Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 11, 1900 · Page 11
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, January 11, 1900
Page 11
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THUB8BAV JAN. Postmasters Who Are Said To Be Polygamists. mil HE LOOKED INTO. In (In- Huiiif by l.niilx — Whonler of lll'l-lll |-<!H Hll' Hl'HOllltllHl for mi I" " I I"' 1 ' 1 of 1'ollttcBl Bnnriimlm—t'oiitlmiUoii <>f tlin Cme of Soiliitiir <M«i'k— M'n»lllM|flori Nc«v». \Vnslilntriini. •'""• '>•—Iiinnptllntcly lie reading of tin- journal In the ,HM- l»nI/I'll of I'lMinsylvnnln. from tin- committee on rules reported bacU 'tiu< resolution introduced hint week by ]_,,„(•/, of Ohio for an investigation by tlio com ml' 1 ''i 1 appointed to Investigate tlii> case of Itepi'eseutadve-Klect Roberts of tin 1 charges that John (.,'. Urn- -Imiiii postinaslcr of 1'i'ovo, Vtah, and Orsnu .Sinidi. postniflstor lit F.OKan, Utalii were Ki'H'y "' pol.vpniions prae- j| W is, with the rt'comiiHMidatlon that It pass aini'iHliMl so as to provide that the Investlftallon shall l)i> made by tin; committee on posiolHces nnd powt roads losti'inl of by the special committee. Wheeler of Kentucky remarked thai. ID hfs opinion, die remiludon Col-file In- Vfstltffition was a pure piece of political buncombe. "Thu president lias full powr In the premises," said Wheeler, "ami Ilii're ix no necessity for a congressional investigation." The resolution \vn.s passi'd without division. lilnliii .lllnhiK KlolH. (JroMvenor of Ohio then reporte<l back from the committee on rules an Ither resolution introduced by Leulx of Ohio for the lin-esd^adon by a special '(oiniuitteo of the action of (Jeneral JiciTiniii and the militia in die Ward- ncr, hl.'i.. mining riots In die sprhif: of WWiintl dieir course in prevontinji the oniiiioyiaent of union miners, wltii die rpcuniiiM'iidatioii dial it be amended bjthe. military conimillcp of the house Insteinl of by a special committee. The •resolution, as amended, was adopted without division. Thursday next, al't- w 1 o'clock, was set apart for eulogies li|ioii tin' life and character of die late Ri'imwnlatlve Iianford of Ohio. W'wlnesflay for eulogies upon the late lli'|ireselitalive (iroene of Nebraska. anil l-'rlilay. after - o'clock, upon the life mid public services of the late Vice President lloliarl. Then al 1:.'{() p. m. liie Ir.iiisi' adjouriieil until Wednesday. Sl-llll j u I- I' »'| M'«M'(I i 11 ^fc, !ii the sfiiaie Mcl.aiirin nave notice of nil .•imeailmcni to the p<'iiclinsr liiian- cial lilll repealing' die tax <m the ('ircn- latimi of stale banks. Carter reported from ilie census coinmittec' a bill conferriuj: iipmi die director of die census power lo employ a pim-hashif: •gent at a salary of $2,50(1; two chiefs Of division at sahiric.v! fl f $:>.(K>0; live I clerks of the fourih class, six of class 3, a.iil oipht of class u. and sjiociul afeulsiiot to exceed thlrly-live to gath- ctspecial Information relalinj: to iwl- ciillure. lie asked Immediate considerate for UK. hiii, i,ut it went to the raleuilm-on objection. Hoar Rave notice of an amendment to the proposed MI providing that statistics lie gathered liy die census force relalinj; to the | wuwpiiwcr of the country. (.A.NK Of .SKXATOU Cr.AHK, f'oni,prM,.|iilM.