Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 10, 1963 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 10, 1963
Page 11
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE ELEVEN A Last Fling Some 50 young people, who will be leaving soon for their respective schools, were entertained at a party in the Westerner Club Monday night by Mr. and Mrs. William Eades of 824 Rice St., Wood River. The party was given in honor of their daughter, Mary, who will be a sophomore at Southern Illinois University here, and her friends. From left are Sam Ladd, who will attend Washington University; Mary Bolin, Alton SIU; Theodore Hauser, Alton SIU; Jerry Jarzymka, Ranken Trade School, St. Louis; Miss Eades, and Mike Rice, SIU in Carbondale. Retired Teachers in Indiana Village Are Busy and Happy By MERRILL SWEDLUND GREENWOOD, Ind. £>—The pioneers in Indiana's new village for retired teachers are showing no signs of fading away —they're going to school again. Although the population is still less than half the 200 eventually planned, the place is already abuzz with lectures, forums and classes in ceramics, handcraft, weaving and painting. The big, H-shaped layout of 132 apartments, mostly two stories high, is one of the few communities built strictly for. former teachers. One of comparable size at Ojai, Calif., is a cottage layout. Teachers themselves started planning the village in 1957 through Indiana Retired Teachers Association and its parent body, the Indiana State Teachers Association. Officers of the two groups are in charge of the establishment. Outside Indianapolis The 47-acre site borders on farm fields at the edge of the Indianapolis metropolitan area, with 60 buses a day going by on U.S. 31 on the 15-mile trip to the city. The well-filled car-ports show, though, that many of the teachers still like to drive their own cars. Most of the teachers started payments on their lifetime leases on an apartment before they re tired. The prices run from $7,000 for an efficiency apartment to $18,000 for a suite with living PRINTEDJPATTEKN room, two bedrooms and two baths. They must be at least years old to move in, and the ease must be paid in full by hen. The 73 residents m the home his summer range in age from 32 to 92, averaging 73.4. Construction is still incomplete, but 150 apartments are under lease at some stage. The teachers pay $250 a month or meals in the central dining room, and for laundry and medical care. The amount just about quals the average pension of a retiring Indiana teacher, not counting Social Security bene- its. The $5 million layout was financed with a 40-year FHA loan. The lifetime lease rates represent one-third of the cost, based on an estimated 13-year life expectancy for the residents. Activities Started The teachers began moving in ast November, and they lost no :ime getting activities going. They brought their own furniture, and some found room for a piano or organ in their apartments. They pooled their books :o stock the library off the lobby. Some of the nine men—a bit outnumbered—set up their own woodworking shop. Shuffleboard courts were laid out, indoors and out. Croquet wickets sprouted on the lawn, and bridge tournaments flourished in the colorfully decorated 'obby and lounges, scattered through the building. Lectures sometimes come in two or three times a week, and :ravelers drop by to show their picture slides. "Nobody complains about having nothing to do," said Dr. Sumner L. Martin, the 75-year-old superintendent. Miss Ruth Lucas missed the library she had retired from in Washington High School in East Chicago, so she volunteered for the chief librarian's job. 