Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 11, 1900 · Page 10
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1900
Page 10
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ALTON' WEEIU.,V TELEOHAPH,' TttUBSDAY, JAN. 11, 1000. [TH AFRICAN WAR. Baden-Powell Said to Have Defeated Boers at Mafeking. I'KKTOKIi MWS IS (ONFIHMEO. 1,1 ITKXATVr niUIOKK HF.SCUKI). All k f n- Aiui-rlmii IVKoiii-ri* A*-** tvitli Thi-lp FHrmN A^ntti, Miiulla, .Ian. ii. Colonel Luther K. Hare of the Thirty-third inl'anlry and Lle;:teli ml Colonel Hubert I., Mowy.e. ot the Thii ly-foiirth infaiili-.v, with all It I.i tit tile Kn'ri-t Thnt u .Suriln from .lln f«!h I tiff 'Mi II-r.'J(l Proved I>NuMrmn ' to Din HrltNIi -Hcliiliiriciiii-tiM I>l«. puti lli>il to (ii-iicrnl I ri'iM'h — Hucrn Aiinlri AKnck (In, llrllHIi nl CulrftlicfK, lull Art- Itl'pnUnl - Hiii-i-. Until tllo Hill*. r.oixloii. ,(«n. U.—It i« runiniril nl (.'/ipi- TOWII tluit Oiloiiol Hiulcn-l'owclJ 1ms i\xn\i\ (lol'onti'il the H(ji-r.s lit Mafc- k!n>j. A MiilcUiiin disjunct! just n'- ci-ivt'd. tun ilntcil I>cc. 'Jli. t-onlli-ms tin; report di 1 tin- Hritisli soi-tlc from ilmt I)lm-(?, which H-JI.S first miiiumiccd from I'rclorlu, Dec. ;jn. The Miifcklnj,' <)l.s- ji:iti-h SII.VH: "Tli i.'iv wns M snrlli' ludiiy \villi llu» vhnv of ivipt iiHn;: MIC Mocr i-iirMi- work*, hut It wiis iinsitcccsst'iil. The workM were crowned with Hocrs. aft-lilting (he Hssiinll. iind ;i hull of lull- lets-forced the Mrlllsli to retiiv. kill- 1ns -1 and wounding ',',',',." ItiM-rn Iti'Ilf" ironi Molonlo. Awarding to ndvlces from Stcriv- Htroom, tlu> Hoer>; Iwvo coii)j)lelpl.v retired from tlic iH'ltfhhorluiod of Mo- lento, lull (icncnil (intiicrc docs not up- ponr to liiivc pursued Mieiii. ,'is MIC reinforcements from SicrUstroom have returned there. Tlio war otticu ptihllshes n cli.spiitch from ('nj)e Town dmed Wednesday, Jun. I!, saylnp ihnt at Ocneral Ktvneh's .special re<|iicst (lie llonscliold cavalry, a buttery of Held Hi-rillerv mul the First, battiillon of the Essex iVKimeii: liftvo hecn dispatched to reinforce hiui temporarily. • HOKHS [{RPM.srci) WITH LOSS. Mnkn tin Attm-k Ipmi thi- ItHtMi NI-III i'llll'sllCI'^. ]{ellslill"Sr. l';i|>e ('ninny. .Inn. (>.-Ooli'shrri: lias nut yet hecn occupied. The Boers unexpectedly a Hacked tin; British left ;it diiyhreak. Inn. were re- plllseil. The.v (ici-iipicd hills to till' north of DIP tmvii, Inn were eventually driven out of their positions after an hour'* shelling hy our irims. They still link!, liniverer. llie hills imtm-di- ntcly suiTtiimiliii;: the town, prcvcnl- inu'lhe liriti*h from iulvanciu.t; iilon.^ tile r.-iihvay. The 1'nlislj loss in the cii^.-i.irciiielit was liuhi. while the IJoers are report- I'd to have Ins! Ilio. including twenty prisoner^. who were lakcn liy Die mounted hifiiutry nhout midday. The Boer nttaeUers uninlici-ed t,11011 men. The findsliilllntr dragoons cut tlic'ir w/iy Ihniiiirh (lie IJoer.s. \vh<> were forced lo red-ear by n heavy I'.rtillery unit musketry lire. 5I.-i.ioi- Harvey (if I he Tenth 'hussars was UUli.d and Major Alexander wounded while the Imssais were pursuing the lefivan'nu- liners after the attack on the IJi-lllsli left, near Coles, AH lo Xri/nri* nl' (irrnmii Yrvsi'ls, London. .Inn. (i. -The liritish t'invij,'ii olHee h.i- 1:0 knowledge of any private messenger haviiij; hccn scut hy Kni- pcror William to Oueen Vlctoriii, supposed In lie connected with the selxurc of (,'erman ships or any other mutter. The ollielal.s jiolul out Mint eren if dispatches have been sent hv his majesty to the (pieeii any indication of their f-diitenfs must lie purely suppositions. /nlim ;\r> \ i>ry Krslh-Hs. rieleniiarllxliiii^'. .Ian. (i.