|. ,,r (I,,, niontuiin l,« K lslu- Jtoviv'ument. will not have lo pjirt with Its tide to the properly until die lowest compardneiit |< pmnped out ,,nd the workmen liej;iii die construction of a new hull around the wrecked nor- don. ' It Is proposed to final the Maine Into the rotoinac with its wrecked pordon undisturbed, showing to each vl.mior the awlni".iiivoc caused the nluht of I'Vb. IB. ItfliN. In „ general way It seems to be the plan of the wrecking company to build a colTerdam or soinn protection aroilnd the sunken battleship nnd then with liquid air'put a sheathing of lee about dn« wreck pn>- pimitory to pumping it out and raising t. I he company XH.VK their men will be supplied W |di. l.riiMl candle-power baby searchligliis, and the water flroiiiul dipin will be gonerouslv treated to chemicals that will quickly clarify the same by precipitating all Impurities to the bottom, giving clear water to work in. The company Is wl"Ing to pay all bills and take nil the risk. Ciiiniiiltljc on Insulin- Aim Irs. IVaMilngion, Jan. !>._Tiu- house commltlee on insular afj'idrs held Its first meeting. There was a general .discussion of the jurisdiction of the committee tinder the terms of the rule adopled. and It was decided that die committee had jurisdiction over everything relating to the territory ceded b'v Spain excepting appropriations nnd revenues. The committee lias before it a large number of resolutions relative to Internaljiffairs of the territory. J'l'p'tlilniifliil .N'linillliilliilin. \Vashingion. Jim. !>.—The president has sent die following nomlnaNoiis to the senate: Xavy: Pay inspector—II. I. V\ right, to he a pav director: Paymaster IS. 1{. Colhoun. m I.,- a pay inspector; Passed Assistant Paymaster •Joseph J. C.'lifjatlninv. | 0 | )( . ., paymaster: .Passed Assistant Paymas'ter .M. Al. Hamsay. to be a paymaster. War- 1 Acting Asslslaiil Surgeon Frank II I mis of California, to be a surgeon of volunteer* with rank nf major. Mllltury l>i-|inrliu.-,]| of A liishn. Washington, .|,, n< !i.._-|'i, ( . p,-esidenL has civaled a military department con- sistlug of die territory of Alaska and assigned Colonel Ceorgc M KaiKlaH Kiglilh rnited Slates infantry, to com- inand. Colonel Uand.iil is on ,luty witii iiis reglmein In Cnha. hill wil!'report lii-re en route to Alaska on .Ian lo MAY m THE m, CUIJK CASE KKSI'MKU. Colonel Plumer Said To Have Arrived at Mochudi. HAH 2,<H)0 MBS AT HIS DISPOSAL. •U Ai-iiiind <:nl(.si,,. rR KcMimnl at nii.vliri-iilc. KM- AtliiHt Developing int»u (.I'MiTiil l-:iiKiitfi'"i<'ii(-<;<'ii<'rnl Mrilnum Itcportod n, H. itiiiiiiiMg a itnliriuHl Ai-iiiind Hi,. Hi, M-,1'dslllioi at MiiKCr^loil- tcln — Itcx-i- I'rNiint'r., MH,,. London. Jan. s.—Colonel Baden- Powell's defeat in the sortie at Mil re- );ing raises serious doubts of his ability to hold out inmh longer. However, a icporv comes thai , Colonel Plntner reached Mochudi. 1 from Fort Tull. about Jan. 1. with the Ilhodesiaii relief force. As Colonel Plumer had at Ids disposal about ^,1)00 men. If the news Is correct, he ought to be able lo l-aise die siege of Mafeklng. The inconclusive lighting around Colesberg was renewed al daybreak, die British artillery opening to tin- West ward of the town. The dispatch Indicates that attack Is developing Into n general engagement. Advices from Bclmont say that two companies of Canadians, despatched to cover the return of Colonel Pilcher's cnlun.n, occupied a pass six miles out. to prevent any attempt of Hie Boers to cut off the force. Kcli-nsr ufilic MiiMimm. A dispatch from Cape Town relative to Hie release of the steamer Mashoua. having a qiuiudiy of American flour on board., says the cave amuses less Inh>rest than that of the Kunrlcsrath. which, it is claimed. lias been known for a year as irrier of war materials tn the Trail <vaal. Colonel Sir Charles Howard Vincent has Bailed for south Africa, aid migli the doctors .haw not permitted h::n In accompany die London volunteers. Colu<iel'Vincent is determined lo give his iinotlicial services at die seat of war. According to a special dispatch fiont Cap-' Town <;-n- eral ;dodiiie'i is imihling a rallnvad around die l.oi-r's pusidon at Ma"-"i--i- t'oiid'iii. IVttlsri'tt Ili-slri-t. Washington. .Ian. <> grew has offered a res ing the miled States otter mediation hetwee and South Africa. lie it -was his purpose to on the subject. Will .Nn| llt<-<tnt<- Washington, .lau. Dawes has aniioniiced \vn.v National hank pf resume business. in Mi-ill.