Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 9, 1963 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 9, 1963
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1963 Club Women Will RETHALTO — Tho Rrllinlto Woman's Chili, will roncltirl its first mnptinc of thr fall season Tiipsdny at 7 p.m. it was announced today. Tim mortiim will ho hrld at Ihr Public lihrar.v. Plans for the comint; year, willj hr announced Mrs. diaries W. Taylor, president, said. Tile program for Tuesday night's meeting will he on music and will he under the direction of Mrs. Theodore Sheppard. Anonymous Suggestion COLUMBUS, Ohio I/PI — Ohio Penitentiary's weekly newspaper carried this suggestion, which it .said was "contributed anonymously": "How about getting some good pole - vaulting equipment for the yard?" NOW AT OUR NEW LOCATION 628 E. B'DWAY PHONE HO 5-8521 Complete Jine of Diamonds, Watches and Fine Jewelry. WATCH & JEWELRY REPAIRING AND SPECIAL ORDER WORK A SPECIALTY. Stop In and See Us! HELPS LODGE BROTHER Bill Johnson, kneeling, and Clayton Bond and Wilhurn Weeks on scaffold, are shown here painting the exterior of the home of Charles Sanders, 79, of 315 Lodge Brothers Paint r? Wood River Man's Home WOOD RIVER — Ten members of the Wood River Moose ONOT ON HEARING AID CENTER Industrial Outlook Improving By SAM DAWSON AP Business News Analyst NEW YORK (AP)—Stock market prices as measured by the three most followed averages have made a new high. So the bulls at least are convinced that the prospects for industry and trade are good and getting better. And the public which usually looks to the stock market for such hints is likely to think so, too. Record highs were set Thurs day by the Dow-Jones index of 30 industrial stocks and the 30 Associated Press industrials. Standard & "Poor's 425 industrial had reached a new peak two days earlier. All closed the week high er than the December 1961 or January 1962 records. If these averages are used as a measure, the stock market had juries received when their auto ; noss to specific tow truck opera-1 e ,. asec ] a n o f tne i oss e s in the went out of control and struck a' t( "' s ' 1 <T.^ b-en identified, utility pole. j The identifications came Sunday Plans were made by the Moose'n ft f 1 " state invest ; s*ators ques- Second St., Wood River, Saturday. Mr. Sanders \vas injured recently in an auto accident and a 10-man Moose team gave him a helping hand in the painting. of the Wood River Moose Lodge! for 32 years. Mr. and Mrs. Sanders were recently released from Wood Riv- Lodge painted the home and mowed the lawn of a sick brother, Charles Sanders, at 315 Second St., Saturday. j pr Township Hospital where they Sanders, a retired Shell Oiljreceived treatment for in- 1 receiving pnyoffs for steer'ng busi- machinist. has been a member Troopers in Payoff Probe */ Identified CHICAGO (API—A state official says 30 state troopers accused of Federal Spending Reported Reduced By EDMUND I.KBRETON and ADKEN COOPER WASHINGTON (AP) — Secretary of the Treasury Douglas Dillon, a Republican, said today federal spending has grown at a slower rate during the Kennedy administration than during the last If you can hear but don't understand, Sonotone would like to help you. Whether you wear a hearing aid or not, let us giye you a free audiometric hearing analysis in the privacy of our office or your home. LEARN ABOUT OUR NEW HEARING AIDS • Latest All-in-Ear • Smart Eyeglass Models • Midget Behind-Ear Models • 6-Transistor Models for Difficult Losses • Easy Listening with AVC Our new models are the smallest, lightest, most convenient hearing aids possible through Sonotone research. Let us help you enjoy good hearing again. Budget prices, too. SONOTONE OI- j lodge to paint the home sometime ago but the project was delayed until the Sanders' were released from the hospital. Members of the lodge who helped with the work Saturday were: j B i 11 Johnson, Clayton Bond, (Wolbr Wilburn Weeks, Gene Fie- genburn, Art Pohlman, Henry ; Lemons, Otis Logan, Eugene j Cross, Fred Meyers and Don ! Bollman. JOHN LEANDER Manag"! 