Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 18, 1900 · Page 8
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1900
Page 8
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ALTON WEEKLY TELEGRAPH, THURSDAY. JAN. 1000, Occupies South Bank Tugela River at Potgeiter's Drift. REPORTS ALSO SKIXIXO A I'ONT, Tlie I'tiMPMton l« UnRftnli'il In I.iinilitii n« of (irput lin\Htrlani-K —linen An- Mrmijr- Iv Knlrein iH'il Fiinr nnil One-Hull'Milt 1 * In Hie North — HrlllnU I.IIM nl l.nilysmltli mi ,lun. II SHlfl To Hi- O»er SOU Killed ami tV<Min<l«l. London. .lnu. Ki.—The war oflh:e an- nounees Unit the Hritlsh casualties ut Lnrtysmltli. .Ian. ii, atnotiK Ui<> nuiU ftinl till-, wore I.T. killed and -'42 wounded. London. Jim. 13.—The war ollire has ret'eivcil the following dlsptitcli from General Bullcr. dated SprinRHi-lcl. Thursday, Jan. 11. ar 0:20 ovoninu: "1 occupied the south hank of the. TiiRela river at l'otj;ieter's Drift this tnornlti)? and seized I'out. The river St. Louis, .Ian. Ki,—The- hotly of Dr. .1. ('. Mulhall was t'otuid seated »n an npenillnn chiiir In his oftiee. A hullet hole in his left hrejist and a revolver lylni; near his right hniul Indlcnleil sui- elilc. Dr. Mulhall had recently returned from it sanitarium at Jacksonville.. UN., where he had been tinder treatment. Despondency over Ills condition is the only known cause for his act. Ho was -li> years old, and leaves a widow and three children. Dr.' Mulhall was one of the most famous physicians In the west, and hart an extensive practice which he was compelled to flOfindori owing to falling health. ' _ Illnmi'* T«ui|u>rniire Worker*. Des Moiiies, la., Jan. Ki.—The annual meeting of the Anti-Saloon leiiKiie of Jown opened here. In his annual address Superintendent H. II. Abrams of De.s MoineR reported that he had killed saloon petltloiw In the. following counties last year: Keoknk, Fayette. Cherokee. Tama, Appimoose, Mah.tska, Johnson, Koone, Wright, Sue, and Audobon. Mr. Abrams said the work against saloons- depended upon the Prohibition party or other or>?anl/.atioiis. He found fault also with some of the leaders of the W. C. T. U. No Right to Ughuess. The, woman who is lovely in face, form and temper will always have friends, but one who would be attractive must keep her health. If she is weak, sickly and all run down, she will be nervous and irritable. If she has constipation or kidney troubled her impure blood will cause pimples, blotches, skin eruptions and a wretched complexion. Electric Bitters is the best medicine in the world to regulate stomach, liver and kidneys and to purify the blood. It gives strong nerves, bright eyes, smooth, velvety skin, rich complexion. It will make a good looking, oh arming woman of a rundown .invalid. Only 50c at Marsh's prug store. A Kortnnnte SMulnke. "Tliwc Is a young man In Chicago." •ays a local physician, "who now has a good business and bright prospects \vlio received his start In life by Securing $4 that did not belong to htm. 1 hardly know under what to class the Incident of obtaining the money. I will let the story explain Ills actions. "This young •man arrived In Chicago one day without funds, but with plenty of verve nnd push. He wanted money to secure n meal and pay his room rent until he eould secure a position, Believing he eould ttud some man who would help him If he told his story In a straightforward manner, be entered a cigar establishment In Dearborn street. He was about to explain his condition and ask for assistance until he could get a position when the proprletor'look- ed up with a fierce scowl. He turned to his partner, and they held a consultation In a whisper for a few moments. 'Now, take this $4 and don't hotter me about that bill again. That's all you will get. and now you can get out of this place In a hurry.' exclaimed the storekeeper. "The young man whs pushed toward the door with the money In bis hand, and. try as he would, the storekeeper would not let him talk. Once In the street the bewildered fellow considered the matter In every detail and decided to keep the money.' This be did. and a month or *o later he again walked Into the cigar store and told his story and returned the money."