Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 4, 1900 · Page 14
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1900
Page 14
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ALTON WEEKLY TELEGIIAPH, THURSBAV. JAN. 4 r 1900. "The Laborer is Worthy of His Hire.'' But a wage-earner can get more for his personal services if in strong and vigorous health. The blood is the life-giving and strength-making part of the system. If it ts pure, all is well; if not, it should be purified with Hood's Sarsaparilla, which makes the weak strong. Can Eat — " WAS tired out, had no appetite until I took Hood's Sarsaparilla. It built me right up and I can eat heartily," EtiA <§W. Hager, Athol, Mass. SaUal Never Disappoints nood'n Vllln euro liver inn jjthenon-lrrlUtUig. and 'onlr otthartle to ukTwith Hood'. Sanaparllla. EAST ALTON Mr. -I. H. Cooper went to Hannibal. Mo., last Saturday. Miss i\ora Jones, of Betbalto. spent last Thursday in Kust Alton as the guest, of Mrs. S. T. Cooper. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Hawkins returned after a pleasant visit with relatives in Newman. 111. Miss Jenkinson. of Dorchester, .spent a few days last week with her cousin. Miss Lix/do Ferguson. 'Albert .Short is out on crutches, after beliijj laid up for several weeks with ii crushed ankle. .Miss Knla Head is spending- a feu- days with friends iu Wilt. 111. Miss Ora Hose, of St.. Louis, has been visiting Mrs. Frank McCain- for a few davs. Mr. J'Vank Walls, of K.-ist St. Louis, spent a lew days the "past week vis- iliiiir his father. Kdward Cunningham. Jr.. has been in St. Louis with friends and relatives the past week. Mrs. John .1. Cibbs. of McLean. 1)1., Mrs. (i.-o. W. F.nloo. of Smiih- boro. 111., Mrs. J. C. Kcynolds, of Madison, and Miss Annie \Yightman. of Upper Alton, spent last Wednesday' with their sister. Mrs. W. A. Clark. Mrs. Frank MeCabe spent one day last week with friends in St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. S. (i.Cooper, Mr.and Mrs. H, A. Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. ,1. A. Hamilton. Miss F,tlna Cooper and Mrs. i'\ A. Teiuel ale New. Year's dinner with .John F. Teipel. Frank Uichardson^and Miss Li/x.ic Ferguson will be married at the home of the bride this morning at 11 o'clock. EOWARDSVILLE. iMlwardsville nieivliants are up against the most serious problem that has ever confrin.t d them. Several weeks ujjo the retail clerks oryani/.ed a union. After perfecting their plans they notilled lite business uieii that the stores must be (dosed at li o'clock every nijjht except Saturday and the holiday season. The merchants held a mass meetinjr Friday iiiifbl at the Kdwardsville Club aiid. after three hours \\raUfrliuy, appointed a committee to (•(infer with the union. Trouble is expected, although some of the stores have commenced lo close at li o'el ek. The members of tlie (ieriiiau Kvaii- irelicul church held a •rencral meeting Monday afternoon at Ihe church on Sccmiil slrcet to discuss the question of joining the synod. The church has always been an independent or^ani/.a- tion anil there was a sj>irited debate over the proposition, So closely are lines draini that the motion to affiliate with the synod was carried by a majority of only two votes. Miss Mamie IS. Sleehliuyvr ;ui I Mr. .lohn Sido surprised their friend- New Year's njo-ht by beiuy quietly wedded at the bride's home by I lev. A. .Meyer. Tbe couple hud b.'eu enyayed for some time, when a few week* an'o an a^eiit started to canvass I he town for mem- hers of a new insurance order which insures a^ains! marriage, endowing the jiiiciies with $"» >0 eaeli al itian'iaye. Mi-- SIcehlinger ami her swcetbcarl botli becideil in join the (irdei- and luivin^-ilone thai concluded Ihey uiiybt a; well ij-ei married -Mid In- tin- lirst couple in Kdwardsville to jret the premium of $1,IHM). llev.,1. I). Mel/ler eiilertained Ihe choir and oll'.ccrs of St.