Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 3, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1898
Page 1
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i 'i 1 fMprafl^Tf?^ ' » r . ' , L,.», ,1.1 L-... jjmntA 1 " n mi rum IIJIM>M-fiai i -la" ur ^"BVJ^BJJS^W .isp^-ijv vr* f *-.'» T~V v,j ~J ' , . -.{in^rTf' il» « i ~ , -' '-~: TELEGRA S<XTY/rHIRD YEAR. (Eitabllihed Jinmrj 14, )««.)• ALTON, ILL., THURSDAY, NOV. 3. »8gB. TEN CENTS PER WEEK Put Your * s Adl&'Where they Bnng Results-thaiMemns In the Telegraph Ave displaying this week the finest line of f -. Clothing, Gent's Furnishing Goods, Men and Boys' Shoes, Ever shown in any store in the city of Alton. We^ cordially invite the citi/en'of Alton and vicinity to give us 'a call. T. \V. BURGESS, Cor. Siith and Alby 8ta Best Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Bread, best Flour at lowest price. Fine Teas and Coffees. Fancy Country Butter. Telephone 69. any Fire and Water-Proof ROOFS r Gravel and Composition <«•. ROOFING MATERIALS tn>nu(>otur«d I>T JOHN M. SELLERS, of ' « Louis, . Drop • poiUI lo 01 o«ll an E. C. MACK, Corner Shields aad Rotta Streets n FALL and WINTER 1899. ceived. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and he Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, 112 West Third st " A ftEACON OFH 0 p L A FRIENO OF THE FAMILY, N"Jvi-i--— ~^~^\>/// / , FOLEY'S HONEY and TAR ISTHI GREAT THROAT and LUNG REMEDY. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. KOMI'S CRITICISMS Major Before the Investigating Commission. WKNT TO (r»!A .4" <•OIIKKSI'OMJKNT Mui'h ( ,.uln»i(,ii DurhiK lln- linil-ni U»lIon nl 'rniupn ill -|'HIII|IH --*n,v> TliBI Aiuliu- I n n. i- \\HIJUIH < inilcl Hun- Ili-iii I.niuleil l» Ihi' siiiinliii'iU lit Hi* lliillii'Hi -Til* Ili'liil-n Norlli mi I In- Tl'nii»|ilil'l 1'iiliclin. Washington. Nov. :). - Tic- war In- VciillKUHiiK i.'oiiiiiilFBlon helil ^ si-scion here for tin- purpose of lienriim the ti'htlniniiy of Major lli-nry llonn-ym-. a ri-llri-il in• ny ollhrr. II.' nalil thai he liuU HKli.'d ul tin' lii'UJr.nliiB nl" tin- war for u mllltury aHi<ifiiii'iiciil t." »•> t" u "' front In hln rapailly IIH nil olllrt'r, Ijnl it VVIIM refundl mid in- tlir-n went ax a coirtspomli nl of 11 weekly newspaper. Ills U'silnmny cnveieil the I'inljnrkutloii of tin- li'iiops ul I'orl Tampa and the rampalKii In (Hiba. He tuiil Hml when lie WITH lu I'orl 'I'anipa lln- hauls of ill* caral there was rov-ivil with IroopH. Hi- had wiiiili'd to lio ovi'i- with lh? Ti'iilh Infiiinry. which was 111* old reg;l- inenl. Inn no mi" could ti-ll him where (hf ri-Rimenl was tu I"' found. Ho n i'liiff ofilcfr ami scveritl olhi'fi' for Hils Infni'imithin, hut nom> knew, nor did any one appear I" know on what vessel any of lln- particular troops were In cmliarlt. There was Brent confusion as n coiisciitienre of what a part of a comimiiiil would K" on »"<•• vessel and part mi another. ami thi> conmiands were In some cases separated from tlii'lr stores. \Veiil .Miiiiinl llellwr ski'lli'f. J-le had seen no order for tin- sytttc- matlc embarkation of the troops, and lie had heard It said that they were told lo KO a boa nl helt'-r skelter. When HBkeil lo express uu opinion as to Ihe preparation lor Hit- I'inliarkutloii the witness ht'Hiiatcd. saying that to do so would Involve erlilo'sin of his superiors. The commissioners Inslled np.m a reply and Mr. llomeyne replied that he did not Ihink the-preparation was such as II should have been. --There was," he said, "a luck of suif b (its, and also of order tind of preparation for landing. When the InmllnK was undertaken the troops l"fl tin- ships indiscriminately, parts Kolnj: nl one lime and other pirns at nlher lime!