Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 11, 1900 · Page 7
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1900
Page 7
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n-^-Tfs^W ALTON ; WBUkiY TtttTBSDAY JTAJ ll, lOOO. H.TMJEEKLY TELEGRAPH. TI3UEOHAP1I BUILDING, Con. Tnmo AND P1A8A PT8. TELEGRAPH The following gentlemen are agents . the TBU30BAVH o.,nd are author,,d to receive and receipt for mtb orlptioiiH or advertising: l>iiii>iKiNi-<;<>viTi)i>r Northeolt will In, in AH-""- »' lll(! M | " Hsoll < «'» tnc Htli insi. Tin' old Houril " f Kirectors of the Alton lltiihvay Gas and Electric Light UJi( W( ,,,. iv-elec.ted last evening. •l>hy.iieinns report an increasing prevalence <>f tin- grip, and the exist- j nK weiithor is not calculated to abate the threatened epidemic. Division Superintendent Griggs ()f the Alton was in the city yesterday in-' spec'ling the company's property and acquainting himself with the situation of the levee ti'ucks. _ TliH Illinois Terminal Company's telegraph line between Alton and the I'ounty seal lias been opened lo service afu-r initiiy delays. The line is operated as n Western Union line. I'Vmvick T. Kendall has been appointed postmaster at Wanda, to sue- t wd his father-in-law, the late .1. K. Kuhnestoek, who had held the appointment i"> years continuously. The Hoard of Directors of the Citizen's National Bank, Geo. M. Levis,' li, Susiess, .F. H. Haible, L. Pfeiffen- bei'tfer, .1. V. McGinniSj G. Ta'phorn and A. Kehlally were re-elected today. The Kagle Boat Store Co., of St. Louis held its annual election of officers yesterday and Capt. G. W. Hill iras elected President: W. H. Ley he, Vice President: F. P. Hearne, Treasurer. The steel work of the Bin ft' Line bridge at Loekhaven has been swung in place and will be ready for use within a few days. The span is 120 feet in length and the bridge is a massive structure. The marriage of Henry Hellrung to Miss I'lura .fun, daughter of Mr. Jacob Jim. took place at 8 a. in. today in St. Mary's church, Rev. 1<V. Meekel officiatiny. Only relatives and a few intimate friends were present! The Pioneers elected the following' officers hist night: Moses Hall, president; Hurry Christoe, vice president: George Penning, secretary, Frank Bierbaum. treasure)): James Moran, captain: ('. Penning, 1st Lieutenant. , The spirit of unionism is affecting all ranks of labor in Alton and within t few weeks there will be practically no trade in Alton not organized under the laws of their respective unions and represented in the Trades and Labor Assembly. Kent Handle, the 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles'H. Randle of L'hieiiKivlied Saturdayjmorning at the family home after a long illness of diabetes. The .funeral was Sunday ana Mrs. .1. W, Kerr' wenl*to73h"!- I'ttfro to attend. The .luvenile bund has elected the following otlieers: Andrew Meyford, president: Harry Leonard, vice presidwit: Oscar Tonsor, secretary": Harry Ashlork, corresponding: secretary: Henry Kckhard, manager: Louis Fehr, treasurer. , ' • ' The Alton Catholic Club held its annual election of officers Tuesday evening. The officers are: Harry Jenkins, president; Jos. Laclwnce, vice-president; Henry Kin- (femnrni, secretary; Win. Cremens, treasurer: ('has. Conley, Jas. Tobin, •'no. Kingkaon, board of directors. Mr. Albert Fairbanks received a t?"'f,'rnm today stating that John M. Ualstor died in St. Paul, January I). •»'r. Halster has a brother, Henry B «lster. living in this city. He is "'so a brother-in-law of Mr. Fair- bunks. Three children survive him. '«' funeral will take place jn St. Paul "" Tlmrsdav. Word was received here Monday by «''• 1'Vod. lloppe O f tn o death of ben- '»* Burns, , tt |.; tt st St. Loujs, from "IHiplcxy. Mr. Bums WHS a well known glassworkor and left Alton our , v ,,urs ll( , () l(J work ln tho NeKlo]l . uiH-ar K i,, ss factories at Hast St. Louis. H<'wiu4*) years of uge and leaves a »"'' Hint live children. 'doMU. F. Porter ~lhe Alton iy. (Jtt«& HhHUric Light Co., lus """'i"d a canvass of the city for 11(1 imrpo si . of determining what ox«•'<»"<„,., of u.i. b«,t water system In Al• lo " w '" hi, prolitable. Mr. i'ortcr s ".v-hi. proposes u , extend t)le S( .,. v |i. 0 " ."" Middlotown and State street "•'""'it district |f enough patronage '" ' M'"* i 'urolino WaihTgavo a duncli g >""''> "I her home in Middlotown Friday ^ '•»'".. 'in honor of her guest, Mh'« "•"•'•»•« -Mills, of |,o,U, tl . TIM. 