Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 9, 1963 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 9, 1963
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1963 DAVID CRANE By Creig Flessel DO VOU THINK SHE'S UP TO? I DON'T KNOW, 6UT I THINK THE TIME H45 COME FOR US TO /ACT. TROT; WILL YOU RUN 1W-WHY YfS, ELLEEN,, ME CMR TO THE A Of COURSE. CR/WS ? KERRY DRAKE I'LL TYPE THIS UP FOR MR. HA1ELL TO ...THEM, AFTER 1 HAD TOY FAN O?AZV JEALOUS OF HER HUSBANRI TOLD HER HOW HE COULP BE KNOCKED OFF WITH CHEMICAL ICE.'.. SHE HIRED ME.. FOR * IO.OOO/ WEHAVEALLEXTTS COVERED- POCKS, /MRPORTS, AND" SO ON.. ANO"BOOTS'" WIPOW HASN'T MAYBE SHE DOESN'T PIAN TO LEAVE/ OOHNNY' AT HEARING THAT TOY FAN HAS FLED, RISSIE HAS MADE A FULL CONFESSION... By Alfred Andriola "I? HXl WERE AN ORIENTAL. fitW A FUGITIVE FROM A MURDER RAP.. WHERE WOULP WU SO?' KERRY ASKS. FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry MAKE ONE—BY SUNDOWN— OR YOUR HEAD ROLLS, SARTO! HIGHNESS-THERE ARE NO RIDING SUITS IN HIS SIZE! STALLED IN I6TH-CENTURYK SIENA, ITALY] FLASH'S RETAINED' BY THE DUKE OF LUPA MOVE OUT! OUT OF THE PIAZZA WITH THIS MONSTROUS CHARIOT! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FOREIGNERS HORSES? FLASH IS TO RIDE 'THE DUKE'S COLORS IN THE CLASSIC PALIO RACE... JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbing SNAP* ANP JOHNNY RETURN FROM THEIR RECONNAISSANCE,,, • I'VE ESTAPUSHEP SOLIP CONTACT W/TH OUR SUSPECT, I EVIDENCE WE KANE! WHAT DID / FOUN? YOU FIND? I ENOUGH TO HANS- HIM,,, IF WE CAN PITOVE~OUT THE THEY TELL HKOT OF THE MINK-LINED NEST AND ITS CACHE OF JEWELS,,, 'CEFTFOKONE fT ALL CHECKS' THE SUITE'S \ THIN&JHAT CCAT ME5SASE ON CLIFB 'EAGLES 1 ANt7 <SEM5 gELONS- NEST K,,/—WITH »K f ^/ TO.,, SOMEONEf STAMPING- FOR KANEJ fl W KANE VVDULPN'T KI5XALLHEPI7,,, FOR A PIECE' OF HOT PROPERTY? WE COULP TRACK PDWN THE OWNER,,,, THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith SIR BAGBY By R. and B. Hackney I'M MOKE \ you > INTERESTED ) AND THE IN HER ^ GENERAL KNI6HT5. J PUBLIC. THIS IS A GOOD CHANCE TO STUDY HISTORY RRST HAND. YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THE DAYS OF CLEOPA™ 4 *" COULD YOU PUT US BACK INTO ANCIENT BSVPTf SINCE YOU WRITE THIS STRIP CAN PUT US IN ANY SETTING t MMItOn tfUfcm rub" PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates FORGOT I WA9 DRIVING. THE GENERAL. WANTS TO SEE YOU IN HIS OFFICE R/SHTAWAY, I is V V"1 DONALD DUCK you said ft! ...bur why? "GAiOOr" About 1812, this form was in use by both British and American sailors as a derogatory term for a marine; and has sine* kept its original meaning a$ an awkward type, or oaf. One authority says that th» phrase originates with the Italian "galeotto" a galley slave. Zcll Me BIO BEN BOLT By John Cttllen Murphy WELL,HOW DOYOULJKC SUCK,eEN.YbU8U*e <AUNT MARTHA WON'T MlMO? SHE SEEMEP SET ON DECKM' MB OUT IN THEM SISSY By A. LEOKUM What Are Cultured Pearls? Win The 15-Volume Britannica Junior Encyclopedia for school and home. Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Gene Ellis, 12. Waco, Texas. A "cultured" pearl is a reali pearl. It is made by the oyster' just as the other kind of pearl is. But there is one difference. An oyster wouldn't make a cultured pearl if not for man! Let's see how this happens. Pearls are made of the same material as the lining of the oyster shell, which we call mother-of- pearl. This lining is secreted by the oysters to provide a smooth (surface against their tender bod- 'ies. When an irritating object gets inside the oyster's shell, thej oyster coats it over with layer after layer of pearly nacre which becomes the "pearl". If a bit of sand or mother-of- pearl is inserted between the shell and the mantle (the outer skin) of the animal, a "blister" pearl is produced. This is quite easy for pearl growers to do, but the result is not too valuable. This is because a blister pearl is fastened to the shell on one side and its shape is not the perfect shape we associate with a pearl. Such pearls are irregular in shade. To make a perfect pearl, completely surrounded with nacre, it is necessary to insert the irritating material with a bit of the nacre - forming substance of the mantle within the body of the animal. To do this without injuring the oyster so it can make the pearl is a very delicate job. In fact, it's actually a surgical operation on the oyster! But the beautiful pearl that results is well worth it. Most oyster shells contain no pearls. In some, there are from 1 to 20, or more! They very in size and quality from perfect spheres of 300 grains in weight down to the, tiny ones known as seed- pearls. The largest pearl ever found is said to have been two inches long, four inches around and to have weighed 1,800 grains If a pearl has an imperfec outer covering, it can be "skinned" by a jeweler. He removes under a microscope, the thin layers of nacre with steel files, hoping to find a better coat underneath. Pearls which are to be strung must be drilled through Irregularly shaped pearls are known as baroque pearls. Anc by the way, pearls were first discovered by the Chinese about 4,000 years ago! FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Pop: Jimmy, don't you ever wash your face? I can see what you had for breakfast this morning. Jimmy: What, Pop? Pop: Eggs. Jimmy: Wrong. That was yes terday! Doctor: Bill, I might as well tell you. You're on your last legs. Is there anyone you would like to see before you pass away? Bill: Yes! Another doctor! THE TRICK BOX MARTHA DOESNT KNOW TOO MUCH ABOUT BOYS, AND*. BUT SHE* em A GREAT AMP ©COD HEART. SHE'LL UNDERSTAND /THIS D/W9BP OL' PUCE, MMDYSRAMT! AND YOU eOTTOM4KB'EMLIKE 4 YOU«<eVEMTHOUSH .THEY DES-flSEYOU/ LITTLE EVE By Jolita 3 Copy the letter T as shown on a large piece of cardboard. Make the dotted lines exactly as shown. Mow cut along the dotted lines to make 4 pieces. Challenge your friend to put the pieces together :o make the letter T. He'll find t harder than he thinks! Win the Britannica World Atlas or Yearbook of Events. Send your riddles, jokes to: Riddles, Jokes, "Tell Me Why!" Today's winner is: Kathy Jost, St. Petersburg, Fla. Loans Are Slow MEXICO CITY - Mexican bank heads are disturbed because loan money is not moving fast. Test your knowledge of the news with the Weekly News Quiz... every Tuesday in the Telegraph! RIVETS By George Sixta THE BERRYS By Carl Grubert JACKIE/ IVI PU™G ON WHATS I MY SOCKS.-.ILL KEEPING YOU? OKAY.' OKAY/ JACKIE/ARE YOU UP? BREAKFAST IS READY/ NOW I'M PUTTING MY SHOES.-. HENRY By Carl Anderson ANEW SCHOOL WILL BE ERECTED ON THIS SITE dABL_ P ^- A*apftH:>o»l- TRUDY "He doesn't know what the 'clickety-clack' is yet— but that 'pong-pong' will cost us forty-three dollars to fix." True Life Adventures PUZZL.E PICTURE 1K1T7 THE RACCOON IN!/ STTOF'EP TAOL. BAU- AMOKkS THE THE W/ AJ-L, BUT SHAR3WS AS HE THE ...ANI7 THE MATEJOAUZES INTO AV4 UTTLB HUNTER. CROSSWORD --- By Eugene Sbeffer I 1 3 34 39 45" 48 2O ie 37 4 S (t> T 8 Ate 38 17 9 io l| Z7 30 47 SO HORIZONTAL 1. faucet 4. to inflat* 9. mis- chlevoui child 12. make a mistake 15. city in New York 16. home of the brave 17. indecent 18. cold and damp 19. viper 20. dwell 21. flower 25. gaming cubes 26. den 37. a wing 28. aoak flax 29. distributes scantily 80. Russian community 81. time, of lift 82. equal 88. rescue 84.interfere* 86. to weary 87. ever (poetic) 38. island east of Java 89. sovereign's decree 42. nullifies 45. dulling- 47. solemn wonder 48. river barrier 49. saline 60. seine VERTICAL 1. beverage 2. fortify 8. prophesied 4. salt solution 6. fastener 6. South American wood •orrel 7. exclamation 8. stretching muscles 9. possessive pronoun 10. encountered Answer to Saturday's pilule. IRIO TBPTAtTI&Ni ass Um et MiitUn M <C 1163, Kini FeUurw loo.) 9-9 11. a lever 14. weaken! gradually 16. rant 19. strange 20. loyal 21. bundle* 22. native of Samaria 28. oily fruit 24. female horse 25. a small drink 26. sweetheart 39. takes oul 88. feminine stage direction 85. legal paper 86. loosely puffed 88. crooked 89. find the sum 40. the tumerlo 41. male sheef 42. nothing 43. female sheep 44. clique 46. eymbol for RBKEA. NBKEHCLO YWBLH Q L W * TDSLA D8 RBHN WKKDB8OH. Saturday* Cryptoqulp! HUMID SUMMER WEA.THISI SOON WIU. COMB TO A WBLCOMJB 83ND. """«"*'

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