Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 11, 1900 · Page 15
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1900
Page 15
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ALTON lWul50BAi>M, THUlt^JDAY, JAK. It 1000. Early Conclusion of the Roberts Case Looked For. Till: KKMAUKS OK MK. SCMHOKDKH. II,. II, , ,|(.|l « HIP llnid of dm C*ntll« Oi-ti'ttntlnn hii IVriil '» Wn.ililn/irliin l» OPJIOSH Mm itlim "' HrlKlmiii II- UolM'H* In llm ,,!«!• "I Ili'pri'BCiitnllvf'd — Sn.v» Ilic Kvl- SllOWS ItOlll'Hs Ifll* fll'l'll It I'ol.V'- \\ •.•isiilnglnu. .Inn. 5. iiivesiiaiitlug committee -'The Robert* resumed its is for I lie purpose of'hearing ar- is and bringing I In 1 inquiry to an early conclusion. 11 was expected ilmt ex-Secretary John G. Carlisle would be present to spin up the case niinlnst Roberts., and that Roberts, In person, would make the argument In Uls own behalf. Word came from Car* lisle, however, that he had not understood lii* personal presence was de- Fired. Inn lie was ready to submit written arguments "" any of the questions involved. Chairman Tnyler slated Hun the statement of a witness absent In I'tiili had been received, but sis Kob- i-rls (li'dincd to admit It In an Informal Dimmer, tin 1 mutter would have lo be tiikeu up later. Trli-griiiu Killed Out. Idiherts siifd lie wished to present matter lending to show the uutrust- woTtlilness of the witnesses appearing iignlust him. It included a published cnnl sigui'd by Thomas J. Hrandon disclaiming having given out certain jnfonniiiioii relative to Koberts; also court records In which Roy Brandon wns n party. Roberts also offered n telegram from the proprietors of the Salt Lake ellrald concerning the testimony of MeDatiiels. Taylor excluded the telegram, however, saying there was no color of right or propriety In receiving a'telegram as testimony, in view of Roberts refusal to admit the statement of the absent Utah witness. SMiroeder Opens tho Argument. Mr. Scliroeder, head of the gentile delegation here to oppose Roberts, then opened the argument against Hoherts. The argument was largely lecliulctil. and was divided under three ireueral heads, viz.: First, whether or not the member-elect has the constitu- tlomil qualifications, Including citizenship; second, whether or not the constitutional provisions as to citizenship includes oue who has Impaired his citizenship by crime or unlawful status, 1 nnd whether Mr. Koberts has so im- paiiwl liis citizenship; third, whether a member-elect has the statutory qualifications beyond those In the constitution. Mr. Scliroeder read from many law books concerning these pros, H'UtiollS. Wlmt the Kvldenee Show*. "The evidence clearly shows," proceeded Mr, Scliroeder, "that since 1880 Hoherts has been In the status of a polygamist and the question Is as to the effect of this status." He said that while Utah wns a territory there WHS no doubt as to Roberts' disfran- I'hlseinent under the Edmunds and Tucker act. And then Utah was ad- inllteil to statehood, Mr. Scliroeder contended that Mr. Koberts' citizenship wns still Impaired. The status of polygamy wns such that Roberts could not relieve himself from it without some affirmative act. As to the right of the house to exclude.'Mr. Schroeder said: Could He Denied AilmlnNtuii. "Suppose n raving maniac should present himself at the bar of the house and asl; admission on proper credentials, could not the house in self-protection deny him admission? Suppose a man alHIeted with leprosy presented himself, would not the house have power to keep him out?" Mr. Schroeder said Roberts admitted his relationship with his plural wives. He had publicly said he would "be «—<1 if he would give up his wives." This was an offense against the public morals as against the law, and Mr. Kohcrts should'be excluded from a sent. At tliis point a recess was taken until i! o'clock. HKINI OHCKSlENTS FOB OTIS. Arrival ( ,f M,, e Trnnnportu nt AIniillu He[mi-led (,, (in. \\ ar Depurtmcnt. Washington. .Ian. ">.