The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on March 11, 1954 · Page 3
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 3

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1954
Page 3
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Bargain Buys In Soling Spring Brings Vegetables to Market By Wtaito Ctark Even tb« fresh vegeUble; coun ten teem to be wearin* more jreen as St. Patrick's Pay neari. There ire green asparagus, celery, brussels sprouts, peppers and onions besides the lettuce and cabbage families. ' Asparagus put in an appearane thii week in Salina stores, but the supply is scarce and the prices high at about 60 cents a pound. . Grcc* Oiiou At Peak Green onions are in peak supply with the price around JO 16 15 cents a bunch. • Brussels sprouts are still hanging on in some stores, but they will coon disappear until late August. The price is around 40 cents a pound. Celery is a good buy, running; from 15 to 25 cents a bunch.. Of course, prices vary from day to day in the various Salina stores. Green celery has more vitamins than the white or light green stalks' which many homcmakers prefer. Pascal celery, green in color, has "juicy" stems and few strings. Corn on the cob should be a good buy in many stores this weekend. The price is lower with six ears! for less than 50 cents. Earlier, ears; sold [or 10 to io cents each. Before you buy, note the cobt to see if they are filled with plump, milky kernels. The husks should be green whether the corn is white or yellow. Green peppers sell at about 39 cents a pound; endive from 20 to 25 cents a head; and a small package of radishes around 10. cents. What could be better with these fresh vegetables than golden fried ctiicjcen? Fryers are among the better meat buys at 43 to 59 cents a pound. There's something new among the precooked frozen specialties — fish sticks. ' :'•': '""' '"''• ' A 1.0-ounce package sells Cor about 60 cents. These 4-inch long sticks of filleted fish have been dipped in batter, then deep fried. Quick And Easy Ready to heat and serve in a few minutes, they may be used either as a main course dish or as pppetizers. With Lent in full swing, seafoods are plentiful. Cod fillets sell for from 33 to 35 oents * pound which is about 6 cents below normal price. There's canned chum salmon from 35 to 40 cents a pound and a good grade of tuna in 6-ounce cans from 25 to 33 cents. Lamb shoulder roast, consider ably lower in price at 2) cents i pound, is featured at some stores Cost is usually around 60 cents. Bice remains about the same in price even though March 14 to 20 is National Rice Week. White polished rice is a few cents higher than the brown unpolished rice at about 20 cents for a 12 ounce box. 01 course, the brawn rice is healthier than the more refined white rice which has some of the vitamins removed with the hull. Wild rice might be a rare treal for your family if you.can afford it at $2.25 for a 12-ounce package Try it for stuffing game or serve it with wild fowl. Winesap and Roman Beauty apples, running from 15 to 20 cents a pound, are the best seasonal apples. Roman Beauties are excellent for baking. Both are good for pies. Fruit Juices Reasonable Canned and frozen citrus juices are reasonable. Cans selling for 27 cents a few weeks ago have dropped a nickel or more in price. Frozen orange juice in 6-ounce cans sells for 13 to 15 cents. If your family doesn't get tired of potatoes each day, they are still the best vegetable buy. Fifty pounds of Nebraska Red Triumphs sell for from 65 to 69 cents. Closet Of Your Dreams Can Be Realized Easily By Vivian Browa I AP Newsfeaturcs Writer Every woman dreams of having that perfectly appointed closet- hat bo.xes, gai'msjiit bags, shoe bags—everything is in order, But sometimes the budget for these matching closet accessories will not permit it. j Well—why not make your ownj chic closet fashions? Decide on your color scheme. ]f the closet is in your room be sure ihat closet and bedroom colors will harmonize. Denim in stripes and companion colors make an at- ; tractive combination. You c a n; paint the closet to match thcl stripe for more enchantment. j Here are simple directions pro-! pared by local sewing center ex-' perls so that you may make these accessories without elaborate patterns: Single Garment Bag To cut back section: Lay dress hanger on fabric and draw shape of hanger across top with soft out Favorite STUKKED CELEKV Wash celery thoroughly and chill. After filling with any mixture, cut in two-inch lengths, arrange uttractively on large platter and chill until ready to serve. Fllll»g» Foe Cekrjr 1 teaspoon cream cheese beaten together with enough French dressing or mayonnaise to moisten. 