-il'''. - Senator Petti- olution authoriz- government to n I i real Britain announced that make a speech H.— Comptroller that the Broad- Huston will not SAV IS'UTIS'I snrtiiT CAI'TIVKS. William T. SI,-ml (>„„(,•* from I...(t<M-s DEATH OF »K. M'fiLT\X. • ---ri • ••••i "mi. t r. 1" e/I Illt'i Oil! I (.' Ibtualor Whiieside of Montana- con- jtlnuwl bis testimony in the C'lurk sc-n- I atorlal case before-I he senate com- jmlttwcu) privileges and elections. He |ns oi-oss-examined by ex-Senator iiu-r. The examination brought |om the fact that Mr. Wblteslde, as la wwiibor of a committee to invest!- Igatciliestiite capllol commission, had Iru'tn. "He'was »*$?* , c ' lmr K ll) ^ «>'•- ij H-lilch i, e i, u ,| suggested to Mr. lciil',1 i ' """ tllis l ' lllll «"'>t.v reiwrt •miln tie siippressL-d for S" 51)0 lint ••Wed (hut such wa« ti > *. *"•*"•• " "<• frhi^^! 110 " 1 '-'^ 11 "^ 110 '' 1 " 1 "^"*! 1 ^!!* pns tn KK !^ U<(1 """ ll lu> > )lll(1 OVL>1 ' town ,»'"" '' lllln U> Ull ' U U '" W»» )J , H!lil1 tlmt hls soll> l'>"'- DrllH-r i " 1 "' n : lliill « HH- exposure of jfr n ' ll '* jlsl » t «i'e thai elected '-m. !r ,i Was lo mi °"V't the good »<•'<>l Hie slate. •5l»(r'Viu", l rv" 01 ' Uu ' '""'I'osp of W j 1 ,. 1 "'"' 1 s »y. exacdy; but I suppose I it'?.' 1 ^' 11 '' 111 '' >•'»' know you I'lUaiimiv- ' "" " n " ll( ' 1 ' 0( ' niisrepre- "..i a ixisltion of false- » you consider , i lie?" Ki' 1 '" •"," " ""^«l«'i»«'iil to ,,' i 1 , 1 ' 1 - 11 "' luiow the truth «'.,!„- ,vlio has no right lo know - "ivi "\VllN ood?" '*! • |o iiijii', 1 '!, Sa ' v ", s lo """•• 1>l " I bad „„"•. ' " " ll1 " 1 "''' »f misrepresent,,- ' "'«" vole for Ir. (| .|.""r' »«' Oder „., •" ti,. ' '• v -" )li -,.„. r, lsl *»«u ' H , "" IIHII. ,M r " s « ' S ',""' " |l ''"'l. ...... alil1 ' '«> l»iv.. bin, fo »«' ' : . inv. , " " lvs <lK,itl,, n . and added r " lul "' U "I" of ih,. tii-iul. for. his ''«l Mr. |»»ff|>lic(|."' - l: " Ntl| ' v ><'e," the wit^""• 1 "- ", UA1KI ,",.,,„ MA1N)o "'"»" win ,-„. ,.„.. ., i. '-"liilil Air nnd tviii L ^?cnin N," 1 '' """" I'imiesI,!,, Mfiln,. , '" '"mid air, and ... „ Hun 7,1 1 """" ll "'''« HUH it Is a, „ iiltn.,1 ,„ ° " " 1 "- It will bu i« will l,,., ' 7''"' SM ' A " """- eon- II,,. „ '"-^'d to do Is to T.".iiBivsl'rt,S' l |{'" b '"llMIUn 'Im 10 , w .'" l|{ 'V '•«l«i«« ^"bebegii!,, but the lie l<«i-aiiii- Tumuiix us n <•»-Worker with Henry tSrnmt!. Xewbnrgli. N. Y.. .Ian. !).—'J'he Kev. Or. Kdward McCilynn. rector of Si. Mary's church, this city, famous for years as a co-worker in .New York with Henry George In the "anti-poverty" and single tax crusade, is dead. Although conscious of die dav probably being his last on earth, his'heart was still lu his work as a priest, and his anxiety for the interests of the parish was shown in the questions lie put to the assistant priests concerning the services they held during the day. l»r. McGlyun took a severe' chill Tuesday, Nov. lii. The preceding Sunday he was in apparent good health, and officiated as usual in his church. The crisis of. this sickness came on Thanksgiving day, when he seemed to realize that the end was uol far off, and he requested last sacraments, which were administered by his faithful assistant, Father O'Conuell. He rallied, however, and a gradual improvement in his condition was dally perceptible until within the last three or four days, when his attendants noticed a gradual wauling of vitality. His malady was threefold, Brlght's disease, an ahscess of long standing on the inside of his right leg. and heart failure. ACIJl'ITTAL AT VIEXXA, ILLS. ni'liMiiliiutii In I.nnd..i- Jti,,i cuxf Ar« I-'riMMl —l-'oiir Jd-iu-ivsti'il. Vienna, Ills.. ,lan. !».