'party »» u social event with th<> young ""''• »"d »" hud a very pleasant '"'• I l>e house, was decorated pret- tily and all the young ladies and gentle-won were In ft'tll evening dross. Elegant refreshments were served at 11' o'clock and the party broke up nt midnight. The Rovvell-PoUer Construction company, which IB putting in the automatic safety slop device on the Terminal crossings over the Hig Four and C. Ji: A. trucks, is Mulshing up its work. Constructing Engineer L. A. dcDorarrt says the freezing \vettthp.r has cuiised long delay but that work will soon be finished. Mr. dolJcrard says he never, before had ,so much trouble as he, has experienced since beginning work at Alton. A meeting of the Twentieth Century Commission of Alton District will \>e hold in the Methodist church Monday afternoon. The commission consist ing of Rev. G. W. Shepherd of Alton, W. G. Johnson and Dr. Horine of Brighton. C. O. Kimball of Udward- ville, C. A. Culver of Kane and .]. W. Becker of Jerseyville, will apportion to Alton district of the M K. Conference its share to be raised for the "Twentieth Century" $20,000,000 fund. The money is to be raised as a memorial lo extend tlw church work. V , .1. N. Dewell of Chapin, 111., at the meeting of the Board of Supervisors at Edwardsville Monday made a plea for the Illinois Children'.sAid Society. Mr. Dewell requested the board to send the. orphan children UK that society instead of to the Madison County Poor Farm. Should the children be sent to the society, Mr. Dewell said, good homes will be provided for them. A committee to look into the offer was appointed, consisting of Chairman Frank Troeckler of Mitchell, Joseph Long of New Douglas, O. K. Davis of Edwardsville and John Elble- o Alton. At the present time all the children placed in the charge of the Supervisors are taken to the Poor Farm, where practically no opportunity is offered foil proper training. Maud Stanley, who has been detained at the police station several days on a charge of unlawfully representing herself to be the wife of George Laws, has refused so far to say anything that will give the police definite knowledge as to who the other members of the gang are who were in the hide-stealing gang of which Laws was chief. The Stan ley-woman admits she is not tjie wife of Law.s and does not deny that she knows who the other thieves in the gang are, but she refuses to divulge a single secret that will assist the police in capturing the remaining members of the gang. The Stanley woman has an infant child in .he police station and for that reason she has not peen locked up. She wi I be given a hearing Tuesday on a charge of living with Laws without being married to him- Maud Stanley, the woman who passed herself as the wife of George Laws, the hide thief, was bound over to the grand jury this morning in the sum of $200. She has a child of six months old which will be taken to Edwardsville with her. Treasurer's Bond Accepted. The bond of Charles F. Stel/.el, as Treasurer of the Board bf Education was accepted by the Finance committee of the school board .Saturday night. The bond is for $20,000. Mr. Stel/el's election will be laid before the City- Council Tuesday evening for confirmation. Orphan Asylum Won. The Orphan Asylum won the Lakeside piano,a contest for which has been going on the past few months. The Presbyterians had 41,481 coupons,! the Orphan Asylum had ,'J2,000, Mrs. Fred Eisner 2o,000 and*Mrs. Henry Overuth had 22,834. Mrs. Eisner and Mrs. Overath turned their coupons over to the Orphan Asylum giving a total for the asylum of 79,834 coupons. rirst Baptist Church Roll-Call. The annual roll-call of First Baptist Church took place Sunday morning. The pastor, Rev. M. W. Twing, was indisposed by a sudden illness and his place was occupied by Rev. Dr. Jameson, of the Cherry Street Mission. The roll-<!all followed- u short preliminary^ sermon. Dr. Jameson preached to the congregation in the evening. Jim Callahan at It Again. Jim Callahan, the talented newspaper reporter who edited the Free Lance in Alton, the Independent in Upper Alton, and numerous journalistic enterprises here and in the west, will start a newspaper at Decutur. The announcement is made from there that a new paper, Town Talk, will bestart- ed (bis week. Jim has been working on the stall' of the Hovknv at Deeattir. Fatal Fall 01 the Ice. I'an 1 Glowner, aged 20 years, died 4 o'clock ii. m. yesterday, nUhe home of his father, John Glowner on the bunk of Duck Lake, which is situated southeast of the glassworks. Clowner started to walk across the lake from his home intending to