1 tablespoon chopped sardines mixed with 1 tablespoon mayonnaise. •• 1 tablespoon cottage cheese and 1 chopped stuffed olive moistened with salad dressing. Creamed cheese, minced parsley, paprika, chopped olive, chopped celery. Moisten with French dressing. Chopped hard cooked egg and mayonnaise. Cream cheese and finely chopped nut meats. MRS. HELEN HOWARD Lincoln, Kan. MM x« M« ****i w FAYOiim. tram. it* itiiu Mill t. CU. Ik* rtelpw (i* JndiM »» tb* Homt Ceowmw* 4«p*rtmiM •! k»r>tttou« Col)»i«. cue* M* ttwi lot pueumio* win* * tl mr*. Today's Patterns Iron-on Designs in 3 colors and first' row of stitching. Finish by binding raw sides and top edges.. Use metal gromtnet eyelets across top to hold large head tack for securing the shoe bag to door or wall. . I Hat Bo* Accessory j Cut fabric circumference of aj cardboard hat box allowing 1 inch; i for seam and 2 inches extra width! j for side of lid IVi inches wider than depths of lid (to allow for turn for Hi inches turn inside of box and '/• inch seam on bottom. Cut top and bottom sections of bat box by placing box on wrong side of fabric and drawing around. Allow V; inch seam. Cut. Cut strip for side of lid IVi inches wider ;than depth of lid (to allow for turn in and seam) and 1 inch wider Laura Wheeler Color with a stroke of an iron! Baskets of color—daisies, roses, petunias in a combination of bright pink and deep blue with leaves of grass green. No embroidery—iron on guest towels, luncheon cloths, aprons, sheets, pillowcases. Turn plain fabrics into prints. Make 4713 by Thunday, March 11,1951 P»«* «—The Sauna Joaraal than circumference for scams, [thrifty gifts galore! Anne Adams Sew it in a jiffy—wear and wear and love it from now through sum mer! See the easy-to-sew tucks— i they're a smart, new detail this IT'S EASY to keep a closet neat with garment bags, hat desired width. Bind one edge using tor natters for Ist-class mailing. Send to The Sni;5a Journal. 366 Necdlecratt Dept.. P.O. Box 169. Old Choljci Station, New YorK n. After sections are studied to-j iron on! Washable! Pattern 689J sea s on . jj 0 [ e the comfortable gather and placed on hat bux.. fas-j lias six iron-on designs; four j graceful 4-g 0 re skirt—it has a {pocket in the side seam. Have n I.*..* la in coins ' "" .dd Pattern 4713: Misses' sizes 12 14, 16, 18, 20; 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 42. Size 16 takes 3V> yards 39-inch. This pattern easy to use, simple to sew, is tested for fit. Has com ten turned in edges securely with;6x3%, two 8x41-2 inches, rubber cement. . __ for this pattern' Shelf Edging | Shelf edges are finished with a i pleated ruffle. Cut ruffle about 2& ,.,.., u if i VOUK >"*ME, AHURKSS with ZONE, times the length of your shelf to SIZK »mi STYLE .VVJIBER. SEND NOW lor our r-ew 19JI Laura i boxes and shoe holders. You can | : lhe multi-slotted binder attach-]}™" make them yourself. of each strip section is lakcn upj ment for your sewing Pleat. Bum o'thuf edge . and finish with bins strip covering raw bottom edges of each strip ! Boiling water, added a little at a time, will soften a boiled frosting 131 N. Santa Fe GLAMOR FABRICS FROM WARDS A Top Selection for Spring and Easter Sewing pencil. Extend shoulder line and curve down for side lengl.hs.jin pleats at the bottom. S t i tclvSoften Too Hard Frosting Continue side lino straight down across lower edge of each strip for SO indies. Allow &-ineh seam. Cut. To cut front section: Fold cut, back section in half lengthwise to! use as a pattern. Front is then cut in two sections, allowing 2 inches on each section at center. Stitching procedure: Bind two center edges of front sections. Place flat on top of back section so that center fronts overlap. Bind back and front sections together, leaving >,i inch from center of top of garment bag. Repeat on other side. The 3-inch opening on top of hag for hanger hook should be bound by hand. Bind bottom edge. Large Garment Bag Top section is cut io fit hanger frame, allowing i? inch for scam. Bottom section