The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on March 11, 1954 · Page 4
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 4

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1954
Page 4
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r. , ogram Causes Slaying ; WESTVILLE, N. S., Mi-Stewart ;Wrigbt,' 13, Guideposts they listened to * "shooting" radio; program arid read comic book* I coroner'* jury about the iGun IrsintheBagt/ COPYRIGHT 1950 We drank milk when a baby, Cause mother knew we should, We drink it still — And always will — Because it's downright good. MARCH ICE CREAM SPECIAL "CHOCOLATE NUT" Elmore Dairy Phone 9786 715 East Crawford Elmore Dairy Products from Your Grocer, Vour Route ".Man or Cash' & Carry from Our Self-Service Dairy Cases. By Clarence Cook Little Director, Jackxu Memorial Latoratary tor Cairer Research, Bar Harbor, Maine "Strike It Rich" Case To Court NEW YORK <* - The producer of "Strike It Rich," a and TV quiz show, has taken to court his fight against a city demand that the show" be .licensed as a fund-raising organization, A complaint and summons. re- One of our main contributions! compared to the spiritual cxptr- jturnable in State Supreme Court had been supplying laboratories all 1 ience we had on top of this same [Thursday., have been served on over the world with carefully bredi hill tht morning after the fire: jCity Welfare Commissioner Henry mice for genetic studies.,We bred We would never be alone. |L'- McCarthy, producer Walt Fram- fire Wipes Ouf Bus/ness But He Keeps His Faith Thuraday, March 11, 1954 Page 8—The Safins Journal fire' one family ot mice ' for exai "Ple. I remembered that flood of faith ; er announced Wednesday. McCarthy has demanded that the Although the nearby forest ,.,v had betn out of control for three that would- develop cancer with'that had come, formless but com-, days its final twist, and sweep on mathematical certainty. Another! polling, to lift, for all time, theishow get a welfare department li- Bar Harbor that October day j nimouse farail y- with deferent an-j heavy curtain of uncertainty -jcense because it raises funds for 1947 came as a thunderbolt. In a!"** 1 ™ rarely ' if £ver ' got the nothing is really lost. [contestants, who are given a matter of a few mmutes driven bvi disease ' i " was as though we had b«»i in, chance to tell about their troubles a 60-mile gale, the great blowtorch We had reached tlic P° int when|lhe presence of something great JW those of someone they want to lashed through the tops of th e significant results were comingland had sensed -it. They say the! ne 'P- : trees swceoins evervthine Ix-foro witn increasing rapidity. Then theifirst coming of Christ was gentle.) -McCarthy complained that many trees, sweeping everj thing beforej f . re . ¥tusjn . uin _- . j The second coming win be just as | contest hopcfiUs have .been^ attract- So much exciting work had been done in our Jackson Memorial Laboratory. This large 3-story building c o n- tainerf a colony of 90,000 mice, plus thousands of records and News reports brought quick ex-igentle. He will come quietly to any! ed tn New York and - when U1V pressions of friendship from scien-jof us as we listen, work, or pray. I successful, have become burdens lists all over the world. |He will come whenever, amid rie-; on tne Welfare Department. There cables were not the usual :ispair, there is again this sudden' "Let us know if there is anything'birth of faith that does not know; we can do to help." Instead, eachldefeat. man offered aid in h. ! - own specific jway. Records Returned iords from our library. .These werei Little TOMORROW — His seemed to be a failure, his mother was gravely ill, the future seemed hopeless. But prayer changed it alt and the whole family went on to find a good life. Erwln Canham, editor of the Christian Science tells his own story. Congratulate East 'German Leader Monitor, Raging Fire DO YOU KNOW what the most profitable amounts of Fertilizer •• are for YOUR FARM? DON'T GUESS — Use the best Fertilizer Yardstick ot Today — A SOIL TEST! It is becoming more and more important iha'. yon apply