-." lie told of ihe effort to tow two lighters over lo Cuba, but said that one was losl ami -lluil il was the nein.-ral impression Hint it wus losl on purpose., because it rel.inleil the progress of Ihe fleet. In response lo a iiue.-nlon from Oem-ral McCook. Major Komc.vne said that while it wus dillicull to land any- tlilns. ambulances and wagons could have beer: landed as easily as Uie artil- Ifci-y. Niil l.»eil lor UK- Wminitril- lie had seen only one ambulance 'al the front at the hattlc of El Ciiney. and tt was not used for conveying the wounded to the rear. SneakiiiK of other incidents of this bailie, he said there wan Ki-reral surprise that an Inflated balloon had been can led al the head of the .-mucking column, thus Indicating 10 the Spaniards Ihe exacl locution of the troops, but he did not know al whose orders this had been done. 1 He said Ihe town ot Slbimey was without exception the dirtiest place he hud ever seen In his life and th-it no effort was made to clean il up before the fever broke mil. There was a de- of propel food at Ihe fever hos- pltnU and Ihe cookiny: wus generally pour. Any one in this hospital was liable to contract yellow fever. He had been ii patient In the hospital and said there had been no m-slect "f patients by the medical attendants at this hospital or ut the hospiials for the wounded. He hud Ivtiowr HUrKeons in the latter hospitals to work sixty hours without cessation. "Why did they not have more surgeons?" asked Colonel Denby. The witness said he could not answer. Cliniu North on Ihu Cnlirhli. .Major Komeyhe said he had come north as a convalescent with many other convalescents on the transport Concha, and he criiicised the provisioning of the vessel In severe terms. Many of the men were compelled to Bleep on board bunks without blankets or pillows uml with no coverins ul niuht except the cotton uniform they wore ilurlrirlhe day. "The water was offensive to both slRlil and smell," he said, "and the food was poor and scfinty. none heliiR provided especially for convalescents. The meal was canned and inferior and much of the hard tack moulded." He also stated that there was only one physician mi board the vessel and tbnI he was a convalescent. Six men bad dleii mi the way up anil Major Itomeyne expressed the opinion, in response to a iiuestlim from Captain llowell. ihai «'llh proper attention and (•ootl fdo'l ih>' hves of at least some of these men could have been saved. He saia he WHS nimble V<> place Ihe responsibility for ihe m-el.'.'t. hut that Hie caplaln of thi' vessel had slated thai when he made application to RO lo lanialca for fresh food and water before siartiiiK on the voyane from Sanliauo, the request was refused. i iisrMltl'.SCK MAY KM>. .sitiiuUh <'ominii«- iket; I lit lood pure, wbolcnn* end tftllclou*. POWDER Absolutely Pure MS VEII\ raiM British Warships at Wei-Hai-Wel Cleared for Action. IMSSIIX nil IT \T I'OKT AIITIiri!. Hellcl hi l.iimliin 'rtiiil lln* ItiMir HIM II,.i hlril lii l'ii-h I'm-tuinl Hi« Aims In (lie I in I-.'U'.I lit I'mi'llilj Si-1/.lnit Mir I'.n-l nr N,.» Oiuiiiit: I-:HI;|HIII' Mnhiine I'n- III I Illi I h \\ ;i III jirKi. I- n mpr. Nov. :,. All Hie I'.ril- ie i In- lit "I-i la?