Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 18, 1900 · Page 7
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1900
Page 7
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ALTON WEEKLY TELEGRAPH. OFICE: TELEGRAPH BUILDING, COB. THIRD AN* PHSA STB. AGENTS FOR THE TELEGRAPH . * The following gentlemen are agento for the TEUSGKAMI and are author- Bad to receive and receipt for sub oriptiotiH or advertlnlng: Edwarilsvllln, I.. C. KKOWN Rothalto ..... OfO. A. KLEIN North Allon, ..... U. K. BAHIB. Miss .Amelia and William Appe). of Miisliiiuiii. Kau., are visiting their mi- t .lo, Mr. A. H'. .lacoby. ' George Hasse and Miss ftmma < '. Dni'cker was married last evening ufi o'clock iu St. Marys church. Mr. ami M |S - A ' c - Williams will leave on Saturday for a three weeks trip t" Washington, D. C., New York oilier eastern points. \V. K. Gradolph has been notified of liis appointment as post master at Clifton Terrace. The appointment was made on recommendation of Senator .). .1. Brenholt. The Illinois Glass Company is shipping glass bottles to the Philippines, Cuba and Porto Rico. Alton's big industry follows the (lag in its business operations wherever it may go- The Citix.ens National Bank directors have re-elected all the old .officers of the bank for the year. H. Schlalia, president: L. Pfeiffenberger, vice- president and Charles L. Stelx.el, cashier. Drey & Kahn have taken an appeal in their suit' in the City Court against Korada H. Parker. The appeal bond has been filed and the transcript to the Appellate Court was made up today by Clerk Brandeweide. Peter Reyland has purchased Oscar Keller's interest in the grocery store at Ninth and Henry streets and the store will be conducted under the name of Heylund Brothers. Mr. Keller will remain in charge. The Alton Holler Milling Company held its annual election of officers today. The Board of Directors elected A. K. Hoot president, J. M. Kyrie treasurer, W. B. Piemj s. retary, and .]. \V. Kerr manager. Dr. Peter Beekman has changed his plans, in that he will not take a course at Johns-Hopkins University, Baltimore. He will return to Alton shortly, and probably open an office for the practice of his profession. The Chinese laundrymen's war of prices, started when bong Kin shied . 04-Mi Ulrtli'rtay. Sunday, January 1,4, wan the 04th birthday of thtvTKuociKAi'H. During its many .VCIU-K of life it never had u stronger hold upon the good will of the people limn it has today. Its owners extend thanks not only for the patronage tlie ^iiper is receiving, hut for (he ninny cuijiinemliitioiis mid eneoTiiimw thiil have been .showered »I>OI1 il, The TKM-X.'KAI'H is sill- eercly doHlroiis foe tho welfare of the I'lty and county in which it is published, (Hid will in future work, us in the past, for tlii- hcHt good of all. Louisa Mo/er, of Alton, has instituted proceeding for divorce from her husband, diaries Mo/er. The couple were married October (>, 18!W. Ora- trix prays an injunction restraining her husband from disposing of hank certificates amounting to 11,000 and their household goods. The papers were served by Deputy Sheriff John Maxwell last evening. The local employes .of the American WEEKLY TELEGBAPH. THURSDAY JAN. 18, 1900. .FIJIMJK KIiimilHtKHANKCY Express Company have received a be- Ifited Christmas present. Each em- ploye of the express company received a $5 bill Christmas with the exception of the Alton oflice, which was overlooked. The money has arrived and fie boys are spending it. The American gave $70,000 to its low-salaried employes. The village of East Alton has ordered twenty-four incandescent gasoline lamps from the Benbow-Ruebel Manufacturing Company, to be placed on the village streets. The lamps were delivered today and tonight the streets will be well illuminated. The village has had six lamps on trial and they proved successful in lighting up the dark corners. . Dimmock Burgess received his appointment as a railway mail clerk in the United' States mail service this morning. He took the civil service examination last April for the appointment and received notice in September that examination with a very high mark. He was ordeVed to report at headquarters in St. Louis today to be assigned to duty temporarily as a substitute to be broken in. Dr. Taphorn was called to West Alton Thursday to set a broken leg of his castor in the ring last spring, has