Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 4, 1900 · Page 5
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1900
Page 5
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ALTON WEEKLY TELEGRAPH, THURSDAY JAN. 4, 1900. ^^F^^r^^r ^^ ^ ^ — proung Bids I How easy it is for young hirls to go into the' 'decline, [they eat less and less, become jalcr and paler and can , narldy drag through the day. IThey are on the steady down- iward course. Iron does them I no good; strychnine and bit- [ters all fail. They need a food I that will nourish them better, land a medicine that will cor- (rect their disease. Scott's Emulsion I Is both of these, elegantly and permanently combined. The Cod-Llver Oil makes the blood richer, and 1 this gives better color to the face. [The hypophosphites of lime and [soda act as a strong tonic to the nerves. Soon the weight increases, | the digestion improves and health f returns. At all druggists; soc. and JSi.oo. SCOTT & 130WNE, Chemists. New York. iLLKD DAILY. Advices from Lady smith Up to Dec. 22. TOTAL CASUALTIES HIXt'E SIEHE. HA1.KS A CONKFIIKNCK MAN, They l'»i)t I'p Si-vi'iily Mnn K|||<M| anil «:)() Woniiilnil — I'li-nly i)l I'nn Inline In tilt- Town — Uoi'r* Mount n Nun' HOM H/IT 1111 Miirprl«» Hill In I'lni'ii 'nf tin- Our ( npt- u red DnrliiK n Sorllii by Hut Hrltl«li — No Sign ol' Iliti-rn A-iMlllllliiic Hie Tmvn. Cnpo Town. Deo. ail. — A illspalch ffoin (.'rnilock rciioi-tH licnvy Ui-lug in llic illi'ccllon of Stonnlici'n. It Is supposed this is connocli'd \vitlii (it'iiiTiil lilltlK'I'u's Illtl'lllpt to I'MlpCU (-111111111111- Icailon with Ihe Itulwo K«prn*ontlHg 21) fln<t-oUni«Unsur- «no« CompHnlen. lid oflfl lie s ireeis over low BGRK KOR ? |m«llfarm,of about '<\ acres, with 5-roora Kise tnoarly nowl. Orchaid, with Hue small ilt. Price $2,000. 3 mllei from Alton, t-room dwellice; good lot, withfine shade fees. Two blocks from car line. Price S80J i-room dwelling on Kldge at. Price $1200. K 0-room dwolllnft In Middlotown. Lot 120x U foet. Price S1700,. ffwoKOOd lots corner 10th and Easton sts. K'ew l-rooii dwelling on Main at. Price $10flO (mm flna lots In Atkinson pUv e on Mam st. ^ot with building; on good business »treet, > two story frame dwelling with nix rooms • Bluff street west of State. •A 5 room dwelling with lot (routine 80 feet on Vigdon street, near Eighth. jThe new 'dwelling of L. W. Davis on State •reel -vtth 8 rooma and bath. Heated with •mace. Paved Btraet. Connection with sower. The Or Hardy property corner 6th aad Alo> •>,. Lot 120x120 feet with 2 dwelling. iTho residence ot Geo. Klrsch on Belle utrnot; •ooms and bath room: In good repair. •The 10-room residence of d. H. Nlohols ot kngdopst. Lot 70H20 feet. A Qne location. lAnne 8-room dwelll-i* (nearly new) with bath lorn; heated by furnaoe; In Mlddletown ; of David Doyle on Bluff tweet and sewers no grading, •A fine &-room brlolt dwelling, heated with am. Lot 120x120 1 eet i fine fruit; half block Prowl jstreot with rooms. Heath with furnao*. Lot W teet on osoeot street. |A fine pioperty on thenortn side o£ Seojnd Ireet, weBt of Langdou street. •An 8-room dwelling with lot 120H20 reeti nne lull Hue of the Onlat looatlon In Middle Alton |A 9-room dwelling with about IV» »ore» o£ round. Fine fruit and shade treet a olooks •rom oar Hue In Upper Alton. •Several flue lott on B«Ue street between ibtta iThe fine dc-ible dwelling of Mr. R. Garaung, leated by steam with modern improvement". IA -ery desirable S-room brlok dwelling, «ia |ell« street, wltu all modern Improvements, I The Plasa Foundry, everything complete, 1J- ludlng lu lots j switch oonneotlon with C. 4 A. lAfton Novelty Mtg. Co. property on ad itreet, d tt d ne?o\i 0 mH'.gtaandP.rt, . M h 70by»bo« • f Aftt I A icood 8-room dwelling on Second i treet. ite double brlok dwelling worner Thlrt »nd llby eweeti, one ot the