Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 31, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 31, 1898
Page 4
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the Telegraph's Circulation is by Far the Largest in the AItons==Over 400 New Subscribers in one Week. TO BRING NEWS OF THE SEA, woutM are Mnny people barn the candle of life al both ends. S o m t men who never go Into Ttclous dlnlpa- Htm DM up tbetr en ergle« just M much by overwork or lute hours; «nd nearly all ._ — £ TOhlpelled by rlrctimnUncei to B« up thetr vital powers beyond all rea. ton! It may be In housework : or social ?«*« n *«; «f the bearing and rearlnVof c«j|ldr»ni! At any rate the candle of ll?e (• too rapidly consumed. M Jf* 0 f tet , Medt f £ hB i e thelr n » t f"' constantly reinforced in the »«me , «h«t it l» used up. They need wii, 11 * help of Dr Piece's fiolden Medical DlMorery. It is a powerful altera- {i™.*. nd ^ i ?. v " rfef ? nt , of the d l^»t'"e func Uon« «nd liver; it cleanses the blood, and * a * ke j ??,*, h "'S 0 * 1 and «e»lthy flesh. Nerv. oua, debilitated women should take it in jojjnnction with Dr. Plerce's Favorite Pm. •criptlon which is specially designed Cot female weakness and nervous tronMes 111 Stubborn Battle Won by the Cap tain's Friends. COURT WIU SiOT RKMU.SK IlfM. and . C«l»rCrt., spliicrttiBt In n In all. ™- mytroublea. _, n Pr Tif' lon -u ' loolc ner taking the fint ,' th l, nlc J,' m «"lr" I can do .11 mym>rlcadd itnon my " '" much beltfr hMllh »«>* A <,"?5 P^T'lrian of the Invalids' Hotel and Sunrlcal Inntitute, of Buffalo N Y careful professional advice will be obtained 1 KAMA T* and s J? eci »j'y adapted to the Individual case. Dr, Plerce's great icoo- kdvlser WU1 be sent fret ! cost of postage. •prMontln* •> lint-pi*«« Iniur. MID* ConiDtnlM FOR SALE. Tb» Dr. Harfv property norner 8th and Albr m. Lot 120x1X1 feet with a dwelling!. A 4-room dwelling on Baiton atreot bat. 1Mb «nd 11th «ta. Lot 4Sxl20 feet. Price »700. The residence of Ooo. Klraob on Belle street; 8 room* and bath room; In good re air. The lO-room renldanoe of B. H. Nlcholn on Lanjfdonit. Lot 7ftxl70feet. A fine location. Aflnng-room dwelling (nearly now) with bath Worn; heated by curnara; In Mlddletowo. The flne lot of Dartd Doyle on Bluff street with 4-room brtok dwelling. The J. M. Ton«nr homoataad containing about 4> aoreai fine 10 room dweningjfrult of all kind. Some flne lota on Bluff atreet with brick paring and lewort no grading, In T. L, Pouldi add A One (-room brlok dwelling, heated with •team. Lot 120x120 teet; flne fruit i halt blook ftom Henn- street. A deelrable realdenoe on Prospect atroet with Tronma. Heath with furnaoe. Lot 90 feet on Pnxpeot atreet. Thn French Army Offli-cr Not t«i llavi- III. Mlmrlr at I'ri-^.nl |-nrl« 1'npr.r I'llli- lllhm • nrnnntlunnl Artli-ln HurliiK Thnl llnvn Ilron Ilnrnrd —M. Dapny Haiti To lie Having Tmiibl* In Fortnlna; ft »w Frpnrh Mlnlntrr. ParlB, Oct. 31.—At Infit the wheels of JuHtlne arc tiirnlnB and tho i-renklrii; ntenlfl across the whlte-i-re.ili-il waves to the Isle dn Dlnlile, where, In his sun- eaten solitude, slls Alfred Dreyfus, the victim of a serrct trial, a revision of Which has Just Iw-en ordered. The court of ccKsatlon (rave heed to the report of M. Hard nnd accented the Injunction of Public Proneeutor Manaii— Dreyfus jteln a revision. A supplementary Inquiry will be In- Btltute.d, but Dreyfus will not breathe tho air of liberty an li| H friends hnd hoped. Hl« releaHe wns not order""! by the court. This must not lie coii.ildi-rcil a constructive refusal to release tin- prisoner, for a strong appeal was made which the court declined absolutely lo Brant. IHntlrr Knlil In Hi- Iluriieil. And now comes n sensation which may not down unless the morsel prove a delui!on--lt Is thut the secret dossier and other documents dear to Dreyfus; could hl» friends but use them In hl<l behalf, have been burned. This story wan started by M. VVOH Guyot, whose claim IB printed In the Slecle. Ho says the papers were burned some days a«o. In support of this Is the knowledge that General de Uolsdeffre, soon nfler Dreyfus was sunt to his ocean-bound coll, ordered that all thenc document* should be consljrnt-d to flame. He Is sold to have been ancry when he learned his orders had not been carried out. Th« sudden appearance of a wild-eyed, roughly dressed dynamiter of worldwide