Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 31, 1898 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 31, 1898
Page 3
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— FOR — WORKSHOPS and f ACTORY. A good solid serviceable Shoe, Congress and Lace, at $1.25 Per Pair. We want to fill the work shops and Factories of the city with this shoe. It will pay you to see it. We warrant every pair. Undoubtedly the best Shoe ever offered for the money. MORRISSEYBROS Retailers of HIGH GRADE Footwear. BV TUB TBI.BORAPH PRINTING COMPANY, MONDAY KVfc!., GOT. 31, Lait Day «l Reoljtratlw. Tomorrow (Tuesday) MOT. 1, is the last day of registration. Go to your polling place and put your name on the list. OFiTCR: TEI.ECJUAPH BUILDING, COHNKR THIRD i«D PUiA 8ti. line. READY MADE Battenberg, Scarfs, Table Covers and Doylies. Also Battenberg Patterns, Braid and Rings. Irish Point Scarfs, Table Covers and Doylies. Cordial invitation extended the Ladies to inspect our H. F. LEHNE, 113 West Third Street. Oaontnmler, for painless extraction. Dr. Rogers,, Third street, over Booth's Mr, Geo. Parker has taken charge of Chas. Bishop's cigar store as manager. Fine bulk olives at J. H. Bauman's. Mr. E, Tlroese Glass, Democratic candidate for Oounty Judge, Is In town today. For a good shave, hot and oold bath go to Maul *, Hall, Plasa at. An old time social and candy pull will be given this evening at the Presbyterian church, Turkish, Vapor and" Plain Baths at Frank Bauer's barber shop, 305 Belle at Mr. 0oo. Noreross, Illinois Glass Oo.'s agent at New Orleans, la In the city visiting the glass works. A position as housekeeper or to do zeneral housework. Address "B. U," this office. Fur Collarettes from to 810. 82.AO each up Ne Goods Goods received most largest Alton. Booth Leading Jeweler Shampooing and vapor baths new barber shop, A. J. Zaugg, 210 Piasaet Burgeon J. 1). Colt of tbe Wabash was In town today conferring with Mrs. Terrell of Summit street, who was injured on a Wabash traiu some days ago. An electric oar jumped the track at Sixth and Alby streets this morning. Tbe track was blocked for an hour while the car wa? being put back on the track. Qo to M. Moritz's for your winter hoadwear. The largest stock and latest styles. •Lieut..Gov. Nortbcott will speak at City Hall next Saturday evening. Mr. Northcott's congressional canvass is still remembered hero and be will h we a larfte audience of both parties. Try Neinlnger'n Magnolia and new 1 nproved Fig. The Kogge homestead on Union street was old today by Master-in- Chancery yager of the Oity Court, by decree of tbe court. Tbe place was soli for $500 to Louis and Helen Brueggeman. Ensign H. H. Hewitt has received from Seaman Sadplngton of the Leyden, the pennant of tbe Don Jorge that was struck, to the Leyden In the harbor of Nipe. Sap asked the commander of the Leyden for the pennant and Rent it to his friend who bad helped him secure a place in the service. Harold values tbe piece of olotb highly as a trophy of the war. Loit, One Masonic accident identification check. No. 41,400. W reward will be paid if returned to J. E. May, Supt. Alton bridge. StSeiii 925 reward will be paid for the arrest and conviction of the party who stole conductor's tin cash box from coach Sunday morning.—,1. R. May, Supt. Alton bridge. Officer Henry Spaethadan encounter Saturday night with a crowd of lawless hoodlums who had been drink • ing heavily and disturbing the peace. He ordered them to leave town and after abusing the officer roundly they started up Plaaa street. The officer followed them and at Ninth street tbe hoodlums turned and tired at him with pistols. Officer Spaot took refuge behind a box oar and there opened flre on the toughs in Indian style. The gang of hoodlums fled np the railroad track and did not come back. SPECIALS IN LADIES' UNDERWEAR. $1, Ladies, Heavy Ribbed Fleeced Lined Vests or Pants, all sizes from j to 9 , good value Ladies Extra Fine Wool Ribbed Vests or Pants, splendid values at Ladies Fine Camels Hair Vests or Pants, latest style finish, at Fleeced Lined Linen Suits, - . Union Suits, Melba Style, Heavy Fleeced lined, good value, at Heavy Melba Union Suits: Fit, Style and Finish, fleeced lined, splendid value, Oneita Combination Suits, beauty style and, finish. Garment conforms Ladies' Ladies' Ladies' Ladies' SOc and 2Sc 75c and 48c $1 and 7Sc 35c SOc 7Sc figure, and the outer dress can be more elegantly fitted over this than wear and smaller corsets worn, elegant goods, .... to the any other $1.75, $1.35, $1 HOSIERY— Full and complete line of Ladies' Hose, full weight, at the lowest price ever quoted. PIERS0N & D. G Notice. Is hereby given that I will refuse to S ay a note, signed by me, In favor of . Lnndahl, dated Oct. 28, 1808, for •35, because It was frand. All parties are warned against negotiating for it.