flnert looatloni In Alton „ KUOO 7-room dwelUngi good lot wx4 nne [!s er Jw?e'n room dwelling in Upper Alton.igood I A n>od lot OOxlo feet on Kaiton itjeet. . I A *nod brtok dwelling with Mloti In Middle- |wn. Convenient to motor Fine location, A r VK.'S3&«» ot Albert •WjdeonBeU. u, with 10 rooms and flnlthed attlo, bath Adwaauroomi. Good cellar. GMapdifaterj Kabie mi) carriage houie, Lot U t««t oont. 1 Abioom dwelling with 2 good lots on Fifth I let", east of Ridge street. Price, »1.900. I A good 8 room brlok dwelling with a lotion J I' K ood'room dwelling wltb tut rtTerrUw, |eai«d by hot water. v RUNT. I B- room dwelling with bath room on belle st, I New store roooi and two i-room tenameati kllh balh room; and street near Cherry I For Sale or Rent. Topping homestead, cor. llth and Easton sis, leatcd by furnace, bath room, lot 120x120 feet. frlce$4,o(Ki. Terms easy. i N. KKIHOLD ,s KKJBOI.lJ SKIBOLl) BROS., -ivery, Feed and Boarding Stables. Rubber Tired Carnages, Traps and Kmest Smyle Unvcrs. Wunn stable. Open Day and Night. jStubl,- No. Ul west 4th Bts. - Alton, 111, i, DIM.'. 30. — The wnr olll<-(! lias i-ecelved the following dlspnlcli: "Capo Town, Dec. 28. — The Indwe colliery line Is now working iifrnin," London, Dec. o().--The following lias iieen rocelveil~l'i'(ini~ I'letei-iiiin-ltx.- hurt;, under date of Dec. 27: "A dispatch from l.iid.vsinlth, dated Dec. '2'2, nays: 'The Itoerw have mounted another howltwr on Surprise hill, replacing the Rim caplured in the. sortie of the. rifle brigade. While they wnlch us nightly willi a searchlight and liom- liard the place daily, they show no signs of assanlling Ihe lown. They probably think they can starve us out. lint we have plenty of provisions. Tin? total casualties since! the siege begun are seventy men killed and 'J:!li wounded.' " KntliiiftfttMiu Among TroujiM. Dispatches from all parts of South Africa emphasi/.o the great enthusiasm among the troops and public occasioned by Hie appointment of (ieneral Itoberls and Kitchener. The announcement Unit the former will have supreme command anil thai the hitler will be chief of staff lias largely dispelled Ihe depression in (ape Colony caused by Ihe recent reverses., while ihe soldiers anticipate everything from the presence of "Hubs." from success in li.-iMIe to Cnper beer. Advices from Cape Town, dated Dec. 'J-l. s:iy an investigation shows thai the reported disaffection among the Dutch in Victoria west district has been overdrawn. The farmers, it is pointed out.. are mostly land owners and will not risk the loss of their farms by rising. l-'riM- Sillier- Kellise lit l-'iglil. A dispatch from Koreir/.o Marques, dated Dec. 'j;!. says a curious story is current, emanating from Boer sources. that Matt Steyn. brother of the president of the Orange Free State, and SOD l-'ree Staters have definitely refused to continue the war. Malt Su-yn. acting as spokesman of the party, is reported to have told the ('president reported to have told the president that he was only anthorlx.ed to intervene in the interest of peace, and that the burghers did not feel they were bound by his "unwarranted conduct," especially as they ran the risk of confiscation of their property, and they simply desired to be permitted to farm in peace and proposed to Immediately return to their farms. linden -To well's I'rix-luiimtloit. The text of Colonel H;|den-T'owoirs proclamation to the burghers besieging Mafeking. the gist of which has already been cabled, comes from Lorenzo .Maniues. After asserting that Ihe republics cannot hope for foreign intervention, and pretending to relate t^e exact attitude of all European powers, including Kiuperor William, who, the colonel says, "fully sympathizes with Knglaml." Haden-l'owell makes the extraordinary statement that "I ho American government has warned the others of her Intention to side with England should any of them Interfere." ^ Klve Men To Be <in ri-iili-rt. San .Juan, Puerto Illeo, Dec. .'50.