Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 4, 1900 · Page 10
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1900
Page 10
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ALTON WEEKLY TELEGKAPH, THURSDAY, JAN. 4, 1000, TO END Filipino Envoys Will Propose Terms of Peace. AKK GOING TO SEE TIIK PRESIDENT. Jimii'lfi'iiM Will JliMvn Tliclr .4 run niul Auiilnnlilii \VIII He HiirrttndcriMl to tlin AiniM'ii'iiM A iithorlllri I'mliT Or tain Ciinilllloiu—(iiMirrnl OtN Id-port* tllf <.'n|>tiiri> ol' a Mountain .Slrnnglioli TlimiRtit b.v ItrhflA I in |>n*Kiiahlp. Philadelphia, Dec. 3l>.~ "If President McKlnley will decide on anything like reasonable terms for the surrender of Agniualdo and tlio Filipinos under hint, niul will Inform UK- Filipino congress, through us. its representatives In this country, the Filipinos will lay <l(iwn their arms williin the m.'Xt ;( niontli or two ami the war will end." <f'j^ .lessup l.uigi T. DC Furnamle/, who it'/t'lalms to In. 1 one of llii'i'i 1 special reprc- ^ij.bntiillvos of Agoiicillo and tin 1 Fll- i^irpilio congress, made tliis statement as v he was about to take the train for New York. Ferminde/, with l.ueio Lem I/>jerit anil .Inlet Fraiicisciis I,oncz, was appointed at a meeting of the Filipino congress as special representatives to come to this country, and, if possible, luive a personal interview with President AlcKliiley. Tliclr mission is principally to ascertain from the president his views regarding the war In the Philippines, and. If possible, to learn from him If he is desirous of allowing Agtiinnldo to surrender on certain terms that: they will offer. While in Washington the throe representatives are to make a eanvass of the members of the senate and house of representatives, the object of learning eaeli member's allilude toward the administration und.ptho Filipino war. K'M.-lliiB Annum tin' Nnlivrs. Fernandez did not hesitate in lull; of the Philippines and the war and feel- Ing among (he natives. "The context in I lie Philippines liad been terrible for .some time lie fore I left Hong Kong." he said, "but notwithstanding thai it will continue if tlie president, refuses to see us or declines the terms we shall offer. If he will only decide on anything that could possibly lie called reasonable, anil will inform the Filipino congress through us. it* representatives in tills country, the Filipinos will lay down llieir arms and the war will be ended within the uexl month or two. Many of the natives ami particularly the army, are dlssatisiied with Aguiualdo. and It was through their efforts that the Filipino congress, without consulting Agninaldo. decided on terms and sent us lien- to lay them before your president. Not SnIUII.-cl with .\Kiilmililii. ''.Much of the success of the army of the Filipinos was won because there was harmony, but since Agninaldo ordered one of his best und most loved generals killed ihe army h:i< not been satisfied with Agninaldo. When 1 left Ilong Kong Aguinaldn was iii M small, fown foiiricen miles north of Manila, ami the reports timt he is con- slaiilly runiiimr away are not so 'I'll-' army has little or no trouble in get ammunition, ami I can name Ml least two countries that will supply tin- Filipino congress with arm-; so long as the war ertminiies " iti:<. A union AS mi'iti.^NAiti.i:. Mountain stroii^hnlil Cittituri'il li.v Amt'i-i- I-IIIIS I'l'Oltl Illl' l-'ilipllidh. Washington, I ice. .'in --The adjutant general lias received a cali.e message from (ieneral Otis telling of the capture of a mountain stronghold beyond Mom Allian. noriheasi of San Maim, formerly supposed lo lie impregnable, rind the capture of many prisoners and it large i|iianilty of arms ;mil ;mimnni- lion. The disjintch is as follows: "Manila. I'ec. - J!i. --Adjutant (ieneral. War Iteparimeiii.. \V:isliington.- -Col ollel l.ockell. with I'eglmeiit, i wo liat tnllons Forty-sixth (Colonel Sehuyleri. one Foriy-lil'ili (Colonel I'oi-sii. niul coinpnny Tweiity-sevenih Infantry, two guns. Capinln \'an lieiisen. attacked enemy (inn slroug on mountain stronghold beyond Mom Albau. north- cast San Malco. Large number killed ami woumled; twenty-four laUen pris oner. 1 -'. Locked captured one cannon, forty rllles. Jii.iliin rounds aniiiimiitloii. 