> bal- nl'iMi.n ll»- ili'Mrn.t i mini- nl. They show some alight corn- pas-.mi for Spall:, but advls.- SiiKatita to yield to the. Inevitable. I.-.M! r.-slslaiu-H luml t., win-He resnlls. Tills sensible tmie of Hie Kreiirh press dmiblb'ss will ilo much to CIIIIKC Spain lo think Iwlr-e before .-ndlm; iieunllulioiiH. Tin- opinion prevails here thai at Ibe m-elliiK KriOay the Spanish eoimulssloiieis will tlisl pi-'iicsl. Ihen threaten and then ask delay. Ilowver. Senor Montero l!l,i» rtr.d his cn'VivRUe* are Ri-eatly In- fliienc.e.d hy Ihe domestic situation In Hie iier.insiila, and as everytliinR there Is niosl r-huotic il is Impossible to divine what they limy do. They cannot fll ihemselves twenly-fuur limirs ahead. Ni,lillt>tV lti'inHiu<. {,'omlug lluiu<*. Wa---hlnRion. Nov. 3.-Tin- following cable has been received at tin- war department: ".Saiiliaun ile Cuba. Nov. 1.—Adjutant fleneral. Washington: Transport Panama has sailed with remains of following named: Captain W. M. Dickinson. Lieutenant M. Mltchle. Seventeenth infanlry: Lieutenant Thomas A. Wans- boro. Seventh Infantry; Sergeant M. U. Itussell. First volunteer cavalry: J'rl- vates Fred 1!. Tiift. Silas fndeislaves. Junior i'\ llankenson. Harvey Itandall, W. C. C.reen. J. C. KiiiK. Second Mn«- saclutseits volunteer Infantry. C. .'. Cullman, Thirty-fourth Michigan volunteer Infantry: Privates A. (.leisnmn. Sidney A. Scliolleld. Sevenly-firBt New Vork volunleer Infanlry; Private John Nikoden. Flist Illinois volunteer infnnlry: .lames \V. Wheeler. Secomi volunteer Infmitry. "WOOU. Conimandins-" l'ie»\<leiil liny «'" I" I'lliup lluiollli'". Washington. Nov. -'I.- 1'residenl Mc- Klnley uuiv RO by Lexlimlon. Ky.. anr: reviesv the twelve regiments now at On m p 1-1 am I llmi on his way to Canton to vole. A delegation of promlnenl citizens of Lexington waited on the president and extender! Hie invitation. They were Muyor Siinrall. en-Lieutenant Governor Alford. Leonard O. Cox. and W. J. Longbridge. The president stated that he would be very glad to accept tht Invitation If posslbl.e and would Itlve Ihe delr-BaU'in _tt»_ answer later. Huntsville. Ala.. Nov. 3.—Major <~!en- erul Chaffee has assumed command o( Hie Flrsl division. Fourih .orps. with hcad.iuurters east of Huntsville. A squadron of Hie Fifth cavalry will B« to Savannah Thursday and embark f»f Porto Hicr>. Lleulemint Colonel Whlt- slde of the Flrih cavalry was promoted to a r-olonek-y and Is now in command of tin-- Tenth cavalry. ItfKliuriil Onlrreil : Washington, Nov. Iiartnient has ordered of the Twenty-second New York regiment. Colonel Franklin BarlleU. nifcrn- ber r)f congress. commandlnA- The reg- imenl is now ul Fort Sloeum. The department has substituted the Wyom- InK battery for the l.'inli battery in making designation of troops to go to Manila. |.ON(i HIlillKX IIKKAW'ATION. f I Nil! ' i 1 ' Hi lllli.ile YVhililiu. Ill Fume. Ihe l,,ip.'i!<i-l'.uut destroyer Jlandy, and Ihe ill si -i !MH« Knnboat I'eii- i in k -Imve cleared for ac lion uml al" leady for s.