— Five men have been sentenced to be gnrroted by the supreme court at Ponce. Twenty men, armed with gnus and machetes, robbed- a house at Yauco, province of Ponce, and murdered a man mimed I'nnlenclo Mende/., a year ago. They also danced around Ihe body with his daughters, who were under compulsion. Seven of Ihe men were caught, but subsequently one of these escaped and one died In Jail. CIlltlllN 111' (ilMII- MllllllKfM'H, Des Molnes. la.. Dec. :io. — The Gear managers in ihe senatorial fighl here have lssiir/1 an otlicial statement, in which they claim seventy-six voles In the Joint caucus. Klfiy-nlnc votes will nominate The statement says live members this week have declared themselves for lloweii, the Hear candl- daie for speaker, in addition to ihose who took positions last week in favor of liear and llowen. I'lre ut.liii-.'llimlMii, In. HiirinuiHii. la.. Dee :io..- -The building and ciinienl- of the lllklen- Will/rr. vi'liule-ale grocery, were de.» ,!\c.l by lii e. i-i'';.-iilin,i.» ;i loss of .SI.'iO,- (inn.' Tin- in .nr.-ince is alioul $ti."i,iiilii. The linn i- well known throughout Iowa. Illinois mid Missouri. The in- icnse '-old pieveiiled the lireinen from doing effecllvc work. The origin of the lire is iinkimwii. _ To A in n *i' Hie l.iii-rUiHi at GUII in. Washliigioii. Dec. :!U.--ln answer to Its appeal for cdiil i iluillons of books and papers for '.he garrison nt (inam the navy depnrimcin lias received K'js books. :!.'_'1V magli/incs. '_' IIS Illustrated weekly papers, sevenn I wo sets of dominoes, sevenly-l wo set- i«f checkers and M'voni.v-iwo -els of alphabet blocks, Ihe hlsl In be Used In leach the \U. * . NIXON o-oo Architect, Superintendent Specifications (or Work Accurately Farniabed. ew 4/70A SAVItiOS HANK Itci •rnlllui: It .-iiili-/.tini« ill ( li' \ViishiiiKinii. I'' 1 ''- - 1 '". -The pnriiiii'iil lius ih-chli'il in u|»'ii i iiiK ri'iuli'i'.vniis nl t'li-vi'liiiiil. (•(ll'lllllll.'l 1 W'llll H« |llllli',V "f mm I'riiiii tin- inii'i'ini 1 M» r.n lilf. Mi'Hli'iiiini If. 1.. Itii-M'll phiccd In rlmi'uc "f Hi' 1 iillli-i' laud, \vllli .Mcilli-nl liispi'«-ii Slinons mill Afliny \Viirniin .1. 1,. KiiiK IIH hi" n^Kisinii Iliulmnil iiiul »'Hi- lii'. i'! , Inil.. I"' 1 • ;;!l iiiuii' (h-iiths ot'C'urrt'il in I'H.i-: llliK ('OUlll.V, Of Illllli Irll-lilli^.-i. I ]•'. I.OIIB niul wll'o wen 1 i In- vii'i 'I'lio dotitlis nccurriHl within » hours of OHO!) other. Thdr KHII \« lying ut thu point of de-all). MUM lti'tiii'iiilim-» n Kninlly In- I'llli'lll iln*| hi Thin*. ChlciiKO, Hoc. ,'!(».—II. H. Kunk, a collector' for a iiiiinul'iicturliiK ooiiccrn llvliifj In Athens, Mich., narrowly escaped holmr swindled by S. Sliiiinotuta, an alleged eonlldence man. Ho did- covered the schoine In time to avoid pecuniary loss and had the man nr- rested, lie told Ills experience to .Ins:- tlce Martin at the Harrison street police station laier. "It was on Stale street. Mr. .ludfa'." silitl the man from Mlchiiian. "1 was on my way to the depot to jjo home and this man came up and asked ino if my inline was I-'lnk. I said that it was noi. Inn that ho had come pretty close to ll. I told him that my name was I-'unU, and then he asked mo if 1 was not from Michigan. 1 said 1 was. and then he asked me If I knew Kd \Vaternnm from our town. I said 1 did. He said he was Waterman's brother and told me ho was .lust re- inrnlnn from the Klondike, where he had mtido a fortune In noli! mines. "He showed me a little (.'old nunfret. and asked' me to no to a saloon, as ho wanted to send a lump of gold back to his brother by mo. I was about to jio with him. when I remembered that Kd Waterman never had a brother. I was on my gmird after that, and stood talking until a policeman camo alone-" The ehartro against Slmmonds was changed to vagrancy and the hearing continued until .Ian. 5. MASKKI) KOKUKK KILLED. Hi- mill Annlliur Mini AUi-iiiptoil t» llnlil l : |i a Sli-t-i-l Car. Seattle. Wash.. Dec. Ho.