—John MoReynolds. . Black and fancy all colored Petticoats, Parties will be quite numerous this evening with the younger people. The Misses Walker of Henry street, have issued invitations to one at their home and Miss Mabel Neece will be hostess of one also. Luer Bros, are having plans pro- pared for an addition to their refrigerating plant. They w!Il go into tbe wholesale business more extensively and will enlarge their plant to give increased accommodations. TEMPLE THEATRE. ONE NIQHT ONLY. Sawyer & Keiser, Madison BIdg,, Phone 185. It Pays to buy the Best. Beit Good*. Prices Right A Trial Order Convinces. T. M. ANDERSON, GROCER. Phone 171, - 938 Union Street. How Do We Do It? By hnvlne NoAi la, No Peddlen, i Middle You pay ono imall prollt. One-lull Sived, 7 stylos to select from. $46 maculno? only $17. Complete with all attachments 10y«»rseusrantoe. Equal to nny machine.sold through agents at twloo our priou. Call and nne our Handsome Drop Head Maoulno ana others it tbe offloo Front and Henry at. HAPQOOD PLOW CO. S hurtlett School ot MUSIC AND ART. UPPER ALTON, ILL. W, D. ARMSTRONG, Director. First term b«gln« Sept. S2nd. 1898. For oourie In tutrumental and Vooal Munlo, Elocution tat Painting, Send for catalogue Q. E. WILKINSON, M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON, Office—Uor. and and Market uta. Residence—337 Biat '»'*> •»• OUlce Telephone aoj. Residence 1903. SATURDAY NIQHT NOV. 5th. Lincoln J. Carter's Thrilling and Romantic War Play "A Play that is good for the North and South East and West." Picturesque and True to Life in its Rendition! An Engine and Tender running away from tbe Audience at tbe rate of 60 miles an bour. THAT CAVALRY CHARGE! POPULAR PRICES: Parquet and Dress Circle, SOc Balcony.. 2Sand3Sc Gallery ISc Box otllce open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Doruey Fuel Oo. bave left Belle street and are now located at 314 Plasa street, Give tbem a call. Freab Baltimore oysters, cranberries and celery just received at Stan-ton & Veakel's, 2nd and Market. Prescriptions compounded just rlgbt at Paul's Pbarmaoy, Olty Hall square Lindley & Dickinson, Dentists. Nlo- bett bldg,, opp. Olty Bnlldlng. Dr. A. 0. Barr, dentist, 113 W. 3d at Scott Is tbe buatost tailor iu town Lucy, tbe little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 0. F. Degenbardt, while playing fell through a hatchway in a barn at Mr. O. F. Roenick's Saturday afternoon. In falling she struck a rung of a ladder with her cbin and sustained a fracture of the jaw bone, Col. Breiiholt left tb s morning fora four days campaign in Jersey and Oalboun counties. He will speak thie evening at Rosedale, and from there will go to Oalhoun county. He will return Thursday evening and will wind up tbe campaign in Madison county. Remember now is the time to select tbe choicest garments in our cloak room. lait Day of Registration. Tomorrow (Tuesday) Nov. 1, la the last day of registration. Oo to your polling place and put yonr name on tbe list. A Petition to the "White House." Having taken tbe management of the White House Grocery at 319 Belle street, I will be pleased to bave all my friends and acquaintances, and tbe public generally, to give as a call. Good goods at the lowest cash prices. A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Phone No. 1793, the White House Grocery. D. GORMAN, Mgr, Conductor Williami of tbe Barling • ton had his private cash and ticket drawer on bis train stolen, Sunday morning, while the train was waiting at the foot of Market street, before making its 7 o'clock trip to Sti Louis. He had gone to breakfast and left tbe