Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 4, 1900 · Page 11
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1900
Page 11
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ALTON WEEKLY TELEQllAPH, THURSDAY JAN. 4, 1900. ^respondents with a Couple. London MPE WAS A SACRIFICE, „, ,|iilnliiK tl>« Trnnitvuul Army— ,\rm»ln'»«: Ihro»»l> <'»"" r «» p Wet P! c, Hunt »n n lli-i'iiniinliiniiiice— l, ( )ti(lou, •''">• -'•— 'I'll" In lest ili will' news show thill the Boer I'l'comliiM' deadly, while Hick- niul ennui must also be telling ii)'" 11 llll> Ktm'lHim- The news Ih-spreiMl of rebellion among the tcli i-olonlxtf " 11( 1 «f I lie attempts of -rs to cttl I'" 1 riiilwiiy at widely dlf- t , re nt imititM Is very disquieting as jarltif,' HI 11 " 1 ""' xt'l'et.v of the extend- i lines of i-ommtinU.'atlou. All the ir irspiiiiilenls ui'e beKiuilIng to hint 'a forward movement on the part of oiii-ritl Knller, the (lunger of which IH illciti-il In it dlspnteh to The Dally it from I-'rere ofortiiiiale I'ai In re of recording the two reconnulft- smiinOiM' Mini HlnnilitrtMl, Again. In inn- ruse the Boer lines at Colenso eri'to Intveheen bombarded by night. oimli'il men drew the Boer lire, and mis iiitciiiled that the mivfil gutis Oiild hiimlmrd. 'J'his. however, the liter fulled to do. owing to some inis- rshiiidhiK. mid the reeonnolterlug irty wits i-otnpelleil to flounder back camp through the wet and stormy pht. Marehlng In mud and water Jwltli tin- greiilest discumfort. Ac- ilinu' ullitr MAIMH'KS WHARF. In the siime eorrespondenl a t'ali' awaited another recon- e in the opposite direction. n'oili-tiiehments," says the dispatch. si tlH-lr way in the darkness. They mlilc-il into water holes and were t nil nijilil only to return drenched disappointed in the morning." tot-i> Iti-inj; riintlnually Iti-lnrnrri-il. I Is rmiglily estimated that there [ i'l.tHHi Hoers between 1/adysmiih 1 (.'nleiiso. some 4(M) being on the side of the Tugela river. At all nts tin- enemy shows ceaseless ae- ty. Tlie proofs of contraband traf- Ini-rense daily. It. is alleged that •opctm odiccrs arrive at Delagou every week and proceed to the T lines. The Cape Argus asserts I tlit- Inrost importations by way of SIM) Manpies are six large Arm- jrnns and sixteen cases of nm- Mitlnn. all of which hnve arrived at tforl/1. Patrol lln« u Six IliimV KlKlit. ('(irresponileni of the Associated «ss ,-it Sterkstroom. telegraphing f. 31, snys: "Captain Montmoreney, tlic Twenty-tli-st lancers, with a ml of 120. was reconnoiterlng eight nortli of Dordrecht. He met the Ws lit I.abtischagnes Xek. They «etl tire, ami the Rrltlsli. replied. continued for six hours m the Roers received strong reln- . including nrtlliery. Capi Montmoreney retired and took a Ntslce position nt Dordrecht. The «w did not pin-sue him. It Is be;l Hint they retired on their mnln Their losses are not known." MCKKIIRP to the Troopx. (Itieen's message to the British in South Africa was sent to Renernl. It ran thus: "I wish «ml nil my brave soldiers a happy Ond protect nnd bless .roil torn/is. Ui'IVi">ni.<. to tin. lIiiM<l..«nilli. » morning papers nre lueliued to "in from ciiinineiit Ing upon the Bun- Wllt Incident, pending further In'""'"ii- The Dally Chronicle says: Mncldem \vns unfortunate: but I'i'i'mnn tuny awnlt the result of 'ii'liih'y with confidence In our fair- TO \v\n. "In lluclii...,., l>is<-oii <i«-ii;T«lly lllNloyul. «<>n. .Inn. l>.—H Is stated <-h that which <N of iMarlhorough, who, In ™l enthusiasm.aeepted the duke's ""Illation to volunteer with cheer- »iinn. has completely broke.n tlie last three days and Is In- M "»iile at the prospect of Bcpnrn- lae real object of the mother's « Midland Is to bear her daughter '' v l» this trial and not to dls- j ;'"' 'liike froin liis resolve ''J'l.v nut of tni , i|n,. H || OUj "' "idly Mail publishes the follow- illsimtd, (•,.„,„ ,.„,„. T()W11 . .. Nlui> . jii-r CIMIL, of the Beclmiiiia farm- ra in. \ryburg district joined the '•• iii'llilng them io loot the stores "MIOIII if,,, ,,„„„,,._,. ,„„.,!, ,,,. ,,,,. IIV|1 >'- They nlso undertook to in- «'klng wl)1)( , ,.,,,, (<nl | rronJc'N "''"I ""lit hlo meet Lord Mel linen." i iti-r upe Town dlspaich snvs: * "I'Milal authorities ,,i>e using i' V . 