Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 3, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1898
Page 2
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V Cured Her Bay. "t-vTien my son George was (4, he was stricken with a. terrible nervous affliction. Physicians nor medicines helped him. He lost his speech, use of limbs and could hardly swallow food. Before he had finished & bottle of Dr. Miles' Nervine he could talk and eat well* and 5 bottles cured him. Mni Julln O'Connor. Willis, TSIM. JJ OR. MILES' Restorative Nervine is sold by all druggists on guarantee, first bottle bcnehts ur money back. Hook on heart and nerves sent free. Or. Miles Medical Company, Elkhart, Ind. Bookseller, 43-Van Burcn St., Chicago, III. Books. Editions DC Luxe. iDdard Sets. Scarce. Publications. Antique. USfa Liberal Classics. Curious. History. " 'tact, llldiOphjr. tiles Letter*. Poetry. Fiction. Drama. Tbe Arts Liberal Works. he Hunt Library Edition: Well printed on good peper; hand- «*mely bound In cloth; 12 mo; gilt top. By mall, each ., -jac Origin of Species, (Darwin). Descent or Man. (Darwin). ' Data of Ethics, (Spunoar). Other W rids thm O n, (Proctor). 4 ' r-atural Law In tho Spiritual World, : (Drammond). • , Koran The, Or Alkoran of Kahomol. 'f> "The Bible of the East." 4ic 1 of Jesus, (Kenan.) With many valuable illustrations, 4iH) , psges, .crown 8 vol., clntb, gilt top. lijcola: Kit Uto and Times. Together with bin . glato tapers, including nls speeches, Addresses, messages, letter and proc- lami tlon. By Henry i. Raymond. 2 volume.; cloth; 8 vol. In a box. By mall, .....'< .....$1.40 :/5 WIHianl. Life of: , A memorial volume. By Anna A. Qor- .' don,for 21 years her private Secretary; j 8 vol) oloth, By mall Ji.oo SHEET MUSIC 1 M««lo, per copy, by mall 70 1 the litest Songs and Music, by mall »sc Catalogue on Application. ELECTION NOTICE. lubmlttlng tbe proposition to tho electors ef -OB township, whether such township shall Opt and become entitled to tbe benefits of an (providing for primary elections of ctnlogxtes 1 ni minuting conventions, and to proino'e the Hty tb root,fay regulating the conduct there ., and to support the prvllegos of freo tut- »g« thereat oy pro IblMng certain acts end itlooa In "lation thoroto, and providing for punishment thereof. A petition havlni ~ presented to me signed by more than ono- 6 of the legal voter* of Alton Township, ngt at tho foregoing proposition be su mlt . nvotoo' theelectorsof sa'dtownship,no- 9 IB hereby given that proposition will bosub- ..Jten to thn said elnotors of Alton town hip, tthoeleotlon tn be held on Tii'sday.Nov.S.'Ml, 1 '0 wnattier said township and the electors . shall adopt and boo mu onlltlodcothe P. EARLY, County Judgn, nafits ot the foregoing aot. Pftted, Oot 35,1398, MONTHLY • SUFFERING. BV 1MB TBLBORAPH PRINTINO COMPANY. THURSDAY KVJi. ; NOV. 3. NOTICE TO ADVERUSERS. for the rear IMS we shall charge the following rate* for tran»lent notices In our local col- amMI • PKI. tmi. Blngl* Iwertloli 10 cents, Three to flr« Insertions ' cents. BUtotweltelnHertions » cents. IUTIB Or HDVIRTISIKO. TRAKSlliHT.—60 cents per Inch nrst Insertion, »od 26 cents per Inch for each subsequent Inser- 18 per Inch Brit month, II.CO per loch each month thereafter. LIOAL ADTf RT1BIKO II per Inch for the first Insertion, and 50 cents per Incn tor eaoa subsequent insertion. BUJLD1NW A HARBOR. HOW UNCLE SAM ISSPENDING $2.000,000 AT BUFFALO. DANGEROUS SURGERY. A Muff nt Will \Vhl*n cHkn nlrrn Tlirrr «nit r Mill-" In I.ftlBlli. rlni'Kt on (he l.nkc* REPUBLICAN TICKET STATE. 1 State Treasurer ........... F. K. WIIITIEMORE Supt. of Public Instruction.... Ai.rnrnB*yi.i^n (ALICE A. AlinOTT, Unlrorslty Trustees, JPnor. NionTiNOAi.F;, (P. L. HATCH. CONOnF.BS-tftTH DtSTRti-T. For Congress ............... HKNJ. F. JOIINSTOX, of Fayette County. I.ROI8I.ATURF.-47TII DISTRICT. For Senator ................ Jons J. Ilnnsmii.T. For Representatives. . K. WM. I'. EARI.T. HBHRT HINIKER. COI'NTT. For Judge ................ • For Clork For Treasurer ........... JOHN For Sheriff .................. ..... JACOB KmiM. For Supt, of Schools .............. M. HF.NHON. to foreign dispatches John Bull haa pulled off his coat, rolled up hla sleeves, unbuttoned his cravat, dropped hie suspenders from his ehouldern, spit on his hands, and presents them with a snort at France and alearai Russia: "I defy the World." John was never more in earnest in all his life, and he was probably never so well prepared to battle against any foe than at preseut. TIIK Emperor of Germany is now In the Holy Oily. The visit has made a deep impression on the Kaiser. In an address delivered on Sunday, at the dedication of a church in Jerusalem the Kaiser said: "As nearly 2,OOD years ago, so today shall I ring out theory, voicing my ardent hope, to all, 'Peace on earth.' " Tbe Kaiser is so much of a "Prince of Peace" that he keeps the largest military establishment, with one exception, in the world. Ills nation stands armed to the teeth, ready to take any other nation by the throat that would dare to disturb tho "Peace" of Europe or interfere with the Kaiser's will, EDWARDSVIUE. No one can deny that the political situation la Edwardsvllle is warm. Tbe fact that five candidates for office at tho election next Tuesday reside in the city is very probably in large measure responsible for the activity. The method of campaign is entirely different from the usual form. There have been no public inoetinga, no ad- dreeaea or any slml ar outward demonstration that an election was on. The campaign is carried on by mail, tho circular plan, this being adopted by both parties. Edwardavllle town- Undo Sam if «|H'mliii« $'-',000,000 for rocks mnl tiinlmr to dump on the l.ottom »f Iv.iko Erio in trout nf J'.tiiTrilo. When Hin work it finished, tlmt city will Imvo oil" "f th« liiKKOft and finest artificial harbors in tlio world. Having no nntnrai uiiruor of itH own Hnffiiln has long fot>«n liamiii'iippul. Shipping at thi; HiifTnli) wbarfri Ims bum! ojcpocrjil to tho murma which sweep up tin* lako. AH Uuffnln in (inn of thn miifit iuiportant pnrtH on tho groat li«kim this lurk has been nevornly felt. lieing tho tcrmituiH for eevcriil linos of rail- roarlfi and Kltmitnil at tlji> eaHtern enil of frci! laltn navigation the port is HH linny ii nni) n.i HOIMR of tho largest nn th« Atlanljr iwnhoatd. Into Buffalo urn brnuRht every year mountains of grain and other prmluwi from tho weft and its grunt elevators lino tho water front for miles. To protect this shipping tbn fednral goverimipiit is building a lino ofMirnnk- watnrs 3*-,' miles in length. They form a sort of seniie.irc.ln off the water front and urn pierced at Intorvulx with Hhip chnmioln. Iiioidn of thin lino of break- watiirw, when they aro flinched, tho unvioH of tho world can rido at anchor. Tho work wn« begun early in tho summer of 18!»7 and continued until cold wen (her. It was rosunind last npring and will coon be iiitorrnptod again by tho closing of tho season. It will ho finished in about two years more. Tho breakwaters aro of two styles of construction, tho timber crib and rubble mound. The timber crib style is most in vogue on the great lukon. It linn an advantage in that it is available to tin up to, but it has disadvantages which will probably soon relegate it to tho pant with many other old fiiHhioned iip- pnrtmmuces of lake commerce. It is noithor so Htulile nor so euduring us thti ruhhlo mound, it in constantly in need of repairs owing to decay and injury, and its uoxt, in altogether disproportionate to its comparative permanence. * The timber crib begins atbtony point and runs lakuward. It will bo 7,fiOO foot loug wbun fluinhod. Two th<mnaml olght hundred foot will he completed by tho end of tho present season. That. will moan the completion of the first of the two sections into which tho wholu new addition to tho breakwater is di- vidod. Tho crib is conHt.rm.-ted of hemlock and pine timbers II! inches square, tho former being utili/.ed bulow tho water and tho latter above. Hemlock in used DEATH FOLLOWS THE SUR GEON r, KNlfK -NOT THE bUKGKON'S FAULT, OK COURSK HK CAN T If YOU CAN. Pyramid Pile Cure Cures Piles Quickly, Htlnlensly. Without Danger. People go along for years mi tiering with piles. Then try this, and that and the other thing; from carrying a buckeye to getting traatment from a physician. They obtain temporary relief, maybe, hut they nre never quite cured. A little strain in lifting, nofcBfllve fatigue, a little constipation or a little diarrhoea nntl the piles coma back. They don't seem to amount to much, hui they bantah sleep and appetite. No position Is comfortable. There is intense local pain and that dreadful feeling of