reputation, bearing a loaded and primed bomb under each arm lit the court of cessation, would have caused little more consternation than did the oloclns words of Public Prosecutor manau's address to the Judges. Hunt Find tho Culprit. M. Mannu declared the court could Krrneh I.liii- flrnmrr* lo R«<nf>ll*h nn ttvrnn 1'nrrtrr I'lireon Berflce, Welcome niesfWKfs will soon bo flying home tu nnxious friends from tho big trnnsatl.'intlo steamships by means of j t minor! pigeons. UHpfnin Gabriel Roy- natirl, a Kreiioh cavalry 'iffir'er, has arrived in New York for tho purpose, of estnlillshinx a cnrrinr niRRoii Bervirjo on thn Frendi lino ctuntriHliips on this sid of tho Atlnutlc, such ns ho has cornplet filnco lust .Inno on thn Krnnnh sidn Tho captain snys this cnrrinr plgoo; servico has two purposes. There is thi humanitarian omi of allaying the arixi ely of wniliuK friends and rnlativos hy messafies from delayed or dis allied stcnniiihips. Then also pasnengnrs >nn oomiuunlcato with loved ones lio- 'ore thvir vessel arrives in port. Captain loynnnrl hns uiadii a sttuly of tho carrier pigeon for ninny years. Ho is the author of snvernl articles on thn mlnpta illilynf trninprl hirdd, havingsnlunittoil otho Kiench Aunrlpiny of Soiencos cor- nin thooriON rpgnrdiiiK them, aurl is tho nventiir of tho colornbier niobflo, a pi- eon dot. He organized last year a car- ier pigonu cnrvluri fur tho Kron«b oriny. Oaptnin Keynuud arrived in New York recently and will roranln for u. fow days longer, returning to Havre on tlioTonraino. Ho reqnoets that Atnori- cnn plgooti ownon coinnuiiiicatii willi him through tho general agent of tho A fine property on thenorth side ot Second •net, west of. Lsngdon street. An S-room dwelling with lot 120x120 feeti flne (rait. One of the Onest location In Middle Alton A 9-room dwelling with about ivt acres ot ground. Fine fruit and shade trees, t blocks from oar line In Upper Alton. A flne lot on 4th street. tkngral Ore lots on Belle street between Itth .A two atory brlok store sod dwelling und a two story brick dwelling on aame lot corner of M and Vine sts A good Investment. <fln« lota on 4th street near Ut. Oarstsng Tte flne'double dwelling of Mr. R. Qaratang, by steam wltb modern Improvements. ..T desirable 8-room brlok dwelling, I.. itreet, wltb all modern ImproTements. i Plasa Foundry, everything complete: In—10 lota; switch connection with C. A A. Novelty M{g, Co. property on 3d street, low in Highland Park, nth 70 by about alx room dwelling on State street. Prlo* go6d 8-room dwelling on Second street, i'rwo flne lots on Alby street i *ie dr-"-'- •—•-•-•-- fewT-' 1 1 •aaSn? **" rOOB> d **" Ua< loVpper Alton, gpu<- ' >good lot Wiloofeet on Easton street. Afood brtok dwelling with m lots In Mlddlo- ttwn. Convenient to motor Plnetooatlon. * I™A Investment "•""•le residence of Albart Wade on Bell* . rtth 10 rooms and flnlsbed stllo, bait ashroeas. Ooodoallar. Gas'and water landoarrlagehonse. Lot U feet trout, or rent, other desirable property noi s room'brlsk dwelling on William street. kSroom'dwetllngwIth 1 good lots on riftn f net, east of nidge street, Price, 11.900. * —ISrooni brtok dwelling wltb I lots on ~i .ym» double brtok dwelling, corner Tulra and ; fc A»r ttreete, on* of tbe flneit looatlons to Allot •- a ~^i t.foua dweUlngi good lot and fln« FOR RENT, the two itory brtole dwelling with 8 roomi.oa JteUerlew tyenue now occupied byj. Moulton, A»-room dwelling OD »rd ttreet with btth fpOB with modern fixture*. Wew (tore room and two 4-room teaamenti With bath room 12nd street near Cherrr . Clawaon bomoatoad In Upper Alton I m*, barn and garden, now occupied - ufvl, »jtt*10room ^Jr*. Oeo. not annull tho sentence Imposed upon Dreyfus without a retrial of the prisoner. He added: "You must fix the responsibility. If Dreyfus I H Innocent, the culprit must not go unpunished." The public prosecutor, continuing, prwet-dod to argue on the same lines as M. Burd, the reporter of the case urging a revision of the trial and dwelling upon the fallibility of the writing exports. Ho also suggested UUJt Major Knti>rnuzy should testify on the Bubjcct of the bordereau, saying: VHe can Udmlt Its authorship with impunity, slnno a court-martial has ac- qurtttid him of being the author of It. Birt what a wnrvlce he has rendered to tho country In confessing that lie IH Its anther, and what a service he will render to unhappy