The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on March 11, 1954 · Page 10
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 10

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1954
Page 10
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Who Says Japanese Are Docile Liff/e Beauties? Eventually, I did acquire a;the world. She gave old plastered ["nuniba one jo-san, tackusan tall." ! I could dance with her and buy her Papa-san what for- I'm not certain what she told him, but I know it "orange-a-juse" and sit at her, wasn't kindly. Japanese don't say " (Editor's Net*: Journal *taH«r John Schmiedclcr, » J*lf-co»- feued expert on wwnen, feels Relmmi Morin's column on Jap- , —-„ „ •use wives a«ed» ««m« etarl- (table, all for one-thousand yen anj"Glad you re home, darling. (fcalton. Morin's column api*»r-ihour. . . that tone of voice. ed in yesterday's Journal. Here Now, I've never been exactly ' frugal with a buck or two when it came to the dollybabies, but that's are Schmiedeler's opinions.) really conspicuous consumption! He «*i his flipper*, all right. Mama-Mi bmnced them •« kh addle* kerf. She k*w«d U UK floor, Ua. Had, ta I* pick up the Thursday, March 11, 1954 Puge 20—The Saltna JoonuJ !iUlY \;UUSfiVU«W.S VVI**WHQ"-»VM. --"—• 1 ^ • > . . , ... . Especially when the floor show hibachi,p.t to throw .1 him, char--'additional units will also be built — hilarious when western, excel-! coal and all. By John Schmkdeter . "'Normally, 1 wouldn't lake issue with Relman Morin's attractive description of Japan's women for anything in the world. .jot the hour. :Mr. Morin for th« world. He's a He's absolutely right. Japanese] J>H .^j^n the jo-san was a dolljfellow expert. women are watch-fob editions of! an(t did a rum ba that popped thel Herington Plant Gets New Work WICHITA I*—A new $4,44r,6aO contract from the USAF lias bwn received by the Beech Aircraft Corporation. The contract calls for additional C26 ground power units, used to; start engines of jet-powered air-j planes. " The unit has been in production!! at the company's Herington, plant since November, 1952. Theif iat the Herington plant. lent when Oriental - took up half! Nope, I wouldn't quarrel' _ withj beauty, charm and docility. Most of the time. Both Mr. Morin and myself are a( j m jt s h e experts on the matter of Japanese] w |j en j, er women. I've never been married. Certainly that should make me ' an expert on the subject of woriien. And. back in 1952. 1 spent five delirious days in Tokyo wiiich makes me'an expert on the Japanese. Clarification Needed Mr. Morin makes two points would clarify: eyes of three bird colonels and a brigadier in the front row. I'll also scream too loudly ]jtti e tootsies were Topeka Girl Kansas' Princess 1 'WASHINGTON U) — A Topeka 'girl has been named Kansas prih- . j F - nuur UMea r «a» ! . ., . .. " J| But I'd barely blown the foaml cess for lhc cherr y blossom fes "- vPoff a glass of excellent Japanesej val ncxt month - ' ' i!beer when the hour was up and she! Nanc y clark ' 1S - 'crushed by n combat boot. Hour Coej Fast Discovers Stolen' Plane At Olathe OLATHE, Kas. (ffl — A.Piperj. plane, valued at $8,500 and missing i from Des Moincs since Tuesday,;; has been found at Olathe Munic-? ipal Airport, three miles southeast: of here, student at The abandoned plane was no- ; | ! Woodrow Wilson High School here, ticed by a flight instructor who if 1. Japanese women easily are satisfied in matters of money. , "Maybe 2. Japanese women are fVi'iimh?" "One-thousand yen one niorel'S the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.!was flying over the held, used in i| I hour, okay?" " i Robert. M. Clark of Topeka. Clark! World War II for practice landings; Wiien I ran out of yen the helpful j is a representative of the presi-j by pilots stationed at Olatbe Naval j;little tyke took my" $10 military!dent of the Santa Fe Railway Co.'Air Station, script bill to a black market oper-i iator. She came back.with 3000 yen, just 600 yen be-low the official rate, a neat piece of change for her and the BM man. f ! ; When the iOOO-yen-an-hour rate! 'got too steep for me, she said: ' 'Cyanada" cyanada (goodbye). the husband : •I "Maybe you cyanada yes," Ij •. agreed. She joined the eye-popped ;adi( returned t« my hotel, a wonder- dominated, lettin; wear the pouts. Absolutely right on both It's just thai strange things happen to me. ; ful ijttle pb f :e where Mama-san Like State Slrect ;served .