- llonit'ace's Catliohc ehui ch al dinner New Year'* iiifihl. The I Ilinn's Terminal is working a liiry' ' lurce i f graders on Iheir cxTcn- sloii to i-iiiiui cl with the t'luver Leal ami i'. I'. iiinl St, 1;. GODFREY. r. I-'. Turner left Thursd i.\ fur .(jiiine.x lo visit relative^ and returned Saturdii\. II. F. Tbursioii, principal of the p.llilic -.chiiol, attended Ihe Teachers' t'oiiventiun at Spriu^lield lasl week. r •lurnint.'- Thursdas. Miss Maud Smith spent the hoi id a vn out of town, Al iss iSellie Swart/, of Si, | 4 oui». Mienl lasl weeli \-isiimy her ivlative^ liere, Mr.-. II, I 1 '. ThurMoii and litilr (l)iiiifbtei-. (Jradell. came' home fcoii' Friday evening, Mr.-.. C. H. Slewarl, of Si, LuiiU, and two sous, H,\ roii and Kdyar, are visltiny during Ihe holidays al Mr. John l{i|ft> f s, They will i-cli'ini home Invitations were issued Tbursdav for Ihe pastor's reception aMhe t'oii- uretrational parsoniiK*.- .lauuarv I, JIHHI. ;i to Id p. m. It was wfill attended by tlie people here, as well as from Melville and Alton. A tflVlit deal of Is due MUs Fttlfbunk in keep- up this annual social event, which Iweome the mo«it pleasant of tlie year. Mluwti Hattle VUsei'ln)- and So]hi;i Hollard, "f Melville, and Hannah Davis, of Godfrey, assisted in serviii}.'. Miss Ma Hollaed served coffee and chocolate. Mr. Will Tollc. of St. Louis, attended the reception Monday. W. I'. Hancock. Jr.. of St. Louis, was in town Monday. Mrs. McCarthv and daughters spent New Year's Dav with.Mrs. Lanternuiu. A great many from Melville, union"; whom were Mr. and Mrs. L. U. Stint/, and Miss Dora Stirit/.. Miss Viss- eriii"; and Miss Alice (iradolph and Mr. Willis Neal attended the recej)- lion. Mr. Waller Sloan and family have returned from Missouri, where they have been visiting. Kev. Fairbanks went to Melville Sunday afternoon to conduct the funeral services of Mrs. 1'owrie. MELVIUE Fred Maul, of Alton, spent Sunday with his cousin. John Dressier. Waller I'ocklinton. of Godfrey, visited Alfred Hollard last week. Kd. l!iehl returned last week from a hunting trip on the Ililliard farm near l-!righton. Miss Lillic Schneider returned to 1'ana, Monday, to resume her duties as teacher in the public schools there. Miss Cecil Hollard returned lo Highland. Tuesday, after spending the holidays at home. Misses Mabelle llomesiead and Gertie Bowman, of St. Louis, atv visitors ul F.verirreen Heights. U. Schneider and wife, of St. Louis, are the guests of relatives here. guile a number of young people gathered at the home of Mrs. McKce. last Saturday night, and spent the evening very pleasantly in games and other amusement. W. K. Gradoiph was a guest of friends in Kdwardsville. Saturday. Victor Hollard is up from Hast St. Louis to enjoy a week's vacation with his parents. Herman Stirit/.. of Alton, was ai home the tir.-t part of this week. H. A. Ki.-her is visitim: hi- .-on. Lee. at Newport New-. Va. A most delightful projrressiveeuchre parly wa- given by Mis- Mollie Stirit/. on New Year's niyht. Five tables were li I led with «rue>t.> I'rom Alton. Godfrey and tlie neighborhood. The gentlemen'.- prixes prixes were awarded to Frank Lee and George I'lrich. the ladies pri/es to Mrs. Fisher and Miss F.dith Lee. After partaking of an elegant puppcr the guests thanked their ho-tcs for the iilea.