Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 18, 1900 · Page 1
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1900
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' • T *t ' " f *•&'* THE AI/TON TELEGRAPH. TV-FIFTH YEAH. (B»t»bllghed January U. 1836) ALTON, ILL., THURSDAY, JAN. 18, 1900. $1.25 TEH YEA 11 Eromotes'Digestion.Clieetful- tiessand&st.Gontains neither nor Mineral, NOT NARCOTIC. Aperfect Remedy for Constipation, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea, Worms .Convulsions .Feverishness and Loss OF SLEEP. Toe Simile Signature of NEW YORK. EXACT COPT OF WRAPPEB. CASTORIA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of Waters of the Chicago River Com* mence to Flow. THE BEAK TRAP DAM IS l.OHEKKD, The Kind Have Always Bought. CASTORIA THI OIHTAUR COMPANY, NCWVOIIH CITY. Vent l)|> Water* Kelt-aged at I,ooki>nrl, Ills., itnd Hi-Bin Their Journey to the Oulfof Mexico—Trustees Feared an Injunction And Obtained the Permit from Governor Tunner to Start the Flow— Ceremonl"* or the Kvent. Loekport, Ills.. Jan. 18.—With an accompaniment of cheers the bear trap dam at this point was lowered In the forenoon at 11:10 o'clock, and the pent- up waters from the drainage canal rushed through with a roar as If to emphasize the fact that the connection between the, chain of great lakes and the Gulf of Mexicans now a fact. Considerable excitement attended tbe opening of the canal beyond this point, as tbe trustees of the drainage board were iu fear that an Injunction writ would -be served at the. last moment restraining them from opening the works. Beyond an informal introductory speech from President Bolden- week and a few remarks from Colonel Isaac Taylor, chairman of lhe*state Inspection commission, no formalities or ceremony, marked the completion of the greatest artificial water way in the world. .SilllutiOII WilM Oltll'Hl. The permit from the governor was signed at 10:.'U o'clock and was wired from tlie state'capital to Joltet, where (he trustees were impatiently awaiting on a special train. The situation was made critical by the fact that 8t. Louis iijul filed an application for nn injunction to restrain the board, from 1 opening the canal before Judge Kohlsaat, which was to come up at 10 o'clock if) the morning. Hut as soon as the permission from the governor was received the special train with the trustees and special Inspection commissioners, besides some guests, sped at a lively rate toward Loekport from .folier. The distance was covered in short time. Arriving at the switch the trustees lennoil from the train and Special Clearing Sale Prices. Ladies' $15.00 Jackets - $7.50. Ladies' 12.00 " - 6.00. Ladies' and Misses' 10.00 Jackets - 5.00. " r " •" " 8.00 " . 4.00. *' " " " 5.00 " - 2.50. Ladies' $18 Tailor Made Suits for - 8.00. : Ladies' $15 " " " » ' 7.00. One lot of German Flannels, for Shirt Waists, regular price 42c Clearing Sale Price 25c. , We have a good thing in 36-in6h Percales which are worth lie yard. On sale this month at special price 8 l-3c yard. See our show window. plowed Througn rue wot ground to tnc controlling works. Hplniteral with mud train head to foot, the trustees and onlookers arrived almost breathless nl tin- works. for Dcputlcd with Writ*. A grout) of spectators, attracted by the news Mint tbe controlling works would be In operntlou, was nlrendy on the seene. The trustees looked appre- hensjvely about for deputies with writs of Injunctions. But their fears were groundless. All the trustees. with llie exception of Trustee Xlun It. Carter, climbed to the top of the wall and the small Inclosure from which the works are operated. Before the bear trap wns lowered President Bolrtenweek held tip his hand and called for a moment's delay. He spoke briefly and to the point, remarking that by the opening of the works the great water way from the lake* lo ihe Mississippi was formally established, and that It marked the realization of the dreams of Chicago citlzohs for a quarter of a century". ' Itenmrk* by Colonnl Taylor. He was visibly affected during his brie? Introductory speech. Mr. Bolden- weeli next called Upon Colonel Taylor, chairman of the state Inspection commission. The latter stated that the worlts were to be opened with the sanction 'of the state government. He also called attention to the fact that the canal would serve not only as a great sanitation canal, but also as a water way -for ships to pass from Lake Michigan 1 to the Mississippi river and theij.ce to thv Gulf of Mexico. Tl.le bear trap was then lowered and the waters of the Chicago river rushed Into: the Desplalnes river and started on tfieir journey to the Gulf of Mexico. The.gates at the sides of dam, which are to be used for regulating the flow, were not opened when the dam wns lowered, and may lie kept closed for some time. The flow over the dam was bet ween iiSO.OOO and 300.000 cubic feet'.' per minute, and when the gates .are opened this flow will be largely Increased. ____ .