'I didn't come here to just sit," said Mrs. Violet Huston, I former Indianapolis elementary school teacher, heading for a stint as helper in the library. "I love It," said Miss Blanche WeJlons, former English teacher in Bloomington and Indiana University. "There are stimulating people for good company, and the privacy of your own apartment when you want it. And we're not regimented here the way we were in school." She said she has trouble finding time to finish the letters she starts writing to relatives, Green Thumbs In the spring, Bernie Stewart a former high school principal in Budget-Bright PRINTED PATTERN Picture this flattering, soft brimmed cloche in jewel-bright velveteen, bengallne, linen or cotton — the perfect finishing touch to a new outfit. Fun to make, sew-thrifty. Printed Pattern 4926: Misses Head Sizes 21>/4, 22, 23. Yard ages in pattern. Fifty cents in coins for this pattern — add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Anne Adams, care of the Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept. 243 W. 17th St., New York 11 N. Y. Print plainly Name, Ad dress, Size, and Style Number. Pattern Free! Mail coupon in side new Fall-Winter Pattern Catalog, ready now! Over 30 dwlgn ideas, all sizes. Send 5f cents for Catalog. Madison and Seymour, Ind., was kept busy digging up small areas for gardeners. He feels some proprietary interest because he invested some of the money used to buy the land for the village site. With 10 religious denominations represented in the home, somebody's minister and choir are usually on hand for Sunday afternoon vespers in the lobby. In the colorful dining hall, birthday parties are held every month. One of the unfinished areas is a layout of 26 rooms which could provide permanent quar- ers for chronically ill. So far, ailments and injuries have required only one room or two at a time in the infirmary sec- ion on the second floor. Only ambulatory residents are admitted, but if they become incapacitated after making their down payment they will still be accepted. Leases can be canceled within the first three months, but Dr. Martin said there have been few departures. Cooking Cues Ever fold tiny pickled onions into a lemon aspic that's planned for a salad mold? Let the gelatin mixture begin to thicken be fore adding the onions. Turn into your prettiest mold and the concoction can grace a buffet supper table that features cold meats. If you want a sugar topping on rolled-and-cut cookies, brush the dough with lightly beaten egg white before sprinkling on cookies. On some drop cookie doughs, tiie sugar will stick without adding the egg white Colored sugar makes a pretty topping for vanilla cookies. Ever make up a package o lemon-flavored gelatin with cup of ginger ale and a cup o water? Delicious background for fruits that are to be folded into the slightly thickened gelatin. Chubby Gir/s SLIPS LEADER'S DEPT. STOKE 710 E. B'DWAY Wood River Junior Women Open Season Sponsorship of youth activities was voted as the major project of the Wood River Junior Woman's Club at the Monday meeting in the Wood River Public Library, which opened the club's fall season. Plans were made to sponsor the annual teen-age dancing party Sept. 20 in the Wood River Roundhouse following the Roxana-Wood River High School football game. The Belleville "Darts" have been engaged to furnish music. Mrs. Loren Cook is serving as dance chairman. Other projects adopted for the coming months include a rum mage sale, baking cookies for Boys Town of Illinois and Scott Ah" Force Base, a Christmas Bazaar, and sponsorship of the children's play to be presented in area schools by the Alton Children's Theatre. Mrs. Osburn Parker was named play chairman. Mrs. Daniel Bosse, chairman, reported proceeds of $64.46 from the bake sale held during the recent downtown Wood River side walk sale days. Mrs. Sands announced the junior district fall potluck supper and meeting is scheduled for Sept. 26 in Freeburg. An award presented to the club from Project Hope, the medica! ship, for the quantity of stuffed toys contributed last year, was displayed. A covered dish dinner preceded the meeting. Zetas Induct 26 Pledges Phi Chapter of Zeta Beta Ps: inducted 26 young women as pledges Sunday evening during a meeting in the home of Miss Gladys Levis, Fairmount Addition. The pledges are the Misses Jean Adney, Ellen Arkis, Barbara Bengal, Jane Brewer, Beth Greene, Nellie Broderick, Ann Christian, Susan Dehner, Martha Gainer, Deborah Hardaway, Susan Hellebush, Jane McClintock, Mary Middleton, Catherine Osborne, Julia Pars, Deborah Pollard, Robin Reid, Katherine Schwartz, Susan Springman, Carolyn Swaim, Jane Van Hook, Da a Wickenhauser, Mary Wiebmer Wendy Wimpress, Susan Wroble and Doris Young. Miss Susan Harris will be inducted at a lat er meeting. The chapter will meet next on Sept. 22 in