-anl eveii'mi:. MOHO. Alfred Turner from Ohio is here, the guest of-Mrs. F.. C. and T. M. Cooper. Miss Bertha Head, of Kust Alton, returned home Monday morning after a visit with Miss Klsie Kllis. Mrs. Win. Tipton. of Hunker Hill, was the guest of Mrs. W. C. Formal) F.iiday. The Moro Comedy Co. willgivetheir first entertainment sit the school house next Saturday night. .January li. Hegins at H o.elock. Admission 1-lc. John C. Hayes, agent, has sold to Chris. Mever. of St. Louis, the Martha A. Scull farm of 1'JO acres at $40 per acre. Miss Sena Dowern" lias returned from a week's visit with relatives at. Nokomis. Miss Myrtle Hivei'.s is the gins of her friend Miss lloberst : t God ivy. J nine.- Waterfall and Win. Bo'i-'e- ger were recent visitors ut Allo -. George Jackson left 'J'uesday for Meiidon, Mo., on a visit to his brother. He was accompanied by Karl Jackson and Norman Stilwell. who have been spending the holidays here. At the Christian church Friday evening a splendid program was well rendered lo a big audience. Several exercises were given, among them bo- ing "For Xuitis Sake." "Santa Clans Outwitted" and a New Year's exercise entitled "For Another's Sake." The I'jvsbyteriaii Sunday school havoelocled Harvey Dorsey, superintendent: C. K. Siabl. assistant superintendent: Miss Olive Henderson set- retary. Miss Nellie Kennedy, treasurer. Wilber .Montgomery, organis'.: Miss He.-.-ii- Kabel. assistant oi'fciin- i-il: Harry Hu.-.-el and Warren Siuitli, lilirai-iaii-. llEHULfO and J . Stubbs, of here on business J. K, Ilillskoettei Kdwardsville. were Siiturday. Misses Florence and M'nnle Hangerl of Si. Louis and Katie Anil. ofCascy- ville, Ky.. Katie Mut/.. of Alton, Mrs. Li/./ie Guuuninjj's of Heardstown are guests of Mrs. K. Hanger!. Mrs, Henry SaiKiijfc has gom> to her new home in St. Louis, lil/i.'! Geyer avenue. (ieurgcA. Klein and wife were Ihe g -es'is of Mrs. I'. S. Nixon Thursday. Miss Kmmii Canipe \i-iled fi-ieniU in Alton Friday. Thos. Green and laiuily ol',\ our city visited (irandma (ircen and Mrs. Kmily Miller recently. J. I'. I'y./cll and fiimily of Ml. Olive .-pent several day- with friends and relatives. Miss HCSMC Itarrie of Hut let- has ic urned to her home after a pleasant visit with Miss S, I'/xell. Coiin y S ipl. llciHuu has been visit ; ng the schools i i lijis section lately. Tlie ice harvest has begun here. !•'. Mut/. i- tilling bis hou-e with (i-inch clear Ice. Al the regular c nuicil meet ing Tuesday evening, the lioard a)ipointed H. K. Head a.- police, Kd. Cooper having resigned. There Were eight applicant.-. George Smith wa- unable to keep up hi- end of liie bargain for Picker's saloon ami ihe nuittei- has dropped. H, G. Cooper commenced his business al l-'.asl A lion January I. Mrs. .1. Morgenslein. ol lilue Mound is visit iny her sislcr. .lohn G. Klein, .secretar.\ of the \Viiodmcn id this jilacc, received a check for IW.IHIO within three weeks after iho death of George A, Simpson. The Woodmen, as well as other insurance companies, is a good ihiiig. Willis and Harriet Heaves huvesold their farm of |:ill acres t/') George F. \Velmer for *i:t,000. Anfl yet farming doesn't pay. Mr.. Wul^lw takes po,s n Oeliilier. ;i-.. \VniurtM' ,,, r ABSOLUTELY ^HJRE &AKIN6 POWDER Makes the food more delicious and wholesome 'ft CO. * NB* VOBK iOEBEI. IS IN CONTROL. Policy of Controlling Faction in British Soldiars at Last Win in a Michigan Senate. WILL NOT 1'ASS PIXCJHEE HILLS. AiU'iiirn it nf I In- S|io(,-lul Sowlmi Kx- pccli'il to'l'iiki- Pliu'i! on Saturday — Kentucky Driiux'i-tit.i Nominal" lUnrkburii (or Si'iiiitor from tin- Dltie (irntm Ntntc— Tin* (liihnninliirlul Imbroglio COMICN l.'p In lli«' l.rf'jfl'iliiliirc. Lansing. .MIc-li.. .Ian. 4.