The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on March 11, 1954 · Page 11
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 11

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1954
Page 11
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Bentlcy Undergoes Another Operation WASHINGTON '» - Rep. Alvin M. Bentley, 35 (3-Mich), seriously wounded when Puerto Rican fanatics shot up the House March 1, underwent surgery again Wednesday night. The emergency operation was to a wound in the abdominal wall that had come apart, the congressman's aide, Elwood Brake, said Thursday. Brake quoted Dr. Joseph Young, casualty hospital chief of staff, as saying that Bentley's condition suffered a "slight setback" as a re- of the operation. Ships Work For Air Force ROSLYN, N. Y. OB — Details of the first organized effort to use as aircraft spotters the hundreds of large and small vessels sailing off the Atlantic Coast were announced Thursday. The Air Force, with cooperation Coast Guard, has suc- a 60-day test of a plan linking selected Atlantic than 250 miles 10 sea along the en- Choose from 167 Designs I THINK IT'S A «X» SWITCH AtUTl<*T WEIGHT WiLL HOMEY, HCBC . i* -OUR UTTLE AND ,VV*» ALMOST L COULO KEEP LMJ6HIM6/ EXTtU HUNDRED FOUNOS IN THE PAM'W/'CNLY ( I JUST REMEMBERED ) I'LL S£T you DON'T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS 6OODNESS, WHAT A MSMORV t :/ PAGWOOD, OGNT < i> TELL ME YOU ( FOW50T-I ASKED YOU TO 3UY SOMETHING FOR SUPPER ON YOUR WAY HOM= TONI5HT! >rr,MYSED=, DSAR-- ( BOSSY RNS! AND IT *• s ? WASN'T YOU IASKED- ' I IT WAS ALEXANDER AMCHOV1ES, PICKLES cessfully completed VES. WHERE'S A PEN? AND GET -(OUR BABV IT'S A CCWTRACT HIRING \O<J AS A NURSE AT*2T>O MONTW — AMD VOU WILL LIVE WITH US. THEN WHEN THE ESTATE 15 SETTLED, YOU WILL RECEIVE . YOUR 1O GRAND. HERSS THE WAV VOUU- GET DOUGH TO LIVE ON, TILL THE WILL 6 PROBATED. You know, i think these'? tcotn in-tnis comer for that- mahcoany dtsssaln our attic Vtery nice/bur there HSPECIOH. i DUMAS ? HO, /- DOCTOR SKIPTOM WAS CALLED AWAY A FEW WHIL6, JB.SK.S A,HO KATHY HAVE ARRIVED AT TKc KOME OF AN AMERICAN M.IHISTEP. WHO 15 STUOYIK& IN ATHENS... / WERE YOU I OM GUAM. VSARGE? 7 WAS I ON GUAM?/ "\ LET ME TELL YOU ' ^ WE LANDED AT DAU/N-- / I WAS IN THE FIRST--/ LAST WEEK THIS SAME SCEMERY REMINDED HIM. Op FRANCE/ TWlS SCEMERY REMINDS ME OF GUAM SWOOSH, CHI LLUM.'.' MAMMV SOKUM'S PUTTIM'THROUGH A LOMG-DISTANCE, PERSOIM-TO-PKRSON VISION TO Lit ABNER- -AN'YDRE PAPFN VJiLL BE ELIGIBLE T'BE SHOT.7 I DOMT V/ORFW.'/ V. I'LL HAVE SOU > STUFFED BV I BRITAIN'S FINEST V TAXIDERM'ST- SO, HUKRf HOME, SON, AN' SHOO YO'/SBOUNO TO DO IT IN A WOXE MERCIFUL K«V THAN A MERE. STRANGER— f I'VE CABLED OUR CUBAM CONTACT MAW TO HOP OVER.To f FLORIDA AMD U.OCATE JACK 1 NOW THAT WE'VE HEARD THERE IS A BIG GOLD CACHE IN "in 1 LOST crry WE MUST FIND IT! THEM WE'LL SEE IF WE CAW 6ET JACK. To GO FOR. OUR. PROPOSITION! I THERE'LL BE NO'lF*ABOUT IT POCO CUCARACHA*.' WE'LL' GET HlfA, ONE WAV OR IB! ANOTHER.' VES.VIBORA DE OBO,* JACK. FGUN'D THE LOST INCA CITX YHARS A6O WMEM HE \VAS OM A JUNSLE SEARCH MISSION i Robertson May Hun Against Hall TOPEKA »i — The Topeka Daily Capital, quoting "a usually reliable source," says in its Thursday morning edition that Jeff Robertson, State Corporation Commission chairman, may announce soon as a candidate for the Republican governorship nomination. There is a "probability" the announcement may come next week, the newspaper said. Sobertson, 50-year-old Overbrook attorney and former state labor commissioner, admitted he is considering a governorship bid but he declined to comment on the Daily