500 |ioumls powder, arsenal fort mentions..nil food supplies ami consldera hlo other property This captured point located on mountain trail, ami formerly supposed to be liiipregmihle. C'if disunities Llenlcii.'inr lOnslow. Klevenlli cavalry, and live enllseil men wounded, iiiosly sll^lit. Privalr- Mat son. Forly-lifth infantry, drowned. InsiirnrnN Iti-lurn In TII\> IIH. Manila. l»ee. .",11. .-The- insurgentN Who evacuated tile coasi towns between Dagnpan and Vlmui. Hcolng to the uiounliilns before the advancing Americans, are reiurnlng In smal hands lo (lie towns the Americans d« Hot occupy. UMTiiri/.iiii; the natives and Chinamen who showed frlciidsliip for Hie Americans. The natives ami Chin amen are seeking the proieclloii of the American garrisons I.IIMII I'liunl Klllnl h\ ii 'I'niln. Washington, 1 tec. Ilti. (icnernl oils at Manila cables ilie war department that First Ucniciiani Kdward II. Taylor. Twelfth Infantry, was run over b.\ a train crossing I lie Agno river near Itiiulisin on the 'Jiitli inst. und died In a few hours, l.leuieminl Taylor was horn in Illinois and was appointed lo the army from Idaho in .lime, ixvi N*'\v I'uliit in I n^n raiit-r. \Vebsler Clly, la., lice. ,'!ii. A new point iii insurance Is Involved In the cast! of the death of (icorgc W. liood rich. Me carried a .V.'.iioo pulley In ilu> A. O. I'. W, Three days before Ills (leaIII his physlelaii was dismissed und Christian Science treatment snbstl tilled. The order refuses to settle nn- lens a physician's pmor <>r death is Ktlbniilled or (he body is disinterred und a povt nioriem held The physician refuse- lo certify. Ohl-Tlmi' Mln»lr< 1 limit. Klulll, Illf., |tee 11(1 .1 W Andrews, the (ilcl-iltiH't "U'liU'i ineioii man" of (he llaverly Mlustrel lompany. died at the ljrin iiKyluni. aged til. ills wife is here The body will l>i> went to C|i| ic»«c niul lie hiiricd by Tnnililr on tin 1 Oliln Rlvi'f. Clncliiuail. Dec. 30. — Klther » suspension of navigation on I lie Ohio river from Plttsbtirg lo Cincinnati or n considerable obstruction from floating lee Is In close prospect. The river la falling from Pittsburg to Louisville, e.vcept lit Point Pleasant, where back water from a dam caused n rise. Tin Hlg Sandy Is closed at Catlcttsburg and at. Portsmouth one-third of the surface of the water is tilled with floating Ice. More Ice will form rap- Idly at til|rht.__ _ riot-curl' HI) tlii'-Kllickli'y Mnrrlcd. San Francisco, Dec. 30. — Florence Hlylhe-Hinckle.v, heiress to several million dollars left her b.v her father, Thomas Hlythe, which were awarded to her lifter protracted litigation, has been quietly married to A. A. Moore. Jr.. deputy attorney general of tills state. l-'iir Di'faiisi 1 ol* FrpiH'li 4.'itn*tM. Paris, Dec. 'M. — The government wll! submit, to the. chamber of deputies at. the beginning of .laiinary a bill providing for liie defenses of the French coasts and colonies and to increase the strength of the Heel. This does not Involve an Increase in the expenditure. The cost of the defense of the coasts and colonies is estimated at, lJ!0,(NNl.- 1100 francs, spread over two and a half years. This sum will be provided for by 50,000.000 francs annually, set aside to pay off certain bonds, and which become free this year by Until repayment. Cold Steel or Death. "There IB but; one small chance lo save your life and that is through au operation," was the awful prospect aet before Mrs. I. B. Hunt, of Lime Kldge, Wia., by her doctor after vainly trying to care her of a frightful case of stomach trouble and yellow jaundice. Be didn't count on the marvellous power of Electric Bitters to cure stomach and liver troubles, but she heard of it, took seven bottles, was wholly cured, avoided surgeon's knife, now weighs more and fee is better than ever. It's positively guaranteed to euro stoniBcb, liver and kidney troubles and never disappoints. Price 50c at E. Marsh's drug store. Neuralgia Hamshed. There la no more severe or stubborn pain than neuralgia. A remedy that will cure It will cure ar.y pain, Dr. G. S. stivers, dentist, Louisville, h'y.,sayh: "My wife suffered over two yoars from very severe neuralgia, which boveral physicians failed to relievo. 