—It appear* (-(>rlnlii that tin- policy of the couirol- liiiK ruction In Hie senate Is to disregard Governor I'liijjrce's messages ui'g- ini; passage of new legislation before eildhltf (lie present special session. Tile intention of the senators is to adopt a concurrent resolution providing for final adjouninienl next Saturday. It is believed that the house will ultimately concur, since it will be apparent that l he senate cannot be forced to puss any of the 1'lngree measures. A joint resolution providing for snb- mltijng to vole of the people the <iues- tioti of muiilcl])al ownership of street railways, etc.. was reported favorably in the house. \VI1I l-'m-i- tin- riuirm-.s .\Ki\lust Him. Telegrams were received from Arthur I-'. Marsh, ex-adjutant general ol .Michigan, and c!i;iiri:i.-ni of Ihe licpnh- licaii stale i-i'iiiral i-oiuinillee. stating I'hai lie was about to leave' MrocUport. N. Y., for Lansing to plead to the iu- lictment liinnd against him for having : is alleged had a pan in the notorious military slate clinking deal. Nolbing has hern learned yd as to lieneral \\'l:ilis' wliereahniiis. SherilT I'orter is iu Cldi-a'-'o in se!ii-c|i of clews. The JSaltimorc Suiely company, wldch 1'ur- nishcil \\'liiie's otlicial bond, will also endeavor 10 secure his arrest. I>!--.MO<-I;ATS NA.MI: iii.ACKitritx Cnuili. at,- fur 1'nlii-il St^ti'i Si'imlor from Ivi-iil m-i. \. Frank furl. Ky., .Ian. 4.—AYithout a dissenting voice, .1. S. C. Hlackburn was nominated for I'uiicd Slates senator by a joint Itemocratic caucus, presided over by Senator (ioebel. The caucus was not .attended by Senators Hays and Alexander and the Brown Democrats, but every other Democratic, member of both houses was either present or accounted lor. The meeting was harmonious throughout and no oilier person was mentioned The legislative bribery case was before .Indge Cantrill. The officers of Hie Louisville Trust company had been ruled for contempt for refusing to turn over to the court here the safety box, said to contain .1!4.r>no to be paid by U halleu to Senator llarrell if he voted against (ioeliel in the contest case. Tho response of President Loving to l lie rule admits that \Vhallon, llarrell and Ityan came together and rented a box .-Hid put something In it, but alleges that this Is private property and not subject to court orders, .luclgc Canlrill adjudged the response iusigni- licatit. and that the box must lie brought here. President LoVIng and other ofilcers of the Trust coinpau. were then ordered before'the grand jury to give testimony in the case. The governorship contest was precipitated in the house by a motion from Itepreseiilative llasv.'cll. Republican, for ihe appointment of a cominittee of two Democrats and two Uepnbllc ans lo assist ihe clerk and witness the preparation of the ballots from which the contest committee is lo be drawn by lot. Tin 1 Democrats opposed the mo- lion on ihe ground that the law provides the manlier of soloeiing the committee. A partisan debate followed and Ilic million was finally ruled out of order by Speaker Trimble. The notices of contests by (ioebel and Keek- ham were tiled in each house dml spread on the journals. .Sru Vurk (,1-ifUliitiov M«•<•!•.. Albany. N. Y., .Ian. 4.—The slate legislature run veiled in annual session. In Ihe senate Timothy 10. Kllsworth of Niagara county was re-elected president pro tem. and in the house Frederick Nixon of I'liautamiiia county was re-cloded speaker. A feature of the senate chamber was a Horn! arch over ihe desk ol' Lieutenant (iovernor Tim otliy L. Woodruff showing the word "I'.xcelsloi-" in red. white ami blue letters. After the organization of the iwo houses had been completed the annual message of Governor Theodore Ikiiosevelt was read. Miiryluml i.i'KNIiiliiri', Aiiiuipolis. Mil., .Inn. I.