Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 4, 1900 · Page 1
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1900
Page 1
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1 'V>» *'(! THE ALTON TELEGRAPH YE All. (Established Jantmry II, 1836) ALTOST, ILL.,.THURSDAY, JAK. 4,1900. Vf '/ [ . ._ «n-._l - J-...1. : The New i • York Weekly Tribune and the Weekly Teleg praph for One Year for j ju.25 in Ad Ivance. Try Them Eromotes Digestion.Cheerful- tiessandRestContains neither ppium.Morpliitie nor Mineral. NOT Apcrfcct Remedy ( or 'Constipation, Sour Stontach. Diarrhoea, Worms .Convulsions .Feverishness and LOSS OfSLEEP. lac Simile Signature of NEW YORK. EXACT COPT OF WRAPPEB CASTORIA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of The Kind You Have Always Bought. GASTORIA THE eCNTAUft COMPANY, NEW YORK CITY. Brisk Action in the Hills Surrounding; Colesberg, KOE1W ARE IORCKDTO RETREAT. finrrlnoii Which Ocnol'nl Outuurc l.t'l't at Molti>no AttackiMl h.v the Hocra— The I'liice One of MtrnU'Klral linporluni'«— (ii'iirrul Hiillcr I'r^partnjf to Ailvanun— HIKM- Tri'iirlH'» IC\l(finli'(l AliniK tl'i'Tll- Ki'lu ItlviT. Naainviioori, (.'ape ('olony. .I/in. -J,— 'I'liere was brisk lighting Wednesday in tlie hills around Colesberg. The Mocrs stubbornly resisted the British at every point, but gradually retreated. The Hrillsh held the extreme position to (he south and cast, overlooking the town. London, Jan. -i.—A special dispatch from Nnauwpoort. dated Tuesday, Jan. -. says the British command Nor- vals I'ont bridge with two gnus and also eommaiid the Colesberg bridge, end that the Boers have no way to re- ireat except, by way of Normberg. The •Jtspatch adds thai big ilevelopments ure expected at once. Slerkstroom. Cape Colony, .Ian. 4.— The Boers attacked early Wednesday. The action is now proceeding. Moltcno is about twenty miles north of SSterkstroom, whtsre (fcneral (Jatacre has made his head- ipiarters since liis defeat at Stromberg. Its situation at the junction of the East London line and a branch road connect!mr tills willi the Port Kll/.n- belli line gives it strategic Importance. (Jalaere left a garrison ni Moltetio which could be I'lisilv reinforced. BOWMAN'S j£ls Recognized as the ©NLY PLACE To Buy Dry Goods, Notions and Novelties Ilcnsberg. .Ian. 4.—A supply train slid down the tracks into I he Boer lines. The starling of the train is supposed to iv? due to treachery and one arrest lias been made. When it was seen the train could not be recovered, the Hriiish artillery opened lire on it. One shell-derailed the car. wreck- Ing the whole train. French's additional casualties are three killed and nineteen wounded. Durban, .Ian. 4.—The Boers are entrenching further/to the westward and are also maintaining their positions south of the Tugela. Their trenches now extend for eighteen miles along the north bank of the river. General Buller Is preparing to advance. HOICUS HACK IX COLKSIUHtK. HttV« Kcorrnpli'il tli« Position from Which Tho.v Wore I>rlven. London. -Ian. -1.—An une.xpeeled development of the situation has appeared HI Colcsbtirg. The On) nil News' correspondent says that the Koers returned with reinforcements during the night and occupied the position from which they were driven by General French on Monday. Further particulars of Colonel Pitcher's successful action show how much it'was due to the colonial troops, lleuter's correspondent says be was privileged to carry an order- to the Toronto company to double quick into action. When he arrived and delivered the order great satisfaction was shown along (he line and exclamations of "at last" were heard. The company, under Captain Harker. rushed forward to within n thousand yards of the Boer position, when they opened a hot lire on the kopje with complete success. The Queensland contingent also behaved splendidly, laughing and clialtlnt; while under lire. Colonel 1'ilcher has since occupied the rebel nositlon in Bnrklev West wilh- JANUARY CLEARING SALE. this "only Remnants of Dress Goods and SilkvS at almost half price. Ladies, Fine Jackets at ab mt half price. ' lot of Men's Fleeced Lined Underwear $r the regular pric j , this sale