the home of M i s Julia Garrels, 1003 Logan Ave. State Hospital To Orient New Nurses Orientation classes began Mon day for twelve new nurses hirec )y Alton State Hospital during the month of August. Dr. Abraham Simon, hospital superintendent, said the week ong briefing is designed to ac quaint the nurses with their owr department, as well as to orien them to the institution's overal operation. The program is broken down nto two sessions, with six of th nurses attending classes thi week and the rest starting o: Sept. 16. All of the new employ es are recent graduates of nurs ing school. Miss Francis Richards, in-serv ice training director, is conduct ng most of the lectures. Dr. Sim on, Dr. Endre Komlos, assistan superintendent, and Mrs. Louvan na Martin, chief nurse, ar among several other officials alsc giving talks. Tours and discussions also ar part of the orientation. Nurs ing service is in charge of the pro ram. 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The fringed denim carryall can be used ns a purse or shopping bag. The paisley printed makeup kit will enhance the appearance of any open purse and the out, stitch the bottom edges together 1% inches from the raw edges. Make another row of stitching Vi inch from the first. Pull threads up to the stitching to form the fringe. Make-up Kit: 1. Cut two rectangles of fflb- trimmed velvet headband is right.|ric Il"x8" and two more the] for all occasions. You might!same size of lining fabric. Stitch Plan Open House Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hansen of White Hall \yill celebrate their golden wedding anniversary with open house Sunday from 2-5 p.m. in Knights of Columbus Hall, Carrollton. They were married Sept. 16, 1913, in St. John's Catholic Church, Carrollton. They are parents of Francis Hansen of White Hall, and Mrs. Elmer Tucker of Greenfield. They have six grandchildren, and one great grandchild. The couple requests there be no gifts. A Lovelier You Mechanics of Dieting By MARY SUE MILLER Seriously now, would you attempt to rebuild a house unless you knew how? It's not likely! Yet the majority of us girls try :o reconstruct our figures—our precious personal housing—without the slightest notion of the mechanics involved. As a consequence our reducing members lose too little or too much weight, and most of their bloom. For successful weight losses you first must learn the purely mechanical processes of counting calories and balancing menus. Then you must come to an un- f derstanding of the possible obstacles ahead. No project ever went off without some hitch. Reducing is no exception. Awareness of diet's stumbling blocks enables you to sidestep them. Here's a run-down: —Expect to be hungry during the first few dieting days. When you expect the worst, any hunger pangs seem mild. Indeed you may not feel them at all. In any case they soon pass. —After some weeks of dieting, anticipate a period when your weight losses taper off. The occurrence is known as the "dieting plateau." It happens because your system needs time to adjust to less food, just as you do. If you stick with your diet, your weight starts again also consider all three as pretty and inexpensive Christmas gifts. Fringed Carryall: 1. Cut a rectangle of fabric 14Vi"x24V&". For pocket cut a piece 5"x8". 2. Turn all pocket edges under \'t inch and press. Pin pocket o rectangle two inches from ottom Hong edge) and one inch rom side edge. Stitch in place. titch again one Inch from edge o form pencil slot. 3. Fold rectangle In half, vrong sides together, so bag measures IWxlW. One side dge will be the fold and the ther side will be the open raw dges. Stitch the open side- in % inch seam. Trim seam to inch. Turn bag inside out and titch seam again. Turn top edge nder % inch and again % inch nd stitch for hem. 4. Cut two handles 14% inches ong and 1\'z inches wide. Press .11 edges under % inch. Fold n half lengthwise and top-stitch r ery close to edge. Place han- lles on bag 2 ',2 inches from fold m one side and IV* inches from earn on the other side and stitch. 