—Tlic rest- lessiicss of the Xnlus is increasing. Mnny of them are on ihe verirc of starvation mid Mien- have lippn several instances of lootlnjr stores, it is fpnred the tuaj-tlslrales will not be nble lo restrain the warriors much lunger. Ji Is asserted Kiev are anxioii-- to iitttick the Itocrs. SliMlllicr :\liirll.inii Itrli'iisfd. I.oiiilon. .Ian. ti.--A dispalch from Cape Towu says the prl'/e court has rehascil Die Ilriil.-li stcaiiu'i- .MaclioiiM. ruptured by the Hrilish suuhoai Part rliljip early in liecenilier. with Amevl can (lone said to lie Intended for the' Boers on board, bin ordered her ca!••.";' to be warehoused, pending n trial of the ease. TnuisMiiil lllyh slirrllV Arrrxl.Ml <.'apo Town..Ian. <;. --The 'l'ran<\ aaI'•< hlKh sherllT. .lula. while iiltpinptii:- t,> Kail for lielntioaj bay. was arre^ieil here. lie wn-s snlisi-ipieinly jiaroled SOCIAL Aiivisi:i; sn:s rci-u,. Mls% Hun-i- ( liilin-, tfc-M,;.ii> I,,i- |ii,| nil .|. Inu \i'« Vni'k l-niiill\. \e\v Vork. .Ian. ii. -What a \\oimin 111 fashionable society has in p^y [,, give an air of fashion to her house, i,, lu>r letters. Jier talk, and her f.iniiliar manners wa< a .-errei ln>irayed in Die Hllpfeiue court here. The sum. i seems, is from ¥."1,11110 ID ^IU.IHMI ,-i \- l . ; ic Miss Mary Kli/.aheih Howe's 'sun lltiiilnst Mrs. I'Yanccs Augusta Skiuuer pl'ovoked Die rci clalioii. » Mrs. l',ll/abeth Winiliroji Steven.-. Hilld. as an expert In fashionable so clely, Dial .f.' in ^IO.OIHI a year was ll|p haliiiual cost of service of advK PI'S lo tlie I'ashlonalile. Mis> Howe's suit Is for $'j|,7."iO. Slie says she niiid • nil a^reeinenl in IS|i| \\iMi the Skin lU'l's to live with D She |e|'i Die Skinner home In IS'.iT. The Skin •., llcclure Die.v look Miss Howe at her .mother's request to yel her inio l';i-li lonable soi-iety. Mlluuiiki'c (IIIU-luK hi ( .MIII, Milwaukee. .Inn. n. Mayor I'avid S. Hose and neiirly all of Die aldermeii t^llir^ed with conleiii|ii (l f roiirl in Die in(ssln« of tlu> sirei-i railway oidln Illicey \vlien mi iiijuiiel ion I'l'iuii so <it, 111),' was liaii.nliii nvi-i' Dielr heads, ap IHHired in ihe Miprrlin 1 conn to shn\' t'liuse why they were not iniiliv t<i Cnnli'Hipl. Ciinshlerable Mine « n ~,- t-il,e;i up In ari:uuienl. llie iiniin rdin.-niIMH ,,>• tllP ilpl'endiiiit's i-oiiiiM'l beiiii. Dim ., court of trinity ha.- noi Die pii\\ri to I'Ujulll a lej.i|shillve body. I'p lo a |i)|c hour In the al'ieiniMiii no derlsluu !i;i,| IIHPU rcaeiii'''. ll\ l.linln KilK I..Ill Alcii. (*iiall,'HH/.|..:JI. Ten/1., .((ill. C. \\oi-!! lll)i» ll'st reached here of Ihe l.dllii:; of f(MII' Ulcll oil Die Ti'hne.-M'r Cenli.ll l'<ll|l'Olid. eitfhl (idle-. IrOIII Koekwoiiil They were unloadiii;.' dyiuinilc \i b,.'i fl (|Ulllllily ul i' c\p!.,ded. I l|,c IIIMII killed liKiainly and ihrei. oih.-r< 111 IWO hill!!,-:. tlKUTKNANT Cill.MORB. thp Atticrican prisoners, including IJen- tpnant (Jllinon;. havp arrived at Vlnan. [irovliiw of South I locos. , Washington, .Ian. U.—The \vjir de- imrtment has received the followln« disjiatch from (Jeneral Otis: "Colonels Hare and Ifow/ejust arrived at Vltfan. northwesl ].