— (Jenei'a! Oils announced by cable to the war department that the transports Indiana and oido. carrying the Fortieth infantry. Colonel Cod win, and the Duke of Fife and (he St. Paul, with the Jlilrtleth infantry. Colonel Anderson. readied Manila Dec. :>7. having had uo casualties. The Dulney Vostoek and the" Colura- >ia, with the Forty-second Infantry, uiionel Thompson, arrived on Dec. •«. reporting the death of Private umcMall. Company L. Forty-second mrumry. , JU U)H , 20i f . acutu , m , nln . I lie Meade. carrying the Forty- infantry. Colonel Murray, also 1 I'ec. ;u, and the Sherman and H»,I '"' ' l "''- v -»l«»li Infa'ntry, Colonel ""-K. (in .bin. '2, reporting no casual• ae following transports sailed: I'ec. •_'(»: Sidney, Dec. 21); Ken- Dec. Ill; Senator, fltend of buying bond* the panic would have been n verted. The amendment was promptly ruled out of order and the resolution as offered by Payne was adopted. Then at 12:20 p. m. the bouse adjourned until Monday. At the opening of the day's session of the senate Kevoridge of Indiana presented the following resolution: "ThV the Philippine islands are ter rltory belonging in the I'nlted Stales that 1-. Is the Inlcnilon of the t'nitcd States to retain I hem as such and to establish and maintain sneli government conlrni throughout the arclilpel- ago as the situation may demand." Revorldgi- asked that the resolution He upon I)H> nible until next Tuesday, when lie will speak upon It. The resolution Introduced by Allen requesting Information concerning 1)10 , Hanover and National City banks was modified, ami passed. The Peltlgrew resolution calling upon the secretary of the navy for the report of Admiral Dewey In April, IS'IS. i,, which the admiral'snlrt he rr)uld take .Manila nt anv .time, went over under objection by Rpoonei'. The senate at 1:.". took up the flnnn- elnl bill, and Aldrldi addressed the senate on the bill. Aldridi received the Interested nt- tentlon of all the senators present, hut Ije was no.t Interrupted by anv one. At the dose of the s| ch the senate went into executive session, adiourn- Ing nt :i:2ft o'clock until next Monday. Opinion liy Altoriu-y (ii'iiernl (irl^i. Washington, .inn. T>.—\n answer to n request from the secretary of the treasury for an opinion on the subject Attorney <Jem-nil eJrlggs has held that upon bills of lading, receipts, manifests and other similar documents issued by railroad companies for the receipt of goods to In. transported by rail from any place in the Tnited States to Canada, a stamp lax of 1 cent Is payable under the "clause of the war revenue act headed "Express and freight" and that no tax is payable thereon under ti )( . clause relating to goods exported from a port or place in the I'nited States to any foreign port or place. It is also held that the same, rule should be applied to shipments bv rail to Mexico. Arrest ol.Iui'k the Cutter. Washington, .fau. ">.—A young German giving the name of Max Krebs is under arrest here, charged with being "Jack the Cutter," who'has been slashing .women's skirts. Word reached Washington that a young German answering his description had been arrested In New York for a slmlar offense committed there and had given the same name. Krebs had been arrested here several nights ago, but. was released on bail. His bondsmen, on learning of the similarity between Kr.ebs In Xew York and the German here, .surrenderedjilm into custody. Knit-Committees Announced Washington, Jan. 5.—Chairman Cannon of the appropriations committee of the house has announced the following sub-committees: Sundry civil—Cannon. Moody. Hemenwny McRae and Allen. Legislative—Ring' ham,- Hemenwny. I'ugh, Livingston, and Taylor District of Columbia— Grout. Blughnm. Allen and Renton. Fortifications—Hemenway. Pugh rnuer. McRne nnd Bell. Deficiences— Cannon, Barney. Van Voorhels, Livingston and Pierce. Permanent appropriations—Moody, Grout, Mttauer, Pierce and Taylor. Territorial Government for Huwull. Washington, .Tan. ">.—The senate committee on foreign relations has ordered n favorable report upon the bill creating a territorial government for Hawaii. A few modin'cntlons of the original bill were made, the most important being the validation of the sale of lands since annexation and fixing the tenure of the supreme court judges at nine years. The provision for a delegate in congress remains in the bill. Jl French Consolratoirs Given Sentences by High Court. AM) IUMSHMENT Will Ho Codlldi'd In some Fort!lied I'liiri. liir TI-II VIMIM anil Deronleilu Hillt'el. nml Sulnni'i Mum I.cuvu tliu Country for (lie Slum- I. ninth of' Time — I-'I-IK 1)1 Till Dlmmd-i- Tinned by Kurth- i|liiilu--»IlH«l,Miiir.v .Tlii|.