5. With bag turned right side on its downward slide. Dieting Decomes easier for you, too. —Face the fact that occasionally you will "fall off" your diet. At such times don't beai yourself over the head for being a weakling. Enjoy your spree; it will fortify your resolve to diet for another and longer stretch. The mechanics and psychology make a peach of a dieting pair Painless Reducing To lose up to ten pounds without a struggle, send for my leaflet, "Painless Reducing." No rigid dieting, no heavy exercising, no discomfort! All advice Is sane, safe, easy-to-take and effective. Address your request to Mary Sue Miller in care of this newspaper, enclosing a Large, Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope and five cents In coin! 5 1963, Publishers Newspaper Syn. Stamps in the News lining and fabric together % inch from all edges. Press under one long edge of each piece ',4 inch. 2. Using a 9-inch zipper, sew the pressed edges to the zipper tape so that the zipper is one inch from each end of the fabric. Sew close to the zipper teeth and edges of fabric. 3. With wrong sides together, stitch rectangles together with a !4 inch seam. Trim seam to % inch and tuni kit inside out. Stitch again, enclosing the raw edges. Turn right side out and press. Velvet Headband: 1. You'll need a strip of velvet ribbon 22 inches long and 2 inches wide, and an 8-inch strip of round elastic. 2. Turn under raw ends of ribbon % inch and again Ys inch. Stitch to form a casing at each end. Slide elastic through the casings. Tie elastic ends in a knot and slide knot in the casing. This headband is trimmed with a wide band of cotton lace, but you can trim it in any way you wish and to suit the occasion for which you plan to wear it. © Publishers Newspaper Syndicate Women's Fall Fashions Feature Rich Colors URBAN A — Rich, elegant colorings and the "country look" will set the pace in women's fash- ons this fall, reports Esther Siemen, University of Illinois extension textiles and clothing specialist. According to an advance report, colors will be slightly deep- der than usual cast in forest tones. Gray will be strong alone and as the mixture color in tweeds. Too, gray will appear in a range of new pale to medium-toned colored neutrals. Grayed heathers of sandringham blue, haze green, tapestry rose and smoke are soft and subtle. The top shade in the blue family is mallard, a rich greened- blue. Duck, its brighter counterpart, is seen as an accent color, In the red family, the blued reds of cranberry and bordeau are fashion favorites. The pre ferred young red is a classic blazing shade. A deep purple-rec is outstanding paired with breen (brown-green) Plum and purple are mentioned for high fashion only. Newest browns reflect a red er than usual cast in forest tones. Although camel will not disappear rom the fashion picture, vica- mel, a warn medium brown, will be the newer, slightly darker replacement. Clear bitter gold adds bright accent. Miss Siemen points out that YW Fall Swim Program 1$ Revised A revision of class divisions in its fall swimming program is announced today by the Young Women's Christian Association. The YW also announces tryout dates for the "Cygnets," syn- hronized swimming club; and or the swim team. Swimming egistrations are scheduled for 'hursday, Friday and Saturday f this week, with printed re- isions available. Cygnet tryouts for new mem- ers will be held at 5 p.m. on Oct. 7 after a series of three practice sessions, the first of vhich is planned for 5 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 16. The fall folder lists registration dates for jresent members, who also meet 'country prints," the "tapestr> ook," madras and India prints are expected to dominate the 'abric design picture. Country-style prints highligh numerous calico and other small designs of all-over clustered min iature wildflowers on archmen (beige), dark neutral or black grounds. American heritage de signs recall motifs that are tra ditionally associated with colonia government, inns, sailing an farming. The "tapestry look" is base on replicas of 18th and 19th cen tury tapestries, damask and up holsteries. These designs incorporate scrollwork, pastoral t 5 p.m. Sept 16. The first meeting of the complete YW swim team will be icld at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 26, following tryouts at 6 p.m. Tuesday of the same week. Present members' registration dates are printed on