Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 11, 1900 · Page 5
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1900
Page 5
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ALTON WEEKLY TELEGRAPH, TIIUKSDAY-JAN. 11, 1000. thousands Have Kidney Trouble and _ Out. rill a bottle or common glass with your £, and let it stand twenty-four hours; a sediment or settling Indicates an unhealthy condition of the kidneys; If It stains your linen It Is evidence of kidney trouble; too frequent dealre to pass It or pain In the back is also ,g proof that the kidneys and blad- 3»r'»re out of order. w What to Do. There Is comfort In the knowledge so alien expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp- Root the great kidney remedy fulfills every wish'in curing rheumatism, pain (n the back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part flllhe urinary passage. It correbts Inability to hold water and scalding pain In passlni II or bad effects following use of liquor •(tine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasan necessity of being compelled to go often during the day, and to get up many times during the night. The mild and the .extra ordinary effect of Swamp-Root Is soon jj»li:ed. It stands the highest for Us won d«rful cures of the most distressing cases Hyou need a medicine you should have the lest. Sold by druggists In SOc. and$l. sizes You may have a sample bottle_of this fonderful discovery w d a book that tells more jto'-it ''• both sent ibsoluicly free by mail, iddrMS Dr. Kilmer & Home of Swamp-Root. Co.,Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men- Ho,i reading this generous offer In this paper. Qlavb*, Hrs. 0. and H. Taphorn, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OKKICK IN M'PIKE HLDG. Dor, 2nd and Eastern Ht8. Phones 138 and 171. DR. L. M. BOWMAN, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. OPhMCe-No. 540 East SeconJ street. OSce Cpfaone, 103) hours: 9 to 10 a, m.; 2 to (jnd6lo8p. m. Residence ('phone, 1881 cor- Pilnaeynvo and Common st. DR. C. B RHOLAND, DENTIST. fcc Iburs: n a.m. to 12 a. m. and 1 tofi p.m 112W. Third street. DISCHARGES OBTAINED (N BANKRUPTCY In Short Time. Yager & Yager, Attorneys 306 Belle street. f. F. SCHUSSLER,M.D HOMEOPATHIST and;8UKQEON OMce and Residence. Telephone 100. QEO. E, WILKINSON, M .D. Hours::8; u to 12 . 2 to 4 . 6:30 w 7 . go OFFICE: Cor. Second and Market sts. Residence—Hotel Midison Phones 305 and 23 Alton, III School ot MUSIC AND ART. UPPER ALTQH, ILL. W. D. ARMSTRONG, Director. September 22d, 1898. For CHALUCOMB& KENNEDY 208 (STATE .STREET. Telephone No. 3764. Conservator) 123 IJast Second at., Alton. Ninth Vear. Second Term. Sept, wt "PP'o. Stonography and Studlea, Aftm C. MILLS, Director, S. NIXON ooo Architect, and Superintendent tt »d Bpeoifloatlon0 for Work Accurately Forniahed. In Connection with the Election of Senator Clark, INVESTIGATION HAS COMMENCED. Kx-Hcntitor Edmund* Appear* an Loading (Jiiuimnl fur tlio Ooiii|>lnliinntii—Snyn th« ComplnlimtilM Expert to Prove All th« l/'linrgi-A llrotitflit .tjfiilnsr tlio MoiUiinn Mlllloinilro—Thu Huberts Investigating- Coinililttno Continue)! It, Ni-nnlon. Washington, Jan. (i.—The senate committee on privileges and elections 'begun Us Investigation of tin- charge* of bribery made In connection with the election of Hetmtor Chirk of Montana. The proceedings were begun by urgu- incuts from coiumel on both sides. Mr. (Jlurk himself was lu-esent with his counsel, former .Senator KHtilUner. Ex- Senntor Kdiminds ti|)])eni'eil as leading counsel for the complainants, making Hie tlrst slatetneut lu support of the nieinorliil ngnliwi Mr. ClarU. His said the complainants expected to be able lo iirovc nil the charges made and lo show Unit Mr. Clark's 4leclU.ii wttM obtained li.v the lllicrnl use of money and large sums ol' 'money was furnished, to this-end by Clark. lie believed I hat Hie expenditures could be traced to Mr. Clark with due efl'ori on this purl of the committee. He said he aud his associates would ask to Ji/ive u good ^iiiin.v witnesses sum-, nioned. .' v,. ' Kxpcctril tn Prove <;iiur|(«H. Mr. i'Jduiuiids also said that the com- philuiilils expected to prove nil the charges made, nud in doing so would cnler quite llioroimhl.v Into the Whiteside ilbe.l wise, showing (lull when .Senator Clark had an opportunity to appear in court, he had refused to answer any material questions. \Vliilu Mr. Kdmuuds wns making, his statement) a