iho amount of deficient olcments that the crop rc(]uii''\> according to your soil H=5t. We \\H! t.'ike your soil pnrnplc? f'Jjr >nn — rnl! or SP« us and \v'\\ h.ive an ospcTinnoM anr! qualified man conn? to your farm to lake these samples. Wi? can supply you the cheapest, source of your NITROGEN FERTILIZER. ANHYDROUS AMMONIA (82% NitroKfin) There is still plenty of time to apply Anhydrous Ammonia to wheat. Nitre Fertilizer, inc. 915 N. Broadway Phone 7-0071 rushed back to us. j slides covering hundreds of exper-; " JIan >" hundreds of our mice .had! iments carefully accumulated over| been in transit; these were re-! a period of many years. • ! turned. In this way, among many; j So much security came subcon- ir ° tncr strains, we got back the: jsciously from the happiness of cre-jP rccious mouse (^ily. for in. i alive work in the fight against can-! stance, that I had started .225; icer that no threat of tragic invasion; mouse-generations ago, as a stu-; Ihad ever occurred to us. |d ent - Since a mouse reproduces an! t/,\\ "i ix i "All Gone" |™ tire! - v " cw generation in 21 days,! ^ J C / Pgf SQHS ! 1 Twice during that terrible nighti hav)ns thls stram was the same 9»i ' ! we tried to reach the lab but were; havins the exaet cancer hislor - v of i PLYMOUTH, Ind. w _ Fire' blocked by flames. All evacuaesj 3 human faml15 ' for over 5000 |roarcd through a two-story frame' were put under martial law. Thcn.: years< jhome at Hibbard, 10 miles south-' at four in the morning, word came! The sp!rlt of S enerosil y was so :WC st of here, early today and : from Frank Clark, a laboratory as- 'i great - wc even recelved valuable: k aied seven persons., All but one: sistant: ; ncw strains - In fact . many of our; werc sleeping on the second floor. ; ' BERLIN « — Congratulations from all over the Soviet orbit poured into East Berlin Thursday on the 60th birthday of Communist East German Prime Minister Otto Grotewohl. Journal classified ads gel results.! Buy SalniL* Tender SUNFLOWEIS Brand CUT-UP FRYING CHICKENS Fresh Daily FOR SALE Through Your Favorite GROCER Processes and Packased By SAUNA POULTRY CO. Wholesale Only • "It's a!! gone, Prcxv." isubsequent achievements would; .u-s. Bessie Kovacs,. 43. Frank's voice broke. As much od never have been P° ssible without ;. w |, 0 \ va s on the first floor, ran his life as of mihe had suddenly < tlic fire - : outside when awakened by the vanished. He had been with uV And ' also im P° rtant - funds be g aB names. She hurried back inside since we first cleared land for the: 10 strcam lnto Bar Harbor - Dollar to help those still in the house laboratory 20 years before. ! bil . ls from nousew i ves a "rt school ;an d died in the flames. As soon after daybreak as m:chiiriren — from Hawaii to Alaska The others dead were Mrs. Ko- wife and 1 could argue our way •— checks fr° m foundations and vacs' three sons. Donald Madison. :in?titulions wilh which as my way back through military'lines, the :in?t!tullons wllh wl " cl1 we ha d.23: Carl. Kenneth. 19, and Frank two of us — and two National ; workc<1 ; Our friends 5lood U P to b e ; victor Jr., 18: Donald's wife, Eliz- Guardsmen in their "tin hats," O n! couateti> . ;abelh, 26 and her two children by', duty there — stood by the still A New Building ,a former marriage, Michael smoking ,ruins. By spring a new building, twice.Quackenhush, 2, and Jeanette: Then, all at once, the sig- as large as the old on; and many.Quackenbush, 5. ; nificance of the effort and love, limes as efficient, was planned.^ !| which we had pu! into what was And in liH8 the first spadeful of now charred rubble.-rushed over-still-charred earth wa? turned over me. : There are very few at thnsp ' indefinable moments of deep i spiritual exhilaration in a man's life. This was one. 1 looked a( rny wife, smiled and said: i"-" """ """••- ••"« •"•" ""*"'"'-lation assistants, the friends from town, ' | a f JGTS Air Forces said Thursday it has shifted the 15th tactical reconnais- : "There isn't so much time ieft now, hut we'll do i! again." Staff members and assistants. ; who soon came drifting back in two's and three's, were da^cd at representatives of the Cancer So-' ' ciety, the t". S. Public Health Sen- ' .ice and others who had helped. ™ ra Korea { \. 