the !all folder. Registrations for swimming classes, ladies' slim and trim, tennis, archery and ladies' bowling league will also be taken at the YW on Sept. 12, 13 and 14. Further information will be given by phone at the YW. scenes and foliage. The India prints are ancient, intricate patterns of ornamental floral and paisley motifs. Primitive hand-blocked batik effects in complex stripe and geometric arrangements are also prominent. WE'LUTRVMY EXPERIMENT AGAIW TOMORROW, UA6O N / pertinacious V pur ti-na ernie), ADHERING RESOLUTELY TO AN OPINION. PURPOSE, OR PKIGNi OB6T/NAT6; PERSISTENT; A6, ^PEfttlNACIOUfi PROFESSOR, 9-IO By SYD KROMSH (AP Newsfeatures) The territory of Christmas Island has replaced its present series with a new set of 10 pictorial postage stamps depicting local scenes of interest. The originaal series was issued on October 1958, following the transfer of Christmas Island to Australian administration. The denominations in the new series are in Malayan currency. Featured are the following: a map of Christmas Island, mood- flower, robber crab, an island scene, a phosphate train, raising phosphate, Flying Fish Cove, loading cantilever, frigate bird and golden bo 1 sun bird. * * * * The United States Post Office Department reports that the new international postal card designed to attract tourist traffic to the United States was issued in New York City on Aug. 30. As previously reported in this column, the 7 cent red, white and blue postal card for surface mail heralds the United States as world vacation land." Collectors desiring first-day cancelations should address their requests to "First Day Postal Card, Postmaster, New York, N. Y., 10001" and enclose 7 cents for each postal card desired. * * * * Several countries in the South Pacific area will be Issuing stamps for the South Pacific games held in Suva from Aug. 29 to Sept. 7. The latest of these is a set of four stamps by Fiji. The 3 pence depicts the figure of a runner which has Join Our SLIM & TRIM CLUB SLENDERIZING the easy, inexpensive way. Ask lor details. • Paulene's MontloeUo Flaw been adopted as the official symbol of the games. The 9 pence shows a discus thrower. The 1 shilling illustrates two rockey players. The 2 shilling 6 pence illustrated a female high jumper clearing the bar. All the stamps contain an oval portrait of Queen Elizabeth. * * * * The third annual Kansas City Stamp and Coin Show will be held Sept. 27-29. The sponsors, the Midwest Stamps & Coin Dealers Association, hope to make this the largest combined stamp and coin show ever held in that area. * * * * Greece has honored the opening of the llth International Boy Scout Jamboree at Marathon by issuance of a new set of stamps. Featured on the stamps are the following: a watercolor drawing entitled "Athens at Dawn," done by Lord Baden-Powell who founded the scouting movement in 1907; a Greek shield of the ancient Boetian type with a badge of world scouting in the center; a profile of Crown Prince Constantine, Chief Scout of Greece; portraits of Lord-Baden-Powell and Athanassios Lefkadites, who introduced scouting to Greece in 1910; a Scout bugling with a conch shell. Lodges Woman's Relief Corps will meet Thursday at 1:30 p.m. in Greenwood IOOF Hall. Cold Waves $395 up Princess 2S? 99 E. Ferguson. Wood Hlver lie E. Main, East Alton 11W Milton Hoad, Alton NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED! OMEGA and HAMILTON WATCHES Ste Our Selection EDWARD OTT JEWELER Authorized Distributor Stratford Hotel Bldg. luxurious draperies CUSTOM MADE FOR T. "1 Hv« way to solve difficult window problem*. ROOM DIVIDERS ... . a modern way to craot* «*• tra roomi . . dining room, play MO* or reading room. EXPAND THI LONG AND NARROW ... with wldthi for lr*ala*nl«. BOTH LABOR AND MATERIAL INCLUDED AT THESE LOW PWCES PRECISELY TAILORED TO SATISFY PARTICULAR WOMEN! LARGEST SELECTION OF PLAIN OR PRINTED FABRICS! Compere Tbee* Deluxe Features Permaawvt V Buckram Heading Blind attfrfcid HMIM FuH V Bottom Herat Lead Weights for even Hanrfnj Fan Folded and Floated to your Exact Window MettournienU « Ouitora Oat (or Uniform FullneM 627 E. Broadway Alton CALL 465-4451 FOR INFORMATION Jacoby r s Since 1889

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