^ak for breakfast and ( Like the time 1 stomped into this;p a pa-san drank saki for his health.! downtown Tokyo dance hall about: Mama-san wasn't happy. Shej 3 o'clock my fecond evening in \vas displeased with Papa-san. Hej town. was out with the boys and overdue. It was a regular Slate Street "50-1 . lie Was Stlnko Raautilul-Girls-.W type place with'. Papa-san followed me into thej a good band, as Japanese dance hotel and I got a first hand look; hands go, and score? of western at a man-dominated Japanese! clad, black-haired little beauties. wife. I I rubbed my sweating palms. 1: papa-san was wha! the Japanese nearly shouted fur the sheer joy of' c;i !l "stinko." it all. Need I say. the prospects! ,\ 0 doubt about it. the old boy were delightful. ; iwd a skillfull. i 1 confidently approached a sloe-. 1 Did Mama-san react like Mr.| eyed beauty poured into the bottom Morin's ideal? Did she hurry with; three-fourths of an evening drcss/slippcrs, a kind word, an aspirin! Smile Nut For Him :and loving kindness. j She looked at my Pfc stripe —, Wivrs All The Same ! honorably won. 1 assure you — and: She sure did. . .like so much; smiled. . .at a fliRlit-pay-drawinyisukuyaki! I Air Force captain behind me. i Sho acted like wives do all over 1 "GOOD ENOUGH for COMPANY!" 'SALMON MCA.RONI DINNER (fic/re advtrtiting on the TED MACK TV SHOW! THE RECIPE IS IN EVERY PACKAGE OF GOOCH'S BEST ELBOW MACARONI Here's a whole meal of good things—in one dish! So fast, so delicious and so easy on the budget—you'll want it often dur- ; ing Lent. Just be sure to get the best macaroni — Gooch's Best, made with amber durum semolina — the best for macaroni because it gives a richer flavor and always cooks tender, yet firm! You can tell the difference just by looking: Gooch's Best has & richer golden-amber color. Get a package—ivith the recipe!— at your grocer's today. Remember, there's a valuable OOOCH RED CIRCLE on EVERY PACKAGE! PRICES GOOD FKI. & SAT. PRICES AND QUALITY CAMPBELL'S FOODLAND •'• Short Cut STEAK ib.. 39 KU AST chuck cuts ............. Lb. 33 SIRLOIN STEAK 55 C FRESH GROUND BEEF 15 e PORK VHOPS Center Cuts ............ Lb. 59 ^ CUT-LT WHITING 2 £25* BACON u 45" I FRIERS LUNCH HAM * WEINERS 25" Ln7O' POP ^ Fiavors p " " * •* , AH Fiavors Plus Bottles BUTTER I CORN GLENWOOtt Cream Style fa Cans Colored 4 Pf* Quartered ;., Lb. 15 TOMATO JUICE SALMON Chum Armours Spread COFFEE ICECREAM HO, 45'" Hy-Klas ANGEL FOOD CAKES V 39< UN1UNS Ydiow CARROTSi t A c I GRAPEFRUIT TL, 10 POTATOES: s69* BREAD HY-KLAS 16-Oz. Loaf Monday to Thursday STORE HOURS Friday and Saturday 8 a.m. till 7 p.m. Sundays to a.m. to i p.m. 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES ORANGE JUICE 29< TOMATO JUICE 46 £27* GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 4 PINEAPPLE JUICE 3 ORANGE AND GRAPEFRUIT BLEND 46 £29* GRAPEFRUIT »«- 6 FRUIT COCKTAIL 4 PEACHES Sliced or Halves NO. zy, Cans MAKE YOUR OWN SELECTION DApricots UPeaches DPeaches Corn Pineapples Whole No. 303 Sliced 303 Halves 303 12-Oz, Vac. Packed DCont DPeas DRaisins Cream Style No. 303 Sugar No. 303 15-Oz. Pkg. Chunks or Crushed 211 Size $ FOR 1 10-U>9. Beet Sugar POP ICE CREAM 45c U-fial. Vanilla Spring Valley OLEO 2 29c Crisco Jca Miracle Whip 49c Qnnrt Jar .. CAKE NIX Swansdmvn or Pillsbury Boxes For .. $ 1 SWIFT'S PfctMIUM BROWN Ti SERVE Swift's Sweet Rasher Seal Pack SLICED BACON 65 C ir DA ACT u - s - Good Bocf Alt lSb Im V A9 1 Ami or Blade Cut Lb. 4£ Our Best FRESH GROUND BEEF Home Made PURE PORK SAUSAGE 2 to 2'/> Lb. Average FRESH DRESSED FRYERS . 47< GRAPEFRUIT Texas 10 For CARROTS ADAU/TC 388Size UKAftMfilJ California Naval :. Doz. SEED POTATOES Red Warbas 100 $1,95 Cobblers 100 $1.95 Ci-rtlflwl Early Ohios 100, $3.09 Bermuda Onion Plants Bunch IOC Mis. Onion Sets 2 25c Onion Sets 2ui,L29c PRUNE JUICE TH5L MONTE 5 Qt Size m-Tor DOG FOOD Protein VELVEETA CHEESE 2 L L 69* These Prices Good Friday and Saturday WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES JELLO Box 5* Gerber's BABY FOOD 5* Can Pillsbury BISCUITS Can 10* COFFEE Butternut Lb. FROZEN Strawberries Sugar 5 to 1 57* l-Lb. Ctri. Frozen Cherries Sugar 5 to 1 4 l-Lb. Ctns. Frozen Orange Juice Wiole -Sun Each JEWEL Shortening FROZEN OCEAN CATFISH l-Lb. Pkg. 45* White Bread lC-Oz. Loaves Bring Us Your PROCTOR & GAMBLE COUPONS TIDE 25* Large Size Spic 8 Span 69* Giant Box Buyng ASHTON'S 901 WEST CRAWFORD PHONE 6581 Spof

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