-a :ii an hour's notlie. Tin 1 lll-Kl-elUSS hallleslllp V II t Ol'loll S> H lid Hie Ih HI-i.lavs iiuis'-r rnrlamiteil al Clie-Kii.. are co.illnc '" 'heir lull ca- pailly. The si-catcsi secrecy is ninin- luliu'd as I" Hi" incanins of these warlike preparations, but there is no doubt Important Insli m lions nre expelled a! any momeiil. -\ large linsslun tleet i* assembled al I'ort Arthur. Neui.f,r <iraM' I liipiirlinu'e. Lonrlon, Nov. M. Tii.' dlspalch from \VH-Hi'l-\Vel annonm-Ins Hi" war preparations i>l the I'.ritish naval authorities there is regarded here as being of grave Importance, coupled with the An- ulo-French n«r preparation*. It is sur- mlsi-d that Itussla. proiltliiR by the present strained relations between (Jii>at lirllaln and France, has decided to push forward her alms In the far east hy forcibly sei/.ing the valuable treaty port ol New ChwanK. which Cireai T.rilain cannot permit, it is said. \vu.i. VI-AHTI.I: AI.I. i:ritoi'^ lu^lwretl Onl. ::.—Tht.- war de- tin? musler oul llniuivrr. I'll.. Nalliinal IluiiU rambler l» Hli.irt *»7.0(111. Hanover. Pa.. Nov. 3.--A Ions hidden delleiency. reac-liins about $57.0110, lias been discovered In the accounts of the late John II. Alleman. cashier of the First Nalliinal bank of this place, who died alioiit three weeks a«o. The books have been in tin- hands of expert accountants since Allemuirs death and the fhorlnK' 1 «'"* tllus revealed. Mr. Alleman hud been tin- cashier <>' the bank for tweiHy-elRlii years and al no lime was he ever suspected of wronjjdoinK. His defalcations were ci.verly covered up by means of "kll- Ir.g." or (iie use of drafts on different nut of (own bunks, mid thus deceived the InnU examiners. Mr. Alleman was ui.iler bonds of *:{U,nOO and the bank will therefore suffer little, and H still lias a surplus of $44.000 over all liabilities. Tile Ililllnli (iovernmenl Aliiiul lo M»be HII liitpoi-lanl T.ln\«. London. Nov. ::.—Thai the British government is about to make an Important move whidi will starlle the nations of Kurope and Is more than likely to result ill war Is certain. That the impr.-c.:dent"il reparations in naval ami military circles now being pushed to Ihe extreme limit in every iiuarler of the globe when- F.iiK'land has resources lo draw upon is not In anticipation of any trouble with Frame over F-.ishodu i? also certain, inasmuch as France has yielded lo ^upland's demands, and I-VI»M now Captain Baratler is on his way to Cairo with orders for Major Murclmnd to withdraw his forces from (he district occupied by him. There remains bul one reasonable ,onclusion—thai KnKhuid Is ahoul to declare a protectorate over Kgypt. virtually making- the land of the Nile a part "of the British empire. England lias already—In the Fushoda mailer- declared that Bahr-el-Chazal district to be a part of Ks.vpt. ruder this declaration. It is asserted, the sultan of Turkey suzerain «.t the khedive of Egypt, | U ,s' icedcrt by imperial edict the leasehold of the Uehr-el-GhaKiil dlstricl to France to embarrass Hrlilsh assumption in F.gypt. Fvhlenlly il Is the iiilenllon of Oreut llriiain m' lake Ih.- bull by the horns iml proclaim » prole'-lorate over Ksypt before ihe sultan's conressious to Krunce can become Hi.