1 then gjt Mo' ley's Wonderful Eight, which relieved her In live minutes and soon effected a perninnent cure. Free trial bottles at Fa'H's Pharmacy, Cltj Hall Keep Quiei and uoe 1''B Col'c, and Diarrhoea Remedy for all pains of the stomach and all nnnatura) looseness of the bowels. It always eur< -e For Bale by E. Marnb, S. H. Wyps and Paul's Pnamacy. A Sttttnltlc Wrapper. The can of chocolate which Queen Victoria lias ordered sent to each British soldier In South Africa as a Christinas gift isn't so bad, lint it would be better wrapped In a paid up life insurance policy.- San Francisco Bulletin. Chopped hands, cracked lips and roughness of the skin cured quickly Banner Halve, the mo-it healing ointment in the world. 25c. Sold'by F. Mnr«h, 8 H. W>ns aMi P. H. Paul. What do the Children Urini? Don't give them tenor coffee. Have vou irinri the new food drink nailed Grain O? It Is dellciuUN and i ourlsb: anu taken the place ot ooffeb. The more Orain-O you give the children hn more health \ou distribute through their pysterxiH. Orain-O IB nuide ol pure grains, and wb-^n prop rly prepared tm-tes like the choice rradea ot coifed hut coi-tn Hbmir ene mif »o n.ueh. All grocers sell it. 16c and 25c ( 1 hi>mbprlair)'n Cough Remedy hao. n\ed the liven of thoUHHiiiiMof cruup.v 'bilrlren. I( IN dl-o without HO • qual or i'. id-" HI"! whuoping (vugh For ,.le hv K. Mtr«", S. H. W>BS and •'Mill's PliHr'-'Uf-v Try Gratn-O ! fiy Orain-O ! < s« .M.UV gr"cer t:iil>iy to show you i i nck>«e< t OHA1N-O, the new lood Iri k ibut la^es inn (iluco of t!iiffi-n the i>)indr> 11 inny drick U t< I'houi in ury IIM uel! an (he ncluli. All wlio trv , like it (Irnin O hue I mil rich sen! ir wo of Mi>('h>i <«r JHVH, but it IH innr-e trurn pure uniins, and the most, it licMUi ft'iniHCih >•• (H-iveH it. without, 'inire-H. ) 4 tbo priC!" Of coffee. 15c Mfil 2in per pnc'kng>-. 8(il'l hy all gfl CtTH. Rheumatism uureo m it "Mysiio l.'ure" for ri'fimi-<iiMM und iinilt-'ti. ladleitllv uiiri s in trom cHe to leu d,i\H Its aelmn upon HIH HJ H fin i r niiirhiiiil'* noil invnl eri'iim It •"O •'• i •• Ml Ol c.- i |||i c l/»n i III! c:iH. HHH inn'1-m.iii I' i:i»M'|»»''K Mi" llr"t un-Mlly t»-ii< tit-; 7 -i! 8 .Id hy W. II WVH mill H W. ChuiiitM'iliiin, H, Alton, 111. For HoaiaeneBB, B. IngerHon, of hlutton, 1ml,, naye: lie had uot spoken above a wbiaper >r nioiiMiH, Hint UIIH boule of Koley'u 11 'Hey and Tar ruMored bin voice. It H ii«inl vnr.v Itrgelv by spoiikcira and .ngHrs. Sold by K' Mural), H. H. VjHHiind Paul's l-'hartniicy. Mr. llaruin Norrib, clerk of the drug store ot U. Bhotmwker, Perry, 111,, says: "A niuii catuo Into our store :he oilier day and said, "I want a bot- At> of thut Btutt thni H'VCH obildreu'a IIVUB, 1 read in thn NOWH about it. rtiouhihlron tnay got tfiok wiieu we mn not «et the doctor quiok enough. U'B the merik'int' you aell for croup," He alluded In Uhainborlain's Ouugb Remedy and bought it bottle before be left the store. For sale by K Mumh, 8. H. Wyes and 1'aul's Pbarui. Children lovo to take Morloy's ]/.ttlo Liver I'llla for Jlilinint J'm/)le,, liecauiio thoy at'o HtiKill, look and tuMo like I'undy itiul do iiol gripu nor .sicken them. Sugiir-ci'tito'l. Una a JJotiu. Bold by Bold at Paul's Pharmacy, Ulty Ha qmre. litlltu'imt riiiiiti'tnli* In l.iiiiilnn. London. I lee. .'!'!... The inllueii/.a ei>i- demlc \\ IM ii lias IHMMI rauing In London for the 1,-isi fortnltrht is liclng cs- peclnlly fill by foreigners and a^ed peojile Since .Monday the deaths of nearly IIHI persons aired Tn are report, ed. llfty-lhree aaed Sn. ami eleven over the aiie of '•<'.'