The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on June 25, 1953 · Page 9
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 9

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1953
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Spacemen •TUCSON, Ariz, (fl— The Chapter of the Rocket Society was recently piven, terson, chief oi the White Sands, its charter here. It has 10 mem-'N. M., proving grounds' technical who hope some day to flyjstaff, was the speaker at the char zona Americaniinto'oiiteVsp^ce. gol. W. P. Pat-|ter presentation banquet., luvwwwwvuwvyvvr^^ 129 S. Eighth AUSTIN'S FOOD MARKET Phone 5454 8lnc ' [jfll) lm S'aclit Club f Bartlett Pears . ...*.°Tin39c Monarch — Halves Packed in Syrup Apricots . .... ...^ Tin' 45c Monarch — Shortcako Po/tj-hoc Xo '*?- 49c reocnes Tm T^V Wnlferman's — Koyal Anne Cherries ^fn 63c Monarch Grapefruit Juice ... 3 1££ 1.00 Monarch Grapefruit Segments 3C 69c Vaclit Club Monarch — Dark Red Kidney Beans 5 ^nf 89c \Yol{muan's — Tiny — Xo. t Seire _ •* Xo. 303 ^f _ Peas *• uns Oc Wolfrrman's- New England Style M» tila'.s A f Wolfmnan's Boston Brown Bread xln 29c Monarch Colossal — RIPE 3 Pint 1 «A OLIVES . . 3 Tins 1 «WV Summer Girl * SWEET Full Qt * Q PICKLKS ..... Jar i^t Yacht Club . STUFFED Xo. 13 £Q r OLIVES Ret- •!" ~ ^ V Monarch Fancy APPLE K" Xo. 303 | f\(\ SACCB -O Tin' ' « UV Volferman's ICEBERff Ql- CC r PILLS J' Jr "J «J * Wolferman's Famous Thousand Island l\Q/« DRESSIVG .... Jar ^ XV Monarch TOMATO C 1 rtA CATSVP P Blls. 1 .UU Monarch Grape or Apple C l-- fe 1 00 JELLY J Glasses 1 «WV 3 Men Hold Key In Farm Controversy I 1, Flexible price supports rang-|erg was « lupport price higher ing from 75 to 90 per cent of; than 90 per cent of- v parity. By Ovid Martin *nd Don WWtehead WASHINGTON GB—Three men— a churchman and two politicians— hold the key positions today in the administration's fight to carry out President Eisenhower's campaign promise of a new farm. program for American agriculture. But thi« high command may be split wide j open in the months ahead. \ The churchman is Ezra Taft STRAWBERRIES JSX SWEET CORN ffi-lT :.' S^Sc LEMONS s 1 ^ *« CANTALOUPES $££"£? : 2 For Choice Quality Beef Roast u. 52c Swift's Premium SHced Bacon Lb. 77c Ti-nclcr Lrnn Rib Boiling Beef L,,. 12c IVrsh Lean Ground Beef Lb. 29c Armour Clc.irbrook Cheese Spread 2'iL SPRING CHICKKX Breast !h. -S1-25 r.egs Hi- Sflc Wings and Backs lb. 33c Whole Chickens Cnt Beady to Fry •-. i" 0 Swift's Premium Smoked Beef Tongues Lb. 59c Fresh Young Chicken Livers 1.50 Benson, secretary of agriculture and long-time leader in the Mormon Church. The politicians are Sen. George Aiken (R=Vt),chairman of the, Senate Agriculture Committee, and Rep.' Clifford R. Hope (R. Kas), chairman of the House Agriculture Committee. ; These three ar* t in effect, the ranking: Republican generals in the farm world's civil war—a conflict centering around the! administration's ideas on the best way to increase and stabilize farm income. Their strategy and leadership will determine in large measure the kind of program Congress will adopt when the present law requiring fixed high, support prices for basic crops expires next year. J The basics are wheat, corn, cotton, f\ tobacco, rice and peanuts. But in the showdown fight, tion: Eisenhower may find one of his generals at odds with the other two. And here's why: Benson and Aiken are in strong agreement that the fixed high support price program developed un-; j-'der the Truman administration should be changed to a program of flexible price supports.. But Hope—who comes from a wheat state—is waving a "go slow" signal. • • . • Where Benson and Aiken are highly critical of the present high level supports, Hope thinks this program has worked well and that support programs should be extended where possible to other crops. • As yet, Benson and his aides have developed no specific recommendations on a new program— and none are likely before fall. But Benson has outlined, a fairly; clear picture of the direction In i .which he wants to go and there is j every indication/he has the full! support of President Eisenhower.