—All the defendants iu, the Lander riot case are acquitted The jury took its final bal- loi al .~i o'clock in die inornlng, Mini die conn and defendants' counsel were nodded. The prisoners were brought lo die courtroom and just at (i o'clock the verdict acquitting all the defendants was read. There was general handshaking and congratulation, conrl. allorneys, prisoners nnd jurors participating. Promptly upon the reading of die verdict Sheriff Hankins real-rested Durken. 1 licks, lioker and llichie on warrants sent him by die deputy I'nit- ed Slates marshal charging them with violating mi injnncdon issued bv (he I'nltcd Slates conn. The sheriff took diem lo (iranisluirg and luriied them over'In the deputy I'niied Stales marshal there, who tool; them lo Sorlii"- Held. The llrsi ballot taken by die jury stood 11 to 1 for aeqiilitnl, nnd the one was for die conviction of liurden alone. After a careful reading of the Inslriicdiins nnd discussion of die evidence a second ballot was taken, re suiting, In an nrqiiliial for all. Di-iiiilii-ii Men < uiuuiv i Ti-uhi. .l.lvingsion, Ky.. .Ian. !>~-.\ number of drunken men luok |io,--sc>sloii of a passenger Irani ai Kasl Itcrnstadi. Uoing Into die ladies' i ouch wldi a bottle of moonshine liquor, they asi-ed die conductor. iH-orge \\'. licljiii, io drink, wliich lie declined lo do. Thcv (hell drew their pistols and tried >'o force him to drink. U'hcii die coiiduc lor I'elurniMl lo die smoking car, lenv- Ing them In possession of die coach, they commenced lo shool Into the coach llooi, 'I'he parly lel'i die tr at Ilils place. No one was liijurcd. lli'in--l-:nil (UllUliin. Chicago, .Ian. !'. A rear-end colll nlun lid\vccii two slock trains on die Chicago, Miirlingion and ijnlncy rail road occurred al ,'t o'clock In the illuming i,car Mcmlola, Ills., killing one nntn and Injuring Ihrcc others. The man killed was in charge of slock. No names have yet been obtained. It In reported dial the properly IUNN will not aimimu to more than $l,ooo, London. .);.„. s.._\Viiliani T. Stead. In a published loiter, says: "police Constable Sharp, a privale in die First Shropshire Light infantry, wilh "(Jen- end Mcdincn. reports dial, at Mod- dor river, seven lioers. who h;!il tired cm doctors and Iwo Irishmen, who had been captured at Belmir.ii. were placed in a row with their hands tied to slakes, and a company of die Cornwall battalion gave diem their last pill, as our fellows- call M bullet. They made the oilier Boers see their co'mHides shot 'and forced them to dig (hoir graves. "Another statement is made bv a soldier in the First battalion. Hoyal Scots, who. writing from Sterkstroom on Dec. (',. says incidentally that two rebels, colonial Dutch, are'to be shot. Both of these letters appeared in Hie Birmingham Daily Post of .Ian. .'). It Is supposed from these statements aud from others of yke nature, which have appeared of late, that the practice of shool ing prisoners in cold blood on accusation that they were rebels is being carried out in South Africa." LIM) MAYJji'IT RACE. Mhini'siitii riovorniir Hints at Declining a Si-i-oiul Nomination, St. Paul. Jan. 8.—Governor Lind says: "I stated to Mr. Breslauer In a recent letter that 1 should announce my conclusions on the subject of my future political action ut the ensuing Minneapolis meeting at the Jackson day banquet. Until then I have nothing further to say. The publication of the report of my declining to be a candidate mid die nomination'of May- .or Gray evidently came from that source." Politicians generally look upon this seemingly Imnilnentv decimation as aimed to impress upon warring factions, especially in Minneapolis, where Breslauer. an old line Democrat. Is piqued over the appointment of a silver Itepublicaii to the surveyor generalship, worth $:«i.fM)0 per annum, lo settle their di(Terences, or find some candidate who can run better for them than can the governor. Mli-lili;iiii Mnn AppolnliMl. Lancaster. Pa., Jan. K.