The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on June 25, 1953 · Page 11
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 11

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1953
Page 11
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"DO VOU WAVE AMV FRIENDS WHO HAVE WFUJBKE OV§ UIM?" SOU WAMTTO PRESENT US WITH A MODERN BftTHQOOM. AND WE NEED ONE SO BAD* I-I FEEL -Wear. MUST BE A WAV TO CONVINCE &O. NO, UNCLE CANHI , NO' IF VOU WILL NOT ACCEPT MV GIFT AND IF I AM NO iOHCER VMELCOME.THEN I SHALL LEAVE. IT COMES j(HOW Pf?ACT!CAl)| —f FUNNY HOW 4. VOUR MOOD CAN). CHANGE; ISN'T IT * Jl Now all the big things in life hava *->. happened to me except getting maitied.'} —••^•^•^^•••i i —• i. — <• YOU tL MARRY TM ER O- THE ^ FATHER BOUT TONIGHT; T RE.CONSIPES.' WEAKFISH,VOU LUCKV BOV. r . | BE SURE MURDER Ll'L AKNA, TONIGHT <SV W!U_ SOBUOE. PRIZE TH'WWNERGITS- S-WICH AH PON'T WANT ,wK AlN'Tf'J / WQWlVQURFOLKS- I TH' KIDS WE KNOW/ THIS1»IH-4lA! REGlflR ) "WINDOW OH TH' WORLD." I 0?, CSJR UTTLE HECS i \ IM THB?E CftMT \ ' BE REAL^ ) ' AND YET- j ' GEE, OMDY-YOU (3Eil/OH, V!3, BIG KICK OUT 0' 1 LOOK1N' INTO THfiT MflftEUf, DOMTCHfi- YEAH ISEEWKT Y'MEAN- ONE WAS THERE-ft PART OF IT! PITCHERS- REflL ONES -HERE, VtXJ LOOiC , WOW THAT YOU KNOW TOPAZ, VOU JUS'HAVE 1THAT BRASSNUCKS ZE IJARSOW ESCAPE PROM 8EIW6 ,V,ARBY PAPA, I HATE To GO A6Al)^ST YOUR WISHES BUT I INTEND To MARRY HIM/we GO NOW / IS JACK'S BROTHER — AND is NOTA SWUeftLER- WHV OBJECT •Z ; MUST NOT TRY A&AIM / •• I Aw, OLD ENOUGH 10 KNOW I LOVE BRASSNUCKS/ ,, MY BABY, YOU ARE TOO yoUNS ' OETOOTW HERt ftEfORC \~) YOUR. OU> MAN MUTT HAVE. WHAT3 THE. IAATVER. CTT?-«.TnK«KOT UNOtR THE COUAKT VOU SUJITE A. LIKE Another Workers' Rally Scheduled In East Berlin ' BERLIN (S— East Germany's shaky C o m m u ni s t-government Thursday scheduled another workers' rally, in East Berlin, apparently hopeful that careful organization and Soviet steel would pre-i n^ this one from developing into another open rebellion. Party bosses called on workers of the city's three big eastern boroughs—Mitte, Friedrichshain and Kopenick—to show their support at a mass demonstration Friday for the regime's announced plans to make things better.for the working das". i Approval for the gathering was; granted by Soviet Maj. Gen. P. T. Dibrova, commander of the Red army divisions which crushed the violent June IT rebellion following a similar Communist - permitted demonstration. As the shaken Communists wheedled the workers with one hand, they threatened with the other by continued declarations that ringleaders of the bloody uprisings throughout the East -zone have been or will be severely punished. The known executions in the Communist-ruled area have'now reached 29 and one life sentence was added to the toll. Todays Birthdays CAKL MOUNTBATTE.V, bora June JS, 1900, at Windsor, Eng. lahd, as Louis Francis Albert Victor N 1 c h o- 1 a s Mountbat- ten. This glani orous head of the commandoi i n World War. II, whose raids gel the pattern for the Normandy invasion, became the viceroy who EARL MOJNTEUUEN closed Britain'* rule of India, A distant cousin oi Queen Eyizabeth U, he is a grandson of Queen Victoria and uncle to the Duke of Edinburgh. Also Celebrating: 'Mr». Lloyd Slyer-!, apolis. Minne- Arrests continued—400 in Dres- Area Men Back From Korea SEATTLE Wr-Forty-three Kansans, most of them Korean combat veterans, are scheduled to arrive here Friday aboard the transport General R. L. Howze. Area men include; Pfc. Frederick L. Brack, RR 1, Otis. : .. Sgt. Charles Bright Jr., 724 W. I2th, Junction City. Sgt.'Evan E. Builard. Attica. Sgt. Robert K. Georgeson, Len- P»K« 23~The Stliitft Joans! Thursday, June 25, 1953 ACROSS I. Shovel «. Shut ». Mineral sprinf 12. Port 13. Jubilance 15. Singly 16. Obtained 17. Cry of a cat 18. Doily 20. At homt 21.Stain 22. Trapped 26. Certain 29. Quantity of speed SI. American Indian 32. Bow of a •boat JJ. Anger 84. Wild plum 35. Gone by 38. Manufacture 37. Be undecided M. Opposite of wholesale 40. Beam . 42. Pronoun 43. Feminine ending . 44. Weep bitterly 47. Bicker M. Burn slightly 53. Vessels for burning incense 54. Embellish 55. Spread to • dry M. Meshed fabric .57. Cut down DOWN 1. Pretense aiTuaaa OHSEIQB unan aasa aani as QHsa is as ^ Solution of Yitttrdiy'* Punlo S-Wan 3. Acknowledge openly 4. Snug room 5. Foe . «, Finest 7. Beverage , ». City in . Wisconsin Chester. Cpl 4 James F. Schmiedler, Hays, den, 115 in Freital and 78 in Thar.-j M/Sgt. Lee Ray, 718' East 10th, andf The Reds began evacuating; Junction City. •••'.'. fahiilics #f workers convicted of M/Sgt. Jack O'Neil, Man striking. Premier Otto Grotewohl and the other top men in his government and party meanwhile, embarked on a tireless trek through the East zone, promising to reverse communist policies. 19. 