bet water. FOR RENT, The twu itory brlok dwelling wllh f) rootua.uu B»lloYlew avenue now oooupled by J. Moulton. A ••room dwelling on Brd elroot with hity roon wltu modern (mures, New store room and two 4-room tenaiueatl wltb baUi roomi 2nd atreet near Cherry Tbe L. J. Clawaon bomeatoad lu Upper Alton with 10 rooma, barn and gardouy now ououuled Dy Kt.hao a h*v\i>: Poiiowwa Kivon by July l. REAL BflTATE, INSURANCE, mid LOAN AUUNT SHOOM is. P. o. BUII.DINU. A doe building lot 6«»H« on between Qrov» and IJberty Franklin, (or iw, , A 1» aoe farm 8 mllea eoutu of Brlghtoo, ono-balf In cultivation, ouo-lulf gouil for *3, COO. A bargain. A new two story brlok modern dwelling ui-ui ttxoorner of Third and Ouorgo atrootu. txoorner of Third and uorgo atrootu. Ali-roonj «woil)n« liou»e with largo lot on UngdOD atreet nout", of Twelfth atreet. The one atory frame dwolllnjr No. 021 uaat NUith atreet, for aiMO. UitOOsUO. Uood sirtwt afi4 aldewalk . A double fraud dtroUlnir tiouao and auattier dwelllnu bouae. ull ououn lot lu good looatluu ID HuntSratowu. lloulu for W8 per month i A new fl-roooi roaldenov on Bute at root ou jfooA terjna. *W»lota«7«ixtWonO»k alreef botweeii the C Jf A. and Big four R, R- iruoku, miltubli* for wawhouM or manufacturing imrpoae*. Lot ?0jl8a ou easl elJo ot Alton ulreut, bvt. _____ r«ey oouuty, halt wile 4Uon by rail or river. i bualneta property, oorueriad gioaata., ou «aay torus. trtun»ii»ltu>o», new *nd *l , uliuatod on Fourth at., OIONEHAI, IIACON. nhnul nve ml!'. 1 " Into Iho laki'. ttvernglng nlmut two tnllus In wldlli utitl soverul nillri) norlb of Bw lulnniJ. At this point a liir.dlnB dlftloult by renunn of high HI.-IIH nnd nntural ob- etructlons, woa ul'lootuil and two Indiana Cor whom warrntits WIM'U Issuml. Wonr atT(j«lcd liy tin/ marglinls. ri^nrf-'liuil Ihi* Crtiiulry. "Aftff Hi'iirrhlng Ihe vlrlnlly of t|i« pulnl. I loft Lli'uten&nt Ross iinj twenty ini.'ti to KUanl tin- lai, ding mul liuan and .pivetcdoil' with Oii>iulri \Vllkliinon, tut; rumnlnder of the di-tnolinivrit nil 1 ! tht- alvlllanK n ml wcunrhod the cuti/itry back for three inlhf.s. OircuHiuniilly v/>»aw tit fi illHtnnci' n few Inieki, who •dlMtlipoiireil on our npiirniu-h. Tlii- 1 WI:HO*?II iiiui i.-lilldren Siveinuil nervous atiij gruiJually uuncuulfd IheniBelvos. At 11:3(1 111' 1 entire purty liuil reimsuuiljlfil ut Hie IntulliiH, nliuiit which Lleuteiinnl JtoHS had thrown nut (ik'UetH. I hud concluded to reinulu nt StiKar point oil night and hail clvi'n onli-ra lo ai.Tnl bnati line bout for rutlonn and tenlage, both boulH lu'lru;, ton heavily ladun wllh men to load ratloiiH on coining up. "Tho detachment hnd received orders to Btiurff urniH when' one of riur rifles wan uctldeiitully dlsoliurued. Instuntly lh.e llnttUMif) fired a volley Into the runks of the ili'iachrncnt from Ihe Burioiind- in^r woods tind iindorhi iii'h nnil i'lmrK<^l to the fibre of unine, Uueplnir up u rapid, ijontlnuotis lire. My detuulirriunt WBB CQjtipoat'/! Of flfty-olghl nhiiolutely ^•aw racrulta ant] nlnnleen old soldiers. .W/han th» attack wua iritide Hie men Were In line near n log lint. \V«Tivln«)p« Battled Them, "They were for n moment e,onl'used by thi; Jndlan volley and demoniac yell- iDfj. They broko rankB nnd iitlcrnptod to conceal themuolves hchlnU tho Jiut. But they recovered itlmotil insitantly, and UJiilur tlu- pcrsonul dlreiUlun 01' the thj'iie ufflcer.i present fanned a steady nklrruleh line, and In turn chnrgc'd and arove the Indiana back Ihrough the thick brush n« fur «H U WUB penetrable. "1 then funned my di-pluynl 'lin,.. uii two alil«B ul a t!