—(Jeneral Willis J. Hillings, commander-ln-cliief of the National .Association of Spanish- American' \Vai- Velei-ans, has announced the appointment of Lieuten- anl Colonel Victor* C. Vanghan of Michigan as surgeon general of die association. Lleulei'aiil Colonel Yanghan ill die outbreak of die war with Spain was com.missifiieii major and surgeon of the Thlriy•third .Michigan volunteers, and was shnrlly afier promoted !o division surgeon, widi die rank of colonel, lie Is ai pi-CM-iii a member of the faculty of the I'lilversliy of Michigan, serving on die "medical hoard. iSiiyx ( Inlin Will IL--M'itli>il. Xcw Vork.. .Ian. K.--GeneraI Alejandro \Vox. (111. who was consul general of die Dominican republic In ibis cllv for six years, iimil the assassination of Prcsidenl llenreanx. said, when told thai die French government bad ordered die French Adaniic squadron lo sail for Santo Domingo: "I have no dolihl whatever that the claim will be settled lo die complete sal Isfiici Ion of die French governmeiif. irrespective of the intended viMi of die French squad- run." 8|irnli.T n( I he Mommm llminn lllt the \Vltm>N<i Nfiiml. \Vasliington, Jan. ,S.--Mr. Henry C. Si Iff. speaker of tile .Montana bonne, of representatives, was die llrst witness In the Clark case before the senate committee on privileges nnd olccdorni. Uepreseniudve Campbell of Montana questioned Mr. Stiff and Ids questions were directed toward showing dint the embarrassed Hnaiicial condition of Slhte Keprosentutlvo McLaughlln had been taken advantage of by Senator Clark to approach him to secure his vote and also that Mr. Stilt's own vote had been Improperly solicited. Mr. Stiff slated ilmt4ie knew that .Mr. Ale- Lailghlln was lu distressed tlnanclal clrciimstauces prior to the meeting of the legislature. He also stated that he had himself been approached by Mr. NY. M. Bickford, as a representative of Mr. Clark, and his support sfj- liclted for tin. latter. The questions bringing out this iu- lofmation were all objected to by the defense, who Insisted that Mr. (Mark must be directly connected with all transactions with which It was sought to connect his nil me. The reply was that his connection would be shown over Mr. Clark's signature. When die Hoberts committee re- sinned its sessions Roberts went on with his argument begun the day before. He reviewed the action of the .'(institutional convention of T'tnh. urging that tills carried out the ••cquire- •nents of congress for dn. admission of L'tnh as a state, namely, that polygamous man-bines should no longer be eontractcd. In particular. Mr. Itoberts contended, .there was no requirement by congress or in the constitutional convention that previously contracted matrimonial associations should be interrupted. In die course of-his argument Mr. Koberts said he had observed dial the ladies involved in Hiis question of plural wives were quite generally received in the circles of gentile Indies in Utah. He vehemently denounced what he cli.-iracterixed as the sensational crusade made against him. and also the effort to arouse public feeling by saying "die American home" was in dun- ger. "If necessary." he excltiimed. "I could call ailendon to 10.OOO evils wliich threaten the country, without going to the slate of Ftali."' At H'.'.'iO (he arguments on both sides were closed and the commiltr- went Into executive session. At 1lie executive session it was decided lo close the hearings and die testimony unless c.v- Secretary Carlisle desired to be heard further. The committee then adjourned nnd] 10 a. tn. next. Wednesday.' There was no vole or other action on die final disposition of the case. CATCHES TKAIX HE MISSEP. liumiln Mminfai-tlu-cr 1.,-fl .it KIIIIMI., flly Hiri's Spcclnl. Tupeka, Kan.. Jan. S.