Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 10, 1963 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 10, 1963
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

PAGE TWELVE DAVID CRANE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1963 By Crelg Flessel NEEN.A, J WANT VQU 7D GO FJACK EILEEN'S THINGS RIGHT AWAY. YES, OPER/TOR, I WANT DR.S^MUEUS AT L/WSIDE SANITARIUM. KERRY DRAKE I 6ET THE IDEA, S&T. PRAKE. TOY FAN WDULP USE HER APPEARANCE FOR WHAT THE NATURE BOOKS CAR "PROTECTIVE COLORING/'-' By Alfred Andriola IN THE ORIENTAL SECTION, SHE'P BLHNP INTO THE BACKGROUND/JOHNNYSAVS, "AND BE HARP TO FINP" | WHICH IS WHV PIP I HEAR SOME MENTION A HUMBLE fEW PARTNER. "WINS DINS*SINS' ILLUSTRIOUS CHARLES CHAN? FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry THE DUKE OF LUPA'S YESf WHILE A FORTUNE WAITS OUTSIDE! FLASH RIDES IN A HORSE RACE TOMORROW...WE COULD FIX IT...CLEAN OUT THE LOCAL YOKELS! BUT WE'RE LOCKED YOU.... ^ WOMAN! COME YITH ME! \PALAZZO jt 3U AND YOUR BLASTED TIME-HOPPER! IT SHOULD HAVE MADE US RICH! BUT WHERE SERVANTS QUARTERS MC'LOOT! JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbins LOOK, FRIEND (TAN VOU THINK OF ANY REASON A WOMAN'S COAT M6HT BE FOUNP UP IN THF5E MOUNTAINS? STOLEN BY AN EASLE, PERHAPS,,,? PAH' STEALING EAGLES,,, OIP WIVES' TALES.'BUT, 5I6NORE ,,,KS MORE REAL POSSIBILITY — LAST WEENTER, PUTINS SEVERE STORM,,, EES • , HORRIBLE PLANE PEE5ASTEK UPSTAIRS AMONS- PEAKS/ gQPy SURVIVE/ i WRECKAGE, I POSSESSIONS OF I VEECTIMS, STREWN I ALL OVER WIPE J AREA,,, MUCH « NEVER RECOVER/ EES TALK OF THESE REGION UNTIL PRESENT PEESASTEK WEETH SUIPE,' BUT WAIT,,, I SAVE SOMETHING OF EENTEREST TO NEWSMEN THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith UP >*'DOWN OV4KWW/ SIR BAGBY By R. and B. Hackney I'LL PUT YOU EGYPT, BUT I CAN'T GO, DO VOU KNOW WHAT THEY DID TO PEOPLE IN MY CONDITION IN THOSE CW/S ? WRAPPED THEM UP IN UNEN STRIPS AND BURIED THEM IN PYRAMIDS.... •••• NOSIR.'IWOULDNT BS CAUGHT DEAD -« IN ANCIENT EGypT. Jji PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates BELIEVE ME, THAT'S THE LAST TIME I'LL SIT THROUGH ONE OF THOSE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR MOVIES I J. CAN'T SEE WHV PEOPLE LAUGH AT SOMETHING WITH NO &ASIS OF TRUTH IN IT' DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney PI \e> THE THE f^ATIO OF THE. you said . • .butwhy? A CHICLE TO ITS DIAMETER, R 3.1-4-16.' "A BIRD OF ILL OMEN" . . . someone who gets a kick out of spreading bad news. The ancient Greeks watched a certain sector of sky to see which type of bird appeared in it. A swallow or stork forecast good tidings; but if a raven, crow or owl showed up, then there' d be tough luck ahead. (HOWABOLJT THAT. (I THOUtoHT IT vVA-3 } LIKE APPLE, (.PUMPKIN; /VMNCE... By A. LEOKUM What Was the First Newspaper In the U.S.? Win The 15 - Volume Britannica Junior Encyclopedia for school and home. Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. In case f duplicate questions, the au- hor will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Margaret Caro, 12, Meriden.i Conn. I A newspaper is so important to a community and its people that ne is established almost everywhere that a large group of peo- le live together. The American olonies were no exception. In 1690 the first American ewspaper, "Publick Occur- ences", was started in Boston, Massachusetts. The governor of the colony quickly stopped it, from being published. Benjamin! Franklin conducted one of America's earliest newspaper, the "Pennsylvania Gazette", from 1729 to 1765. At the time of the American Revolution there were 37 newspapers being published! The origin of newspaper goes back to two important needs. One is on the part of a government to keep its people informed of official news, and the other is the need of business men to know what's going on. So the first newspaper of which we have any record was a government newspaper printed in China in the 7th century. It was called "Tshing pao" (News of the Capital.) In ancient Rome too, there was a government newspaper. It was exhibited in public places for people to read and was