9. Title 10. American . " -author 11. Besides 14. Game flaa It. Antenna 21. Morning moistur* *2.PUots 23. Regulation- 24/Jacket 25. Action 26.Box, . H.Fress 28. Part oft - ...plant JO. Clumsy • -••; bear . 34. Secret agent 36. Hand •-...-. covering, 39. River island! 11. Province in -.-. -.British. India 4S. Formerly 44. Crystallized rain 45. Mythical •;. monster 48. Flex '• 17. Perform on the stag*. 4». Insect 49. Purpose 50. Source of . metal 52.Arti6ciaI . - languigo t-zs Mother of Kansas Publisher Dead irier publisher and mother of the!^ undersigned • present publisher o£ the Legal Notices LAWRENCE O. BENGTSON SatlMa, Kaatu . . . Attorney for, Administrator f First Published in The Saliaa Journal, June 18. 1953) In the Probate Court of Sallnt County, Kansas. ID the matter of the Estate of MAMIE RUTH LANTZ, JDec NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR No. 92S2 Notice l* liereby Riven to the creditors. INDEPENDENCE ffi—Mrs. Her- *ie!«, devisees and JeKateis of Marnle *.„ t A •»*-,.*• o» . -J-™. * f iJtuib. Lantz, deceased, and all others co'n- fcert A. Me>er, 64, widow of .a for-i cerned , that on the letn day of June, 1953, ' • the probate court a.<. duly appointed administrator of the dence Daily Reporter, died Wednes-; eatata or Mamie Ruth Laatz.. deceased, day night, '" '~* "" She was the wife of H. A. Meyer Sr., who died in 1950 .while serving f his .second term as Republican representative in Congress from the Third Congressional District. She had undergone major surgery a week ago. All parties interested in said estate will take notice .and fovern themselves accordingly. All creditors are notified to exhibit their demands against tho said estate within nine months from the date of the first publication of this notice u provided by law. and if their demands are' not thus exhibited they shall be forever barred. , JOHN O. LANTZ.. Administrator! ATTEST: .FRED D. JOY. Probate Judge (SEAM (3t-»w Legal Notices LAWR£\CJC O- BE-XOTSOX .Sallna* Kan*** Attorney for AdmJnlitrator ' (First.'Published in The Sallna Jouro* • ' '. ' June IS. 1953)' - . In the Frobata Court of SaUnft. Count Kansas., In the Hatter of th« Estate of JOHN E. LANTZ. Decease JfOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR 'No.'9281' Notice IK hereby given -to the credltoi lelrs. deyiaeea. and legatees of John Lantr. deceased", and all othera concerned that on th« ISth day "of June. 1953, th undersigned was by th"e probate cou of Saline County. Kansas, duly appoint* and qualified AJ administrator of th estate ot Jotia E. Lantz, deceased, lat of Saline Counly, Kansas. All parties Interested in said, estate .wi take notice and govern-themselves accorc lofiy. All creditors ari* cotiffed to exhib .heir demands against the said eaiat within nine monthi from the date o the first publication of thil notice provided by law, and if their demand are not thua exhibited they'ihall be foreve JOHN 0. LANTZ, Administrate ATTEST: FEED 0. JOY, Probate Jtldire ;SEAL> (3t-sp You will b« happily surprised Classified Ada sell old things. [WITH REAL-. 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Lot Fifty-five <55) "on Tenth Street fa Bishop's Addition .to the City, of Sallna, • Saline County. Kansas; and all other property real and personal. or interests therein owned by th» Mi* Flora May PutacJj at ths time of her death; and you are hereby, required to fil« your written defenses thereto on or befor* th« 10th day of July, 1953 at 10. o'clock A.M. of said day,in said.court itt.the City of !aUna, in Sallnt County. -Kansas, at which fme and place safd CSUM will In fieard, Should you ' fall thetein, . judgment mcd [ecree will b» enterea m due coiir»« upon said petition. . ANDREW JOEL HTCHARD80N, . Petttltontr. ATTEST: FRED D. JOT, Probat* JuSf». SKAL) . . . 3t-tp> CLARK AKD MIZIC fftato Bank Attorney* for F«ttdoa«rt . First Published la The SaliQJ- Jourttftl June 18, 1S53 l tli • Probate Court of Salto* County. Kansas • .•; n the matter of the esttt* of . >'OTICe Or HEAHtNp - „ Tb* State of Kansas to ail person* concerned: You ar« hereby notified that 4 petiUoa as been filed in said court by Carl Eben und jren and Ida . Sunrlgren Baelelsoa. ho are named In tht dec^denl'f last 111, bearing dat« of Auicuat 3, IMS, which filed with said petition, praying for th* dmUvIon of said will to probate and for Issuance of letters testamentary to art Eben Sundjcren and Ida Sundgren anlelson, and you are hereby required file your written defenses thereto on • before the 13th day of July. 1953 «t :«i o'clock, A.M. of said day IB said ourt, in the city of Sallna, in said County nd State, -at which time and pl*ce said ausa will be heard. Should you fail th*re- judgment and decree will b« tntcred due course upon said petition. CARL EBEN SUNT5GREM IDA SUl-TDOREN DAMELSOM Petitioner! ttesi: FRED. 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