weight In the perineum. Majbe in the early stages some of trie many Halves on sale will afford temporary relief. If the case is of long standing there Is only one speedy and anre remedy. It in Pyramid Pile Cure. Even In light cases it la the safest thing to use. Other applications may cure and may not. Pyramid Cure is always certain, always re liable, always brings comfort at once. Its prompt use saves months of severe suffering. In extreme cases It will save surgical operations and their attendant dangers and discomforts. It Is better than a knife. Will cure easier, quicker and tutor. Thousands have used It. Thousands have been cured by it. The cost is trilling compared with what it does. The price is 50 cents. Most anybody would gladly pay ten dollars to be rid of piles. Druggists sell Pyramid Pile cure. Send to Pyramid Drug Co., Marshall, Mich., for book on cause and cure of piles. TWO STORES. BETIIAUO. to y b hip of women are troubled at monthly interval* with pulnn itt tho bead, buck, breasts, ' *houlderB,eidea hi p» and limbs. Put they need not cuff er. ^ 'Thesa pains are aymptome, of dangerous deraugenenta that Can be corrected. The men- Ctrual function ahould operate painlessly. ship will cast over 1,000 votes nexi Tuesday. The reglnlration closed Tuesday night and reports from two precincts show a total registry of 1,000. This will bring the total for the four preolnets m tne township up to about 1,800. Republican leader* express couildenoe that the party will carry the day In the Hub township. 0. N, Travous and E. D. Uilleapie, assignees of tbe broken J. A, 1'rlokeU & Sun bank, have died a reply to the report made by Judge John Q. Irwln, who waa sent west by tbe creditors to inveatlgate tbe handling of the estate. The Judge made some straightforward charges in his report, filed a few days ago. couched In as plain English aa oould be selected and which necessitated some form of answer. The assignees reply at length defending their position and transactions and allege that Irwln'a inveutlgutlon was actuated by purely aelllsh motives. Mr. George Hauser, freight agent of the Wabasb at this place, will be united In marriage, Thursday evening to Miss Julia Runeo. They will go to housekeeping on Kansas street. Miners from the strike districts at Virden and Pana trooped into town Monday and Tuesday with their families seeking work. All were given employment and settled down. The total of tbo immigration was nearly fiO persons, rOSTERBUUG. • : - tnakea menstruation painless, ^•ud regular. It puU the deli, Cfto menstrual organ* in condition to do their work properly. tat that itops all thli pain. Vhy will any woman suffer loath after mouth when Wine iCardul will relieve her? It i |r.oo at the drag (tore, don't you get • bottle Ivice, in case* requiring (direction!), address, giv- •ymptomt, "The Ladies' 1 ' Department," The Medicine Co., Tcun. liemember tho election next Tuesday, the 8th. Everybody should take interest enough in the management of public affairs to come out on election day and vote. It IH the duty of gocd citizens to see that good men are put In places of public trust and this can not be done by remaining at home on election day. Mies Koslo and Milton L,obbig spent a few days in St. Louis last week. W. Q. Prultt of Fort Russell, called on relatives one day last; week. Deoatur Foster of Alton, Is visiting bis mother. Prof. Wna. Weaver of Venice, called on home folks Sunday. Bad Root and son came down from Dorchester and spent Sunday with home folks. Mies Flora Kebne, who has charge of the primary room of our school, la detained at home on account of sickness, W m. Mettera has broken ground for the erection of a building nearOhaa. Ost'a shop in which he lutenda to grind feed. The order of M. \v. A. had their supper on taut Thursday night, Invitations were extended to a stUlIolout number to 1)11 the ball. After Mr. Obaa. Gollke was made acquainted with woodcraft the guests were ad mltted and a right royal feast was participated in. Jacob Uoffer, who came from Kansas about a year ago and engaged In the blacksmith business, has packed bin effects and returned to his farm in the Bunllower State, Mr. Ernest Hlerbuum baa purchased from Mrs. R. V. Jlnkinsou tho property vacated by Mr. Holler. Mr. Ollle Foster bus moved Into the houso and will remain until Spring, wbeii Mr. Bturbanm will retire