—Tlie Maryland legislature convened in regular biennial session at noon. It will adjourn by limitation on April .",. The biennial message of (iovernor Lowmles was read, after which both houses adjourned until Wednesday next, when ilicy will reassemble in take part In the inaugural ceremonies of (ioverimr .lohn Waller Srtillh. .\M to Tliowr J'')our NH/uri"». London. .Ian. -I. The fulled Slates ambassador, .losoph II. Chtmic. visited the Itrltish premier, Lord Salisbury, at ihe foreign ollice for the purpose of making the tlrst oltlcial representations on Ihe mibjeei of the Delagoa Hay Hour selxin-es. Mr. Chonlc received no deiiniie reply, as ihe premier Informed him thai the Itrltlsh government had ii"i yet arrived al any decision as In whether or uoi food sinffs were con- ujibiii'd of war. Mm Lord Salisbury assured Mr. rhoale the commercial rlghl ol tlie I'lilled Stales would be ei|uilably considered. Ui-rmtlnlr I'miiul (.iilliy. Paris. Jan. I. -The high court (senate), rendering UN verdict In the conspiracy cases not previously disposed of, decided, by a vote of lild lo !17, that W. Derouleilfi wan jfullty, and by a vote of U(K) to J, decided, ou oxteuuut- Ing clreutiiHtaueeu. Tight with Boers. I.ONU SKI11ESOF DKFE.VTS UKOKEN. (ipiii-riil l''i'iMK-li Siirpi-Ui") Hut I lor I'M anil Drives Them from 1'ln-li- Po.illton n-ltli Vi'i'.v Smiill I.o»» —lloi'i-s lli'lli'Vi-il In Huve SulliMTil llcnvily I'rom tlit* Ai-rui'ticy o( Ilii- Itrllltli I h-. 1 —Coliini'l I'ililii'i- \Vhis n \li-(oi-,\ Over HIM lloer.H. Cape Town. .Jan. H.—-(ieneral l-'reuch has occupied Colesburg with very little lighting, what there was 'being confined lo the outposts. The British losses were only three men killed and eight wounded. London, Jan. ."..—The success of Genera! French's column is at length «iu- lirmed officially, the war office issuing a dispatch from Cape Town, Monday, Jan. 1. as follows: "French reports at '2 p. in. today from Colenkop, by heliograph, as follows: 'Leaving al ttensburg, holding the enemy in front, half of the First Sulfolks ami a section of Ihc.Uoyal Horse artillery I started them-e ai ."i iu Ihe afternoon. Dec. .'!!. taking with me live squadrons of i-a....i-y, l,,;:l of the Second Berk's and on,'ily nnr.inied infantry, intanir.v carrico in w;ii,;>n-;. and ten guns. I balled f.<r l'o!ii- lioiii-s at Maldor's farm and at .",::; i :i..s morning occupied the kopje ovei-ioulv- iirg and westward of Coleslierg. Taken liy Snrpri-c. " 'The enemy's outposts were taken completely by surprise. Al daylight we shelled the laager and enliladcd the right of the enemy's position. The artillery tire in reply was very hot from a l.Vpouuder using royal laboratory ammunition and oilier guns. We silenced Ihe guns ini the enemy's right think, demonstrating with cavalry and gnus to the north of Colesberg, towards the junction where a strong laager of the enemy was holding a hill, and a position southeast of Colesberg as far as the junction. Our position cuts Ihe line of retreat via the road and bridge. Some thousands of Boers with two guns are reported to be retiring towards Norval's Pont. All of Remington's scouts proceeded toward Aehtvrland yesterday morning. Slight casualties, about three killed and few wounded. Details later." Itocrs Snl)'«ri-(l Heavily. Brief Independent messages from Colesberg Hied the evening of Jan. 1 supplemented (ieneral French's dispatch but slightly. According to them the British were still shelling the Boer position at fi o'clock Monday evening and expected to enter Coles- berg Tuesday. The British losses were three men killed and seven wounded. No officers were killed or wounded. The Boers are supposed to have suffered heavily from the aci.'nracy of the British artillery lire. (ieneral French's statement that the Boers were using a In- pounder