<iuiire, each Hide slilMInu the ttnibtr wln.'in'e tin 1 utlm-k (!anii.> nnd llu- IOB hut, wherein wen: the wmindtil. The Indian.-! inn- tluutd tliulr liiollcs of i'1'uivlliiK up, can- cealtid Ijy the iindeitiriiali, nnd uttack- UIB until dni'k, the ntiueku gruwliu: Jf!83 und IUH.-J vltftmniK. They wore armed with Winehesier repent Ing rlllu*. and appeared well nupplled wllh mniiiu- MltlOd, Jnd(jln« friwu Uie prwllaul iirt,; Ui«y Jiiuile 01 II Din ii'K Ihe nlKlil they dlnuupcarc'il from the }ieiiln»nhi, HO I'nr Ha oouM lie UHi'i'i'tiilned, KiipiniMiidly de- purllnK In thi.'ll I'tinoi'S to iirliihliurliiK lunda ur iKlumhi 'I'liey semneil to liuvr liud quite tyiioiigli nt HrjIKHiK. nnil wein tiul heurd from, exeept an oivasloniil dlMtaill Mhol. one ol' wlileh killed u sol- dler illBHlMi polnloi'H In un iidjulnlni: field un the riioi'iilnit of Hie lilh. Iiiwlli uf MnJ.H Wllklnwii, "Caiiluin and Hrevel Miijor M. c. \VII klnmui, Third Ijif.-iniry, IVHS killed very gooti ul'ler ihe ivpnlm.. of tho nllnek. while MteadylnM nnd unllunlly li-iulliu; thi) portion ol' the lln» as.tlKneil In him 1 hud* ohHui Vt'd hl>] I'lioltU'HM und ruiinn'i. Up lo Hie iiiomeni nf his nilllnt!. nnd feel null' Unit hud he Miirvlved his nr- would have inerlteii Ihe ldg|iei)t rroiii llu' HIU il,.pnrt- no tlriui nhoulil he hut In rntnovlriK lh« CQUflo. Deliiy niAy lead to gravel, ralarrh nf tho bladder, InflAmuittlon, (tnunlng stoppage, nnd aometlmos rci|iilrlnn the drawing of Iho urlnn with tiiHi.rti- monM, nr may run Into hrlght'o dm- cnse, tho nionl dungRrntiH nln^o of bldnoy troublo. Or. Kllraer'K Hwnnip- Uout, I Im Ki'inil (ilscovnry of Ilio ennannl kidney and bladdor HpeciallHt, IN u positive rrm- ody (or mich dlaeaneH. IIH repnlallon In world-wide and It IH no tinny in got at any drug Btoro that no ono mind HUfTer any long'b of limn for want of It. Howovnr, If yon prefer lo Unit tent ltd wonderful merlin, mention tho and wrllo lo Dr. Kilinur Hlnghainpton, N. V., for it bottlo and book tolling nil about II, both mm I, nhflolntcly frnn by mall. & Co., sample THI: ollj\vlnt-' woie Bouril DftTinbi'r May Corn- Novornl'f! D«.'cernlivr May OlUH- Dw.'inbiM- Mu y T J ork- the -'le lodiiy Open, .» .(;«'.; t i/lileaKii. *\"ov, n. Mtiolatloiiu un I he «KSKM'l-:i» A I'ltACTICAI. .10KK. liir II lillirtn (iitli n . Nu the , ;:.- -Adam .1. s'. llo«'f>ll .:n 7.K*. u.OO *. — Extra ereumer- January K.!M| J,ard~ Dt'C'Cnihcr .. . -I.S.". Jliiuuily •I.Si'.i Pro'lni-'c: Uultcr k's. I'l^i'-c per ll>; cxtrH daliie.M, IXifr 1 19o; fr«Mh packing Block, ! I "SUSr. Kg««i —Fresh »toi k, ISu per do?.. Mve I'oul- try— Turkeyu. V'S'lOi: per 11); uhlnkunii, 6 ®7c; ducks. ()>i-®"c: geeae, »r,.00©u.OO per doz. Polutofs—I'Oui'ly OldoH, ::04fiS5c per bu. Sweet Potatoes—Jci'Hcys, J'.'.HOW 2.35 per hbl. Applfts—Common to fancy, $l.&(n8!2.2fi lift- lilil. Crciriliurrles—Wis- consin npll anil [Ingle. S*.50iB'fi.7S pfr bbl. ClilL-ugo, Nus'. 2. jlot;»—KdtiiimU'i] ico'lptH for the liny, 117,000; Hille» inngeil nt $i.. r iOii<:).r.O for pltjH, J3.^6<a!:i.il7Vj fur Unlit. SM.LTifi/a.SS I'oi- rcingli packing. J;!.::0'i(:i.7G for mixed, find $:i.-IO@.'i.7," fur hciivy packliiK nnd shipping iols. Cattlt) Kstliiititcil ri 1 - oclpta for tin.