Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 18, 1900 · Page 5
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, January 18, 1900
Page 5
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ALTON'• WEEKLY TELEGRAPH; THUBBDAY JAN. is, 1900. 00 you GET UP WITH A LAME BACK? Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable. Almost everybody who reads the " | S 5 ure to know of the wonderful w Jl Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver ; and bladder remedy. '. It Is the g^eat medl- i cal triumph of the nineteenth century; dls- | covered after years of . scientific research by 1 Dr. Kilmer, the eminent kidney and blad- m der specialist, and Is wonderfully successful fn promptly curing lame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid troubles and Brlght's Disease, which is the worst, form of kidney trouble, Dr Kilmer's Swamp-Root Is not recommended for every thing but If you have kidney, liver or bladder trouble It will be found lust the remedy you need. It has been tested in so many ways, In hospital work, In private practice, among the helpless too poor to purchase relief and has proved so successful In every case that a special arrangement hes been made by which all readers of this paper who have not already tried It, bay have a ample bottle sent free by mall, also a book telling more about Swamp-Root and how to find out If you have kidney or bladder trouble. When writing mention reading this generous offer In this paper and send your address to Dr. Kilmer &Co.,Blng- hamton, N. Y. The regular fifty cent and Home of Swamp-Root. dollar sizes are sold by all good druggists. Qeo Ho Smiley Real Estate and Loan Ajjent Representing 20 flrst-claas Compares. Cor. Third am! Stwta streets over , National Bank. FOR SALE. Bmillfarm, of abonf 21 aoros, with 6-room house tnnnrly nowi. Orohaid, with Bne small fruit. Prici' S>2,000. 3 mllea from Alton. 6-rO'i'"; Rood lot. with One sbnde t/eee. Two b'ooks from oar line. Price S800. 5-rnoro dwelling on Kldge at Price $1200. AG-room dwelling tn .Mtddletown. Lot IWi 120 feet. Price S1700. T»opood tots corner I0t*" and Esston ats. ttev 4-roo:n dwelling on Main st Price SlOflO aome itn«- lots in Atkinson pla * nn Man, *i. Lot with bulldlni:; on good bUBlneiBB oireei. Pi toe 81,000. A two nfiry fruinn dwelling With oil rooms on Bluff sirset weal of State. A A room dwelling with loi trontlug 80 teet on Lungion ntreet near Kl?hth. The new dwelling of L, Vf. Davis on State stioet, wlili 8 roo.Tis and bath. Heatod with nirnace. Pnvea street. Connection with newer. The Dr. Hardy property eor 5th and Alby atB. Lot 120x120 teet with two dwellings. The residence of Geo Rlrsch on Belle btivet; 8ro>msand bath room; In good reoatr. The 10-room rpjldence of 8. H Nlohols on Langdon at. Lot 70x120 feet. Fine location. Terms easy A flne s-room dwelling (nearly newjwith bath room; heated by furnace; In Middletown. The flne lot of David Doyle on Bluff street with l-room brick dwelling. ' Some flue lots on Bluff street with bi-tck pav- Icg and newer: no grndinir, In T. L Foulda add A fine S-room brick dwelling, hsated wild Bteatu. Lot 120x120 feet rir.e fruit: half block from Henry street. A desirable residence on Prospect street with four rooms. Heated with furnaoe. Lot 86 on Proapect street. A flne property on tbe north Bide of Second street west of Lingdon street. An S-room dwelling with lot 121x121 teet; fine fruit. One of the finest location In Middle Alton AB-room dwelling with about IVi acres of ground. Fine fruit and shade trees. 