cross the river (ti secure work on the i<v last Wednesday, lie had walked only a short distance on the ic.t cm tho lake when he slipped and fell, striking the buck jjf bis head on the ice, and concussion of tl.o bruin resulted. He never regained full consciousness, lln died yesterday mornihg. SUMRVISOS'S MCEtiNu. City Court Orana Jury Selected One From Each Township. The Board of Supervisors were in session Monday at Edwardsville, The Items of inte'rest for Alton was the passage of a resolution for the Alton Trades and Labor Assembly for the 1 printing of all county work to be done in the county, with the. Union label oil each job. , The Supervisors, under the decision of the Supreme. Court, selected a grand jury for the City Court, one member from each'township, as follows: Helvetia C. F. Tu/lli. Saline -Jake Klein. Leef—Sylvester Leef. New Douglas -John Cunipc. St. Jacobs -Jas. Becker. Marine—Charles Cahlman. •Alhambra—Gcjo. Wiseman. Olive—John Voyles. Jarvis J. M. Taylor. Pin Oak -H. Wolbrink. Humel—S. Crandt. . Omphghenl— J. M. Sandbath. Collinsville--('. A. Ambrosiu's. Edwardsville- -W. H. Hall. Ft. Russell—Fred Stahlhut. Moro—-George Sutton. Nameoki—August Zittel. Chouteau—John Huebner. Woodriver—W. B. Hardy. Fosterbu rg—Pan 1 W a Iter s. Venice—C.'. Oglecree. Alton—F. H. Ferguson. Godfrey -George -II. Davis. Crossing Completed. Th/ automatic safety stop device at the interlocking crossing of the Illinois Terminal over the C. & A. a'nd Big Four tracks, was completed today by the Rowell-Potter Safety Stop Co. The work on the safety stop was long hindered by injunctions and refusal of the railroads to consent to completion. Finally the Illinois Terminal enjoined further interference and completed the device. The work was done under the supervision of L: A. de Berard. Manager Ferguson says a test of the safety stop device will be made about February 1, which the Railroad and Warehouse Commissioners will attend. A train running full speed will be stopped by the safety stop appliance to illustrate what would happen in case of necessity. The air brakes on the Terminal train will be automatically set when either a Big Four or C. & A. train has the right-of-way at the crossing. The Barnard City Court Books Bill. It is said that the opponents of the payment of the Barnard City Court records bill will coritest its payment. It was said by one of them Saturday night that it was determined to sue the councilmen for the amount, under the supposition that it had'beeji paid. But the money has not yet been paid, and will not be before the appropriations for another year have been made. The bill was made more than two years ago, and, while there is a misunderstanding as to who.order- ed it, the city will have to pay it in the long run, as there is evidence that city officials communicated with the Barnards in reference to it, and the books, when sent, were not returned. Wholesale Robbery at Medora. Medora suffered heavily at the hands of robbers Saturday night. There was a big celebration ,by the Modern Woodmen and nearly every man, woman and child, with all the dogs in the village were at the celebaation. A report reached Alton that a half dozen houses were burglarized while the people were away from home but 'the burglars are said to have secured nothing of value. Chief of Police Volbracht was asked to send bloodhounds to trail the burglars, but no bloodhounds were here. The Transfer Deeds Delivered. Beall Bros, received from Richard Gttrstung, on Saturday, the deeds for the block of ground bounded by Fourth, Fifth, Market and Piasa streets, with the building thereon, which the Beall Bros., recently bargained for through the agency of Mr. Geo. H. Smiley. Tho price paid for the block and building was $l.'!,r>00. The Bealls are pushing the removal of their machinery from the burned out factory to their new location. They are putting in u large amount of new machinery. Naval Mllltla Rifle Range. A dispatch from Waukegan says: The State proposes to enlarge tho tract on the North Lake shore, occupied by Camp Logan rlllo range, and is negotiating for several hundred acres adjoining.- U is proposed, to hold the naval militia encampments there, and efforts will bo made to induce the State Legislature to author- i/e the building of a steamboat pier. With the Bowlers. The Dowoys mado the following scores on the Lueralleys Monday evening: I 2 ,'i 4 Total Av Nicolet ..22 40 32 32 12K :*1J Herner 4(1 2K ,'lii 41 1,11 :n« Nolan .'(.'! 2K 22 23 ION 27 Luer It) 33 23 24 1)11 24J I'ut/.e It) 2o 20 24 07 24± Henslnger .. . 