- iluy, H.lltm; Miioinliona ning«l at J.YiWOi'S.WI I'lmlri 1 In cxlni dtei-rs $4.Tu$fG,!'.U gooil lu cliolci- ilo.. $4.iil) (JKi-lO for fair In gnoil. Jt.lOtf'l."'!, I'oin- mon to Hioilliini <!".. ?4.0flfff4.-t5 InilrliL-rs' »tefcrs, »4.lKi((j.ri.iri feil western SKM-IH. }ii SUitj-4 1)0 moc'kiM-s. VI.OOHM.ili fuoil':!-. 1 *. $1.75^-4.00 tfiws, $'2.(!iWi'l.t!ti liclIV-rs. $2.ri» ©ij.ari ijuiiw, iixt'ii umi stuy.s, i'.'.siiiiij.iri Texas sloerrt, $a.CO'<i4.f>ri yiuss rt'eslfrn Btecrn, »2.7r>«f-4,10 WMJU-rii cows nnd tielfera. nnil H.00ft'!".25 vcul cnlvt>a She«p unii I.«ml««—Estimated rct-elplH for the Uuy. 1S.OOO; <iu«t«tlons riingoil in $3.45^4.65 westerns, W.80(64.70 nutlven. and ll-l.SOvS'C.SO lambs. Katt BilflUlo t.lvu Slii.-li. Efist Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. :;. Dunning & Stevens, Live Slock Commission Alej'i.'liuntfl, East Butlulo, N, Y., quote us follows; Cattle—Light supply market quiet and eusy; veuls, JH.OU 4i)7 f,U llogs-Hei-'blpts, 'M ours; light grades und piss Htroris: utliera steady, Yorkeis, P.6I>; pigs. $3.85(813.70; others. $3G5ry'H70; few fancy heavy. $3.76; roughs $3.15(ii 1 !i.S3. Sheep nnd Lambs— I'lecwlpls, If. curs; market stroiiRer for good lamlis; cuinmon to fair and corn- monnion- aheep lower; best top lambs, $a:«®nCi); I'thers, $4.2S@C.10: top sheep. S4'25©4.5«' others. $2.000400; wethers, $4 00194 70 si, Limit Urnln, St. Louis, Nov. B. Wlioal—Hlglier und I'm; No, a red cuah ol»vator and truck, fi9Wc; Novonri- ber, Tile nskc-d; December. «97ic asked; Mav lilTtlUi^Oi 1 ; No. 2 Imra. 6uVj<Q/Kl\i<-. Corn'-iaaHler; No. 2 cash, 31%c; De- c-arnter, 3tMi<8'31Wc: Max. 32%e. Oats- Hlgher; No. 2 cash. 2CV4f; track. 27® IKc.; Nov. 26Wc; December, L'6% 1 -; May, ECljc; No, 2 white, SOjjiSOWc. Kye— Firm'. S:'c. Mllwuiiluiu Oruln. MlhvunkiM 1 . Nov. 2. Whfiit — I.uwcl•; No. 1 norlliern. B!so; No. 2 northern. liUVtc- Outs--Firmer: UfrJifii^'Kr. v^ialsi- Kirimrr; !.' f^^'i?^^. nyo—llighi!! 1 ' No. I, f.'.".tc. narh-y— Dull; No. '.', 4Kr; sanipli'. 3Rift-4Hc. lletrnlt <lrtklu. Detroit. Nov. I 1 . Wheut -L'UHli whlli'. 7k bid; r«U, 71c bid; December, 7o',ic bid; May, 71c bid. Corn -Caah. 35%c. <")uln—Whltt, J«Hc.' Hyu- CSc. MMniiliirtin h ' f \ ' nihp:in\'. lor littlliliti ,|;.nii''. altii u^ jni-n iirf 1 wnnnili'il ;iinj in » lilllli't in Ills "linnidi-!. H:llnlii''r is -,: s'liitllt 1 . and h:is IM-CMI i-niplii> - i'il , Graft , \ Borden \ Condensed Milk >(HAS NO EQUAL, AS L AN INFANT TOOD. : "lNFANTHEALfH';SENT,. FREEfoN APPLICATION. 'HEWYtHM COKOtHStO MUM CO MY llt ill 1 nnil il a f;iui I'vciv mil 1 In tinn .liMvnnii 1 ili r;il ycat M. for iinu'lii-iil Julie inn- In 1 i;nt inlii i w.'usf'd l.iy \Vllluii nil 1 vi-ry .'in.m'y un Mini li.'Kiin Hhonil Bin. Filially the lati 1 . rini! i.hni iK ul tsltnu (JL'lH'.nil lliieon mi-lit I. HIM severiil ul his men who nre ileHei vine of i-Kjierlal rei-jiimilllnn for hnivery urul ronlni.-tiH In the heut ol' Ijntllu. Tliene lire 'I'enny KOHM Keuund lieutenant. Third Infantry, /lurln'rt .'. llurrltf, nsslulunt KUI'- aecui. U. S. A.: ThomiiH KiMly. In-xt sei- Beunt, oompuny K. Third Infantry, nnd Private i"j.-iour Hmkitid. |IOH|I||H| rot [i.s I.T. S. A. "1 Ix.-lli vr Ilial Hie irsuli or ih,. || H |a J)levcnled Uie Hour Islanders fmni lie- JJiir lurgely ri>lnfuri'eil liy Ju)'«i. nniii- l>ei-K of liclclilmilni; IndlaiiH and Huvi-d northern .Mlnnc.