been called ;off by mutual agreement. The old scale of prices has been restored on shirts, collars, cuffs, etc. Louis Honsliehn was bound over to the City Court Grand Jury in the sum of *10()U by Justice Nathan today. He was charged with a 'bestial offense which he strenuously denies. Honsliehn is a butcher employed by Julius Haas. Mr. C. M. y-ager has let the contract for grading his property on North street and will lay it out in lots preparatory to putting it on the market in the spring as an addition to the city. The place will be known 'as Tipton Height. " Julius Roderfelt. Roderfelt was chopping flown a tree on an island in the Missouri, two miles from West Alton, and the tree, in falling, twisted around and a fragment struck his leg, breaking the bone above the ankle. Roderfelt is 37 years of age and has a wife and five children. He was carried home by his companion. .Spends it Kcw Mourn in Alton, in the /nfc'i-cMl, of life CaiKlfdiiry for (•ovci-iior. t ' I Judge Klbridgo Humry, of ('Indigo, ^ candidate for the Hopublieiin nominu- j tion for Governor, arrived on the 11:1.") ! a.m. A Ron In. in Tuesday from Chicago i accompanied by Messrs. Louis .1. He- I liun and Hugh Kiclmrdson. yulte a large.! number of Uepiiblieans called, on the Judge during U K . early morning, and about, jo o'clock he went j out with a party of friend* to make a few (-alls. Judge. Haneey is a line looking gentleman, about -4r> to 50 years of age. He is Judge of one division of the Circuit Court of Cook county. He is tho ch»j«e of the Itepubliean leaders of that county for Governor, and it is said that he will have the solid backing of the Cook county delegation at the State Convention. Should he get this endorsement it will only require 2.iO more votes to give him the nomination, which will not be lacking provided he gets the Cook county contingent solid. Judge Haneey is a new man -n politics, that is, this is the first time he has aspired to any office outside of the Judicial department. He has twice been elected Judge of the Circuit Court, and is said to be very popular. Judge Haneey is just from a tour among the northern tier of counties, and found a very strong sentiment prevailing in his behalf. In the heavy Republican counties surrounding Cook is likely to be found the Judges greatest strength outside of Chicago. These counties alone, added to Cook will make him the victor, in the convention. The Judge makes friends rapidly, and an excellent campaigner. Of his own prospects he speaks in the most confident terms. Judge Haneey and friends left on the 11:30 a. m. train for Edwardsville, where he spent the afternoon. Death of Edward Grady. Ed. Grady died Wednesday at his home, 521 East Ninth street, after a long illness, aged 82 years. Mr. Grady was one of the oldest citizens of Alton, having come here in 1847, and resided here continuously. WILL BNKOW'K ITS IMUHTS. Mnyor Young Suys I IIP City \\iil fon- liniie toConlcsl With the .standard Oil Company. Miiyor Young was in Ms office today, after fin absence of several days, and resumed hjs intention lo <,|)Mal business, ile'said today with reference to the non-suiting of the <m,se against the'driver of Standard OH Company's wagon that the city will vigorously prosecute any further violations of the ordinance. Regarding the rase, he suid, the question of (he legality of the amiexfUum does not enter because there is no contention of the city to the contrary in this particular case. The city has passed an ordinance for the inspection by the City Inspector of all oil sold in the city, of Alton, and the city authorities will enforce the ordinance. If the Standard Oil ('ompany desires to test the validity of the annexation to the city of the territory wherein, the oil tanks stand quo warrunto proceedings should be started by it. The Mayor stated that he was fully advised as to the city's rights in the matter and that he is determined to enforce the recognition of the city's,oil inspector. <TT SALE KOK CASH. Special Sacrifice Sale be garments must O.JP en-ire s'nr-ir O f Ladles', Mlnei' aid On''dren'e sold, TUB following gos prices way below cost. Ladies' and Children'* Ja:kers. Ladies' Pjush Bouc'e Cloth Capes. Lilies' Tailored Suits and Fur Collareites. • Dress Skirts go at 15 per cent discount. Wrappers and Petticoats at ro per cent discount. Terms Strictly Casli. H. F. LEHNE, 113 W" t 