is ciit to same measurement. The bag can be any length. If bands of contrasting trim are desired at top and bottom, cut to desired depth. Apply to top and bottom sections before stitching back, front and side sections together. Cut back, front and 2 sides sections to correspond to lop section and desired over-all length measurement. Allow u.inch seam on all four sides. Cut one side section In half lengthwise for insertion of slide fastener allowing about *i inch insertion. Use zipper foot machine attachment to make quick work of fastener insertion. Use throe metal grommet eyelets to finish top for h a n g e. r s to go through. . Shoe Ban Cut a piece of solid color denim 36 inches long and 18 inches'wide. Cut three crosswise strips of companion color stripes 40 inches wide end * inches deep. (Piece, if necessary. Cut another strip of striped fabric 18 inches long and 3 inches wide, turn under }» inch on one edge and lop stitch on top of large section. Bind top edges of the three 40 inch fabric strips with solid bias binding. Measure each itrip into 4 even sections and mark with pins. Measure the large back piece «ecMon into 4 lengthwise sections ind roark each with chalk to indicate where strips are to be placed. Now lay one strip of .striped fabric elong bottom. Space other two rows equally apart,'Stitch strips to large section along each edge and on each dividing line. The fullness Wheeler Needlecra't CatiJne—tlio bi rcssmaklnf patter.-;? to HE. _ complete patterns pr&ted m;p}ete illustrated instructions the book! Ideas for gifts, bazaar severs.; fashions. Send 20 cents! \ Send Tlilrty-Mvp cents in coins for :liis pattern—add a cents for each pat" " jteM (or Ist-clasa mailing. Send If i \W& ADAMS, cara The Salina Journal I3S1 Patten DepL, 243 West 17th St.. Delicious Sandwich Three-decker sandwiches are licious made from lobster salad,itfon~,"N«w York '"£'. that has become too stiff to spread. I crisp bacon and sliced tomatoes, i N.Y. Print plainly yorm .V <?• Phone 5406 STRIPED, PLAID DENIM i'cni'orizerf 595 yd. 36" width (A) Mix these ie;'y patterns with solid Play Denin to make eye-catchiV.j casual wear. Washfcit. SOLID COLOR PLAY D£NIM 59e yd. SOLID EMBOSSED COTTONS Washable 69' yd. 36" width (D For spring-through-summer sewing, permanently Embossed Cotton is perfect. Popular designs. EMBOSSED COTTON PRINTS 79c yd. SHEER FLOCK DOT NYLON 1.19, Hanrf-wasi yd. 45" width Q Fancy and feminine—so fashionable for warm- weother dress-up apparel. Generously sprinkled with permanent dots. In charming, dainty colors. LINEN-LIKE RAYON WaMait 79 yd. 45" width @ The beautiful texture of linen with the codnest of rayon—Linen-like Rayon. Alwayi th* right choice for attractive spring wear; CHILDREN'S $3 VALUES How do we do it? Simply wise buying at the right time which saves you $1 on every pair. Come see them.., they're good fitting smart looking styles that are built for long wear. 115 N. Santa Fe Open Thursday Xights T/util 8:30 Due To Popular Demand We Will Remain Open On Saturday Nights Until 8:30 P. Starting Sot., Mar. 13th Phone 5406 131 N. Santa Fe WEEK-END SPECIALS CHENILLE SPREAD ova now Sptcial Jtttff Sav A thrift-fcyy of thit Word low prict. Rippling waves of totton chenille prettily gather*d in rowi of fsur.Formj an inf «r«t- !.igall-ovtf pattern. Rich colors. Full, twin. NYLON BRIEFS Sp«lal T^C low Prlrerl Acelatt-and-nylon bl*nd—brand n«w ponty fabric with extra wftntji, «xtra long w»ar. See them now at this low pric». Ela»tie leg style. White, pink. 32 fo 40, 3.95 MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS Sp«cfa/ taHortd Shim in RgrrtwtigM cotton pwtk«r that Mil in other tading item for 2.95. Short iUtv«, 'm-or-out bottom. Whit*, tmort pottel colon. BOYS' VIVID BLAZERS 6 Pair 1.00 Usually 39c a pair. Soft combtd cotton llaztn with nylon-reinforced heel* and tees for extra long wear. Popular brlflhf. colors. Sizes from 6'/l to 11. GIRLS 39c PANTIES 4/or I 5a 138* Sptcial Buy now during this sole. Girls' acetal* Iricot Panties that wash and wear beautifully. Rich-looking nylon net Of lac* trim at leg opening. Soft pastels. 2-U.j BOY'S 1.49 DENIMS 1.00 *">'" < " r For attlv* boys who give play clothe* plenty of rugged wear. Sturdy 8 ox. blu* denim, Sonforiied fo; less than 1% shrinkage. Copper riveted potKJti, xipfly. 4-1 2.

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