-ioia I'min u lout; and i osily Indhin win ." Mm. Minimal Onrtaln, IMiilnlliil-l, III., niakiig Iho statement that 8ho CHII«)H oolil, whloh Belt led ou hot 1 lutigH; nho wns trofttoil for u month by hor luinl- ly phyfllolun, but uravt worao. llu told liar «ha win) a lielpleau vlclim of ooiiBuniptlon and no modlolne eouUI cure hor. Hor drugitlat BiiKgeatod Dr. ICIng's Now Discovery for Oon- Himiptlon; Hlio bought n boll In and to hor delight tonml heraelr benefltod froiii v tho IlrntdoHO. Who continued UH mo and after taking Hlx botllua, found lioreolf aound uhd woll, now doon her own liouaowork and la as woll an »ho over WHH. Vroo (rial bolt lea of line Groat Discovery at K. Marsh's ilritf otoro, lur((o bottles 60u and $1. \Vul-ll fr rW Viil'k, ore farm with neooaiary bulldinga neat " uwblttoradlary. l and profllable bualaeii vrvii OOUUpUl by good and iibriok rtsildoooe, i a oonveuUDl -^'•^lufofcBom^ Chsrry.ia Prooeaa b poe- Idg •ulttblB fox»to»e« new brtoi iltt 1 , 1 !! llmir.4 i. llu.r. NrW Viirk, .Nov. ;'• -A Htrllu- oij Dm Ni-iv Voile Ci' ralli'uuil In linnilneni. IHJUUIBI' tli« fiiiployi'K' ilay'ti labor hu* \>i'ai\ liK'iiiuai'd I'roni iliiiii'i-i, to ilftc.-n houre. \vltlinnl riiinpi-iiMutliin. on llu 1 N*-iv Vui'K anil J'lii'Uan hi-Hnch of tin- Central. Tho iiii-n Hny Un' n-a- Hon u^xitiiad l'i>r ihe uddlllnn lo ihr ul- Iduly lolt^ luitiis of \\orlv is lo n.'diiif i.'.V|HilibtJi Sli|>rlJiiti'n(ltnl Mi-Coy linn ulinouin.'t'd tlnil Illn I'-nlillu-nlliK uf the working llini- Is lor only I MU wi-clu:. When tlie old'iK'lii'Uuli' wlll be itMltiird Nobbed (lie Orave. A utarUlug Inuldunt ut wliluU Mr. John Oliver, or I'lilllilelplila, wun thu BUtijci't, la iiarraloil by film an follow: "1 wuH In a moat UreKillul oondltton. Wy uklii wan altuoat yellow, eye* , tuuKUOcoutetl, pain oonllnu- l>Dok Jturi Men, DO appetite- grfttliwUly growing weaker day by day. Thret) ubyalolann had given me up. Fortj)UHl*lv, H friend advised trying "Bbtotrlo BlUorn," uud to uiy great joy «od «urprl»o, tbe Drat buttle made a dacldertlinprovomout. 1 continued ttielr IIM for Uiree weekajflud urn now » W*J1 Ditui. i kuow they saved my life, «wd robbed tbo arftve ot «uo(ber vtotiw." So oue itiould (nil to tr the». Unly 60^ per W»r»u'* drag itore. *? JHHtN* tU»-»4..a P f5 ,' * l>« \' ^ik< Stomach Discitse Poi'iniineiitly uuroil by Iho imiHterly powtir of Houth American Nervln*) l\)iilu. InvulUln nood muter no longer beoatiHO UI!H vroiit reinotly oun euro thorn all. U IB a oura tor tbo whol« world of Htomuch wouknnHH nod liull- geatlou. The our» bo«liirt wllh Ui« llr«t diiHu. Tho rollef R lirin«" IN innr- velutm und NiirprlHlng. It tnakow no (allure; novnr illuappolnta. No mutter how lonn you have Hnffertnl, your ultra IH certain under the nsti oflhlii frrtvat. Imaltb-ulvliiK fort'o. I'loaannt and alsvays Hufe. Sold by H. II. WJ-HH. Quit Uuughlng in niiHy onoiijjli, if you luko Dr. llull'n I'lnti-Tiir-llonoy. It cuts Ibn IIUICIIH and ullii.VH tliu Inllanunitllon uu Unit Ihoro Is nu Inolinutlun to conifli. It Hoothoa the bronnhlalH, uml lHNtr«n|{ili- tuilnx lo IIKI throHl uiul IIIIIKH. All It. Arthur TllibitiM wits si-li-i'l' him duun, A ;u i'ulilii.'i- i iili 1 wi In tin- llriitiMinnt's hniuls and ffttirinicr in I hi 1 i-islil sluiuld' 1 !'. The \viMin(li>d iii'i 1 : Wlllliun t'hutlU'ld. John Oci'isn. Wlllliiin (ili-si 1 , .1. K. l.y- ons. Curl .Miiniiiui'ill, .Mli-hnid .N'k.