Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 31, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 31, 1898
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ALTON \ TELEGRAPH. SlXTY-THIRD YEAR. January 14, im.). ALTON, ILL., MONDAY, OCT. 31, 1898. TEN CENTS PER WEEK Put VOMIT 66 Ad/s" Where they Brim Results-ttiat Means in the~T( In wlmt the. pain ton II tniiki'.* II. (.-0.1,1 puliit mnkeH It, IHJHII- tt'ul-kui!|H It Mi-.hiemi-ics I'H valiH. 1-oor piilnt will »|>ull Itannturiil hoain.v-< niiei- a to d--e:iy-.|o\vcr Its polllm; price. Tliflt-ulM inniiny In mulct -itiiiidln<: p ilnt cnonHi to Ret tl'in right klll'l Illlll Illim 11*11 Uu' InKt economy. THE SHERWIN-WULIAMS PAINTS for fin 111 (111-i l and most dMrVdVlo' iLii,'.''niadu." W "v'l'n'uly'oyo'i'i Ull tllO UNKlKtlllllMI III (Mir power wl graph or'iin-liitci't'« ilruvInK of j our housu. I lar n par»color plunn for yon, free, v-, win s.-nd vo ' hoiih-es properly eolurud. \ViiM-lllKendcoloreard .on painting W u will sotul fro..-. \Vi-lto to UM. TUT. SHCRWIH-WILLIAMS CO., PAINT AHO COLOR MAKERS, 202(1 Hlmvnrt, Chlr M ,>,i; idaoClev Juiul, Now Yorlv uini ^]olll|•tl«l. tun re iiiuda In thlri;,--iivo nl.lnwtlvo olorM. Jl, IH ;.lu VV v.lll Klyoyou Hi ifl ic) a j.helo- IHIH will lire. plefuren of . tttir hook H. W. CHAAIBHRI.AIN, Agent. Are displaying this week the finest line of Clothing, Gent's Furnishing Goods, Men and Boys' Shoes, Ever shown in any store in the city of Alton. We cordially invite the citizen of Alton and vicinity to give us a call. T IV ^//Pfjr^^Q GROCER, M. KFe !J.«^!\<_JJ_v^*.;jj Cor. Sixth and A!by 8t? Best Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fresh Fruits. Fresh yegetables, Fresh Bread, best Flour at lowest price. Fin* Teas and Coffees. Fancy Country Butter. Telephone Free Delivery to Part of the City. any 1 Imro boon taking Plso's Curo for Conflumption Binco 1883, for Coughs uud Colds. I had »n attack of Laliripiw in 1890, and have liad others since. In the Winter of 189(5-7, I hud a spell of Bronchitis, laHtiug nil winter, and leaving a troul>lenomo coti)j;h, until 1 ugain tried Piso'B Curo, which relieved me.—Mm. M. H. SMALLBV, Colorado s, Colo,, Augurtt in, 18118. PI SO'S 'CURE FOR • UUHtS WHtllt ALL tLbt JAILS. , I Best CougU Syrnp. TautcaGood. DM I in tlrao. Hold by d The PUo Componj', Wanop, Pn. FALLamdWINTER The most complete line of Forei^'i and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received, b'yle, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, 112 West Third st A FOOD OF THE FAMILY, FOLEY'S and 19 THB GREAT T81ROAT and LUftSO REMEDY. For sale by li. Marsh and S. 11. Wyss. QtnerAt SuperlntcuilBnl «aJ Mecimnlcal »rauj?'<iU«a«i»' 10* W. THIMI) 5TWWT. Tmrd FURN ITU RE. When wantlau I'nrultuiv call and asa uf We can surety plft*e you. 210 V*. Third Street. Contracted Yellow Fever on Hi Mission to Havana. HI:TI l-lvi-rj l-ii'i.mill,111 IIHiiu Tulicn In I'rnvrli the Spi-i ,,ll iif (III- III,ruse 1,1*1 of (•„ <MM-l \\':II-|IIK'H frllmv I'jiMRligt-i-rt- lli'iillh (Illl, er Milt-li Sin prlBpil Win- Ill* l.clirm-d ill Illi* rum- - Ilittiiir* rtl Wlir Hcrnl-i. New Vm-k, del. :;i.-. Colonrl ( 1-:. \Varin«. Jr., died of yellow fever u hi;' resldemo in Ihls city nl 7:t.