—Two masked men held up a Kallanl street carat 11 o'clock at night. There wore eight passengers aboard and a regular fusillade of shots was fired. One of Ihe passengers named IMImpton, inside ihe car. opened lire on the highwayman entering from the rear ami three shots were returned. One broke Plimpton's arm and the oilier entered his breast. A stranger standing ou the from, olid of the car which was first boarded cried out: "Look out. I am laying for them." and lircd. At the tirst shni the robber mi the front reeled from the car and Hod to tin- woods. After I ho firing on the roar end ceased the second robber look to 'ho woods. Hullo'.s passed through tin- clothing of two other passengers. The robbers secured noihiiiK. Shortly after midnight the police found near the scene of the car held up the body of one of ihe two robbers. lie had boon almost instantly killed by a bullet from a passenger's pistol. The body is still 'unidentified. Itnnk i-mitrr Snrri'iiilrrs. New York. Hoc. :!u.—Lewis K. Goldsmith, assistant cashier of ihe Tort .lervis National bank of Port .lervis. N. Y.. who is alleged lo'have robbed that institution of S."i4.(lon on Nov. M last, and also to have fasiliod the bank's books, has surrendered himself to I'liiled Stales Marshal Honhel in this city. Goldsmith left Port .lervis four days before a warrant was issued for his arrest, and he has since boon a fugitive. His left arm wns in a sling, and he said iliat he had fallen off a train and broken his collarbone. Ho waived examination and was held in $10.000 bail for the grand jury Fur ItMiitp of l-'orl Wa.vm-. Misliawaka. Ind., Hoc. lit,. -The roc- tors and consullors of the (boceso of Fort Wayne have submitted to Home as candidates for the bishopric the names of the following: The Hov. .lohn Sohoenliofr. 1). I)., rector of St. Lawrence church. Price Hill: the IJov. John H. Guendling of l-'orl Wayne, and the l!ev. I-'. A. O'Hrien of Kahuna- 7.00. Mich. Dr. Schoenhoft is believed to bo the loading nominee. He was graduated from the American college at Uomo, whore he received a doctor's lint. He was ordained priest in ISTu and Is fid years old. Dcnlh iifTliiiinuN MarKi-llar. Philadelphia. Dec. .",0.—Thomas MacKollar. senior ml'inber of Ihe firm of MacKellar. Smith & Jordan, type- founders, is dead of pneumonia at hi.> homo in Gornmntown. Mr. MacKol lar, who was a printer, poet and author, was born In Now York Aug. 1-. 1S12. At the age of 1-1 years he was given employment lu the ollico of Hi" Now York Spy and Inter in the pulilNh- ing house of '.I. & .1. Harper. He nxe In business till ho became a partner in tiie typo foundry of MacKell.ii'. Smith & Jordan. Mi-». Wooilliiir.v I'lnril $">O. Hoslon, Doc. :{0.—Judge Kraley. In the superior court equity session, found Ihe plaintiff In the $li.">0.000 libel suit of Mrs. Josephine C. Wtiodbury vs. Mrs. Mary Maker (i. Kddy guilty of contempt of court as charged against her in the defendant's pMitiou in causing certain articles to be published In cerinin newspapers concerning the issues in Ihe case and calculated to iibMrnel the course of Justice In the trial of the case, She was lined J.'iii. Mi-". Woodbury paid the line. Mini IIU Will- lor a Iliii-Klar. Now York, Dec. HO.