-man. B. ItoH'tll. c. \\'. Kchlui'hi-l/. Two olh- PI'K I'tfC'l.iVI'll si I'.l Irlli'S. UlimilK 1 !' llfs \voillldPil III tin 1 city liirkup. Iliikfi Ti> Hi* seni ti, an Asylum. l.oiidon, Nov. ;!.---Thc-rr is a i-nrn-nl rumor Ilial the Inn hi'ss of York hus been poi'sundi'il to v\ illnlrau' her oppo- (illion lo tlii. 1 plan for llu- iiH-urcoratlnn of her fullii-r. Ihf Dnki? of Tei k, in a prlvutc a.iylniii, mul lli.-it slops l<> tiilB <||id will shortly Ii" tnltnn. Tho rltil(i i 's I'UKi 1 IH said lu In 1 iiuili- llupiMfKS. nol- u-ilhstnnillni; Hit- I'm t I hut tin 1 In-sl tnt'dh-;il skill in Kiirnpi- lui^ lii.'i-ri i'i-- tulniid for him. Slim I l.v liffuiv tin- dralh of Ihe Dm In SH of Tcck In- lii'Kan lo :0in\\' siMns ot tin- ini'iital nialiidy \vllh which hi- is now sunvrhur. an<l his friends ronsldi i iluit il was Ihe KllOi'li of IUT ili-lllll which (jlivc so serl- fjiiH it nifti to his J!lm-Ks. Ihurli'il Ills .tliilli,.|.|ii-l.n»-. t'lni.'lniiiill. Nov. 'J.-- Kobcrt Smith, who Miiyi- hl.< r.-.sidi'i;i c simply JIH iln* VV*-ril Knd. fr'^Miro*; n IK.'<-nst % lo iriai't-y Mrs. Louisa Mutti. \vho. hi 1 annnuncui), \vas his iiioiiiL-r-in-la\v. rfhc UWH on Nuyada Mtrri-l. In tin.- Twenty-first wnrd. riohi-ii s.iill Ins uilV hud li.-i-n di;ud til,out Hi.-V'-n monOis, and aH sh*? was u K"O"d woman, and h<- has tlin;'- (.•hlldrdi. hi 1 br:lk-vi'd they oushl to httvr u (jooil stepinothi-r. uiii.l hlM inothi.'r-tn- la\v. he knfrw. \\oiild iiiakf a good one. Shi.- Is much uldiT I him Snillh, hut there Is iiiillu an alt'fi.tion ln;i.'.v.:cii them. The wedding duly tool; pliicu in tin 1 I-VIMUIIK. II tills Ihe Spot. Whon uuflorlng from u HCVI-I-II oolil and your throat and Inngii fo«i More, take n JOBO o'"~""' "ib'oloy'B Itoiioy and Tar, whon m : tlu> Horotiosfi will bo nt ouoc * ir o I 11> v o d, a warm, grateful [fee 11 n K an d healing of tbo partB affoctoil will be experiences) and you will Buy : "II foelH HO KOOll. ItllltH (.1)0 Spot." Ills guaranteed. Hold by K. MarBh and H. 11. \VyBH. It I HIM been fully ilomontsl ruled that Kly'H Orcuin llBlm IB a apncIUc for tia* eaf natarrh andoold In (lie hoad. Thla UlBllncUon ban heon nnblovod only an Iho roHiill, ol (lonlilnuotl HiioooBBfiil UBO. A morbid coniUlloji of iho mombrann lu I tin nnaal PHHHIIKOK oan bo cured by this purifying and licallnii trnatmonl. Soltl by dnifiplHtfi or II will bo mulled CorfiOoentB Fiy Mly Jirolhore, fl« W(tr- ren Hlroot, Now York. It apreadn (ivnr (ho moiiibraiii>. iu aliHorbrd and rollnf la immoillalo. Yon Can't Allord to Chance ll. A heavy cold may load to piiuumo- nia or (>oitHtimplioii. Koloy'a llonoy and Tnv liikon in llmo allordH [lorleol. HpourllA/ from lorious roHtillH. Hold by K. MurBli and H. II. WyHH. How to Prevent a Cold, Aftor expoiwro, or when you fool n cold c.omlrif; on, laku a dose of l-'oloy'« Ifoiiov and 'I'ar. If nover tallH. Hohl by K.'MarHb and H. II. \VyHn. KbeumatlRm Curea in u L)«y Alyfllic. (lure lor rhoumaUxm and \ !i, radically cures In from I toll iln notion u|M'i< Mm HyNtoni la roiuorkiiblo and inyNlorloiiB. It ro- movoH at onco Uio catiHO and dlHiuittu liniiHHlliU-oly dlflappoara. Tho flrnl doHO greatly hunelllH, 7fi otH. Hold by H W. (Hiamborlitlo. DrugK'"*''. Alton 111 When Yon Take Cold nothing I'liinoH In HO uoeful UN a liotlln of Dr. Hell'a I'inn-Tar-lloiipy. (lood lor cliililrwn, ((ooil for nviirylxidy. A remedy you can alwuyH rely upon lo euro a cough, an ulluck uf croup or othnr bronchial tronblo. '.!"