2 blocks from oar line In Up er Alton. flne lots on Belle street between 15th and tilth ets. The line double dwelllne r( Mr. R. Garstang heatedVs'eam with modern Improvements. A yerydet-trable 8-room brlok dwelling, 612 Belle at, with all modern Improvements Alton Novalty Mfg. Co. property on 2d street Including 4 lots. 8 Sne lota In Highland Park, each 70x120 (t. A good 8-room dwelling on Second st. Flna double brlok dwelling cor» Third and Alby au., one ot the finest location In Alton. AgoodT-room dwelling; |.ood lot and fine rlTervlcw. New to-room dwelling In Upper Alton, good location. Good lot (10x120 feet on Baston st. Good biick dwelling with 2'/a lots In Middletown. Convenient to car line, fine location. Good Investment. The fine residence of 'lb* t Wade on Belle street, \vlth;io rooms and finished attlo, batL •nd wash rooms. Good oellnr. Gas a d wa er Stible and carriage house. Lot 86 feet front. o-room dwelling with two good lots on Fifth «t, east of Rtdge at. Price $1,0 0. Good 0 room brlok dwelling with 2 lots on Main st. Good 7-room dwelling with fine river view, heat by hot water. FOR RENT. 8-room dwelling with bath rojmon Belle (t, Now atore room and two 4-room tenameutt »itn baiii room-, 2nd street near Cherrr For Sale or Rent. -.Ping homestead, ror. llth and Baston sts, heated by furnace, bath room, lot 120x120 feet. PrtccSi.uco. Terms easy. fliOTT'S They overcome WoukncaR, t regiilurlty and ciiilsshjiis. Iu oroasu vlRor and banish 'pium of menstruation." They ur<: "Life Seers' i)ii>i tiro OR. i to Rlrlf, at wr.nmnbood, , v~,—:— ilovelopruonl of orKUHK ftiin ,,° linowu rotnody for women equii:* L.-innoi do harm—lifo becomes u iik-ns- *lJin l,o, i ;| ma | 1( jjgr- go|( , by dn^^uts, Mnrr.0 . ^ ^^^ ^ « a « by S. B. Wyai«.' . S. MXON <XH> Architect Superintendent and Speoiflontlona for Work Accurately Famished. °WICIC OVKU ALTON 8AVINO BANK] Received $7,000 to Give to a Legislative Candidate. OMMITTEE HAS LETTERS HEAD. In One of Thmn Senator ( Inrk S|>rtik» of Having noon Elected nm( 8ny» Tli«ra Would lie u Hot Old Time In this Tmvn That Night—Favorable U«|tort Ordered on tlie Hepburn NlraraRua Cunal lull- Other U'aaliliitfton New*. Washington, .Ian. 13.—The senate committee on privileges aud election* began Its session In the Clark OBMC with n request from the prosecution to have the booka of the Thomas Cruse Savings bank ut Helena, Mont., showing the deposits of A. ,?. Davidson and a man tin mod Toole brought before 'the committee. The original subpoena had only called for the deposit slips. The point was .not decided. E. I,, r. Ector. a dentist, at Mlssoula, was the tlrst witness. He had participated In tlie campaign In Ilnvalll county in the Interest of E. I'. Wood, who wits the Democratic candidate for the legislature In the last campaign, nnd who wns a friend of Mr. Clark. Sir. Ector said he hud acted at the Instance of Mr. Blckford, one of Mr. ('lark's managers. A number of letters from Blckford were exhibited. In one of these, written after the legislative election, Mr. Bickford referred to the presence of "Our friend" In Hamilton and asked "Mr.v Ector to ascertain what, liln financial condition was. Mr. Ector said "Our friend" was Mr. Wood and that lie replied to this letter saying that his Indebtedness wns $(1,500, and that $7,000 would probably he neconsnry to settle all his debts. Afterward Mr. Rlckfowl had given him $7.000 tn give to Wood. He hud then refused to'accept the money, tplllng Blekford It was "All off, as Wood had told him that he could not afford to sell himself." Wiintod All !l« OouM (ipt. The witness said that Bickford had promised to pny him for his services, but that no specific sum had been mentioned. "Me nsked how much 1 expected," said the witness, "and I told him I wanted nil 1 could get out of it. I continued by saying 'No doubt you will make a stake out of it.' He asked me how 10 per cent, would do. I said 'That would be satisfactory, as 1 have no doubt you will get SliO.OOO or •IttViOO out of it.' " It appeared that no settlement was made with him by Mr. Bickford aud Unit .Mr. Kcibr wrote to Senator Clark about the matter. There was a correspondence with that gentleman beginning Dec.. ](J, 18!)8. ami closing Nov. S, 181(0. These letters were read to show that Mr. Blckford had been the agent of Mr. Clark In the senatorial race. In tlie first letter Mr. Clark said that the mutter concerning which Ector had written him had been "left entirely in the hands of Mr. Bickford." nnd that lie would confer witli that gentleman concerning the matter. Would lit- n Hot Thn-?. In the second letter, dated .7au, 28, 1800. Mr. Clark spoke of the fact that he had just been elected, saying Blck- ford was wild with joy, nud that, there would be a hot old time iu