—Alfred Morrison, a urol'essor of languages, mistook his wife for a burglar during the night and shot her. al their home in Mount Vermin. N Y. The bullet cir- it-red her left shoulder and is lodged near the lung. She i* In a critical con ditioii a-*d may die, Mrs. Morrison excused nor husband from nil lihiinc. lie is almost insane from grief. Mrs. Morrison's baby was sick al night and she arose to gel the child snim- modi due Itiii-iu-il I p iK'.ooo In t aMi. llra/ll. Ind.. Dec :;o. I'oior A. KCI-- nody, a loading farmer, discovered his relatives wore takinu stops to have \.i-~ menial cimdb ion ini|iilrcd Into lie al once came In Ihi* clly and drew s;,.i inn mil nl' tin 1 Kir>i Nailnmil bank. When ho wn- adjudged in«ano a few days agu the money conhl not be found. Now Kennedy has Informod his relatives ilnii ho bnrnod the money \\lien he drew ll from the lianU He is now sick and In a critical condition Alliii'iiiy lli-,'1'11 IIIMIIII-. Chicago, Dec. .'in. .losiali II. Itissoll. atiornc.v and author of Hissell's Law Uepurts. was ndjiidged Insane bj .Itidgo Joiicbi and a jury at the Insane cuiiii and soni to the Klgln asylum for ti'calmeni. Dr. W. Jl. llnntci», county phyHleian. said Mr. Hissell was Hulforing from a chronic mania from which ho might obtain temporary relief In u short lime, BAD RAILWAY Two Trains Crash Together at Brighton, Colo. TEKKIFIC FORCE OF THE IMPACT. Curs Ti!li-»i'<i|>i'il, l>cralli-il mid Deviinrril by Flumes—HiiKK"K''>i>'lli on Ihn C'hcy- I'lllie Ti-ulll tint Only I'l-rmin Klllml, but a NimiliiT \Von- Iiijni-eil—The AVottnili-il Tllki'll tn Oi-nvi'i- mill riuird In HiiApl- tnl*—Illnnif for Aicldi'iit Nut Yrt l-'lxeil. Douvei', Dec. :to.—The Che.Vonno Hy- ur ou the Union Paclliorailrouderashod Into the Moulder Valley trnlii nt Mrlghton, Colo., nt 0 o'clock In the morning. One luan was killed unil eleven persons wore Injured, us fur as known, as follows: Killed—William Handleimin. baggageman on Cheyiniuo train. Injured: Pnscngors on Honl- der Valley train—K. W. Tompklns, traveling mini, Kansas City; I 1 '. V. Davis, traveler for Nash-Smith Tea and Coffee company. Denver: .lolm I'iiyni'. HouMor; S. (J. Hurst, bunker, Mrightou; Mrs. Margaret (i. Yonug. Section men oil (lie Moulder Valley iraln: .lolm Mi-Govern, foreman, Denver, serious; .lames foreman's brother, .serious; John Hiogan, foreman: .lolm Corvington. laborer: .lolm Kennedy, laborer; John Flnnnory. laborer. \Vn* 1.11 In 1-rnvlllir DI-IIVI-I-. The Moulder Valley train left Deliver a little lain and. as usual, stopped at Mvighton, which Is the Junction for the Moulder Valley line from the main line to Cheyenne. It was here that Manker JIurst of Urighton not on the train, just before the collision. The Cheyenne flyer. 1'niou 1'acilic train No. .'). also left Denver lute and In coin I UK into Brighton in the early morning dusk, ran into the rear end of the Boulder Valley train, telescoping two or three cars and derailing the passenger locomotive. The section gangs from the Denver yards and half a dozen passengers occupied ihe Moulder train. Two cars nil ihe flyer were burned. Mrs. Young was in the chair car with six children. None of the children were hurt. IMi.vMi-iails Hurry tu tin-Srt-iii'. Superintendent Dcuel went out on a special train from Denver with Drs. Lemon and Taylor. They found all the wounded at Ihe Mrightoii hotel, being cared for by the citi/.ens. The Brighton hose company was pouring water on the bla/.ing baggage car and had discovered the remains of Ihe dead baggageman. The wounded wore brought to Denver about, noon and taken to hospitals. Superintendent Deuel says lie cannot understand why the Moulder train was not on the side' track. It had twenty minutes to clear the Chcyi line Hyer. The Boulder train consisted of fourteen loaded freight cars and a heavy caboose. Engine No. Rl">. the big machine 1 hauling the llyer. lies out on the prairie, a total wreck, an evidence of how hard the crash was. Cra/rcl liy I lie Accident. Conductor Mr-Allistcr of the Boulder Valley train was crassed by the accident, lie attempted to Jump Into the burning wreckage and had tn be forcibly restrained. Uemarkable fortitude was shown by Fred T/aws. brakeman on the Boulder Valley train. He was making a coupling near the head of the train when the collision occurred. He was thrown down and a wheel ran upon his leg. pinning him down. His cries for help were not heard, and he drew a knife from his pockei. cut off his leg and crawled from under tin- car. Ills recovery is doubtful. FATAL <OI,LISION IN OHIO. Iti-iiki-iiiaii <iiMir|{p Warner 1» ' Killed mid • Oilier Trainmen Injured. Columbus. O.. Dec. ltd.