><• at np- la-datc ilrui? Hlorvu. l'i'ili:ul.rH i I'lOhlliillnn. Otuiwn. out.. N'ov. ::. Olllclul flKinrx mi tlif 1 ri-i'i'iit \'dtc tiiki-n IJirouijluint C^iniida iin Uie itiK-stiim of prohthltloii ivi'l-.r ^ivcli mjl liy Ilic s(;if.- flcp.'ift fficnt y'^Htt-i'da \. Tin- tiiajorily in I'nvor of inohlbltlon Is i:i.\S'l. Only ^ por ci-r.l. of those mllllcil lo Mm- rasi ilii-lr lial- mlK. for prohlliiti<>n. Imtil Onlr.v ANmiriiiti.iii Uoi-U. Wnlfi'loo, In., Nov. :.!.•-The lownSial. 1 I lairs association U-gati its aiinu.'ii session yi'sli-lilMy. aliiiut .Mm ilcli.-^ali'M it ttMtidln/;. InciUdhii; many i'<.imiiiissioii niiTi nl Chlcaco unit New Vurk. ami reln-iwnlntiviv «it' railroads iilli.-il t'i the creanu-ry Interests. Nllliry Illllllord i'nniilly lltinn-. l..imtoii. Nov. ;1. — Or. Nanc\' tluiH'oi'il. the midwife of l.lrldsi;porl. I'onn.. «lm IH \\'anted Cor ni.iirdi. 1 ! in connection with Hie Yi'lhnv Mill pond Irnyeib. sails foi New York on Nov. l^ In custody or De- li'cllvc i.'ronan. ol' the I;rldt;epiirl po- Ili'O. _ \\ UH ill l-'illillieilll 'I'l-nnlile. New York, Nii\. S.—Ci-oi-g,- 13. r.ii-her, ;!0 years old, a traveling salesniHri employed by ^'al.^on tV- (.'o., wholesale MIJ • i:nr dealels of .Maysvllle. Ky.. killeii hlmf.'lf some ilnie diirlns; Uie night in a room in tile (Irniul 1'nioii hotel by inhalini; Hhnnlna tint; as. l.i"lM-i hml lieen in llnaiH'lal dltllcuUli-H. II, 1 |,-n hl' J iiorne va>'lliK he \ias tfoini; to Hei. 1 hl.i lirotliiMK In Phlludclphia to a»k for abMsllllKc hill went lo Hi, 1 hotel In- xlcad and hilled himself. THE NEWS l> BRIKK, Tlie hMoili hoitfc In <Mt) Iti.nd. T.on- lion, in which lohn \Ve«le\ I!\,-J rtiul died. Is (u lie fniniallj np( ti'-d eiirll ll'-XI month IIM a mu-'<-um fur \V> "I-'V i.'llm Arnold I", lluckeyfci and Hem y Hu'h, formerly pnrtncii, linve Hied " petltlor. In Iniiiltrnplry In New Vmli. ,\-^"-ts. JLMI.SHI; HalillltlPS, ?>!!', ID.'i. Alhei-i Itryaiii, a nephew ol \\'llllani Cull'.-!! liryaiu. llvln« In chliaK" It Ml id In licur Ih" mosl ri'marliahle lli:>' ncfji to Ms fiinion The ulV":: ol' C hhin and i! .1 uan on tlii- 11 aits Yi.rli. Hi I. :'T. Monday of thi",- oil oVnl h llv.v Sny.|i-r J on is of I Assets an Mr. .1. ll It. Kvans. Sllel n Sun n New • of if N, in ill lei e \Vnnie. caiiiai;e niLinufio or-hfoid. Ills., have aislmn | Ihihllllles unknown Hopkins shol and killed a nierchaiil of Thoinasvll cre lit the hllti'l'H iiM- ll'-'lus i 'ai peillcr. a private ol i 'mil i.v 10. Third MlirinlK re^lmi'iil. is dead hN hoine in Kl.irln, Ills., of i\'phlod ul fever. nni'lnii Ih sels or I lulled vv'el'i- dro\\ ii'-d. r widows and Ill'ty-flv theile««: pro|iel't\" to ieason I'lnii I <ler. .Mass.. elRlltV-lw liree \vonie hllilren $170,(mo. hlnule mill and lumber KiiiK ill t.apeer. Midi., liy fire Lows. .<•!.'•. ' <.'ommandiM- Snow, uh" is in Admiral Schley as commalula ol San .IUPII imval slallmi. lias from New Yoili on the Solace. All Sninls' c.illiedral. MihvaiiUc c,'iisr-' raled s\'ilh ililfic.siiif,' cere] In Ui>. preuenee of many l-'pls nilni Ies. .lames Koliiiison. liirmerly the champion haifhacli rider of the HOI Id, who ban been dangerouHly ill ul l.nke Del- iivau, ^lo,. IH I'oc.'overlni!. LUNG Trouble I.uiijf Iroublc'ri, nin.'li MM pleurisy or ai'iiln iiitliunniulion ul' tlui lungs, xhonld lie carefnlly tri-atcil lo avoid Hhrlous fonucquiMiiM's. Thes« nll'ec- lioim arc quiokly ovcreoine by tbo 11 i-oin pi. nun ol' Dr. Bu 11's I 'bueb Syrup, u wondorl\il rfnu'dy, whii'li always (fiv(»H rellei; ca.scx nDiiKbinji', nUays all inlliiinimilioi', ami by its healing Influence Hoonefl'cL'tBntbbi'ough cure. Dr.Bulls Cough Syrup Cures nil Lung and Throat Trouble. f*o*.