—Chicago News. ARRIVAL OF A KAFFIR KU.VXEB t-'HOM I.ADT- SMITH. is ill Hood. The enemy i.-* strongly cutronehed about four and a half miles, (o i lie north." t'if<mi)tli..H lit JLnilyHiult.h. ' Apart from the dellnlle news that General Hullcr has (.•mnnieneed a second atlelnpt to cross the Tugela river, the oulv oliiehil news Is Hie list of cas- ualties'unions the British officers In the tight at l.adystniih Saturday, Jan. (i, showitiR 13 killed and 27 wounded nnd over SOO iion-coniuii.sioneil otHceiS and men. Among the former was Mentenaiit Colonel Williani Henry niek-C.uiiyngliani. V. C., commander of the Second lialtalinn of the Gordon Ulfildanders since 1«!)7, who has slnee succumbed to his wounds. He was immensely iioimlar.everywhere and his death will cause widespread sorrow. General Buller's movement, oln'lonsly, is of a thinking clianicter, hut whether it is Intended to push the advance home or whetln<r his openiUons are only it feint to cover an attack In force, on'the Boer position al Hhingwuiw innnniaiil. remains to he seen. OMiri'iit luiixirtniK'i'. Springfield, from wlience tleneral Buller's dispatch was went, is sixteen miles west of Krcro. The last news from Sprliitftleld was that it was held, hy the .folianneshiir^ corps tinder Gen era) Ben. Vlljen, and that the Boers luid big «u" s In position at Potglet- er's Drift, apparently six or eight miles iinrlli nf Sprlnjrllehl and across the big Tugi'lM. The possession of tin? drift and the pout Is regarded of gi'"at liii[)(irlanee. 11 Is reported here that General Buller submitted his plan of campaign lo Lord Roberts immediately nl'ter the latter landed and that General Hnherts sanctioned it. There is a heller In some (iiiarters that General Hector Macdniiald "'111 succeed Lord Metliuen In command of the British force :n Modder river. Oi'ivniimy "I (tiillil Hull. There was a nnii|iie and interesting eeremouy at the Guild hall, when "ii)il of the cily of London Imperial volunteers received their kits and the freedom of the city. The big crowds in the vicinity cheered the arrlvlnu volunteers, each of whom received a piirchmenl eenltleute of the freedom. Inclosed in a neat lilue case. The ceremonial itdmlriliitr the oilleers. in the afternoon, was more elaborate. It occurred In the presence of the lord mayor. Mr. A. .1 Newton, (lie council- lor*, and the I'luUe of Guiuhridue. This portion of the regiment, which sails at once, attended a special service In St raid's cathedral at nielit and afterwards were entertained at supper by the henchors of the inner temple. (OUHETT HAS (iOXK IXSANE. 8u*|"'"t III Hi' Clii'iiry A»»iiult t ii»> l<-.1 liu% line !>lniilnr. Vis.. .Ian. Ki. -Henry !•'. of Milwaukee, held here 'Kacine. WIs., JitTr CT Corbett, of MilwauUpe. ehiU'Ked with the nhootliig of llev. and Mrs. Ditvld U. Cheney, lias worn- In- Kiuie. He Is very violent and at times It re(|itires two strong men to hold him. Sheriff Heln c«l<l thai there was no dotiht In his mind hut that Corbett was liihiine. He had raved all night and it was with the greatest illlllcnliy that he was kepi from harming; him self. In the opinion ol' the sheriff (!orhett Is dying nnd will not lasi more than a few days longer If something is not done for his relief. Corhett's condition Wednesday night was critical and |ihyslclaiis were Miniinoned to the Jail to relieve him. The prisoner grew violent and the two guards, with dlllicult.v, held him. Krom the lime of his arrest Corbelt has shown ureat nervousness, lie IMS brooded over his troubles and his nervous system lias pollen In a icr/l hie condition. Imliiimt Hunk Itoliht'il. " Princeton, Ind.', .Ian. 111. -The Me- Glnnls bank in Gibson county wax entered and the safe blown open, the <t.