• Practically all the America it actors and actresses here have been laid up from a day lo a week. De Wolf Hopper. Kdtin May. Kdward Connelly. Merri Osborno, Nel In Hergc'n, .lames Sullivan, and other." have been sufferers. A Monster Devil Pis.b destroying its victim, is a type of constipation. The power of this murderous malady is felt on organs, and nerves, and muscles and brain. There's no health till its overcome. But Dr. King's New Life Pills are a safe and certain cure. Best in the world for stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels. Only ^ at E. Marsh's drug store. Pains in the chest wnen H person has a cold indicate a tendency toward pneumonia. A piece of flannel dampened with Chamberlain's Pain Balm and bound on to the chest over the seat of pain will promptly relieve the pain and prevent the threatened attack of pneumonia. This same treatment will cure a lame buck in a few hours. Sold by E. Marsh, S. H. Wyes nnd Geo. T. Bartb. t Hits the Spot. Wuen suffering from a severe cold and your throat and Jungs feel sore, take a dose of| .Foley's Honey and Tar, when — |the soreness will be at once w (relieved, a warm, grateful Reeling and healing of the parts affected will be experienced and you will say : "It feela so good. It; hits the spot." It ia guaranteed. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. W.vss and Paul's Pharmacy. Lost. Many hnvp lost confidence and hopr a-) well HH health, becau-e they have rtef-n toM that their Kidney disease wasincurablH Foley's Kidney Ouro H (.tiiHrHiitepd remedy tor t"H dis- iiriid'-d Htid difconcolHt*'. Hold by E. March, rt. H. Wyes am 4 . P. H. Paul's Pharmacv. Rich, KeJ Mmli'y'.s Sarsiparlhii slid Iron not purl- lion yo'ir blood but make* li'-n-, rich, red blood. If you have rkln erupilons, boiU, abscesseB, n: or fic'rofula, or If you have a rundown tired-out tooling, try this remedy and now the piomp- results. 81.00 per bottle. Sold ai I i i.l's rhaircury. city Hall lauare. HI-IHIO'M t;oi c. i.nolera nnd „.. Ri-mMly c-ii iiiwaya be de- .)t A iirit-a upon and IH uo at-atit «tid safe :o ;ake. SnM bv E Marsh, 8. H Wjaa did Qeo. F. B-rth. Walsenbcru. ( i.l.. I fee. •_>!).— \\'. .< Milsnp. a promiiii-iii :-;oeknian. was by I wo men when about in enter I lie Kieili liolel ami was robbed if Si!.'.i ii KM i. The money was mostly n his coal and vest pockets, and those garments were lorn from him. .\o :race of the criminals lias been found. Mr. Milsap was on ills way to Mexico to buv callle. A Night of i error. ",\w<ul anxiety wa« feU for the id.»w nf the brav* (r»neral Burnham of Machine, Me., when MIM doctors said she could no* live till morning." wites Mrs. S. H Lincoln who attend- d her that fearful night. "All thought he jntist coon die from pneumonia, hot she begged for Ur King's New Uiccovery, saj'ing it, had more than once saved her life, and bad cured her of consumption. After three small peB she flppt easily all night, an^ifs further use completely cured her." This mHrvelons medicinn ii guiran t'ri to cure all throat, chest »nd lung nfauea. Onli' 50 oent»and 81 Trial bottles free at E Marsh's drugstore. For broken limbs, chilblains, burns, ctlds, bruised shins, sore throat and Mores of every kind, apply Rallard's Snow Liniment. It will giv« imme- dt-te roJief and hen.1 any wound, eo 25c and 6'0o. For sale by E. Marsh. The person \vr\o nmturhed the congregation last, Sundav by coughlnij, is rpquestf d to call on E. Marsh or H, H. Wyss ind get a bottle of Foley'a Honney and Tar, which always gives relief. Two Hointed Questions Answered. What la the use of making a better article than your competitor it you c»n niu uet B better price for it? AIIH.---AB them IB no difference in thM !