*rs ;iic- smuU and ]»lfrt<taul to tnkr. Doctors rfc'ommend U, J'tKi- ^ »-tr, At all tlruKKist*. AL-MIDY | Tliese tiny Oapaulea ura supe (o Balsam of Copaiba, /*" CubebsorlnleclioiisandlMIDi'l CURE IN 48 HOUR3X.iy Hie game diseases witlioutj incn in the Jmh i if a eolith a liai-liine., rad.jn. , ias;iiii).; roiiKb thai inilali-s tin- IniiK^ mid leads In iliiv re-.iillv-. ll i:. ill .-iiii-h ritac.s lliiil DR. BELL'S a%« ««p Pme-Tar- Honey proves its wondeifiil ellicucv. J'hc- i.'iiuse of tbe trouble '\* «-rB<Ucated—-tbe irritation is allayed—tin: Innga are healed uutl slreiigthcucd and cold leave;'. Ibe system (is suow disappears before Hie smuahine of spring. l,r. tic-11'a J'lac-Tiir-Ifoney 19 «n In Inlllblb li-uiftjy lorull luununil btuuchtal iruiililod. allsbt or iievere. All dru^litiit tii-l) It til ^ie. boa uuil I1.UO n Liottlt.-, or It will DtHt-iil upuii rffctlpt ot price. 'ik, X. t. fidil,,iluil aiitant fa., lWi«»l., tj. W. W. I.OWRi. M. MAVPIlil.O ncnnvenence, \l all Jrlifjfiltt. A LOCAI- l.iineuBc, A Climatic Aftecuon. Nollilllg lint u Incul nirasdy ur (Jjungi- or iMIuiute will i-iro ll. (let» woll-kiKiirn CATARRH II l Given K«ll«f nt one. 1 . (inoiis mill cli-iiaso« tin. Nitaal-PaMiigea. Allays Inllammatliin. y" HftAlii uud IM'olattta the Motnbrnno. Ucutoroti lhi« H.UIUOH u( Ta»to nnd Suiiill. No Cooalno, No Merounr, No Injurious drii({. Kull »|y.o r,l)c: Trial Blue wt, atDrugKlata or by mall. K1.Y BRtrniBKa, OS Warrun at., NI.W Vork. Lo we & May field Real Bstate Agents. Room No. 19, I .aura lUilUllnif. ALIGN, ILL Ahutrnoti »ud rorlincatoii of litle to loin »nd nndsln tho City of Alton and Madluon county nrnltiliod At roaftobabla ratea. Haole italhntl&tl real nutate MADK IVIE A MAN HENRV J. KLUNK, bottle »l try ifi. What do the thlldrrit Drink I t iflvo (lu'iii dm ori'iiltoy. llavn you Irlinl I bo nt w loot) drink vulUul (IHAIN OV It IH dolloloim uuil Hour |H)I|HK and takes the Hluctt of rolfHii '1'ho moro drain O vuu nlvn (lie child- roil tbo moro beulth you iliutrlbiilu tbroUKb Died' ayHloniu Ornlit-u In inudu ot 1'iiro urrtluu, ami wbon jn-o- perlv prepared Ustea like Ilio uholci 1 SfrnueB ot cotfee but ooiU about HIIH- Imlf UH iiiiuili. All KfottariBOII U. l<J>' Ur. Morion 1.. MIIJ-H: "My fat fottning Kull'u I'lne-Tur-Uonoy uud uolilit mul «oolli»* I lit* itlr |iasmtnea. It baala lite broiioblal tubnu HIU! «lreuutheiin the woKb luugti. ii builds up tbu IUUIIOK »rul eiiBblen the blood to receive Hu proper eiipply ol Dr. 1C, Uetchon'i Aull-Uiinetlr t»o wortb lu you luoro than flloti if you liitvo A oblld wlto nolle- badiiiuK from Inoonllnence of water during tdtwp. Ouru* old and young alike. It arro«t» tbe trouble at owe. |1. Hold by ti. U. Wyw, DruggUt, M9 Second sticet, Alton, lil. liillaiiiination KheuniaiiKin Cured in .1 Uayti. Hill, of l,ob:iiiun, liul., wilo hml lull iiniiialory In every mimclo and Joint, „ WHH torribloiuidliorooily uud fuco were uwollon almoHt boyond recognition; hud been In bod for H|* weoka and had ol^ht, phyHldlniiH. but roooivod no livnoflt until H!IO tried the Myatio (Jure for rheumutlHin. It gave Immediate relief and who WUH able to walk about In throo iluyn. 