the town that'lilght. adding that while he .had no personal knowledge as what he hud done, he "Never disappointed any one who had helped him." This lust statement was practicndy repeated from Paris in April last, and in another letter written from New York on Nov. 8 last. In tlie New York letter Mr. Clark said he would refer Ector's matter to Blckford and in the Paris letter he said It wns his desire that "Any one who served him should be amply remunerated." One of the letters of the series was signed In typewriter and the defense objected to its admission. This objection brought out the first division in the committee. Senators McComas and Caffery casting the only votes ngnlust admission. AppriincliiMl by Hicktord. Cross-examination was postponed until the defense could look up the letters received from Ector. Representative I'. (J. Sullivan, u member of the last Montana legislature from Granite county, testified flint he had been approached by Mr. Blckford when he wont to Helena previous to tue meeting of the legislature, nud asked to vote for Mr. Clark. "1 said," the witness testified, "that I might do so If there was enough In It. He asked how much. I snid S'JO.OOO. He asked me If half that amount would not be enough. I replied no, and we separated," Sulliviin said that afterward he had again met Blckford. nnd that the latter had suggested $15.000. He had told Bickford then that he would not vote for (Mark under any circumstances, aud had seen no more of him. FAVOHS Mt'ARAftlM CANAL. Hnii»H {'ommlllcf Itniuirt* — Kunoluttnn for Nnnr York Hank Imjnlr.v. Washington. Jan. 13.—The house committee on Interstate commerce has reported favorably tlie Hepburn Me- uruifuu canal bill. Catchlugs of Mississippi was sworn in as u member at the opening of tho session of the house. Ho has been detained at homo since congress convened. Tho speaker laid before tin; house the resignation of .lolin Walter Smith, governor of Maryland. Sulzer of New York then prcj>cnii;d for Immediate consideration a resolution for the appointment of a special committee of n inn members to investlgtilu the relations of the secretary of llie treasury with certain New York national banks, and- tlie transactions relating to the sale of the New York custom house. Before the reading of tho re«- olutioti wns completed, Mr. Iiul/.ell of Pennsylvania objected on the ground (hut tho resolution .should go lhi'ouf,'h the box lu thu regular way. "Th<jn I ask unanimous consent," *<ild 8ul/t>r, "for Its consideration." "1 object," shouted Hopkins of Illinois and several oilier Republicans. (Jrosveiior of Ohio moved that the resolution be laid ou the table. "ft is not before the. house," observed Hopkins. "Tho able report, of the secretary of tho treasury has met all the. chart.'*;* it contains." ItlchnriUiiii of Tennessee, I he minority leader, IK a mailer of prlvlleue, called attention to whut hr claimed was tin I nfmet Ion of the rules of the house In the print of the shipping bill. Appended to It wii.vii partisan nrgti- rneut by ex-Senator Kdmunfls which bad no business there and which made It a non r frankabli % document. M«pUn'|{ of (lit! CnbliiM. Wn«l'lnirlou. Jan. IU.—-AI 'm mh- met moeung .•secretary Hay road tbe reply of the British government to our representations regarding the Hour seizures In Delagoa bay. Members of thn cabinet, utter the meeting, said that the British answer was entirely .satisfactory to tills government. The several resolutions of inquiry as to-tuu conduct of the war which have been Introduced In both houses of congress were discussed, and the statement was made that full nnd complete information would be furnished on all of the matters covered at the earliest day possible. A dispatch from General Otis announcing further successes in Luzon was read and favorably commented upori. Kobem Invpfttlgntliig Cummlttue. Washington. ,Ian. 18.