>rjr.. the puhlin will buy only the better, BO that (while our profits may be HtiiHller on a single sale they will be much greater j n the aggregate. How can you get the public to know your nijake is the beet? It both articles are brought prom- iiJHDtly before ihe public both are certain to be tried and the public will very quickly PIIBB judgment on them and use only the better one. This explalntt the Inr^e flulo on ('hamberlain's dough Knnr-dy. The people have been nxim; it tor yearn and have fonnd that it (can always be depended upon. They may occaa- iouly take up with some fashionable imv«lly cut turtli svith fXH|ignrnti<d ciKiiiiH. but nre ci-rthin to return to thti OMU remedy tlmtthey know to be reliblc, and ' for cougiiH culitn nnd croup there in nothing equal to ODHIII berlain'H Cough Hcmeday. Hold by K Mnrnh, 8. II Wy«H and 1'uul'H Pharmncy. _ THE NKWH IN URIEP. (Trover Cleveland Is recovering from a severe attack of rheumatism. Nine freight earn on the Santa Ko route went IhroughCajon creek bridge, in California, twelve tulles north of San Uernardino. The cars caught lire and the bridge was burned. llepberg. a small village In the grand duchy of Hadcn, was visited by an eartlKpiake. At Kllliiwood, Kan., Mary Heck, -4'J years old, was found by otic of her four children dead In her rocking- chair, her throat cut and her forehead bruised. It Is thought she killed herself. Lord Salisbury's broken health may lead to his resignation as premier. Tin 1 duke of Devonshire might succeed him. A quarrel between Joint and James Carter, brothers, and Hud Lyncn, a neighbor, at I-'lyun Lick, Tenn.. terminated In Lytieti killing the brothers. Mayor Hays of Baltimore denies that Hall I more city will default upon the Interest of some of ils bonds on .Ian. 1. Mine. TCIVHO Malian, one of the most brilliant stars of the lierm.n operatic slage. is critically 111 at Dresden. Charle-i .1. Durham, an employe of II. M. King, a ranchman, near Arvada. i'ol.. commliied suicide ai Denver by *w:il!owl!i;: corrosive suhllma'c. / t I'l'i-ver Cnl., .v. M. Pin! ei'lon sui'reuili ml to the i! l"e; VCH, Mating '••;" 'ie wa-; wantC'l '.Icr'-er critinty. .I!.,.. •.:;. :• ' " i--'--- '•'.::• lit. How s This. We offer one hundred dollars reward for any case of catarrh that can not be cured by Hall'e Catarrh Cure.—F. J Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O. We the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry oat any obligations made by their flrm.—West & Truax, wholesale druguists, Toledo, O.; Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, wholesale druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Oalarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price 75^ -per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testimonials free. Hall's Familv Pills are the best. Bears the _^/y TtlB Kind You Ha>e Always Bought Signature of In sluggish liver, Herbine, by its beneficial action upon the biliary tracts, renders the bile more fluid,»nd brings the liver into a sound, healthy condition, thereby banishing the sense of drowsiness, lethargy, and the general feeling of apathy which arise from disorders of the liver. Price 60 csnto. For sale by E. Marsh and 8. H Wyss. For Pneumonia. Dr. J C. Bishop, of Agnew, Mich., says: I have used Eoley s Honey and Tar in three very severe cases of pneumonia, the pastmonth, with good results. Sold by E Marsh, 8. H. Wyss and Paul's Pharmacy. Ur. E. Detc^on's Anti-Diuretic May be wortn to yon more than 8100 if you have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water during sleep. Cures old and young a^Dc-s. It arrests the trouble at onoe. 91. Sold by 8. H. WVSB and H.W.Ohamberlnlr, Drugget, Bfi2 Second nr/.-ent. Alton, JIJ. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of <)rofe»»lcmal (ftarba. •*. O. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SUKOKONM nKKK,K in M'Fike Um tun unrt ^HHion HIH. DR. L. M. BOWMAN, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. OFHICE-No. 540 Bust SoconJ «Ucet Office ('phone, IDS) hours: 9 to 10 a. m., 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p. m. Realdenoe ('phone, 188* oof Phlnney nre and Common at. DR. C. B. RHOLAND, DENTIST. V-\~ >li i'<; 9 i. in. to t3 a. m nnd I to n IL I I ISCHARQES OBTAINED IN BANKRUPTCY In Short Time. Yager & Yager, Attorneys sots Belle Street. stomach uit>eaue permanently cured by the manterly | power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It is a cure for I he whole world of stomach weakness and indigestion. Thii cure begins with the first dose. The relief it urlugs is mar* velous and surprising. II nittkes no failure; never disappoints. No mat- tor how long you have suttered, your cure is certain under the use of this great health-giving force. Pleasant ud alwrys eitfe. Bold by 8. 