\plo>ih(ii completely wrecking Ihe iMiltdluu. It is rumoi'eil that about 915,000 was lukeu but the bank olti- <'inln refuse to jjlve any Infoi'mallon. The UuiKlars escaped on.a hand-car. Threi' MliiiT* lUllcil. \Vubh City, Mo.. .Ian. i:t. ,lo>eph . Cox, ('Iiiirles Klone and .John Lloyd were hurled yesterday under Ill'ty ions of rarih In ih'- iiurbue mine In till* city, till bi'liijf Instantly killed. Taylor'" Oli.N.ct'ons Ovoi-i-nli>il. Fninkfori. Ky.. Jan. K!.--.The. con- tc.-1 coinmiiiec in the mutest for gov- t ernor met and by a majority vote ruled the objections Illeil by Governor Taylor to the Democratic members of the' committee sitting In the case. Koch member made a short statement denying the allegations In the governor's affidavit. All of the Democratic members present voted to overrule the objections and Representative Yarberry, the only Republican member present, voted to sustain the no. Deafness Cannot tc Cured by local applications, aa they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure deafness, and that ia by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous Jin- ina of the Enstachian Tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect bearing, and when it is entirely closed deafness ie the result, and unless the inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will give one hundred dollars for any case of deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for cirdn- lare, free.—F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O Sold by druggists, 75/(. Hall's Family Pills are the beat. Remedy For Nervous Exhaustion. Are you weakened and exhausted by overwork, worry or disease? The Mystic Life Kenewer will quickly renew your strength and vitality. It is the Greatest Nerve Builder known. It is a 'marvellous vltallzer and strengthened It quickly and certainly cares LIBS of Appe'tite. indigestion, Neavous Weakness, Palpitation of the Heart and failing health. It is indeed a wonderful Life Bnnewer and Life Strengthened Sold by 8. H. Wyes, H. N. Chamberlain, Druggists Alton. Dhamberlain'ri Cough Remedy has saved the lives of thousands of croupy children. It is also without an equal for colds and whooping cough. For Rale by E. Marsh, 8. H. Wyss and Paul's Pharmacy.* His Life was Saved. Mr. J. K. Lilly, a pi-oininent citizen of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a wonderful deliverance, from a frightful Jeath. In telling of it he says: il l was taken with Typhoid Fever that ran into Pneumonia. My lungs became hardened, t 'was so weak I couldn't even set up in bed. Nothing bellied me. I expected to soon die of consumption, when 1 heard of Dr. Kinff's New discovery. One bottle fjavi-- great relief. 1 continued to use it. and now am well and strong. I can't say too much in its praise." This marvelous mertieine is the surest, and quickest cure in the world for all Throat and Lung trouble. Regular sixes ">0c and *1. Trial bottles |ree at K. Marsh's. t Hits the Spot. Wuen suffering from a severe cold and your throat and lungs feel sore, ., , tpoley's Hbney the soreness relieved, a f ee 1 i n g -and The Cnlt of nirl. "Dirt Is a slant hnrd to fight In beautiful Ireland. The woman who had never heard of 'washlii a live wan' Is. 1 think, equaled by another who c»m* to me lately about her sore leg. " 'They tell me, doctor, darllnt, that washln might scotch the heat out of It! But I wouldn't adventure to do It without asklu your advice. Not for the worlds, I'm an onld woman now, doe- tor, dear, an a drop of water has never gone near my body-.' "I advised a goodly supply of aqueous fluid, preceded by a thorough application of alkali and potash In the form of soap, and the old woman hobbled off quite satisfied with my scientific words.. "In Sallyboggln for years a certain old woman levied a weekly tribute on charitably disposed folk. All at once 'a 'nevvy' from America turned up, called on her 'patrons' and after thanking them for their kindness carried off his mother's sister to end her days In comfort. But the widow Hooligan—pronounced 'Uooli'liun'—did not lay her bones across the water. She soon reappeared. 'I couldn't stop In It. mlsthresB. dear.' she explained to a lady. 