3PJ St. CKXSCS KXr.MKKATOKS. District Hoiindiirics Fixed and Fifty IVrnons Hcronmieiiilril for Kimmeralois. At Ifoiildiii"-Soil* Jewelry Store. Lieut. G. Soulard Turner, U. S. A., 's ft visitor at Western Military Academy. The lieutenant is a graduate of W, M. A. Lieut. Turner is in the United States on- furlough leave from Cuba, where his regiment, the Tenth Infantry, is stationed. Hie c. & A. has completed strengthening the bridge over Wood river on the Alton branch and is now strengthening the bridge over Shields branch «ear the glass works. When these improvements are completed it is said the Alton will begin running its heavy fast trains via of Alton. Frances Catherine, "the sixteen- months-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. *red Mook died Tuesday morning at 'amity home, 020 East Eighth street *„*.* tt short illn e»H. The funeral will 10 r "»rsday afternoon at 3 o'clock > the family home. The little girl one of twins that came to the hoinojjjxteen months ago. ll '»reported thoT~the cinder path hy the Alton Cycling Club from Alton to Godfrey is being used tts a wagon road by some (country P°"l'". The. farmers along tho path , lmvi ' ft) und it a convenient as a T 1 |ml1 ' '»•« up in arms against its >Mniction and in Homo places fence ,° sls llltV( ' '>««» sunk In it to prevent The local branch of the Do/ier Bakery) was opened in Alton, today, and a wagon was put on the streets. ' Mr. H. R. Hudgens, of Kellenberger & Co., is in charge of the agency. The establishing of an agency by the Dozier bakery,of the biscuit trust, is the beginning of a war between the trust and a few non-trust bakeries. Kvery effort will be, made to obtain the business of Alton and surrounding towns. The staff of the local Metropolitan Agency, W. J. Redman, Oscar Cunningham, O. D. Gilson and C. W. Kremer, will leave for a trip to New -York city, Thursday, and a| week's stay in the metropolis at, the expense of the company. The company offered the trip as a prize to the staff making the largest percentage of increase in the intermediate class for the United States, and the Alton office took the prize. The staff will have all its expenses paid. Lieut. H. H. Hewitt says that there is a strong probability that the Alton division of Naval Militia will not live another year. The members *of the division have lost all interest in the organization and will not voluntarily attend drills. He is seriously considering sending his resignation to the Adjutant General, and unless some one can he induced to take up the responsibility, the company will disband. The disbandment of the company would be the direct result of the unfair treatment the boys received at the hands of the Adjutant General's Department last summer, when they were compelled to pay to that department a large share of the money duo lht ' "«• of it by wagons. ' AdmiiUstrator~Tl7cia.v Lynch ,, lo Alton today to take charge of ''•'Mates of Abo Mielstein, John Me;»•' '.v «,,d Lucy Meuurd. Wlulsteln J" Billed IQ the Burlington Park ac,'...,' M «<-'i»'tby died leaving money ">• CthmiH National to the orodit «.•< . , UK |J01 ' son and L ucy Men- North Alton leavl ug valu- in Upp^r Alton. •A'tt- u " il5r Millin ig Co. tfuur- und Heatthfulneaa of Belle," best winter F the Earth," best them for camp service. Bowling. Monday night, Jan. 22d, the Dew- oys and Mystics meet on Luor Alleys in Upper Alton for the first live ,of a series of 10 games between tho two clubs. The Mystics are a new'club and this is their first match game, but the boys arc quite onthuHiawtie and may give the club after which our great Admiral was named a good argument. I'iitsa's (iood Showing. The semi-annual statement of tho condition of the Piusa Building and Loan Association has been issued and is tho cause of great satisfaction of its stockholders. The report shows that within six month.', $(1,000 in stock has been cancelled; that #3/i,000 in slock with $10,000 earned profits juts been paid off. There are in force 13,110 shares and loans to the amount of He was born in County Limerick, Ireland, and came to America when a young man. He was married in Alton to Mary Meehan, who died seven years ago. Since the death of his wife, his daughter, Miss Ellen Grady, who lived with him, has soothed his declining years with her dutiful care. Mr. Grady was a hard working man all his life and was active uj: to the