4"> 33 3.1 113 37ji Sehimle\vi)ll'.30 27 3,1 37 12!) 32* Warner 27 31 3H 3D 13,1 33J Haeberle 21) 33 37 27 120 314 Fedi'I'le. ..... 30 2K ]!) 33 101) 2,1 OH 311 31 211 20 110 20 Miller 20 1.1 20 ,1,1 IHjj NO OBJECTIONS TO PAYING. Upper Alton Roord of local Improvement Re- cclveiJ No Objections to Paving Saturday Night, The Upper Alton Hoard of Local improvements held its meeting .Saturday evening to bear objections to the paving of Garden. Manning and College avenues but not (i complaint was made. There were present quite a number of properly owners who were bpposed to the paving but not one of the paving opponents made any objection. The. board of Local Improvement considered there is no objection i to the paving and the meeting adjourned. , The ordinance for the paving is bo- ing prepared by the village attorney, C. W. Leverett, and will be presented to the village board at the next meeting with the recommendation that it be adopted. The next, meeting of the village board will be at the call of the President. Railway Notes. As stated in the TKDCOKAI'H yesterday the bondholders purchased the Bluff Line and the, Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis. The bondholders were represented by Sir. Cartnichucl and the property was bid in for #2,500,0(X). The Chicago. Peoria & St. Louis, running from Springfield to Peoria and Havana, sold for $1,000.000, and the Bluff Line for *1,500,000. Theie was no opposition. No one from the Harriman syndicate (Chicago & Alton) offered to bid. The new name of the rwad is entitled the Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis Railroad Company, and incorporated for $7,350,000. The incorporators are Curtis Millard, B. Wilson, Ralph Blaisdell, P. B. Warren, Springfield: James Duncan,'of Alton. Mr. Carmichael and Mr. Chas.K.Kimball left Monday afternoon for a trip over the road. Immediately after the sale, the re- cantly elected Board of Directors of the Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis held a meeting and elected C'has. K. Kimball of New York, president, and Ralph Blaisdell of Spring-field, secretary and treasurer. The board also adopted a resolution for the issuance of bonds secured by a mortgage on the joint properties for $2,000,000, the money derived from the sale of which is to be used for the betterment of the properties. • M. E. Ingalls, president of the Big Four, is soon to retire.from that property, so he states himself. Wm. K. Vanderbilt has acquired control of the system and the * Big Four will be operated in connection with the Lake Shore. "Mr. Vanderbilt has also acquired a controlling • interest in the Chesapeake & Ohio. • Death of Mrs Mary Crangle Mrs. Mary Isett Crangle died at her residence iu-Shreveport. La.J Tuesday. The funeral took place at God- frpy this (Thursday) morning, on the arrival of the Chicago and Alton train. Mrs. Crangle was the daughter of the late J. R. Isett, a prominent resident of Godfrey where she lived until her marriage with Mr. James Crangle, of St. Louis. She was a pupil at Monticello. Beside her husband,.one son, Robert C'rangle, survives her. 'A full brother, Edward Isett, lives atVirden, and Senator Brenholt, of Alton, and Mr. Byron Brenholt. of Omaha, Neb., are half brothers. Mrs. Crangle was well known both ' at Godfrey and Alton and her many friends will deeply regret the news of her death. J. H. Kuril-ginger returned Monday in company with with Mr. J. K. Sanders, from Gosper county, Neb., where he had been called to treat a large herd of hogs that were rapidly dying of cholera. He is using the Snoddy Remedy of Alton, 111., and he tells us that out of a herd of 33,1 hogs, over over 200 of which were plainly sick, (many having to be drenched) and the rest all infected, he saved over 90 per cent. As an experiment, (15 head of well hogs wen' bought o,nd turned into the same pens, fed from the same troughs and slept in the same nests until they were thoroughly infected and one had died, then treatment was begun with this remedy and all were saved in spite of seven days of cold rainy weather. We also talked to Mr. Sanders, the owner of the hogs, and he verified Mr. Hunts'.inger's state* ment and seemed very enthusiastic over the success of the treatment. Wo are thoroughly acquainted with Mr. Hunt/ingot' and know him to bo reliable, he guarantees to cure 75 per cent of any bunch of hogs or no pay. - Danbury (Neb,) News Don't forgot the Turners' masquer ado, Fob. 10th. Declared a 6 fur Cent Olvldennd Tho North Alton Paving, Building & Fire Brick Company hold its annual election of oflii -ITS Tuesday at the Madison Hotel and declared a <i per cent, dividend, payable in (10 days. The old Hoard of Directors, Kdward Kodgor.s. Win. I'll lot Smith, I'J. <.'