Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 6, 1963 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 6, 1963
Page 9
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ALTUN EVEM1NG TELEGRAPH PAGE NJNE MIRROR OF YOUR MIND By JOSEPH WHITNEY the over - Puritanical family produces the frigid woman, but this Is not the type who complains most about unsatisfactory marital intimacies. In these cases, she said, it is the marriage relationship and not the sexual relationship that needs doctoring. Attention to the former Is of paramount importance in 90 per cent of frigidity complaints. Should a career be determined before college? Answer: Not irrevocably. Some teen - agers are so dedicated to a particular calling that predetermination will be invaluable in selecting college courses. Others may discover their choice was subtly influenced by family wishes or tradition. StijJ others may find their very adolescence and inexperience has kept them ignorant of fields that the broader curriculum of college will make known to them. Indecision is frequently better than a wrong decision, i Is frigidity n physical affliction? Answer: Women tending toward frigidity like to think so. Dr. Beverly T. Mead points out in "Rx Health" that traditionally, 1963, King Features. Synd.. Inc.) Docs restlessness indicate a bored audlrnce? Answer: Audiences become restless if a speaker Or actor does not perform well, but are not necessarily bored. If the audience squirms during the high school valedictorian's graduation speech, for example, it is not due to boredom but to the young person's distress. Actually, the audience worries more for the student's sake than for its own, and will become overly enthusiastic if the young speaker overcomes his shyness and turns out to be self- assured. Jersey High School Graduates Leave for Schools of Higher Learning A number of 1963 graduates of Jersey Community High School have reported plans to continue and Mrs. Curl Shandrow, an!J. H. Houseman, will attend their education at various col- and Mrs. William Lurton Dow. English major, both of Grafton. Mary Lurton, daughter of Mr. Blackburn College in Carlinville to prepare for the study of law. Mary Naylor, daughter of Mrs. and schools and are leaving| will begin a general course ol'. M;irie Naylor, will major in Edu- soon to begin -their studies. study at SIU on Sept. 25. I cation at Illinois College in Jack- Trudy Abbott, daughter of Mr. ; \ Va ,,. en Andel , son son of Mr ! sonville. and Mrs. James Abbott. leftj anc | Mrs . Charles Anderson of are Mr. and Mrs. Roger Stevens Tuesday for Springfield. Mo. to Jerseyvillc. left Monday forjof Piasa leaves Sept. 15th for St. ' . studies at Evangel College JDecatur where he will be 'a stu-i Janice Stevens, whose parents where she will major in Busi- dent of engineering at MillikiJ Lrjim to attend Miss Hickey's ness Administration. i University where he reported for School for Secretaries. Patricia Beach, whoso parents i football practice, arc Mrs. Elsie Beach and Marion' ™ , .,,.,, Beach of Jerscyville will go to,,, 1 7 paduates wiU attend the Southern Illinois University atiSt - Lo "* School of Pharmacy in Illinois University Carbondale on Sept. 23 where she! preparation for careers as Phar- \_<ll uv^iiviait: un otui. io WUCIC MIC '„,.,,,: . rriL. 1-11.1 T^ « .„ „„ . ... .. .. . I macists. They are Stanley Beier- will attend their Vocational' „„„ ; ,,_ __. * _ mann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eu- Alyce Mayhall will be mathematics major at the Principia College in Elsah. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Amiel Mayhall of Elsah. Jane Gorman, daughter of Technical Institute preparing toj™' — - "£, — £ Mr . and M ,s. Louis Gorman, qualify for a license .n practical; Maguire> SQn Q{ Mr and m , & - - - '_..,. "_,.„,.