distributed throughout the city too. It was called "Acta Diurna" (Daily Happenings). An example of a business newspaper which was one of the world's first newspaper is the one started by the Fuggers, who were international bankers in Augsberg, Germany. In the 16th century they started a news-letter service for their own information. They made a system of news gathering instead of taking the news they heard and distributing it. At the same time in Venice, people paid a fee of one "gazetta" to read a government newspaper called "Written News". From the word "gazetta", which was an Italian coin, we get our word "gazette," which today means a newspaper. Most early newspapers came out once a month or once a week. The reason for this was that com munication of news was very slow in those days, and the production of a newspaper took quite a long time. TUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. What is it that goes up hill and downhill and stands still all the time? 2. What is it that goes on 4 legs in the morning, on two legs in the afternoon, and on 3 legs at night% 3. Why does a dog wag its tail? Answers 1. A path. 2. A baby crawling, a man walking, and an old man using a cane. 3. Because the tail can't wag the dog. BIG BEN BOLT By John Cullen .Murphy 4WD you GOT TO REMEMBER NOT TO START NO /Kit? DON'T &ELT NOBOPY SIMPLV BE' V CAUSE THEY POKE PUN AT YOU/ AND CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THE DBCURATIOM J KNOW MUCH ABOUT OF INDEPENDENCE , VlWE DEC-THE,»WHAT- /4NDREW?^gA 6VER YOU ASKED ABOUT, MA'M. WBU. i AFTER -ALL, ANDREW IS NEW HERE. PERH-AP6 FEW DAYS...? YBS'M.» AFTER 1 SET WARMEP UP, coirr OP LITTLE EVE By Jolita RIVETS By George Sixta CANY W6 EVER 85 ALONE?'? THE BERRYS By Carl Grubert WHERE WOULD YOU SAY UH IN THE KITCHEN MOST ACCIDENTS HAPPEN IN THE HOME RIGHT/AND WHATS WORSE, MEN HAVE TO EAT THEM/ *S f HENRY By Carl Anderson EXTRA PRIZE! YOU FINISH IT You may win aBritannica World Atlas plus a Britannica Yearbook for finishing this drawing. Originality and imagination count. Use this drawing, or copy it any size. Important: entries must be addressed "Drawing", Tell Me Why, and give your name, age, and address. Win the Britannica World Atlas or Yearbook of Events. Send your riddles, jokes to: Riddles, Jokes, "Tell Me Why!" Today's winner Larry Chrisman, Provo, Utah. © King Fumrci tynjituc, Inc , HXSJ. WodJ intr.ed q.\o ^MMSTStOA*- CROSSWORD--- By Eugene Sbeffer "Ted, did you remember to buy the chocolate ice cream?" k True Life Adventures I lz~ 25 Zlo 41 37 47 38 35" 61 Zi 20 n 8 »4 23 10 Test your knoivledge of the news with the Weekly News Quiz... every Tuesday in the Telegraph! GREAT HORNED OWl- As©)ONA)_ <i MAXES LIP 1 AM PH©T CONTRO1-1J8R. HORIZONTAL 1. African antelope 4. offer orisons 8. a blemish 12. an eternity 13'. cover the inside 14. ancient Irish capital Iff. three:a prefix 16. pismire 17. wild 18. rescuing 20. Scottish explorer SI. symbol for neon 22. goddess of dawn 23. burial chamber 26. flowerlew plant 27. portent 28. segment of circle 81. Abyssinian prince 82. pens 88. college cheer 84. Indonesian of Mindanao 80. minor prophet 86. Tibetan priest 87. toil 39. Japanese coin 40. near 42. Chinese pagoda 43. click beetle 46. yuccalik* plant 48. Guide's highest note 40. Swiss canton 60. a puddla 51. Persia 62. Angeles 63. wild plum 04. sharp taate 65. inqutra VERXIOAtt 1. obtalas 2. Ibientan heroine 8. unlimited 4. schemes 6. wedding band 6. plsmtx* 7. Biblical pronoun 8. refined metal 9-/O 9. equivalent* 10. Algerian seaport 11. story 17. Roman rural deities 10. electrified partlol* 20. storms 23. strength 34. large, venomous spider »*. friar* tltla Answer to yesterday's ar.Paoiflo Island group 30. sign of T3- Av«r»f« tUa« of lotaMo*! t« nta»t»i. <O 1W8, King Features Byud., Qw.» 80.Chinetot«| 82. a junto 86. marshy meadow 88. gruel of maize mad 89. cant 40. vipers 41. implement 43. dash 4l.-god of lov» 46. hazard 47. also 48. period ofttm» 61. neuter pronoun TCBZYHDUT BYDZR'ZQKID B U T H R BDYB. Yestwday's OryptoqulpJ LUCKY HUCKSTER RBAL MONBY ON LUSH ACCOUNTS. t

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