Capital story. He was appointed chairman of the Corporation Commission in 1942 and has held the position since except for three years of Army service during World War II. j The Daily Capital story said that! if Robertson runs he probably; would have the backing of the Am; administration against U. Gov.j Fred Hall. Hall announced his own, candidacy for the GOP governor-! ship nomination in January on a| Thursday, Mirch 11,1954 Pig* CT-The Sdtoa Joanul UMM 1311 -lUIJU «3Ul»JHI3H WUldli la UUDISM uu ACROSS l.Typ« squares 4. City in France i. Utter 12. Groove 13. The chosen 14. Untruth 15. Self IB. Fold over on 17> Equals 19. American general 21. Except 22. Acid of certain fruits 24. So. American liberator 27. Public notice 28. Intrigue 30. Siberian river 31. Diamond cutter's cup S3. Give . strength to 55. Title of respect 36. Border 38. Appears 40. Football position: abbr. 41. Gayer 43. Having less adulteration 45. Half quart 46. Money penalty 47. Liberty 49. Elevator carriage 50. Neighborly working gathering 53. Metric land measures 54. Course 56. Pulpy fruit HDHU HO IOQGI dldUEP HfflldldldUEP 59. Sailor DOWN 1. Rather than 2. Drinking vessel 3. Seat without a back 4. Fish-eating bird 5. Word oj sorrow Coastal vessels by radio-telephone platform calling for a change in! with the ground observer corps. I the statehouse. . i The test was announced by Brig. Gen. James W. McCauley, com' jmander of the 26th air division (defense), which has headquarters in this Long Island comniuni- K. J. BKETTI.E (Attorney for Administrator) Farmers National Hank tilde. , Kansas (Flrst Published in The S-ilina Journal February 25ih. 195-n He said that by next summer an. 'in u-, e Prob.-ue court o; saime county. •&. 1 *''estimated 1,000 coastal vessels will! InK ™ a / Iatter of ^ Eplal5 of extend the eyes and ears of the FRED c. HEIDP.ICK. Deceased aircraft warning network more The state ol Kansas to ali persons concerned: You are hereby notified that a petl- w* BODHLI asus Solution of Ytiterdty'* Puzzle 57. Stain 8. Tear apart 58. Lock of hair . 7. Pronoun 8. Leaf of a calyx 9. Parts of garments 10. Tune 11. Word of consent 18. Vice 20. Twitching 21. Work out 22. Title of address 23. Sun-dried brick 24. More exposed 25. Old- womanish 26. Scarcer 29. Harass, 32. Aim 34. Imperial organizations 37. Journey 39. Orb of day 42. Lifeless 44. Contradict 46. Oily substances 47. Mournful 48. Shout 49. Billiard stick 51. Feminine /r aar a-n name 52. Organ of hearing 55. Alternative Open the door to Rooms of 1 OUTSTANDING BEAUTY with Legal Notices tion has been filed in said court by P, C. JlelJrlck. Administrator uf Hie t-state of Fred C. Hcldriek. deceased. Legal Notices ceased, late of Saline County. Kansas. AH parties interested in said estata win take notice and govern themselves WALLPAPERS See These 187 Imported Boxer Patterns iJi'iiiuji i«r unit! seuterncni 01 sum es- ,aci;iirningiy. All creditors are notified me, approv.ii of hia accounts, and for'to exhibit their demands againut this determination ol his heirs and assign-{estate within nine months from the data | merit to them of the estate and]of the first publication of this nrtice as i persona! property remaining in said! provided by iaw, and (£ their demands :p5Mie. and you are hereby required j arc not thu,i exhibited they shail b« to file your written defenses thereto;forever barred. ! on or before the 20th day of March, j RALPH KNITTLB. ! 