question arose concerning tliu ndiiilssihlllty of testimony taken by Hie grand jury of Lewis and Clark counties, in which connection Senator McConins took occasion to Intinnite that in; would hesitate lo admit stale- mi'iits iiiirjiorling to violate ilie secrecy of a grand jury room, Ileplying. Mr. Kdmnnds said the notes on the grand jury proceedings had been made by Attorney Cciicral Nolan and had been presenteil and received by the Montana court In tin 1 disbarment proceedings against John R Wellcome. lti'llc\vrd Mmilimu I'olilifft. JW.v-Scnator Faulkner made the formal siaieincnt on 'behalf of Mr. Clark, lie reviewed the politics of 'Montana, referring 10 the Italy gang and the Clark faction in Hie |)emoeratlc politics uf the stale. It was. he said, an acknowledged fact thai the opponents of Mr. Clark In .the state had determined to prevent his political preferment regardless of all the proprieties, it would lie shown that' mil withstanding Dial charges were made of bribery against Koine lifty persons, including thirty-eight .members of the legislature there had been no proceedings against any of the .men thus 'involved in any of the Montana courts. This was evidence I hat I lie present proceeding was not sustained by public senii- ineiit. » IVrhonal Miilir<<. He said: "The prosecution was conceived in tlie womb of personal malice, rocked in ihe cradle of personal hate, and nourished upon corruption am! jealousy." All Ihe members of the .legislative committee were opposed to Mr. Clark. Outlining the defense .Mr. Faulkner said 11 would show thai I lie proceeding against Mr. Clark bad really had their origin in the senatorial contest of ISiTl. when the Idea of springing a pretended exposure of Mr. Clark upon the legislature was conceived by the Italy faction and Hint the leader of.I lie faction had turned prophet in Uecember. 181I.S, and declared Unit "If Clark bad showed ills head something would be lieard lo drop and Unit he would drive Clark out of the state." CASK OK ItOHKItTS Ol' I'TAIl. f-SiTPi!(ur.v (•iirllklii Slutit* His Vli-wx In u l.nltiT. \Vasliingloh> .Ian. (i.—Tlie Itoberls Invesligaiing committee continued ils session. Miss Itoberts. daughter of the I'tah member-elect sal near him. Chairman Tnyler stated at the outset Unit lie hud re-.-pl.ved from ex-Secretary' John l!. Carlisle a letter giving lis views ou the case. Mr. Carlisle said lie was suffering from a cold and was unable to make an oral argument it this (hue. As lo the case, lie said: "II KCIMIIS to me thai the question of -•ilijcenship lias been abandoned, or in 'east, nothing is said about it in the estlmony. The record of Huberts' up- >llc!ilion and admission to citizenship loes not comply wlili the law as I .inderstand It. and 1 do not think he would be allowed to vule In any stale ipon a ccrtllicatc based upon Hjai rec- Jl'd. "The resolnlitiu miller which the commission Is proceeding directs il ID isceriaiii and repuri, nu! only upon Itoberls' prima facie right, but upon ils linal right." This, Mr. Carlisle discusses on the evidence and says: "lie Is al this very momenta pul.vga- nisi, not havlnu at any time iilian- loncil or renounced the relation us sinned by Ihe plural marriages and en iiibitalion with the alleged wives i- lol al all necessary. 'Ill' question, herel'ore. is whether ihe cninnibtcc rill decide on ihe ijiiesiiun ol 1 linal 'Ighl Iliiil an undoubted polytiumisi ivho justifies (he docii'lne and' prac- ices of p<d,t gamy shall be allntvcd lo mid a scat in the house." Il u;i- dclcrniillcd by the cnnnnll ee lo lisl> Mr. ('ai'li>le for Ills View* nore al length on Ihe general rluhi of ollgrcsh In e.\c|||de ;[ mi'inlicr Huberts then lie-in Ills ai'jiiinicni. le I'e'ild a '.vpowlltrn slille.'uclil re - le\vlng III delail llie pi'iicci'dings uf ils ca>e n|i lit dale. Il said in part: "Tfic ijiieslliins to be i(tnsidrivcl .'ire lie prima fade uud linal right uf II. 1, Itoberls. reprcNcnialhc-elccl from '(all, lu n si'iil lit Hie house of repn eniatives. lu which lie was elected lii lie month of November. IMis, by the icopic uf I'liili: the elerlunile of said taie ga> e him a plurality vme of f>. itir>. it U ii case lu which tliere is nu onlesl, and where ii appears su' far a* lit; proceedings before the committee H concerned, the rcpreneiitntlve-eleci all of tht» quiilillniHoiUi pres- cribed b.v the consilintion <>r the I'lllled Stales, and where there In no fialule so far as made to appear before IbU cniiiiiilitei- either In Hie Hliuo of I'lali or the 1'ultcd Slates appllcii- ble to the ease '-which disqualifies tho icproNentaf'vc-elect from t'uili for the "lib f congressman in . ihe lower bouse of Ihe American congress." Huberts dwell with special emphasis on the right of his constitnicncy t« determine upon the moral eapad'iy of a member, -it Is left those constituents lo determine." lie said, "wliitt shall be ihe moral status of tl.e man Ihey wish lu send to cinigresH as their rcpresentaihc atid not to Hie houses of congress. ' \v::vr AU.HX.ST IJIMY. l>.iiilii(lfiii ttiM-iit liini Will id, rti'|K,rti'(l Washington, Jan. (i.