—A war-end collision on the Columbus. Sandusky and Hocking railroad east of this city resulted in the death of Mrakeman George Warner and the severe injury of Engineer T. .1. Schaeffer. Brakeman AV.'liter M. Camp and Fireman Fred Irey. As a result of the collision an engine was reduced to scrap, a caboose and a coal car overturned and burned. The trains were headed west, the firsl one having been divided into sections to go over a heavy grade. The second train dashed Into the second section of the first train while it was standing cm the main track. The blame has not been lixed. Warner was crushed in the caboose. liraki-N Iti-l'ilM-il In Work, ('leu-land. O., Dec. :!n.—A street car on tin- 1'carl street line of the Big Consolidated ran into a freight train on the NIcUcM'late railway and was demolished. Molormau Slillson and four passengers were badly injured. The accident was caused by Hie failure of the brakes on I lie si reel car to work. Eleven passengers miraculously' escaped, with slight injuries and nervous shocks. A-l>li\ xhXeil In n Tunnel, lliiiloii. W. Vu.. Dec. :!ii.—Chesapeake and Ohio Engineer John Wise of Cliflou Forge, Va.. was asphyxiated in a tunnel here. Two other iralnmeii with him may die. Itllli'il hy ll Mud l>»u. Chicago, Dec. MII. A supposed mail dog attacked Frank I'oiirville. .". years old, while in front of ihe residence of his parent*. -ITo \\Vst Thiny eiglnh street, fearing ihe child's chillies :md lilting his check I'ali'iiliiian David (llsnii and Lieutenant Itlchard Mnmv of the Itrigliion I'ark station ilieii fotighl a lianle with the dim. The animal inn- ihe pnl'ioomon's unU'iinns, bill llll.'lll.X was killed. I.IIJ'K Trtmlile In |iii\\li-l«in. Chicago, Dec. ;:n. Edmir A. Congdon. ,'i.YJ."> Itlludes incline, fold Jllsliee Hall Hull his home had been ruined by his wil'e's persistent lldherelice In Dowlcisin. lie had been urn-sled charged willi threaieiilng her. lie slnled thai his wife luid mallrcalcd him since she Joined /inn anil finally had refused t<> cook his meals. The case was continued a week. 4'undllInn nl Holiind Itcrd, New York. Dee. lill. Roland Herd, who several days 111:0 underwent a surgical operalinii at SI. Luke's hospi tal, Is reported In lie resting iiw com- t'oi'tilhl.V UK eould lie expected, lie In Kuft'eriiij; but liltle pain and Is no WOl'SO. DlnnntroiiK 1'rnlrlr l''lri), Wllmot. S. D., Dec. 2!). -News hns been received here of a disastrous prairie lire four miles north of here which destroyed the large house and barn of William Nagle, a barn and MO bushels of wheal and 800 bushels of oats, farm machinery, etc., belonging to John Iliglcrt. several Indian buildings and about l.oiK) tons of hay belonging to farmers. The loss of the hay is most serious as feed was already scarce and it was depended on to winter the stock. The lire started from sparks from a. burning barn belonging to Horace Grooloy.,an Indian. Will Not Ui-eiiiciil/.i-'* Taylor'* Appolnti-es Frankfort. Ky.. Dee. 2!).—Samuel Shackelford. clerk of the court of appeals, whose duly ll Is under the election law to administer the oath of office to members of the board of elections, announces I hat he will not recognize the appointees of Governor Taylor. Messrs. Mackey and Cochran. Messrs, royntx. and Fulton will elect a third member of the board in place of Ellis, resigned. II has not yet been determined how the matter will be brought before the courts, but such a procedure Is Inevitable. !''lr«*at Inillntia|iollN. Indianapolis, Dec. 