1 I'l'iiiitlnii )0 |,|. ( .veni an IIIMIITCC- "I 1 , 11 "' pan uf disloyal Mn l"II.Vnill Isil fc, L,.' 1 Klo.val I Hitch in '" sll PI'ress a rising If ,„.,.,„. j.; vi ,,. v „.)„,,,. ,,„. I ists arc belli- 'mine unarils. drilled ' '" "''I ill their respective Imnlj. ' l armed iMilrh colunisls . n 'i''ss of the British maUcs ,",' "" ""' I""' 1 0| ' I'l'i'-lloer ' ,„,;,., ,,,„.„. J»n i, i - v ""K-v- <'i' l» small J r '."•'""i Hie enemy's forces. 1'nr- 'Uti'ii'i '' '"'''" "liernilng some S """' '"' I ""' (l .Melllllen'H ,'''* "I'Henred on Cliristimis Ul «' railway, about twenty A itr. A force "•' lOdlnbtirgliV Own vol- "''"' 1>Ut 1 ' Hq'i ii ' l'" 1 '^, xoillh uf I),. 1 IMlKi, Hi,, u lull n ( v , •'""• "''-A dlKiiat,-!, to The rom Klmberley, (lutwU)ec. \\e have fooil for throo i' ri'Nlj fnilt mid f rom Keullworlli, nod ANTMMPKRIA1.IST for Hud to Walk from iiMUsntirl Town Soino Very Wild Tulle. West I'lulim, MD., .Jim. '2.— Wade (!. Mack, a "in-dler." h;,» i,,.,.,, ,|,.| m i ont of town t'oi' alleged dlreNpect to Gen- crnl Linvlon niul Hie .Unerlwin noldlern In the Philippines. Murk arrived here and dlNU'Hiuted i-lreulitt'H aniionnolnir himself MM n "healer." Hi- addressed crowds oii the street eornei'N, tind durliifi: (ho (.'oinw of hi« remarks, It Is claimed, deelnred he \VIIH Rind to hear of Litwton'H dentil nud that lie hoped the oilier Americans In the Islands would meet the same fate. He re(tented his statements. The crowds llnnlly liecame Ihreill- 1'iiliiK mid State Representative.Tones. at Howell comity, known as "Cyclone" JOMOM, addressed the people branding Mack a traitor and saying he was unworthy the name of an American citizen. To save further trouble Mack was arrested on a trivial charge, and HIP judge accepted his proposition lo leave town If he were released. Tn ten minutes Die "healer" was "jrolnjr west" amid the hoots of cltl/.ens. HELPED 00V. IlEEDEK TO ESCAPE. Don Hi of n Wiiiunit Who Hud n linnet In Milking Knnaii* IIIMoi-.v. Kansas City. Mo.. .Ian. 2. — Mrs. Mary H. Hubbard. widow of Chester Hublmrd, Is dead at the home of Horace H. ./ctY'rles, In Clay cnuniy, used 7(i years. Mrs. Hnbbard. who eame -lo 'Kansas City with her husband In 185-1, played a conspicuous pnrl In the escape In 1S."4 of (;overnor v Keeder, of Kansas, the noted Free Stater. Keeder with other Kansas Free Staters liad been Indicted for liijrh treason, and after being hidden by friends in Kansas City was spirited away by tin; ITllbbards an.d others, first to Rutler. Mo., then to Rloomington. Ills.. toVlil- cago and to Detroit. Mrs. Itnldiard's part was in escaping with the Kansas legislative papers anil needer's trunk, containing Ills clothes and private papers. She si-wed the legislative papers in her dress. WKIUHXG BELLS MFFFLKH. Brlilo^riiiiin ArrrxK-il for Aliinlcr on the Kvr of III* Miit'HitKf. Minneapolis. Minn.. .Ian. 'J.— Frank T'nlanuskl. of AVoylmuser. AYis.. secured a license to marry Annie (iamlia- la. of this city, and the wedding was set for next Wednesday. Later In Hie. day rolanski wns arrc-sled on a charge of murder and taken to Chippewa Falls by Sheriff .lohn Mciner. He is cliargcd with killing Martiii Megas, a man iKi years of age. on Nov. ft last. ()ti that day Megas left home and lias not been seen since, nor has his body been found. 1'olannski denies all knowledge of the crime. Si.illtioM lor Aliixrlru. Ottawa. Out.. Jan. li.—A large number of button on which was Inscribed the words: "Victory to the Boers." both in French and In Knglisli. were recently sei/ed by the customs ollicials In Toronto and forwarded to the department here. All importations of the character mentioned are declared to be seditions under the customs act, and are therefore prohibited. The buttons were manufactured in New Jersey. Important Hallway Appointment. Milwaukee. Jan. •>.. —President A. .T. Earllng, of the Chicago. Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway company, has Issued a circular announcing two important appointments, (ieneral Traffic Manager A.C. Bird has been appointed to the position of third vice president. a newly created place, and J. H. Hll- and. general freight agent, is advanced to the position of general truffle manage i*. succeeding A. C. Bird. Amliailt' Now u I'rlvute Citr/.iui. Washington. ,lau. '2. —Word has been received here that (ieneral Andrade. late president of Venexuela, who fled on a war ship when the Castro revolution proved successful. Is living <|iilctly In Porto Hico. (ieneral Andrade has eert back the warship on which he left Venezuela together with every other possession In any way belonging lo the country, and he Its now living as n private citizen. .Mul|;i> Dillon Him n Srlionif. Kvansvllle, I nil., Jan. 2.—Judge Thomas H. Dillon, of Petersburg, announces that lie will be a candidate for llie nomination for congress before the next Democratic convention. In his appeal which he issues to the voters he advocates the removal of the national capital to St. I.onls, saying the people of I lie west and south are rtenled their rights in Washington because of the Influence of wealth. I'ohlll n of (iovi-rnor Tn n HIT. Sprlngticld. Ills.. .Ian. Ii.—(inventor Tanner staled his position plainly and positively Saturday niglit with reference to the pending ,contests within the Republican party over the nominations for tin- state ottlccs, and declared thai he is not a candidate for any political nttlce. and would not participate in the sclecmln of the nominees of i lie party. KuiiU uf it.vooii. Tuliiim. Ills.. Jan. L 1 .---Tin- Bank of Tolimo,«n private Institution of which It. A. Bower Is president and S. M. Bower cashier, was entered by burglars ai an early hour Saturday morn- Ing and )H,,"i<iii taken from the safe. About ijCtiin In sunups and postal funds was iiii.i'ii from a deposit bo.\ which Postmaster Campbell had placed in the bank for sale keeping. The safe was ruined. lint iiriutr'k lliniKlitc'r lOlnpi'i,. Oklahoma city, (). T.. Jan. 'J.—Curl Havlghorsi and Miss lii-.sU' Barnes, the only daughter of (Inventor llarnes, were marrl"d In a hotel here. The parents of the bride did nut look with favor upon tln> groom, so tin- young resolved to disregard jiarenial . Miss lliii lies mine here as I lie if a friend and llavlglmrst t'ol- pcopli wislic guest lowed I'mmnm Cmml Not sold. Paris, Jan- -. Kngllsh papers have imbllshed a New York cable aiinuiine- liiK thai an American company, registered In the name of the Panama t 'anal company. li.'id bought tin- Frcnrh Interests In the canal for s;|n.iiiin,niio. Information, n llmutclal journal, announces thrtt the newel is absolutely I'm/an to Drat h In Ili'ti'oli. Detroit, Jan. U'. ...... Alplnmsr ||eiii|il;i>. aged -18, Is the llrst victim of tin- eoH wi'iilher • III Doiroll. lie was funiid ftwii to dea tii jun< one Ktiiiare trout bin liouie, Uo hud iU'lnUlu«. Decision of the Ohio Senators in Caucus as to Brown. T,V UUYK THE BIKKTKU. HOII-.I. tlo»i>vi>r, Did Not I on Hi., lMili.|iMiiil<-nt ,|| rin|||ty_|»|,||tl«.«l u, — llni-<llii mi Anil— 1,'liiluu lllft <'i)ll|.|i^n Tli-lu'l In Ln Outlook In u', <«Otil>"l l I| M Coltiiiilin.s, i>., ./„„. L'.—Tlte sevunty- I'onrtli Kcitenu :i,-seiubly met at It) a. in., ami,i,|.,i in ..tension just long eiionirli in orsilin/c hy electing the He- pulilican eaticiiH nominees. Lieutenant liovernor .Jones presided In the senate. His successor, .lud^e .lolin A. t.'ald- well. of Cincinnati, will not qualify until next Monday, \vlieu (ioviu'iior- elec Xash will be iiiatiKuraed. Almost the sole topic hi legislative aud politi- <-nl circles is the action of the Uepub- llcan senate caucus In excluding Senator Hrown. Uic Independent. Kepultll- can of Haiiilltoii county. The action of the Itepublicaii senators is rendered aneiualoiis by tiie fact that the Republican house caucus permitted the independent Mi-publican representatives from Hamilton cetint.v to participate. \V«» 11 I) m inn I !