—Tlie senate eommiiiee on privileges and elections has decided liy a vote of -I to 8 to make an adverse report upon the resolution to seal Senator Quay. The resolution was a_s follows: "He.-dlced, Tli.'lt Malthew H. (Juay lie' iidiniiieil- as a senator from lliV- state of Pennsylvania, in accordance wiiii his appointment, made on April ^!!>. IS!BI. by the governor of .said stale." The members <.f ihe committee voting for the resolution were Senators Chandler. Hoar and McComas. and those opposing Senators Burrows. Caf- fer.v. I'ettus nnd ilnrris. Senators Ttirley and 1'rilchard were paired, tlie latter for and Hu" former against the resolution. No delinile time wns set for the presentation uf tlie committee's report to the senate. Tlie minority will also present a repuri and Hie understanding Is that the minority shall be uoli- lled by the majority when it is ready to pill 'in, ils report. Senator Bur- tows, the only Republican of Hie committee who voted again*) the resolution, will prepare the report of the majority, and Senator Hoar that of the minority. Loir/. Mnrilcr Itn-ullnl. Washington, Jan. (!'.—T, J. Keenan of PiltxhnrK. president of the League of American Wheelmen and Senator Peurose of Pennsylvania had an interview with President McKinley, at \vliiclrthey urged him to press the claim aaainst the Turkish uovern- metil mime by the relatives or Frank f.elix. thi> American bicyclist, who wax murdered near Krxeroitm. In Armenia In ISIH. The \ t . A. W. nre verv miicli interested In the ease which attracled ti great ilenI of attention al the lime. Trump!,rt* Ki-ncli Miuillii. Washington, .Inn. (!.--The war dp- parlnient has received a cnble message from (ieneral Otis saying Unit the troo|islilp Logan and Hie animal train- jiort Wyetleld bntl arrived wifely nt Manila. TIU1NMKN DUilKl-ciMni'iiH Hiiitnni{i.|- Mfe of Aiiicrl- C'HII Knlln-iiy OrKnnl/iiiloii. Cleveland, ()., Jan. (i.—The Hrother- hood of Hallrond Trainmen has given notice of witlidrnwdl from the Kedern- tlon of American Hallway Ktujiloyes. The withdrawal of tlie trainmen, It Is snjd, will dlslmiid tlie federation, as other organixatlons have grievances which they have been unable lo settle with roads because of the failure of the federation to unanimously sanction strikes, as is required liy the rules of tin: order. . It Is declared the firemen and telegraphers have grievances In tlie east, which are serious, and that tliere may be a general disturbance as a result o'f the withdrawal*, which are effective Jan. Ki. The executive oHIcers held r. meeting In Chicago Jan. :t, at which this course vviis made necessary by a disagreement. The American federation Is composed of Hie following orgaul/alious. The Order of Hallway Conductors, Hie Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen. Hie Order of Hallway Telegraphers, and Ihe Brotherhood of liullrond Trainmen. It is staled that another federation will be formed composed of ihree fif the organixations which have acted in alliance and along progressive lines. The action taken at Chicago will cause a stir among railroad men throughout America. Throe MI-II Suililfil ID JJnilh. Anna. ills.. Jan. (1.—Nelson Mcfjin- nls, Mat McCinnis and John Adams, the engineer., were scalded tu deatli by a boiler explosion al the sawmill of Oscar Stout, eight miles east of here. Mr. Stout's skull was crushed nnd lie will probably die. Tlie boiler V;::H a second-hand affair and the engineer was inexperienced. fil for mi Old Ci-liiin. Kokomo. lud., .Inn. .">.-—Detectives arrested Peter Umiklc near Menpecli for a crime alleged to have been committed nt Franklin. ().. In l.SSii. Th" crime charged is the murder of May llolwlg. For fourteen yours » reward of $l.noti has been stiimlliur for the apprehension of Dnnklp, who has lived under the mimes of Friuik Smith mid Johnson. It wns learned from a woman with whom Ditnkle associated, thnl IIP had rommltled some crime mid he Is snld to have iniide incrlmlnntiua admissions nt the time of the crime. Wnrren county wns greatly excited. Ihmkle denies knowledge of the crime to olllcers. " liiicky " HnlilH Ill's Ni.