—The Koberts Investigating committee continued Its executive sessions. Member's of the committee said the outlook for reach- Ing a conclusion was quite Indefinite, as Individual views were being expressed for the purpose of securing some common basis of understanding. The absence of Mr. Mlcrs'of Indiana. »n account of a death iu his family. may result In putting off a report until next week. Chairman Taylor status that the lack of a speedy report is in no way significant of disagreement In the committee but is owing to the mature consideration which Is being ifiven to the numerous important questions involved. Formal Drmntul U|ion Turkey. Washington, .Jan. 18.—In the diplomatic mall pouch which will go out from the state department will be a lot of Instructions to Oscar Strauss, minister at Constantinople, directing him to make n positive demand on the sultan's government for the payment of $40,000 indemnity for the assassination of Frank Lent/., an American citl- •/.en Mr. I.eutx, was. from Plitsbura. Pa. HP was an expert bicyclist ami was en^iiir'.'d by Outintr to travel tliroiisrli Armenia on his wheel. Hi; was killed by Turkish soldiers. Pcn^luu !'nr Grnprul Henry's \yiclow. Wasnlngtoii, .fan 1 .'!.-•— A pension of •*30 a mo;iih. to date from Oct. -S, l.H!t',». liiis been.granted by the commissioner of pension.- in r!ie \vido\v of Genera! Uny V. Henry, who. died i;i<i October. Huliciilir I'luK"- 1* "I Kii>. Washington. .Ian. 113.—The bubonic plfiguo ijiis made its apep:irnuce at Hio Janeiro, according to nn official telegram from there. One death lias occurred. M;W ni'Liw; ox AUMOSY. Divorced Man Who Hemnrrlr* Muy I><? Kxfinpt from iiHrii!*limeni. Atchii-on. Kan., Jan. 10.—Some time ayo Ermiiiii C. Butters secured u divorce from ,Iohu Butters. Butters afterward moved to Arkansas City nud got n job ou the Atchlsou. Topcka and Santa Fe railroad. There he married another woman. His former wife t>c cured a judgment for $285 against him for accrued alimony aud she garnished his wages. Butters set up a defense that as he was a married man In- needed nil Ills money to support his family, and asked to be released from the garnishment under the exemption law. City .Judge Casey held that the debt for alimony was no different from any other debt, and released the garnishment. The case was taken to the district court ou a bill of exceptions, where Judge Bland reversed Judge Casey, holding that Butters' obligation to pny alimony did not come under the exemption clause. The case was then appealed to United States Judge Hook, who overruled Judge Bland und Issued an order restraining Mrs. Butters from garnishing her husband's wages. BOY GUILTY OF Ml'liUER. SIxtevn-Ycar-Old Jnlm KoruntPtt U So Adjudged Iiy u|J»r.v, Anthony, Kan., Jan. 13.—.Sixteen • year-old John Kornstett was convicted of murder In tho first degree here. Last June tho boy's little cousin. Nora Uorustctt, 10 years old, disappears.1 Two days later, she was found unconscious in an old well about iwo miles from her home. She. died soon after without being able to tc-ll what had happened her. John Korustett was arrested, charged with the crime. He promptly admitted it and went to jail. At the October term of the district court lie pleaded guilty, -but later was allowed to withdraw this plea and stand trial. He Is now found guilty. H was proved he killed- the child in an attempt at criminal assault. SulHiIci In Michigan for 1SIIO. Lansing. Mich.. Jan. Hi.—There were 173 suicides In Michigan during ISJiO. Ktl of tin 1 victims being males. Poi son was the favorite means employed, hearing lifty-eighl deaths. Shooting was • resorted to in forty-two cases, hanging in twenty-live, drowning in (•evented) and throat-culling in sixteen, flue unfortunate swallowed n bone hairpin. Insanity was the cause In thirty-six cases, despondency in thirty-four, domestic infelicity lu twenty, ill-health In nineteen, lltmnciiil difficulties in six. aud disappointment In love six. Suit til Hi-l A>ldi< Mlli'H' \Vllli Falls City. Neb., Jan. Kf.