195-1. at Ten o'clock A. M. of said day, Executor !m said court, at Salina, Kansas, at j ATTEST: "RED D. JOY. Probate Judga. j which time and place said cause will j tSSAD Ctt-sp) <be heard. Should you fall therein,j ~ judgment and decree will be entered in du« course upon said petition. a C. HE1DRICK. Adminisir-itor ATTEST: FRED D. JOY. Probate Judge! (SEALi (3t-sp)J int ss: ouniy and' (First Published in Tfce SattnA Journal ! March llth. 1!«H» Years of skill and exacting craftsmanship >stat<> of Kansas comity .otsaiin created these magnificent patterns . . . : - Jn ThfJ probate Court of Snid Coui so exquisitely designed and colored, that many actually appear to be hand-painted. A multitude of patterns await you ... for every decor . . . every decorating taste. Stmfast and watorfast. of course. DILUNCtfAM A- MARIETTA 214 S. Santa Fe xatina, Kansas Attorneys for 1'lntntlff (First Published in The S-ilina. Journal March nth. 3D64) HENRY L. CHAMBERS. Plaintiff to $100 ^Jf .ROLL MAKfi* AN7C CHAMBERS. Defendant NOTICE OK SUIT Case No. 201S1 j The State of Kansas to Mary Ann I Chambers and all other persons who 'are or may be concreaed: You are hereby notified that a petition bo»3 Hied In the District Court i5 Saline County. Kansas by Henry L. :iiimber.- praylnp for a divorce and ither eiuitable relief, and you are here- iv required, to r>tead to said petition ...n or be.ore April 24. 1554 in said ,y Verona M. Dyck and Lee A. Marshall, j Co . Jrt at $ a ^^ Kansas. Should you fall |» »dmiBl.itrators with will annexed de; thereln j n d B ement and Decree will be ihcnls non ot tne estate ot Ward A. Mar- i ec[l ., ed ln dlle cour . e upon sald petll i oa . HENRY U CHAMBERS State In the Matter of the Estate of WARD A. MAHSUALL. Decent NOTICE Of IfRABINC PETITION FOR nN.VL SKTTLEMENT The State o[ Kansas To All Persons Con-i cerned: j You are hereby notified that a. petition i oeen (lied In the above entitled These are America's finest! Dozens and dozens of exciting, brand-new designs in rich, clean, modern colorings that Americans prefer. Styled to harmonize perfectly with your furnishings ... be they modern or traditional. And they're not merely sun- fast, but waterfast, too. Come see them. You'll be glad you did. $7.00 JU ROLL Here's What COLOR-KEYED Means: Each of these 354 outstanding patterns has one to three actual Shadotone color swatches mounted on it.. These swatches are suggested trim colors especially selected by Cook's Color Control Staff to "go with" the paper on which they are mounted. By using these color-keyed wallpapers and suggested trim colors, you are assured of (lawless decoration. COOK'S PAINTS 111! N". Santa Fe Phone BK51 Store Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 daily Thursdays Then 7:30 a.m. 10 S:30 p.m. ',shall, deceased, praying (or the Cinal settlement of snid estate. lor a detftrmina- Plaintiff tlon anrl .illo-A-.ince of tho cost of admin- i3t-sp> js:ratiPK, and for a decree assigning and , _____ ^—-J—. .ill of the assets of said es-j'Tl^t Published IB The Fallna Journal t.its m:'Q tins persons entitled thercro.! March llth. ISM) and for all other relief necessary to effect ihn fin at settlement of said estate, and you ar" 1 hereby r*"]uiroti to file your Titton defenses thereto on or before the 2r.d day of April, 1!>5(. at lfi:r.O o'clock A. M. of ?iiri day in said court In the City of SaUnn, Saline County. Knn-} sns. at which time nnd place said cause; ill hp heard. Should you 'ill therein. In Tha Probate Court of Saiins County, Kansas In thft Matter of the Estate of LOUIS F. ROBERTS. Deceased. NOTICE OK HEARING N'o. 9444 The Plate of Kansas To AH Persons Concerned: Ynu are hereby notified that « verified .01 petition has been Hied In the above i named Court by Rudolph Barta, praying for arimiw.on nf trie last -will and testa- juilfrrr.fnt and decree, will be dus course up^n said petition. VERONA M. DYCK a&n j - •; "T , , v-" ~ "L " ,L V E \. M-^R^HALL niert bearinc the date of November IT, Admtnlairators"u"ith will an ' lflai - nf ljlVJls F ' ^ ob ^ rts - who &*& a n«cd de'bonls nor. j resident of Saline County. Kansas, and ATTEST. «FRED \\ JOY. Probato Judge ffir !he iPPO:ntmc5t of Barta aa execuinr thereof. You ar? hereby required -to file yr>ur writlcr. dfi'-'nies thereto on or before tho 3rd day "f anrtl. 