from farming and oceupy hIn town property. UI'KFAI.O'S NKW mtUAKWATKIE. because it is cheaper than piuo and will hint ijuito au long under the water us would the more expensive wood. The breakwater is 8(1 foot wide and KtniidH 13 feet out of tho water on tho lake Hide. Finished, it presents the up- pearaneo, on the harbor side, of threo iinmeiiKu steps. Kiich stop is 12 foot wido. Tho llriit in six foet above tho water, the second is four foot above tbo first and tho third in two fuot above tho HOC- oud. Thin arrangement is for tho convenience of vowel men who tie up on tho harbor Hide. Tho lake side of the crib in perpendicular. Tho northern suction of tho breakwater is 0,700 foot long, 5,000 foot of which, on tho northern end, will bo constructed wholly of gravel and stone and the remainder of timber crib. Work is necessarily nlow on account of tho iiuiitiiUHO amount i>£ matoriul which luw to bo carried to tho spot and tho natural 'liniuultios attonding its adjustinout. Millions of oubio yards of gravel arid stona will bo iifloemuiry in the oonstruo- tiuu of this I a, 000 feet of breakwater. Nlno-tunths of it in out of sight. Uno of the most inturnHtlng thingn about tho work in tho prodigious dredge whioh scoops up tho mud from tho very bottom of tho lake, (10 or 70 feot below the surface. Tills dredge has tho greatest capaoity of any umohiuo of its kind evor put to work on the groat lake*, Tho ordinary drcdgo, employed in tho utjinil harbor and rivtir dredging, it UFK- IIIHH at a dopth of moro than !IO fret. Tho drodgo employed by tho tho eon- tractors in this work can bo utili/.ed at a dupth of ISO fort. It in HO flexibly coiiNtrueted that it will ride out the heavy HUUH wliirh N\VIH>J> that shorn and which would interfere furiouxly with the steady opeialing of an ordinary drudge, and it has a daily eaiincily of 5,000 uuhiu yurilM of soft exraviilion. Tho liuukut reNeinbles a giant Hum shell. Ji weighs \'<< IOIIH anil KinkK into tho soft niiid of it* own weight. It is open when it ilesi'emU anil an Hum IIH it in filled elosi'H, mid tin' tmsioii from (lie elovating fable prevenls an unliniel.v discharge of its eontuiitf. Them am Ifi unbio yards of mud in each bucketful, and tho drodgo in now lifting about a, 500 oubio yards a day. (.;. ,1. HIINVDKN. .CONNOR l«ar*ac« tut Trees and Plant* for Sule. Fruit tree*, evergreens, ornamental* and amall fruit plants; strawberry plants a specialty, For sale by WM. jAojcsoN.Qodfrey, III. Htftf Ud Soft Coal. Delivered to any part) of the city. W«. FBIBB. , No.4ZU Apply to for Heat. The three room dwelling, ut Fourteenth street, Wm. ft V Neuralgia of th* Stomach Cured by Hood'* Barmaparllla. "My health had been poor (or a number of yean and I had tried BO many mud- leiueu without beuoflt that I had about given up all hope of ever beluR strong sgniu. My friends thought I had cou- Buuiptlon, Plually I was taken with neuralgia of the Btoinaeh, aud for this trouble obtained uo relief from prescriptions. 1 read of wonderful cure* by Hood's Sursa- parllla aud I came to tbe oonclualou to try it. lam thankful I did try U, for after taking a few bottle* I was sound and well. Today I »ui enjoying good health and It U wholly duo to Hood'a BamparliU." MBB. I42ziie CuTiiioiiT, Macedonia, III. liOOd'S S parlMa II the best-la (act the One True Blood furlflrr. SoU by M druggist*. |1; §U lot 16. Miss Lou Williams wan a visitor St. Louis last week. Miss Josephine Crawford is a guest of friends at Oldenburg. Mrs. W. M. Head and Mrs. Robert Kennedy, were guests of W. Asblock last week. Squire Preuitt was a recent visitor to Fosterburg. S. R. Hudnall and family drove t» Pocahontaa last Friday, guests of his mother. Miss Julia and Chas. Head were vialtors at New Douglas recently. Herman Ostendorf left for Q,uincy where he will take a short hand course. Mr. F. H. Kaoffman and wife, of Alton, were guests or Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kauffman. Mr. H. L. Htockel of Jerseyvilla, is a guest of bis brother I)an. Mrs. Eflle Brooks has moved to St. Louis. Wrflter Quillan has sold bis cream route and outfit to O. Robertson. Qulliau haa moved his family toGran- He City. The Home Forum Benefit Order met with Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Heud- nail last week. The next meeting will be at Mr- and Mrs. Qeo. A. Klein. The Odd Fellowa have about completed arrnneementi for instituting a Rebecca Lodge here. They now have about 34 charter members. Bennie Schmidt and Qus Stoehr, who were shot In the cyea, were taken to a St. Louis specialist where we hope they will have the sight of their eyeti soon restored. Mr. N. N. Osburu, well known at Woodstock, Mich., was troubled with a lame back. He was persuaded to uae Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It gave him relief in one night. This remedy is aleo famous for its euros of rheuma- tl"m. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyaa. AN AFRICAN TANGUE CUT. Htplorf-r Stanley T<>llN AVliy I-'raiu-c'H Cliiitu to KriMVinftli IH I''nlNt*. The only man in tho world who is in a position to nay impartially whether tho khndivn nutbori/ml tho abandonment of Fushoihi when Kmin Pnnha withdraw from tlio cqimtnriiil province is Htanli'y, who is at Biarrit/. suffering from n severe attack of malarial fever. In answer to a ilixpateh Hriit to Mr. Stuulny anldnj,' him to decide this (jnctr- tinu upon which wur or peace between Kngland and Franco may bingo Mrs. Dorothy Stanley, writing i" behalf of tho sick explorer, KIVN: "Mr. Stanley took letters from tho khedive and from Nnbnr Pasha to lilmin Piisha, authorizing Kmin to abandon tho equatorial province, as it could tint bo Kuppliud with troops, leaving him, however, the upHiiii to remain if he pleased and was able. This permission, however, did nut include Kashoda, which is not in tho equatorial province, this province not coming lower than the Buhr el Gaxal." Thin reply from Stanley is tbe first statement he has nmdti on the question. It tie.eum lo destroy i'urever tlw French claim that JAishndit was abandoned when .Stanley cMindueted Kmin 1'aslm to the coast, and t hut i'niueu him u right to occupy it as a derelict turritory. I remember interviowiiiK Stanley at Brin- diiii ou his return from that tnigic expedition, und my recollection luis always In en that be told nio tlien that tlio khodive had aulliori/eil tbo abandonment of tin) entire country. Stanley's present declaration, however, establishes clearly tbe right nf the sirdar to expel Uenoral Alareliand from J''ashoda, mid by i'oree if lie resist.—James Hro-el- man in New York .lounial. The best way to avoid sickness is to keep yourself healthy by taking Hood's Harsaparilla, the creut blood purillei, How to Cure bilious Colic. 1 suffered for weeks with colic and paiub in my stomach caused by biliousness and hud to take medicine all the while until I ueed Chumberlaln'a Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, which cured me. I have since recom mended it to a good many people. -Mrs. F. Butler, Fairhaveii, Conn. Persons who are subject to bilious colic can ward of the attack by taking this remedy aa soon as the first symptoms appear. Sold by B. Marsh and S. H. Wysa. During tbe past years w« have been so crowded in our store on Third street that we have been compelled to spread out. For the accommodation of our patrons and to show our large stock of goods we have opened A New Store At 317 Belle St. All our Toys and Fancy Goods will be found there and onr China, Glass, Granite and Tinware, Lamps and House Furnishing Goods will be found at onr Third street store. Our ambition la to have the pret 'Jest and completes! store in South ern Illinois and we think we now have it. Come and Fee us in our old and our new home. HOPPE. MORO. Mrs.Kllen Frank of Fountain Green, la a guest of her brother, 0. E- Stahl. Wm. Cox is building a new barn and hay shed. Mrs. Alice Smith is visiting in Edwardsville. Mrs. Chamberlain and sons of St. Louis, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. Dr. Miss Bessie Bills is visiting with the Misees Weldmor of St. Louis. Mrs. A. O. Ouaewelle is entertaining her sister Mrs. Clarence Oole and oh Idren of Aledo, 111. A very enjoyable box social was given by the W. 0. T. U. Tuesday evening at tbo residence of /. E. Bivena. Rev. J. H, Byers is holding revival services in Ooffeyville, Kan. His place will be supplied Sunday by Rev. E. A. Wilson. Evangelists BlaohorT and Vrenden- burgh will commence their meetings here Nov. 18tb. Word baa just been received of tbe death of Dr. Samuel Mutchmore of Philadelphia. All forms of scrofula, sores, boils, pimples and eruptions, are quickly and permanently cured by Hood's Saraaparllla. $100 Reward $100. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that Bciennn has been able to cure in all Its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, tfcjreby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution ana assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in ita curative powers that they offer $100 reward for any case that it falls to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists, 76J». Life insurance is a good thing but health Insurance, by keeping the blood pure with Hood's Sarsaparilla, is still better. LISTEN TO NATURE. Backaches, Headache* and are Messages for You. s a vorj fltii working It on 1 '— To most npople a bfloknrha pld thing, to bo got rid of by " BomptlmoB the pain dof» "work off 1 '— some times It does not. Whether It Ones or no thouRhifnl poopln should como to understnm that R backache Is * warning thit IB not t , b neglected without danger of contrao Ing n dls case that will limit Mfo to a f>* months, or m»; bo y«ars of s fTfrlng. K'dnoy troubles hare boon bettor undprstoO" of late years, and kidney troubles In relation t< rheumatism and neuralgia Is only beginning t< tin fully con prebend d. The kidneys aro tiller through which tho blood pansos, arid If they go out of order, tho blood remains Impure *ni eTery part of the body duffers. First tho nerve tell the ialo. A backache Rlvos warning. Tim has fully proven that thous nda who otherwls would surety havndled. hnve been restored ti health tiy Morrow'n Kla-no oldn. Themanno In which this medicines acts Is Illustrated by th oaseof Mrs. I'etorltellrung. W2 Race at.,' Al ton, 111., who says: "Iwas troubled with rheu niatlsm fur some time; rry suffering wan torrl ble, at times It was almost Impossible for me ti bear It. 1 had n severe pain In my back; n times tho pain in my back wna s > Bovern that could haruly get up or down. I could not pl'-ei at night or rest any time. 1 wan told of Mor row's Kld-ne-oi<l» and what benoflt they ha< been to othera who had «utTorr;d as I rMd, but could scarcely bollovo it because I hurt 'rlei everything under the sun that was recommend ed to mo to euro kidney trouble nd rhcuma tlsm, and they did me >.o good. Dut I though I would try KId-no-olds and I got a box at S. II Wyss 1 drug Hore. I was greatly Burpi-lKM when In a day or two the pain began to leave mi aslfbymaglo, and after a time T felt p-rfertlj well and have continued to feel HO over since. ' Kld-ne-olds arn Yellow Tablets (not pll s)and cure kidney ailments, nervous ess, etc. Uver lax are small red pollotH and cure constipation Kld-ne-olds BOcts; Uvorhix 2.1 ots at drugglsti or mailed by John Morrow A- Co.. Chemists Springfield, O. Try Grain-01 Try Oraln-0! Ask your grocer to show you package of GRAIN O, the new food drink i hat takes the place of coffee The children may drink it without injury as welt as tbe adult. All who try it lihe it, GRAIN -O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is make from pure grains, and tbe moat delicate stomach receives it without distress. One-half the price of coffee 15c and 25c per package. Sold by all druggists, j "The worst cold I ever had in my life was cured by Chamberlain's Cough Remedy," says W. H Norton, of Butter Creek, Oal. "This cold left me with a cough and I was expector- atlgg all the time. The remedy cured me, and I want all my friends when troubled with a cough or cold to use it, for it will do them good." Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. MASTER'S SALE. State of Illinois, City of Alton, SS. City Court of Alton, September term, A, D . , 1898 1 Manuel H. Boats vs. Michael S. Bartlett, Charles Bartletc, Ada Arnleln, Thomas Fletcher, Amos Fletcher. Carolln Fletcher, Kate E. Fletcher, William P. Fletcher, MaryH. Fletcher, Maggie Biggs, Mamie Ballou and Charles Bartlett (eon of Samuel Bartlott deceased.) In Chancery. ItlU to foreclose mortgage. urt of October, \. D. , 1898, i, Lovl D. Yager, master n chancery of eald City Court of Alton, will on WEDNESDAY, THE SIXTEENTH DAY OF NOVEMBER, A. D., 1898, at the hour of 10 o'clock In tho forenoon, at the north front door of the City Hall building, In the ilty of Alton, county of Madison and Htato of lllnols, sell at puhlio auction, to tho highest and best bidder, for coati, all and singular, the following described premises and real e»tate In said decree mentioned, situated In the city