Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 4, 1963 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 4, 1963
Page 13
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Section 2 Pages 13-20 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Classified Sport* Amusement* Established January 15, 1836. ALTON, ILL., WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4,1963 7c Per Copy Member of The Associated Press. Counties Praised When. Tax Multipliers Upgraded By TOM LOETU8 Telegraph Correspondent SPRINGFIELD, ILL. — The Illinois Department of Revenue, In announcing some of the tentative multipliers which it assigned to the various counties for application to the county's total property assessed valuation, credited two counties with doing a tremendous job of upgrading property valuations. The two counties are Clinton and Gallatin, in South Central and South Illinois, respectively. Clinton's last multiplier was 3.5714, which meant the total property valuation in the county was increased 3.5 per cent. However, this year, the department has given Clinton a tentative multiplier of 1.0204, meaning its total valuation will be hiked only .02 per cent. Gallatin County was even more of a sharp hike. Its last multiplier was 4.5455. This year, it has a tentative multiplier of 1. In each instance, the county hired a supervisor of assessments who worked closely with his county board of supervisors, his township assessors, and the county boards of review, the department said. Most of the larger counties have not yet submitted the abstract of their total assessed property valuation to the department. Most of them wait Until late October or November. • Madison's Not Submitted Among those for which tentative multiplier is not yet computed are Madison, St. Clair, Will, Rock Island and Kane. Among the counties now assigned tentative multipliers are (and the assessed valuation fig- ares do not include railroad or capital stock): Adams, with 3.4483 as compared with its former multiplier of 3.2258 (assessed valuation $234,147,000); Henry, 1.2658 compared with its former multiplier of 1,2195 (assessed valuation, $204,811,000); Mercer, 1.0870 compared with its former multiplier of 1 (assessed valuation, $75.998,000); Pike, 2.1277 compared with its former multiplier of 2. (assessed valuation, $76,611,000); Kendall, 1.1628 compared with former multiplier D£ 1.1111 (assessed valuation 5111,468,000); Hancock, 1.0417 compared with former multiplier of 1 (assessed valuation, $114,838,300). And, Brosvn, 1.8182 compared with former multiplier of 2.5000 (assessed valuation, $20,515,000); Greene, 1.0989 compared with former multiplier of 1 (assessed valuation, $58,543,000), Washington, 1.0526 compared with former multiplier of 1 (assessed valuation, $62,316,000); Bureau, 1.1111 compared to former multiplier of (assessed valuation, $194,155,000); and Franklin 1 compared with former multiplier of 1.2195 (assessed valuation, $74,338,000). To Equalize State The state assigns the multipliers as a means of equalizing property assessments throughout the state. Under a law passed in 1959, county boards of review may now assign multipliers to townships in their own counties as a further means of equalizing assessments. The multipliers are assigned this year only to counties organized on townships. The commission counties have a different quadrennial year than township counties and as a result, are keeping the multiplier which the department assigned them last year. Lincoln Will Be Featured In Illinois' Fair Exhibit SPRINGFIELD, 111., — The Illinois Commission on the New York World's Fair has decided upon an architect and key visitor attractions for the Illinois exhibit at the 1964 - 65 New York World's Fair. Ralph G. Newman, commission chairman, said the decisions were made at a commission meeting in Chicago. The Chicago firm of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill has been chosen as the architect for the Registration Dates Set at SIU Centers EDWARDSVILLE — General registration for fall quarter classes at Southern Illinois Uni- versary's Edwardsville Campus will get underway at Alton and East St. Louis Sept. 25, the registrar, John H. Schnabel, said Loclay. New students and persons reentering the university will re- jister between 8 a.m. and 8 3, in., Schnabei said. Students who register at Alton will report first to the auditorium building at 2809 College Ave. Persons riay still apply for admission to the university for the fall quarter, the registrar However, transcripts and other records must be received by the admissions office in Edwardsville by Sept. 15. Academic advisement offices at both centers will observe the same hours on Sept. 25 as those for registration, Schnabel said. Advisors for graduate students will also be available, the registrar's office reported. Illinois exhibit. The commission s completing arrangement with Walt Disney's WED Enterprises to present a 10 - minute production, "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln," which will dramatize the personality and philosophy of the martyred president. Newman said the unique dramatization will use newly developed techniques of three dimensional animation, called "audio- animatronics," in a life - like figure of Abraham Lincoln to recreate the words and thoughts of Illinois' most famous son. The system combines and synchronizes sound effects, voices and music with animation. The Disney production will be only one of the visitor attractions at the Illinois exhibit. The commission also is considering the presentation in replica of one of the main buildings of Illinois' foremost tourist attractions — Lincoln's New Salem State Park. The Illinois pavilion will contain a library where visitors will be able to relax and, if they desire, read a book about Lincoln; see some of the most famous original Lincoln manuscripts and portraits of the 16th President by leading artists of the past century. Since the spoken word was one of the main forms of education and entertainment in the Lincoln era, the Illinois exhibit will feature frequently in person some of the world's leading personalities, including statesmen, scholars and philosophers, speaking about Lincoln, his influence on their lives . or their country or their special field of interest. Opening on April 22, 1964, the New York World's Fair will run for two seasons, from April to October in both 1964 and 1965. Climb Possible WELLINGTON — Tourists may be allowed to climb the new TV tower going up in New Zeland. TT ^ ^ r r J^£ V.XIN.XNn NT^l V J • • •'aK* M S -3V£ IVI _ \ _.