engineer to look after the train in his absence. While tbe conductor was gone tbe engineer noticed a man carrying a tin box alight from the train but thought nothing of H at tbe time. Whan Conductor Williams re turned he found bin drawer empty. There waa about 97 in cash In tbe drawer. CUUOM'S SPEECH. At Temple Theatre Saturday Nloht. festival of Days will be given at Orowea ball, Nov. 3, 4th and 6th from 3 to 10 p.m. On Saturday a supper will be given from 6 to 8 p. m. There will be a flab pond for children. Funds for benefit of Worn- ens Home. Ust Day of Registration. Tomorrow (Tuesday) Nov. 1, Is tbe last day of registration. Go to your polling place and put your name on the list. Tonight ia Hallowe'en, the nigbt when tbe small boy makes life a burden for tbe older [generation tbat has aroused the spirit of revenge during the year. The boys will be out tonight paying off old scores and any gates not screwed on would better be taken in. Good warm Hosiery ren, boys or girls, at for the child- A party of St. Louis hunters had an encounter on the Bluff Line traiu last night with a Jersey county officer of tbe law, who was attempting to arrest a member of the party for shooting on private properly. At Elsah tbe officer tried to take tbe man from tbe train and tbe other bunters interposed and by threatening the officer with shotguns protected their friend. All the passengers on tbe train were much excited ns it looked for awhile as though there might be bloodshed. SUR COURSE. Plat Open Nov. 1st at the Y. M. C. A. The plat for season reserved Heats will Lie opened Tuesday morning, Nov. 1st. at 8 o'clock The doors will be opened at 7:45 and the plat will open promptly at H o'clock. Half tbe Meats in the bouse will be reserved for tbe season unit the remainder will be held and rcBorved each time. The prices will ho 81, 81 25 and «1.80 extra for the BOSHUII ticket holders. 5 for Rent. A five room house, large yard, nice location. Corner 15th and Langdon sts. Enquire on premises. At the Baptist Church. "The first five minutes after death" will be the theme at tbe First Baptist church this evening. Rev. E. H. Lovett preached two impressive sermons Sunday and a large number of persons expressed the desire to lead a new life. Tbe subject ot tbe Bible reading tomorrow at 8 p.m. will be "The unlimited prayer." Hard Spring Wheat- "Oream of the Earth," $4.00. ALTON ROLLBB MILLING Co. Go to M. Moritz's for your collars, 16?, two for 26*, for roar caffs, 25* per pair. The best for the money, last Day of Registration. Tomorrow (Tuesday) Nov. 1, is the last day of registration. Go to your polling place and put your name on the list. For Certain Occasions A Black Suit is Indispensable because it is worm on more.or.less occasions. Ita quality,fashion and tit must be aqove criticism. Cloths are either Clays, Full Dress Cloth, Soft Diagonal Worsted, or the Silken Textured Vienna—shaded correctly in three- buttoned cutaway frock,or double- breasted Albert frock. Linings either Princess Serge, Silk Serge or Satin de China. Price for First-Class Suit $25 up. Medium Grade Goods, Suit $18 up. .Call In and take a look at these goods. There is no obligation to buy. We want to show you that we make tbe finest work and give tbe best Qt in the city. L G. Brueggeman, TAILORING CO., 831 Plaaa st, TOP COATS For Cool Evenings. See Our Line. R M. SeHfaEPPE, Third Street Clothier. Senator Oullom was greeted by much the largest audience that has assembled at any political gathering in Alton during the year. The lower floor of the theatre was packed from the stage to the doore, hundreds of people standing in the rear. The balcony was well filled and the gallery had its quota. Senator Oullom was in good vein, bright and witty at times, strong and logical in all his statements. Many of his points were responded to with rounds of applause. The Senator was introduced by Mr. Robt. Curdle, chairman of the Reception committee, and was greeted with a hearty welcome from the audience. He began his speech in his usual calm and deliberate manner, without an attempt at flourieh of verbageibut, as he said himself near the close, in a plain, simple manner stated conditions and gave his views thereon. The Senator said