\r/.oii. with all American prisoners. Their successful pursuit a remarkable achievement. Generals Srhwan and Whoaton. now with SCJHI- ratc columns in Cavite jirovince. Affairs in Liixoii. north of Manila, greatly Improved." No Right to Ugltueas. The woman who is lovely in face, form and temper will always have friends, lint. one. who would be attractive must keep her health. If she is weak, sickly and all run clown, sht- will be nervous and irritable. Ir she has constipation or kidney trouble, her impure blood will cause jmujifrs, blotches, skin eruptions and a wretched complexion. KIcctric liilters is the best medicine in the world to rcyulate stomach, liver and kidneys and to purify the blood. It {fives strong nerves, bright eyes, smooth, velvety skin, rich complexion. It will make' a y(Kid looking, <.'h.'irmiiiji' woman of a rundown invalid. Only .">(le at Marsh's pi'iiy 1 store. Ultf ItiiiUvny llliu-kHiiiilli .Sluip), llnni. A'llooliii, li'a.. .Ian. (i.—The reniisy!. vania Hallway company's .I-.iuia'ia blacksmith shop was burned, eaiisiim ;i loss of SIIKHIIIII. which is covered In insurance. The bnildin.i;- was :.':_'."> !iv T"i feel and thoroughly equipped. The tire was apparently caused by a live electric wire. There were sixty men at work when the tire was discovered, and they had only lime to save their personal effects before the roof fell. Several hundred men will be thrown out of (inploymenl as a result of the lire. Inflammation Rheumatism Cured In 3 Days. Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon, Ind., aays: "My wife had inflammatory rheumatism jn every muscle and joint, her suffering was terrible and her body and face were swollen almost beyond recognition; bad been in bed for six weeks and bad eight physicians, but received no benefitnntil fl'he tried the Mystic Ourre for rheumatism. It gave immediate relief and she was able to walk about in three days. I am s-ire it saved her life." Sold bv 8, H. Wyes and H. W. Chamberlain, druggist, Alton. Husband, It you have a weak, nervous, debilitated wife, do not scold or become Impatient with her. Give her kind treatment, loving words and Morloy's Liver and Kidney Cordial to renovate, regulate and otrengthcn her system, and our word Tor It nho will soon be your healthv, happy best half. Prloo.Sl. Sold hy Paul's Pharmacy, City Hall Square, Allon, 111. Ohamberlain'a Cough Remedy has saved th« lives i»f rhon-andaol croupy children. It is 11*0 witVout an eo«al for c,i'ld» flud whoopn g r< ugh. For Rr.lf bv E. MHTKI-, H n. WJSH i.nd Paul's Phartnac'y t lilts the Spot. When suffering from H ieviie cold iiinl your throat niici_hiiigB feel sore, take a dose o'j ~Fo)ey'n Honey and Tar, when! _ ! tl-e uorenoHH will bo at, once' * ir « 1 i e v e d, n warni, Krntefu. (feeling and bMilinir of the pum "afleeted will be experienced mid you will MU> : "It feelH HO trood. It. hits th- spot'" It i.i guurantetid. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. W.VBH mid Paul's l'< a" r ""cy. !>' K. UiK.