\\ ^i-titnrp. Snu Frnncisco, Jan. "i.—"I,ucky" Baldwin, who has only a remnant left of Ids once big fortune, proposes to go to Cape Nome, the new ^nlnlng camp under the arctic circle.' in the spring, and start a dance house, with plenty of dancing girls. Whether lie will add games of climice that appeal to miners is yet uncertain. He has chartered a vessel to carry his troupe uud the theater, which will be so arranged Hint It can be put up in a few hours. Out of this venture Baldwin hopes to recoup the fortune he has lost in the hist ten years. Hat Hi; with Moon*lilnpr*. Montgomery, Ala., Jan. .">.—It Is reported here Hint an encounter took place In the hills of Coosa county between a posse of six revenue officers, headed by Carl Tutwller of this city, and a band of mountaineers for five of whotfi warrants are pending for moonshinlng. The story Is that three or font- of the mountaineers have been shot aud the officers have arrested several others. The officers, it Is said. IKIVP escaped unharmed. Suii-ldi- of n Triiv«>l(iiK Man. Toronto. Jan. 5.—On Tuesday a man alhmt. 30 years old registered at the Hossin House as "A. Finberg. Chicago." nnd wns assigned to a room. Nothing was seen of him and Thursday the bedroom door wns forced. Finberg wns found dead. He had shot himself twice, once in the month nnd once In tlie neck. Finberg Is supposed to have been traveler for a Chicago bnt linn, lie left nothing to explain his nction. MXNDS VERY HIGH Estimation of the Public Arg«.-s Well for It. Good Reports are Coming in from ail Sections of the Country. I here is nut u medicine sold in \ . Um today that stands as high in He estimation of our peonle us Morrow'H' Kid-ne-olds. Not only i n Alton is Morrow s Kid-ne-oids achieving great success, but good reports come from all sections of tlie c.ountrv and them- reports come bietuise the people huve been cured of kidney and urlnarv disorders just the -same as manv in Alton have been cured. _ Sylvester .McAllister, who livisat >«>. 2(>4 Franklin sti-ect. Klein, has something to say to the people of Alton, about Morrow's Kid-ne-oids. "I have suffered terribly for the past live or six years with pain in my back and urinary organs: I have been so bad that it was necessarv to use a catheter to draw the uriiio. / have been paid up for three week-- at a time, and have been treated by | bv- sioians and have used kidney pili's. but I never received anv permanent relief until i used Morrow's Kid-neoid.s: Ihey are truly a wonderful remedy and too mue,b praise ennm t be given them: they relieve my back and urinary troubles at once.' Anyone doubling this .statement mav communicate with me." Kid-ne-oids cure all kidnev di.-i rd- ers. • They arc not pills but Yellow Tablets and arc put up inwoodui boxes which sell for lifty cents each'at H. II. Wy.-is' Drug Store. Descriptive booklet mailed upon request liy John Morrow & Company, (•'hemists. Springfield. Ohio. AUorupglsw>ie:iT;; MHOS' iNervs Plus-t.-v O -*3L S3 T & 3EI X A. . Bear« th<> _^ ^ B ^ You Have Always A-ajfi: Signature /# , jUffo Used in Millions of Homes! 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STRENGTH, PURITY AND FLAVOR Sent by express, prepaid, for 80 lion heads and a 2-cent stamp. When ordering cither clock, please name your nearest Kxpress Oflloc, it there is DO express oflire located in your town. ••The Lion's Bride." Mailed free for 12 lion heads cut from Linn Coffee wrappers and a 2-cent stamp. An unusually line picture, from the brush <oftlie noted German artist, Gabriel MHX. U is founded on Clmmlsso's poem, "Tho Lion's Bride." Tho story Is liitcre«(lne, nnd we send with each picture a hand- snmo folder, containing copy of the iwm nnd telling allalxiutit. Klze, ISx'Jtl inches. •• Dorothy and Her Friends." A bright, cheery picture. For 8 lion heads and a 2c. stamp. A bright, cheery picture, represi'iil- inga)iillci/irli>l»y- liiK'»iili her chick- ciiRnud liur rabbi IN. The predominating colors are rich rcda and gi'oi.'iis Size, I-lx'JHInvhei.. Fur to linn Iliads and vi'i-ont (»iiini|) \vo Will Illllil II I'.UIird, H'iitly lur ti;ui|>iiiK, Stylish Belt-Buckle. 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