Dreyfus." M.'Manau concluded with d«iouiielnp. "the "villainous attacks on I he partisan* of revision," and made a strong plea that tho court he not Inllueneed by out- Hide 'pressure, bin that It decide In favor of n revision of the awn, and the Immediate provisional liberation of Dreyfus. Letter from Gannral Gum... At this stago of the proceedings \r Bard rcud a letter from Ueiieral Qonzi- to the president of the r.ourt of cessation, In which the geneml said: "I havo Ju»i heard of ti memorandum Introduced In court, In which Plcouait accused me of dishonorable action I novur previously hoard of this memorandum, and I wish to deny most formally Plcquarfs allegations. I think my word IH of greater value than that of a man Imprisoned on the suspicion. of forg'ei-y •• called forth loud protests In court The- repprtor added thut a.s Colonel Pie- quart's memorandum was publicly rend It w«8 only Juslice lo read General Qonze'a denial. The president of the court ordered that the general's letter bo added to the documents In the rase and the court adjourned. Cabinet Not Yot Cluneii. PftrlB, Oct. ai.-lt Is expected that: M. Dupuy will soon made public the names of hl« cabinet ministers Rlbot Doicasse und Leygues have consented to serve, but It IH not known portfolio each will have. The papers here declare that Uu which In delaying the new cabinet lies in the minister of war. If M. do Preyiilnet re- fues to accepl the portfolio of war II believed th|il M. Dupuy will not east find a general willing to accept French linn, us bo intends on his rntnrn trip to relenjm as many trained piguong as possible in ordor to demonstrate tho vat ions ail vantages of tho service, which, ho predicts, will soon become profltahlo to those engaged in it. For a long time, experiments have boon made by tho French lino in order to determine tlio practicability of sending these birds with news of disasters at sea. "We can safely release onr trained carrior pigeons while still 200 miloa from port," said Captain Koynand. " Wo havo now ten pigeons aboard each ship. Hud tbo Canard linn steamship Umbria, which arrived hero on Oct. 17, BO von hours Into on account of an accident to her machinery, been able to avail herself of such a service, look how muoh uneasiness wotild have been spared the friends and relatives of those on board." It was through a pigeon released hy Captain Bcyuand that news of tho wrecking of the British sailing ship Bothnia and the caving of seven mom- bore of her crow ou .March 27, by tho Brotagne, was made known. When she loft Havre, the Brotngno carried 100 carrier pigeons on board, shipped witli n view of making experiments in ouso of a breakdown, rath as had happened not long bpforo to tho Champagne. Captain Keynand wue aboard her, in charge of tho experiments. When tho Brotaguo encountered the Bothnia and effected tho rescues, Cap- tuin Kernand released seven pigeons With the DOWH of the occurrence. Ono fell on the dock of tho British steamship Olmllerton, which carried the ntiws to Swansea four days before it could otherwise havo boon inudo known. This was tho first experiment ma3e with pigeons us curriers of tidings from transatlantic steamers. — New York Herald. .11 n<;r: WHO TU.KS H.AIM.V. C»M» n » ,r Hint ii l!i»thr-r .Imlg,- l.l tl r^ Illlli" (ill; In M.-nlif. Cli-y- land. o.. ij,-t. :;i -A«, n ivsult of a Ftnry \v.'iiib hns li. • n i ii'-iiia|i.i| riiir- Ins Hie pail iiv-i or tin-"-- ilijs In ih" «n"nrl thai Jiidiri- I-'. A In !l.-nii!iui:b, ur ! tin- coiiiiiidii |'.|.-nj iniiil. bud n-, ..|vi-d ' hr.lf of nn iitini n..y's .i-i-.'i In n lili; ill- vor-'-e c-iui. trl.'d b.-fm.- him, the Jiujg.- yi-sti-rdny mad' 1 a s.-iiKai!"ii:il Kl-iti ini'iu frmn the l«'i)< h. .M th-- "i" nlng nf n.url til* Jiidne an.PL and sal 1. "I wish t.i l..-i; ih,- pardon nf nllnr- ney» and lltlc.-infs fur IM.IIIR n llitli- tnrdy this mnriilrii;. I Imvi- bi-«n delayed by renson of i-i-rtnln storli's-lli-s - whlrh bavr- IH-I-II (!n iilnlid (iitalnst me. Attoiney \'i'rtiun liutki- Is tin- inHtlK"- tor of thi-fi. stnrli-s. and ,Iudi;i- I.omson. of tills I'uiiit, lias lii-i'i" i he rom!ull Ihruugli whli-li they won., given pulille- lly. I »lll only -.ay now ibat a bar meeting will d.-ti-i ii.ln,. whirl] nt these nicn, Miirhi' or Uiinsnii. Is tin- most mn- llcloiis liar," Hurk" IM a -lali- s«-nal',r nnd n wi-ll known iiit.ii-iify. II.