Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 10, 1963 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 10, 1963
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PAGE TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1963 School Bond Vote Set Oct. <f! ,000 Sought For Wing POSSIBLE SHOWERS Generally fair weather is expected over most of the nation Tuesday night except for some scattered thundershowers In the central and lower Mississippi valley and in the central and southern Plains. It \vill he slightly cooler in the Ohio valley and north Pacific states. (AP Wirephoto Map) MECCA Names 2 to Advise State Planners Metro East Chamber of Com-.tion of an executive director. ' merce Association took action Named as representatives of: Monday night to advise the new- ,016 chamber group at a meeting ly-formed Southwestern Illinois Monday night in Bethalto were Planning Commission on selec- Francis M. Kaar. executive di-j — rector of the Greater Alton As-i sociation of Commerce, and Harland Dobry of the Granite City ; Chamber. Simon Gave Pledge otest Crushed lfvf |\«11V| Paul Simon had pledged he would j Tne teachers employed were: 1C711 1C1 111 'urge the planning group to^con-jMrs. Lucile Barton, Murrul Grady ~" A resolution setting a 5935,000 building bond election for Oct. 22, to construct a south wing to the Alton High School, was adopted Monday night by the Alton Board of Education. The resolution calls for a proposed addition which will have 22 classrooms plus a combination i study hall - cafeteria. It is ex- jpectcd that the proposed addition I will provide adequate facilities at ' the high school until 1970. The high school has an increasing space problem, authorities said. Alton and vicin'ty — About 40 ! Enrollment at the high school per cent chance of showers to- j this year is 2.330, an increase of night. Low tonight lower 60s. High! 205 from the previous year. The Wednesday low 80s. i school was built for an enrollment of 2.100, officials said o | | A cost figure of S933.500 for the i3CflOOl'!l )ro P osed addition which was ad-: vanced when the election was de- j cided upon by the board last July was a tentative figure at the time, i > To Enlarge Heating ' i The resolution calls for enlarging the present heating facilities WeatherForecast Board Hires 13 Teachers The MECCA group had been 'far less than unanimous in its support of the bill creating the '. planning commission, but Senator Thirteen new teachers were em- \ ployed for the school year by the Alton Board of Education Monday night. Two resignations were accepted. in the high school annex and erecting and build- jsult with the Madison-St. Clair FORT BRIDGER. \Vvo. (AP)—-County Chamber of Commerce Hardesty, Mrs. Glen McPherson, j Mrs. Shirley Metz. Mrs. Janis j d Karl Monroe, editor of the Miller, Mrs. Helen Oberlink. Del L Collinsville Herald brought in a vine E Schneeberc? and Mrs Riti • "T "7 7 ~ i~ i"~ proposal, already made by his ! - Schmeeberg and Mrs. Rita (registered to vote m general eleo . newspaper, that the Madison- After surviving an airplane crash i S 1 ™?- .^gai-dless. in deference, Mlss Glenda and live nighis on a 9.200-foot! to the!r *««* of ** "^l Martha mountain,' Da\id Brophy. 28. andi his tliree small children today are. concerned only with getting home, j Brophy and his children—Don-! aid. 7. Donna, 5, and Michael. 4 — were en route to their Silverdale. Wash., home last Tuesday in a small single-engine aircraft. An unemployed airplane mechanic. Brophy said the plane was caught in a downdraft and he stalled it into the Burns, Mrs. Alice Byrne, Mrs. Carol Cross, Mrs. Opal Gillespie, Bonds will bear an interest rate not to exceed 4 1 .; per cent per' annum, the resolution said. Under a recent change in state; law. voters in school elections! must now be registered voters be-! can cast a ballot in the ; bond issue election. j all voters I Kennedy Asks Policy OfPatience t By FRANK CORMIER WASHINGTON (AP) — President Kennedy says the United States must pursue a policy of patience in South Viet Nam and avoid a get-tough slash in aid. An aid cut, Kennedy said Monday night, might bring about a collapse of the Vietnamese government of Ngo Dinh Diem and open all of Southeast Asia to the threat of a Communist take-over. The President, in a nationally televised interview on NBC's Huntley - Brinkley Report, conceded there was no easy solution to the Vietnamese problem marked by internal opposition to the Diem regime and the government's widespread arrests of Buddhists and students. Kennedy expressed the admin- •• Badly Hurt A four-yeni'-old P.ethalto boy was seriously injured today when he was struck hy n cnr on Bet half o-lVIoro Road in front of the old American Legion Barn. The hoy. William