last few .years. Last August, while on his way home from down town, he fell at Third and Market streets with what seemed a paralytic stroke. From that time he was confined to his home and has been an invalid. He leaves four children—Mrs. Thomas Busey and J. Grady, of St. Louis; Edward Grady, of Chicago, and Miss Ellen Grady, of Alton. All the children are here to attend the funeral, which will be Thursday morning at i) o'clock. Ser vices will be in the Cathedral. Fell from a jiitrliugtoii Train. A. F. Ullrich, who lives at Second iwid. Alby streets, -and works at the carpet-weaving, factory, was evidently born lucky. He fell from the Burlington train on the draw of the bridge at (i o'cloc'c Monday night, while the train was moving rapidly, and escaped unhurt. When the attention of the conductor was called to the mishap of the old man the train was backed up to the draw and there the lucky man was met walking to meet the train. . As the train stopped before reaching the draw, Ullrich went out on the back platform and sat down on the steps, after being warned by the brakeraan to remain inside. He had hardly seated himself when the train gave a lurch from its speed being quickened and he was'thrown off. Robert Curdie, Jr., saw Ullrich fall and told the conductor. It was supposed tho old man had fallen into the river and the train crew was surprised to find him not badly hurt by the fall. Ullrich lost his hat and his cane in tho river. K. H. Gouldiug's Sons are advertising in this issue a cut sale in prices for cash of everything in the store, with the purpose of reducing stock. One of the firm will, about April 1, re- tirr from business while the other will purchase the stock and continue the business. It is with this purpose in view that the cut sale is begun. Their stock is too large and inducements to turn it into cash will be offered such as are rarely given the people of Alton. Everything they have has been marked down, and bargains in all kinds of. goods, watches, clocks, diamonds, jewelry, silverware, stationery, etc., etc.. is the order from this date. Call and see the Gouldings, look over their stock, get prices and see if they do not discount St. Louis prices on same quality. Hon. H. J. Ham I in, Candidate for the Republican nomination for Attorney General, spent Tuesday in town calling on all Republicans whom he could meet. Mr. Hamlin's candidacy runs counter to that of Lieut. Gov. Northcot't, who is a candidate for re-nomination for the office he fills. They are both from the same district, and it is realized by all that but one of them stands any- chance of securing the nomination. Mr. Hamlin and his friends are seeking to control the district as against the Lieut. Governor knowing that if the latter, whose nomination comes second, should secure the prize, there would tie little or no chance for Mr. Hamlin. They are therefore working like beavers. However Mr. Northcot't is not slow, and is canvassing for instructions for himself. Mr. Hamlin has many friends who are pressing his claims for him in a spirited manner. City Court in Session. City Court held its last session but one for the term Tuesday and adjournment was taken to January 27, when the business of the term will bo closed up and tinal adjournment will be taken for the term. Judge Hope said there remains but a few cases to be disposed of at this term. Among these are the most important ones of the term, the Maley will case and the Fifth street and Ridge street paving injunction cases, both of which are under'advise- ment. Judge Hope has the first one and Judge Cook has the injunction case. Decisions will be given in these cases January 27. Kail way Notes. The Illinois Terminal brought over from Kdwardsville today 33 car-loads of freight. It maco the old freighter smoke and puff to get the cars over some of the steep grades, but it got there, just the same. R is said that Jack Norton, who will run the new Terminal engine, slept on it last night. At least the train men jjo said this morning. The new engine will be ready for service by Saturday. One new switch engine and two new road engines, of lighter build, have boon ordered for the Terminal. Made Connection. Tim Illinois Terminal Railway made connection,Thursdy afternoon with the Jacksonville and Southeastern at Kd- wardsvilld. Tim connection with the (.'lover Loaf has nut yot been iniulo owing to