—Mr. Crane of Buffalo. X. Y.. the manufacturer oi; elevators, tniveling with his familv from Chicago, stepped off the California limited train at Kansas City for a moment and was left behind. ' He caught the next regular train amV telegraphed ahead to this city for a special. He said lie must overtake his wife. When Jie reached here his special train of an engine and one coach was waiting, aud In a few seconds he was speeding westward at die rate of sixty miles an hour. A spring hanger oij Crane's train broke at Peterton and delayed him diirty-iivo minutes. "His train passed Florence at 2:1!> o'clock twenty-eight miles east of Newton. At Xewtou the "flyer" was held forty.-Hve minutes awaiting the arrival of' the special. The run from Florence to Newton, twenty-eight miles, was made in thirty minutes. Fsi'iinh Consplriilor* Hi't'ln .SWid>n<-i>. Paris. Jan. S.—M. Guerin. who according to the verdict.rendered by the cording to the verdict rendered by the senate, sitting as a high court, lii the conspiracy cases. Jan. 4, wns sentenced to ten years' confinement In n fortified place, has arrived at Clairvaux, where he will undergo his 8en- lence. There was no demonstration anywhere during M. (,'uerin's Journey from Paris. M. Buffet, who was condemned to ten years' banishment, remains in Brussels. M. Deroulede, who lias also bpcn banished for ten years is on Ids way to Mlliin. whence be proceeds to Spain, having decided to take tip his residence at San Sebastian. i ton Fund Closed. Washington, Jan. S.—The closing of the Lawton fund Friday evening showed In cash and lu subscriptions now on die way a total of iji,V_',ri(l5. The cash deposited in the Higgs National' bank here lo die credit of the fund amounts to .f-jn.S'Jl. Checks nnd cash mulled and on the way amount to $<!.77-1. Mrs, Lawton Is en route for America on the transport Thomas with the remains of her husband. She should arrive by Feb. 1. Killed by u Sli-i-ct c u r. Chicago. Jan. S.—Benjamin Itoman. Id years old, ,"VI7 (tool street, was run over and Insiantly killed by a southbound Walaee street car. The boy was leaving die house to meet some companions across die street. He did not see the car on account of the Inler f( reiice of a wagon In front of which he ran. lie escaped die wagon only to be cangbi by die swiftly moving car. Ills body was badly mangled. IP "Cans and Can'ts'^ THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS yTHESHERWIN-WlLUAMS Co... "*INT MO OOLOft MAKERS, ' 8629 Btcwiitt A ve., Clilcaico: also Cleveland, New York, and Montreal. M. W. CHAMBERLAIN, Agent. TO OUR FRIENDS AND PATRONS We wish to express our appreciation and thanks for your kind and generous support during 1899. We wil continue the same policy in the f inure • a* has been of the past, the best of goods at the m st reasonsble prices possible. It is upon this principle that our business has steadly increased. E. H. GOULDING'S SONS., Alton's Old Reliable Jewelrr Hou»r, Established in 1852. EIIGHTS Ciiiinl 'I'ui'lti- lliMli-x n Hay. M uncle, hid.. .Ian. S The twelve jurors who served during die Morris murder trial recently prosoiiied claims for .S."iii each for I heir service!-:. They Ilguivd die twelve calendar dnvs an tu'eiil.v-finir. dividing die U'SS lionVs by 1J. The county commisslonei'K rejeci- ed the elalins. The jurors have tiled suit and wilt iiuike a lesi rase of It, I in- ii( ( iihilliliiiK. .11 UK, 1,'ulninbns, Miss.. Jan. N. l-"n;. curly In die lunrning did .