~i a. m. ileoivv K. \Vnring. Jr.. wan si rick with yelltiw fever while In Hayana. M returned from Cuba on the Ward lln sli-am-'l- Ylicalall last Tuesday, lie ha' been a month In Havana as sanitar; eiigh r for the war department lo re poll on Ihe condition of Ilnvann. ]I vent diredly to his apartments In th Hulliei-rord. when- Ids wife alread; was. having returned from l.ltohtloli lust Tin-day. Kvcry ptoeniiilon is b,-ing .taken ti Rtiurd against the spread of the disease but the mosr .-etlotis feature of the casi Is the fi.ct thai. tweniy-sey<,ii passen BITS on Hie steamship Yucatan, win arrived from Havana with lilm 01 Tuesday hist, are scattered tlmiughon lln- country. The fever musl have de veloped in Coli.ncl Waring on Ihe voyage and ihirlnu ihat voyage his fellow- paM-.en-^i-rfl \set'- subjected to the con- Here is a list of Colonel Warlmj's fel- low-pass,-np-rs: Miss I,omi C. Hell, F Slrniiok. liafinl .1. I'edrasjas. Uoherl M. Mci'iillocli. Antonio A. (infilling, S. .leiome. \V. J. Clark, Car] Ueynnn. H. Koclilter, A. 1C. Blathernlck, K. Cy Kernaiiile/, de Castro. Juhnnnc." Kricksnn, Wnllnce Frazer. Charles O, Culvf.-r, Leonard c,. lin-cnhull, J. C. Ila. zlcwood, Krnest A. l.onga, It. Kochlter. Miguel !.,. J'ivldad, Kdwaid Kturzeneg- r, A. II. MucMallen. Loi I,ee. Wong Ye and 1,1 elm. Health Olliccr Hurprlsoil. Dr. Doty, health oillcer of the port, as greatly surprised Thursday when lie learned thai Colonel Waring had yellow fever. He was 111 when he was at quarantine, but only malarial fever was •uspeded. Pr. Holy. \\ho is an expert, igreed that the patient had n wcll-de- ,-'. lop»d case of "yellow jack." At this icason the examination of the quarantine authorities is not as strict as in lot months and for Mint reason the ship ivas passed last Tuesday with little de- ay hy Health Oflieor n. 15. Sanborn, who mnde the ultimate examination. Complete disinfection of everything and everybody corning out of Colonel Warner's room Is made. JCcmiilii*. at Oner Cremated. Three hours after the death of Colonel Waring his body, inclosed in a. metallic :-asket Has taken from the apartment le had occupied to the dock at the 'oot of Fifteenth street, where thequar- intine boat Governor Flowe.r, with Dr. '.)oly in charge, was in waiting. The lody was placed on board and taken to Swinburne island. ]t was there placed n a retort an! Dr. Doty himself lit he lire which cremated the remains. \s soon as the body had been removed rom the house tlie apartments of the ring's were fumi.Kated and disin- ecled. Colonel (leorge Waring, Jr.. was one >f the foremost authorities on sanitary icience. lie served with distinction luring the rebellion and at Its close beanie supirinte'ideiit of a Connecticut va'.erwnrks plant. His work In New 'Jngland attracted attention, and when itrong became mayor of Xew York he ppointed Colonel Waring suporintend- nt of street cleanlnu. For the first inie in a generation the streets of Ne\v 'ork became clean under Colonel Wur- IIR'S administration. Colonel Waring ecently was nominated by Ihe Cltl- rns' union parly for stale engineer and urveyor. He has written several raon- praphs on stt t cleaning which are er-OL-ni'<ed n« the highest aulhoritieR on he subject. Wll.l. A \VAltlt I10SOHS. :revel Priiinul ions ami MniliiU In Jio iiiv- I-H Itravii Men. Washington. Oct. 31.