Odd sizes in Ladies' Underwear at less than cost price. Fur Collarettes and Muff*, 2$ per cent reduction. American Indigo and Simpson Black and White an.d Grey Prints worth week fc a yard. The last timp at this price. i lot of Extra Value Cotton Blankets worth 6$c, this sale 50; a pair. 6 , pieces of fine Bleached 68 inch'Damisk worth 8?c, this sale 69; yd A Fine Bleached Dirnask, for this sale] only iftoc yard. J, . $ . A Fine Bleached Muslii (battjr ,trun!JL>n?dila)'! wjrth ioc, .forJEthis a yd. out opposition. Tlio district is reported demoi'tiHaed liy the. occupation of Dordrecht. ' IIOM) TWO OKUMAN Mil IPS. llrltlflli Make Aitotlmr Capture In Dnlngoa nay. Berlin. .Ian. 4.— The Htennier Hnnu Wagner, from Hamburg, was seized at Oelngoa liuy liy ilia Hellish on Dec. 27. It Is reported from Hamburg that the owners of the Hnn« Wagner have lodged n compliiliil with the British foreign office. This will no douht mnlie more complications In the diplomatic situation, as uotldug for months has caused more bitter feeling at the foreign office than the sel/.ure of the Bundesrath, and the outspoken Indignation wild which von Billow's subordinates discussed the Incident Is astonishing. A few such affairs would lie likely to cool the Auglo- Ccrman relations In a way to delight the (icrmiin people, the overwhelming majority of whom arc passionately an- ti-Hrii Ifh. Tim Huiin.v*l<lit I'rlsoner.x. London, .hin. -I.—A dispatch from the Moihler river intimates that the Sunuyside prisoners will not be treated as prisoners of war, but as British sub- jecls caught In open rebellion. At the Modder nvcr ramp the conduct of the colonials is jjreatly admired, nud all an- delighted that they have struck the tii'sl blow on the western frontier iee the battle of Mnrgcrsfoiitelu. It is nelieved I lie relief of Kitriunan will ijuickly follow. To Wutrli nHiiKoa Ituy. London. .Ian. -I.—It is reported that tin; particular service squadron now, at Gibraltar will be ordered to smith Africa as soon as the channel squadron returns to '.iibraltar. The particular service squadron of cruisers is said to be just suited to watch Delagoa bay. liiihonir I'liiKiin In Muniln. Manila. .la;i. -I.—The health oliicers have found a native with all the symptoms of bubonic plague in a house in the walled city, where two suspicious denths'have occurred. The patient has been isolated and every precaution has been taken to prevent a spread of disease. Team* mid lYiimHti'ra lilovvn Up. Calumet, Mich.. .Ian. 4.—Two team loads of -powder, each carrying 4,37."i pounds of the explosive, were blown up near Eagle river. Two teamsters, Alex. Hanuncrstroin and Joseph St. Louis, and their teams are lost. No explanation Is given. Miiy Kxlnnil Muilim Vivendi. Paris, .Inn. 4. —The opinion has been expressed in official circles that the modus Vivendi between Great Britain and France regarding New Fouudland would be extended for another year. There s(x?ms to be no disposition upon the pnrt;«f France to take advantage, of <>reaf Britian's uncomfortable situation in the Transvaal to force an unfair settlement of a matter not regarded tin vital. France Is in a position of being willing to sell her lishiug rights, but she considers It proper for Great Britain to make the first proposition. Thus the matter stands In abeyance. _ Fire at Detroit. Detroit. Jan. 4.—The $50.000 stock of Morgan. I'uld iV Morris, manufacturers of regalia and military supplies, In the live-story building at Washington and Grand Kiver avenues, was totally destroyed by lire. The I'nrlsinn Laundry company, occupant of the lower part of the building, suffered $:(,000 damage: \V. T. Fisk, shoe manufacturer, bad a $:i.OOO loss. The building, owned by the Palms estate, was damaged $.~>.UOO worth. Morgan, Puld it Morris' loss is only half covered by Insurance. The other losers were amply Insured. Olllll ItlVIT .StCIIIIHM- Is Kllllli. Cincinnati. .Inn. 4.