S. Craigmiles, a son of Mr. and Mrs. William G. Craigmiles, Rte. 1, Bethalto, was rushed unconscious to St. Louis Children's Hospital, where he was undergoing surgery late this morning. After the lx>y was struck, about 7:55 a.m., the family's babysitter, Kathy Moran, rushed from the porch of the Craigmiles home and picked up the unconscious boy from the pavement. William was hit when he crossed the road to catch a school bus. The parents of the boy ran to Kathy and took their son from the babysitter's arms. Both had just gotnn off the midnight shift istration viewpoint in these words: "We are using our influence to persuade the government there to take those steps which will win back support. That takes some time and we must be patient, we must persist." He expressed concern that Americans might get impatient fUIICl 1VX.II JJ Al II til II S^ V UII|'l ins- "L . _ J T T and urge a U.S. withdrawal from when the accident occurred He ! __ _... _il.t-.m*v*j4 r\All f\f\ CO trf QUINT FED BY EYEDROPPER Tiny Robinson Prieto, one of the through a port hole of his incubator at quintuplet boys born Saturday to Efren Maracaibo University Hospital. (AP and Inez Prieto, of Maracaibo, Vene- Wirephoto) zuela, is fed with an eye dropper South Viet Nam. "That onlv makes it easy for | the I "I Communists." Kennedy said, think we should stay. We should use our influence in as ef- but we car. at Olin. Alfred Crosby of 524 S. 17th Belleville, the driver of the skidded 128 feet when he applied his brakes in an effort to avoid hitting the boy, according to state police, but he could not stop in time. A state trooper at the scene said Crosby told him he was traveling about 50-55 miles an hour in a 65-mile-an-hour zone th at the y reside the school district and are! Chinese See U.S.-Soviet Alliance was northbound, police said. At Wood River Township Hospital, where the boy was given emergency treatment before being taken to the St. Louis hospi- fective a way as we can, but we tal, it was reported that he suf- should not withdraw." jfered a head injury and abra- On other topics. Kennedy said:|sions 'to his right elbow and —The United States would sound!hand, a very uncertain trumpet around, St. Clair County Southern Illinois University center be designated | the Southwestern Illinois Campus. | rather than the Edxvardsville! lhose , , tiolls ;, .„ u ., . , «rcept*d *ere, Polls will be open on the elec- : Eilzabeth Felde ,t,on date from , a.m. to 7 p.m. . By EDWIN Q. WHITE TOKYO (API—Red China asserted today that Soviet leaders ivenh, typing, shorthand and busi-i The building bond election will| have j 0 j nec f t he United States, ness education teacher at Alton j be the second referendum thisj dia and Yugoslavia in a "holy al- High School, who is returning to]year. Last Jan. 15 a record 10.-! liance - to ^ran^le revolutionary E" Tow-mend Granite Citv her home bl Denv er. Colo., and! 162 voters turned out to approve :movemenLs and reinst ate capital- r>»_ i M ,Ki^u^ ,,.,,1-V Cleveland Hammonds, a sixth a 25 - cent increase in the educa-;- C. Press-Record publisher, under it into the tops of some questioning about bus fare raises trees. He suffered cuts and K,. „,.„ nu^.v AT;,.™,,,.; D; 0.,^ take grade teacher, who is leaving loltional tax rate. The vote was 5,position as counselor in i 297 in favor of the increase and High School. bv , he n iinoi«;-Missouri Bi-State bruises but the children were not Development Agency, of whose hurt. board he is a member, pointed! A suggestion of Harold W. David i of 552. The crasli occurred in the Unita out Bi-State had virtually saved j son was approved that the board j ' ism. An article in the Red Chinese theoretical journal Red j 4,745. opposed, leaving a majority Premiei . Khmsh chev "has for Was 5th Try Mountains of northern Utah about from dissolution many ' of the i compose a purchasing guide to bei The proposal to increase the ed- 50 miles south of Fort Bridger. ' smaHer bus firms n took over I used during 1 all the district's jucational tax rate from 51.50 to The Brophys were returning from recently to merge with the St. ! numerous yearly purchases of sup i SI. < o per $100 of assessed valu- Hastings. Neb., where they had Loute operation. 1 plies arid equipment. Davidson^tion was tlie fifth try since 19o9 visited relatives. Uniform Pay Scale 'said no criticism of present buy-j tor an increase in the rate. Their only food was apples. He said that one'of the factors', ing policies was intended, but thatj A serious problem in the finan- cookies and candies given the' man y had not considered in con-'each year the board spends con-jeial condition of the district's ed- children by their grandmother be- necfion with the takeover of the'siderabie time and money in pur-; ucationa! fund, which showed allndia fore they left Hastings. 