—A board of riny ollicers will meet early next lonth for the purpose of determining ward of breve! promotions and medals C honor for the three campaigns of lie Spanish war. Cierieral orders on :iis subject were Issued from the war cparlmerit, some time ago. The fol- owin;; order WHS issued from the deiirttnent: "Hy direction of the secretary of war, board of ollicers will assemble at Vushiiijjlon. D. c., on the 9lh of No- ember, IS'.IS, or an soon thereafter as raelicablo. foi- the purpose of making -< ommendul ions for brevet promo- ons, Ilie award of medals of honor nd certillcalcs of merit for the officers nd enlisted men who participated In ie campaigns of Santiago, the Phlllp- incs. and 1'orlo lllco. In making reo- mniondal Ions tin- board \\'ill be gov- rned by general orders No. 41.', June i, ISiiT. and No. i:;"i, Sept. M, 1SHS, from ils otllce, find article y, of the regulu- ons. "Iielall for the Hoard—Urigndler (jen- ral Theudore Swan, I'nited Slates vol- nleers; Brigadier Oenerul 11. V. Hoyn- ii, United States volunteers; Llcuten- nt i.'oloiitd \\'. H. Carter, us-.dKtant djulanl general. The adjutant gen- al will furnish the board with all the fiirmallon necessary for its action." 1.1 VMS LOST IN 'I'lIK IV A11. Sit it Thouiuilid Nine lltilidi-rd mill AniiTlciins lluv<> Illi'd.J V.'^hliii',ton, (lit. ;!1. -Two thousand ie hundred and six lives wvre lost the lute win- with Spain, a ...... riling lo ciuion t.'ominissiiiner JJ. (.'lay l-:\-ans. if this numb"!' J.r>DO died In camps. he stalisl'cs of his otllce. lie also says. how (hat the pcrcciiinijc of death In imps ffniii dbease \\as niucb less than urinv, the ci\'ll \\ar. He says that urini; the rebellion 40,ilHO men were lllcd In Uatlle und :iiiU,OUU perished In amps and prison. I'Yom .May 1 to ept. Ill), ISliS, i hi- total deaths were 1!,)C. of which 107 weiv ollli ers. At Santiago the loss of life \\as L'iS rlvutt-H L'l' ollicers. At Cardenas olflcLM waa killed, and uim-e the O»1VC. T'ie best aalvo In the world tor onto, rumen, Boron, alooro, salt rheum, fa- cr sores, tetter chapped hands, ohll- lulns, conm. and all skin ernptlon8 ( nd poHttlvely cures piles, or no pay oijuired. It in guaranteed to give erfuul aatlefaotlon, or money refund- d. Price 36 cents per box.. For sale I. JMurnh. Alton and llppnr Alton The Eortality Keoord be groutly reduced If every 01110 were suppliud with a b Htle ot )r. BoU'a tlne-Tur-Honey. The rout limn Btrengthenor and exler- ilnutor of coughs, colds, croup, and Indred affections. All druggluta sell 6 at 20c, No cure no pay. Royal nmk» the food pur*, wholetotne and dtllclou* first b»:1le on Cuban soil sixty-one mer have died of wounds received while li service. There have been (iOll claims fot pensions tiled up to dale as a result of the war. The loss of life resultlnp from the destruction of the battleshlf Maine will be placed on the same basis ns mortality In battle. Thus far fifty- five* claims have been presented by relatives of the rallm-a who went down with the Maine. (.(•iierut ].ti\vloM ill War Di-pai-lMini*. Washington, Oct. SI.—Major ('cnera Henry W. Law-ton, who recently arrived In this country from Santiago was at the war department, accompanied by Captain n. C,. Mendo/ii and Kdward U King of his Kln.ff, mid Mr A. M. Mcstro, a native Cuban. (General l.av. ton caiiie to Washington for consultation with the authorities here. H f-pc nl. some tiine in C.eneral Corliln's olliee and afterwards went to Ihe \Vhili House to ,-ei- the president, (icneral T.awton expresred satisfaction al th, manner in which affairs are moving in Santiago province. He believes affairs tbfre will adjust themselves gradnall> lo th enow order of things. (ii'iit-riil OtiH and Itlos Agree. Manila. Oct. 31.