-~Sull has been brought In set aside the will u| Stephen 1' Miles, and old-lime govern mem mail coutracioi The- esiatc is valued at W.iMin.nnn Samuel Miles, one of the SOUK, says he lias ovlileiice to prove a later will was made, j:i\- lug him :i hirgc share of Hie property, which his brother. Josepli 11, Miles obtained under the former will. His petition Implies Hint Joseph H. Mile? lomwx of Ihi' more n-ci-ni will, ami lins elthitr destroyed or is NUppr It. In Willllr/l in Clifriiuii. Kansas Cily. .Inn. Hi. -Kdward Cnl laliiin. alias Cnllnghnn, alias Will Parr, VTJIS arrested ut (lie Waslijiigioii hotel, where lie was employed as a bull- buy, ou the Ntri-ngili ol' a telegram from Chicago ctniiug he is wanted there on n charge of stealing $l,oun worth uf diamond* from a gucsi In (he Saratoga lintel ('illinium, who U 'JO years of age, says he will light against talfou lu Chicagn. THE BATTLE OF MANILA Dewey Predicted His Victory Before the Engagement. LETTER WRITTEN FROM HOKG KOXQ the Admiral, Then Commodorp, on Mnrrti 81, 1808, Kxprr-Mi'd CondelciH-n to tlir Na»y Department Thnl Ha Could Capture the Spnnlth Fleet « nd Iteduce the Defense* of Moulin In One Day— Philippine ConiinUsloii 1 top or i Heady. Washington, Jan. 13. — The secretary of the navy lias, in response to a request of the donate, transmitted a letter written by Admiral (then Commodore) Dewey from Hong Kong, before he sailed to Manila, lu which he expressed confidence that lie could capture the Spanish fleet and reduce tlie defenses of Manila lu cue. day. The letter is written on the flagship Olympla and ;s dated March 31. iSBs. It reads; "Sir; On the receipt of your tele gram of Feb. 20, the Olympia, Kale;gr. and 1'etret were at this port, and tiie Boston and Concord were at CheiuuJ po, Corea. The two latter vessels wefe ordered here at once and arrived five days later. Since that time the vessels have heeu kept full of the best coal obtainable, provisioned and ready to move at twenty-four hours' notlo.;. From inspection during the last mouth I find the. squadron In u high state of efficiency. I have bueu iu cummuul- catlon with reliable persons iu Manila and am able to give you what 1 believe to be a true account of the defenses of that place, which are as follows: The SpunUli Fleet. "The cruiser Hema Christina of ii,000 tons, the wooden cruiser Ciistilhi, of 3.8-12 tons: iht> gunboats Don Juau do Austria, and Ishi i.le Luzon, of 1,140 respectively: about twelve tinned tugs ;iud launches for river service: a bai- tery of tive or possibly CVfe-iuch jruus on CuiTljfiKlor island at the entrance to Manila bay. twenty-seven miles from tin.' city. These gnus have only been mounted- during the last month. There U a clear channel on u:lch side .of this Island, one two and the other live miles in width. A small, quick buttery is at Cavlte, the naval station. seven miles by water from the cily. Batteries similar to these tire along the water front of the city itself, and a small fort at the entrance to the I'nsig river. About lii.OUO soldiers of all arms in all islands, of which half are ia rlie vicinity of .Manila. The islands arc now in a state of insurrection, and my Informants state even that the Spanish soldiers, who constitute only n small part of the whole, are disaffected Both ships and forts' are in necil of ammunition. One Uny's Work. "I believe 1 am not over-confident in stating that with the squadron now under uiy command the vessels could be taken and the defenses at Manila reduced iu one day. There is every reason to believe that, with Manila taken or eveu blockaded, the rest of the islands would fall either to the iu- surgents or ourselves, as they are only held now through the support of tlu> navy and are dependent upon Manila for supplies. ' Information has just reached IUP that there are 5,000 armed re,bels in camp near Manila who are willing to assist us." IJnit,ed Stajes Treasurer Roberts and Assistant Secretary Allen, representing the Dewey fund committee, presented to Admiral Dewey two superbly bound volumes containing the names of the contributors to the fund and a history of the movement to raise the money for tho home. .CABLEGRAM FROM OTIS. He Report* the Capture of Several To win South of Manila. Washington, Jan. 13. — General Otis has made a report to the war department in regard to the military operation* iu I. U7.011. south of Mauila, showing the capture of several towns, and a large number of prisoners with arms and ammunition. The message is as follows: "Manila. Jan. 12.