<• St-fni-. The scene in the senate caucus when Brown was excluded was rather dramatic. Senator Xippert offered a resolution to the effect that all senators except those elected (HI tne Republican I'cket be excluded from the deliberations of Mie senators. .Vippert said it was his duty lo oppose the presence of ("leneral Charles K. Hrown. This was a caucus of Republicans,-and only Republicans were competent to take parr In it. This brought Brown to Ills feet, and Inibbliin: on to the floor. support- In JET his body on crutches and looking mentally perturbed, he began to speak 1 in ills defense. His voice showed deep emotion, but he managed to maintain liis composure during the trying ordeal. Itcpnlillfiin on I'nrly Oid'htioi^. He said in part "On all party i|iies- lions i am .1 Republican, tried .and (rue. The position is of no consequence to me. but to ill-private me of a seal here is an act of injustice. I am as good a Kepu.blican as the man who offered this resolution. For foiir years I fought in the arti'v and for lite principles flint have made the Republican party great. Sir. T feel deeply this Imputation against my Republicanism. * • * T shall be with the Republicans on all questions. Ociitlemeii. I leave this matter in your hands. I will go willingly If you so decree, lint you en n nor drive out of fhe Republican party." Hrown took his seat amid a deathlike stillness in the chamber. Slum-Pit (In-Ilnllol of Hamilton dimity. Then Senator Xippert again arose and displayed a copy of the ballot voted in Hamilton county last fall. He pointed out rhe rooster at the head of the Democratic ticket aud read the name of Brown along with that of John 11. McLean. The senator said that it was on account of the action of Brown and others that McLean carried Hamilton, county In November. He believed in party orgaui/atlon and no man who ran with John R. McLean had any riirlit In a Republican caucus. Dili >'nl linn in a Democrat. General Brown acknowledged that the head of the ticket was Democratic and said: "1 did not vote for .lohn Ii. McLean or any man on the Democratic ticket. That Is well understood. I was not a Democrat I lien. I am not one now." The resolution was unanimously adopted nnd General Brown immediately retired. HAIIUIN'S ItOOM IS T..U'>T1I Kl>. Running on an Anti-(<oclipl rial form for Xi'iuitor from Kentucky. Fraiikfori. Ky.. Jan. -J.—Trains have brought large additions to. the crowd of political leaders already here. Among them is (ieneral (i. Wnt Har- tlln. who opened headquarters and launched his senatorial boom on an antl-Goebel platform. With Hnrdin came ex-Secretary of State Hcadlcy and several senators ami ri-prcsentatlvs who are pronounced antl-Coehcl men. The antl-tioebel leaders have Increased the estimate of their strength in the two houses. They claim to have eight Democrats in the senate and thirteen in the house. This would give the coalition a majority on Joint ballot, or would control cither house In separate session. Tin- Democratic (d'oi-bcli leaders assert that they will organl/.e both houses of the legislature. They say In no event will more than half a of the anti-Gochcl Democrats vote for the candidates of tin- anti-tiocbcl and Republican coalition If a slate is pui tip by that side. The Democratic state election commissioners have tiled sidl against the commissioners recently appointed by Governor Taylor asking for an "Iii junction Mi prevent the Taylor commissioners from iimillfylng or attempting to interfere with the duties of the regular board." I'rrn M/.I-M I » l'|i. Lima. Pern. Jan. li. -—Tin- press, reviewing the events of the past year and the prcsciii situation of Pern, urges tin- Immediate appninimcnl uf ;i Peruvian minister at Washington especially now Hint the Fulled States government is nn imponnni factor in all Intcrnailoniil iiiicstions relating to the American cimtiiictii. IVInlll* \V||* \ol Itmlly | n.jiirril. London. Jan. '-'. -Tin' Hamburg and Smith .