—General Hlos. the Spanish commander, has concluded commercial agreement with General Otis whereby the customs authorities of this city are authorized to clear Spanish or American ships for Hollo. Cebu. or Zamboanga. For Caipez, Tac- loban. Cntbalogan. Mlsamia and Sor- igao they will require Spanish captains and a guaranty ot legitimate commerce. For Dumaguete, Camaguin anr -can they will require the sanction of General Rlos. Calling at other Vizayan [lorts Is forbidden. General Rlos reserves the right to search In all cases, and he can prohibit crev/s from land- lli-yitn Itcndy t<» Kmlmrk. Savannali G:i., Oct. 31.—Colonel W. 3. Bryan Is free of fever and almost ready lo attend lo his military duties again. "I will certainly not resign my commission If my regiment is ordered lo Cuba, as has been reported." said Colonel Bryan. "1 am ready and willing to go with my regiment wherever H Is ordered. There is no doubt that I will embark with tlie Seventh army corps when it goes to Cuba or Porto Hico." May ViKil Cllliu mill Pul-lo Itii-ii. Washington. Oct. 31.—A letter received here from a member of the Avar department investigation commission now in the south conveys the information that the members tnink they may be able lo reach the city from their present tour about Nov. 4. It has been reported that (he commission may afterward visit Santiago and Porto Ttico. Tills will he sealed definitely nfter its return to the city. Muceo's U"iiU»w a 1'uiiper. Santiago, Oct. Ml.—The widow of Jose Maceo. the Cuban leader. In-other of Antonio Maeeo, was one of the applicants for rations at the American free- distributing depot. She hud been on the verge of starvation for several weeks, find the Cubans had done nothing to relieve her. She has a large family :>f children. General Wood Issued or- If-rs that ten rat ions be given her daily. Jl.VVK PKOMIXEXT KEI.ATIVKS. Tivii YiHing Men ruili-r Arrt'M for 11 Series of PorgitrlfH. Chicago, Oct. 31.—Kdsur N. Mayer, he 27-year-old son of the United Stales ninisler to the Argentine Itepublic. and "',. A. Gentry, nephew of the late Sen- fltor Cannon of I'tuh, are under arrest at the Central police station charged with pevpetralins a series of forgeries hrougliont the west. ThespecitU'charge upon v\hlcli they were arrested by Detectives McCarthy and Murkle Is pass- ni? a forged check for $-':iO in Janes- vllle, \Vis. The pair are said to have jocn operating in Omaha, Fremont. >Jeb.; Oshkosh and Janesville, Wis.; Winonn. Minn., und oilier placet-. According to the police, they go to a ilti'e and then write some business let- er to a man of standing in another city. Tliey use his signature en the -eply as the guide to a forgery. They said to have secured $-!l!r, in Winona. Two weeks ago they were at the Omaha exposition. They represented hcmselvoK to be reporters for Clucai; . mpers. and thus secured still more noney. I'p lo u week ago Mayer was assistant general manager of thelOiitilt- ible I,lfe Insurance company of ?hurli clou, !'».. the police .say. COI'l'Elt .VIXES IX ALASKA. ,'liil'l linuwx \\ln-rl- Hi" HI>|MI.H|| In, loll Will N'lil Ti-II Olliel-!,. 1'orl Townseiul. Wash.. Oct. ,11, -The ngs Golden Gate,of Sun Francisco, and ';. t;. Cherry, of Seattle, have arrived rom the nf,nth of Copper river, Alaska, vilh seven passeiiBers. Among Ihem vus M. J. Garrelty. of San Francisco, .vho h.