The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on June 25, 1953 · Page 5
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 5

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1953
Page 5
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MEVER IEFOIE HAS SUCH A H ' V: . THING BEEN POSSIBLE! TO MAKE THE FINEST BERRY JAM WITHOUT COOKING OH BOILING... You simply won't believe how wonderful it it until you've nudt it. jroiutelf '.'.'. bjr the «mu- in; BCW icdpc (below) developed by M.CP. Jam and Jelly Petite. It'i * miricle of ease to mike, too. Jut try it! HIRI'S THE RECIPE* v 4 1. Wash, stem, and crush iborouaUr enough beitiw t4 milte •< level cups. Put crushed berries into 2 or 4 quart Mttle. Sift ia slowly 1 pickle (5'/2 01.) M.CP. Jan raid Jelly Pectin (no other pectian»yb« used), stirring vigorously. .SetHide 20 minutej, wia ocoiicoil stir* ring.- ' ••-: '-•"'• •.'.-:'' '. •• '. •' ; •.-•' • 1. Add! cup light K«ro. Mix well. : ; ..- -..'..•; '.••- ,' •..•;.• " }. Measure exactly i'/i level cups beet of one iugtr isto a dry dish. Grai- ualiy stir ihis into crushed berries. W»rinm j Jo 100* F.: (or temperature for baby's milk) will hasten sugar dissolving. No hotter, pleuc! 4. What sugar, is dissolved, jam it rrtdy '° ear. M»ke« 4 fulJ plnb. To keep for a month or so, while being consumed, put ia covered pint jars, (no paraffin nteded) and chill 24 hours in deep Irene, or freoinc or ice cub* compirtmtW of refrigerator. Then, store as you would milt and use as desired. . ••:••'.:)'. '•••'•• •-.'• .-••• v : J. To make large quantities at one time, tnd keep them a long time, pack in covered i/j-gallon glass jars or paper cartons ihd store in deep loot or frozen food locker, at temperatures from 10* below to 20 above zero. To use. remove large container from freezer and place in refrigerator. When jam has loftened, change to smaller containers and store .in. refrigerator as you would milk. Jaia'will keep this way more than a month while b;ing consumed. , ' . • . . 6. Never (tore thete uncooked jam* OB putty dielf. Thejr will not keep without refrigeration. . : - •'.'.,'"•' Note: For Str»wberriei, sdd'% tup lemon juice in Step j, after sugar is dissolved, and mix well. (Red Rispberries, Boysenberries, Loganberries, ind YoungberriB need no lemon juice.) Use M.CP- Canned or Frozen Lemon Jiiice'because it is pure,, cohtiinicg no preoerratirw (sulphur dioxide or benzoate of soda.).- -~- -' "• CUT OUT AND KEEP THIS RECIPE (It is not in the Folder .." . ' in the M.C.P. Pectin package)' . WRITE 'or ;he. Interesting and .'Useful. M.CP.' Booklet—"The Romance of Jelly Making ahd:How. to Make Jams Without Cooking or BpiKng'V Simply send 3 Iif.C.P. Jam and Jelly Pectin carton fronts, with your naffle and addresi, to-M.CP: Kitchen Liboratoo-, Anaheim, Cilif.'. :. ; No Fancy Gadgets For Bush Pilots By Helmut Morln (For H»l Boyle) NEW YORK (S—Took a-plane ride with a bush pilot in Mexico, a while back. This w not a habit- forniing experience. He had a little yellow bug with ol a tall man's arms The plexl blister in the roof suggested that the plane might have been a light bomber from the last war, but of that I can't be sure I do not recall having seen any in which a rope was used to fasten the door. There was no radio in the ship, chickens, jug* and horn* txauti- flcatioh; Jerry Harper 1 * garden and woodworking; James Balaun'i cow; David and Stanley Jones' g«m, gsrJen and calves; Richard . . . ,. „ Hemmy's beef and pigs; l*rry ed betwaen the Mayan* and the Mas*ey's calf; Bob Rowley's home ancient Egyptian*. vv bwutlfication; Barbara Brown's If thi* sort ot thing int;\j*t« cheep, garden, home improvement you, go to Mexico. The regvlar and clothing. Mexican airline will put you practically alongside most of the gre*t props about as long as the span archaeological sites, Palenque, but