- WHS the leader In the opposlll"in In ui" eleetlon nf M. A. llunnn fur t'nlleil Stains si-nalur In the slati' li.glNlalin-i. last wiiit-r. .Iiidni- l-/ainsi,in Is on.- of tin- , ommmi picas Judgi-x. JlifU-,1- Uelli'iiluiujrll Is a \ery Intlmnti- frl.-nd of yi-nnlor Ilarnai. frl-nil of SWIM)l,i:i> SKVK.VTV WOMKX. C'nrl COLONIZING MORMONS. Two Worker* Go Ii-rnm Utah to Ilritn- (loti, Manttolia. Joseph H. KlliHon and Alexnuder LelHbinna, D tuli farmers, passed through St. Paul tho othor day (JOIIIK to Brandon, Manitoba, ou tlio Northern Pacific. Thoy woi-o Bout by Lorouzo Snow, the now president of tlio Mormon oharch, to UBHist sovural oldura at liniudou iu UHtablifibiuK n Mormon oolony. They say ProHidont Snow's policy providn for oxtonoiva coloui/iiiK iu the Onite< StntoH nnd Cunada and not for tuo ceu tiHliiiutlcin of Mormon power iu Utnh. No niuri conlcl be moro ainoero in tlinir rolifiinog beliefs than those farm ors, who have left thoir homos urn! thoir all to preuoh in n new country, simply bonaoHo tbo presltlont assured thorn thoy wero oallorl upon to do eo by tbe Lord. Tbey receive no compeuHatiou for their evangelical labor, but will uot leave it for two years, tbo period specified by Uio president. Polygamy, they said, is not practiced at all by any Mormons, nor in iiny form is it part of tho croud founded by Joseph Hniitli aud per- peluutod by Urlfjbam Youtifc.—St. Paul i'louoer PranH. klllK Ncnteiici'il (» I'rlMill Inr Murr.vitiif Many Uldou.. New York o.-t. ,:|. rail IlnrkliiK. a Binid-l:iokiim (If i man, who said thai tin inly iiccupatl'in he had was marrying was si'iili'iir-d tn I'nur years' mi,rlMiiiimi.|ii by Judi, r i- l-'ll?.uernld. 11" had l.ecn |,,,1|, t,.,| f,, r K rand larn-ny In he Heeoiid d.-(;ii,. an a KI-I-OIII! orlens,- Hi thi! nmipliilnt of .Mi's. Mary l)o,.s. n vldow win. li.-ram,- ai-i|ii:iliited wit HeckliiK IhroiiKh an iLilvertlsi-ment. 11 told her that he was looking for u wlfi. ni:d they iiKM-ed lo t;el niarrlt-i.1. H borrowed $-i(JO from her ninldlsiippearet After heltiK wnierif.'i-d be admitted tha he had swindled si-venty women, man of whom In- had married for I hi- pur pose of setting possession of their sav "1 KUI.-SV I've men-fed one or inori women in every statf of the Union," h. snld. "Talk about tin- Klondike. Th' Klondike Is not In It r-ompared lo tin Klondike of Herman widows wlili-li nnj good-looklnt; fellow cnn find rlKlit ben In New York city." Working Woman's Home Association. 21 S- Peoria st, Obicngo, III., Jan 11, 1896.-Our Working Woman 1 ! Home Association used Foluj's Honey and Tar six years HBO, und are using ii today. It has n I ways been a fnvorl'e for while Us taste is not at nil unploaH- ant its «'ffocln are very beni-flclul. It has never vet disappointed UH. U'lsli- ing you .ill pofHlblo sucoeeH. sincerely yoiira.—Laura O. Fixon, Mgr " by E. Marbh and S. H. WJ-KH It lilts the Spot. When Buffering from a sev»re cold and your throat and lungo feel sore take a dose o'i ~ Foiey's Honey and Tar, when _ the sorenets will be at once w , relieved n warm, grateful jfeelinp a 11 d healing of tbe pana affected will be experienced and you will say : "It feels BO pood. Ic hits tbe spot'" It is guaranteed. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. A Fleshy Consumptive Did you ever see one? Did you ever hear of one ? Most certainly not. Consumption is a disease that invariably causes loss of flesh. If you are light in weight, even if your cough is only a slight one, you should certainly take Scott's Emuslion of cod Ifocr oil <wiib hypo- phosphiies. No remedy is such a perfect preventive to consumption. Just the moment your throat begins to weaken and you find you are losing flesh, you should begin to take it. And no other remedy has cured so many cases of consumption. Unless you are far advanced with this disease, Scott's Emulsion will hold every inducement to you for a perfect cure. All DrilKCifits, 5 nc. and fi. SCOTT » I'.nwNK. N. Y. Tin: \T:WS IN ill '.\i!h ,,\\ t..\,.| .-it - nn-ntnl- Sll<ll MM (inil till' 1 ::i'u;-->- :,,!,] v. ill -HIM "f !'.''XI \\.-i I;. '." million iliili.'iii; Is -.--Mid In lir 111' "i n III'"- ln-;miili'. i- |ii,|||.y tnKi'M ml I'Hid in .if X,-\v Yurli, Htiiiriiisi-il Ii "ii ii'lf"! T. Y'-i lii'«. nlthoiiKh UH ii 11 - '<!" tli< IHT^MII is nut illsi'l'isi'il. ;'ti- r.-ti-r iN'nlnn, <.'tmi|inny I.,. vVi.'-i-'Uisin. inn] 1'i'lviili' HiimiT ili'V, Ci'iii|i.