—News has reached here of the sinking of the Ohio river steamer. W. F. Nesbit. half a mile above Chilo, O. The boat was Hteamlug down the river when it struck a huge Icefloe, which broke a hole twenty-feet low? In the hull. Captain Peter llolloway turned the bow for the shore and signaled for a full head of steam, but the water poured into the hull, and the boat sunk near the Kentucky shore. The crew and the few passengers had no dlttl- cully In escaping. A part of the cargo will be saved. AutoimilillcN In Ilir I'ViMK-li Army. Purls, .Tan. •(.—-French military authorities arc- studying seriously the ulili/.ation of automobiles In army operations. The ministry of war will probably be represented at the coming exhibition of different models of machines to lie shown In the pavilion here In I'nris. The different styles include officers' cnrriages. tricycles for dispatch bearers, wagons for telegraph, telephone, medical, .•immmiillon and comiiilssarial services. All these automobiles are painted gray. Ntrm liir/il Iron W«rki*rN on MriKi-. Philadelphia. Jan. 4.--A strike of the structural iron workers has lieen In augurat>'tl here by the members of union No. II! of lite National Association of Uriel,;*' ami Structural Iron Workers. l!el ween -IHO ami 5(10 nice sire all'ccicd ami Imllillim npcriuinns will be hnndlcappeil milll an agreement N reached. The union was organl/ed six months n^'n. ami three months In i rr Issued n dciiminl I'm- a nine -hour day. nt -S cents tin hour, to take ef- I'ecl ill the beginning of Hie year. The' old rale was -•*> cents an hum' for a len-hmir day. Ti'liul Id Suiillnu' ii Clui|i. Chicago. -Ian. I. -William McAvuy SI.'! Illue Island avenue, tried lo swul low a whole pork chop, and as a re suit Wits on the operating table ill flic Presbyterian hospital fur over an hour, while doctors worked lo save his life, Ills ihroitl was so severely Injured (lull he Was unable to leave the hospital after the bone had been extracted. The surueons say thai he may pos- Mhly die from liio effect n of his In- Jurh'h, Members of Congress Have Resolutions Prepared. MJLZEK OP KKW YORK GETS HIS IN. It Ankn for Information Ciiiiccrnlilj; Gov- (•rinliriil IMoncy Di'poRltvil In a N«w York Hnnk by tlm Mrcretary of "tlm Tri'UKiir.v—K«f«rr»;(l to the Committee nn Way* anil Mruuit—Miiny l(>!M>lutl»nn Iti'litthlK to l'iilyK"i".V. \\'asJiington. Jan. 4. —There were premonitions of a storm when the house reassembled after the holiday recess. Several members, Including Sul/.er of Xew York, were prepared to offer resolutions of Inquiry into the course of .Secretary Gage in regard to the deposit of public funds in the New York banks and to demand for them fininedhite consideration. Gaiiies of Tennessee got precedence over Sul- /er by rising to u question of personal privilege. He had read a publication alleging that he had stated thai in voting for the Tnyler resolution to investigate the case of Brigham 11. Roberts he had been actuated by motives 'of self-preservation, lie denounced the publication as false and without foundation. Snl/.i-i-'ft Hi'Milntlon. Snlxer was then recogui/.ed and offered his resolution, which was read at the clerk's desk. It is as follows: "Unsolved. That the secretary of the treasury be. aud he hereby is directed to furnish the house of representatives as soon as possible with the following information: "1. All letters, agreements, papers or documents between the treasury department of the United States and any person connected therewith, and the National City bank, and the Hanover National bank of the city of Xew York, or any person acting for them or either of them, since the 4th day of March. 1S!)7. relating to the depositing of public funds, bonds or revenues In said bank or banks, or any other relations or business transactions now existing or heretofore had between the government and the said banks or either of them. "2. The amount of public money, bonds or revenue deposited with said banks or either of them, by the government, for what length of time and the reasons therefor, aud whether said hunks or either of them, haveipaid the government- any Interest on said deposits, and If so. how much, and all other information concerning the same, or in any way relating thereto." . ..... : -..,, IttsoluOon NoTTMVIteKcilV The speaker immediately ruled that the resolution under the rules must go first to a committee and was not privileged. "If the committee does not report it back within one week does it become privileged?" asked Sul/.er. "It does." responded the speaker. "I now ask unanimous consent for the consideration of the resolution," said Sul/.er. "The resolution should first be considered by a committee," said Payne, the floor lender of the majority. "I object." The resolution was referred to the committee on ways nnd means. That: ended the little flurry aud at 12:15 p. m.. upon Payne's motion, the house adjourned until next day. SKN.YTK PROCKKIH NGS. Miiny I'ctitlniiK Iti-latliiK: to tin 1 <Jmi>.llim of I'olj'guniy ProHentnil. Washington. Jan. 4.