. Lenten. 11. Schicss, Henry Rodgors, were reeleotod. Kdwaril I lodgers was elected president, and Khcn Rodgers was elected secretary and treasurer. Lindley iV Dickinson, Dentists, NU- belt, building, opposite City Huilding. Tiekets for the Turners' masquerade run he purchased from the following: K. Kloinpeter, William Sehiiiocllor, ('has. Lut't, Anna Dieti'liv, Luer llros., II. I'lrieh and Fred Xioolot. t Special Sacrifice Sale. OUP eiiMrc.HU cfc of Ladle*', M BUB*' untl Children's garments ftc so/t/. The following got prices way below cos/. and Children's Jackets. Ladies' Plush Boucle Cloth Capes. Ladies'. Tailored Suits and Fur Collarettes. Dress Skirts go at 15 per cent discount. Wrappers an,i at to per cent discount. Terms Strictly Cash. H. F. LEHNE, GRAHAM RECEIVE? Tllf PIUM. * Receiver Barnard Appoints the Chief Clerk Superintendent ot the Belt Line Today. William Graham, chief clerk in the St. C., M. \- St. L. Belt Railroad office at Alton has been appointed superintendent to take the oflice tomorrow. The retiring superintendent, J. M. May, who will succeed H. V. Seymour as private secretary to General Superintendent Gray at Bloomington, will leave this evening to assume the duties of his position, as his services are found to be imperatively needed, the temporary arrangements not being satisfactory. The appointment of Mr. Graham is a just one. as he merits the position. He is a first-class railroad man and has held responsible positions, previously. To the Alton people with whom he has become acquainted he is a valued friend, and he has many well-wishers who will be glad to know of his good fortune. Receiver J. F. Barnard was in town today to check out Mr. Graham as chief clerk and Mr. May us superintendent. Mr. Graham will have a chief clerk, but his name is not announced. Burglars Raid Mt. Lookout Place. The home of the Hon. H. G. M'Pike was raided' by burglars Tuesday but nothing- of value was secured by them. Entrance was effected by way of a window on the back porch. The burglars used an axe to pry open the window. Their way through the house was strewn with burned matches and marked with muddy foot prints. Nearly every room in the house was visited in the search for money, but none was secured by the burglars. They left the house by way of a door and carried the axe to the side gate where they left it hanging in a tree. Mr. M'Pike measured the foot-prints of the burglars in the mud at the window where they entered and the -measure was that of a small man and a medium six.ed man. Two months ago Mr. M'Pike's home was entered by burglars and a fruitless search was made then by the intruders. The burglars were frightened away the first time as there were indications of a hasty departure and a bundle of gloves, probably stolen, was found on the floor wrapped in a copy of the Auburn Citizen. A Victory for Union Labor. The Alton Trades and -Labor Assembly is to be congratulated that it has caused the county board to resolve to hereafter have all its printing let by contract to home printers. County officers have shown the utmost disregard, in the past, for the home printing otlices and the work which should have employed tax-paying printers in the county, has gone to outsiders. It is the single instance, too, where home labor has been practically ignored. The food supplies for poor house and jail must be lotto home dealers and so far as possible the county board has employed home labor o;i its works for the county. It was a rough comment on tho loyalty of county otticers to their newspaper friends when it became necessary for the Alton Trades and Labor Assembly to_ remonstrate against the letting of contracts too freely outside the county. Struck on the Head With a Sledge Dr. Waldo Fisher dressed a severe wound on the head of a bridge builder named Robert 10. Lahey of Kemper, 111., last evening. Luhey is one of the gang of bridge builders who are constructing the new steel bridge for the C. & A., across Wood River on the Mton track. While it fellow workman was usin£ u heavy sledge riveting bolts on the bridge, Lahey was struck n glancing bloiv <in Ihe top of his head by the descending sledge. The blow was a very forcible one and Lahey was knocked senseless on the bridge narrowly escaping 11 full into therlver. He sustained M bud cut mi the seiilp and a large artery wn* cut hy the hummer. Foriiiniitoly fur Lnliey hr was in u stooping position when he I'cooivcd the liluw mill Ihe jiuiuliier glanced nil producing only u bud cut. The curve niid tangent for the electric line lit Sixth lind AI by .