the non-arrival of material needed. _ Try a Turkish or Vapor bath at Frank Bauer's barber shop, 30'j Belle st. I'plicr Alton's The Village Council of Upper Alton has at last tackled the ordinance for paving Garden, Manning and College avenues, a distance of almost one mile. At the culled meeting of the council Monday eve the ordinance was introduced and read the first time. A council meeting has . been called, for Friday evening to puss the ordinance. The matter of paving will then be up to the County Court, and it is probable the preliminaries to letting tho contract will be put through with dispatch. Flenrde Lys Loilgo Installation. Fleur de Lys . Lodge Knights of Pythias had their annual installation of officers last evening. W. J. Bouls acted as installing officer: K. V. Crust-man us G. M. of A.; C. Haydcn as Grand Prelate. The officers installed are Win. Dunlap, C. c.; F. N, Ifub- rctl, V. C.; M. T. Whitenack, Prelate: Win. Runiiiierfield, M. W.rChas. Mook, K. of K. A- S.; Kd. Bowman, M. of F.; Charles Bowman, M. of )•;.: 11. L. lliirford, M. at A.; Kd. Smith, .1. G.: Chris Klder, O. ti. llewcy Night on Die Alleys. The Uoweys made the following scores on the Luer alloys: The Republican County Executive committee met in Kdwardsville yesterday. They fixed they enumerating districts and recommended persons to Supervisor Truitt for appointment as district enumerators. The following persons. were recommended for the following disticts: Alton City, First ward—Frank Fisher, J. N. Ashlock. Second and Third wards—Benj. Allen, John Curdie, Wm. Turk. Fourth\ward-Edward Yager. Fifth—Emil Koch, K. V. Crossman. Sixth Ward—Moses Hall, Val Lehman. , Seventh ward—Henry Faulstich, Landolin Walters, Wm. Reinhart. Rev. H. M. Chittenden for special enumerator in factories, etc. North Alton—Ed. Deterding. WoodriverTownship—George Johnson for the village of Upper Alton and Geo, A. Klein for the balance of the township. Helvetia—Wm. Monet, A. J. Ammann. Saline—H. J. Bellim. Leef—Joseph Wiegend. New Douglas—Robt. Alsop, Jr. St. Jacob—Henry Kaune. Marine—Chus. W. Pahlman. Alhambra—W. C. Keown. Olive—Jas. McKittrick. ' Jarvis—Louis L. Eckert. Pin Oak-H. W. Wallbrinck. HaineJ—Chisley Daniel. Tmphghert—B. D. Spicer. Collinsville—John .Morris, Geo. W. 1 Blake, Hugh McCugh, J. Gester- necker. Edwardsville-Jos. Edmonds, W. H. Schaefer, Sam McKittrick, Ed. Stehman. Fort Russell—W. L. Oliver. Moro—Ernest A. Smijth. Nameoki—Leo Gueselman, O. D. Oberland, R. L. Sehooley. Chouteau—Lem Southard, Jr. Foster—A. L. Foster. Venice—Wellington Wiicox, A. B. Harvey, Geo. A. Caudey, Jas. Mills. Godfrey—Wm. Hall. Tolrin-Ctirnenter. The marriage of James To bin to Miss Nellie Carpenter, Daughter of Mrs. Anna Carpenter, took wlace yes- terdy morning in the Cathedral at (i:30 o'clock. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Fr. Spalding. The wedding was a quiet one and only a few relatives and intimate friends were present. After the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride's mother, ti22 Belle street, and later the bridal couple were driven to Union station to leave on a wedding trip. The$ will go to Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo., and will be gone three weeks. They will make their home with the bride's mother. The bride is a handsome young woman of many good qualities, and has many friends in Alton. The bridegroom is a steady workman in the Stanard mills where he is highly esteemed by his employers and his fel low workmen. COUGHS Knowlel Wh'te Pine Bilsam for coughs, colds and hoarseness. Haeree's B.vrun r-t Toiii, Tar and Wljd Cherry especially recommcr del rorlcouKha ind colds for children. Violet Cream Lotion for Chapped Hands and Face. MAUL BROS, Particular Druggists Cor. Henry and Second «ta. LIEUT. (iOV. XORTHCOTT. Lieut. Gov. W. A. Xorthcott, of Greenville, Bond county, is at the Madison today where he wishes to see all his friends. The Lieutenant Governor is making a campaign for the indorsement of th'e counties in his congressional district as a candidate for renomination to the office he now holds. Mr. Northcott is a genial pleasant gentleman who has hosts of friends in Alton, who have for years been with'him. He has filled the office of Lieutenant Governor with ability, and reflecting credit to himself and the State so fortunate to have his services. The Lieutenant-Governor, accompanied by Editor Lowis of the Greenville Advocate, States Attorney Fitx, of Greenville, and Col. Bennett, of Litchlield,spent yesterday in Edwardsville at the St. James Hotel. Hemade a short address before the Republican Executive committee. He spoke last evening in the court house in-the interest of his candidacy for re-nomination. LAST~IM3f REMOVED. Water of the Chipasro River Turned Into the Drainage Canal. Chicago, 111., Jan. 15.