—The senate resumed its sittings with a liberal attendance of senators with n small flood of bills, resolutions and petitions. The petitions related largely to the question of polygamy, while the bills and resolutions covered a wide variety of subjects. Allen presented a resolution calling upon the secretary of the treasury for all letters passing between the treasury department and •the National City bank and the Hanover National bank of New York, and also all agreements made between I he treasury department and those banks concerning the deposit of funds, etc. Aldrieh objected to present consideration and the resolution weni over. A like disposition was made ol' a resolution offered by Pcttigrew calling upon the secretary of war for Information as to whether General Torres of the Philippine army came under a tlau of truce as a representative of Aguinnldo, to General Otis after the beginning of hostilities last February, making an explanation of the outbreak and suggesting means of terminating the troubles. Aldrieh gave notice lie would call up the limincliil bill Immediately after the morning business. Thursday. Hoar (lieu entered a protest against what he termed mi attempt to throttle senators In their efforts to obtain information coiicernlui; the "deplorable conditions" which have existed In the Philippines Aldnch explained ih;il he hud no desire in suppress anything or any senn- lor. At l:ln p. m. llie senate adjourned. so KI:I (ii nsi: ion ST. i.oris. |lr|>ivM'iiliillM' Iliirthnlill I'fcil.•-.(>, In Viiln In iCool ami (iriKK*. Washington. Jan. -I. -Itepresein.-iiive Itarihohli ol' Si. Louis called on the secretary of war and (he attorney general of the Culled Slates to enter an earnest pruH'M. in ilie IKIINC ol' St. Louis. !>j.';iins) Hie npeninu ol' the Chicago drainage muni, lie claimed that congress had full iiuiliorliy over ihc r;m;il. which should not have been opened wllholll full permission hllV- Inu been seemed in that end. lie claimed also ihai Chicago had Ires- passed upon ilh' aitllioHly ol' (he war department over inivipihlc lakes and streams, and made, In short, an elaborate and earnest argument against the canal and aiiiiiusi cidi-mm Wcrefnry noot took no stock in Bnr- thod s argnmentH. and even plnlnlv tod him that the war depnrttncnt could have n« Interest In the c.ise nn- le*« t had become apparent that the canal was interfering with exlstl ag water levels. Atlorney General Orlggs, after Bartholdt hud ninde his argument at the department of lusti,* said the case was one In which the general government was not interested nnd over which ]t hadjno control. fiiw- of llrlglium n. itoberU. Washington. Jan. 4—A Mmemeut has been received from the remaining,,' Utah witness who was to appear be? for*! the committee Investigating .the CHS* of Sir. Hoberts of Utah, giving the substance of the evirei'ee he would give If sworn by the committee. This statement will be presented to the committee when it rennseinl Irs, and if Mr. Huberts concedes tl at Hit) witness would so testify it will be unnecessary to have him come froni l.'tnli. Otherwise the offer will be made to bring on the witness In CUM;, his evidence Is considered deHrnble. The material feature of it Is said to he as to the marital relations existing between Hoberts and Mrs. Maggie Shlpp Uoberts. rri'nlilcntliil Nomination*. Washington, Jan. 4.—The presidtfht has sent the following nominations to the senate: To be United States consuls: Thomas T. Prentiss of Massachusetts, at Kouen. France; George L; Darte of Pennsylvania, nt Martinique; transferred to Pntras, Greece: Alonxo C. Yates of Virginia, at Patris, transferred to Martinique. Brigadier General .1. 