of Alton county of Madison und Siate of Illinois, or so much thereof as shall be sufllclent to sat- sfy said decree, to-wlt: Lots numbered seven (7) and eight (8), In block number fifty-six (5fl) , In Oodfroy and GU- nan's addition, to Alton: situated In said city of Alton, oduntyof Madison and Stale of Illinois. Upon compliance with all tho terms of sale and upon the approval of such sale hy the court, a cor ilicate of purchase will bo given the purchaser entitling him to a deed from the Master In Chancery of said court at the expiration of fifteen months, prov ded redemption bo not made prior to that time. Dated, Oct. 24th, A. D., 1S93. LEVI D. YAGER, Master In Chancery of the City Court of Alton, Illinois. LEVI DAVIS, Corop'ts Solicitor. A Case of Kidney Disease Given Up by Four Doctors. Beaver Dam, O.—My daughter, after being treated by four doctors and given up for lost, a neighbor recommended Foley's Kidney Cure. Today ahe is able to walk several miles witboutffatlgue. I feeljwe would bare lost her if it was not for your medicine. Respectfully, Mrs. J. M. Bailey. Sold by E. Marab and S. H. Wyss. The three-year-old boy of J. A. Jobnaon, of Lynn Center, 111.. Is subject to attacks of croup. Mr. Johnson aaya he is satisfied that the timely uae of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, during a severe attack, saved bis little boy'a life. He is in the drug business, a member of tbe ilrm of Johnson Bros, of that place; and they handle a great many patent medicines for throat and lung diseases. He bad all these to chose from, and skilled physicians ready to respond to hla call, but selected this remedy for use in hla own family at a time when hla child's life was in danger, because he knew it to be superior to any other, and famous the country over for ita onres of croup, Mr. Jobnaon says this la tbe beat selling cough medicine they handle, and that It gives splendid satisfaction In all oases. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyaa. M. MAHONEY, NSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE fOK SALE. Two-ston double brlok dwelling 10 roomi iprlngst. t-ronm frame dwelling on Fountain st. li-room brick dwelling on Belle at. i-room frame dwelling on State st. i-room frame dwelling wltn t lots Upper Altuc Jne-story 6-room frame dwelling, 506 WIlllaD i reel. M7il60ft weat line of Mslu street. Big money this. Two-story B-room frame dwelling on Bluff 25-aore tract near BdwardsvlUe Crossing. One story t-room brlok dwelling, cor <th and Vlnests. «0-»ore farm, 8 miles southwest of Brighton, Two-story brlok store, No, Ell Belle at? Sixty-acre farm, good brlok dwelling and frame bam, Jersey county. Two-story brick store, No. 618 Belle at. Two-story 9-room frame, slate roof dwelling, lots and 8w acres of land. Bonania for purchaser. One-story 4-room frame dwelling, cor. Alby and Twelfth sts. Two flue lota on State street,|north of Bluff tt Twalotson Dry street. Two-story t-room frame dwelling, large bare and six acres of land, 1 lorth Alton. 80-aore farm three miles north of Upper Allot. i lots on Boston street, 60x130 each. 7-room frame dwelling, Highland Park. 8-story brlok building a.w. cor, (th and Pla<> hotel and boarding house. on frame dwelling on 1th st. .near Hsroj* Bears th. Signature of Tin KinU You Haw i PATHFINDER DEPARTMENT. Three lines or less under this beading: One time, U cents| three days, 26 cents; one week Moentu additional times same rate, oashdown, FOR SALE. COR S ALB.—Old papers ' the TILIOIUPH office. rs, n any rju&nlty. At COR S ILK .V medium size safe, Mosler make 1 obeap. Apply at this office, COR SALE—AU In need of kindling wood can 1 be suppllort by telephoning No. 41, Illinois Box factor T. H per load—B. LeTls. R R SALE—A Farm lour miles northwest ol ^Uohtleld, 160 acres. ttWanaoro. For particulars address G. A. Brown, or M. 8. Brown, Brighton or T. R. Brown, Alton, 111. 