\nierlcan line steamer Pelolas. from Nonius fur wlilcn went ashore near Dnngcncss Friday night during a heavy siunn. lias been drawn oil 1 by live lugs. Apparently the vessel lias mil received serious injuries, sin- proceeded for Roiierdam in io\v of two tugs. Itiiihiuy llooin Mrllii-s Iliiunll. Tacoina. Wash,. Jan. _'. It. I'). Condon, a railroad cimirncior of Chicago, has arrived from Honolulu, lie brings the news ihat a regular railroad boom has struck Hawaii, and thai the next year will sec more railroads bulb than the Islands now PDSSCKS. Plans laid call for the coiiNlrnctlons of nut) miles or more. I'l'iui'M in Di'itlli In <ii'or«lii, Sllilinau, On., .Inn, 2.—A young man who uuvu Ills mime as will Morgan, and IHH home n* \Vnmm CUIUK.V, found uaur hero frozen to den I It. 1900 JANUARY 1900 Su. 7 14 21 28 Mo. 1 8 15 22 29 Tu. 2 9 '16 23 30 We. 3 10 11 24 31 Th. 4 11 18 25 ~ Fr. 5 12 19 26 Sa. 6 13 20 27 WE MAY BUY FROM DENMARK. l>unlili Went Imllr-. tlie Huul Kutntn Wo .Arc Sulil To !{<• ACIi-r. London, .Ian. 2.—The Copenhagen oorrespoiKjeiit of The Daily Mall says: "The sale of the Danish West Indies to the Hutted Ntules bids fall' to be ne- eouiplished. The Danish Captain Christinas, who lias influential connections In the rtilted States.-and who has secured the support, of President McKiu- Jey. Admiral Dcwey nnd a number of Influential American senators, in acting as Intermediary between the two governments, direct official communication being impossible for Denmark after repeated failures in previous attempts. "l-'jir several days an attache of one of the principal I'nited States embassies has been here having long interviews with the Danish minister of finance. Dr. lloerring. and this week Captain Christmas will go to Washington. No opopsition is expected from King Christian. The price has been Used at .$4.(K)o.tiua. HICH PIXUS L\ ATTSKA. . Oni- Ni-iir Hli»,on in tin- Itlntls—H-i-f Is u Uiillar u I'oniul. Tacoina. Wash.. Jan. '2. —Letters report two gold discoveries which are bound to be tin- greatest made in Alaska last year. The high Mud's overloooking Indian river, near Dawson, wew found to be rich in gold month, causing a large stampede. Several tiers of bench claims have been taken. The dirt rims up to SKI cents per pan in gold. "Swift Water Hill' dates was one of the first to secure claims there. A delayed letter from Golovin bay reports tin- timling of several new rich creeks emptying into (iolovln. Six mentook out $ii()(> to $1.100 per day during September with sluice boxes. Reef famine threatens the Klondike. Letters from Dnwson stated Unit by the end of December there would not be a pound of fresh meat left. Beef was retailing at a dollar per pound early in December, with little to be had. Trlcliiiini. In tin- Holng-nii*. Milwaukee, Jan. '2. —Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kitxlaff and live children, living tit (iirj Jasper street, this city, are critically ill from eating bologna snu- sngc supposed to have been affected with trichinae poisoning. The names are: Mr. nnd Mrs. Herman Fit/.luff and Albreclit. Alma. Frieda. Klsa and Herman, their children. Bryan'* VNIt to New York. New York. Jan. 2.—The Press says that William Jennings Bryan, upon tin- occasion of his visit to New York within the next month, will be the guest of Dr. John Cardner. of this city. During his visit to llip city a dinner will be given in his honor by O. H. P. Bel- niont. Canli C'upltiil of »7. r > (X)O.OOO. Trenton, N. J.. Jan. li.—The Amalgamated Copper company has tiled a certificate with the secretary of state setting out Unit Its entire capital stock of $7r>,000.(MH> had been paid In cash. The certificate was signed by Henry H. Hogers. vice president, and William (5. l{ockefeHer. secretary. • New Vcur CiHiilli's lor SI. I,mil,. St. Louis. Jan. 2.—A requisition has been made for candles to be used in nil the municipal oHires nnd Institutions, as tlie incandescent lamps In tise by the city were turned out at midnight Sunday because tin- contract expired at that time, and a new one had not been made. Ailvuni'i- In NultH ami Himlwiirt*, Chattanooga. Tt-nn.. Jan. :!.—Hardware dealers all over the south have received a telegram from the American Steel and Wire company's Chicago office advancing prices of mills and wire •2," cents per hundred. All kinds of shelf hardware was advanced 11 percent. On.. Kllli-il. Oiif l-'nlnlly Hurl. Spartanhurg. S. ('., Jan. 2.