-(reels to connect with the Sixth street line arrived today, over lour mouths behind time. COUGHS COLDS. Knowlel White Pine Balsam for coughs, colds and l)oarH>-iiPHB. Hngee'B byrup fit Tolu, Tarand Wild Cherry especially rveommendcl for cougho &nd yolds tor children. Violet Cream Lotion for Chapped Hands and Face. PAUL BROS, Particular Druggists. Cor. Henry and Second ati. AN INTERESTING CONTEST Between Lleut.-Qov. Northcott for Renomlna- Ion, and Hon. K. J. tlamlin, Republican Candidate for Attorney-Oeneral It seems that the Republicans of the 18th district will witness an interesting contest between Lieutenant Governor Wm. A. Xorthcott, for renomination for the ottiee he now holds, and Hon. H. J. Hamlin, who aspires lo the Republican nomination for Attorney General. Mr. Hamlin holds that the 18th district cannot get more than one name on the State ticket: that if the counties composing the district have two candidates, and go divided to the State Convention, they will probably get nothing; that as Mr. Xorthcott has had one term in oflice, favors should go round, so the friends of Mr. Hamlin are urging a solid delegation with the exception of the delegates from Bond county for their favorites. These may not be facts, but they are as Mr. Hamlin and his friends see them. Mr. Northcott wants the convention to instruct for both himself and Mr. Hamlin, and let both candidates take their chances in the State Convention. Mr. Hamlin's friends re- tart that Mr. Xorthcott's plan is a very good one for him, as the nomination for Lieutenant Governor is second on the list, and that of Attorney General near the end of the list. If Xorthcott gets the nomination he is seeking by the request of the district, when the Attorney General is reached, the convention will say: "The ISth district has the second office in the State, and that is enough for it." And so Mr. Hamlin's friends are determined to work for a . solid delegation and secure it if possible. However, Mr. Xorthcott will not be put off that way, as the following- letter, addressed to theeditorof the TKLKCHAPH will show: GRKENVIU.K. ILL., .Ian. it, ]!Mi. My Dear Sir:—H. J. Hamlin, of Shelbyville, has made the open declaration that he would not onlv ask that the delegates from Madison'county to the State Convention be instructed for him for Attorney General, but that he would make a tight against the com ty being for me for Lieutenant-Governor. Now 1 have always stood by the proposition that it was the proper thing for the counties in this congressional district to instruct its delegates for each of us and let us take our chances in the State at large. I can see no reason why Mr. Hamlin should make this fight on me and no good reason why the Republicans of Madison county should turn n.e down in this way. 1 ask you to life your influence in my behalf with the delegates from your county to the State Convention. I will bo at Kdwardsville on Wednesday, January 18th, at-theSt.,1 ames Hotel: and at Alton, on Thursday, .January 18th, at the Madison Hotel; and 1 would be very much pleased if you could call upon mo at one of those places. With kind regards, I am, Yours sincerely, W, A, NORTHLv/rr. Both candidates have many warm friends in Madison county. Mr. Xorthciitt'has always been popular, and having yiven general satisfaction to the people in tho discharge of the duties of the oflice during the iast three veai--. !>»• has still many friends. Mr. lii-.n.iiij is one of the ablest law.MT- in the State. This is admitted on nil -Silos. He has done much work lor '!i • party without asking for iinythin,:- in return until this year, when ho ccniivs to bo tho candidate for Attorney Genera). It will, no doubt, be an interesting contest. Mr. NorthooU's friends claim liontl, Montgomery and possibly Fuvette. Mr. Hamlin's friends claim Shelby, Moullrie, Montgomery and possibly FiiyHie. Madison is not us yd. claimed 1>.\ either but both hope to so- ciiro indorsements in the County Convention to be held a few days before the mooting of the State Convention, now set lor April loth next. .1. N. Drwi'll of Clmpin, 111., is stay- in;.! at the Madison. Mr, He-well is look hi). 1 : lifter children uho have no home.

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