and Woolwich ammunition evidently refers to one of the British guns captured at Stromberg. The Boer strength in the engagement with (ieneral French was estimated at from 5.000 to 7,000 men. The war office has also received the following from Cape Town under Tuesday's date: "Colonel Pilcher reports through the officer commanding at the Orange river: 'I 1mve completely defeated a hostile command at the Suniiyslde Innger, this day. .Ian. 1, taking the laager and forty prisoners, besides the killed and woiimled. Our casualties two privates killed and Lieutenant Adie wounded. Am encamped a( Dover farm, twenty miles northwest of Belmont and ten miles I'rom Smmysidc.' " KnVct of I'ViMlHi'M Nnrr«**fi. Wldle the afternoon newspapers are disposed to overrate the brilliancy of (ieiienil French's success, It will doubtless have a good moral effect and, If prompUy followed up, as seems likely I'rom tlie fact that Itemington's guides are already advancing on Achterlang's, li may result In securing Norval's Ponl bridge, thus gaining an Important strategic advantage, as thence (ieneral French will probably be able to threaten Belhnlie bridge, which Is the main line of retreat for the Boers facing (ieneral (iatacre. Other official dispatches, dated Jan. 1, say (ieneral Methiien's position Is unchanged. UK; Hvrri.i: I.OOKKD i<-oit, It \\ III I'rolmlily Ili> tlin Mnil Siivciiw of tin' CanilnilKii. London, Jan. IS.--The Standard's correspondent al Frorc camp, telegraphing on Jan. 1, SH.VH: '•.>,!' Charles Warren's division is now nearly complete. Us headi|uar- lers will be al Ksteoill't. It Is rumored here dial the guns which wciv eaplureil I'rom (ieiiernt Bullcr al Co- IciiMi have been mounted iu the hills commanding the drift over ihe Tugehi rived al Sprliigllchl. The Boers, It itp|"'<<i's. capiured (i'.'u rounds of slirap no! when they took tho guns. ••(lelieral lildler's dilticilllles have been liuuieasiircably Increased by the enforced delay since the hist engage incut. lie now has he Co re him n series of walled and for)tiled hills, running sixteen miles along ihe Hue of the Tugela. These are swarming with the enemy, posted in positions of great strength and bristling with guns, TV Idle the river Iu I'roui Is In full Hood. The coming battle will certainly lu> the slll'l'csl and probably Ihe most momentous of the entire campaign," lloi'r S|t|i>> I>U< iikrri-ll. London, Dec, ,'j. li Is said that a number of men employed by Dr, Leyd*, Hie Kiiropeaii agent of the Transvaal, have been seeking enrollment In Ihe Imperial yoemanry. Two of thews men, whoae Nervlces had bee,It accepted, wore (Uncovered and dlBehargttd. Some Warm Times A-e Ahead in Kentucky. GOVKIIXOK TAYLOR MAY BK OUSTED Until HOIISBH of tlio .stain legislature Or- KMtil/r anil (li-t Hi'nily for lln.iln««— (iiichcl Until* tlio ll»n»f> ('IIIICIIK .Sufc unit the Si'iintu Cllooai 1 * Him for I'l-enlilrnt l'n> T«iii|>uri>—.1. ('. N. HIiK'Ubiirn Will Proliulily He Niinioil for Muitntor. Frank fort, Ky., .Ian. 3.—K.v-Senator Joseph Clay Styles Blnekbtirn will bp formally naminl by the Democratic Joint caucus of the legislature to succeed Senator Lindsay. Indications are GOVEHNOn TATT.OB. that not more than two members will refuse to go Into the caucus. Both houses of the legislature organized at noon by electing the nominees of the Democratic caucus. Ooolirl In Control. Senator (ioebel is in control of the slate legislature and it now looks very promising for his light to unseat Governor Taylor, (ioebel held the house caucus safe and the senate caucus chose him for president pro tem. Only four senators remained away through dissension. They were Alexander. Hays, (illlesple and Huberts. Senator Kobel-ls wfis ill