1 am Hiiro It saved bet'He." Hold by II. Wu (iliauiberlalu, Druggliit, Alton. CASTORIA For lufiinU and Chtldreu. Tbi Kind You Have Always Bought AJAX TAIH-RTS J'O.smvw.V ( ALI, jVrrcu«« />i*»WJ*'»-'Kit^llurf ory. (iniMilwi'i'ViHl'JuplisHAiib+.ij, ato-, (t l>j Ahumt uiirt o;)inr HiMmHuii unrl i ' rentun, l^Mt. VltulUy lu olu or rouuK, u:i? fit u niiiu I'or MlQily, t,ii«lu(tHn or inuri inve -.. . 1'revbnl llmiuiltv mij (.» '• lulu tiroo. llitilr HUH uliuwa linuinillulD ' M idi ui.d ttffenTH i, OURB wllura nil ulboru .„. C UIMTO fMivlutf tUtt KellUllId AJuV. TublutU- n*d tbomiaiiili, mid will curt, you. We poiiura written guarantee to affuct u euro In 01 or mfund the uuinuy. 1'rlc* 00 ceiit* ^ar c«;okii2» (rail tnMurtttil.for, tiK. »t aJlj iiiirun ill. In Thti tttn i tu-li nan Porn «lo by E. Marnh aodS. II IH r*at>u m«b» melitlllc *ita)»*,m*t«l< 1U an* cloth «it*lt*t». »nt> IH» 0iaU •treat. «»l»phou»i m«t- t>rtt<r», l HOI* LJ. S. NIXON, A <L'Iitrbr*tfr a -nf :;*ti irmt 'ENNYROYAL Architect, and Superintendent I'liuuO mul Hpooltlotttloiiii for Work Awmrately PurnUbud. OI'FICK.OVUR AITON HAVINOH DANK JSJ^i^^\>N^\\>^^>^^^^ v ^-^'^" •' " . ^ CASTORIA Tho Klml Vot. lluvc Always liou K lil, uiid wlili-H h«* ,? ,,, for i,v,-r -'{<> .v<-«rs, HUH l«>.-»,> Iho Mtfimi m, of „,„! IHVS I.Cl'U IIIIUlo HIMlftl- I>lH 1HJI-. Allow no one t« il«v«'lv« you In tiil.i. All (.'ouul.-rl'Hls. nn<l HubstlUHos nro What is CASTORIA «, 1 H,«tiu«. ,,u.l Colic. un.l PlnliiU-m-v. and Th iiUHtlhit.- tor C'uslor OH, 1Mr«'K«»i-l«'. 1>' 1 «>1»» Syrups. H in ll,u,uless „,„! I'lenim..!. I luM- Opium, ]»lor|.hlne nor o<h.-i- Nnraotte Is Us tf ,mrantec. lt«l«st«,y- WormH . . It OIIPCH l>lnrpl.«a «ml Wind It rolU-vos Troubles, euros Constipation It assiinili.t«-« tlio Food, r«-irulatea the »»w«ls, fflvliiff licaltliy and natural sleep. I'aimcoii-Tho Mother's l-rmnil. GENUINE CASTORIA^ ALWAYS Bears tho Signature of* The Kind You Have Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years. BEST TRAINS •~~~ «y«Plw r 4wB8lm*iiA TO raska,Montana,PugBtSountl »art>». Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer An< tultt In Frcib «o« Sill Mem ID! Urd, <nl mi (•cliircr »f Siulife. 6C9 BAST SECOND • • ALTON 11.1 ALTON TIME CARD ROBT. M. STAMPER. RRAI. HSTATR. Loan and Insurance Agent JM Hill,I.H STItaEr. Money to Lota on Improved Property RBNTH OOI.LKCTKD. PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work Carefully an Promptly Done. Alio beat of Ten and Cli hand. 624 Has! Second si. in NOTelilei o 306 State t Edmund H. Blair Real Hutste and ln»urniicc Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Notary Publlr OFFIOi: %S Market at iioiury i U"»»C. OTerAUonRy-4 ml|t Veterinary Surgeon DR. I). M. MAHHR. jr«du»le Ontario Votornlary ColloKt Offli over Tim Model Horn •^OR .TIIIKD AND PIAHA HTH , »l,TnN II, Granitoid Paving Co. W. & H. BI-ISI-R, Prop's. 813 E««f Sixth Street - Alton, III All kludn or (iranllold Work: Hldewalki al0pa, Flooring, etc., dune and tho bnat quail b» mall will r«o«l». ororont attention WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer Ic Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster Prloei to meet oompalltlon. 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