'Me sister's son's a. good bhoy. but. between ourselves, they would ha* washed me to death.'"-Nineteenth Century. She Had Her Way. There Is nothing, like a determined spirit. As the old saying Is. "What must be done can be done." The trouble with most of us Is that our minds are only half made up.- A charming old lady called at a carpenter's shop the other day bearing In her hand a little basket. "Have you a comfortable chair In the shop?" she asked of the carpenter. "A comfortable chair?" he^repeated doubtfully. "Yes." she sweetly said. "I have come to stay until you have a man ready to go back to my .house with me and do the work you have been promising to do for three weeks. I have brought my luncheon and u book, and If you haven't a comfortable chair I'll have the carriage cushions brought In. I'm going to stay here'until 1 get that man." The carpenter hastened to sny that he could go at once Just MS well as not, and the old lady carried him away In triumph. Housework needn't be howework. Half the scrubbing, rubbing, sweeping and dusting isn't necessary. Take the work carpeted floors involve, for instance. It • dirty, disagreeable work— the cleaning and sweeping, the shaking and laying. 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Terms, U • (our mohtln, It. Bold by all newsdealer*. REALE STATE, INSURANCE and LOAN AGENT BOOM 16, LAURA BLDG. FOR SALE. /Business property with stock of merchandise, at West Alton. Oood dairy farm of 120 »ores, good bottom and up and. n«ar U' per Alton. 8-ruocn dwelling on southwest cor. 10th and Eastern sts. Mutt be sold to settle an estate. rlii ungraded, but fine building lots in Hunterstown. „,.... New five room duelling on Bluff street. Anew oriok dwelling near bt Marys ohuron. Lirve modern residence of U roouiS, central o Mtton at a sacrifice. Good level building loi on Spring st, for MOO. A. bargain In real estate. A double brlok •iwelllnit with four lots, In Mlddletown, $1,000. A 12-room dwelling bi'UHe with large lot on Langdon street south ot Twelfth street. A double frame dwelling house and another dwelling house, all on one lot In good location In Hunteretown. Rents for $88 per month. A new 8-room residence on 8 *te street on good teims.. Six lots 2471/3*166 on Oak street between the C & A. and Big Four R.R. tracks, suitable tor warehouse or manufacturing purposes. A 180-tcre farm in Jersey county, half mile from sbllipln fc station by rail or' Ivor, A ia'pe double frame residence, new and n o<Vrn tmprovenv nts, situated o i Fourth si., near Henry. . . . UO-acre firm with necessary buildings near No-th Alton, B' Uablnfor a dairy. \ line U room brlok residence, In a convenient arirf i! nt allocation, onoaty teams One nl finest building lots In Hunterstown tor '(Hliienoe purposes, cor, 4th and Cherry «ts, Pilo« reasonable. Title perfect. 1 IIP 2-story brick, slate roof residence, State ii. Cheap and easy terms. A 2 story brick building, suitable tor store or s< loon and boarding bouse nnar the new brtok Mid*. North Alton or Coal Branch, opposite Chan. Henderson's store. A Una farm of 100 acres near Plasa, Maooupln -- -'--. jit. oiiPy. . 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Thousands are afflicted with Bright's disease who are in total ignorance of the feet, so little is it understood. Indigestion or any stomach derangement, inactive liver, etc., burden the kidneys (the great "strainers" of the blood) with a double load. Biliousness follows and the blood becomes poisoned with urea and uric acid, whichsAou/dbe excreted by the kidneys. Foley's Kidney Cure\Makes the Kidneys RIGHT Rheumatic pains in the nerves and joints follow and^ when this condition becomes settled the kidneys themselves become irritated and pains over the small of the back indicate the sure approach of Bright'* disease. Physicians will tell you these are facts. Foley's Kidney Cure is Used by Physicians. Any number of causes tend to bring about these conditions, and the symptoms are many and different. 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