- subject of International conference or by other interested powers. Having taker, this bold step. England can not recec'e. and has placed herself in a position t" defy interference. H will remain f.-r tin-'obje> Uu« nations to nulellv submit or declare war. and KiiRlaml al this moment, seemingly, is Indifferenl as to tlielr choice. •Jlie riiKluiiln <liii'.>ll«ii. Lordon. Nov. :;.--A semi-ollicial note. !•!><« live lo the reporls of a setllellient of th", Fns\vodu (luestion. says: "The matter is substantially In the same po- silioii as whi-n the blue bonk and yellow hook were published. It is not alv licipnlfd that France will take further uclion iinlil Major Maivhund's arrival at Cairo on Thursday, when exp.ana- tlons will lie rorlhcomhiR as tu his ivu- POIIS for leaving Fuxliodu." Oiilereil llai'U to l'>iitiliiiull. Vancouver. H. C.. Nov. a.-Admiral Paulson's secretary, who hart left here for an up-country point, has been urgently telegraphed i" iviuin to Ksqul- malt HI once. All is excitement in naval circles. Til.- Scotchmen of Vancouver recognizing Hie gravity of the situation, oiler to inlse a regiment and plan- Hie same al the disposal of the goveinment for s.-i vices either at home ur abroad. rri'iii'li Spy A rri'Hli'd. London. Nov. :!.--A Frenchman has been arrested at Hover for attempting to enter the big- gun lurret on the ad- niiraliy P'er there. ...,.,:..,.;,,!. inn! "ill i'" know;: •:« .'::• I'nlled Hliil'-s 'T .'"Uml Am'-rlc:i. The iT.rni ..t govciium nt place* the I'-mpo- IHI-V mniriil of lln udnilnlsirutimi In ibe hand" of Hin-e i epi esi-nliitlves. on" from cMdl "'HI lf\. These Illlee olll- rlnls \\ !H i onl inll" In pri\\ er mil I! Mlllcb 14. ISH'i. when Ihey "ill foi imilly eleel 11 pM M.I- nl. who Mil! hold olllco f,,i four ye:l!~. llit> I'll lilt* Mi'lll Ip Inr l'l\i> Vi-m.«. SI. .liecpll. .Mo.. Nov. :!. .tils. Ilillll- nwa.\ mid Aloir/ii Arbuiy. each IS years nf UK", who !„•!.,m>,-il in Ihe band of innHS'-iiK"! boys dial held up ami al- lemplcd tci lob " llorlliiBlim express i ruin ii"i)i her.-, weie y.'Slerday s-n- tr.mi'd In Use yetirs' iniio-lsocmein In Hie penlli-nllary. Tin- others of th" ba'nd r.'i-f-lveO len-y.-nr sentences nev- eral duyi iig". The oldesl of ihe i-on- •Virls IS bill S- \eilrs of i.g". I,,,.I III. I.ell Arm lonlpl'-li-lj . . ..bki.fh, Wlp., Nov. .'t, Havid Walt. ;\ mlllnilRht al Hi" Williamson & Ll\i- bev Kash, I'ooi and blind mill, had Ills arm l»i" completely oil'-nlay morning, wbl'ie workim; near some sharilllK H Is l."ll"V"d he will die. ^V!^lt IP *>0 years "f nge nnd hns a family. Milwaukee. Nov. a.--.1. 11. Tiiyloi was ari-i'sieii by Iii'iecHv- Markcy. i-liai-Red with huvl'r.1! abiindiireil his wife and family. In the police court II was chHi-Ked lliui Hi" defendant had two wives, one lUing ill Hils city and the other in Chtc;u;o. Wife No. 1 claim* thiit :-he was married to Taylor at Racine in '- s '- )4 - while wife No. -' has u cerlillcute showing that her marriage was performed this year In Chicago. Tavlor denies lh p Hrsl inarrlaKe. but admits the latter. Justice Neelen sentenced him tu the house of correction for one year for abandonment. .I,.«i>i- .liilili'" Mny H» Tree. Kansas City. Nov. :i.