The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on April 17, 1994 · Page 77
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 77

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 17, 1994
Page 77
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G4 I BOOKS AND AUTHORS The Sun U SUNDAY, April 17, 1994 m The Reading List The New York Times weekly best-seller lists are based on computer-processed sales figures from 3,000 bookstores and from representative wholesalers. Fiction 1. "The Calestlno Proph ecy," by James Redfield (Warner) 2. "The Bridges of Madison County," by Robert James Waller (Warner) 3. "Disclosure," by Michael Crichton (Knopf) 4. "Accident," by Danielle Steel (Delacorte) 5. "Slow Waltz In Cedar Bend," by Robert James Waller (Warner) 6. "Uke Water for Choco late," by Laura Esquivel (Doubleday) 7. "On Dangerous Ground," by Jack Higgins (Putnam) 8. "Lovers," by Judith Krantz (Crown) 9. "Rogue Warrior II: Red Cell," by Richard Marcin-ko and John Weisman (Pocket) 10. "The Alienist," by Caleb Carr (Random House) Non-Fiction 1. "Embraced by The Light," by Betty J. Eadie with Curtis Taylor (Gold Leaf Press) 2. "The Book of Virtues," by William J. Bennett (Simon & Schuster) 3. "How We Die," by Sherwin B.Nuland (Knopf) 4. "Zlata's Diary," by Zlata Filipovic (Viking) 5. "Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil," by John Berendt (Random House) 6. "Makes Me Wanna Hol ler," by Nathan Mccall (Random House) 7. "Soul Mates," by Thomas Moore (HarperCollins) 8. "Having Our Say," by Sa rah and A. Elizabeth Dela-ny with Amy Hill Hearth (Kodansha) 9. "Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now," by Maya Angelou (Random House) 10. "Old Songs In A New Cafe," by Robert James Waller (Warner) Magazine offers ithose with HIV By Gary Soulsm an Gannett News Service i Poz is a new magazine for jHIV-positive people and everyone who cares about AIDS. Its Stated goal: To turn "despair to mope, fear to knowledge." The tone is rooted between irreverence it's OK to use the F-Vord and soul-searching as patients speak of the mixed blessing ;of AIDS: Its ability to transform jand cripple. 1 In the first issue on newsstands now, there's a serious dis-icussion of politics with Bob Hat-jtoy, the tell-it-like-it-is HIV-positive adviser to President Clinton. There's also an interview F Health and Risk Evaluation Loma Linda Center for Health Promotion A A k A Sunday, April 24 LLU School of Public Health Loma Linda University IlUfl TRkAIJMiLL Test. 12-l.cad FJecuocirdmpam. Blood Pteuuie. Explanation of Rejulti, Exercise and Lifestyle Counseling. 120 PULMONARY LUN(;i Function - Vital Capacity tii BLOOM CHEMISTRY PROFILE - I nelycendev CMnleiol. HOI., filucoie. Ootonary Hcan Disease Risk Ratio, plus 'i mole BLOOD CELL PROFILE - Hemoglobin. Hetnai'Kin. Red and Wh.te Blood Oil Count. $152 Package I PF.RC.F.NT BODY FAT $66 Package I COLON CANCER SCREENING TEST COMPUTERIZED HEALTH ANALYSIS - Compiles and Anatytes Ouestionnaite and Testing Data to Piovide yoot Petsonal Health Risk Profile and Health Plan. BI.OOD CHEMISTRY BI.OOD CELL PROFILE $180 Package PACKAGE I PACKAGE 2 AI'I'OIN'l MliNTS NECKSSARY Hlil-OKIi APRIL Appointments and Information Center for Health Promotion 824 - FUTURE SITES May 15 Palm Springs (invention (Center May 22 Glcndalc Advcniisi Medical Center July 10 Hemet Advemisi Church July 1 7 Cir is wold's Inn Clarcmom July 24 Ixtma LUnda University School of Public Health Paperback FICTION 1. "The Client," by John Gri- sham (IslandDell) 2. "Schlndler's List," by Thomas Keneally (TouchstoneS&S) 3. "Whispers," by Belva Plain (Dell) 4. "Streets of Lardeo," by Larry Mcmurtry (Pocket) 5. "Homeland," by John Jakes (Bantam) 6. "Mexico," by James A. Michener(Fawcett) 7. "Cauldron," by Larry Bond (Warner) 8. "Paper Doll," by Robert B. Parker (Berkley) 9. "Lord of Raven's Peak," by Catherine Coulter (Jove) 10. "For Love," by Sue Miller (Harper Paperbacks) NON-FICTION 1. "Care of the Soul," by Thomas Moore (Harper) 2. "The Road Less Trav eled," by M. Scott Peck (TouchstoneS&S) 3. "Where Angels Walk," by Joan Wester Anderson (Ballantine) 4. "Secret Ceremonies," by Deborah Laake (Island Dell) 5. "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings," by