651 E. Broadway THE TRUSTED NAME IN BETTER HEARING FOR 33 YEARS A MIOIIP fi\ IK) 2-6720 2 Iron Workers Suffer Burns WOOD RIVER — Two East St. Louis iron workers, Elliott Craig and Woodrow Parnell, are in "fair" condition today at the Wood River Township Hospital after incurring burns about the face when an oxygen and acetylene guage exploded while they were working at the Olin Brass plant for the Wolfe-Eichley Co. of East St. Louis. tioned five tow truck operators, said Joseph E. Ragen, stale director of public safety. So far, the investigation has centered around District 4 located in the southern Chicago suburb of Crestwood and toll road District 15. But Ragen said it will be expanded to include District 2 in Elgin and District 3 at Irving Park Roar! and Harlem Ave. Ragen said one tow service operator confessed he had been making payments for 16 years. Others told state authorities they had been making contributions for more than 10 years. In the pursuit of the tow service inquiry, investigators found another area—credit card swindles. State police carrying vouchers for payment would frequent certain garages and service stations. The vouchers were drawn up for payment of services never actually performed and parts, lub-ication, gas and oil never acquired. TRUST US-OVER 4 MILLION HAVE-SINCE 1898 Choice of Styles And Colors Foam Reversible Cushions, Smart Styling, Built-in Quality. In Gay Decorator Colors. • 300 EAST BROADWAY FREE STORESIDE PARKING Open Mon,, Thurs. & Fri, 'Til 9 P.M. NYLON-FOAM BED-SOFA Complete With SEPARATE INNERSPRING * MATTRESS NO MONEY DOWN NOW ONLY 119 on the public debt. The latter Horn, he said, "is uncontrollable." "All the increases during the three years of this administration were less than they were during fhe last three years of the preceding administration," he said. Two Cuban Sailors Seek Asylum in U.S. PROGRESSO, Mex. (AP)-Two Cuban sailors who said they fled "the inferno of Fidel Castro" in a small canoe have appealed for political asylum here. The captain of a Mexican sloop said the sailors had almost no food or water when he picked them up Sunday and brought them to this Yucatan Peninsula port. three years Dwight D. Eisenhower was in the White House. In an exclusive Associated Press interview, Dillon said "it is hard to put a spending tng on one administration as compared to a previous one with that sort of record unless yon are ready to attack defense and space." Dillon served under Eisenhower as undersecretary of state and was named to his present post by President Kennedy. Optimistic He said l.e still is optimistic about chances for passage of the tax cut bill, which he said will "do more for our economy and more for curing the balance of payments than any stop I know." Dillon said he is counting on increased public support in the next few weeks to speed congressional action on the tax bill, which would provide for a reduction of about $11 billion in individual and corporate income taxes. Dillon believes that a Brookings Institute report, which forecast that the basic imbalance would be corrected by 1968, was "overly optimistic on the trade side. Consequently, I think we might do bolter in some of the other areas as diverting more foreign aid buying to the United States." Regarding the tax bill, he predicted the most important support for it during the crucial Senate consideration "will come from organized groups— the business community, for instance, and labor. Dillon said unless Congress acts on the bill this year, most Americans probably won't enjoy any benefits in terms of bigger take- home pay until April 1964. The reason, he said, is that the withholding rate could not be reduced until Congress said the last word. Suggestions He rejected suggestions that the administration might speed the cut by formally postponing of its domestic programs. tax some Dillon denied that the official Kennedy family is divided into economy and pro-spending blocs. Most of the increased spending under the present administration, Dillon argued, has been for de- SPEED QUEEN WRINGER WASHER HHONli OK MAIL O urn; its IMAGINE! A famous Speed Queen washer, and Iron Board with Pad and Cover . . . PLUS: Iron Holder and sprinkle sponges for Franklin Union i SPECIAL LOW, LOW PRICE! 4 BIG STORES TO SERVE YOU! • ALTON, 300 East Broadway • ST. LOUIS, Eleventh & Franklin • f. ST. LOUIS. ?27 Collinsville GRANITE CITY: Nineteenth & Delmar Fast-Washing Agitator Design Sealed Transmission Full Year's Guarantee Extra Large Capacity Safety Release Wringer Balloon Rolls yj H.P. Motor If you can repay $28.00 monthly... you can get $515.77 the minute you want it Or, if you want cash in another amount . . . more or less , . . why not phone and tell us how much! If you prefer, stop in. We'll be glad to help. 