(l,.|(.|| In Vlilnu. Paris. .Ian. 5.— The high court (sen)- ate) in secret session has condemned Mm. Mullet. .Denmlcde ami Saluces to leu years' banishment. M. (,'uerln was sentenced to leu years' confinement in a fortllled place. When I he high court opened Its pub- ALL A HE S.tVKI) BIT TWO. Hfwlnle Him I), HIM nnd Siinh In fc us t t 'iiulir anil •Ian. •_'. Ad!! •' ''.'"'I'"''" ^> ""' »avy department mural Watson reports that the gun™»i Marietta, the hist of the four warships to loave the United ' Hie Philippines bv the Kuro- le, had reached Manila. I10USK. U MoillflKil mid Ill I- huU,.|. a.\ '"" ' ''• ,, s ..... ,. ""bit Kl'Mlllltloll Ailopti- on, .hin. n. chairman of th In the lionwe commlltee ou ln^ Sul'/.er ""'"i as modliied by the commit'|» iininedlaie consideration. Sul- fll 'i' Hie prescniatlon of the •"» and said lie would auceut .,, tih'e • , '"I'lntes, wlilch he de- T ' , " • vk ' 1 ' 1 "' '-fv.v .if New Vork k'vi • ,'n ! " l ' M l WUli l '"'"l>Hcd with and « i'' ','" """''"'""'"t to the re.s- , '"'''' "''•'."•J«tl u for ;,,;. ;''"''.- v " I-WIHOIIH fur (leh.yli.g .'." s|s ,"' national banks until 1 ! n 'T .""'•'"•'•fd. ' "'" Levy said he "'•'•'••'liii'.v III Heplem- t| m t wurniii({ and ii fuiulM In nation- er or October. In- Sumption ami Sclile.v. Washington, .lau. 5.—As a result of the eonfereiicfs Held at the White House between the president, Secretary Long and the eaptalna of the Santiago fleet no aetion will be taken eonteuiplatlns the aiJvjiiH.'emeut of either Itear Admiral Sampson or.Rear Admiral Schley. Nor \vfll a court of inquiry be appointed unless an official request should be received from Admiral Schley, who Is now at Kuen- os Ayres. Sympathy for tilt* Hod*. Washington, .Inn. 6.—-Representative Quarles of Virginia has introduced IM following house resolution: "Resolved, That we hereby extend to our two sister republics In Africa, the Transvaal and Orange Kree Slate, our deepest sympathy in the noble, brave and patriotic struggle they are how making to preserVe their governments from destruction by the hands of monarchy." (Irnnd Jury Gels the Ii»x. Frankfort. Ky.. Jan. 5.—The bos said to hold four $1,000 hills and live $100 bills which was to be passed In the alleged bribery transaction between Colonel John II. Wlmllen and Senator Harrell, was delivered to the.grand Jury to be opened. What the box contains is now known only to the grand jury. The box has been guarded by detectives night and day since the exposure by Senator Harrell and County Attorney says If the money was nt any time In the box he is Matte- lied It. will he found there now as there has been absolutely no chance for tampering with II. ]C|>l(l<>nil<> In Wuiimn'n <'<>ll«ff<'. Greensboro, N. O., Jan. fi.—-Tlie thirteenth death from typhlod fever at the State woman's college here luis occurred, wheu Miss Dnv.lM, a student, succumbed to the disease. The college has been ordered closed. An Investigating committee discovered that the fever originated from a well In which were germs. U'ater from this well was freely drunk by the young Woman students. Muiitiuil iUnnuy MUnlim. Hutler. hid., Jan. fi.—W. II. Curtis, manager of Hie Duller Canning company, disappeared a week ago, ami Ills friends fcnr for his safety, us II was Iciuiwii lie cill'l'leil considerable money with him. lie left for Chicago last week, where lie collected $l,L'oo, mid soon after nil truce of him was lost. Fiu-r^nin'* "id i''luit>iii|>. Viilleju. Cal., Jan. r>. -Commodore Karnigul's Ihigtililp, the Hartford, wan floated out of dry dock, 'where she has been for the past three months undergoing repairs. Nlie Is now .said to lie. in prluiu condition. VICTOR GUEKIS. lie. session the president of that body, M. Knllicrles, read the decisions which had been reached I lie previous day. The prisoners who were acquitted, thereupon rose and shook hands with MM. Deroitlde. Buffet and Gtierin. Then, raising various shouts, they left the hall. The court afterwards entered on a secret session during which they decided on the sentences of the convicted prisoners as given above. FK1GHTFUI. CALAMITY. Thirteen Village), Dratro.ved anil Hnn- ilreilx of I'vuple Kllletl. Titles, Russian Trans-Caucasia, .Tan. f>.