^\. Ill Sfttrf^ j x N. NTH K NTx N IN! x OIIND r.n Historical Programs Announced EDWARDSVILLE - Programs for the coming year have been announced by the Land of Cos- lien Historical Society, Robert C Lange, president, has announced All meetings will begin at 2:3C p.m. "Circuit Riders", to be given by Bernard J. Isselhardt Jr. Sept 8, at Lusk Memorial Cemetcrj Park, Randal Street, w i 1 inaugurate the club year. Othei subjects to be discussed, dates o meetings and meeting places are "Dunlap Lake", by Mrs. Ber nard J. Isselhardt Sr., Oct. 6 al the Isselhardt home, Dunlaj Lake; "Charles Boeschenste ii and the Edwardsville Press", bj J. K. Roedel, Nov. 3, in the Boe schenstein Memorial room o the Public- Library;" Willian Wirt — 1773 - 1834", by Carl E Vonn Brock, Dec. 1, 7 Oak Ridge Dunlap Lake; "Charles Deenen 1863 - 1940", by Donald F. Lewis 228 Commericial St., Jan. 5 "The Madison County Historica Museum", by Mrs. Louise Ah rens, Feb. 2, Boeschenstein Me morial Room, Public Library "Life of Wesley Raymon Brink", by Mrs. Raymon Spahn, March 1, 429 Buena Vis ta; "History of the Edwardsvill Fire Department", by Miss Doi othy Metcalfe, April 5, Highlan Road, Troy, 111.; "The Barns back and Lawder Family" b Miss Merle Lawder, May 3, a 824 St. Louis St., Edwardsville. In addition to Lange, other oi ficers for the 1963-64 year are Lesley Marks, vice president Miss Nellie West, secretary-tree iJVr rvsHOU Jersey Girl Fractures Leg in Fall JERSEYVILLE — Several patients were given treatment for fractures at the Jersey Community Hospital the past few days. Janet Breden, 12, daughter oi Mr. and Mrs. Norman Breden ol Jerseyville suffered a fracture of the leg at 5:45 p.m. Sunday when she slipped on gravel and fell. She was treated at the hospital and then transferred to Alton for further treatment. Bernard Blake of Jacksonville sustained a fracture on the fifth finger of his left hand Monday morning at Hardin. He slipped on wet cinders and fell suffering the injury, and was brought to the hospital for treatment. Danny Gunthrie, '5, son of Mr and Mrs. Paul Gunthrie of Jer seyville fractured his left arm while at the home of his grand mother Sunday evening. He wa brought to the hospital where a cast was applied. Jerry Wayman, 17, son of Mr and Mrs. Leonard Wayman fidelity, was treated Sunday or an infected laceration of th right wrist. He cut his wrist on .awn mower blade a few day earlier and the wound becam nfected. He was released afte Teatment at the hospital. Leonard LaFleur of F i e 1 d o n was taken to the Jersey Community Hospital at 3:05 p.m. Sunday for removal of a foreign object from his eye. He was working on a barn when something fell into his eye. Sally Bateman, 2^, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bateman of McClean, 111. was hit by a swing at Pere Marquette Park Sunday and sustained a laceration of the right lower lip. She was taken to the hospital where the wound was sutured. at MILAN—A new type of stock swindle has been uncovered by Italian police. Workers were being sold stock in the firms they worked for. Shares .turned out to be counterfeit. surer; Mrs. V. H. Mindrup, program chairman and. Miss Jessie Springer, Mrs. Louise Ahrens and Leland Buckley, program committee. Spray on Lively New Color to FADED VINYL or FABRICS 2.98 Value <l Q7 Only I-91 THRIFTY DRUG STORE (Washington Square Only) starts 11-Day engagement THURSDAY SEPT. 5 thru SUNDAY, SEPT. 15th Eastgate Plaza SHOPPING CENTER-Highway 67-East Alton ** Family and All Stores Open 10 A.M. to B P.M. DAILY. ALL RIDES WITH c SPECIAL MERCHANT TICKETS Otherwlve 25C FOR Free Delivery USE THRIFT'S E-Z PAY PLAN! SALE.' COMPLETE *** "W OBTHTSfl WHILE SUPPLY L«TSI T ° ILET STOOL! FURNACE FILTERS! ALL THESE SIZES IN STOCK 15"x20" 18"x25" 16"x20" 20"x20" 16"x25 11 20"x25" 1-INCH THICK 58 C Your Choice! Reg. 89e 2-INCH THICK c Your Choice! Reg. $1.39 Galvanized Smoke Pipe 5 INCH 26 GA. fiQ(£ 2-FT. LENGTHS y 6 INCH 26 GA. QQt' 2-FT. LENGTHS V 7 INCH 26 GA. ^I.OS 2-FT. LENGTHS 8 INCH 24 GA. $ 1.49 2-FT. LENGTHS 9 INCH 24 GA. ' *1.69 2-FT. LENGTHS 10 INCH 24 GA. $ 1 ,89 2-FT. LENGTHS 45° Galvanized Smoke Pipe Ells 5 INCH 26 GA. ROC* ELLS r 6 INCH 26 GA. lg«j ELLS r 7 INCH 26 GA. 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ASK IN OUR LUMBER DEPARTMENT Price Complete Except Concrete BUILD THIS BIG 20' x 20' GARAGE YOURSELF FOR ONLY FOR ALL MATERIALS This roomy 20'x20' garage has an attractive porch and extra storage room... styled in the new horizontal manner with Southern Pine dropslding . . . Heavy roll rooflng in your choice of colors - With three generous size 6-light windows and 16-panel overhead door. This low price ln- uludes all the loose building material you'll need to build this garage! Many Other Single and Double Models to Choose From 5 Use Our E-Z Pay Plan [fU?ZF T 500 BEILE ST. ALTON'S MOST POPULAR HARDWARE & SJJPPLY COMPANY OPEN DAILY 8:00 A.M. TO 5:00 P.M. FRIDAY-MONDAY 8:00 TO 9:00 P.M.

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