22tt A Queer (?) Meulcmc. Thuro la a medleine whoso proprietors do not claim to have discovered some hitherto unknown Ingredient, or that it is a euro-all. This honeat medicine only claluiB to cure certain dlteaaes, and that ita ingredients are reoogni/.eil by the moat skilled phy- eleltuiH aa being the best for K'duey und Bladder diai aues. It ia Fuloy'a Kidney Cure. Hold by M. Marah and 8.H. Wysw. Try the Beat, "LaBelle," M.OO. Delays are Dangerous. Many of your friends, or people whom you kuow of have contracted consumption, pneuuaouiB or other fatal dlHpaaea hy nevleoc of a aluipltiuold or cougb. Foley'u Houi y and Tar, a aafe cure and pleasant cough medicine, would have saved them. H IH guaranteed, Sold by ti. Marsh ami 8. H. Wj»8. THE PRIMARY ELECTION LAW . Will Be Voted On at the Election November 8th. SPECIAL SALE Friday and Saturday. Style 42 Ladies' Grey Corset, real value 69*, special S?yie J. B. White Corset, real value $i,special sale 82? $i. Kabo White, Grey and black, sizes from 2? to jo, special sale 85^. $i.7c; J. B. French Corset.white, pink and $1.25 Children's Tarns, (school hats) regular 25? hat, at 20? " " " " " 40? " $of at * 47' 60? 69? Ladies' black Kid Gloves (Foster Hook) $i value, i2^f hemmed or fringed Huck Linen Towels at8?. \o? Drap De Tunis (fleece lined) at 7^^ a yard. $1.2? White Ciochet Quilt, hemmed, 89*. $4.r,6 Dress Pattern consisting of 7 yards new novelties, any style, and lining, for $3.97. $j.6i Dress Pattern consisting of 7 yards 65^ new novel ties, any style, and linings, for $4.7 j. Linings included in above dress patterns—6 ys best Cambric, 30?; 2 yds good Silesia, 25?; i % yds good Wiggan, \tf; 4 vds Velveteen Facing, 16"; i spool Thread, $?; i card patent Hooks and Eyes, <j?; best Twin Dress Stay. 10?.—$1.06. Admiral Sampson's Portrait Is used to call your ittentlon to Our Tall Announcement with feelings of deep gratitude to our friends for their liberal patronage daring tbe past season. We open the Fall Season with the choicest atook of Furnlahlngs Bead-gear and Sboea ever brought into tbla city. We shall continue to furniah our ooatnmera with the beat results of the tailoring art, while our hats and furnishings are the product of the beat makers. We now extend to you, reader, a hearty Invitation and a warm welcome to our stock, and by your verdict we stand or (all. Our goods merit the highest praise, while our prices remain within eaay reach. If you have money to spend for clothing tbia Fall, we want it and will make a atiff bid to get it, if you can be Influenced by style, workmanship or price. We are ready —completely ready for investigation. We accord to each and every ooatumer the same corteons treatment and the same low price. Our invitation is: "Come in and look." Our clothing and prices will talk for themselvea when you get acquainted with them, When you want a Fall Suit, an Overcoat, a pair of Trousers, a Hat, a Shirt, a pair of Shoes, or anything to wear, and want the latest thing out at the loweat price. Don', fail to remember. Youra very truly, The Outfitter. East Second Street STAR SHOE STORE Watch this space tomorrow and you'll something that will interest you. find Pfeiffer & Bailey, Star Shoe Store. Harry Zimmerman, Manager. Below is the form of ballot that voters of Alton township will have presented to them for their suffrage at the election on Nov. 8tb: For adoption of tin. 1 act for primary elections of political partieH in Alton TowiiHliip. YKS. X _ ^ » T O XI X .A.. B»M» (fa* ^/t I 118 Kind You Haw Always Bought nt It will be a separate ballot. If a majority of the votes east on the prop - osltion are favorable, tbe primary election law will be In force In Alton town ship in the future. The law will put an end to mass primaries held in Olty Hail, which have been tbe cause of so much ill- feeling, and so many disgraceful scenes, and where Democrat" by the hundred have voted at Republican primaries, and Uepublloana at Democratic primaries. If tbe primary election jaw U adopted no Democrat can vote at a Republican primary, and no Ko- publican can vote at a Democratic primary. The will of a majority of the party holding tne primary will be qulatly, decently and honestly expressed and carried out. Tbe law tboold be adopted and given a fair trial. The above ballot 1» t^he proper forw of marking if the voter witihoa to oatt bit vote (or tbe proportion, Howell's Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the latest things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWELL, 117 West Third Street. The ntyles are unusually beautiful and far ahead of anything we have ever shown. For those who prefer money saving to new patterns then "till remain some choice selections from our earlier stock. Carpets, OurlaluB. Oil Clothe, Llneleum and

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