Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 7, 1963 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 7, 1963
Page 13
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE THIRTEEN DAVID CRANE By Gretg Flessel KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andrtoia eiL PROVE ttU PUSHED HER TO HER DEATH, HAZELL. WTTH THE HELP OF A CONFEDERATE/' OKAY/ Alt MOU CAN PROVE IS THAT I WAS 5ERSEAKT/lCJtJST CHECKEP \WHY-THAT HEADQUARTERS/ MRS. FERNOLP ) CRUMMY—ff HAS8KIPPEP...ANPSHETOOK /IF SHE THINKS THE CONTENTS OP HER AND BEFORE WE'RE THROUGH/ I THINK WE'LL PROVE YOU BOTH HAP A HAND IN 'BOOTS" FERNOLD'S MURDER/ SHE CAN LEAVE HOLDING' FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry MAYBE ILL EVEN WIN SOME MICHELANGELOS! OH,MAN! LIFE IS GOOD! WHAT ABOUT THE RIDER'S GROOMS THJ6 IS A WINDFALL. " FLASH. OLD FRIEND! GIVE ME THE J6CKEYS' INSIDE TIPS... AND WE'LL GO HOME WITH ALL THE GOLD IN ITALY! GOOD LUCK IN THE PALIO, FLASH! I'LL BE ROOTING FOR YOU!! WHYD THEY WANT A STRONG MAN TO JOCKEY A HORSE? WHAT'S THIS RACE LIKE? WERE SAYING. JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbins LIKE A MINK COAT WITH JEWELS JUST OOZINS OUT OF A TORN LINING-'THOSE EGGS ARE PRACTICALLY UNPOKN ROYALTY/ YOHf,Wa M , THAT NEST SURE & LQAPEP.' OUR iASLE HAS MORE TO 6UARP THAN 6HE NOW WE SURE HAVE A MOTIVE FOR. KANE 5UMPINSTHAT6UIPE, SNAP./ THEY PROBABLY FOUNP THAT NEST TOSETHEK,,, WHICH ASH& UP TO MURPER.,,, BUT PDESN'T PROVE IT/ ANPHOW PIP THAT MINK SET THERE? LOOKS LIKE OUR SEARCH \S JUST STARTIN&. HAZ.' THE SMITH FAMDLY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith PICK. UP VX>s CVJCTO4H55,, co SIB BAGBY By R. and B. Hackney SORRY ABOUT THIS NO THANKS- TO BE AT J ID RATHER A 810 /BE HOME PARTyfX BED BUT WE'RE TIGHT PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates THOUGHTS/ COGSWORTH.', . tit ATHINK MACHINE, SOIOFFERVOU HE NOT ONLY HASALOUSV SENSE OF HUMOR, HE OBVIOUSLY NEVER HEARD OF INFLATION 9-7 DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney AUAX PIG FARM you said ft! . ..but why T 'CANARY Explorers from Northern Africa discovered a group of islands about 40 miles off fhe coast, and because of fhe large, ferocious dogs found there, named the islands "Canar/a" from "can)*" (dog). Known to the English as fhe Canary Islands, they a/so harbored a number of bright yellow, thrill'Voicod songbirds, 9-7 By A. LEOKUM Why Do Different Races Have Different Colors? Win The 15 - Volume Britannica Junior Encyclopedia for school and home. Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Fred Brohner, 9, Phoenix, Arizona. As you know, the question of "color" and people's attitudes toward persons of a different color is very much in the news now. There is a great deal of strong feeling and opinion on this subject. What we are discussing here nowever, is only what science has to tell us about the different races and about color. The word "race" is a biologi- |cal term. It is a way of setting groups of people apart according to differences in anatomy. From this point of view, there are really no fundamental differences among the races. In all essential features, mankind is one. The biblical story of the common origins of the human race has not been contradicted by a modern scientific discovery. The differences that set races apart are considered minor and secondary by scientists, and they include such things as shape of skull, form of nose, texture of the hair on the head, the amount of hair on the body, and the color of the skin. The differences that are most commonly used to classify races are the texture of the head, hair and the color of the skin. Actually, of these two, a clearer line of decision can be made based on the hair than on the skin. If we use the color of the skin as a basis, it is 'possible to establish three similar primary races. People with the whitest skin are called Nordics and are found in northern Europe, people with the blackest skin lived in west Africa, and people in southeast Asia are