then, m "the region this pdotjbrush. however, requires a little doiuj. That's how w« happened to en- gatje the services af the buah pilot. First, there was the weigh-in— which meant the passengers, not their baggage. You can't take anything-except a lightweight tooth- THE BIGGEST BEVERAGE BARGAIN OF THEM Alt! HOMEMADE ^LEMONADE'.. . . so. refrahing ind wholesome ... so inexpensive, too, nude with M.CP. CANNED LEMON: JUICE. One small can makes about 12 glasses it la* lhan '/3 the eoit of 12 bottles of most soft drin'jcs. Aad howi much better for the icids ... .. for everyone! Sd easy to make—no muss or fuss, just add waist snd sugar. I.f.CP. LEMON JUICE is pure, foil strength, rich in Vitamin C. — contains no artificial pre*erv«livet (sulphur dioxide or brazoate of soda). It's so coavtnijat, so economical, so useful —for lemonade, cooiu'ng, bakinj, Jim and jelly making, and so many other ways. Why not w.-ite the M.C.P. Kitchen Laboratory, Anaheim, Calif., for FREE recipe folder? (There's M.CP. FROZEN LEMON JUICE, too. If your grocer doesn't stock it, ask him to get it for you.) MAIL COUPON TODAY! MUTUAL CITHUS PRODUCTS CO., Anohtim, Cclif. Pltaw i«pd m» FREE a full-iiit Packog* M.C.P. Jon ond Jillf PEdlN, (UMIT 1 PE* FAMILY) S1NAME NOTE: For convmitnu In mailing, cutoff Coupon anil poili iin 2* portnri), S covers, it would have been simply excess ua^guge. There is no place to radio'to. Our boy flies jungle and mountains, exclusively. He piobably would not feel at home riding: a radio beam, or even putting ^dowri on 1 concrete runway. Any old strip of reasonably level and un ; cluttered ground is okay with him So he wag just the man to take us to Paleriqufc- This is a village in Southeastern Mexico, not far from the,, border of Guatemala. Some seven miles or .so from'the village is a wonderful: Mayan pyramid, two or three exquisite.temples,'arid the ruins of ataalace. It would be worth seeing even if jou had to go through the juhgle ; on your hands and. knees. Last year, -the body of a king was '. found in that• pyramid, -a discovery ot immense importance to the people who poke around in the ; remains. of .vanished civilizations. It raises, again the-.question of whether a connection ever'exist- Tliere are some «eats bolted to the floor, facing each other in the " COOK'S PAINTS NO WORE SCRAPING PAINT OFF GLASS! witfi MIRACLE LIQUID MASKING TAPE 1. Brush on.' 2. Point over.' ' 3. Score arid pee/ ;'f off . . . lust like fape.' manner of bucket: se^tn.": You have co sit up near the opckplt on the played tag v.ith a couple mountain Our flight was^ to have taken about. 50 minutes. Sure enough, some 45 nunutei after takeoff, Uie captain hosed, the bug down into the^clouds, Some 80 seconds later, he turned her nose up. again/and 'guriried the motors. The plane burst out 'above the clouds He kept on his 'northeasterly course; 1 From time to tune, he glanced at; his .watch.: Once or .twice, 'ne flipped, the switches on the fuel indicators..The needics-were not encouraging. Finally, ht went into the clouds! agam This tune, he Ttept going, and presently broke through. We were over a plain, and all he had to find wai a level stretch to put: dovra:on.-He-picked-an a.venue be-j tween some trees that looked about Bob Richter. Bob ibowtd hi* be* lamb and pig projects. Other ho nei visited and project* Men were: Jack and Gary Gabhart'« pigs; Charlene Shatter's caning David and Stanley Jonei younger camp. The beglanhig of a conservation Broj*-.t was viewed at the home o is pond which the club plans to stocl with'fish and to circle -with tree plantings.. A, picnic lunch and business meeting were held in Kehwcxx park. The club voted to send member .to Rock Springs 4H camp Aribther member will be sent the Lioiii club. They are James Balaun, who wUl go to the older camp Mary Shaffer, youjiicr cuihp. Others fo)ng »re Charlene Shaf fer and Richard Hemmy, olde Thundty, June 25,19M Blackout VENTNOR, K. J. W — On* toppling television antenna knockei out all of Ventnor'i lights. The antenna struck high; tension lines and instantly blacked out the town; Confesses as wide: as a bowling alley. -And there we were; In that type of flying, he < plained later, you must more,or less smell your way through- the mountains. The first .tiaie-:.. he started down through the. clouds, things didn't smell .