^on't M«.y iio wiirtii lo yon more than if you have \ child who soils budding from incontinence of water during aloep. Cures old and youug aJka, It urrontH the trouble at once. 91. Sold hy H. H, WvHH and H.W.ObaiuberiRin, , B5S? flwiomlHt.'Oat. Alton, III. porniauontly cured by tht> mustorly power of Hnuth American Nervine Tonic. Inviilids need miller no longer because this great remedy can cure them nil. It IN a cure for the whole world of fltonmch weakness and ludi- geHiion. The cure begiuu with the Hrst dose. The relief it brings Is mar- volous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No mat- t«r how long you luive sultored,your euro in certain under the use of this groatbeiilth-giving toit'o. Pleasant nd iilwrya sufo. Sold by 8. R. Wyss Almost Hliud. .My IIUlu lour your did Klrl'n O.VOB wi;ii'»o Wi-uk from hlrlh, Ihul hluu-'iuild nut nl«ni| any llj-'hl at nil. Was iroiilcil liy t,ovor;il fihyslemim wltlinul lii-nclll. My iH!l S 'hl)nrH liiibh-iul nu> to try M.irloy'» 8;ii.s<i|i4ril!ii mid IMII rro..i .Mr. O. l).iH|!il'-Uy, ILiiiiiok, Ky. Tlmn uuttU.u not •jnly rcxiurod liurslijhl, l.ui nunl.' our Hlrmitior ,ni<] lii'itltlili-r thud hhi' uviir wa« in lit'i lifo. \>\\ Hi Kl;>- l.Vii. Boara llio Bigimturu at 'OPts-sra. ll'.r 'iiml VDJ Ham Ain;i)S I j Arolili-nl nt Iliilni'sti'nil Sir'I \Vnrki. Plitsburg. .Ian. f>.—one man Is dead anil three Injured UN the result of mi accident )il the ll/iinesie.-id .Steel works. Two ol' the Injured will die. The casimlltes are: Head—August Hergcr. Injured—-John rieinliig. skull crushed, will die: Joseph I'rench, nose broken and head terribly crushed will probnbly die; .foseph Coliall, ,01-111 crushed. The men were Humming the rolls in th.< L'.S-ineh mil!, when the chain which i-nised the rolls into phice broke, letting Ihe heavy muss of iron down on them. Merger was (•alight almost directly under the fall- Ing roll niid his hody was crushed almost Id n pulp. Mnl) Stciiiu-r lln-x .sink 1 *. London. .Ian. (>.—The <!rcat Western line mall.steamer I hex struck on Black rock, olt' SI. Simipselis, Island . ol' (iuernse.v', at o o'clock in the morning and sank. The crash awoke ihe passengers, numbering tliirty-lwo PIT- SOUS, who. rn.slilngvoii deck. I'ound (he vessel slowly sinking. The boats were humched within ten minutes al'ler the steamer struck and (here was no panic. All the passengers were saved but one sailor, who was drowned. All on board the Ihex behaved with llie -greatest courage and llie captain was last to leave the ship. Trumps In u Hiiriilii); Itnru. llamilion. (>'.. ,lan. ii.-'- A.barn (in the l''ox ('arm, two miles south of Hamilton, burned Id the ground hile at night. Kighl trumps were sleeping in the barn. Only six have been found since the (ire. Of these .lolm Burgers and Charles (iray an 1 fearfully burned and may die. .lames Duncan of Chester, Pa., was slightly burned. Kd Smith of Providence. It. 1., and Kd Wilson of Pittsburg. escaped unhurt. The names of the missing men are'not known by the .survivors. Ttvelflli Vlrtiiu of a Crush. Chicago, .Ian. ii.—John While, who was injured in the collapse of the Coliseum on \Vahash avenue Any. li,S. laii year, is dead at his home, G2-I. 1 ; JJcjiY- born street. He was ihe twelfth man t(» die as the result of injuries received al luai tinif'. His Life was tsaved. .Mi-, .1. I-!. Lilly, a prominent ill' Ifiiiiuilcil. Mo,, lijtely had a wonderful -deliverance- from a frightful .lentil. In tolling' of it he says: "'( was taken with Typhoid 1'Vvoi- that ran into I'neunuiriia, My lungs became hardened, I was HO weak 1 couldn't even sci ii|i in bed. Nothing- helped me. I e.xjiected to soon die (if con.