--The chances of Jesse James. Jr.. being brought to trial at any time ill the near future on Ihe charge of train robbery seem to be growing oim. Judge Shuckelford, in whose court the I rial must be held, If it Is ever held, is still making his campaign for re-election. Jesse James, Jr.. meanwhile has srt up a cigar stand in the criminal court building and is doing B thriving business. It is suld by old- timers Hint the train robbing Industry will be given a decided boom by the Jesse James. Jr., liasco. •:'*?. ' Another Spanish Victory I I I He's captured Battle A*. ' You may be disappointed in war, in politics, or in business, but you will never be disappviinted Woman « llennl <>' l-'ni'ldgu MUnlon*. Sprlngnekl, Mass.. Nov. :).—The regular session of the Woman's Hoard of Foreign. Missions opened in the First congregational church with devotional exercises, Mrs. Judson Smith of Boston, presidert of the board, presided. Nearly two hundred deloeales were present, representing a district extending as far west as Ohio and as fat- south as Washington. U. C. Miss Aubie K Chllds read Ihe report of the home department. A memorial to Mrs. Bowker was read by Mrs. X. O, Clark. Wagon Fni'toi'y Deitro.vr.l. Minneapolis, Nov. 3.—Shortly after midnight the Thompson wagon factory at St. Louis Park, a suburb of this city, burned to (he ground with seven freight cars loaded with beets for the sugar factory. The factory had just been leased by Lindsay Bros., who were to begin operations at enco. Loss, $60,- CfiO. Sixteen Families Made I!om«lpm>. Middleshoro. Ky.. Nov. 3.—There was a disastrous tire on Shrewsbury avenue. Thirteen houses weie burned and six-teen families are out. The houses were owned by the Town company and the Manchesier Building company of Manchester, Kns- They are covered by Insurance In London companies. I'.tfB'* f« r a 1* relict if I'. Nlles. Mich.. Nov. :'..--The residentu of the Rev. II. K. I'.ready of Sturgls wa» bespattered with eggs. Mr. Bready 13 pastor of the Methodist Kpiseojjal church and be lm» been conducting a vigorous campaign agaliist saloons and slot niachlncs. (JruveH Deh.-ci'ale.l l.y lioo.lluins. Miles. Mich., Nov. ;{.—Hoodlums entered the cemetery al Almena. Kala- riiazno county, tipped over and broke Hfty-two monuments. Many giavea were otherwise desecrated. It is the one chewing tobacco in the world ^hat is always the same good chew—and the largest piece at the lowest price. Try it to-day. R emember the name. when you buy again. We Have an Elegant Line] of J WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. I 203 West Third Street. Licensed Oouer.l Superlnleodenl ind MccB.alc.1 l)r«uf hUmw. ,03 W. TMIHO STHHBT. TWrd Ploor J. **• FURNITURE. When wialtng Furniture call anil »«* We into turely plea*e yvu. SUTTER & +***-' tin u, Thlni Street 210 V*. Third Street J. Bauer & Sons HURNITUKB, Undertaken and Kmbalmern. Second Street. City Hall. Alton, III l'iit»ilib' Aelloii "I H «luii«r*«t k'rlilu.v'" H<*«lliiK. Carls. Nov. :'..- If ihe Spanish peace ciimmlHsinneis break up the conference Friday mornliiK. Hie time Ihey have set for reliiri'lr-B an answer lo Hie American demand* as lo the I'hillppines, because Hie fulled Slates demands all of the arelilpcduB.'