„:.., mi r? ing - . „ „. CI 'Claude Maguirc. Also planning on attending SIU| at Carbondale are Bruce Brock,! The five Illinois Teachers' Col-| will attend St. Louis University as an education major. Alice Goodrich, daughter of son of Mr .and Mrs. Joe Brock leges * a ™ att ''«cted area gradu who will major in Chemistry; Donna Roth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Roth whose major will be English; and Charles Roberts, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Roberts who will be in the Engineering School. Among the graduates who expect to study at the Alton campus of SIU are Gary Bridges, son of Mrs. William Bridges, and Jacques 0. Ferris, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ferris, both of I Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Goodrich, whom will major in business administration; Leslie Nickols, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Nichols, who will take a liberal arts course, all of Jerseyville; Mr. and Mrs. Byron Gary, will attend Illinois State Normal University at Normal where she reports Monday to major in education. Robert Bnmdies, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Brundies is also attending Normal and is majoring in agriculture. He reported Labor Day for football. where she will take a liberal arts course at Knox College. Joyce Mayhall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mayhall of Chautauqua will attend the School of Nursing of St. Joseph's Hospital in Alton for a three year course in nursing. Phyllis Pegue, daughter of Mr. Karen Sue Chapman whose mother is Mrs. Wayne Leonard, leaves Sunday for DeKalb, 111. to begin studies at Northern Illi- and Mrs. Francis Pegue, has been a student since July 21 in the School of Nursing of St. John's Hospital in Springfield. nois University majoring in edu- ; . Eddie Kallal, son of Mrs. Will- cation. Gloria Jean Prock will major in social science at Eastern Illinois iam Scott, will attend Rankin Trade School in St. Louis to welding. son of Mr. William Keller, son of Mr. and I University at Charleston. She is; • j M« r«,.i r. KPHOP » h,,«m««ithe daughter of Mrs. Wesleyi; ind M L S - 7 h T? s Fl ' iacl ™ u Mrs. Carl E. Keller, a business j^ne daught administration major and vir-j'^ unter - ginia Shandrow, daughter of Mr. i Q uite a number have chosen leave Sept. 9 for Greenville, where he will major in Mathe- School Menus DELHI MONDAY Wieners, baked potatoes, sauerkraut, peach cobbler, bread, butter, milk. TUESDAY Italian spaghetti, slaw, apple crisp, bread, butter, milk. WEDNESDAY Ham casserole, beets, pears, bread, butter, milk. THURSDAY Beef roast & gravy, rnashed potatoes, pickle, purple plums, bread, butter, milk. FRIDAY Toasted cheese, lima beans, malted cakes, bread, butter, milk. Greenfield MONDAY: Bologna sandwich, mixed vegetables, tomatoes, cookie, chocolate milk. TUESDAY: Beef and noodle casserole, spinach, bread, butter, pears, chocolate milk. WEDNESDAY: Chicken pie, biscuits, lettuce-tomato salad, cottage, cheese, banana, chocolate milk. THURSDAY: Hamburger on bun, peas, cabbage salad, peach half, chocolate milk. FRIDAY: Salmon loaf, bread, butter, green beans and potatoes, celery sticks, Rice Krlspie treat, chocolate milk. . Mother's Helper by H«lm«nn Or Pttrion YOUNGSTERS dearly love » nlM Btaok of brand new •ohool luppllei, but better take It ea»y until they know for sure what'i required. Mo*t teacher* have very definite Ideai about what kind ef notebooks, paper, pen, etc. they want their pupili to u««. A schoolbac, ruler, pencil! and lunch box should be lafe •noufh to buy. * 196}, N*w Y«rk HfraWTrlbunt, in* Western Illinois University at Ma-;'"f/ 105 a " drS ™ n< * at Green " comb. They include, Rebecca! vllle Methods Co liege. Carpunky, daughter of Mr. and! As usual , the University 01 M«. Wesley Carpunky, whose| Illinois at brban , a 1S the choice major will be business adminis-! of several i«"*uales. Richard tration and accounting; Richard Brooks - son of Mr ,- and Mrs - Alton OES Observes Guest Night Guest night was observed by Alton Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, during a meeting Wednesday evening in Piasa Masonic Temple. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Colburn, worthy patron and matron of the chapter, were honored at the event. Some 150 members and visitors were in attendance, with 19 area chapters represented. Mrs. Adam Levandowski of East St. Louis, guest of honor, was presented an arm bouquet. Mrs. Hargiss Maholland of Jerseyville and Froebel Palmer of Collinsville Were guest worthy patron and matron. Mrs. Rowan Atterberry was guest in the East. A "court of Love and beauty" setting was used in decorations. Guest officers were introduced and presented simulated golden tiaras and scepters. Lester Parker served as herald, and pages were Mrs. John Wolf and Mrs. M. E. Wacker. John Hughes of East St. Louis sang, and organ music was played by Mrs. Hulda Griffith of Gran" ite City. Mrs. Perry Shelton presented a gift from the chapter officers to Mr. and Mrs. Colburn. Mrs. Thomas Sorbie was general chairman. At the next chapter meeting on j Sept. 18 in the temple, "side- lihers" or non-officers will be honored. College Notes Stacy Hegeman of Wood River has been elected as a represen tative of Western Illinois Univer sity's ail-university student gov ernment. He is majoring in ac counting, and is a member o Theta Xi social fraternity. Miss Janet Keeling, daughter o Mr. and Mrs. Howard Keeling o 2975 Shady Place, is enrolled a a freshman at the University o New Mexico in Albuquerque thi fall. The student left Thursday for a visit with friends in Dallas Tex., prior to the opening ol classes. Jerry Feezel, son of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Feezel of 711 E. Ferguson Ave., Wood River will leave Monday for the Uni versity of Wisconsin in Madison, following a visit with his parents. He will teach at the uni versity and work on his master's degree. Jerry has been a teacher in a Midlothian, 111. high school for the past three years. Charow, son of Mrs. Majorie Charow, whose major will be Speech Correction and Modern English; Sandra Chipman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Chipman, a physical education major; Gary Fleming son of Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Fleming, who will take a liberal arts course leading to Veternary Medicine; Linda Heitzig, an English major, and Penny Heitzig, mathematics major, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Heitzig; and Margie Rilter, daughter of. Mrs. Joseph Ritter, speech correction major. James Stone, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Stone, who now reside at Highland, Texas, will attend Lee College at Bay Town, Texas for a liberal arts course. Roger Brooks, will be a student there majoring in electric engineering Judith Ellerman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold P'.llerman, v/hose major will be commercial art; Frederich Walt her, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Walther, will take a course preparatory to the study of law; John Hull, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hull, will major in agriculture; Clifford Jewsbury, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Jewsbury will major in physics, and Sherrill Frees- ineyer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Freesmeyer, will major in agriculture and English. Sharon Osburn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Osburn will attend LaGrange College at Hannibal, Mo. majoring in Richard Heininger, son of Mrs. education. Weekly Food Review Lamb Cuts Are Among Specials at Supermarkets By ASSOCIATED PRESS Lamb cuts, stew beef and hamburger, and fryers and small turkeys are the chief attractions of a varied selection at the nation's groceries this weekend. Vegetable and fruit bins are also heavy laden with late summer and early fall produce. Lamb specials are most widespread in the Northeast and Midwest. Beef features, besides the economical stew and hamburger, include chuck roasts and round steaks. Chickens and turkeys vie for honors, with Midwestern shops generally giving the best-buy nod to broiler-fryers while Southwestern stores lean toward small turkeys. Pork attractions this weekend CLOSED SAT., SEPT. 7 (This W«»k Only) Open 10 to 6:80 Dully Evening! by appointment. FLO'S RESIUIT SHOP f are several cured varieties, including smoked hams and bacon. Vegetable offerings are the richest in weeks in many areas with seasons overlapping. Best- buy items include green beans, carrots, celery, sweet corn, cucumbers, eggplant, squash, 'Sweet potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, onions, peppers and tomatoes. Among fruits, watermelon, cantaloupe and nectarines are highlights, Grapes, with a near rec ord volume, are attractively priced and plum supplies are good. Pear output is off sharply, however. Other