- On price supports he said re-| cently: "I doubt very much if any! government can, by high, rigid supports, prevent some adjust-j ments in prices, unless we step; from, one commodity to the next! and then to the next, until finally we have control of all of..thera.| When we have that, we will practically have state socialism, and I do not believe that farmers want' that any more .than you do or I I do." ••. er is guaranteed a profitable return for growing corn—then there isn't much reason for htm to shift to a more-needed but less profitable crop evfin though corn surpluses do pile up in storage as is now the case. Benson also thinks the fixed high supports tend to price a commodity out of the market in domestic and world competition. The secretary says that as Ion? as prices are supported at high levels, there is no pressure on farmers to increase efficiency and lower production costs by using better seed varieties and farming practices in order to be in a better position to compete in home and overseas markets. In other words, he says, high support? subsidize inefficiency. . As a farmer, Benson never accepted a government subsidy payment himself. But he says there should Be some price support structure to protect the farmer from economic disasters such as they experienced 20 years ago. Judging from Benson's speeches, policy statements, interviews, parity. . 2. A greater voice for farmers and commodity groups in drafting programs to fit their particular neeils. : , S. Expanded effort* through pit Thursday, June 25.1953 Page 18—Ihe Salta* Journal In one of his farm-i^te speeches; Hop* made thl» point: "I believe that during 1053-54, Congress should re-study all of bur price support -programs with a view of making those which are now In! \ Try Our Plate Lunch vate enterprise and government to operation more effective if pos- build up foreign markets which sible, and oi extending them where possible to other commodities. "In saying this I want to make it perfectly clear that I do. not think we should give up any program which is working at least reasonably well until we are sure we have something better to take its place. Let me repeat that for emphasis—Let's.not give lip what we have until we're sure we are getting 'something belter." Later this summer, Hope will head a group from the House Agriculture Committ«« 'which will visit the farm regions to get first hand views from farmers, v In air this battle, the weather and the still-silent.voice of,the gen< eral public are factors whhVi could scramble the best-laid plans. Both are unpredictable. have been sagging badly in the past year. . 4. Shifting to the Agriculture Department some of the authority and responsibility now held by the State Department in the field of foreign trade policies. 5. A concentrated effort by government, farmers and food handlers to find ways to cut marketing costs. ••'••/. 6. The possible wider use of marketing agreements,, price insurance and a two-priced system for exports. Aiken stands close to Benson in the fight and Uie Maine senator says farm sentiment is swinging toward the administration view. Hope takes a mure cautious attitude than Aiken toward change in the present farm program and he believes the mood of Congress right now is "don't move too last" toward change. Hope certainly isn't the outspoken supporter of the Eisenhower-Benson ideas that Aiken has been. And it is known he is not and testimony before congression-i convinced a flexible support sys- al groups, he favors in general a item for basic crops would bring 'program that runs in this direc-| about the desired shifts in produc- I tion—unless the incentive to farm- 'Quakes Common In Philippines MANILA. ff| — Earth quafcts shook the Philippine' Islands more than once daily during the first nine months of 1952. The Philippine Weather Bureau seismograph recorded nearly 400 earth tremors during the nine-month period. None was of serious Intensity. AL'S GRILL 321 N. 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