-iny Li. First Kr-nttirk.v. I ty|il,i'IO fi'vi'i- in Sun Juan. VI. • irl.'i-imliiiMiil .-iiitl-miurrhlst roii- '•ti-ii'-t- will l>,. lii'lrt at IJnnii. in, NIIV. I. only I-:uni|i»tiii iliflf!,'al(>8 will IKII-- |i l|.;,|,. Th" •-:. in-ivil strikr "f Hit? li""l ,-unl In'.- |:..,i,.r<< in smithi-iisti-rii Mnssii- !'.IIM Its r.iclnrirs Ims lii'i-ti ili't-l.-n-i'd n|T. I."His Silvi-11111111. formerly n iin-ri-hunt •' K.-\\ <inr-i'. Ills.. Ims IMM-II lli-lil tn till' niml'.iiii-y In (|,:tl i-lly nn rhlirgi-s nf rlnnt iiulnatry of Purls Is (In; ire uf iny t-uldlc'i-s from smother tins I hat have been II. f 'ITS whut IIUWH- illllluiilty fonnatlon of Bt'lectlon of thu RBAL B5TATE, DURANCE, and LOAN AOEIST t" ROOM It, P.O. BUILDING. building lot Wll4S on Liberty utroet OroTeand Franklin, for WOO. ore fara ,8 mllei aoutn ot Brighton, Jn Ottltlratlon, ona-nalf good paiture, .. twojtorybrlok modem dwelling near n»r of. Third »n<I George streets, idw.Hlns,hpUM with law, lot on out of POUtE of Twelfth atreet. dwelling No. 821 Lot OOillo. Good street .dwelling houe and another ,«U po onTlot In good loc R«nt« tor IW p«r month : po onTlot In good location «nt« tor w8-roon>re«ld«noe on Bute ttr««t on JW _l«onOak atreet between the .and Big four R. R. tracks, suitable for "-- or manufacturing purposes 0 on east side of Xlwn atre bet. «W M<"J • i: ; tn»W,apntr county, halt mils itiod by rail or rlTer. buslnoss property, corner Ind immlmiloii Hlluutlun. Wellington. Oct. 31,-Advlccs from Paris ure to th» eiri.-i.-t thut there lo no elmngi- In tho peace rommlsHlon Bltuu- tlon, Thu administration linn the somt . hopoful feeling of suc-coca tlmt WIIH t-n- tertalned at tho uablnot meeting anil the Htatement IH reiterated that neifotl- utlons are In a fair wity to be brought to a spedy termination. The quentluu of the Philippine)! Ims not been formally considered by tho peace commission but there ban been somo InformaldlscuHAlon between the American and Spanish representatives with the remjlt that the American commissioners have Indicated to the administration that the settlement will not be us dltllcult us nuili-lp. ated some time ug<>. M«y Auk Arliltrutiun. Spi'lnulleld, 111., Oct. 31.—The Injunction cases UK-alnut Uilwurd Cahlll nnti twenty-live other miners ut Vlnlen brought by tliu Chiruso-Vlnlen Coal company to enjoin the miners from Interferlng: with the operation of the mine, were dismissed in Iho circuit court by complulmiiits. 11 IH bellowed this its preliminary lo an effort to arbitrate the difference between the 01 puny nnd UH employes, An rnterprlslng Druggist, There are few men more wide awake and enterprising than E. Marsh who spares no pains to secure the beat of everything In their line for their many customers. They now have tho valuable agency for Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, OoURhs and Golds. This is the wonderfnl remedy tbat is producing such a fnror all over the country by Its many startling cures. It absolutely cures Asthma, Bronchitis, Hoarseness and all affections of the throat, chest and lungs. Call at above drug store and get a trial bottle free or a regular size for 50? and «1. Guaranteed to cure or money refunded. For Babies and Children there is nothing so good j n t ne treatment of coughs and colds as Dr. Boll's Pine-Tar-Honey. It cures croup, whooping cough, cold in the head, and gives sweet, refreshing sleep. Children love it, eld people like it. Good droggists selllt. It has been fully demonstrated tbat Ely's Oream B»lm in a specific for nasal catarrh and cold In tho head. This distinction has been achieved only as the result of continued successful uae A morbid condition of the membrane In the nasal passoges can be cured by this purifying and healing treatment. Sold by drugglslR or it will be mall, d for SO cents by BIv Brothers, 5(1 War. ren street, New York. It spreads over the membrane, is absorbed and relief is lm_mediate. Coughs ana Colds in themselves are not serious maladies. The most trivial cough or cold if neglected, may load to asthma bronohltis, or consumption. The right time to treat a cougn or cold is rigot, away. Dolay means danger Dr. Boll's Pine-Tar-Honey is a quick cure, a sure euro, and a safe cure. 1'ivsi Turn,'! in u» to M-,. li'.v stuTi . is Well Ml-Klnlc'y l!,' s l«li-r« liy Alllil Clinton, u., <)i-(. :!!.