distinguished by yellowish tan. According to chemical research, the different shades oi skin are due to the amount oi two chemicals in the skin. One is melanin, which darkens it, and the other is carotene, which gives it a yellowish color. If the color of the skin is a result of different amounts of certain chemicals being present, what does this have to do with differences in mental ability among races? According to scientists, the color of skin of different races has nothing to do with mental ability. According to them, all the great civilizations originated with people who might be considered "colored", as did all the great religions! FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. When is a car not an automobile? 2. Who can raise things without lifting them? 3. Why was Adam's first day long? Answers 1. When it turns into a garage. 2. A farmer. 3. Because it had no Eve. WHY WE SAY IT We're used to having all sorts of "slogans" shouted at us in advertising. The word "slogan" goes back to the Gaelic word "slaugh- gairm". In Gaelic, "slaugh" meant "army" and "gairm" meant "yell". So a "slaugh- gairm" was the army yell or war cry of a clan. No wonder some advertising slogans today seem to be shouted like war cries! Answer to yesterday's Puzzle Box: 5 canes at ten cents, 1 lollipop at three cents, and 94 gumdrops for forty - seven cents. Win the Britannica World Atlas or Yearbook of Events. Send your riddles, jokes to: Riddles, Jokes, "Tell Me Why!" Today's winner is: Debbie Cogliandro, 11, San Jose, Calif. Test your knowledge of the news with the Weekly News Quiz... every Tuesday in the Telegraph! BIO BEN BOLT YOU ARE ©ADDING ABOUT THIS ROOM LIKE" A MOTHER HEM, MARTHA. DOSITDCWN.AMDREtY WON'T BE HOME FOR HOURS. OUR ANDY'S FlRST&M AT " SCHOOL. T CAM OUST PICTURE .THE DEAR 6OY AT THIS". By John Cnllen Marphy WEUL/TCOULP ) p ABOUT ~ WHAT BEN* TIL TEU.'EM-fHBTWTM. BETTER LITTLE EVE By Jolita RIVETS By George Sixta THE BERRYS By Carl Gmbert Bjwilota. Beg. VS. IVE ONLV GOT 5 MINUTES AND MY BEST TIME TO j— THE DEPOT IS 7 MINUTES OHWEUU-. DONT THINK I COULDVE BUT I MIGHT MAKE MY SOUon FLIES/ HENRY By Carl Anderson CHAMPIONSHIP TEWNIS XMATCHES TODAY TRUDY © King Fcuum Sjndicut, Inc., WJ, W«kl l "If you powder your nose by 7:15 we can see the newsreel, if you comb your hair by 7:35 we can see the cartoon, if you get your dress on by 7:50 we can see the co-feature, if you get your coat on by 9:15 we can see the main feature, if..." fikfStaeyfr True Life Adventures MINERAL- MENAGERIE A MQOt? PASH10MS A STONE3. . _. •BY T7KQF, A CAT IS MOi-t?EP' IN A KENTUCKY CROSSWORD By Eugene Sbeffer\ IS '8 •2JS 43 -W» "so" 22. 47 27 SI S<f 17 39 •23 52T 10 21 29 II 4s; HORIZONTAL 1. lyric poem 4. contend 8. box 12. buddy 13. and Eve 14. had on 15. blackbird 16. decay 17. metal disk 18. more Indolent tO. male sheep 21. therefore 22. perform 23. subject 25. paving block 27. cavern 28. loiter 31. enzyme 82. The Creator 83. epoch 34. joined 85.1s indebted 36. ostentation 87. asylum 89. drinking vessel 40. symbol for aluminum 42. nourished 43. meal 46. lowest point 48. animal's skin 49. also 60. always 61. wither 52. steal 53. diminish 64. affirmatives 55. some VERTICAL 1. precious gem 2. actor: —Andrews 8. Miss Taylor 4. printer's mark 6. smell 6. caress 7. printer's measure 8. pundit 9. cooking vessel Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 9-7 10. god of war 11. city In Nevada 17. journal 19. frozen dessert 20. rambles 23. captured 24. a queen of Egypt 25. motor part 26. employ 27. cried, a* a crow 29. fortify 30. breach 32. trans. porter 36. young dog 38. aflame 39. wraps 40. over again 41. fluid rook 43. discourteous 44. promptly 45. decorativ* Jug 47. lair 48. actress: Bainter Avenge (Into «( •wintlun: IS mlaute*. 61. note la <© 1963. Kins Features Synd, Inc.) ecala ORyPTOQUlPS OFJJHO BHWXPHO O t L M ULJH XL W B H K U L J H Cryptoqulpj COP CHECKING PARK METER TICKETS MOTHER'S CAR. PF JQT B Q K K H MT.

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