^IIMI.IIIHI damage to the Conimercial hotel lilock in die bus Inesrt pan of die city. The heaviest losers nre Donantiuc, wholesale grocery; Teasdale. music store; Cox. grocery store, and die Commercial I'rlnl- Ing Company. lusnrancii about $,'10,- OOtl. New Vork, Jan. S. Captain Charles D. Slgsbee. commander of the bailie ship Texas, now al die Brooklyn nai v yard, injured Ills right leg while aliglii ing from a trolley car In this city and is unable lo go aboard ship. He struck Ids leg against a passing dray a< be was lo leave die car. lie wu^ taken to the (Jrlsby hoinc al I'.u-l; n\ eliue and SiM.v-seveiilli'street, when- lie Is being cared for. l)n CM ,1. l.i'liuiiiiiii Itc'itd. Cliicagxi. Jan. s. Krnist J. Lehnninn. founder of -The Fair," who IHIH been for several .\ears In a privale sanlinr linn In the e\st, Is dead al -IS (irand sired, White Plains, N. V, Mr. Leh inaiin WHS born in Ucrninny In |,si!i and when \i years old he came to this conuiry with his parents, who settled lu Manllowoc, U'is., where his father engaged iu die manufacture of basis els. ItllllU Trll T mi i:inl>|.//.h. r . Buffalo, N. V,, Jan. S. Mr. F. A. Newlon, |iaylng toller of the Fidelitv Trust anil (iuaranty cnmpanv, is ah "•- 1 ' r of the amount of $-18,000. If you read the daily papers you know something of the number of prominent men who die of Bright's disease. There are thousands more you never hear about. It is a particularly common and fatal complaint. Thousands are afflicted with Bright's disease who are in total ignorance of the fret, so little is it understood. Indigestion or any stomach derangement, inactive livej, etc., burden the kidneys (the great "strainers" of the blood) with a double load. Biliousness follows and the blood becomes poisoned with urea and uric acid, which should be excreted by the kidneys. Foley's Kidney Cure\Makes the Kidneys RIGHT Rheumatic pains m the nerves and joints follow and when this condition becomes settled the kidneys themselves become instated and pains over the small of the back indicate the sure approach of Bright's disease. Physicians will tell you these are facts. Foley's Kidney Cure is Used by Physicians. Any number of causes tend to bring about these conditions, and the symptoms are many and different. Here are some symptoms which will indicate kidney or bladder trouble of some sort; (it may be gravel, diabetes, Bright's disease, uraemia, nephritis, organic weakness or other ailments.) t^EThd 5 !' n ?i ck u cl "7' u ad di « fStloD ' dr y mouth, parcftcd or twollen tauRue bad brealli, headache, uervuumieu, voracious appetite, weeklies. timJ&ut feeling, paleness or wii:cii>ci>« of complexion, of flesh! ll-il'ln, M? lelldcllc y: ? eh "R !'«'" °« r "'« hips or lumbaKo, swollen anklM, K-iliiiiem or deposit,,, Uic untie. Woody or milky white or highly colored ion e ;,,m? Uellt dc ? ire .'£ '"""' UI '"' C ' bcaut y " ri " e bad °' lor °f peripirV- lion, puffiucss under Ihf eyes, etc. One case QOM not produce allot U.sordJrolwme'ki'ud. V °" C Bymptom wi " lud ' c '" c k ' due y ° r ^^' Foley's Kidney Cure will cure these afflictions, or will prevent them if taken in time. It is guaranteed to do this (and is, so far as we know, the only unconditionally guaranteed remedy for kidney disease.) Ask your druggist about it to-day. it is pleasant to take. Sold by E. Harsh, S. H. Wyss and P. H. Peul. To Our Mends and Patrons We extend to you our Heartiest Thanks for the liberal manner in which you have patronized us during the short time we have been among you. Our holiday trade for exceeded our expectations, and we only uuret that th* scarcity of goods this fall, prevented .some orders we received. Wishing you one and all A Hap:>y ana Prosperous New Year, and hoping for a continuance of your patronage, we remain Yours Very Truly, J. R. LOGHN & Jewelers and Opticians, J02 E. 2d st|

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