—Connection between the main channel of the big drainage canal and the Chicago river was completed today by the dredging out of the dam at Western avenue, and the water of the river was turned into the main canal for the first time. No formal ceremonies marked .the completion of the work. It is expected that the gates at Lockport will be finally raised Saturday, as the work in the canal below that point and the formal inspection and approval will have been completed by that time, and the waters of Lake Michigan will then flow unimpeded toward the Mississippi. It is probable that from now until Saturday the current in the Chicago river will tend toward the lake again, and that until the locks are raised, the drinking water of Chicago will be contaminated by sewage. Werni'i 1 . Nlculct . I'Vdurlo,. JlolirU Jlurnur Ui'liti'lu. ^ fi Tin 11 1 .!« 'ft «2 Ml !M ,'M IK) 'M W " mi Hi:, Noluil Oil MllkT KutilNtli- l.uur M I IS a mi -i;l III! it-| Jim M 1 1|| in 1 111 Funeral of John H. Kodmc. The funeral of John H. Koehnc took place at 2 o'clock p. rn., Tuesday from the family home on Alby street. Services at the home were conducted by Rev. Theodore Oberhellman of the KvungelicaL church. There was a large attendance of neighbors, old friends and business associates of Mr. Koehne at the funeral services. At the cemetery the services were according Hi the Masonic ritual. Krwin lodge of which he was an old member had charge of the services. The pall* bearers were .1. H. Hnible, Anton Kroner, ,1. Sutler, L, Stoehr, A, Inveen and J. G. Schocffier of Krwin lodge. To Suppress Uurglarlet. Chief of I'olice Volbrucht issued a sweeping order to the night police last evening, to be extremely vigilant in their el)'i»rt,s to suppress biirghti-v. Kvci-y person caught on the streets after midnight lie made to give an account of himself unless personally known liv the officers or he seems to have business out at that-lime. All midnight loafers will be arrested ami lucked up in jail for tin-night, according to the order. Lindlcy A; Dickinson, Demists, Ni.s- bjtt building, opposite City Building. Death of Charles Tennne. Charles Temme died at St. Joseph's hospital Monday night at 10 o'clock the effect of injuries he sustained by a fall on ice at Sims, ind., one month ago. He hud gone to Sims to work at his trade of glassblowing and left his family in Alton. When he fell he struck the base of his spine on a corner of a plank walk and became paralyzed. He was brought to Alton in a helpless condition and was taken to the hospital for treatment. He was unconscious the last few days. ' Temme leaves a wife and three children at 1120 East Second street and was 43 years of aye. The fuieral took place Thursday morning at 9 o'clock and services will be in St. Patrick's church. Oi-ath ot llris. AiiiR 1 Walters. Word has been received here by Mr. John Kuhn of the death of Mrs. Anne Walters, in New Vork City, aged 80 years. Mrs. Wallers was a resident of Alton unfil a few years ago, when she went to New York to live with her son, Charles H. Walters. !>he has been in America "ill years and lived in Alton t . •••i-:r."i > part of that time. The fuiiern. w is .11 New York Sunday Kiigineer V, in. Ycuger was up before Mr. Kelly yester.lay afternoon taking the air brake c.v.ujination. Mr, Yca- ger hud been up several months ago to lake the time curd and machinery examination iiinl having passed the air, is now a full Ik'dgcd passenger man. He has been nn the Allon local for some tinir. making his limne in Alton, lint nill now move to this city as he will likely be given u pu.ssenger run nut of here, liloomlnglon Bulletin. Largest iilock of suitings, overcoat- ings and panlaloonings for winter wear to select from lit M, Moritx. There is no better "brain fond" than bread made from "La," Hour. r'tir good new or second hand cooking, heating or gasoline stoves, call (it Chris Kekhiwdt's T21 K. Second ,«t.

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