'Again they came, in two's a n d:.'f tlon near lNagoya B 'three's. It seemed we could almost' ' apa ' 'feel the presence of everyone who .had rushed to help us, of whom our. * lives were a part. i instal ; ; waltrsu At The Grocer f §. Mommy Reaches For SmAtant BREAD It Has MORE ENERGY 'first, hut they quickly sensed thaC Frank " c!ark who had been.. a new beginning had to he made.' cnnscn to turn the firsfc spade-full! As we met one another, in UIP n f earth - raiscd nis snovel to P'imgei I bright morning sun, on that hilltop il into the ground. For the briefest ; overlooking Frenchman's Bay, the instant, he looked up and smiled. i eyes and hearts said much — the, I knew, then, that all the Hips, little. We knew that together; achievements man can produce IWD would rebuild. . . i wiUi his mind ar« a", nothing No. 5 iii a :':;'!:3 cf 7 • _ MATURES: New, roomier bodies! New,rugged construction! New Chevrolet Trucks... do more work per day... more wqrk per dollar! You javt extro fript. That's be-. mission, you save time at every models ... bigger clutches in light- cause of the extra load sn:ice vou delivery stoo. And vou can foreet and hcaw-dutv'models... strnnccr You jovt extra trips. That's be-. cause of the extra load space you got in the new Advance-Design bodict. New pick-up bodies are deeper, new stake and platform bodies are >vidcr and longer. Also, they're set lo\v?r for easier loading. You sov* hours on the road. Thanks to new high-conipression power, you can maintatr. faster Khedulcs without driving at higher maximum speeds. Increased acceleration and hill-climbing ability let you save time where it counts. You* >av« t!m* on dtlivtriti. With new truck Hydra-Matic trans- mission, you save time at every delivery stop. And you can forget about clutching and shifting for good! It's optional at extra cost on '/$-, -%- and 1-ton Chevrolet trucks. You sava on operating costs. New power saves you money every mile! The "Thriftmaster 235" engine, the "Loadmastcr 235" and the "Jobmaster 261" (optional on 2-ton models at extra cost) deliver increased operating economy. You iavt with low«r upkeep, too. Rxtra chassis strength saves you money on maintenancc.,Thcre are heavier s.vle shafts in two-ton models ... bigger clutches in light- and heavy-duty models... stronger frames in all models. And your savings start the day you buy. In fact, they start with the low price you pay and continue over the miles. Chevrolet is America's lowest-priced line of trucks. It's also the truck that has a traditionally higher trade-in value. Come in and see all the wonderful new things you get in America's number one truck. We'll be glad to give you all the moneysaving facts. MOST TRUSTWORTHY TRUCKS ON ANY J0»l-Ch«vrofc» AA-«Ke-0*«on Truck* Sullivan-Johnson Motor Company, Inc. 335-41 North Santa Fe Phone M31 Sallna, pours his heart out to the retailer and forgets about the customer The Woo is a manufacturer who thinks his fate is in the hands of retailers alone. • He pours out his heart and gold and prizes to storekeepers — then has nothing left to woo the shopper — the one who i«y.5'his product. Naturally the importance of newspaper advertising escapes him, just as his customers do. Fortunately the Woo is a rare creature. Most manufacturers know that it's smart to woo storekeepers - but even smarter to win consumers! So the wise manufacturer does just what the storekeeper himself docs - he advertises jn newspapers. Which i: plain common sense, because practically, everybody reads the newspaper. No wonder advertiser: throughout the nation spent a record-breaking $2,655,500.000* in newspapers last year — twice as much as iu my other medium! All business is local... and so arc all newspapers! , •Printers' Ink Preliminary Estimate for 1953 This message prnparrd by Bt"RE.\V OF .ADVERTISIXG. AmrHran NVwspnprr Piihllshor* .Vsiorlallon, »nd published In lh« interests of fuller understanding nf newnpancrs by T1IK S.XU.V.V .JOt'RXAL.

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