. the acllon will not be HO Important as mliiht seem at llrsi blush. The aim of the Spanish coin- mlssloncis now is not su'inudi to suve Hie islands to Spain as to escape pui- llnit their mimes to the nvaiy which ceil, t those Islands. That Is an act which may he mined aKainst the commissioners' hy i heir political enemies al home The conduct which is lo be ..iked lor l''rbla> will be personal ami ullvidual nilln-r Hum national, and II be. taken for Krantnl thai Ihe panlsli people Mill i -ove Hie .iclion f tin- lommlsisoiicis. All Hi" I'arl" mmnliiK papers l"U..'ll i Hie siible. t. and Ihe evenliiK |iaper« mialn luaduiK edlim luls expiessln« nrpilS" in lb" Amerlciin deiimua*. nlldly WamioK i In- Wituhlimton cuv- ,.,F AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCHBU." TRY SAPOLIO. I3UCV.IQII » f»li*iv^ 3WV6. botil «ftlve In Uie world for ouU, loren. uloern, e»lt rlieuiu, f*- vcr Bored, totter olmpped lianda, oltu- blulua, corna »ud all akin erupUona, and i»oBltlvuly ouroa pile a, or no p»y required. It la gunrftuteed to give uBrtect aftUefwiUou, or money refund»d. ITIou 86 oenta per box. For Mle B. Mttruh. A lion and Dpper Alton Ui. Hed'H J'ine-Tar-Holley i» I.Him ID lluiluiig»,«>i>UlnBtUn lilluyiiiK tin' Tnllttliunuiion. unit Htrwnxtliwnlng, U will (itiru a*i!ini|ili or H rold in oni' nlKUt mid oilillwriilBH U" 1 lii"K H I'll" 1 " 8 ' 1 tne Inimptlnii »l tllHtmBo. Mi'- nt good (IrtiK lures. No i!uraa|no pay^ j^vmS^^s^i^ WushliiBttin. Nov. J.•• Tin- iiimloll ili-liin-lini'iil hus iinAcri'il ixn InntiViilUm In the postal servU'i- Ijy tin' ..-xpfriimMi- lal I'lialillHliiiicni >il u "postcillli-i- mi wlit-fls" 1" "iii'i-aii- in Hi.- vl.-lnlly uf \Vi-stiiilnsli-i'. Mti- 'I''"' Ji.'i'Nl'-' 1 . "Inch Is in licsln xlini'tly. .-alls f"i' il"' llso "' U nii-IUl ttllB"!' l " II'UV.'I OV.'I- " di'SIB- r;iud ri.uli' In i'in"il "llsti'li-ls. M«"l l,,,xcs <un I"' iiliin-il :H '"i"" I"' 1 '" "" llu- null" fni f-vfry I'linni-r MvliiK wllh- ln ii inlli> ur i«'"> "f Hi'' |ii-»P'isi'il ruiili-: un,l iiiitll will !"• rollf'-f'l U.iT.-froni. 'I'lii* runliMiiplali'fl inno\"iUioM will ha\<- IIIMIII'.\ iinl.-r anil i-.'BlKtry iniill.T I'a- l-lllll.'S. Trli-il <<> Hi I'"' H»»)K.V. I.,,inl..n. N»v. :: - -Mai'lln I>. Iturlii-r. „ f,,nn,T pruiiiuiii .,f l.lryi-I.- .•.,iiipiin- i,.« win. was i-liiir:;.-.l with coiHi-inpl of cmiil in iMUl''iiv.irliiB '" iiidiifi' I'iinicHl T.-mli llniil'-.i 'h'- liiinkriipt r.iini'i'ny ,„,„„„„.,. i,,'all,-i i-vld.Mi,'.' wlil.'h II-- !!,.«.l,.rl upon Hi" llombi-i- .•.viiip«»y >ll- mt.irx «»« I'""' 1 j: -"° "'"' ''" sl? ' "" was Iti'rlh.-r ,.r.l.-r.-l to pay Hi.- inon.-y | ml in-.lliilcl.v or B.I I" prison. Mr. 'I""-. l,.y .|i.i!aivil llml Hui.lii-r. i" '"'I"' 11 '" 1,,'u, ,lii,.,.|o|.» of Hi" HiiinlM-i' rompnny. ,,ir,.|.-il him C.-I.IHHI I" .•hiiiiB.' s """' '" llu- .-\li|i-n.'<' Pi-'-Hi-nl.'.l In ili" I"""'" Illplry p|.|,|.'"-.llnBli. Tlldl. I'ollil" "'"I «••»' I" '• """• WllrnliiKton. I'l'l- • N '" 1 ---Ali' 1 ' 1 ^'.' 11K ,.,| Hi ill.-.I li'oin a .I""" "f "" I""son wtiirll slir lool. with Mil.-l.lKl in'„.„,. rtl,,. h:.." ri-."lM-l I"'' ''""I'"''-" ..niiM-ni l.> K" 1" " iiii'x.iu.'nMl.- imiiy I,,,, I,-, r.ilh.-r .,l,|.-,.|.-.l. Tl.h- .au.,,1 I,,.,. pa.vnlK I" i|inin'"l. aid. «'h«-:i M'" ,„„!, !„.,• niullin's pun. ln-i- l.ilhci s , n ,,.U h.-i'. AH"'" "" 1|; ll1 " "" iK ""' , liu .|;,.,l In-rsrir anl w.-nl Ki Hi- pin-U. , ., sll ,,ii tlin.- .-Ii" .,.ii:i,l.nn..l nl liiltHi ul 'Iliri-i' Ciiuiilili'". San I'Vain Is.-o. N'>v. '•'•• -Word I-" bi-.junhi from Smith Aniprlcu !