'On 24 month repayment plan. Charges are 3% on unpaid monthly balance up to $150, 2% per month on balances over $150 to $300, and 1% per month on balances over $300 to $800. Beneficial Finance Co. of Chicago, Inc. 200 STATE ST. Phone: HO 2-9281 Alton, Illinois BENEFICIAL FINANCE SYSTEM 40 convenient affiliated offices. See white pages of your phone book. 15% DISCOUNT ON ALL CASH & CARRY RUG & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING at— SUPERIOR CARPET CLEANERS 1636 Main St. — 465-2525 troubled first half of 1962, including the steep drops of late May and June. But many individual stocks had not. And some industry groups were still depressed. A lot of the bluest chips are still below their record highs, some well below. So your view of the market is either exuberant or disappointed, depending on what stocks you own (and when you got them). The Dow-Jones industrial index had dropped 199.15 points, from its old high of 734.91 set December 13, 1961, to a June 1962 lowjf ensei space activities and interest of 535,76. By Thursday it had bounced back 202.22 points to 737.98, and its Friday closing at 735.- j 37 was still ahead of the old! mark. j The index is weighted to allow j for the many stock splits, sub stitutions and other changes in the list over the years. The ac- t tual average price of the 30! stocks was about $57 in the 1962 low and $73 at last week's high The AP average of 30 indus Irials hit a low of 285.8 in Jun> 1962 and was up 110.7 points ti its new high of 396.5 Thursday sliding to 395.1 Friday. There are 21 stocks that appea on both lists. The AP index alsc is weighted for changes, but started in 1935 compared vvitl 1897 for Dow-Jones, and so the weighting is less, and the index figure smaller. Standard and Poor's index be gan in 1957 and also is weighted for such things as the number o shares outstanding in each com ponent. Its 1961 record was toppec last week at 76.65, the 425 stock: sliding Friday to 76.53. Although the Dow-Jones indus trial index set a new high las' week, only seven of the 30 stocks made their record tops this year Of these two bettered their pre vious marks Thursday, on going still higher Friday. All 30 sold below their top prices in 1962. Still standing are historic records set by 8 in 1961 4 in 1960; 5 in 1959; 1 in 1958 4 in 1956; while 1 goes back to 1955 for its best days. Helping to send the market up have been: hopes of tax cuts better than expected business gains, rising earnings and divideni payments, and above all the in creasingly available money for stock purchases by pension, trus and mutual funds, and by banks and insurance companies. Central National Life Here it Is ... We Proudly Present Our FAMILY HOSPITAL POLICY: Insurance Company A Legal Reserve Stock Company JACKSONVILLE, ILLINOIS 1. Semi-private room NO LIMIT 2. Medicines (except blood or blood plasma or Intravenous) NO LIMIT 3. All dressings NO LIMIT 4. Operating and delivery room NO LIMIT 5. Anusthesia and anesthetic supplies NO LIMIT 6. Regular nursing service NO LIMIT 7. Nursery and Incubator service (only while mother is hospitalized) NO LIMIT 8. Laboratory examinations in hospital . NO LIMIT 9. All plaster casts NO LIMIT 10. Electrocardiograms, provided it is in conjunction with the hospitallzation. ..NO LIMIT 11. Physiotherapy NO LIMIT 12. Basal Metabolism, provided it is in conjunction with the hospitallzntlon NO LIMIT 13. X-ray services, provided the service is in conjunction with the hospitallzatlon. .NO LIMIT 14. Oxygen Therapy NO LIMIT 15. Emergency room (if member avails himself of this service within 24 hours after accident) NO LIMIT 16. Out patient surgical service NO LIMIT 17. Maximum ambulance service $10.00 18. Maternity care and female disorders after nine months NO LIMIT 19. Maximum private room $15.00 PER DAY ABOVE BENEFITS FOR FIRST 30 DAYS BENEFITS FOR NEXT 90 DAYS—50% OF THE ABOVE Choose Your Own Hospital . . . Pays Regardless of Other Insurance You May Carry . . . Pays Regular Benefits at All Ages ... EXCEPTIONS: Maternity care and sickness of female reproductive organs until policy has been in effect nine months. Hospitalization solely for X-ray, EKG, Laboratory or Basal Metabolism. Hospitalization in health resort or rest home or where furnished by City, County, State, Veterans Administration or Federal Government. Attempted suicide, venereal disease, mental derangement. Hospitalization charges for blood, special nurses, braces, radium. Hospitalization caused by war or act of war, or by Insured's being intoxicated or under the influence of any narcotic unless administered on the advice of a physician. Optional Benefits for Additional Premium . . . Guaranteed Renewable Rider to Age 65 subject to Company's right to change premium rates, and Surgical Benefits, to help pay surgeon's charges. filail 7A/4 Coupon For Free Information Mail This Coupon to ... Box 1100 % The Alton Evening Telegraph Signed Address Phone. Town We Urge You to Compare This With What You May Now Carry UNDERWRITTEN BY THE CENTRAL NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY A Legal Reserve Stock Company Jacksonville, III. 300 EAST BROADWAY OPEN TIL 9 P.M. 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