fruit attractions include avocado, limes and honeydew melons. WILSHIRE CARP ft GIFT SHOP WilshUre Village Shopping Center By Cecily Brownslon* Good Dinner Just right when you're having the next-door neighbors join your family at supper! Oven-fried Chicken with Biscuit Creamy Fresh Corn with Green Pepper Potato Sticks Marinated Tomato Slices Angelfood Cake with Ice Cream and Sherbet Beverage Creamy Fresh Corn With Green Pepper 6 medium to large ears corn % cup butter or margarine 1 medium green pepper cut in thin stripes (about % cup) % teaspoon salt % teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon sugar % cup heavy cream. Husk corn; with a sharp knife cut away kernels without scoring them; run dull side of knife down cobs to release corn pulp and milk. (There should be 4 cups.) In a 10-inch skillet, melt the butter; add com and green pepper; cook over low heat, stirring often, until corn is cooked and loses starchy taste. Mix in salt, pepper, sugar and cream; reheat but do not boil. Makes 6 servings. TheEwmgs Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Ewing of West Englewood, N. J., were overnight guests Wednesday of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ready at 612 Blair St. Mr. Ewing is a former superintendent of schools here. DISCOUNT! Ladles' and Misses' 4.95 to 9.95 FLATS Famous Labels Others $1,00 to S3.M All Sixes and Colors In Lot SHOE STORKS 804<06 E. Broadway $ 1.99 JUNIORS Sizes 5-15 SPORTSWEAR by THERMO-JAC at Paulene's Fashions Monticello Plaza Monticello Dean Miss Marjorie French has begun her duties as dean of students at Monticello College. The newly appointed dean previously held the position of dean of women at Lake Forest College. She has a bachelor's degree from Smith College, Northampton, Mass.; and a master's degree from Columbia University, N.Y. She has also attended New York University, the University of Colorado and Harvard University. She will reside in Alden House, faculty and staff apartment building on the campus. Illinois GOP Women Will • Host National Celebration The 25th anniversary of the founding of the National Federation of Republican Women will be observed Tuesday through Friday in The Pick-Congress Hotel, Chicago, with the Illinois Federation, headed by Phyllis Schlafly of Alton, as host. The federation was founded in Chicago in 1938. Mrs. George Walters of Godfrey, president of the Alton District Republican Women's Club, will also attend the event. Highlights of the celebration will include a silver -anniversary awards banquet on Wednesday, al which Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona will speak. Senator Everett Dirksen will the speaker on "Illinois Night announced at a luncheon on Friday. Founders of the organization will be honored. A hospitality reception will be given on the opening night, anc a 10-state regional conference is planned for Wednesday, with Congressman Donald Bruce as luncheon speaker. An historic style show Thursday will feature gowns worn at the White House by Mrs. Benjamin Harrison anc Mrs. Abraham Lincoln. Cooking Cues Count on four pounds of corned beef, weight before cooking serving eight when it is offeree Stamps in the News AP Nowsfeaturon By SVn KRONISIt To herald the founding of the University of Eas) Africa, t h e governments of Kenya, Uganda ind Tanganyika have issued two new stamps. The 30 cent and 1 shilling 30 have an identical design showing throe silhouetted figures in caps and gowns together with an open book benr- ng the legend "University of East Africa. 28 June, 1963." The now school will be a federal university composed of Mak- rere University College in Uganda, the Royal College in Kenya and the University College, Dar cs Salaam, in Tanganyika. The United States Post Office Department announced five new commemorative postage stamps .0 complete the remainder of the 1963 schedule. One stamp, design- d by Norman Rockwell to mark the 100th anniversary of city mail delivery, will feature a humorous drawing of an 1863 letter carrier walking in the rain. The other stamps will honor Sam Houston, hero of Texas independence; Cordell Hull, secre- :ary of state under Franklin D. Roosevelt; and John Muir, American naturalist. Also announced was