and unable to attend, but sent word Iliat he was with (Soebel In everything that might be done. South Trimble. Ihe (ioebel candidate for speaker of Hie house, was chosen on the sixth ballot of Ihe caucus for speaker of l lie house. Senator < ioebel. chairman of the I'roniixr Dc-IVnl for Illncklni rn. Democratic joint caucus, has issued a call for a caucus. lie says the caucus is for l lie purpose of nominating a candidate for fulled Stales senator, lie expects Blackburn will be the only name presented and that Blackburn will be nominated by acclamation. The anti-i!oehclitcs. however, assert and produce ligures to show that they have Blackburn defeated. P. Wat llardiu may be brought forward as their candidate. This would weaken Blackburn very much. Atorneys for (ioebel and other w.m- testing Democratic candidates for state offices have served notices upon tlie Jtepnbliean conlestees to lake depositions to be used as evidence in Ihe pending conlest cases and naming their witnesses. The list of witnesses includes ex-Ciovernor Bradley, Senator Deboe. (ieneral Basil W. Duke, John II. Whulleii and others. Anlts O|K>n l!*Ml(l(|iltirlcrN. The lobby of autl-Uoobol Democrats here working against the contesting candidates was supplemented by numerous arrivals during the morning. Ministers and temperance, leaders arc conspicuous in this faction. The nnlMioebel headquarters have been formally opened with'ex-Congressman W. 0. Owens, (ieneral Basil W. Duke, Senator (ieorge H. Alexander and Senator Thomas H. Hayes and ex-Secretary of State John W. Hendley iu charge. Attempted ilrlhrry SenHiitlon. The Harrell-Whallen alleged attempted bribery sensation which disconcerted the anti-(!oebel Democrats Is still the overshadowing feature on the political boards. Colonel Whallcn telegraphed Commonwealth Attorney Franklin that he will arrive from Louisville and surrender to tin 1 court, lie telegraphed to his friends denying the charge brought against him by Senator llarrell. The (Ioebel leaders promise very sensational developments when the trial of Whalleu comes on and also when the legislative committee -goes to hearing evidence on the gubernatorial contest. FAILS FOR XKAHLY #500,000. IVtltloll III lln nil i-up Icy Kilrcl liy Allmi C. KlIHll of I,OH Angl'll'M. (?!tl. Los Angeles, Cal., .Jan. 3.—Allen C. Rush has Hied a petition In bankruptcy in Ihe 1'nlled Stales district court, placing Ids liabilities al nearly $500,000. The petition is a sequel lo Ihe failure of Kirk wood. .Miller & Co., the big Implement linn of Peoria, Ills., ami Cedar Itapids, la., which was forced lo close in Ihe financial panic of Lsli!!. Mr. Uush was a member of thai Hnr. and turned over all Ids personal properly, on which he realized but $^,'1,1100, for lln> bom-Hi of certain preferred creditors. The linn's creditors al- lacked his act ami the suit brouglu against him Is still In court. Having satisfied his personal creditors as fur us possible, Itnsh desires lo be freed I'rom the linn's debts, which still cling to him. Iu the petition Hush's ludchlcdncss lo eastern credllors Is given as jji'J'.i.- -'.'!!i. unsecured claims Jj!.'!."i;i.sI |, in- dorsi'd papers SIU7H. making a total of Jfl'-'l/Jllll. The tola! ussels. no| in eluding ,S'.!Ti.nun on deposit ,-u I'iiis held, is slated to amount to .vi.iii i llnpiinl r'.lliill.v Itrilllliin. Wilmlngioii. Del.. Jan .",. The liinih anniversary of the arrival Iu this country of Klciilhi'iv Ireiiee Du'pout, founder of i he powder works here, was (.ulebiiiled by a family reunion at the home of Mrs. La Mollc Dupimi In a commodious annex erected tor Ihe occasion. There were nearly Hal) memb"i's of the family present, I iilul r'li'i- In Ni'iv York, New York, .Ian. ;i. A