in part: "When President MoKlnley was inaugurated on March 1,1897, the whole country bad, after years of Democratic misrule and bad policy, reached tile culmination of financial distress and general hard times. The Populist party was born out of the distress brought upon the country by Democracy. We can all remember the revival of confidence and the rapid increase of ouslness during the few months from November, 1890, to March, 1897, when the inauguration of the new administration took place. The public at large had begun to discount the advance of prosperity, and stood ready to welcome its coming by exery means in its power. War soon began. We bad but a small army. We had a small navy scattered at various points over the world, and under such unfortunate conditions as to render their availability at the proper places uncertain and'doubtful. "The Democrats were willing to involve the country in a war with Spain but they refused to vote for a bill to meet the expenses of that war. The Democrats tried in every way to embarrass the administration in the early part of this war. Military authorities agree in the statement that success in modern warfare is largely a matter of money. "By that success gained over Bryan pad free silver we put money into the treasury of the United States. We increased the revenues of the government in a legitimate and a practical way, and by the collection of these revenues under the Dingley tariff bill we made It possible to conduct a successful war against the most warlike nation on the earth. From a condition of absolute peace and quiet we raised a great army, conducted a great war, commanded a glorious peace and then retired about one-half of our soldiers to their homes without the loss of a battle or a ship. After telling of tbe beiuties of the Hawaiian Islands and tbe city of Honolulu, and also extolling the honesty of the natives, tbe frultfulness of the country, and bow American enterprise and ingenuity were rapidly taking hold there, he said he would anticipate the report to 'be mada by the commission to tbe President by stating that It was no mistake to annex tbe Islands. He insisted that new life had been given the Monroe doctrine, and hereafter Europe will be less mandatory toward this country, and John Bull will say "if you please, Uncle 8am,'i when making requests of the nation. The Senator pictured what a crisis the country wou Id have been in had Bryan and free silver triumphed in 18UB, He declared the Lord only knows. He wished to be understood as not casting reflections on tbe patri- tloem of Democrats, but with them in power we would not have been In a position to fight as we did. The Senator showed up tbe bond Issue under Cleveland and Carlisle, how tfco bonds were obtained by a te at a ridiculously low price, i country was In abject peace. \ey wan lost the government 1. In contradistinction was lade by tbe government recent war, when tbe government one-tenth of 1 per cent, and the money came from the masses. The credit of the nation was not strained, and we could get more if wo needed it, aud at tbe same time keep the money at borne. The Senator closed with a commendation for tbe state, congressional, legislative and oouuty ticket, naming the candidates as he reached them. When be came to tbe legislative ticket be turned to Uol. Breoholt, candidate for State Senator, and said: "I desire to lay tbat I have known Col. Bren- bolt since 1877, wbeu I appointed him on my staff, and where he served PAUL BROS.71 Prescription Pharmacy. < Pure Drufs and Medicines, Paint, Glass and Oil, Spocjtg, Chamlos, Toilet Articles. Fine Toilet Soaps. Henry and Second Sts. during my term of six years aa Governor. I have known him aa a strong Republican, as an able lawyer, as a good citizen, (and one who will represent the district with dignity. I urge upon tbe citizens of Alton and Madison county to see to it that the Colonel is elected to the State Senate." As Mr. Oullom mentioned Col. Brenholt's name, a wave of applause went over the audience showing in a marked degree Mr. Brenholt's popularity. The words of praise from Senator Cnllom were a deserved compliment and were strongly seconded by the audience, showing its approval of them. Try the