195-t, at 5fl:(K» o'cloclt MIZE AND MI.LAHD • Plimtertt S-tain Kiuik Btiildlnj; S;»Mtm, Kan«nf • AttnriU'ys for I-PKIV! Represent i ,'iSKALl y> ln S8ld !fL, ! City of S.ilinsi. Saline County. Kansas. (First Published in The S^lina Journalist which time and place said cause will February '"i 105p i llc ho:irfl - Should you fail therein juCg- Irt the Probate Court'of Saline county, [roent and decree V-IH be entered In due Kansas. Jr. the Matter of the Estate of VEflA P. CHABTRBE. T)pceased. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT Notice is hereby Riven to the creditors, heirs, devisees of Vera P. Crahtree, de- ce.'isL'd and all other concerned, that nn the 19th day of February, 135-1, the undersigned was by tlw Probate Court nf Snlinp County. Kansas, duly appointed and qualified aa Executor of said estate of Vera P. Crabtree. de- 5« t:pon said petition, RL'DOLPII BAHTA. Petitioner ATTEST: FRED D. JOY, Probate Judp» (SEAL) (31-sp) Try fhJs delicious'meatless meal for lent New rsSS!S3 Tuna Pie! CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS Dial 6363 1 time, per \vord Sc 3 times, per trord ICc 6 times, per word IBc 24 times, per word 60c 10% Disco'int for Cash 10 WORDS MINIMUM 50c .Minlmnm ChafR* Blind A<1 Scrrlco 15c CLASSIFIED ADS WILL BE ACCEPTED Until 10:00 AM Week Days 1Z Noon Saturdaj's Ads not inserted continuously charged at one time rate. Initials, names, numbers and key words counted. No abbreviations. Amusements-Events 1 F.A1NBO GARDENS CLUB. Krt South Broadway, Bob strand. Hutchfr.son'i finest ti.inee bund pt.iyins from 9 to 1, ay. March 13. DANCE To the music of Koy Wallc ;ind his Blue Melody Boys Orchestra at oa. Sal.. March I.It!-.. SPKC'IAIj HAND Saturday night. Wood- m^n H.iU. Simmy Robbtns and his orchfstr.l. Dinner's on the table in mfnufesf Just pop 'em in the oven . . . dinner's on the way! In minutes, you'll set before your family the most delicious Tuna Pies they've ever tasted. Flaky, golden-brown crust, filled with generous chunks ot white-meat tuna, garden-fresh peas, and rich, creamy gravy made with fresh milk and pure butter. Um-m! Keep plenty in your freezer for quick-, easy, hot meals! Enjoy Fairmont Chicken Pies, too! THIM TOMORROW 'H SiHVf Hit Stop Taking Harsh Drugs for Constipation Avoid Intestinal Upset! Get Relief Thi» Gentle Vegetable Laxative Way! | Forconstipation, titvir take harsh drugs. j They cause brutal cramps and griping, disrupt normal bowel action, make re- peared doses seem needed. When you are temporarily consti- oared, get sun but gentlt relief.—without salts, without harsh drugs. Tike Dr. Cildwcll's Scnni Laxative contained in Syrup Pepsin. The extract of Senna, in Dr. Caldwdl's is tut cfthtfinut natural xtttim known to medicine. Dr. Caldwell's Senni Laxative tastes good, gives gentle, comfoiuble, satisfying relief cf temporary constipation for every member of the family. Hclpj you set "on schedule" without repeated doses. Even relieves stomach sourness that constipation often brings. Buy Dr. Caldwell's. Money back if not satisfied. Mail bottle to Box 280, New York 18, N. Y.

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