0. Bates, to be major general of volunteers; Brigadier General Lloyd Wlieaton. to he major general of volunteers by brevet. To be brigadier gen- eharl—Colonel S. B. M. Young. Lieutenant. Colonel Arthur Mac Arthur. Lieutenant Colonel William Ltidlow. Also a number of appointments and promotions in the regular and volunteer army. GriH'thigH Trom Foreign CountHv*. Washington, Jan. 4.—The postolliec department has received a large number of formal Christmas and New Year's greetings from several European governments, including Sweden. Denmark. Belsium, Switzerland nnd several British colonies. Among the city postoftiees sending more or less illtistrated cards are Cologne, Geneva. Constantinople. Pays Bus, Holland, and Berlin. The city postoftiees of New York and Chicago are also following the custom, sending engraved New Year's wishes to all governments in the universal postal union. riillipplii' .lotnt It -Bolutlon. AYnshington, Jan. 4.—Keprescniative McHen of Arkansas lias introduced the foliowiug/;fniiitr«is!solutjou: ,"^{0 It: re* solved, etc., That the United States hereby declare that their purpose, lu acquiring jurisdiction and control over the Philippine islands was and is to secure to the Inhabitants thereof, as soon as practicable, after the suppression of the existing rebellion therein, a free. Independent, stable government. Jj Sk'publlcan in form, and that the United States guarantee to said inhabitants protection against all foreign Invasion." I)»ulli of Two Naval Olllcc-r.s. Washington, Jan. 4.—The navy department has been advised by a cable message from Admiral Watson of the death of Commander James W. Car- liu on board the Oulgoa, from an attack of peritonitis. He was on h|s way to the naval hospital tit Yokohama for treatment when he died Dec. MO last. The message also reported the death of Cnptnin C. L. A. Ingato' of the marine corps at. Guam, where lie was stationed on Dec. 24. His death followed a surgical operation. <iiiK« Will Not Benign. Washington. Jan. 4.—A story was sent out asserting that Secretary Gage would resign, to be succeeded by Charles (). Dawes, comptroller of the currency. An emphatic denial was given to the story by Assltant Secretary Ynnderllp. Secretary Gage has no intention of resigning, lie declared, but will serve out his full term. l.iiwIiHi I'.nnil A hove $3O,OO(>. Washington, Jan. 4.—General Corbin of the Lnwton fun committee announces that I he total subscriptions to the fund to dale amount to ?44.iaa. He says thai with the amount already on deposit in the Hlggs National hank in lids city, and what is on hand elsewhere, the fund Is now well above .$i)(),(Kill. STOIljToX PACIFIC COAST. Tniliilnif Ship (ioi'H Axliori-—Mtu-i- lillliul Ntivy Yard DiiiiuiKiul. San Francisco, Jan. 4.—One of the. storms for many years r.wept over San Francisco. The wind reached a velocity of I'orly-elglii miles per hour, and rain fell In torrents. I'YiT.vhoais had trouble In crosf-lng the bay and the naval training si Ip Ail urns went ashore on Goal Island, but was n'llled ol)' by lugs. It Is not known whether ll was hurl, but It Is feared II cannot sail lor Honolulu Friday will) crew aud l.'iii appnuillces as was planned. About l.'ill I'eel of I lie sea wall til the Mare island navy yard fell ililo tin 1 buy. ciiuslnu damage of $T.*i,- Illlll. Loosened eill'lh carried down a section nf railway track along the water I ron l A»|>liy\liili'<l liy (in*, Chicago. •Ian. I. Alderman Tiiuiiias F. Kytin of Kvjinslnii died froia iiilidl- ing illiiiiiinailnK yas In the purifying loom ol' the Nurlhwc.-ierii Ga . Llghl and Coke company's plant in ICv an-lnii. Mr. Ityan. who was snperinien-feiM ol' the wcirks. entered Hie purll'yii!): room with u helper. William Alliter, in examine the appiirniiih. They \\eiv not seen lo come out and when a search was made both were found unconscious njion the Door. Alderman Jlyan wits taken to his home. 17i.'0 lOmersiin street, where medical aid was sum- inoiieii. He did not regain "con ness.

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