Best, "LaBelle," «4.00. Last Day of Registration. Tomorrow (Tuesday) Nov. 1, is the last day of registration. Go to your polling place and put your name on the list. Dr.A.W.Kne. Dentist, ttpaldlng bid. Hard Spring Wheat "Cream of the Earth," 84.00. ALTON ROLLBE MILLING Oo. SPECIAL BARGAINS IN SET RINGS WATCHES. Look in our show window and see the Latest and Neatest designs also the remarkably low prices,which is just- a sprinkling of the many j bargains inside. E. H. GOULDING'S SONS, Alton's Old Reliable Jewelry Houae. BCLT LINE IMPROVEMENTS. The Missouri Side Trestle to (w rifled ant Then Rip-rapped. Mr. J. E. May, Superintendent of the Alton bridge, let to Qollke & Rust, Saturday, the contract for making a fill of earth at the trestle crossing the slough across the river. The owners of the B*lt Line have decided to make extensive improvements to the property, and have begun across the river as that is the place where work is most needed. The rip-rap under the trestle is to be removed and the fill of earth will be made up to the road bed. The aide of the embankment will then be rip-rapped and the top ballasted. Improvements were contemplated about the Alton end of the of the bridge but plans for this will be held in abeyance for a while until money matters are straightened out. Bids for this work were received also but the contract was not let. The work across the river will cost nearly 63,000 and ia to be completed as soon as possible. Qolike & Rust began on their contract today. Financial affairs with the Alton bridge are being untangled nicely at present. The receipts are now enough to pay expenses and enough more to make necessary improvements on the property. All the claims against the company have not yet been met by the receiver, but before long, it is thought, they will bej and then the owners may resume control. For Rent. My "-room house in Middletown, Steam heat.-U. 8. Nixon. Patronage hangs on a thread; that thread is your satisfaction. Treat you honestly and it's as strong as a cable; abuse your confidence and it may snap like a cobweb. We are striving to build cables; therefore we handle teas and coffees imported by Chase & Sa/iborn. This name means a great deal in these days of cheap everything; it is a name that brings you a guarantee and satisfaction that no other line of tea and coffee will produce. TH©S GOODIE. Agent for CHASE & SANBORN'S Importations. No. 26 West Second st. - - Telephone We have just received a new and full line of Shot Guns and Rifles. Shot Guns #5 and up. Ammunition of all kinds. It cost you nothing to inspect our stock. Call and get prces before buying elsewhere. A. L. FLOSS, Third st. opp. Belfe Buy "LaBelle" The best, 94,00. last Day of Registration. Tomorrow (Tuesday) Nov. 1, is th» last day of registration. Go to your polling place and put your name on tbe Us'. That Joyful feeling With ,tbe exhilarating sense of renewed health and a rength and internal cleanliness, which follows the use of Syrup of Figs, is unknown to tbe few who have not progressed beyond tbe old time medicines and tbe obeap substitutes sometimes offered but never accepted by tbe well-informed. Buy tbe genuine. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Oo. Look at the Brand Dfe On our high grade qualities of canned goods and you will find that they are put up by the leading packers of the country. Have just received direct from the packers, of the a fresh sup- j. No. 400 Belle street. growth oj ply of canned Every can guaranteed perfect BAUMAN, - Phone 187. CREAM BAKING POWDiR Awarded Htgbut Honors, World's Fair Gold M 'U«I Midwinter P«lr COMFORTS AND BLANKETb You will need In « ihort tlm« and U It bett to be ready. Our stock wu n*r*r 10 oo»pl»tt. ; ready made pillow gingham for school men's blue camlet We hare aome real bargain* loo we are offering: Children's hose, ?/*; doilies, i to cases, 7 %f\ towes, ztf?; 14 yds ot dresses, $i: 25 yds of crash for $i pants, jo'; 10 pieces toilet set for $2.50; Dinner sets, very cheap; granite stew pans and buckets, \$f\ dippers and funnels, 10?; lamps, diryier baskets and boxes and a hundred other useful things at low prices. H. A. BETZ.650B.2d9t /

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