— Continued operations Bates' command soutli Manila; Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth regiments Calamlm, commanded by Bui- lard, On Jan. 1 Bullard, with two battalions Thirty-ninth attacked force Insurgents in vicinity, driving enemy. capturing town of Cabayue: following day Blnan; enemy's loss thirty killed. large number wounded, twenty prisoners and rltles captured, casualties three men slightly woutuleci. "Jan. 3 Boyd, three companies Thirty-seventh. captured liencral Hlzal. official pallet's and property three miles east of Los Banos; Jan. 4 Long, detachment Thirty-ninth, attacked Insurgents at Cimnona. twenty-five killed, no casualties: Jan. U Bullard. with portion Thirty-seventh and Thirty-ninth regiments, attacked enemy south Calamba. whom he drove beyond Canto Tamils, killing twenty-four, capturing artillery, casualties one private killed; Captain Baker and Lieutenant I'elita, Thirty-ninth, ,-li^litly wounded; Jan. II Chi'Uthum, Thirty-seventh, loil nu'ii. supported iiy artillery, attacked Insurgent* two miles wi'si Santo Totnas. driving them from that section: ii" casualties. Schwan's column. eonsisiiu;: squadron Fourth, one of Kleventh cavalry Thirtlelh, Forty sixth itil.-iMiry and six Xordcufeldt nuns, under Captain Van Diixi-n. sel/ed liliian Silnu^;. ludang Naic. scatti'rlni: enemy. who wen- -everely punished. "YVliealiM-'- ciil'.iinit. three troops Klevenlli cavalry. Fourth. Twenty eighth. Thlriy-eiu'liih and Forty-lil'lli regiments. •* Asioi and Kenley's batter fes. have driven enemy from all im portant poiivts norih of Slland line:. had heavy lighting. captured considerable public property. Indicting heavy loss upon and scattering enemy; Schwan's column now moving In northern Katanga* In Konlhcrly direction. All Cavlte occupied by Wheaton's command: heavy loss to euumy during week In men, ordnance and other property; all operations vary sue- OTIS." ni-:i'oitT i>i'i: NOON, Ciiiiiinlxii'ii Will Xnliiiill C»in|>li>ti' t><><>ti- iiunit Ili'liirii IVIiriiury. Washington, Jan. IM. -About the last of January the rhllippliic commission will submit its full report. Preside/it Schiirrttiin wax at ilia Whltr House Thursday to announce that progress wns being made and that be lore Febnmry the work of Hie coin mission will !»! completed. The report iiwijt' In September was a general on in which nil the commissioners Joined. lu the full report each commissioner will deal with a separate subject. That of President. Scliunuati Is ou government for the Philippine*. HP has con sidercd the matter fully and has tils- cussed his report with the president. It Is assumed that such practical points n.« he may offer will IIP brought (o the attention of the appropriate commit tees nf the senate und the house. A» to the question of again sending a commission to the Philippines, it has Ijceti suggested In the congress, both by senator* and representatives, that a joint committee of members might be named for that purpose. STEAMER WRECKKD ANlToX FIRE. No Hope for Any of the I'eople flenching Shore A)lvi>, St. Johns. N. F., Jan. 13.—Belated reports from the magistrate and wrecking commissionedat St. Mary's give the following additional partlcu lars in regard to a steamer wrecked In St. Mary's bay: "She is a two-masted vessel and is a complete wreck. Only three gurvl vors were visible at nightfall. The vessel's bouts were smashed and were floating bottom up. The crew had probably tried to land lu the boafs and had been drowned in the attempt. Some bodies are visible in tut} surf. The ship is on fire aft. She has some kerosene on board, but she Is not thought to be « tank steamer, as It is pointed out a tank steamer would explode from the fire. It is feared she will break up owing to the heavy sea." ,The magistrate also reports that she Is a new ship and is probably a passenger boat. One theory Is that the steamer took fire at SJMI; that tho captain thereupon tried to make land, and that the vessel struck ou the coast during a storm. No hope Is entertained that the lives of any of those oil board the vessel will be saved. Nothing Is known of her name or personnel. For the Baby The fifty-cent size is just right for the baby. A little of it in the bottle three or four times a day will supply precisely the fat all thin babies need. If your baby does not gain in weight as fast as you would like, try Scott's Emulsion The result will please you. If the baby nurses, the mother should take the emulsion» It makes the baby's food richer and more abundant; only buy the dollar size-it's more economical. Both mother and child will feel at once ib strengthening, upbuilding and fat-producing properties. At all druggists; Soc. and *i.oo. SCOTT & BOWNE, ChemUts, New York. QPavb*. £)rs. Q. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE IN M'PIKE BLDG. Oor. 2nd and Easton eta. Phones 138 and 171. OR. L. M. BOWMAN, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. OFFICE-NO. 940 But SWODJ tucet. Office ('phone, 193) hours: 9 to 10 a.m.; 2 to i and 8 to 8 p. m. Residence ('phone, 188* oor: Phlnney Rve and Common it, DR. C. B. RHOLAND, .DENTIST. Office Mourn: 9a.m. to 13 a in. and 1 to 6 p.m i 112 W. Third street. DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANKRUPTCY* tnJHhort Time. Yager & Yager, Attorneys 306 Belie a treat. tm F. SCHUSSLEftM.D, UOMEOPATHI8T andJBUKQEON Oil)GO and Kesldonco, Telephone KM. QEO. E, WILKINSON, M .D. Houra:;8j 11 to 12; 2 to <; 0:80 to 7:30. OFFICE: Cor, Second and Market sin. Kesidenco—Hotel MnJison 305 and *i Alton, III S hurtlett School oi MLS1C AND ART. UPPER ALTOfr, ILL. W. D. ARMSTRONG, Director. First torm begins September 22d, 1898. For course in Inutrumenttl tnd Vootl Music, Eloou- Uou and piloting. Bead tor Catalogue. ST4NDS VERY HIGH • t Estimation of the Public Argues Well for It. Good Reports are Coming in from all Sections of the Country. There Is not a medicine sold in Alton today Unit stands us high in thn estimation of our people, as Morrow's Kid-ne-oids. Not only in Alton is Morrow's Kid-no-olds achieving great, sinless, but good reports come from all suctions of the country and theso reports com? boeause the people have, been cured of kidno.v und urinary disorders just the. same us many in Alton have been cured, Sylvester McAllister, who lives at No. 2(14 Franklin street, Elgin, has something to say to the people of Alton, about Morrow's Kid-ne-oids. "1 have sufferer! terribly for the past live or six years with pain in my back and urinary organs; I have been so bad that it was necessary to use a catheter to draw the. urine, f have been paid up for three weeks at a time, and have been treated by physicians and have used kidney pill's, but 1 never received any permanent relief until I used Morrow's Kid-neoids: they are truly a wonderful remedy and too much praise cannot be given them: they relieve my back and urinary troubles at once. ^\.ny one doubting this statement may communicate with me. 1 ' Kid-ne-oids cure all kidney disorders. They are not pills but Yellow Tablets, and are put up in wooden boxes which sell for fifty cents each at. S. H. Wyss' Drug Store. Descriptive booklet mailed upon request by John Morrow & Company, Chemists, Springfield, Ohio. ELY'S CREAM BALM IsBporttlvernra. Apply into tbe uottrils. (t U quickly absorber.. 60 cent* at Drneglsta or by nmll. umples lOc. by .nail. KLT BKOTHEKS. M w-urer Su^New Tork OttT. PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM tei and beautlflci the b&lj% I'wniutct a luxuriant growth. ' rer Falls to 'loatoro Gray Gir to its Youthfti! OolorT icalp afiPK»e« ft hair lalluiK, Wv nnd tl.KJat Pruggl<U 'AMERICA'S MOST POPU1AR RAILROAD CHICAGO ojt RAILROAD * fa PERFEQ PASSENGER SERVICE TO CHICAGO, ST. LOUIS, KANSAS CITY, PEORIA, DENVER. AND POINTS IN IL.L.IM O I : MISSOURI, AND TERRITORY BEYOND. O, G NORRIS, Pass, and Ticket /•gent, Alton. Ml. JAS. CHARLTOiV, Gen faun, and 'I oket Kent, Chloaeo. HI NEW SERVICE VIA SAN ANTONIO, VIA WACO, S. A. 4. A P. AND SOU. PAC., AND TO AUSTIN, VIA ELGIN AND H. &.T. C. Through Tourist Sleepers CALIFORNIA, VIA SAN ANTONIO AND SOU. PAC. Quickest and Best Line to MEXICO. "KATY FLYER" TO St, Louis, Chicago, Kansas City. ALL TRAIN* HAVE FREE KATY CHAIR CARS AND BUFFET SLEEPERS. Jas. Barker.Gen. Pass. A^e..! St. Louis, Mo.

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