14 transit firms by Bi-State was 1 chasing but nothing is spelled our j deficit the previous July of S203,-- Two Utah fishermen. Don Sims the need to establish uniform! in the rules as a guide and an'000, was the reason for the elec- of Prove and MiJton Fraser of Og- scales for employes. Bringing! aid. den, found the Brophys Sunday. the other cities in the area up i Davidson said he thought it years been agitating and pulling strings for the new holy alliance." Broadcast by Radio Peking, the article predicted that "the new holy alliance" will be destroyed President Tito's Communist Yugo-j "bringing into existence the slavia revisionism — violation ofjcialist camp of 13 countries. Marxist-Leninist principles. (eluding Cuba." "What dirty and despicable; \o\v.itsaid.anewalliancehasj —The federal budget will be bal- appeared as a reaction against lanced more quickly than other-; : the globe should the Senate refuse; so-'to ratify the limited nuclear test-! in- ban treaty "after the government, ihas committed itself to it." '• deals they are going to make calls for close attention by the people of the world." Peking said. In the latest Peking contribution to the running China-Soviet quarrel. Red Flag took a long look at the holy alliances of the 18th i freedom. and early 19th centuries and said| "Translated their "halcyon days" did not lastlguage." Red Boy Scrapes Arm in Bicycle-Car Mishap Bruce Lemons, 10, missed only i half-day of school Monday revolution. Leaders of the alii-i wise if Congress passes an $11-|after a brush with rectify social chaos and into Flag a car while ance declare its purpose to bei billion tax cut this year to stimu-| ne was riding his bicycle to sacred and noble. Peking said, I late the economy. Without a tax j school Monday, and to maintain peace and order,;cut, Kennedy said. "1984 is going; A student at Forest Homes build j to be an uncertain time from an Sohool. Cottage- Hills, he suffer- i economic standpoint." led abrasions to his right arm plain Ian-1 'Fatal Mistake' i w hen he rode in front of a car and said, "these! —It would be "a fatal mistake"j was struck by it. j as were its predecessors. ; The United States represents im, perialism in the alliance, said long. "Thev (holy statements should read: to to let civil rights "divide this) He was treated at a doctor's of- may storm and rage for;strangle the revolutionary move- a while." Fed Flag said, "buti ments of the oppressed people and they are fated to fail. This is the'the liberation movements of the oppressed nations; to preserve the that since;order of imperialist and reaction- law of history-" The journal said country politically into Negroesjfjce in Alton and whites." Kennedy said he doesn't believe this will happen and he expects the North "will continue to support" civil rights. taken of his and an arm at Xray Alton was Memorial Hospital. He returned to school in the afternoon, his mother said. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ition. ! Success of the rate increase elec- Box Board Meeting With Union Todav *-.**. ^. ,.._. ~. ^. ^. v — - *.,-— r I 4^t* VIMOV/ll S<*t\A Lit UlWtA^.» Ji **•> -. . . i to St. Louis scale marked a laige; would be good blisiness procedure tion enable the dwtnct to pick up i ^ * t ».l J^fJ^ti n»^] n^r-4- f\t+fi ervma f\1 increase in expenditure. Operations in the areas out- set up such purchasing a guide, similar manuals used in. , . . .. St. Louis, he said, were ' industries . Assistant Superintend < int ° eflect after dcfeat of another and School ;tax "^ re ase proposal. were direc: Algerian Ruling i ent E. M. Party Gears for Vote side now being carried on at a loss Representatives of the Printing to Bi-State. . Engineer Don Keil Specialty Union and the .Alton BOX Commenting on efforts of Bi-i^ to draw up a workable guide Board Co. are meeting today in State for congressional action that [ line , nev oan use for purchasing St. Louis in an effort to settle a would exempt its transit opera- ]al)d -jring it back to the strike at the Godfrey plant that uons from jurisdiction of the In-j for ap p rova ] started Aug. 3!. lerstate Commerce Commission,' More than 70 me-mbers of Local 409 of tiic Printing Specialty v_cm ui me agent,,; ^ i»«o.i.^oo ..