-iiimpiion, wheti 1 heard of Dr. Kind's New discovery. due bottle gave L'l'cnl relief. I continued to use it. and now a in well and ,-iron;^, I can't say ion ranch i:i iis yiraisi'." This marvelous medicine is the surest iiucl (juickest cure in the world for all Throat and Ijtinu trouble. Keguliir si/i-s .Vie aii-l •••I. Trial bottles free at K, Mar-irs. 's Desolation ^'OU slid Dd know that Koley's Honey and Tar is abso'lutcly the best remedy for all diseases of the Throat. Chest and Lungs. Dealers are autlior- i/.ed to guarantee it to give satisfaction in all cases. i«.-. Sold bv K. Mursh. S. H. \Vyss and I'. H. I'a'til. Keep Quiei and use Ohamnerlatn's Colic, Obolera aud Uiarrhoea Rombdy for all pains of the sto'mHch and all unnatural loose- nesH pf the bowels. Jt/ ulwava cures. For pale by B. Maron, 8. H. Wyss and Paul's Phamacy. A Woman's Weariness. Woman's sensitiveness make them subject to more Intense woarliws than men. The inelan- cholly, depression and oxhaus Ion they sufCer l.sdue loslugghh aoilonof ihelr organs, which loads the sys'em with Impurltte).. poisons the blood and sh.nttbrs their nerveo. Morley's Harsapariilaand Iron will cleanse the system revitalize the nerves and give strength and t n- ergy. Hold by Paul's Pharmacy, City Hall Square, Alton, III. Nobody necil huvo ixeuruiKiu. >-'uln ^'lif- from drnffjriw***. ^'On <3et ." f. Mile: A white Mark. I'Vilcy's Kidney Cure is a perfect ly reliable preparation for all Kidney and Bladder diseases. The prop prietors of this (ire at Medicine yiuii-juitee it or the money refund ed. ' Do they not deserve a white mark;' "illc. 'Sold bv K. Marsh. S. U. \Vvss and I'. H. I'aul. i'ii-v, ;»•. D/.i. !>,•;,,:. Hoehesier. X. V.. .Ian. (i. liev. Ji'or ville Hiily. aged ii.". recior of Christ church, tl.iis city, is dead. nr. Hmy hud just linished his i weniy'-third year as rector uf Christ church. Scrofula and Consumption People tainted with scrofula very often develop consumption. Anemia, running of the ear, scaly eruptions, imperfect digestion, and enlargement and breaking down of the glands of the neck, are some of the more prominent of scrofula symptoms-are forerunners of consumption. These conditions can be arrested, consumption prevented and health restored by the early use of Scott's Emulsion Your doctor will tell you so. At .ill ilmfi.'ihlK ; SIA . ami ^ SU m 1 & HOW N 1C, Clicmisla, New York. Wrecks the Heroes, Pollutes the Blood, Weakens the Heart and Transforms Thousands of Happy Lives into Barren wastes of Death-Breeding Disease. 'Drive it out with Dr. Miles' Nervine. The results or the after effects of LaGrippe are in many Instances much more serious than the disease itself. Pneumonia, bronchial trous bles, diphtheria, rheumatism, heart failure and even paralysis and consumption follow an epidemic of grip and swell the death rate for months and even years after the grip germs have run their course. Its terrible' weakening and depressing effects upon the nerves, which are the bul- work of sound health, makes grip the opening wedge by which a long list of chronic and lingering disorders gain an entrance into the system. The best way to avoid these results is to drive the poisonous and deadly grip germs out as quickly as possible. iNo remedy yet discovered by the eminent scientists, who have experimented for a cure of LaOrippe, can show results equal to Dr. Miles' Nervine. It quickly overcomes the excessive nervous exhaustion which is an ever present symptom of the disease. It quiets the Irritation, brings sleep to