-is snenl more than a year In a ,'uln s"arch for gold on Cojiper river. le says: "Native float copper has been 'oiii-d on Cliltna river. 170 miles from he mouth of Copper river, and u pur- y of tiiiccii will remain there over win- ef to |i|-"S|iect tor the main copper de- loslt. "Nlchiill Knust, chief of the Copper •ivi-r Indian", c-lalms lo know the exact oculton of a copper deposit, but he re- I'pcd offci s of several hundred dollar.-o guide people lo Ils location. Jndluns IBC copper for making bracelets and ither ornaments, as well as looking uleiislls, and the (-hid claims that the vhlles will limit the supply and thei eliy h-pri\'e niiiny Indhnih from mean* or nakiiig a livelihooii." New York (let. 111. At a eonfei, nn ietwct'11 the leaders of the BlriUlnn I'lfth ux'cnue ladleh' tuiloiH and 1-,'d- nund Kelly, president of the Social Ho- 'orm club, It WIIH aimoiinccd thai Icad- i\K wiuneli of New York's "4(Hi" had alsed $50,000 for Hie purpoHe of liltlnB ip a co-o|'crulive shop for the strlk- Dr.Bull's Cures a Cough or Cold In ^f*m i(y|k one day 1 Why cough and >^(/UKI' tlek Coiuumplton? Thli ^ laraoua remedy will cure 9y TU P* yoti. Doclori recommend * • II. Price 25 «entt. Sold by all druggUUi. ri 1 rp Weekly Review Published G. Dun & Co. i:unoj'i:*wus AM, TIM: by R IllTiilelifil \\iil i llnt'i- Thcli l;lir \VI1PII1 \:tllli-« <'nllilllliiii. .tie il Ihe I rl>l< III Irii mi \ niHrli'iitt 'I rn»li> — ti> I .l-rntil,', Illll Arlllnl ,il ll,.|,i, ,,-iil, il lit Illl I pi inul Iliiun- nl Ihe lioi-.l! .liillfin wild Uiinl Ihe I,,01 liHlu-li). New Ymli. u. i. .11 1!. G. Dun S- Co.'s Heikiy n vi.-w of n-iide payy. Unslii'-is has In en nion- alTei led by foreign nflnlts (ban many reall/.e. don's H|j|ireh< i;sion id \\ar llrsi i ausei: advance in \\h-at and fears of monetary pressure lieie. Then cam,- confi- deim- In London, \\iih a Ilight of Ki cnch tnone\- .-oi.^s ill-- ibiinnel. and sior-l niurkel- adviiin ed. while \\heiil fell Mobs In 1'aris <lld not mean to iulluenci American Interests Horn New York l( San I'Yanels but ,-lei iric wiics liuve made th,. world small. So the wires moved u cargo of \\heat from the Pa- clllc coa«l. suited f^ more goli from Au^lralia lo Ibis coimlry on Ijiin- and selling of American day and buying 111" next •n no domcsili chunge of ance. and the rise in on accoi ecurities here Ma* much prices of uestern railroad stocks indicate thiit ill-- siipri me court decision against the tiung lire aysociHttmi is consld red In Ipful 10 railroads. I Illelllillinn-l III Will-Ill. Wheat lose :; cents from Friday to .Monday, am! then fell -Pi cents to I'*ri- day. Hut such changes do not represent actual conditions, and with western receipts for the we, k ll.j.VS.JOn bushels, against G.TOIi.-IVT last year, nobody can pretend thai .holding of stocks by weslern farmers is an important factor. The Atlantic exports. Hour Included, amount lo :!,7!Hi,S:!iJ bushels, against 3,884,(Mil liisi year, and Pacific exports SZri.SiM bushels against I.32S.80X lost year, making lii.S07.3C2 bushels in four weeks, against 1M.