Maya Angelou (Bantam) 6. "Cruel Sacrifice," by Aph rodite Jones (Pinnacle) 7. "The Silent Passage," by Gail Sheehy (Pocket) 8. "A Year In Provence," by Peter Mayle (Vintage) 9. "The Tao of Pooh," by Benjamin Hoff (Penguin) 10. "You Just Don't Understand," by Deborah Tan-nen (Ballantine) inspiration to and their friends with Barry Goldwater's grandson, Ty Ross, an HIV-positive gay man who is photographed as "politically correct beefcake." The magazine is the place to learn what's up with "Zero Patience," the first AIDS musical film, and "AIDS Research: The Story So Far," a documentary that recently aired on PBS stations. Minimum care standards for patients and buyers clubs for health supplements are discussed, too. Subscriptions, at $19.95 for six issues, are available by calling (212) 242-2163. Subscriptions are being offered free to those who identify themselves as HIV positive by writing to Poz at Old Chelsea Station, P.O. Box 1279, New York, N.Y. 10113-1279. - Deieimmed by Skmlold Meal PROFILE $20 Discount on any package or Blood Test for Senior Citizens age 62 or more 21 4949 (JAM UNI1A UNIVERSITY INCLUDE: Dahmer's By Scott Eyman Cox News Service Inexplicable evil terrifies us, and so we compulsively seek answers. The devil; a bad childhood; mental illness. None of it quite washes; botched toilet training doesn't explain Mengele. Or Jeffrey Dahmer. "A Father's Story" is Lionel Dahmer's sad, wounded circling around the monster he created, his eldest son who tortured, murdered and ate parts of at least 17 other men. By the time he was arrested, in July 1991, Dahmer had turned his low-rent Milwaukee apartment into a charnel house. His father, back home near Akron, Ohio, watched aghast on television as the police gingerly carted out the large freezer that he had been leaning against only a few months before. As Lionel Dahmer writes, the conventional Worst Parental Fear is that your child has died, but he found out that there are things much worse than that: "Not that my son was dead, but that something inside of him was dead ..." Actually, as "A Father's Story" proves, whatever made his son's acts possible call it a lack of conscience or the absence of a moral sense never was alive in Jeffrey Dahmer. Although it is not an idea Lionel Dahmer ever articulates, his son was and is your basic Bad Seed, a strange child (by the time he entered first grade, as his father characterizes him, he was "deeply shy, distant, nearly uncommunicative") a strange teenager (unbeknown to anyone else, he collected road kill and bleached the rotting flesh to keep the bones) and a strange adult, a failure at everything to which he turned his hand, except killing $16 Arizona Jute Runners come in solid, natural, and sage (not shown) and red stripe. For indoors or covered patios. 2.5x6'. Reg. S20. rvJszsJZiii-m:1 :.:-r v--v 55 t- To brighten up a room, roll out Pier 1 floor coverings, all 20 off regular look, choose maize, cotton rugs. For pizzazz, step out on bright solid rugs. We've rolled $11.99, $27.99 and $71.99 Muhichedc Rag Rugs of 100 cotton. Pink and blue or peach and blue. 2x3', 3x5', 5x8' Reg. $14.99, $34.99 and $89.99. 00 For customer service call (800) 245-4595: Sun Bernardino: 985 South E Slrool. Ph. no Valley: 12125 Day St.. Ph. 276-1073. Rlveralde: 10241 Indiana St., Ph. 351-8159. Moreno dad subtly lets loose rage in book ft sj i Hp- S i. A TrfritftiiajaiTH Jeffrey Dahmer His dad divulges thoughts Book report Title: "A Father's Story" Author Lionel Dahmer Publisher Morrow Paget); 255 Price: $20 and necrophilia. The vaguely risible thing is that his father never had a clue. He knew only that his son had a drinking problem and was homosexual. Lionel Dahmer castigates himself for his comical obliviousness to reality, as well he should; he's reminiscent of the old woman in the Lenny Bruce routine who feels sorry for her son. He's a nice boy, and all the young men he brings home respond to his kindness by beating him up and taking his jewelry! At one point, Jeffrey's grandmother, with whom he's living, finds a fully clothed department-store mannequin in his closet. Jeffrey, calm and unemotional as always, explains that he had sto Roll Out A Change 3s 'SSsSs TL and $ 1 . 