>>' Hi" sleuniKliip Ai-ipuli-ii or Hit- roHlitlmi of thi-t'i' (VnliMl Ain.-i'ii'un stall's. Tlu-y are Siilvador. Nil araguu and Jiniuluras. whli'li In-roiilirr will In- iiii<Vi:.i_oni:_aAi. For Rats, Mice, Roaches, ~ and Other Vermin. IT'S A KILLER. After eating, »ll vermin »eelt water and the open »"• Hence ih'm killer is the most cleanly oneanh. For Sale by all Druggbtt, Price, 15 Ctnti. NEWTON MANUFACTURING & CHEMICAL C0.i 95 WUIiom Street, New York. S Dr. Willlanih-lwllaal'lle (iluuneiiiwill.-iu-e liihiU. iiiiM ' - uud lu-\iU>s ,. . , lid. Dr. \Vlliiiinis •'»Jiiil mMilNi.n-|.ar,-.l«.i- I- iii-sunil lu i irlvum I'urix '•• v ""' 1 ""'' »urt>«. .'he ibiriy-iniru aim..a. '','"'" ."j','1,,,.',^ • Amei I 1 an Insl Ituie ") > Is In session In Washington. Dr.BulIs COUCH SYRUP Curei Pleurisy and Pneumonia. TUB bert wu-Jjly '"£ '""« THE EXCELLENCE OF SYHUP OF FIGS is due not only to fie oriirinulity ai..l Biraplicity of the comliiniiliun, but iilsti to the care uml skill witli which it is uiftnufucttvrod IJ.Y sciontilli! pr<iivssi-s known to the CAI.IKOIINIA I'KJ Sviti'p Co. only, and wo wish to impress upon all the importuiiuo of purchasing' tin- true nud orlglnol remedy. As the genuine Syrup of 1-Vs is mamifactured by the CALIFOIINIA l''m Svitt^i' ».'i>. only, a knowledge of that fuel "ill asaUt one in avoiding the worthless ImltMionB uianiifiu'tiired bvol.lic." parties. Thelilgh Btiiiulinjf ol the CAM- rollNIA I'lO Hviii'i- Co. with tlii'ineii:- cnl profession, uml tin- satisfaction which thu genuine. S^-rnpof l'i«s 1ms given to millions of families mal.c.'- tho name of the Company a guaranty ot the oxci'llouce of its remedy. II is fur In advance of all other hixalives. us it outs on tin' lu.lne.v>. liver ami bowels without irritutiiiH or wculicn- iii(f them, ami il i*oes not yripe m"' nuuseulo. Inorili-rtoifet il- hencllcial offeutb, ph-use remi'mlicr Hie mum 1 »f Uio Company -CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO, • AN 1 Qrs. O. and H. Taphorn. HHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OKKIOK in M'Hike builduiK. Cor. and and Easton sis. Hbolies 138 and 171. / F. SCHUSSLBR.M.D. HOMHOPATHIST ioJ SURGEON NO RKB'DENCK. HOTBL MAOW(" TeloDhoue 100 QR. C, B. RON LAND, DENTIST, OBctllourii l».».»OHi". •"« ' lp " ' II W TII1KU KKMf I- C. & //. K. Lemcn i>i'i:w ALTON, n i.. HOllltH 1lo»«.m; II to I. • «" * p, Til rPH<> N ' "7. UISCHAlUil:S OBTAINll) IN HAIXCKRUPTCY In Short Time. Y«gcr & Yager. Attorneys 3I.C. Bellt buecl. J8 -"& Henry Watson, Contractor and Builder. McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Alwayi on band. Alao Dealer la Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Paris Side Tracka Running Into the Quart-lea. Telephone No. 31. Residence 628 Alby »t. Electric Power. We are prepared to contract for Electric Powerlat Low Rates, . . . If you know of any manufactrer who s seeking location ask him to correspond with us. Electric Motors can be used for running Elevators; operating all kinds of machinery; pumping water: In] fact any mechanical application. call on us for incandescent Lights, Arc LI p ower . Telephone 93. VHRN You will iiiul nil (lie BEST REMEDIES -Atf- Marsh's Drug Store, You might like to try our 8p*f for cold In the ue»d, o» PoWd" or for an all over you wW- * •"' .,-„/

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