—AJIttlavil Istrution Ims lipen ri-n-lvcil I'rin ill-ill MrKlnh.y by ThumiiK 1C. nf tin- rity liiianl of elw-.tions. HWrrlMK the usual qtiesll i-i fldi-nue, die., .Mr. MuKPiil that his temporary n-Hkii-r ItiKtoii, but Klvi'S sin \\Vst Tiisrtiruwiis stri'i-t us Ills iv:il i-i-KirleiiRe. Tills is the old MnKlnlt-y hnmesti'iul. The [H-I.-S- Irlc-nt Hwimrs It Is Impossible fur him lo be In (.>intini on nny n-KlKlxiition ilriy. Ntit 11 Siu-ri-HM on I lie Mut;*.. I'nrlsei-sburfr. \V, Vn., Ocl. Small, d.-iuuhlcr of Sum Smtii'. lii i-vanB'-^lst. who ulayi-d hi-rc 1V )|| Hnyt's "A Stranger In New Yui-k" emu puny, was from the i-umimnv having; received tlic usual two ui'i-ks nntlf.-« from tin- ituiiiiUTciniTi in |.-;u tin-It- employ. M!t»< SIIKI!!. ,vli.i mad her Uieutrlcnl ili-bui tlin.... wi-eiis n,-,-o IL IhieAensacK-, N. .1.. 1,,,-U ill,. p iir t o VlrKlnlii I'rlilf. Inn h-i- :iliili!.y MS n: actress did not null Hi" mn na.s'i ni-'iit. Mcmcnl of this sick In Manila He \\'aw nppulnl- typlinlil fever •m St. rvud. •ITI'-t pol|,.'|. c.f 1'nris is i|Ulti> from tin' rt-Kuhir furei-. Tin- ure K".ii'-rally unknown In er. aril one ih-lertlve Is iifU'ii i'-l in walrli another, iirnml (i|n-ra liiiu«e in Mount I.JHs.. \viis destroyeil by lire. The •. i-'iirnh lii-rnhardt inude n aue- .i| I'l-nianri- In I'urls at the The- la I'.i'iialNs.'ini-" In Cutullo Men•' -'I'"' "I "Tlli' .Mi'dfa" of Kui'lp- Tho Kind You Havo Always Bnuiirlit, «n<l which IIHK bw-n In use for ovor ."JO y«nr», has hnrtin Mi« siKinUnrc <il' nn«l lias liooii iiiiitlo iimlw hift ]><•!•- sonsil supervision since Itsliinuiny. Allow no ono lo deceive yr>» In this. AH Counterfeits, Imitations nnrt 8nl»xti(n*os ur<> Ixil; Kv- pcrhucnts thut trillo wUH and <'inla!iK^r tho licriKh of Infants and Children—Kxpor.onoo it^iiinst I0.\porini«nt. What is CASTOR IA Castorln Is a snbHtituio for Ciislor Oil, raivtsorlt-, Drops and Soothing Syrups. II Is Harmless and Pleasant. It contains luiithcr Opium, Morphine nor othc-r NarooUc Hiibstaiicc. Its ago is Us guarantee. It dcsd-oys Worms and allays Fererlshncss. K. cures IJiarrlmtni and Wind Colle. It relieves Teething Troubles, euros Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates tbo Pood, regulates tbe Stomach and Dowels, giving hca-ltliy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend. • GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS Boars the Signature of •niint Ki-.-derick \V. Wleiit- Uni>si.\-,'li's rnu^li ridirrs. d fever In Santa-TV, N. M. ' li-loudliiK i.-anniin, made In liei-n iliseriveri'd in an old mu- I lamlmtij. BRONGHfTIS lironchitis is very prevalent It generally begins with a common cold, attended with cougli, hoarseno.s«, soreness of the lungH, tightness of tho elitist and (HfTicttlty in breathing. If not cured, it becomes dangerous—• HiouHundH die from bronchitis annually. Dr. John W. Bull's Cough Syrup is the best remedy for this disease; it relieves the cough at once, eases expectoration, and cures in u few days. Dr.Bul!'s Cough Syrup Will promptly cure Bronchitis. }ost-s nn: HiiKill anil pleasant to take. Doctors rccoir.iuuud it. Price 1$ cts. At all drugyiiits. ^ O<>O<XKXXX><>OOOO-C><XXXX><XXX> < Those who believe chronic diarrhoea to be incurable should read what Mr. P. J3. arieham of Gaars Mllla. La., baa to say on tho subject, viz: "I have been a sufferer from ohronlo diar- rhoea over since the war and have tried all kinds of medicines for it. At last I found a remedy tbat effected a oure and that was Chamberlain's Oolio Oholera and Diarrhoea Remedy." This inodlolne can always be depended upon for colic, cholera morbus, dy- bontery and diarrhoea. It is pleasant to take aud never fails to effect a oure. 25 and 60 cent sizes tor sale Wyis and E. Marab. Ideal Treatment lor Kheumatism. The "Mystic Oure" tor Rheumatism •emoves at oncp the rheuniHtic poison rom the system and the disease immediately disappears. Whilst tho 'Mystic Life Kenewer" builds up the ibattered nervous system, improves the digestion and restores the general health. It is tho greatest cure for all nervous diseases and weaknesses as well as the most powerful nerve builder known. It is sold by H. W. Chamberlain, druggict, Alton. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. Tbe Kind You Have Always Bought Boars tha Signature of The Shortest Time Chicago to Lea Angeles last year was 72 hours. This year it will be fit) hours by the California Limited, Santa Fo Route. Barber shop and In. dies' observation car have bnen added. Olose connection made Ht Kansas City by ail linos lonv i ing St. Louis Mondavs, Wed- ( r nesdays and Saturdays. < 3 J. W. TBOFORD, Qen. Agt. > 5 108 North 4th at, St.Lonis, Mo. 5 Jo O<X><X>O<XHXX><>OO-O<K>O<XXXX>< The Kind You Have Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years. THC CENTAUR COMPANY, 77 MURRAY BTRttT. NCW VORK CtTV, oy rr imd Lungs i; 1 me kc-|>t sound and weak lungs' -•ire m.-iiic^ strong bv Dlt. liJii.l.'S J ri.vic-T.\u-IloNKV —a scientiiic, • mneily of tlie most wonderful < f-iiii-.n-y iu all lung alTeclions. 4 . " 1 .v.-.-irii'--ii I liiul n Inn.- B;K.|| , I f>vi-r < [Ij-i! ...nli-.l in my IUIIKM nail aniM-.l n :-i-- . v "r i:li. My plij-Kicliins ii,,j,, u .|,i. | ' v.iin-'l leu r ivi-r, hut Hi;. UKI.I.'X I'IKI;. ! T.ui lli-M-.v ^lo|>p|.|| till- i-llllKli ;ll IIMCV ' luni -niiTi rcfiuin-d mi-ID lit-uhli." < !-:-X>. A. AI.I.EN. UU-arSprliifB. Ky. < DR. BELL'S < BEST TRAINS Eftgp^^ ttSFVUjSiiw _ .tvjg'g&Bij^ ^T^Sfel TO Nebraska,Montana,PugetSouM - ^ r-.—-™- L ^M<ff n i' a ccrlain specific for cough;!, ' , colds, son-lliroat, liroucliitis, aslli- ', • HIM, wboiii.ini; cougb nnd croup. < : |'IM-. -J'-!•.. M,'.. ami 51 a hinili-. Al nil < ilnr.-'i -i.'iur Mill ii|um i-,-c.-;pl »f prliv liy « .1.1. i-.nli.rljiiil .ll.UWn, Co., l'.J,,r,,l,, K,. ' Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer And duler In Fret(i »d Silt Mute ind Lird, Md Been tictimr «l Sui«i>. 589 BAST SECOND • • ALTON III. ALTON TIME CAKu SV. V,'. LOWS. U. MA\FIELD Lowe&Mayfield Real Estate Agents. Room No. 19, Laura Building. ALTON, ILL. Abstrnctn and certificates of tltlo to lots ant) andsln the City of Alton and Madison county urntshnd at roouonnblo rates. Hunts collected ronl r»fitBtn mannirrtd. ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, 30S BEI.LB STUBBY. Money to Loan on Improved Propartf RENTS COLLECTED, Chicago & Alton. On and after noon Aug. 14, 1698, trains will leave Union Depot, Alton, us follows' - 8 " 1 -* 12 ' 83 ' ra - * 8 ' 10 : ME A MAN AJAX TAHLETSP08ITIVELV ODBE A LL Xo'fvuut IHjH3a*t»—Fat\ina Mam ory, Itupotttncy, KJ^pltwHuet.!*, ate.. canued by Abuse aurl o:her Kicussett ana India CrotiojiB. Then f>uiclclu and *v.rc!u rustoru Lout Vltulity tu ofTl or TOUHB, and HENRY J. KLUNK, by 8. H. A LOCAL Disease, A Climatic Allccuon. Nollilng but a Inual rompily or changd of cllnmlo will iiu-ii It. (lota wall-known B|H'Olllc, CATARRH yfV St n mini fur stud)', tiunlniMB or murr'lnun y»JRf I'riivoiit In»onil-y nail CJonsamiition li JS^]i 0 iVl.*'*.W-'»'.?'«*'-llPn»- I'tui tuiVJDi; thn cgre<l tliourMmuB imteeu. Hrfirn GO c*>nt* . oaB impro?o o,"*nt acid uUnrtn o OOKB whoro all othera loll, In rtut UIKJH iwivjoi; tho (ronulno .AJiut Tablets. Th«i baTh cured thauMinuB ami will cure* you. We el»o • (HMtuffl wrllti u fuumnteeto effoct ucurwin earhcbet "" PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. AIio best of Tcta and Chlueie Norolclei ot hand. 624 East Second at. 306 State s Edmund H. Biair Real Estate and Insarance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Notary Public. OFFICE SOB Market «t Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAKER. Fors ale by R. Murab and 8. H , ti\ti. ttc anb cloth tathtta. Jj«vii«l voh .B«»r» tho s. NIXON COLD'N HEAD . n«w ud tl on fourth it., pur. :»ulUW» (or *ton oi • prtrtfi* newbrlol li fc»o«k, oftotHi NpunUb Di-ulh H|| I p. 1'outii Del Cluda, Azoj-o IslBnilM. Oct 81.—The HpanlHb steamer Jtbntserrat Captain Dc»Champs, from-Havana on Oct. 12 via Ulhrara. tor CadU, with re. putrlau-d Spanish troops on board, haa •rrlv«d here. There wero 72 deathn on board the vessel during thu voyage. now to LOOK bood. Good looks are really wore tban akin deep, depending entirely on a healthy condition of all the vital organs. If the liver ia Inactive, you bave a billon* look, If your atomaoh ia dinordorflfl you have a dyspeptic look, U y, 0 "-W*»»y« a™ affected you have a pinched look. Secure good health and yon will anrely have good look*. «lS°vri0BittejrB ia a goi d alterative and tonic. Aota directly on the atom- aob.ljver and kldneye, purlfiea the. blood, curea plmplea, blotches and boll*, «nd give* a good complexion, tie guaranteed. It May Save Your Lite. II done or two of Foley's Honey and Tw will prevent an attack of pnoumo- l| Ml*, grip or severe cold it taken in