notification that a new stamp .n the fine arts series will depict i John James Audubon painting of birds. The only date and place of issue revealed was Oct. 5, at Carthage, Tenn., for the Cordell Hull stamp. A new international post card will be issued by the United States Post Office Department in the early fall. The 7 cent card for surface mail cites the United Stales as "World vacation-land" and will ho an invitation to attract foreign tourists. To commemorate thp first anniversary of its independence, the kingdom of Burundi has issued a scries of four stamps. The stamps depict His Majrs- ty Mwami Mwambutsa IV, and the map and flag of Burundi. The series was prepared by re-issuing four of the original Independence series of last year in new colors, inscribed "Premier Annivnr- saire." The kingdom of Burundi is a constitutional monarchy which gained its independence last year, following the widespread free legislative elections held in September of 1961 under United Nations supervision. has issued a new 10 cru- zeiros stamp to mark the 15th anniversary of the Organization of American States Charter. The design features the letters "OEA" with an outline map of the North and South American continents, superimposed. Cooking Cues Ever heat cooked corned beef in a barbecue sauce and serve over bread or rolls for open sandwiches? Wood River Club Will Open Season Mrs. Jerry Sands, president, onfertained members of the executive board of the Wood River Junior Woman's Club at a barbecue supper in her home, 652 JEdlawn Ave., Wood River, Wed- jnnsday evening. Thn second phase of the "Consumer Buying Habit Survey for Downtown Wood River" was discussed. Plans were completed for the first meeting of the general membership of the club at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the Wood River Public Library. Mrs. Glenn De Atley, contact chairman, will speak on "Parliamentary Procedure". The proposed budget will be submitted for approval, and activities and projects o f the coming year will be discusseds • Mrs. Sands, and Mrs. Kenneth Killebrew were selected to represent the club at the Sept. 13 meeting of the Southern Region of the Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs fall conference at Mt. Vernon. Cooking Cues No kitchen scale in the house? If you have a small letter-size scale you can use it for weighing' a small amount of ingredients. A little ham leftover? Mince it so there's about half a cup and mix with a chopped hard-cooked egg, a couple of tablespoons of pickle relish, a teaspoon ol prepared mustard and enough mayonnaise to moisten and flavor: Makes a fine filling for * few luncheon sandwiches. ,71 hot. If it is offered cold and on Thursday. A surprise award sliced thin with a substantial and silver gala honoree will be salad y° u ' n Increase the servings. WORD-A-DAY By BACH WE HAVE A PEEP- ^ SEATED REPUCNANCE" I .FOR EACH OTHER/. ' repugnance /• JL 0/0 *\ C re-pug n€L-n EXTREME DISLIKE"-, DISGUST •lM«, raU BACK FROM VACATION OPEN FOR BUSINESS MARY'S CLEANERS 104 Washington, E. Alton Free pickup and delivery. 254-2028 • •••••••••••••i 1 at this REUPHOLSTERY OFFER! Your worn-out sofa, remade to look like new— restyled and rebuilt at an unbelievably low cost. Budget terms. • FREE ESTIMATE • CALL NOW ALTON SEAT COVER and UPHOLSTERING GO, Bdwy. & Henry — HO 2-45«l "SULLY" SAYS, YOU CAN TRAVEL LIKE A KING A. N. SULLIVAN The ROYAL treatment is standard procedure for all our clients. Whether you're considering an overnight hotel reservation lor » business jaunt or a round-the-world trip . . . you will travel like a KING when we book your trip. Cruises; Domes tie, Foreign; Full Economy Tours to Europe; Honeymoon trips; Airline, Steamship, Rail and Bus reservations and tickets are but a few of our many services which are "yours for the asking", and you can rest easy knowing that we charge standard fare* everywhere; in fact we'll be delighted to show you bow to save money when possible. Stop in to see us soon and dUcu»s any ideas you may have for your Fall or Winter vacations. It's really never too early to plan next year's trip whether it's for a weekend, week, or of an extended duration. ITA TRAVEL ADVISORS 413 E. 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