'JO.—The Hirer-story building In Ihe north side of Washington street, between Meridian and Illinois streets, occupied by Mros- nau Mros.. dry goods, was gutted by lire early in the morning. The firm loses about $ii."i.OfiO. two-thirds of which is covered by Insurance. The building was owned by Edward Schurmanti and was damaged several thousand dollars. Children Hurt in mi Arrlili'iil. Wilmington, Del., Dec. U!).—As the children of the Union Methodist Episcopal Sunday school were filing ou the platform preparatory to a Christmas t-ulert.llnment the platform broke and about seventy-live children were dropped to the floor ten feet below. Five of the children wen,- seriously injured and about a dozen sustained slight bruises. STUBBORN OLDS .'. .stubborn t-okl is easily taken; it •;; -Uf. in some people all winter and vi t-y 'ifteii develops into bronchitis or cnusumption. You should cure a cold )>r<>m;>tfy by taking Dr. Bull's Cough ^yi'up. Thib jelebrated remedy is ac- l;iio\vlcd(;-ed to be most efficient and reliable for nil affections of the throat ;.:id la.igs. It cures a cold at once. ..ugh Syrup Promptly cures Stubborn Colds. Ii.i-.-s MIC .-mall mill pleasant to take. Doctors n.-i:uiiiiueud it. I'ricc Js cts. At all druggists. 5 hurtleti School oi MUSIC AND ART. UPPER ALTOK, ILL. W. D. ARMSTRONG. Director. First term begins September 22d, 1898. For course In Instrumental and Vocal Muslo, Elocu- loa and painting. Send for Catalogue. CtULLACOMBE & KENNEDY 208 STATE STREET fleial attention given to jobbing and re- wnrit, Telephone No. 2764. Alton Conservator} 123 East Second St., Alton, Ninth Year. Second Term. Sept, Miss Adelaide Kalkman, Miss Alice E. Marsh, Voice Culture and Sight singing. WISH Agnes Gray, violin. Miss Klorence Wblpple, Stenography and TvpowrltlnK. Miss Agatha Murphy, Rpeolal Studies. Well equipped with library and apparatus. The Conservatory Is an Alton Institution. Send for Catalogue. K. C. MILLS, Director. DR. MOTTS They overcome WVuKii'-s-.. l retjuiurity uiii' O'ln^sion-. ii, i-reaso vluor uni' b'n.'sli 'ininr' of nii'iiHtruutlon." Tin y .IP "Life Savers' nt wi.iniinliooi 1 , nul'iij . N. 1 knoM'n ji'iniuly for \v,niirii ,-uvi. i i C'lrnol ilo Imrin llfi- l'i ..... Wf " ]•'••••>• * ..... i hnr I )• niHll. i:f-Niilill.v ilnivi-i-u iii." 1 ' T'S HNf Minfll CO.. Clevhlmiii. 'Jin - «a K hv R H. WVH" DO YOU GET UP WITH A LAME BACK ? i 'CHIOHCSTtn'S ENGLISH ENNYRpYAL PLLS _/f~s. UrlvTmil •ml Oiil/ fltnulnf. -u»rv. u .u.> A iS,j ir) .|i,M« l.udlo. »»k liiu«rlii " rUHillKSTKK'S KNGLIHH 1IKII •"'! l'»lil wi»'ll'' t " 1 " 1 ««l*i I, i.iui. rli.i.c i . '1'ulf no olbt-r. Hrni» ...UIKITUU. Mull'lllllllllll* «nd Ilultll- Ilium. Ii" y <-( J""i liruflltl. or icud 4r. lu iimui.1 <•" I'urlli-uliin, '1 i'«tli»oiil»l« toil "llrllrf fur Ladle*," in l<ll«r,bi ry. lur« Mull. 10,000 leiltmonUU. 8«l4b7 U*dlnuul'nrki >«] ,1'ili s. 1, ;.l ull.n- ii 11 i,. .in- in ai * i'.-n-.i • I,,,I. in-. U 1 ,i .,in-. In I).in IM' ' ' • i I I .IIII-P-II-I -1 l--i l'i '' -I'll . "• ' HJ , M . ..r Hi • |,l-l,-:il.- I'M-..- l-!u r\ I I.I .iV'lll-l'lM- •'•" .'I li'V.Hl'i #l;»l>. _ W^U/.f!' Kldney Trouble Makes You Miserable. Almost everybody who reads the newspapers Is sure to know of the wonderful cures made by 6r. 1^ Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and bladder remedy. It Is the great medical triumph of the nineteenth century; discovered after years of scientific research by Dr. Kilmer, the eminent kidney and bladder specialist, and Is wonderfully successful In promptly curing lame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid troubles and Brlght's Disease, which Is the worst form of kidney trouble. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is not recommended for everything but If you have kidney, liver or bladder trouble It will be found Just the remedy you need. It has been tested In so many ways, In hospital work, In private practice, among the helpless too poor to purchase relief and has proved so successful In every case that a special arrangement has been made by which all readers of this paper who have not already tried It, may have a. sample bottle sent free by mall, also a book telling more about Swamp-Root and how to find out. if you have kidney or bladder trouble. When writing mention reading this generous offer In this paper and send your address to< Dr. Kilmer&Co.,Bing-[ hamton. N. Y. The _ regular fifty cent and Rome of Bmunp-noot. dollar sizes are sold by all good druggists. Can now bo luiil /or » very aiuall ox|iunso, Cull on KraiuioH G. llobum, u«mil, Upper Alton, who has them on liand for sale. U-d York »r i Lome 0 klgbtly reoommendod an lienltbtul SEAL ESTATE, LOAN AUENT <<iinr if., I'. 0. BUILDING For Sale. Good dairy farm ot 120 acres, good bottom and up and, ii<mr U[ per Alton. 8-room dwelling on southwest co-. lOlh and Easton sts. Mubt be Bold to settle an i state. elx ungraded, but flne building lots lu Hunterstown. New flve room Uwelllng on Bluff street. A new uriolt dwelling near bt Mary ncnurcn. Large modern residence of 12roou*s, central ocatlon at a sacrifice. Good IGTB! buHd!ng lot on Spring st, Cor S500, A bargain In real estate, A double brlc dwelling wltu ..our lota, In Middle town, $1,000 A 12-room dwelling house with large lut o '.anKdon street south of Twelfth street. A double frame dwelling house and another ..welling house, all on one lot In good location in Hunter Mown. Rents for $3d per month : A new d-room rjoldenoe on State atreet on <ood terms. bit lots 247VM1B6 on Oalc street between the C Jc A. and Big Four R. F traaks, suitable tor vat p *• -lUtie or manufacturing purposes. n ISO-acre taru in Jersey county, naif mile •rom snipping station by rail or rlter. < large double frame it sldenoe, new tnd al oodern imrroTements, situated on Fourth <•. , itar henry. A «•> acre fsroi wltn necessary bullalnga near s'ortb Alton, suitable tor a diary. A One 8--oom brio* residence, i a uoarenlent ind central location, OL easy termi. (.me of Qnout building lots In Huntentown i' resiaenoe purposes, cor. Uh and Chrrry Itl. >nce ruaoonable. Tine perfect. , be 2-ntory brick, ulate root residence, No. j btate HI. Cteap and easy terms. A v-htory hrioM ouildlng suitable fur more or .•loo-. m>n buardlog nouae near the new brlok 'ai-aii, Nor.u Alton or Coal Branch, opposite Van. Heu*ti6on'fl elorn. ' One firto of 100 acres ne»r Plata, tfi'iouoln jjuniy III Good, level building lots on montby payments, iltuated on Common, Green. Gold and Putnam treats.. FOR RENT. I GUI's hall for lodge and meeting purposes. • The late residence ot Mrs, Pates. 121 and George sts. Beautiful grounds. MONEY TO LOAN: Steamship Ticket EI.T'8 CREAM BALM li • posltlveonre. Apply Into the uoitrlla. It U quickly absorbed. 10 cent* at Druggist* or \>j mall : samples 10', by mall, «LT BHCTUKKB. 6tt Wnrrao 8t.>New YorkCltT. 60 YEARS' EXPERIENCE Anyone nendlnu n qulekly utieerinlii >n ueut Iren. I >Mi>Kl nu'i I'alelllH lilkell I hi TRADE DESIGN: COPYRIGHT? & Iti-ir-l, iinil ili'Hrrlnll- ' M r npiiiHin fi-uu \vfu-i. •> Hal. llnmllinnkiiil ful'-i try I'iir HiM-tinni: iwl'"''* uu'li Miiiin Ii I'.i. i •' . an, III Hit' >/>rrl<ll inifli-i-, wiilini Scientific A Imnilimmi-ly Illiislnili-it ni'i-kly. l.nruc <i i-lr- I'liliitluu i'f niiv m-li-uiiili- ,1'Miruul. 'lurnii. »•! n ymir: J""r iimi'illm. «•!. i^'I'l liyull iii'WHili-alwrii. MUNN&Co. 301Broadwa> 'NewYork Itrniioli (miiisii* V W.. WanlilniMiiii. I). C. HOTEL MADISON, A, L. DANIELS, Prop Second and liatiton tit., Alton, WM ARMSTRONG, Diiltr to Cement, Lime and Wall Piaster; Prleto to meet oompetlilop. Goods delivered. Telophuoe 168. OlflM 107 Wcit Accond

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