wow, Oure* coughs, colds, oroupa, la Kvtppe, hoarseness, difficult breathing, whoopluK cough, incipient consumption, asthma or bronchitis. Gives positive relief in advanced stages of consumption, asthma or bronchitis. Guaranteed Sold by B. Marsh and S. .WjBS. H ls,|Ulcklr Al . QlroH Kflli-f ur oiu-ii Opima aufl olimnsea Ihii XIUBI PRHHIIKHH. Alliyu Iniiuinnittlon. lloals an ' I'rolsiitu th-> Moinhriiiiu K IheHDimea o( Tasto and Sinoll. No Coinln [ No Moroury, No Injurious ilrui;. l-'ull HIIT lrl»l «Un |fi^, at OruKRlntii or by r. ull. KLY illtOTIIEUS, M W«rrcn .1., Now York J OIlr. Williams'Imlliui I'll J%Ointiin:iil\vill rum mini **lllviiiUiiw unit tu:ii I'lli-ii. ll iilisuri)* tlio tui,i< IJ'H tllO Itl'lllUKUl IIUI-I-. UH » liiiulllcti, l-Ui'.i l:isluiu K . \VlliluMis'Imh.ui I'll.'o.m iirvii.'iri'il for l*lli-iniul lit-h •Ivuiii ]i:irla Kvcry linx I nnrrumaii. llv ilnifiii. 1.1, hy mull on Every pott* guaran M»r*n's drag store. Sold atB. 60S per bottle. , «ir«. . OqW. refnntUd. Sold.! Wyw. Dr. B. Detchon'i Anti-Diuretic BJoy be worth to you moro than «IOO I |'If you bave a child who soils bedding i 'from Incontinence of water during aleop. Oures old aud young alike, u arrest* the trouble at onoe. «1. Sold by 8. H. WjDfl, DruggUt, 662 Second «t.-eet, Alton, III. ' That Dreadful Cold- fearful oough-a danger signal. I It IB aappingthe vitality from jwt\ lung*, today a btttle of Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey will oure It, tomorrow :it may be too late. Tbls remedy will apeedlly cure a deep-seated cold fluid* HOTEL MADISON, A. L. DANIELS, Prvprtttar. Bauond md Katloo iti, Alton, III or a serious com to tbe lungs. A C h, and give strength . good druggists sellit | PARKER'S" ("i,,Jt!, A lS iHAfef^^Lt v*r ITAllil \>t t •ir to ii« You: Architect, and Superintendent Plana] and Speclflcatlons for Work Accurately Furnlfihed. ALTON SAVINOS BANK Motf s fierven^ne Pills Thr jfreal femedy foi nervous pros- trail pn and all nervou.A dkeowsof the generative on , D'P 0 " 11 ^' Enoa, MtntU ry, ex- us* ol Tobacco or (pplum, which to CoiwunupUon and Insanity. $1.00 . .- Pr«p'i, Cl«i«l»il, Ohio. H Wy«s. Duly OcMiitne.' PILLS BJ.) G^ld u rlhU,i ^tl.><^^td.llllJerou tion*. At Drrj U i*il, COR .THIRD AND PIABA BTH. , Granitoid Paving Co. W. & H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 East Sixth Street. • Alton, III. THROUGH SERVICE BETWEEN —— ST. LOUIS CHICAGO KANSAS CITY AND THf PRINCIPAL CITIES OF WAGNER BUFFET SLEEPERS AND FREE RECLINING KATY CHAIR CABS DINING STATIONS OPERATED BY THE COMPANY SUPERIOR MEALS, *—-FIFTY CENTS. ames P^kei, U "" l 8{ 1 '£; i/ «jj l( { 816am. 015am. 1240pm 3ai,.m. 4 15 pm.. 643pm.. 6 27 pm . . ;;.•% Four, daily.. Big Four, Sat only ' - »4Bpm. (loapm. 825pm. 840pm U(K)pm 1131pm... 10 00 am -. 024am - 1023am • 140 pm • • 420pm • • e 44 pm •• Ooepm ..032pm -• 705pm •- 824pm Ar Alton • 810pm . 910am -847am • 1140am • 2 60 pm • «S3p m . OlDpm . 840pm 048pm 1009pm 12 3 jam aud vice _ Four stations, "liii.^^"" n,_ w "'fr I'UtiL—lOttOain tft ,,,„._ tralna will WM ARMSTRONG. Dealar Ic Cement, Lime and Wall Plaste Burlinpton Route. Alton aa'foiiowH- 0 '' Ul> IB98 ' lralDS will losye I^avo AHon " Bo uai 1 10 um 8 HO am Id nc HHI (Suburban sorvlco) Dully Dally ox-Sun 0«lc« 107 Weat Second 5tret T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyo Map§ Profiles and Bttlmate Furnished. 300 Belle Street, Up Stain. Chas A. Strittmatter Merchant Tailor. 704 BAST SECOND STRICT. O.nU.m.n who •PP/wUt. a«t-oii.,, u, TAILOR MADE CLOTHES. -A< MODERATE PRICES, You are I'rtt.d to oaU and eiawlo. D | NKW STOCK OF GOODS TEAM INCOME 2 IS pin 4 46 pin •i 2i) Dm n I 7»aVi' Qt Loavo St. L. 141 am H a I am UK*, am II Mam a Ui pm Soup,,, o n I pm 760pni 1'1'ralnii connnr Uopot. o £~ ""a Hlilgn ai 8 from Union dojio St. ArrlroSt. L iHUain 7 Mam 866am 1100am 1 2.1pm 1 41) pm <J46pm 640pm S20p,, 8 10 pi, Arrive Alton 88' am Q f il> cm 11 16 am 12 4fi pm • U 66 pro 6(Upm a 85 pa Q 1 8 40 pm lot for Union e and depart from Laiurdon bundays thin train departs • K, & N. W, Sunday only Dally ox-faun Dally ox. Sun Dally Doily ex-Suii ex-Snn Daily ox -SUD Paul and Q> mat," St. L,me !8t. L. c. ft Ot. P. Ky,, eavo Alton. For St. Louis. Satorty Alton 7:i BrooWyD, N, y •Dally. lEi-eun |8un - Uuli, Arrive St. L. 11:11 in 7 20 pn 11 Up" Arrlre Alton 7:U1 in S:Him (:M | m li,

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