—Altogether thirteen villages in the Achalkalak district of this government have experienced earthquake .shocks. Six of these places havu been completely destroyed and 800 dead bodies have already been recovered. MlNBinnur.v .Miirclerrd in Chirm. Pekin. .Ian. r>.—The Rev. Mr. Brooks of the Church Missionary society, stationed at IMnjr Yin, in the province of Shan Tung, was captured in that vicinity and murdered Dec. .'{ by members of a seditious society called "Boxers," who have been active lately, destroying many villages and killing native Christians. The governor of the province has dispatc-hed a force of cavalry lo the scene of the disturbances, but the soldiers arrived too late to save Mr. Brooks. Knitted Vi'hs«l Foiiiiilorn. London, .Tan. n.—The Hamburg- American line steamer I'ntrln, which caught tire in Hie Kuglish channel Nov. 1 15, while on her way from New York, to Hamburg, and which wns abandoned the following day, when all attempts to tow her to some port had failed, the vessel going ashore between Walmer and the South Foreland, on the Kentish coast, was raised Thursday. She subsequently foundered, however, and two petrous were drowned. I.riik In thf I.iniT Turin. London. .Ian. 5.—Wheu water was let into the dry dock at Milford Haven the American Hue steamer Paris, which is to be taken to Belfast for a thorough overhauling after running ashore near the Mnncles May 21 last and being refloated, began to fill, owing to an undiscovered leakage. Twenty-Two l'eo]>lv i>ro\vneil. London, Jan. ">.--The British steamer Borghese foundered off Cape Finisterre on Dec. Ui). Twenty-two persons were drowned. Boston. .Tan. .V-Th,> fulled states fjiinrferiiiaster'H lug Itexoluie. which piles I.eMveeii mis city oiid Furl War fen. WKS run down mid sunk by Hie Philadelphia nnd Heading dial 'com- piniy's towlioal Swataru almul (i o'clock in Hie evening, nnd.two lives are believed to have been lost. The Itesoliitc left thi' city shortly after 5 o'clock for her Insl trip to '(lie fort. There were tweuty-lwo people on boftrd. Including several army olllcers, their wives, lyid some eii'lslcd men In tddllidii to the crew. When rounding buoy il m-iir distle Inland, ciyuliig up the harbor, the Swatara crashed into the starboard of tin- government tug. almost cutting her In two. The captain of the Swatara kept his engines going lit full speed, and In this way prevented the Heso- lute from sluklug Insliintly. The offl. cers, women, nnd soldiers were saved by the Swatara and the towboats Cat- awissn and Irving R. Rose. The crew of the sinking craft, with the exception <if the engineer and fireman, were rescued-. It Is believed the two mentioned were penned in the flreroom and went down with the boat. Kx-C'omity TreiiMirrr Sliiirl. Lancaster. 1'a.. .Inn. ."i. — The county commissioners have learned that ex- County Treasurer llershey was $(>">,000 short in his accounts, and immediately swore out a warrant against him on the charge of misappropriating public funds. As soon as the work of the expert Is completed and the exact amount of the defalcation ascertained the county commissioners will make a demand upon the bondsmen. Six !•>,•» pf iroin Umlyftinitli. Hoofd Laager, Ladysmith, Jan. 3. — Six horsemen made a dash from Ladysmith a few nights ago. and though pursued, they escaped. It is believed the party Included Colonel Rhodes, brother of Cecil Rhodes, and Dr. Jameson. 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He admits that ho used poor business judgment, (ieueral Marsh says that he never recelved'any money out of the clothing transactions. He now expresses regret that he resigned his otlice when requested to by (.Jov- ernor I'iugree. The house has adopted a resolution to adjourn finally Saturday. The senate will concur. Nothing has been .accomplished by the special session, a majority of the senators being decidedly opposed lo Ihe taxation and other measures urged by (inventor IMugree. The house Ullled the municipal street railway ownership Joint resolution. The vote was 5'J ayes to 'M nays. It required a two-thirds vote. CUIIHIMI by Crliiilnnl Curi>l»«»iipM». Denver, Jan. 5.—The coroner's jury that investigated the death of Wlnfleld Uandlcman, tin' express messenger who was killed In the wreck on Ihe Union I'acllic railroad at llrlghton, him found dial (lie collision was caused by the criminal carelessness of Conductor 10. W. .McAllister. 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