the restless pillow, invigorates the appetite and assists nature to throw of! the deadly microbes from the system. If you are suffering from grip or grip's after effects, don't delay giving Dr. Miles' Nervine a trial. It will help you, and the help it gives is lastnig. "A few years ago I had a hard siege of La Grippe and it left me in a terrible condition. I treated with our local physicians and then with some great eastern specialists, but they were all 'equally powerless to effect a cure. I was so very nervous, restless and sleepless, and oh! the terrible feelin;; in my head. I cannot explain it but 1 felt sometimes that I should po insane. Then my heart became affected and I began to take on flesh. In a few months my weight increased from 160 to 2lt pouiuls/and my legs below the knees were dreadfully swollen and would pit on pressure. My heart would seem to rise up ( in my throat and choke me and I had palpitation and frequent smothering spells. About two years ago 1 began taking Dr. Miles' Nervine and Dr. Miles' Heart Cure, and that mountain of flesh seemed to fall away as if by magic. After three days the palpitation and smothering spells stopped and when I had used nine bottles of the remedies J was well." MRS. E. R. FINK, ISig Stone City, S. D. J)r. Miles' Remedies are sold at all druggists on a positive guarantee. Write for free advice and booklet to Du. MILES MEDICAL Co., Elkhart, Ind J'unfc In an Intlrmary. Peru, Hid.. Jan. (i.—By u natural gas explosion ut I he county inlirmary a few miles south of this city both sides and one wall *f a large lu-ick storeroom were demolished, also part of the main buildings. Immediately following Hie explosion, with bricks aud •ill', 1 .1 VI 1P\' \V I|I,I'J 1 fllnl A,' { ,1 lll>l,- ^ a II g ie exposon, w rcs au mortar (lying everywhere and window crashi e ages ru in. men and women ied mil. shrieking . and terror stricken. It required determined work I" control them and make them re-enter the building. In a majority of force iiecessai'V. Tin- ('d'.lIrM in Ki'tlttii-lix . l-'ra:ikfiMi. Ky., .Ian. (i.—The joim committee oil culllc.-is i'nr govcL-iioi' am! lieiiiciMiii governor havp organ- i/eil'. Representative llickman wa~ chairman ul' the c.onimiiti'e on unvern- orVi coiiieM and Senator (.'(jlemaa chairman mi lieutenant governor's contest. The committee'adopted a rule requiring the evidence lo be in by .Ian. ].">. and taking of proof will end at that lime. After that nine days will be allowed in argu1nei)t before tiie board. Deafnrss Cannot te Cured by local applications, as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There ia only one way to cure deafness, and that ia by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of ihe Eustachlan Tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed deafness IP the result, and unless the inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, bearing will be destroyed forever; nire cases out. of ten ore caused by eatarrh, which i» nothing but an inflamed condition of toe mucous surfaces. We will give one hundred dollars for any case of deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free.—F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O Sold bv druggists, 75^. _ Hall's Family Pills are the bent. "A young man came into our store yesterday suffering from a severe attack uf cramp colic," writes K. F. Hess, miller and general merchant, Dickey's Mountain, fa. "He had tried various home remedies without, relief. As I had used rhumberiain's ('olio. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy 1 gave him a dose and it,soon brought him out allright. t never''saw a fellow so rejoiced." Sold hy K. Marsh. H. H. Wvss and Paul's Phimuaev. Iloadache and dizziness are quicklj cured by Morloy's Little Live,- Pills for liilwiin Ptnple, They arouse tho Torpid Liver, work off the BII,E and cure Constipation. One a doso. Sold by 8old Ht Paul'H PharmacyJCity B.ll qnare. I'Vil- Hi'lli'l nl .llii liltjiiii .Snlilii-i-.H, Lansing, Mich., Jan. li.—(Jovernoi- Plugl-ee lias sent a special messagv lo the house recommending the passage of a bill for Ihe relief of the sick and Indigent soldiers of Ihe Spanish-American war.'the $l,S-t,llO(i, which had been Appropriated for this purpose having become exhausted. A bill appropriating .S7.~i.iHHi fur the purpose was Immediately passed. Tiie bill lucked outvote of I wo-lhirds necessary lo give it immcdiale effect 1. • nl -hiUs U vury prevalent. It gon- t.-.' .,' bejjiiiH with a common cold, at- Li 1 .1 with cough, lioarwoiiCHS, sore- IU':.; of 11)0 lunjfH, liyhtllCMH Of tbo (lust and liiHiculty in breathing. IT nol, eiiri-d, it bcconiea dangorouH— Uioitsandsdiu from hroiuthiliuannual- ly. I )i-» John W. Jlttll'M Cough Syrup i. llio beht remedy for thin dinonno ; it rclii-vcH OK; c'otigh lit onto, t-ii'"^ expectoration, and eiire.s in a fow ilaya mop A e MMP w* m*k R3 Cough Syrup Will promptly cure Bronchitis, HUMS me miiiill ami pli-:i«iiiit I" taUi-. rtt.uii.mcuU il. I'jlix i! ctn. At nil Restore Vitality Lost Vigor and Manhood,,, NERVITA PILLS Cure Impotency, Night Emission 1 ;, Loss of Memory, all wasting diseases, all effects of self-abuse or excess and indiscretion. A nerve tonic and blood builder. Brings the pink glow to pale cheeks and restores the fire of youth. Hy mail soc. per box, 6 boxes for $2.50, with our bankable guarantee to cure or refund the money paid. Send for circular and copy of our bankable guarantee bond. NERVITA TABLETS • EXT , R \ 8 ;T'! OTH Immediate Results Positively guaranteed cure for Loss of Power, Varicocelc, Undeveloped or Shrunken Organs, Paresis, Locomotor 'Ataxia, Nervous Prostration, Hysteria, Fits, Insanity, Paralysis and the Results of Excessive tlsc oE Tobacco, Opium or Liquor. By mail in plain package, $1.00 a box, 6 for $5.00 with our bankable guarantee bond to cure in 30 days or refund money paid. Address NERVITA MEDICAL COMPANY Clinton and Jackson Streets CHICAGO, ILLINOIS E. Marsh, riruggibt, cor. Third and Belle sta., Alton, LI. FALL The most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Wcolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be convinced before going elsewhere i WoritzTailoring House 112 West Third st. J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE. Uiidleriakers and Embaimtrs Second street. Opp. City Hall en I Henrv Watson, Contractor and McAdam, Buiiding Stone, Cut Stone Curbing, Doorsills, Window Silts, etc., etc., no nnnd. llanlar In Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Paris Side Track* Running Into tht> Qucrrlu». !*r. 31.-- A | TVirXj II I 628 Alby »u /\Lw I VirM, I JL*L, FURNITUR Wnen\ Wanting Furniture call and sec us. We can surely please you, ' Sutler & Dreisoerner 204 WestlThird'st TelephonefjNo 267

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