«-. \varmup and Paper Products Union walked interstate. ; jn? Q^y QJ. 5414; baseball ba;- launched a campaign to do away off the job midnight July 31. when The meeting wa^ at the Tarai. Jn? cage wi!son sporting Goods with the formality of a two-year contract expired. Supper Club. ) Co ^ $241.20: and 700 board" feet of Sunday and na me the reason tor tne eiec- . ~ , board had announced.; Baby III L,T(lSn Hits Dash, but Not Badly Hurt Prime Minister Nehru'sjU'orld \Var II. China and a num-'ary domination, and then to rein-' —Kennedy doesn't know if he'll represents reaction, andiber of other countries have em-; state capitalism in the socialist j meet this fall with President Tito | Glen Lemons, 1-127 llth, Cottage — — |barked on the road of socialism countries." |of Communist Yugoslavia. iHills. the deficit and restore some of the curtailments which were put , Low bids on school iupp!;C-« f the Townsend pointed out only 5 P^ r ' a ppro\-eci were -J4 truck eame'approval of a new consuiuuon. isjde :iair\- : cent of the agency's business was u . ann sujts Wajt Biack $ n . A |g er i a \ ,. u ii ng party has -ALGIERS (APi—Bolstered by constitution. How Thev Bid on City * / * Southside Sewer Job | balsa wood for the art depart- Alimed B*n Bella i ment. T. A. Foley Co.. $2-40. acclamation. I A total of 5102.4*6.4* in bills The ruling Front paid since the last meeting were Liberation approved. announced A six - month - old Brighton baby apparently escaped serious injury Monday when he w a s' thrown to the dash of a truck driven by his father when a farm tractor pulled from tall weeds at the roadside and struck the of the truck, the parents paid. Rickey Blumstein. son of Mr. elections and Mrs Carl Blumstein, Rte. 1. Premier Brighton, was taken to St. Jos- president by e pi,. s Hospital for examination .following tiie accident, of National H j s mo ther said she was hold-: Combination and divisional bids submitted Monday afternoon by the contractors making the two lowest proposals on construction of Alton's southside interceptor system were as follows; Minor Auto Crash On Alby Reported j A minor auto accident involving cars driven by William D. iMohr. 36, of Medora. and Richiard P. Kraut, 22. i Louis was reported ;;4:35 p.m., Monday. The police report East St. police at Two contractors bid only on Division A: Frazier-Davis Construction Co.. St. Louis, $?S4.- •JS4.'0: and Jack Flnley Co.. Springfield. III.. .«-»6S.fW4.60. Comprised by the southside Roger J. Au & Son. Mansfield, interceptor system is a main inter- 0.: Combination bid comprising cepior line along the riverfront all four divisions of the project, from William Street to a pump J9S4,762.25. By divisions: (A(.station at ihe sewage disposal $210.591.50: (Bi S216.944.SO; iC) plant sit,, the Shields Valley open bo [ h '"'drivei : s\vere''heading"noi-th $273,069.80; and iD> $316.136.15. In channel improvement and an in- in the 41QO b)ock o{ Alb> . Sneet a proviso written into the pro teiveptor line: and the Cherry poial, the contractor offered to Monument interceptor, acwpt Division A separatel\. It Three of the division-,, A, C. further offen-d to accept B. C or and 1) im-ludt- Motions of the D separately only in combinations long Interceptor line. DivUion B covers primarily the Shields Valley |>har.e of tlie projwt near Kast Kud Place. Division C Include*. « small portion of the main inlorve|>tor and the ItitTrv'MoiiuiiHiit sew IT e.v- the plan j ni T \^ m on her lap when the trac- Monday. Ben Bella. Algeria's tor hj t t j le s ide of their ti-uck premier for a year, is tlie only ;a bout 7 p.m. Monday. Rickey suf- candidate for the presidency. lered a severe bump on Uie head, she said. S/iiiiy Dome SPRINGFIELD. 111. (Special) —Tlie Stntehouse dome will get a bricht new L-oat of aluminum paint in the next few weeks. Secretary of State Charles F. Car- announced today. of two or more divisions-, and in such case to delate 5$.000 on divisional proposals. llellruug C-onstrucllon Co., Alton: Combination bid for entire project, SI,043,363.85. By division*: (A) $189.485,40: (B) SSoi.WlU: (C) $236.028.50; and (U) S276.608.85. in approarhiny Delniar and when Kraut attempted to pass Mohr on the right the two care colliaed. Both cars were able to be driven from the scene. i DIAL 465-4271 Convenient Shopping WARDS • ••*••«••• «*«»• Plata Shopping Center DUXE BAKERY 819 Henry—Dial 402-2922 FRESH BAKED GOODS DAILY We Specialize in Wedding and Party Cakes Tlu-oimh the Ribli ,v a sru Health Sen'- t of S250.000 Total hicis hy other contractors has h-en iii.uio for ilu- interceptor for the whole project: project which is a major phase SantiK-ci Construction Co.. Sko of the Alton bond issue piv»Ar.»m kic. 111.: $1.397.456. Haddad Con- to treat its sanitary sewage so strtK'tion Co., 232.593.16. Columbus. 0.; $1,- MS to elim'iiate pollution of the rivers. Retirement savings? Of courtt not A sugar bowl u fine for but it wont pay retirement bill*. Aak your Country Life ««ent to 1*11 yw *bout life insurance tor retirement income. >•• •OMMERS fa*cJ«i **««' Home 1. Godfrey Country Li/e WSUKAMCf COMFANV MI0M NEWS BULLETIN Men, "Laminated" is the word for a very versatile jacket. 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