19 per SC. ft. Rice or Maize handwoven floor covering for indoors or covered Comes 6' wide, cut to your length. Reg. 69C and $ 1 .49 per sq. ft. rice or jute floor coverings, down prices so you can roll out a change! a $4.79, $7.99 and $15.99 Multicolored Rag Rugs of 100 cotton. 20x40", 30x48", 42x66". Reg. $5.99, $9.99 and $19.99. Selection may vary by store. Sale prices len it to prove he could do it. In 1988, just before Jeffrey is to be sentenced for child molestation, his father finds a small wooden box about one foot square. He asks his son to open it. Jeff pleads for just one small square foot of privacy and promises to open it in the morning. His father backs down. The next morning, the box is opened and found to contain porn magazines. During his son's trial, Lionel Dahmer learned that, before his son had filled it with pornography that night, the box had held a human head. Lionel Dahmer seems to have had the same formal, distanced, deeply uncomfortable relationship with fatherhood that George Bush had with the English language. It's as if his paternal moves were learned by reading a book. Instinct, emotional savvy, a sense of how to deal with a child, a sense of when to stay and when to walk away, are absent. At one point, Dahmer writes that "in the eyes of parents, I think, children always seem just a blink away from redemption. No matter to what depth we watch them sink, we believe we need only grasp the lifeline, and we can still pull them safely to shore." How touching. How naive. Would anything have been different if Lionel Dahmer had been a more confrontational man and forced his son into some kind of therapy andor institutionalization? Would those 17 men still be alive today? Maybe. Maybe not. Children have a way of bringing their own destiny with them into the world. Lionel Dahmer is honest about himself, less so about others. Certainly, he is overly circumspect about his first wife, Jeffrey's mother, who was almost certainly clinically neurotic and If H V t "ai 7 or neutral colored or multicolored $7.99 tO $63.99 Natural Jute and Cotton Rugs in woven herringbone and wavelength designs. 2x3', 3x5', 4x6', 6x9'. Reg. $9.99 to $79.99. good through Saturday, April 384-1648 Chlno: 5402 Philadelphia St., 590-2554. Montclalr 8821 Central Ave Ph 621-77in " Temecula: Intersection ol Ynez Rd. & Winchester Rd. In The Palm Shopping Center.'Ph. 699-02ea ' ' " perhaps borderline schizophren.; ic; at one point, shortly after her son was born, she and her husband had an argument and she stormed out of the house clad only in her nightgown. He found her five blocks away, lying in a field of grass. After their divorce, she drops out of the picture, as does their second son, and one would bet she is the missing chord that would make this strangled howl of numbed confusion a psychologically comprehensive composition. Lionel Dahmer gives himself a reasonably hard time, portraying himself as an emotional anchorite, more comfortable with the lab and theorems than with human beings. He ends up confirming his self-portrait when he strenuously denies charges that; because most of the men his son killed and eviscerated were Black or Asian, he was a racist. - Not so, says Dahmer. It was because of the neighborhood in which he lived that those were the people he killed, that, and because they were the people most likely to need the money Jeffrey offered them. s Call his son a murderer, a ne-crophile, a ghoul, a cannibal? Well, OK. Everybody needs a hobby. But call him a racist and his father gets huffy. Anyone this congenitally oblivious to reality should be a candidate for Congress. "A Father's Story" is written in calm, lucid, professorial prose that is surprisingly effective, if only because it underplays the howling winds of suppressed rage and grief that Lionel Dahmer' must feel, that have irrevocably altered the lives of he and his second wife. patios. prices. For a natural Pkrl imports for a change mm $11.99, $23.99 and $39.99 Cotton Berber Rugs in terracotta, mustard, blue and sage. 20x40", 30x48", 42x66". Reg. $14.99, $29.99 and $49.99. 23, 1994. m 1ST A f f V-WS

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