^ITALIAN TOWN IS RUINS. Dynamite Jfaatory lUiiw* Up with IVr- rlble Result*. Uoiue, Jan. IS. — There was a terrific ^explosion in the large dynamite fac- ,'tory' at Avlgliano, near Turin, the 'shock of which was felt for many iniloK around. All the glass in the win- ,dows in the surrounding towns was • splintered, and several houses iu the 'neighborhood* were shaken to pieces. •The people of Turin for a time believed it was an earthquake. , Ten bodies have been found iu the neighborhood of the explosion and tliere Is still great danger In approach- lug the. place where the disaster occurred, because the building is now burning. At the last report the entire town was enveloped In a dense cloud of smoke and a detachment of soldiers left for Turin under the direction of General Besozzi oii the way to Avigliano. i. Anarchy In Venezuela. Paris. Jan. 18.— A dispatch from Caracas is published here saying au- arpljy prevails in Venezuela, Owing to 'their refusal to advance the government mon«y, the directors of the banks of Caracas and Venezuela, including a Frenchman, M. Montauban, and other foreign notabilities, have been arrested and thrown into the fortress. The representations of the French charge d'affaires have been disregarded, and the French colony at Caracas energetically demands thnt •the French Atlantic squadron lie dispatched to the coast of Venezuela. Heard from After Mnny Venn. Bloomberg. PH.. .Ian. 18. — Alexander Savage, who disappeared from ills 'home thirty-five years agb, and lias long been mourned us (lend, has turned up ullve n nd well. His brother Is In receipt of a letter from him announcing that he is an officer of high stand- Ing in the Spanish army, and resides at Madrid. Savage says lie has acquired a large fortune. Five years after Savage's disappearance- lie wrote to his relatives from 'china, stating that he had gone to the Orient to seek his fortune. Thirty yours have elapsed since that letter was written. n. strike of 20.000 vehicle drivers in Bio Janeiro led to a riot, during which the monarchists tried to start a revolution, but failed. Boers Open an Artillery Duel at Rtnaberg. CAIMUKEDGUN IS SOON SILENCED. tlrltlnh K>ep Up a Sparuhlng Klre AH Ooy an tliu Hour Kopjrn—War Office at London I'osta a l>l»i>ntcli from General Bitl- ler Tolling of the Death of One I'rlvate . and the Wounding of Another—French'* Succcsn a .Side ISHIIH. Ili'iisberg, Cape Colony, Jan. 18.— The Boers opened an artillery duel using a captured British 16-pounder which the British gunners ultimately silenced. The British kept up a searching lire all day long on the Boer kopjes and also dragged up another gun to the summit of Coleskopf. London, Jan. 18.—Public anxiety regarding the advance on Ladysmltb remains unappcased, and the vague rumors that a general engagement Is MAP SHOWING SEAT OF WAB- progressing, purporting to emanate from Durban and Pietcruiarltzburg, are based solely on the belief that General Bullor's arraugemuts to advance would be completed Monday or Tuesday at the latest. The war office has posted this notice: "The following telegram is the only news which has been received In regard to General Buller's operations near Springfield." Reportx the f>i'atli of a Private. Tlic telegram then proceeds to report the death of a private from dysentery at Springfield bridge camp, Jan. ,13, and the wounding of another private in a reconnaissance towards the Tugela river Jan. 13. General Frenches .success,' though consoling to the British, is recognized as being only a side issue. The country I? grateful to learn that,the British losses in this engagement were only sis men killed and five wounded. The news that two transports with troops have been ordered from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth indicates that substantial reinforcements are on their way to General French. BRITISH SHIPS WITHIN CAIX. •Alleged Plot to Sink Mule Transport* from America. New Orleans, Jan. 18.—It is stated here that there are British warships within easy reach of the Mississippi assigned to the duty of escorting the mule transports when they shall have been loaded with animals from '''New Orleans for South Africa. The presence of the warships In tfle gulf waters is said to have been brought about by advices received at tbe British war office iu London to the effect thnt two old hulks had been fitted out by American sympathizers with the Boers with the avowed purpose of capturing and sinking the .mule transports as soon as they left the mouth of the river on their voyage across the Atlantic. These advices, It Is said, were cabled from London to Captain Marsham,-ln charge of the buying of British mules in this country for the British