—A freight train ran Into a construction train near Duncan station, ten miles from here. Phillip Matclu-tt. of the Phoenix Bridge company. Plioenixville, Pa., was insiaiitiy killed, and Henry Foster, colored, fatally injured. THE NEWS IN HRIKF. 1 The Central Ohio Natural (ias company at Columbus. O., bus nodded consumers of gas fur power purposes that their supply will lie slmi off .Inn. 1. Transvaal agents at Loureii/.o .Mar- <|ilrx IHIVC lii'iinglit up all the available milk, sugar and coffee. It Is announced thai he (ierman protected cruisers Condor and Si-liwallie are now on the way tu Dcl.-igoa bay. Lieutenant <inventor Daily, of Nova Si'iilla. has been appointed by (.Mleen Victoria liiiiyin riimiiuindcr <il SI Michael and St. (ieorge. .MIIIiH-cki'i'. tlir Austrian <-«n who hail been suffering from a lytle strike, died at Vienna. Knslern and western general and porcelain manufactures reached an agreement mi the prlrr for I'.inii Hon. l.nriiiu K. (taker, pn sideiil 01 the Varmoiiib steamship ciuiipaiiy, was found dead In his berih on tin- arrival of a train at Itostnu. The Brliisti revenue for the nine months ended with December readied i'S'J.TTT.uii us against i7s,,'(IO, lux fur the coiTcsjinndliiu; perliul of last year. T. (i. Fish, pivsldent of tin- Fish BroM.' .Muunl'iicinrlnu-company, died at ('Union, la., aged tin years. The two lending colleries ||| (hi. KJ|;. horn, W. \ a., tleld have advanced the miners' wages lo i-enir. A school for training railway experts has just been established In Berlin. It Will open iie.vl nmnlli. The Ht. Louis Business MOII'K League JJUM Invited Admiral Uewey U> vMt Uw city tiQKt May. Great Reduction Sal e -OF- We have greatly reduced the prices on ALL oir cloaks and are now ready to give you the The present prices are great a-d sweeping reductions and we can show you a fine chance to save money. Call and see these bargains before making your mid-winter purchases. REMNANTS. We have gathered all the odd and short lengths of our stock and we are ready to offer you Remnants of evvy *ort and at a verv great saving t" vou. Don't fail to attend this REMNANT SALE. THE GLOBE DRY GOODS CO. 201 West .Third st. TO OUR FRIENDS AND PATRONS We wish to express our appreciation and thanks for your kind and generous support during 1899. We will continue the same the fu ure as has been of the past, the best of goods at the most.-reason ble prices possible. It is upon this principle that our business has steadly increased. E. H. GOULDING'S SON?., Alton's Old Reliable Jewelry Mount, Established in 1852. We are offering Special Inducements in Overcoats If you buy your Coat from us You to Will positively save from $2 Worth saving, is'nt it? It's a habit with us to give "HOST FOR LEAST.' THE HUB, tlothing and H. A. WtTZLER, Prop Shoe Store 632 East Second street. To Our friends and Patrons We extend to you our Heartiest Thanks for the liberal manner in which you have patronized us during the short time we have been among you. Our holiday trade for exceeded our expectations, and we only regret that th - scarcity of goods this fall, prevented some orders we received. Wishing you one and all A H^poy ana Prosperous New Year, and hoping for a continuance of your patron- a e, we remain Yours Very Truly, J. R. LOGAN & Co., Jewelers and Opticians, 102 E. 2d st. 00 REWARD We pay the above reward for any case of Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Indigestion, Constipation or Costiveness we cannot cure with Ljygrita, The Up-to-Date Little Liver Pill They are purely Vegetable and never fail to give satisfaction. 25c boxes contain JOO Pills, lOc boxes contain 40 Pills, 5c boxes contain 1 5 Pills. Beware of substitutions and imitations. Sentry mail. Stamps taken. Nervita Medical Co., Corner Clinton and Jackson Sts.f Chicago, Illinois. Sold by E. Mareli, druggmt, cor. Third and Belle etn., Alton, U, r«'«X, ,','.V,*fe>,,

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