-Ils.017 last year, when the foreign demand was fur beyond all precedent. In four weeks the western receipts- have been over 40,150,690 hush- els, against :in,72:;,2SS last year, and yet prices are -J3 cents lowr. This c.learly Indie-ales much larger supplies and Brent i r readiness to part with their than \\ as s, ,-n n year ago. when nobody doubled the magnitude of the foreign demand. Corn refused to follow wheat aril but slightly advanced. The I'llie nl (ill lull. Cotlor rose to 5'4 cents hint week, but has fallen to :,*» In spile of heavy frosts in part of the growing region. This expresses strongly the belief that non-curtailment of yield is possible and will affect the surplus more than the closing of eastern mills one month in three, and the reduction of consumption abroad. I'or European mills, as well as those of this country, have surplus stocks produced from the high priced lotion of last year which they cannot proiitably market. There has been some closing of mills at ihe south, and al.'o some reduction of wages. The frosts s ,-i\t not to have damaged the croi, a I't'i-eeiuhly. but a yield much smaller than has been expected will exceed, wiih eld storks, the 'iuantity the world can consume. Woo! d-alers have reachi d ihe conclusion that, with the heavy stocks on hard, it is no longer a iiuesiiiiii of orotit but of avoiding losses, and cone, ssions have brought a bis incr, ;ise in sales fur the week, thr.nsh for four weeks the aggregate ha* been only 14 VI* 'I'll* pounds, against ,:«M.<1!« lasi week. js.:f.'i).iMi in ivii!. and :'i;.:.:;>;.:,n:: in is:':.'. MIO-I- Deliminl lor (.iind-. Nou Ohio hn],IMS are askin:: _' to ;; >pts less than a month auo. bavin;: per ccnl. of li.le and 4" j ed i u n i lli'S of ders. w h ent, of ul \-t t on hand, \\bile IO.OIKJ l ar- ,,iTere.l to foreign bid- ly •'.<• id, tn exnorl it. Colder w d -mand l^i u ..... ; to I'linime Hi-- I'if iron inanufacnni mand. late iis it i sir^ pii'es ,-ach otlier. altli'i all i|noti!tions the Hum half oi 1 i lias made so:c.e\\iiat mnr 1 u ..... ; s ami >•• t not ,-niiugl: i'on n-.Teri:ii:.v. The hah >ti!l a i:ood d--. bin tlii- makers ale !•>• 1'iddint: against h in tin- av-rage o:' di-ciin- Inis b.-en '.ess cent, f-mn th hljih- est point. l!u! (be \\ire nail manufacturers have i-eduii-d prices :, per cent.. and tin. 1 rait manut'aet nrers. accordini; In i-uii-i-nl ri -i-irts. have decided inn aiU'ance pric s. and there Is a pros- perl that neavv demard for produi Is will be fuilb.-r ,-nroui'a^ed by I be laler <jiioiai ions, l-'.iihu'es for tin- \\-eek ha\-e been 2-ji; In the I'niied Stales, against 2l!l last >e;ir. and iw enty-four in Can- ;;ainst t v. I'lit \ - li\'e las 1'arn IT. AtlalltH. (!a.. i id. ;',!.- 1. I), liishnp y. us instanily killed and I'olice cnplnln John Tlionii'^'Mi \\as sei ionsl\ \\oun'-led h>- William Shot kley. an insane farmer if Allhuin. <'ii Kobert McCoy, an ex- policeniiin. mis badly i nl « bile ciipllll up the insiine man. Shockley us-kert tlie police 10 1m k him up earllii in tin- day. Inn they Hip-" him "in of the siaiion. Later on lie .a'i.d on the i;nvornor and THE EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is duo not only to the originality and simplicity of thu combination, but also to tho euro und bin 11 wilh which it i.s manufactured by sek'iitilic processes known to tho CAi.iroitM.v Km SVIHT Co. only, and we \vish to imprc.s.s upon all the Importance of purcliitsinj, r Ihe true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of FiK* i* iniiniil'iietuivd by tho CALIKOHNU l-'iti Svnur Co. only, a knowledge of Ihiil. fuel will nstbiL one in avoiding- the \\ linilAtiu)i:i inutiufuclurcd Isyoihi-: 1 pur- ties. The high BtundiiiK of tho CAM- FOUNIA Via SVHUP Cn. with the medical profession, und the salihfuclion which the genuine Syrup of Mtf.s luis given lo mUliouii nf 1'aniilicti, makes the name of the Cuuipuny u guaranty of tho oxcelloucc of its ri'iiu'dy. It is fur in tidviiuco of ull oilier laxatives, us it acts on the ludnc.y.s, liver und bowels without irritating or weakening thorn, un<l it I!