-right; • Next.time, on that ruh,/I.,ride with Jimmy Durante. 4H Clubs The advanced foods class of the Willing Workers 4H club met at the home of Mrs. C. ;G.:Ingcrmanson: :Tha members brodghtvBark'er House rolls, white and yellow cakes and 'sponge cake. Judging was -the main event of the afternoon. "A check of notebooks was made. Those present were. Beverly Calabresi : Mary Ann .Mills, Carolyn Beichle and Mary Shannon. Mrs. Irene Callabresi was a guest. The next-meeting will be x ; a luncheon Friday. ' *'**•.'-,..,: Tha annual spring tour 'of ~ l the Sunny VaHsy 4H club was ,hel June 18,' starting at the home The Troth ...-The P unvarnished truth is that dogs need plenty of lean meat for rich protein, terrified with hpmog; enized bone and marrow for a he«lthfiil btlanced dret 1 " Your dog gets all in meaty-rich STRONGHEART . . . pep-giving protein, miaerals and vitamins.,» with chlorophyllin added, too! And at marly Si a can lea than yoiid expect such premium quality to cost. HOMECANNERS SAVE MONEY SAVE FLAVOR USE ; THIS I LIKE! ^^ New Holsum giv«syou 93%% VHaminO No Guesswork! Jar Sealed! Canning champions •f 85 Stale and County Fair* ALL used C and H CANE Sugar COUNT Now it's so easy to get plenty of Vitamin D— Just eat plenty of New Holjurn Bread. Gives you *ll the vitaminj and minerals recommended by the National Research Council's Food & Nutrition Board "What are you wait* ing for? It's tt your grocery store—New Holsum with Vitamin D! •MOWVM uwfiio IA'.MS lomato Cottage Cheese Salad SO EAST-DAD CAN MAKE IT "Fairmont Cottage Cheese always improves the flavor t>f fresh, ripe tomatoes" TOMATO COTTAGE CHEESE SALAD Tomatoes Fairmont Cottage Cheese UHue. Stuffed Olives Arrange lettuce leaves on salad plates. Peel tomatoes and cut in wedges. On each plate, place a mound of Cottage Cheese in the center of the lettuce, and arrange tomato wedges, overlapping, around the outside. Top the salad with a stuffed green olive. SAYS \ FAIRMONT CONSUMER SERVICE Plump, red, ripe, garden-fresh tomatoes—and anything else you select for a salad—will taste their very best 'with delicious Fairincnf Cottage Cheese. Taste it just as it comes from the carton—that's the way to test for freshness and flavor! Remember, too—Fairmont Cottage Cheese is nutritious—yet low in calories. Try it soon in this quick, easy, tomato cottage cheese salad. But be sure to choose the best—-choose Fairmont! F.OOD PRODUCTS . ALWAY* THt HAK Of QUALITY J UN E fS DAIRY MONTH- "Nature's goodness af its best had tt«o waste possible to get your ftmily wash so clean I offer ckfogwf known- SUCHCUANING POWEft! When jeiette* brought you Tide, it g»»« you the greatest cleaning power the wuhday world bad ever known...« cleaning power that got dothes CLEANER dun «oy otbeir w»ihin){ product you had ever used. Till tide caiito abug, yxi rtKtr lied it to clean! AM! now TUe eambinnta tfnite cleaanf power with wonderful mildiutt. Tide it tn kind to hands... more to than any other deter|*a)t. (mown. And Tide it to toft (or all waih : colon. Colon fa* Tide'tgMrtfendi! : ' •^^•^•Ww^^'^w^KW^t %^4rV^V|^pJi. WIUWASHASCUAN AS -y«fc Is so miW! be*pt for rtnUwn Kate, •»•«•< |» WMchl N.pMdtoMMlAObrititK.Tld.fetitfairtt, ttwait, Attti •» itamf WHTTB,T«i1I kt .«aaaan4l Dry THi-attfcf j'i«niKI' IM7M •><.£.< 3JV.. JJ...I., T..h.

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