llulc baby's life was liiKl and eleven persons were Injured In a lire which dcKiro.vcd a llvostory tenement In First aveimi! shorily after I o'clock iu the mornjng, Three of the Injured, may die. Tliu dead child Is Loretta Leonard, win month* old, daughter of Kdward hoou a nl. STANDS VERY HIGH. Estimation of the Public ArnJ Well for It, Good Reports are Coming in from] Sections of the Country. There is not a medicine Hold in i Ion today that stands as liluh In estimation of our people as Mnnn Kid-ne-oids. Not only n Alton" Morrow's Kid-ne-oids itehlevC success, but (rood reports come all sections of tho oountry 'undth, reports! come because the peonle i« been cured of kidney and uHnarv ,11 orders just the same as in ton have bcten cured. vS - V !mi stt i'' McA1Hstm '' whfl lives No. 2)4 Franklin street, Khrj, I something to say to the people of 4 ton. about Morrow's Kid-ne-oids « have suffered terribly for the mist, R, or six years with pain in iny'hiiek urinary organs: 1 have been hud that it was necessary use a catheter to draw the urine have been paid up for three \v« ' a time, and have been treated bv sicians and have used kidney but I never received anv permamT relief until 1 used Morrow's Kid L oicls: they are truly u wonderful rea edy and too much praise cannot 1 •riven them; they relieve inv hack nr urinary troubles at once.' Anv™ doubting- this statement mav eoninra ioute with me." Kid-ne-oids cure all kidney ers They are not pills InitYeiln tablets and are put up in woods w° w s ™ icll , ! * 11 f ° r " ft - v ( ' ents L '«cl> S. H. Wyss' Drug Store. Descriptive booklet mailed uno request by John Morrow & <'oilman C'hcmists, Spi'intflield.'Ohio Alton Markets. TELEGRAPH OFFICK, , ALTON, ILL., Jan. I, 1900 j FLOUR. Alton Roller MlUtngCo.'s "LaBoIle"$ < Sparks'Eloctrlc Light J Cream of the Earth j WHEAT. Choice, per bushel PEED. Shlpstuff, per' bushel «]« Bran, per bushel m CORN. No. 2Whlte, per bushal m HAY. . Timothy, per ton, baled K 00810 Prairie 800910 CORN MEAL. Per bushel 45 North Alton '...'.. w OATS. Per bushel gj MEAL. Cotton Seed Meal (100 Ibs) i Linseed i STRAW. Par bale 159 EGGS. Per dozen BUTTER. Per pound MOLASSES. Wholesale, per gallon Retail ;.... POTATOES. Per bushel 551 SEED. Orchard Grass 2 Timothy per bushel I Cow Peas $12581 Millet l Buckwheat | Ka (Be Corn borghum I ONIONS. Par bushel . SALT. Per barrel 1 00«1 Rook Salt,per owt ... 8061 BACON. Shoulders, per pound Clear sides Breakfast Baoon 8012 HOGS. On foot, per 100 HAMS. Sugar ot red LARD. Per tb 8 Candles] ',' ki-Je*^ Nothine olso artels BO raucn I f to thiM'hnrinof tbe drawiof l; rimui or hutiiloii- ai* ilio uoftly mor i u ii lulu friuu CORDOVA OauillM. •;:.. i. Niiiliiui will coiitrltiuU'mpruto tbi .LWL ol Iho limrheoo, I or dinia-r The hnnt diiL-or»ti« I i(Mu^ for HIM BlninleHt or tot I ii I'luburniu fiinudoii—for cot* I nr mauxlbii. Mnilu In ill colon I Mia mom ilBlkatu Until \>t BTANUAKII OIL CO. and nol^ everywhere. Mrs L Hotson, 2201 and 2203 Olive st., St. Louit, Treats Tumors, Irregularities, etoj painless. No onoratlon. Never fall " g r ort roaiiltBi otogant prlva <• home; ado| U bab'Oi, advloo tree. LidloB In trouole call or w i. DR. TOM LIN, THE OLD RELIABLE SPECIAL l)u, TOMI.IN nm.»ilUn9BBiiof thoET". ,E«f) Thruat, l.ungs, Btmimch, Uvor, llowoli, K anil lltaililor, Fawale Dlnoasos in all li"',' Hhoiiiiiallsin, ('ulurrti, Nurvouo I'ru»tratl« SIJIIBUS ami WoakiioiiH uf inoni all illomli » Norvims J)l«ua»mi, Oaiiciirn, Tiunori, BotoHi liltoutoi, llydrocolii anil Varlcocolo. MKN» roil IIOOK I'll UK- , Address, DR. p. p. TOIVIM1 '909 CHOUTKAU AVC., t»T. LOUlSi M "niplln will be st Madlnon llot«l. 4't! "

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