army. Captain Marshall) admitted that there were British ships within easy call of the river's mouth, and while not absolutely denying the fact that he had received information of the alleged Boer expedition in the seas, he offered a strong argument against the possibility of the' expedition being iu existence. On Saturday lust the loading of mules on transports in this port was suddenly stopped on advices from London, but the British officers iio. rinien to give any explanation or wiuit the orders they had received cm- tallied. Later they told the repouers thnt. the stoppage was due to the fjiel that It was desired (o vaccinate the mules its a precaution against the development of glanders on their way to Africa, or after they reached t'lipe Town. It Is stated now that the real reason for the delay is the receipt of the advices of rumors that the Boers' friends In the Vnlted States have organized an expedition to-Intercept the ships. Wilt Release the Diinilenrath, Berlin, Jan. 18.—-An official telejrram from London says the British government has declared that now the inquiry into the seizure of the Bumles- rutli Is concluded her release may lie expected Immediately and a satisfactory settlement of the pending difficulties may be regarded as certain. Measures, it Is added, will also be taken to prevent a recurrence of similar incidents. Out rlrlifn Fight to the Death. Trenton, X. .1., Jan. 18.—Two 5-yuiir- old ostriches had a combat and it resulted In the death of'one of the birds- known as Grover Cleveland. The birds were lii the zoological garden of tln> City park and ' were known as Cleveland and McKlnley. They began by tearing feathers from the breasts and necks of each other with their claws, and this continued for five minutes. The screams of the fighting birds attracted one of the keepers and he arrived Just in time to see McKiii- ley kill Its old enemy by vigorously Jumping on iti- Itank Roltlierit Make a Haul. Philippl, W. Va., Jan. 18.—RoMiers forced an entrance into the Tygnrf' Valley bank of this place some'time during the night and blowing open the safe secured between $(i,000 and $(! 000. It was first reported that they had taken $10,000. Smallpox in an Illinois Town. Knnknkee. Ills.. Jan. IS.—Two C:I*L-S. of smallpox were discovered at ("lit-, ton. fifti*cn miles south of here. The patients 1ml .recently returned from Monticello. Piatt county, where ihcy visited a family that had the disease. I>?*perute Fight with a Uurglur. Kiilamazoo. Mich., ,lan. 18.—Albert' L. Hodge, a colored burglar, had a desperate fight with Sheriff Snow and two deputies at the residence of Mrs. Nathan Colemtm in Texas townsiirip. The thief was discovered by a neighbor, and the house was soon surround• ed. The negro made a. da.sli out, firing at Deputy Clark as he fled. Clark's face was burned and his scalp grazed. In the fight which followed fourteen shots were fired before Hodge wafe captured. Hodge was bit twice and 'seriously, though not fatally, wounded. Deputy Clark saved himself by dodging behind a tree, in which five bullets from Hodge's weapon were Imbedded. Hodge Is 07 years of age and 'a civil war veteran. He has served time for burglary. Get* Control of Telephones. Detroit, Jan. 18.—Charles J. Oild- den, president of the Michigan (Bell) Telephone company, has secured the ownership or control of the Detroit (new) .Telephone company and the New State company. This means that the Bell monopoly will have absolute control of Michigan territory, .and tbe company recently organized under the laws of New Jersey to fight the Bell Telephone company receives a body blow In Michigan. De Caatellanea Coming Over. New York, Jan. 18.—Count and Countesfi Boni de Castellane are on their -way to this country, having sailed from Havre last Saturday. They will be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Gould during their short visit here, and in all probability the greater part of their stay will be at Georgian court, the beautiful country place of Mr. Gonld at Lakewood. This will be the first visit here of the count and countess since their marriage, nearly five years ago. yvdvance In Wugen. Plattsburg, N. Y...Jan. 18. —The American Steel and Wire company has advanced the wages of its employes In the Iron mines at Crown Point, ICsscx county. N. Y., 10 per cent, to take effect at once. Two and one-half pet- cent, will be retained by the company and deposited as a benefit fund. E. a GOULDING'S SONS nnit Pffe dDflnitlln to a Change in our Firm, on or Before.May 1st, we will until that tuna Cut and Slash for SP©T CASH our entire sto( * Dmmojnid§ 9 Wmtch@s 9 Jewelry mmd IPsutucy Goods,, • . Now is your time to get Fine Goods at Prices Never Offered Before. ' p Keep Your Bye on this Space for Prices and Look in our Windows.

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