(JCK nut gripe nor niiuseiite. In ordi'i'lnget its bencticiul effects, plcuse i-ciiu nibcr the mime of tlie Company CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. HAN lIUNi IX*., O«l. MUUVII.I.R. K,. M KW VUMK, N. T. flsKeif lor protect jnfi. tint iV-tl before the police could be snninioni d. S4hockl*\ tlipn enlered a street e;ir un<l attacked Mi. Bishop «llb n ray.or, completely fif-vcriiiR his he.-id from his burly. II* 1 next cut I'lipt.'iln Thrimp.aoti ffbnul the boi'y il'.fl Mobbed Mr. Mr(Viv. He IS under nri'-sl no\\ \VIII Nnl ( InUtni ullli K«rr. .Milunnkee. \vi).., Oi-t. ni. -The Wl»- conpin but I li ship coninil*s,;on met again dnd iceeh-rd d"SiRtis for the sllvri* ta bl" fervlir Ihnl !••- to tie presented to the liiiitleshlp \VI«coiisin by the elate Commisslorer .1. c. rte\-nolds of Lake (ierf\'Ji. ref'Trlng to the propoKition to '.mi beer tnsli'^d nf w!ne In christening tho Wisconsin, s:ild: "We have al rendy chosen wine, mid nine It Khali IIP To u.«e bi-ev iveiilfl have elieapennd th \\-hnle iiffair." Ili-rlslon In H ffilAiil CH^P. Milwaukee. Oct. ;il.-JuilRp Seanmn In Ihe t'nlled Stnles circuit court, ha Kr;int"d a teinporar>' injunction In th null of William S. Dulg. the Hrooklyn N. V.. \iox-iiallliiK niHnufar turei apalnst the Knletprlsc Ilox and I. urn her company of this city. The decision is of fai-reai -hltiB < on.-einieni es to man ufnrtiiri-is nsing the hox-imlllng ma- fhlnes mfid'- by I IIP Morgan Machine company. \VAltllANT CIIAIKJKS Arri'tt <if 'riii-fr Wrll-KnoM-n M'fitnrti n UoM'iilx-I. Win. ll.,?eob-.|. \VI«.. Oct. 31.— A warran charKing murder was nworn out b> Mayor Hind and sei-ved hy Marsha Miller on a hhherto respected marrie woman of ihls city and her two tin married tbiuchlers. who were then taker in charge by the officer*. Jt 1 alleged that one of the daughter* gav birth on Oct. 10 lo a child, which haj not been seen since Oct. 16. The Bto- ries are conflicting an to what beeanv of the Irfant as It has not been pro diu'<-d. The chairman of the county board and the sheriff of Orant count; offeix'd a reward for the child or th body or any information leading to It recovery. Owing to the illness of th young mother the trial will not be tintl ihe ci'mins week, at Lancaster. .M ui-ili- r nl Lung Iti-iini-li. Li His: X. J.. Oct. 31.— Harr; nrooks. mairicd and 1M yeai-8 old, wen to ihe r -sk'eme of I'Jeorse Hibhett o Seventh avenue at ] o'clock and sho ai.d killed HllibcU's wife, who was tei > i ar.-* si nit r. The cause of the mur di r remains a mystery. The niurdere was takt-n to the county jail al Free lirdd .to escape a mob of lynchers. limufeui-alml Onvernor of Genrfflu. Atlanta, Cia., Oct. 31.— Allen D. Cand ler. was Inaugurated governor of Geor gla at noon Saturday. Jusia cough Not worth paving attention to, you say. Perhaps you have had it for weeks. It's annoying because you have a constant desire to cough. It annoys you also because you remember that weak lungs is a family failing. At first it is a slight cough. At last it is a hemorrhage. At first it is easy to cure. At last, extremely difficult. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral quickly conquers your little hacking cough. f There is no doubt about the cure now. Doubt comes from neglect. For over half a century Ayer's Cherry Pectoral has been curing colds and coughs and preventingconsumptlon. It cures Consumption also if taken in time. Keep OK n Pt. tier's cicrrff Pccuril Piasters «ver |«w lings II i»i C«HI. Sholl we MIK) you • book on thl» moled, tree? Our Mfdloul D»partm*n(. It you linvn any complaint whatever utul dfjilru thi* bent meiiiral mlvii'ii you r«u pnsiihly obtalu. writ, tlm doctor freely. You will reci'lve n |irolnnt rejilv. without rout. Aililren,"Illl. J. ('• AVKIt, Jewell, Mill. [)rs. O. and H. Taphorn PHYSICIANS AND SURQKONS. OFKIV.B in M'Pike building. Cor. 2nd »nd Bision sts. Pbonea 138 and 171. F. SCHUSSLER.M.D HOMPOPATHIST «nd SUBQEON . IIOTKL MAO1HO' ICO [)K. L. fl. ROflLAND. DGNTIST, ss» )«r» llnurt. Itm. IDIIIB. «4 I to u W THIRD RBKT Qrs. B. C. & H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURS: 710) a.mi 11 to l.ttolp.D TELEPHONE 87. DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCY In Short Time. Yager & Yag«r, Attorneys 300 Bell* We Have an Elegant Line of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. 203 West Third Street, Henry Watson, Contractor and Builder. McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsslls, Window Sills, etc., etc., Alwcyi oa head. Alio DMler In Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Paris Side Tracki Running Into the Qiurrlea. Telephone No. 31. A I TOM II I Residence 6a8 Alby st. /VL* I \li>l, IL.L, Electric Power. We are prepared to contract for Electric Power'at Low Rates. If you know of any manufactrer who s seeking location ask him to correspond with us. ':•••', Electric Motors can be used for running Elevators; operating all kinds of machinery; pumping water; in fact any mechanical application. call on us for • Incandescent Lights, Electric Vairkrmi .»•» VHEN You will find all the BEST REMEDIES Marsh's Drug Store. You might like to try our Snuff for cold in the head, or Powd- \ er for an all over you cold. Now IH the Mine to Subscribe One Year, - S4 CO JO Cents a Copy HARPER'S WEEKLY during 1809 will contain complete, concise', and accurate accounts of all noteworthy and interesting occurrences as (hey transpire in our own and in foreign lands. Eminent men of letters and distinguished artists will contribute to its columns, and its readers will have the most impartial and the best PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE Ifl •During 1899 HARPER'S WliHKI.Y will be cspecial- ^ Iv rich in fiction, containing serial stories from the M pen of H. 0. Wells, author of "The War of the m Worlds " ; •• The Conspirators." by Robert W. JM Chambers; ;i romance of l)e Solos last voyage, -_ by K. S. Van Zile, and short fiction by authors of !L international farm-. Articles bv special coirespon- jji dents in our new possessions — Manila. Honolulu, w Cuba, and Puerto Rico, with otlu-i mU'icsimg matter, |J will fill tlie space left by conirtnpiir.ii v events. I Trial Subscription, Four Weeks 4 fca/* d ,ii ...'i5U! I'J, HARPER b BROTHERS Frilnkllu Square, New York

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