11. Wyxa BUM the ost ef . P* SCHUSSLER.M.f). (10MBOPATHIST iod SUIK"JOi» tl 10 >it ItMUsioa, Telsplnat 11). ^^ j* Tho Kind You liars Always QEO. E WILKINSON, M .D, Hours: 8| U to 12; 2 to 4; 6:30 to 7:80, OFFICE: Cor. Second and Market sU. Kesidenci—Hotel Madiion Phones 305 and aj Alton, III , HAIR OA1.8AM . Jff.mri »n3 fc-tuiiflci llit hi I'lu./u.i.r it luiuilaut itoiith. ilt","! v.,ii H ta U'«t<)r» IlUr <,, Kt Vouthl ' Itit, FURNITURE. 1 When Wanting Furniture call and see us. We can surely please you, Sutler & Dreisoerner 204 West Third st Telephone No 267 GROCERS, 3 >8 Belle street: T. W. BURGESS, Fancy Eating Applon, Florida Oranges, Bnedlosa Orangea, Now Nats, Table Raisins, Honey In Comb and Bottles. Helm's Fancy Mlnoe Mett.ln Bulk, Canned Bplnaoh, Can- nod Asparagus, Pottea Chicken, Strictly pure Maple Sap. N«w Orleans Molasses, Buckwheat, Oysters and Celery, Saratoga Flaicos, Kennedy's Fruit Nougat, Coooanut Macaroons, Marshmallow Walnuts, Marshmallow Creams, Cheese Straws, Milk Biscuit, Ginger Wafers, eto. Telephone 69. Henrv Watson, Contractor and Builder. McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Always] ou hand, Also Dealer In Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Paris Side Tracka Running Into the Quarrie*. Telephone NV. 31. Residence 628 Alby «t. I.-* «. ^ If you read the daily papers yon know something of the number of'prominent men who die of Bright's disease. There are thousands more you never hear about. It is a particularly 'common and fatal complaint. Thousands are afflicted with, Bright's disease who are iti total ignorance of the fact, so little is it understood. Indigestion or any sfomach derangement, inactive liver, etc., burden the kidneys (the great "strainers" of the blood) with a double load. Biliousness follows and the blood becomes poisoned with urea and uric acid, which should be excreted by the kidneys. Foley's Kidney Cure Makes the Kidneys RIGHT Rheumatic pains in the nerves and joints follow and when this condition becomes settled the kidneys themselves become irritated and pains over the small of the back indicate the sure approach of Bright's disease. Physicians will tell you. these are facts. Foley's Kidney Cure is Used by Physicians. Any number of causes tend to bring about these conditions, and the symptoms are many and different. Here are some symptoms which will indicate kidney or bladder trouble of some sort; (it may be gravel, diabetes, Bright's disease, uraemia, nephritis, organic weakness or other ailments.) SYMPTOrtS! Backache, bad digestion, dry mouth, parched or swollen loiiKue, bad breath, headache, nervousness, voracious appetite, weakliest, Uml out leellnK. paleucKS or waxiuess of complexion, wasting of flesh. wollen anklet. dri>l)*iL-al tendency, aching palu over the hips or lumbago, Iwoucu mi«.i». Kedfmeiit or deposit iti the urine, bloody or milky white or highly colored urine, frequent desire to pass uriiir, scanty urine, bad odor of penplra- lion, puffiness under the eyrs, etc. One case ejors not produce allot ...ese «!KIIS of disease. Any one symptom will indicate kidney or bladder disorder ol some kind. Foley's Kidney Cure will cure these afflictions, or will prevent them if taken in time. It is guaranteed to do this (and is, so far as we know, the only unconditionally guaranteed remedy for kidney disease.) Ask your druggist about it to-day, it is pleasant to take. Sold by E. Harsh, S. H. Wyas and P. M. J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Under lakers and timbalmers Second street. Opp. City Hall on II S .' l\,*>, J LUCAS PFEIFFENBERQER Licensed Architect. General Superlnndent and Mechanical Draughtbman. "? 10 n? y P« r fonwl'Wng to obtala Letters P»tent on oew UtoYentloni or Improvomenw , I will eisoute drtwlDRi tnd opeslfloatlooi 10] m»k» application* for pat infeo, ioi Weit Third St., Tblrd Floor.

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